Other M Mafia - Galactic Fed, Pyrosphere, vonFiedler, and S Call win!

Lynch lambasto

Already said my vote on Mekkah was nothing personal, and I have no beef with Accent. lambasto has put the cryosphere in too good of a position for my liking.
Why is everyone lynching iiMKUltra? I see publicly confirmed GF, a neutral, and at least two spheres voting to kill him. Is he so dangerous that everyone needs him dead or are faction(s) scapegoating?
That being said, I don't really want anyone under consideration dead, and seeing as no lynch seems impossible...

Lynch iiMKUltra
I apologize. Anyone willing to not lynch today speak up; a stealth pardon might be in everyone's best interest.
Sentiment and/or vote to be retracted pending further information.

EDIT: I'm retarded. Forgot that he was Pyro leader.

Engineer Pikachu

Good morning, you bastards!
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I'll edit this post with the update later (20 minutes), seeing as almost everyone has voted and will not make another post until nighttime.

I am missing almost 40% of leader votes. This means that a faction could theoretically have a one vote majority. Send them in.
This was disappointing -_-

If you thought yesterday’s Day would never be topped in terms of indecisiveness, you were completely incorrect. The crowd moved from one target to another to another. Mekkah was accused of being Deleter, iiMKUltra a leader, lambasto a turncoat and traitor. However, in the end, the crowd rushed in on their one target (majority yay).
Role PMs said:
Dear iiMKUltra,
You are a Cyborg Zebesian

A standard creature that has been enhanced, you can pretend to be a Super Zebesian, which is found in the Pyrosphere.

At Night, You may PM Jigglypuffers42 and Engineer Pikachu with “Night X – Disguise”. In the body of the PM, write a role pm. Exclude the “Dear USER, You are …” as well as the win condition. From that point on, or until you use this action again, if inspected, your role PM will come up as:

Dear iiMKUltra,

You are a Super Zebesian

<whatever you inserted as the flavor and night action>

<Classic Pyrosphere win condition>

This power has lower priority than inspection.

Alternatively, you may PM Jigglypuffers42 and Engineer Pikachu with “Night X – One on one combat with USER”. You will go into one on one combat with them, and they will be forced to target you with their night action.

You win if a member of the Biosphere is alive when the Cryosphere is eliminated.

I need a substitute. Contact me if you are willing to sub in this game. FCFS for this yay
I am subbing out, I can't really stand this any longer.

Sorry Jiggly and EP, it's a good game :)

Whoever subs in can PM me here on Smogon, I'll give all the details.
Deadline. Update in an edit.

The Cryosphere was the place to be last night. Shade strolled in slowly, taking her time to enjoy the scenery. She passed by Terrador, waving and saying hi to him. Terrador smiles back and continues climbing up the snowy hill to see a familiar face.

"Hm? What are you doing here?"


Shade only smiles as she turns around to see Terrador's body burned to a crisp on the icy ground.

She continues on to the next room, looking up to the ledge up high on her right. She stares for a moment, then smiles and looks back at the door far in front of her. As it opens to let her pass, she hears Blue_Tornado scream and fall off the ledge, poisoned, and does nothing but laugh.

Finally reaching the room she was heading towards, she encounters the person she'd been looking for.

"Times are hard. You must help me defend out home from the Galactic-"

And with that, a figure jumps out behind him.

Laughing shade reveals that she had noticed him following her the entire time.

"You weren't very conspicuous at hiding his body!" she says, and although she never specifies who "he" is, the figure realized that she knew too much.

A large fight broke out between the two, and baffled, the figure shade had tried to talk to ran for the ice caped hills. Shade had summoned 4 Desbranchians, and the lone figure didn't stand a chance. Right before getting killed, someone managed to sneak up behind shade. Shade turned around but before she could say a word, she was frozen. The Desbranchians scattered, allowing the 2 figures to leave the room.

Role PMs in the next post.