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OU Monotype RMT

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by ScelesticFish, May 29, 2012.

  1. ScelesticFish


    Apr 29, 2012
    A Mono Psychic RMT

    Hi there! I'm not too sure if this is the right place for a monotype RMT, so forgive me if it isn't :P
    I've always liked the idea of a monotype team, and have been wanting to try out this playstyle for a while now.
    I always loved psychic types, my first favorite being Alakazam way back in the day. Amazing psychic types are probably half the reason I loved Gen 3. So, without further ado, I present to you my Psychic Monotype Team.

    Build Process

    As I mentioned before, I love Alakazam, so I definitely want him on this team. I'll start building around good ol' Alakazam. I keep in mind that I want a balanced team. Not one made only of attackers and sweepers or one made only of stallers with one attacker, but fairly balanced.

    Now, I've got a very fast, hard hitting, and frail pokemon. Now I want someone who is pretty much the opposite of that. Someone to sponge attacks and be defensive. This space was originally occupied by Cresselia, who was alright, but wasn't quite as annoying as I hoped. With the right switch in Sigilyph can be unstoppable, and incredible annoying to deal with.

    With this little core built, I want someone who can handle steel types. Those are a pretty massive problem to this team. I was pretty limited in my choices, so I went with Victini (who also makes a nice physical attacker).

    Up next I want someone who can deal with most dark types fairly well. This is pretty damn hard, seeing as this is a psychic monotype team, but I did come up with another pokemon close to my heart, Metagross.

    Up next I wanted a revenge killer and a cleaner. Alakazam is fast, no doubt, but he still can't outspeed some scarfed pokemon. That's where Latias comes in. Lightning fast with STAB Draco Meteor, I'm lovin' it.

    Finally, I was thinking of someone who could set up on an enemy team when the opportunity presents itself. Also, someone who can switch into a fair share of attacks as well, since many psychic types are pretty frail. Reuniclus once occupied this space, and though he was very useful, his pure psychic typing was kind of a setback. I ended up putting Jirachi here, since another neutrality to dark type attacks was appreciated.


    Alakazam (Fox) @ Life Orb
    Ability: Magic Guard
    252 SpA/4 Def/ 252 Spe
    Nature: Timid
    - Substitute
    - Focus Blast
    - Shadow Ball
    - Psychic

    Alakazam is my baby. The original OU psychic type, and for good reason. Great speed, power, coverage, and a great ability makes Alakazam a fearsome opponent. His EV spread allows for max speed and special attack, while Timid Nature gives him even greater speed. Focus Blast, Shadow Ball and Psychic give him great coverage and Substitute allows him a little more attacking time. Life Orb maximizes his damage output without all the unpleasant recoil, thanks to his ability. If there is any pokemon I don't want to replace on this team, it's Alakazam.

    Sigilyph(Shinporah) @ Flame Orb
    Ability: Magic Guard
    252 HP/150 Def/ 52 SpD / 56 Spe
    Nature: Bold
    - Psycho Shift
    - Cosmic Power
    - Stored Power
    - Roost

    This is potentially one of the most annoying set up walls in the game. Magic Guard disallows him to be worn down by Toxic and actually, Psycho Shift makes giving this guy a status a bad idea. His spread lets him switch into an attack fairly well, and hopefully begin to power up. After a few Cosmic Powers this guy becomes nearly untouchable. Stored Power suddenly does loads of damage and Roost is there to heal up a bit. Unfortunately, Sigilyph isn't flawless, and fast and hard hitters can take him out with relative ease if he doesn't have time to set up.

    Victini (Viktor) @ Choice Band
    Ability: Victory Star
    252 Att/4 Def/ 252 Spe
    Nature: Jolly
    - V-Create
    - Fusion Bolt
    - Brick Break
    - U-Turn

    Viktor the Victini is kind of like the physical version of Alakazam on my team. I run a Jolly nature to max of his speed and gave him the choice band to get his attack high up there. V-Create needs no explanation and Fusion Bolt is a powerful move that gives the little rodent guy some pretty good coverage. U-Turn is a nice scouting move and is good for hitting other psychic types and even a dark type. Brick Break is there for breaking bricks, and rock types too.
    Metagross (Cossack) @ Leftovers
    Ability: Clear Body
    252 HP/252 Att/ 4 Spe
    Nature: Adamant
    - Stealth Rock
    - Meteor Mash
    - Hammer Arm
    - Bullet Punch

    My dark type killer and long time favorite (not as much as Alakazam though) pokemon, Metagross. Metagross is my typical lead, setting up Stealth Rocks. I do my best to preserve him and use him as a tank/surprisingly potent revenge killer. Despite having an awful speed and not having technician, a priority STAB Bullet Punch from a Metagross hurts. Meteor Mash and Hammer Arm offer pretty good coverage, especially against my worse enemy, Dark Types. His EV spread gives him survivability and a monstrous attack stat.

    Latios (Master Llama) @ Choice Scarf
    Ability: Levitate
    4 HP/252 SpA/ 252 Spe
    Nature: Timid
    - Surf
    - Draco Meteor
    - Psyshock
    - Hidden Power Fire

    Latios, fast and furious. Another lightning fast special attacker. Surf is there for ground, rock, and fire types. Draco Meteor needs no introduction, though the stat drop is unpleasant. I run Psyshock instead of Psychic since I've got Psychic on a Alakazam and I figured it would a nice way to diversify the damage i deal out. It's also a nice way to surprise a special wall that might come in to block Latios. Hidden Power Fire is there for steel types mostly, though I've considered using Dragon Pulse in its place, as a backup dragon attack that doesn't drop SpA. Latias is scarfed so that he may function as a revenge killer and late game cleaner, outspeeding a great deal of the metagame.

    Jirachi (LezarBizar) @ Leftovers
    Ability: Serene Grace
    252 HP/4 SpA/ 252 Spe
    Nature: Timid
    - Substitute
    - Calm Mind
    - Flash Cannon
    - Thunderbolt

    Jirachi is a somewhat hard to predict pokemon. It's hard to tell what it might do when it's switched in, but after a few moves are revealed, you figure it out. With that in mind I hope to use Jirachi to my advantage, switching into a special attack or wall and Substituting. Then Calm Mind for as many turns as I can and unleash the punishment. I concentrated the EV spread on HP and speed, since SpA will be boosted by Calm Mind. Jirachi is also an answer to Dark Types, though not as much as Metagross is, since Metagross has Hammer Arm. Flash Cannon is obligatory STAB and Thunderbolt provides nice, though not flawless coverage.


    Dark Types. Psychic's greatest enemy is the Dark Type. Even with Jirachi and Metagross Dark Types can still rip this team to bits, no problem. Zoroark and Houndoom cause considerable problems, since Metagross can't stick around for a Flamethrower or a STAB Fire Blast. Not much can be done about this, sadly

    Bug Types: I don't see way too many Bug monotype teams, but when they come around they can be problematic. Again, I have to rely on Jirachi and Metagross to keep me alive here which doesn't work with the likes of Volcarona.

    Monodragon. My lack of fast Ice Type moves and the sheer power of dragon types can be problematic for almost any team. I have to rely on Latios here, and with Draco lowering my damage output each time he's not awfully effective. That's why I debate having Dragon Pulse.

    I've left a little update down below, where I mention my toss-up of opinion about Gallade/Victini/Jirachi/Reuniclus, please do read that.

    Thanks for reading and rating!
    I again apologize in advance if this isn't the place to put Monotype RMT's! I'm still pretty new around here​
  2. Episode36


    Apr 13, 2012
    Hey. Cool team. I too like creating monotype teams. Now to the rate.

    Basically four of your Pokemon are weak to the most common attacking move, earthquake. Alakazam isn't, but he can't take a hit. The levitate users alleviate that somewhat, but they aren't particularly powerful, as you chose scarf on Latios. Still powerful, but probably not enough to kill something before being killed itself. From there, it's just earthquake, earthquake, gg.

    I think you might do well to get rid of one of your steel/psychics, either Metagross or Jirachi. Possible replacements include Mew (if you want the Stealth Rocks + versatility), Reuniclus (either Calm Mind/Recover booster if you replace Jirachi, or Trick Room sweeper if you replace Metagross), or Azelf, who has levitate as well, which would balance your ground weakness to 3 Pokemon weak to it and 3 Pokemon that are unaffected by it (barring Mold Breaker Haxorus). Azelf can either be a Focus Sash lead for Stealth rock if you replace Metagross, or it can be a Nasty Plot sweeper if you replace Jirachi.

    You might consider Psyshock over Psychic on Alakazam, or get rid of Substitute for another coverage move (Energy Ball, Charge Beam, a Hidden Power Fire/Ice). Because as it is, a Chansey/Blissey/Snorlax etc can just switch in, and you'll Substitute, losing life, then you won't be able to do anything to it due to the pink blobs fantastic special bulk.

    Finally, I'm a bigger fan of Life Orb or Expert Belt on Latios, especially Expert Belt. You lose out to other Scarfed Pokemon and the few Pokemon that outspeed Latios, but bluffing the choice item as well as the superb coverage generally helps to net an extra KO each match, or even fuel a sweep.

    You may even consider making it a pseudo-trick room team, as if you add Reuniclus and use Trick Room, both Reuniclus, Metagross (with - speed nature, and use a mixed attacking set), and Victini (with a - speed nature, and V-create lowering speed 1 stage each hit) can all take advantage of Trick Room. Even Cresselia can, though not for much offensive power. Then you can keep Alakazam for out of Trick Room sweeping/cleaning up, and you can use your Latios to help finish off or revenge kill certain Pokemon outside of Trick Room. Trick room has the added advantage of taking care of at least your dragon problem, as not only will you "outspeed" most of them, you'll also have more EV's dedicated to bulk, or added room/EV's for coverage moves like Hidden Power etc. I don't know how well this would work, but it's a thought.

    Overall, cool team. I haven't tried it, so I don't know how well it works, or if my suggestions would help or not. I think that other people can offer better advice than me.

    Nice work!
  3. worcestershire


    Aug 20, 2010
    monotypes always interesting, always hard to pull off. Psychic actually comes with a fair number of interesting options here. If dark types are really troubling you, you might consider running Gallade. He has nice attack and good special defense, and can run a pretty good bulk up set. might consider him over metagross or victini. On the more defensive side, you might try out xatu or sigilyph. the flying can help with bug issues, and if you go with xatu he can help block set-up attempts with magic bounce. Also I would recommend at least trying slowbro once. That secondary water typing really helps him out, and regenerator verges on broken. I would reccomend putting galldae over victinin or metagross, and then replacing cresselia with one of those defensive mons based on your need.

    Now to talk about the monsters you already have. Final Gambit is an odd choice on victini, and not one I personally recommend, especially considering his stealth rock weakness and the fact that you use a choice set. If gastrodon specifically is a problem, you could try running a mixed set with energy ball, or if you want better neutral coverage you could go for something like that brick break you dropped, or return. if you lead with metagross often, then I would recommend trying out air balloon. It can net you that extra turn needed to set up rocks against certain monsters, and in general removes one of his biggest weaknesses, if only temporarily. Personally I love/hate paraflinch Jirachi, but i see that this set helps with coverage, which is nice. If you change around some other things on your team though, i would think about giving that set a shot.

    Psychic is an interesting type to try a monoteam with, and has some diverse options. above all, it's a good idea to experiment, so see what works best for you.
  4. Professor Birch

    Professor Birch

    Apr 16, 2012
    I dint know who to replace but I know a pokemon that fits your team perfectly. Not many people use it but I would recommend Gallade. Takes care of all your weaknesses. Use the standard Bulk Up set.
    Gallade @ Lefties/Life Orb
    -Bulk Up
    -Drain Punch
    -Ice Punch
    -Shadow Sneak
    I forgot the evs and nature at the moment. When this thing goes in at the right time, it wrecks. I hope this helps!
    Wow! Just noticed that someone already mentioned it. I would replace Victini for Gallade.
    Victini-->Standard Bulk Up Gallade
  5. ScelesticFish


    Apr 29, 2012
    I've tried toying around with Cresselia's placement, and most importantly I've tried out Sigilyph, who is damn near broken, I think :P Slowbro did alright, but with the commonness of Steel type mono's (cough cough Scizor) who destroys the Bro in every way (Pursuit or U-Turn, take your pick) and my general lack of skill, I've settled on Sigilyph as replacing Cress. I'm still a little torn with the Earthquake weakness, which I acknowledge. Reuniclus seems like a decent guy to replace Jirachi, but I'm kind of leaning towards Gallade too. All three of them have that set-up role I want, but they're all quite different :P I'll have to keep playing with it I guess. Thanks for the great rates so far! Keep 'em comin! :D
  6. labarith


    Jul 22, 2010
    Shouldn't Slowbrow know Flamethrower? If so, it should really 2HKO Scizor.
  7. Somebody Anonymous

    Somebody Anonymous

    Feb 15, 2012
    Besides Dark types, ghosts are just as dangerous for you to face, especially Gengar. If Gengar gets a Substitute up, something is going to die:

    Timid Max SpAtk Gengar vs your team:
    Show Hide
    Alakazam- Shadow Ball: 302-356 (120.31 - 141.83%) -- guaranteed OHKO
    Sigilyph- Shadow Ball: 296-350 (85.05 - 100.57%) -- 6.25% chance to OHKO
    Victini- Shadow Ball: 264-312 (77.41 - 91.49%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
    Metagross- Hidden Power Fire: 168-198 (46.15 - 54.39%) -- 58.98% chance to 2HKO
    Latios- Shadow Ball: 242-288 (80.13 - 95.36%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
    Jirachi- Hidden Power Fire: 154-182 (38.11 - 45.04%) -- guaranteed 3HKO

    Modest Max SpAtk Gengar vs you team:
    Show Hide
    Sigilyph- Shadow Ball: 324-384 (93.1 - 110.34%) -- 62.5% chance to OHKO
    Victini- Shadow Ball: 288-342 (84.45 - 100.29%) -- 6.25% chance to OHKO
    Latios- Shadow Ball: 266-314 (88.07 - 103.97%) -- 25% chance to OHKO

    If a Gengar was equipped with a Life Orb, and has a Substitute up, your team will die.
  8. redghost


    Apr 6, 2011
    As I'm currently fiddling with a mono-psychic team I can attest to the benefits of pseudo trick room. Jirachi doesn't really seem to add anything to your team and doesn't resist anything that you're weak to.

    A Slowbro can set TR and use it efficently or Trick/Trick Room Reuniclus works well as well with its bulk (plus someone is less likely to switch their Scizor in if the opponent sees you activating your flame orb and you have a Sigilyph)

    Scarf Latios works well to outspeed all the counters a mono-psychic team has. Plus it can afford to get hit by rocks as it performs its multiple hit and runs.
  9. DaveScottMustaine


    May 30, 2012
    You have to find the way to don't be so susceptible to Ghost/Dark-Type moves, that's why I don't like so much mono. Anyway, nice team, really nice.

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