Tournament Other Metagames Farm League - Won by the Off-Topic Octilleries!

I won against Sl42. Good game and I was nervous to face one of the best players I know in BH community.

I am not saying this because I am the best saint in the universe or anything, but let us remember to keep etiquette after winning a match. Winning brings joy, but caring about others' feeling is important as well.
I was in vacation for all of last week which is why I specifically said I wanted to play after Sunday bud. I said I could potentially play Monday night but the flight is just now coming in from hawaii and I have yet to get off the plane. The deadline is tmr (meaning Tuesday since the deadline was posted approximately 6 days ago on Tuesday) we still have a day to get this done.
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Hey man not to be rude, but I did contact you first and we each gave an equal amount of suggestions of times. I did have a restrictive schedule, but I was on for an hour waiting for you today at my suggested time. Here are screenshots
Sorry it doesn't work like that, if you give a time that doesn't work for the other person than you can't say you were online because they didn't agree. Your schedule was highly restricted and quite unfair to iz.

And lol him posting screenshots of him being online once at a non agreed upon time means nothing.
Ok, at this point it really doesn't matter as my team is 0-4. It sucks my schedule was so restrictive and my scheduling attempts sorta sucked too, but it was really for a dignity match for my team, not something that mattered. Also not that it matters but the screenshots were showing he was offline. We can throw it to coinflip if anything.
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