Completed Paradoxus vs LouisCyphre: Close combat battle!

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heralds disaster.

"It was an entertaining battle, for sure - I'd even call it a good game! But one thing's bothering me, and that's your closing statement - it's an awfully smug thing to say, coming from someone with only a thirty-eight percent chance to win."

"Let's show him how we roll the dice, Absol!"

Thunder Wave | Protect | Protect
If Yanma is fully paralyzed on action 2, insert the move Flash instead.
And the winner is...Louis!

HP: 40
Energy: 34
Status: None
Speed: 75

HP: 44
Energy: 7
Status: Paralyzed (5%)
Speed: 96.25 (96)
Speed Order: Yanma -> Absol

Let Round 6 Begin!
Action One
Yanma is Paralyzed and Can't move!
Absol used Thunder Wave (7 energy)!
Yanma became 25% paralyzed!

Action Two
Absol used Protect (13.25 (13) energy)!
Yanma used Signal Beam (7 energy)!
Absol Protected itself!
Yanma was Knocked Out from Exhaushtion!

End round 6

HP: 2
Energy: 14
Status: VICTOR!!
Speed: 75

HP: 0
Energy: 0
Status: KO

Louis and Paradox get 2 TC
All Pokemon participating get 1 EC, 2 MC, and 1 DC.
Absol gets 1 KO counter for sure I know, can someone else clarify this please?
I get 4 ref tokens.
Congrats Louis, and Good Game to all!

Requesting mod to change tag (from Ongoing to Completed).
Not open for further replies.