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Partner Mafia

Ring. Ring.

The man absent-mindedly continued eating his donut.

Ring. Ring.

Bite. Chomp.

Ring. Ring.

Chomp. Bite.


"Pick up the damn phone, boss!" someone shouted from the next room.

The man grumbled to himself and did so.

"Knock. Knock."

"What? Stop screwing around, boss!"

"Knock. Knock."

"Oh for the love of-Ok, fine, who's there?"


"Anna who?"

"Anna other (BAN ME PLEASE) who's stopping me from eating my donut."

"Oh my- Look, take this seriously, boss. The mafia are moving!"

'Boss' took anna other bite out of his donut and took a good, hard, think.

"Which one?"

"The two in the Town."

"Which town?"

"The Town!"

"What town?"


"Oh. I see. The Town," 'Boss' said, pronouncing the capital T very clearly. "Well, the Town isn't too important, is it? We can't really spare the manpower to send anyone over there. I'll try, of course, but there're no guarantees. That said, though, the Town has a pretty colorful bunch of people living"

"What's the matter, Boss?"

"No, it's nothing. Would you like a donut, agent?"

"Boss, what's the matter?"

"I said, would you like a donut, agent? Answer the question, you fool."

"...Well, I suppose I would like a donut."

"Good. I give you official permission to purchase one."

The man then hung up, satisfied. He opened his mouth wide, ready to devour the remains of the donut whole...

RING. RING. The man sighed, and picked up again. Why can't things ever go right?

"So what the hell did you think of, Boss?"

"Well," the man said, eating his donut anyway. "I've got an idea..."


Elsewhere, in a Shady Alleyway, a bunch of Shady Men met.

They then greeted each other Shadily, and settled down for a Shady discussion. Somewhere through this, there was a Shady conflict, and a Shady fight nearly broke out, but luckily that did not happen. The men continued their Shady argument for a while longer, but eventually, they managed to arrive at a Shady consensus. They shook hands Shadily, and then thanked each other Shadily.

They then went home. Shadily.


Elsewhere, in anna other shady alleyway, a bunch of men met. Unfortunately, they weren't too good at being Shady. They weren't too good at anything else too, come to think of it.

"Alright, listen up, fuck-wits. I don't know who started calling us the Rejects, but that is fucking terrible and I refuse to stand for this shit," one particularly angry figure yelled.

"So...uh, what do we do?"

"Well, for starters, we could kill everyone else in this fucking fool Town."


Rumours began to spread like wildfire, which isn't tough when your Town has an effective population of 21. Eventually, an announcement was sounded through the town by the Mayor, and everyone gathered in the decrepit town hall.

"Alright, listen up, my citizens. For some reason, I have received reports from the government that there are actually several members of two mafias concealed amongst us good villagers. Unfortunately, they have not been pinpointed, and as a result, we have arrived at a dilemma. We must get rid of the mafia before they murder us in our beds, but we have no idea who the mafia are. We have thus arrived at an extreme conclusion...We will each be given one vote each day, and we will vote for one person to lynched. Hopefully, that person will be an evil mafia man every time we lynch him, but we can't be sure. Well, we'll just have to try our best for each other, no other way around it."

Everyone looked extremely shocked by this grim piece of news, but doubtless many of them were simply acting to hide their true nature. You look uneasily at each other, not knowing if the person next to you might be a simple, honest townsperson, or a fiendish criminal who will kill you in cold blood; you all immediately decide to head home to try and sleep, knowing the ordeal that awaits you won't be easy....

It is now: Night 0.

A) Day/Night cycle

The game will alternate between Night and Day, starting with Night 0. All kill actions will automatically fail during this Night. A Night lasts until all players with an eligible night action have inputted their night action or 48 hours have passed, whichever comes first.
If you have a night role but you are not using it, it is still important to PM Raikage or Gmax. Simply PM with Night (X) - Idling.
A Day lasts until a majority of votes is reached for a user plus a 3 hours "grace" period or until 48 hours have passed, whichever comes first.

B) Lynch vote

Voting only occurs during the Day in a thread specifically started for this Day.
Each user is assumed to have one (1) vote. Some users may have a different number of votes or may not be able to vote.
In order to vote to lynch USER, you have to post Lynch USER in bold face.
If you wish to change your vote, please edit your previous lynch post. Retain all old voting text, and add Changing vote to USER
If you wish to vote to not lynch anyone, you have to post No lynch in bold face (this overrides any previous vote). If there is a majority of "no lynch" votes, no lynch will occur.
A majority is reached when the only way to overturn the lynch is to change existing votes.
Raikage and Gmax are the supreme authority as to whether a majority has been reached or not.

C) Items

A user may hold an arbitrary number of items.
A user may make use of an arbitrary number of items at the same time.
Items may be stolen by thieves.
You may give and receive items during the Night or during the Day. To give an item, PM Raikage or Gmax with Night/Day (X) - Give ITEM to USER.
Items given during the Day will be received at the very beginning of the following Night and the user may use the item during that Night.
Items given during the Night will be received at the very beginning of the Day and the user may use the item during that Day. Giving an item has the lowest priority.

D) Communication with the hosts and other players

You may ask questions pertaining to the game to Raikage and Gmax on the Smogon forums or on (we may be found in #fluodome, #warau and #space). If they do not want to answer your question, do not insist. They have good reasons.
You may not paste, screenshot or forward anything Raikage or Gmax tell you over forums, IRC or anywhere else unless explicitly allowed. You are allowed to paste your Role PM, but only from Day 1 onwards. If it comes to our attention that you leak private conversations with us without permission and/or paste your Role PM (this includes even a fake role pm if you bother to make one) while Night 0 is in effect, you will be automatically eliminated from the game and lose regardless of your win condition. Note: of course, you may freely discuss your role - but it is forbidden to paste anything in part or in full from your Role PM before the dawn of Day 1.
If you are playing and still alive in the game, you are allowed to communicate with everyone, everywhere, anyhow. Otherwise, you may not carry any truthful information pertaining to the game to anyone in this, ever, directly or indirectly, be they alive or dead.

E) Partner Mafia Special Rules

The two players of one pair are treated as effectively one person for purposes of this game.
Only one member of the pair needs to post a lynch vote and send night actions.


1. Vampy34/Misaki-chi
2. moi/Veedrock
3. thunda/Stoo - Shady Men - Shady Thief/Thief - Killed Night 1
4. darkie/demon238 - Shady Men - Shady Drug Dealer/Hooker - Killed Night 2
5. Fishin/TAY
6. Earthworm/Cyzir Visheen
7. Matamato/Kannon
8. AvatarST/forks
9. GreenPikachu/LightWolf
10. dak/Doomsday
11. Serenity/Jimbo
12. moot/Thorns
13. BlueKirby/Twash
14. Kumar/GTS - Rejects - Mercenary/Bodyguard - Lynched Day 1
15. StrangerDanger/Bass
16. Hipmonlee/Mordock - Town - Convict/Miller - Lynched Day 2
17. Toothache/Billymills
18. Amelia/Puggy - Rejects - Second-Rate Bodyguard - Martyr - Lynched Day 4
19. Lesm46/Hobo Joe
20. Shiv/Eric the Espeon - Shady Men - Shady Cop/Inspector - Lynched Day 3
21. Evan/Shade - Town - Gunman/Vigilante - Killed Night 2

Here is a sample pm.

Attention [Raikage and Gmax],

You are the Janitor.

You spend most of your time cleaning up the school and various other places in order to earn a living. This may be an overlooked ability, but you know what you're really capable of.

As the Janitor of the whole place, you deal with most of the rubbish, and nobody pays much attention to you. This will allow you to hide a dead body when you discover it. You may send a PM at night to either Gmax or Raikage with the title 'Night X - Hiding [User and user]'. Even if that pair of users was killed that night, their death would not be reported, and they will still be believed to be alive. However, both their lynch vote and night action will fail. Their death will then be reported the next day after that.

You win if the Town win./You win if the Shady Men win./You win if the Rejects win.
Alright, it's finally up, guys, so Gmax and I hope you will enjoy playing this game. Please remember that the point of this game is to help people improve in the mafia and not necessarily to win, and try to stick to the spirit of the game. You should be receiving PMs shortly. Good luck, and have fun!
hey at least I made a role for my mafia, you had to use mafiascum and epicmafia, lol.

this game looks promising, good job, both of you. I look forward to playing!
All PMs are in. Doomsday, delete the first PM you got and open the DISREGARD PREVIOUS ONE pm instead.

EDIT: Added a kinda pointless Section E where all the rules pertaining to Partner Mafia only go.

EDIT REDUX: Night 0 Ends Tuesday, 2100 hrs/9.00 PM GMT+8


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Attention Inspector:

Could you please come out and identify yourself, either in this thread or privately with either me or Earthworm? We must get into contact ASAP, at least before Night 0 ends ;_;.
Deadline. EDIT: Update!

You all walk out of the house with much dread and not much good humour is in the air, but that's what it's like in these troubled times, I suppose. Thankfully, no one appears to have been killed this night (but you already knew that!), although some of you undoubtedly did some sneaky things without anyone's knowledge...

It is now Day 1. You have 48 hours to lynch, or actually, slightly less than 48 hours. Deadline is Thursday, 9:00 pm, GMT +8. An estimate of 11 votes is required for majority.

Also you are advised to check for PMs; all of them have been sent out.
In case someone is wondering, I do have a lynch target, but I'm waiting for some information from a certain person before we start.

Also, villagers who haven't reported to me yet (I know there are some out there), hurry up and do so.
Alright, time to get the show moving.

Lynch Dak/Doomsday

This is the best action the village can take right now.

Changing vote to Kumar/GTS

Lynch Kumar/GTS
Well this isn't really necessary but...

im bored

dak/doomsday - 5 (Fishin/TAY, Amelia/Puggy, moot/Thorns, AvatarST/forks, moi/Veedrock)

6 more to lynch
Lynch dak/Doomsday

Changing vote to lynch Kumar/GTS
I really don't know anything, but I suppose I'll go along - Fishin is a smart man.

EDIT: 1.5k, bitches.

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If you are neutral then you have some talking to do. If not, Lynch dak / Doomsday

EDIT: The post below me with Doomsday's explanation appears to have changed.
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