OST9 Predictions Tournament - Round 4

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ST9 Predictions Tournament!
Hosted by sandshrewz, co-hosted by Earthworm, collated by Hipmonlee.

Only 32 left this time!! Quite a few interesting matchups though !


As usual, pick the players whom you think will win, and you still can participate even if you didn't in the previous rounds! Take note that the form closes 24 hours from the beginning of this thread! Have fun!


Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh, Kate.......
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seriously what kind of dumb crap is this where it's only open 24 hours? i checked when the round went up and nothing was opened, i didnt check yesterday because it was friday and i was busy and now it's too late? so stupid, at least send out a pm to the people that are actively trying to predict..
The link is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Am2Le_Kfw8j0dFZDbmtKZHoxaVB1aXpOV01QemhoSkE ! :)

The reason why it's up for only 24 hours is so as not to hold back the actual tournament for too long. Everytime the form will be up at most one day after the given deadline of the round in the thread. This means that participants have an estimate when the form will go up and don't need to check everyday, just during and after the deadline. If for some reason you think that you might be unavailable around the period of the deadline, you can approach me or Earthworm and we might work out something for you eg ignoring matches that have already been played. There are no guarantees, however. Hope you understand~
Gavin313 vs HSA			7		77
Farmer vs Naru			57		27
LCampoy8 vs [K-12] The Madchine	3		81
Heist vs badabing		68		18
Aqualouis vs christos21		78		7
SlimMan vs Cipher Admin Lovrina	54		30
FLCL vs ObScuryty		75		9
Kidogo vs Eo Ut Mortus		17		67
Fakes vs GaryTheGengar		15		68
Lithiumpride vs MOET		6		77
MAlkaviano vs LizardMan		12		71
sebixxl vs Eranu		13		70
WhiteQueen vs M Dragon		5		79
Stathakis vs gr8astard		38		45
SMERBECK vs Marshall.Law	9		74
dragonuser vs Snunch		63		21
Windsong vs Thatsjustpeachy	24		59
MarceloDK vs Gimmick		75		11
Malekith vs Chacal		80		3
Valentine vs Pr0man		72		12
Conflict vs RockyRd		76		9
Chase vs ZoroDark		59		25
ToF vs undisputed		23		60
Limitless vs DracoMalfoy	52		33
AB2 vs Carlo			45		37
B-Lulz vs Masterclass		35		49
Choice Specs vs Vinc2612	23		61
DestinyUnknown vs mostwanted	37		47
McMeghan vs ssbbm		83		2
Texas Cloverleaf vs Aldaron	22		62
Delta 2777 vs Metal Sonic	71		14
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