OU Round 4 Pokemon Suspect Voting

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I nearly forgot that DetroitLolcat PMed me his vote! Here are the contents of the PM:

I will probably not be active for the Pokemon part of the Round 4 Vote and you said I could PM my vote to you, so I vote Do Not Ban on every Suspect regardless of condition. Thank you.

This vote seals the fate of Thundurus, and thus every Suspect has been resolved.

The final vote for Garchomp is 55-17 Ban; this exceeds the 2/3+1 supermajority, and thus Garchomp will henceforth be banned from OU play.

The final vote for Thundurus is 46-26 Ban; this is short of the 2/3+1 supermajority, so Thundurus will automatically be a Suspect next period, and could be banned with another simple majority vote.

The final vote for Latios is 27-45 Do Not Ban; Latios is thus completely OU.

The final vote for Deoxys-e is 23-51 Do Not Ban; Deoxys-e is thus completely OU.

The final vote for Excadrill is 17-57 Do Not Ban; Excadrill is thus completely OU.

This concludes round four of the OU Suspect process!
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