Other M Mafia - Galactic Fed, Pyrosphere, vonFiedler, and S Call win!


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Did I mention that all Neutrals are welcome to contact me too?

I don't need any of you dudes dead so maybe we could help each other?
There's only 1 person i know i need to sub out, 2 more of them i need to confirm with my co host who isn't online right now, so I'll do 1 of the sub outs right now and hopefully i can get all of them done before the end of the night.

shade has been subbed in for Rodan.
Still haven't got the chance to talk to EP about the other subs, will do so soon.

Update in an edit

As everyone gathers what they have to go to bed, suddenly a scream lets out. Lightwolf had been too busy pestering shade to sub into the game to notice a lone figure in an orange suit sneak up behind him. He sees his assailant, screams, and doens't manage to do another thing before 5 missiles end his life. Everyone runs screaming as diffusion is let off of the missiles, hitting others.

Dear LightWolf,
You are a Ghalmanian

A chameleon with an extremely long tail and an extremely long tongue, you have the power to turn invisible and hide from people.

At night, you may PM Jigglypuffers42 and Engineer Pikachu with “Night X – Invisible!”. You and whomever you have grabbed will be immune to all non-killing actions.

In addition, you may PM Jigglypuffers42 and Engineer Pikachu with “Night X – Grab USER”. You will grab USER with your long tongue.

Alternatively, you may PM Jigglypuffers42 and Engineer Pikachu with “Night X – Let Go of USER”. USER will no longer be grabbed.

Lastly, because of your suit of armor, once per game, should you be targeted by a night kill, it will fail.

On any given night, you may Invisible and grab or invisible and let go. Both grabbing and letting go have higher priority than turning invisible.

You win if a member of the Biosphere is alive when the Cryosphere is eliminated.
As the diffusion settles, you get a chance to look at his body. There are chunks missing from him, many bite marks, and the flesh of a small chicken like animal sitting next to him. Green splotches cover the ground making up some kind of goo.

While everyone is busy trying to figure out what happened, MB sneaks into the Biosphere to confront someone.

5 minutes later, she leaves the biosphere with a new friend, the biosphere looses one.

Elect Your Leaders! Lynch Your Enemies! All In 48 Hours
As I said earlier, I am willing to help every faction as long as this doesn't directly contradict my own interests.

Right now however, most players in this game should agree to follow the lynch I'm about to start. Our target is a neutral and the enemy of many, and it will just make it easier for everyone if he dies.

(removed) Lynch Mekkah

Engineer Pikachu

Good morning, you bastards!
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I would like to remind everybody to send in your Leader votes. We waited waaaaaay too long on Day 1 and the hosts would like to prevent that from happening again.

EDIT: This coincides nicely with 36 hours left.


Is she still looking at the sunset, now long vanished?
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I know its like, not hedging my bets to vote in both Accent and UncleSam's favor.


lynch Mekkah

the deleter becomes the deleted
[12:11:48] <goodfella> everyone
[12:11:52] <goodfella> -- accent too
[12:11:54] <goodfella> we dont negotiate
[12:11:56] <goodfella> with terrorists
[12:12:20] <ginganinja> well its true that I hate it when people post strong arm shit
[12:13:07] <goodfella> the deleter
[12:13:10] <goodfella> cant even kill
[12:13:16] <goodfella> there is no reason to lynch him
[12:13:36] <goodfella> he is the worst role
[12:13:38] <goodfella> i ever seen

[12:13:49] <@Mekkah> i can attest to this
[12:13:50] <@Mekkah> though Deleting
[12:13:52] <@Mekkah> is pretty useful
[12:14:02] <goodfella> <Dreamy> Dear Mekkah,
[12:14:02] <goodfella> <Dreamy> You are James Pierce, The Deleter.
[12:14:02] <goodfella> <Dreamy> You were sent to silence anyone and everyone who figured out about the bottle ship. You planned to clear the 3 main sectors, and keep sector 0 for the Galactic Federation, but Adam detached Sector 0, and all of the Metroids with it. All you need now is to kill those who know.
[12:14:02] <goodfella> <Dreamy> You have the following safeclaim: <snip>
[12:14:02] <goodfella> <Dreamy> At Night, you may PM Jigglypuffers42 and Engineer Pikachu with Night X Earn USERs trust!. If USER targets you with a non-killing night action, it will fail.
[12:14:02] <goodfella> <Dreamy> You win if you are alive when the Galactic Federation, Samus Aran and Madeline Bergman are all dead.

[12:14:14] <goodfella> mekkah whats the safeclaim
[12:14:14] <billymills> accent
[12:14:17] <billymills> is such an idiot
[12:14:22] <goodfella> for compleecys sake
[12:14:23] <@Mekkah> KG Misawa

[12:14:50] <@Mekkah> Dear Mekkah,
[12:14:50] <@Mekkah> You are KG Misawa.
[12:14:50] <@Mekkah> The recon scout of the Galactic Federation, you are probably the weakest. For now, at least.
[12:14:50] <@Mekkah> When a member of your team dies, you will take their weapon. Metaphorically at least; not actual items. Should a total of 3 members of your team die, you will have enough weapons to gain new powers.
[12:14:50] <@Mekkah> You know that The Deleter is amongst you. Because of this, you aren’t sure you can trust anyone.
[12:14:50] <@Mekkah> Your safe claim is the Reo, allied with the Biosphere. The Biosphere win condition is: “You win if a member of the Biosphere is alive when the Cryosphere is eliminated”
[12:14:53] <@Mekkah> You know the identity of Maurice. Maurice is Unclesam.
[12:14:54] <@Mekkah> You are allied with The Galactic Federation. You win if you are alive when MB, Phantoon, and The Deleter are all dead.
[12:15:12] <@Mekkah> ^________^

for all cyrosphere users, this means UNCLESAM IS A GALACTIC FED
Alright it seems like Mekkah's demonstration of Circus Maximus' current state is over.

As I said before my post was deleted, lynching him is still the best option for everyone. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any doubt or another suggestion.