Ou RainStall (first stall team)

Okay this is my first RMT, so i try to make it legit..

First of all, i've never used stall team before. So this is my first stall team i made. I got the idea from reading about stalling and i thought "im trying to stall..."

Little about the team before checking each pokemon. Main tactic is to setup entry hazards(like most of the stall teams). I got no spin blocker, so its hard to keep hazards in field. But i haven't had any situation where i couldn't take the spinner out. And when lookin the main spinners in OU, i have my ways to deal with them. It's hard yes, but not imbossible, starmie is the hardest to take down... But further talking lets get into the team

Politoed@Choise scarf
EV's sp.att 252/spd 252/hp 6
-Focus Blast
-Hydro Pump
-Ice Beam

My frog who summons the rain. This is pretty basic set FB for tyranitar and ferrothorn. HP is strongest STAB move he can get so it's obvious. HP(electric) fo gyarados and other water types.IB pretty much only for dragons.. i have tested scarfed politoed in stall and it worked well, late game sweeper and only one who can attack strong and fast.

nature:calm-ability:storm drain
EV's HP 252/sp.def 252/sp.att 6
-earth power

The one who can take water attacks and also attack a little bit. Gastrodon is to drain those nasty water and electric attacks i have to face, since i have rain STAB water attack is nothing to laugh at my side. Because i run hazards i thought it's better to run yawn over toxic, besides i got my scald to burn things up and with one sp.att boost with rain it can do pretty decent amount of damage.

Tentacuel@Black Sludge
nature:calm-ability:rain dish
EV's HP 252/sp.def 252/spd 6
-toxic spikes
-rapid spin

So guy with the many tentacles, he's been around from gen 1 and got to say i've liked what he's been doing through the generations. Main duty is to set up hazards and spin them of. Scald does decent amount of damage in rain. Protect is to gain health and scout and to stall.Tentacruel takes all the other attacks that gastrodon can't take

EV's HP 252/ sp.def 200 / att 52
-gyro ball
-stealth rock
-i've run toxic and hp-ice.. can't deside

This iron bell is to set up rocks and to tank those dragons. EQ for heatran,lucario and magnezone. With the rain up Bronzong doesn't take a lot of damage from fire moves. it gives me that switch opportunity because Bronzong resist so many types. With Hp ice i could kill gliscor and landorus...On the other hand i got my Politoed to do that.. i can't deside

Skarmory@shed shell
EV's HP 252/ def 252/ spd 6
-drill peck

Since this is OU team and OU is mostly based on physical attackers, i like to run this flying metalbird as a full defensive player. Every one know the tactic some spikes and then just play your cards right and proceed to fly those pkmns back to their balls. roost of the damage. Shed shell is used because i got no taunt, so Wobbuffet might be problem(not yet faced any) and even in rain Magnezone's HP-fire will hurt.

Gliscor@toxic orb
nature:impish-ability:poison heal
EV's HP 252/att 56/def 136/ spd 64
-ice fang

I think this is the most irritating pkmn i've ever seen. After threats have been cleaned nicely, this guy can come in and sweep/stall remain pkmns. Speed ev's are choose to out run tentacruel and attack ev's take about 40% from not defensive jellicent with max HP.

That was the rainstall team.. I'm not the guy who can't take critisism, so dont shy just to tell what sucks and what shines.
Thanks in advance from rates ! Hopefully this helped to think that stalling is not so hard way to play even i can do it(actually it is if can't predict anything.LOL) and inspired you to try it out!
Hey there, nice take on Rain stall! :)

I have a couple of small suggestions that should help your team out.

  • On Gastrodon, use Toxic over Yawn. The reason for this is that Toxic can hit Flying/Levitating pokemon, giving you more pokemon for Gliscor to stall out. You might want to consider running Earthquake over Earth Power. This is to hit Calm Mind pokemon such as Jirachi harder, making it possible for Gastro to break its Substitutes.
    Also, I suggest that you change the Special Defense EVs to Defense. Gastrodon actually benefits more since it can take on stuff like Scarf Terrakion, Secret Sword from Keldeo, U-Turns from Scizor and other hard hitting physical attacks. Gastro still maintains a decent Special bulk and can easily take on threats like Thundurus-T, even with this change.
  • With Toxic on Gastrodon, Hidden Power Ice seems like a better option on Bronzong. If Landorus gets a Rock Polish up, it can still give you some problems, as can Gliscor if it gets a Toxic on Politoed, so this will ensure that you won't be defeated by either of those threats.
  • You might want to give Gliscor Toxic over Ice Fang, since Bronzong can cover Dragons/Gliscor/Landorus. This will make it even more annoying lol.

Well I hope this helps you out, best of luck with your team!
Ok, nice to see a fellow staller :) anyway, on with the rate

Politoed is pretty standard, no changes here.
On Tentacruel, try Toxic>Toxic Spikes. An incredible amount of extremely common pokemon in OU are immune to Toxic Spikes through their partial flying typing or Levitate, but are vulnerable to Toxic. Also, try an EV spread of 252HP / 240Def / 16Spe Timid. This spread keeps the majority of the special bulk Tentacruel prizes itself on, but boosts its bulk on the physical side by a significant margin, and gives Tentacruel enough speed to poison Dragonite and Gyarados before they set up Substitute.
On Skarmory, try Brave Bird>Drill Peck. It sounds counter-productive but honestly, Drill Peck misses out on KOes against 4x weak pokemon that can break through Skarmory if it doesn't KO them on the spot. Also, a similar EV spread of 252HP / 232Def / 24Spe allows Skarmory to outrun any Wobbuffet that invests in speed, an extremely rare but potentially game-breaking threat.
On Gliscor, try Toxic>Ice Fang to make its shenanigans even more irritating lol. Also, that EV spread looks a bit weird. With my suggested change, Toxic will cripple Jellicent anyway so investment in attack isn't needed. Try a spread of 248HP / 252Def / 8Spe to maximise Poison Heal recovery and counter every variant of Terrakion, even SubSD with Rock Gem.

Now onto the big changes. Bronzong sets up Stealth Rock and takes on dragons...and that's about it. Skarmory already takes on dragons like a boss in the rain so there's no need for that and this team has a pretty large weakness to Starmie and Rotom-W currently. With that in mind, my suggestion is to test Ferrothorn>Bronzong as your Stealth Rock setter. Ferrothorn is practically unkillable in rain and is a solid counter to Lati@s, Starmie, Rotom-W and many others. It also serves as a psudeo-spinblocker thanks to Iron Barbs dealing damage whenever the opponent makes contact.
Next, Gastrodon is there to take on water and electric attacks, and counter Thundurus-T. Ferrothorn does all this and more (albeit it is a shaky answer to Thundurus-T) but leaves the team open to Sheer Force Landorus and other dedicated special threats. So my suggestion is to use Chansey>Gastrodon to counter these threats and to just be an unkillable wall in general. It can also pass Wish to teammates that lack reliable recovery (especially Politoed during weather wars) and spread Toxic around.

These are the sets for Ferrothorn and Chansey. Good luck :)

Ferrothorn (M) @ Rocky Helmet
Trait: Iron Barbs
EVs: 252 HP / 88 Def / 168 SDef
Relaxed Nature (+Def, -Spd)
- Gyro Ball
- Leech Seed
- Stealth Rock
- Power Whip

Chansey (F) @ Eviolite
Trait: Natural Cure
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spd
Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Wish
- Protect
- Seismic Toss
- Toxic
Thanks for ratings! I will test those changes ASAP and post how them work. But looking those changes you suggest, actually those make sense. Thanks
Okay, i tested ferrothorn...and it works great! been more usefull and more supportive than Bzong. Chansey haven't get shine in my 10 battles i took, but it have wish supported greatly.
Since i change Bzong, i need to keep ice fang on gliscor. And it has been more usefull than toxic on him. And when running ice fang on gliscr i chose to run toxic spikes on tentacruel, because every pokemon need to be poisoned when gliscor enters da house.
I will test some those changes a bit more, but this is what i changed

i took Ferrothorn what nmitchell890 suggested and the chansey also.
i tested to run gastrodon with defense EV's and toxic, but since there's a couple of grass types, and they're very common. gastrodon will survive but wrong prediction will kill it

Thanks again for ratings! now when i have seen how this RMT goes, i will make new posts!