Parliament of Parchment


I don't do this kind of painting very often so be nice :)


The mouth and eyes are giving me some trouble as it is difficult to get them looking realistic, especially the lip of the mouth meshing with the rest of his face...It should be slightly ridged, kind of like the lip of a cup I guess, but I'm not really sure what to do to make it look more natural. The red of the mouth doesn't seem to mesh with the rest of the colors of the face either, so maybe I should try making it darker, shaded with blue. The red and yellow of the eyes also pop out as kind of cartoony, and though I've shaded the eyes to make them look rounder they could still use something to add to the realism.
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Hot damn, I really like the direction your current art is going. Like what you've done to the Bastivire so far, although the shading is somewhat soft for something that's supposedly clad in rock and steel, so don't be afraid for harder shadows and lighting! As for the Weavile, the rough lineart suits the tribal approach well, and since it's an experiment, the differences in lineart and color theme will be excused (or is that the shiny version? I forget.)
So I've been wondering of a way to remove that ridiculous poll result at the top of my page :| [Zracknel edit: you got it]
Shiny weavile is pink fur with yellow accesories. When I was searching for weavile pictures a couple of shinies popped up but I don't think I was purposefully going in that direction. This picture by ---
>topofarmer (<
---is what i had up next to mine, and everytime I'd look at it and look back to mine I'd be like XD agghh kill myself lol... This is guy is amazing. His vibrant colors and dynamic stances make me weak at the knees.
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WIP for CyberFox on deviantART because I love seeing people's progress and the evolutions that take place

As you can tell I've spent the most time on the male's left arm and face
Evening rolls around and I have some more art to post. This is another request for CyberFox on deviantART:

If anyone can offer water color advice or general tips I'd be happy to hear it. I messed around with the watercolor settings on FireAlpaca for about an hour today and I can safely say I still have no idea what I'm doing. I do slightly understand two settings now: ease of mixing' and 'load color. The only thing I'm even remotely comfortable with is when the settings are set to the extremes. For example, ease of mixing-100 and load color-0 results in what I call 'Watercolor Blend', which mixes the surrounding colors very easily and doesn't contribute any of it's own color. Sometimes it results in a glassy texture. This can be useful for blending two divergent colors, like the yellow lighting on a pink bird's back. The other setting I worked with was ease of mixing-100 and load color-100. This makes a nice, solid color line with slight influences from the surrounding colors; I would say it feels thick and drippy. I call this "WaterColorColor". This would be the basic tool for introducing new colors into your piece
If you set ease of mixing-0, load color-100, you basically get the general pen tool as it is a solid line with no traces from the surrounding colors. And lastly we have what I call "Color Ditto", which is set to ease of mixing-0, load color-0. It takes whatever color you begin your line on and becomes that color in a solid line until you lift the pen. I don't feel very comfortable with this tool yet, although it seems like it could be useful with grass. I will have to find more uses for it later. I also had all these brushes set on opacity 100.
I won't start on all the possible inbetween settings because I do not at all understand or feel comfortable with them yet, and I think 3 basic settings is more than enough for now especially when you have to factor in line thickness, hue, saturation, what strokes to use, etc etc. Previously on my Bastiovire piece I was using some random settings somewhere in the middle and I was not happy with the progress.
here is my worksheet for trying to figure out the water color settings if you're at all interested.
watercolor worksheet.png
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working on some illustrations for a poetry book:
ice cream1.2.png

although I'm *slightly* busier than usual I'd still like to do requests if anybody would like one. This would be the basic style:
Can I request a drapion using cross poison on daramuka please? Also I like your new style! You have improved so much and I can't wait to see your future work!
Just posting to say that ever since you posted that steampunk blissey I think you've gotten the hang of utilizing your tablet beautifully. And I see you've been practicing on digital painting too! :D A bit of advice in digital painting is to utilize some custom brushes like square brushes, feather brushes and the like. The variation of textures will really help. The smudge tool (if you're using photoshop) and paint tool SAI's watercolor brush could help too (but be careful not to depend too much on them). Really awesome works here andrew, keep it up! :D
Wow... That is truly amazing! A very unique style but it worked and created a really fantastic piece. The pose looks so engaging and it was exceptionally well drawn! Keep up the good work - I can't wait to see your future work! Also the gens ect is cute lol :-)