paint every day

im gonna paint a pic every day bc im new at painting and i want to get better

im using muro.deviantart

day 1:

this is hard and this took like way too long maybe 3 hours for a fucking eye and the eyelashes are wack as fuck and it's too small anyway

day 2:

ok so i know i used white light and my shadows are messed up and nose is too far from lips. should the bottom be darker (i think so but not 100% sure) also the eyes should *probably not** have a reflection???? took 2 hours ish i think

critiques and requests are very very very very very welcome thanks


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wow great job day 1 with the eyes 0.0

I am no artist, but I'm sure eyes are one of the hardest thing to draw correctly.
Classy start to your challenge, I especially like the eye. :toast:

Are you going to persevere with 2-3 hours per day though?

Muro looks really fun to use, I gotta give that a try...
thx for responses guys <3

day 3:

eyelashes are still wack please dont take anything other than the eye seriously i think the color of the white of the eye is a bit too dark the part under the eye (the lower lid where the eyelashes come out of) is too bright and atm i don't think the whole painting (i.e. the eye) is *defined* enough (read: at all)

1:30 to 2:00 i think
I really enjoy your shading and coloring for the eyes, your skin colors look very natural and your first piece shows some smooth coloring as well. For your third piece, I don't think it's necessary to have the black spots around the picture (not sure if it's a WIP or not) because it just takes away from the whole piece. Also for your second piece, the right eye looks smaller than the other eye. A general rule of thumb for drawing eyes on faces is to have the eyes the same size as the width of the nose so they will be evenly spaced and it will look right.
Hope I helped!
hey, lovin the realism. A lot of people (ie me) tend to go for the cartoony look and in my case it's *maybe* because I'm lazy...XD but good work and keep it up :D
Not being a realist myself, I can still really appreciate the attention you've put in these. Digital painting can be a real jerk at times, and it looks like you've got a whole lot of persistence with these, and it pays off.
thanks everybody and bluehoundoom thanks for the critique i now make it a point to get my eyes even!!

omg what is this 45 min but plz forgive this

pikachu was probably not based on a human skull

1 hour

also its cool if you open up both pictures then page up and page down you can see the change from sphereachu to skullachu easily!
tic tac toe

help i cannot draw hair

i still cannot
now that i think about it probably the botttom of the bowl cut is the "flat part" of the semicircle, not the part directly above the "bottom"
Nice work on your April 6th update.

Pikaman is giving me the willies but I'm happy that you aren't afraid to try out bizarre experimentation here and there.

Go go go!