OU Round 2 Suspect Voting: Aldaron's Proposal

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After thinking it over, I have decided that I Support Aldaron's Proposal

Our goal should be to prevent the banning of as many things as possible in order to optimize the versatility of the metagame. I do not believe we should simply ban drizzle without testing it in the absolute best way we can. However, drizzle is currently overpowered, so limiting it's power by preventing the combination of swift swim and drizzle on the same team might be enough to keep it in check. If we do decide to go along with Aldaron's proposal and still find that drizzle is overpowered, at the very least, we can say that we gave it a proper test and did everything we could to keep it from getting banned.

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I have chosen to vote to Support Aldaron's Proposal.

All the reasons why this IS a good idea has already been stated. The worse case scenario is Drizzle still being broken.

However if it does balance Drizzle, it will make the metagame much more diverse and enjoyable in the long run.
With badabing's vote in, Aldaron's proposal has clinched super majority support (31 support votes to 12 do not support posts, with only 3 voters remaining). This means that starting next round, Drizzle will still be allowed in OU, but the use of Drizzle + Swift Swim will not be allowed on any team. Thank you all for your swift voting! The next voter thread will be up very soon.
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