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Partner Mafia Postgame - TOWN WIN

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by Gmax, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Gmax

    Gmax kuahahahaha
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Oct 29, 2006
    So, now that Partner mafia has been brought to a close, this topic is to bring the game to a proper finish.

    The Teams

    The Town were quite strong. They had all the standard villager roles: a hooker, a bodyguard, a mayor, a rogue and an inspector. We gave them a limited vigilante, in the form of the Gunman, limited in the sense that he could only kill twice, and only if he got in contact with the rest of the team. We made sure that his bullets wouldn't go out of the game too quickly by giving the village a scavenger to work with, in the Rubbish Collector. Too bad he died too quickly to accomplish anything. They had a role with an inherent BPV and on even nights and a rogue role that didn't have a revealed death pm to help them gather, but that never happened. The Town didn't really have to do much to win this, and we wouldn't say they did well, though they did win. They also has the Convict role which we got a lot of flak for. It was there to balance the numbers (11 VS 8) and the village would have had a big number advantage if they didn't lynch him, but they still managed to win even after lynching. Overall, the main reasons they won were the crossfire between the mafia that you can see on the spreadsheet, and the both mafia having an unfortunate choice in killers or targets at the wrong times. It's all in the night actions spreadsheet.

    The Rejects and the Shady Men were arranged rather differently but we made sure they were relatively balanced in strength. We also didn't want a team-up between the two mafias which would have made the village unable to win, so we made sure the Rejects could almost never win mafia-vs-mafia. The roles were:

    Shady Cop VS Double Agent
    Shady Drug Dealer VS Second-Rate BG
    Shady Thief VS Unlucky Businessman
    Shady Lawyer VS Mercenary

    A mole is actually more useful than an inspect since it safes one member of the team and gets loads of info and influence, but inspector had the advantage of getting concrete info on the opposite mafia through inspections. The drug dealer AKA hooker was better than the martyr but only by a little if both the BG and the clothes were around. The Shady Thief had the ability to steal while the Businessman had the ability to know what items were moved and provided an inspect immune item; both dealt with items. Both weren't very useful since there were only 4 items and only 1 useful to the mafia (although the Bullets would have helped prevent vig deaths if stolen), which about evens out. BG isn't necessarily that useful as a mafia role which meant it only had a slight advantage over Silencer which would have been really useful mafia vs mafia after the village was eliminated. Both teams were allowed to elect a killer to ensure that they could always kill, with the Reject killer having priority.

    Here're their role PMs with comments on each role/players.

    The Town

    I thought they played ok. There was some suspicion on them which I didn't get at all; usually nobody claims Mayor, but either way Fishin didn't really trust them. I expected them to be more proactive with the bullet and try to get it somewhere where it could be more useful but they decided it was a better idea to just wait for the village unite when they would get more information regarding the bullet. Of course that never happened because evan/Shade were killed.

    Well, from what I know they kept quiet all the way until they died, which I thought was rather odd considering they were useless without a bullet and extremely important with bullets, as the village killer. I suppose they had a role they couldn't risk getting killed, but at the same if they didn't talk their role wouldn't do anything either ~_~

    Thought they played ok as well, but I think they were too cautious with their role. Admittedly it's bodyguard but a BG is useless if he kept protecting the wrong people. aamto and Kannon nearly died n1 because they kept protecting Fishin instead but luckily the mafia changed their target. It took nearly 3 day/night cycles for Fishin to know they were bodyguard, I think.

    Nothing much to say here, matamato and Kannon played a solid game and played the role of inspector properly.

    Fishin and TAY (mostly Fishin) were too suspicious of the right people and too trusting of the wrong people, like suspecting Earthworm and cyzir and trusting thunda/stoo and Vampy/Misaki. Other than that he did decently as the leader of the village and managed to hook the right killer twice on n3/4 even though it was a boss choice kill. They did pretty well overall and took the initiative in this game.

    You win if the Town win.

    Infamous role that earned us alot of flak from pretty much everyone. This role, though a staple in normal mafia games, had a really low chance of working out on Smogon and I wouldn't included it normally. The role was included for 2 reasons: 1) To teach the beginner player how to handle sticky situations, and 2) To balance the numbers of the game. Unfortunately Mordock wasn't really active and Hip was busy so 1) never happened. 2) refers to the fact that the village had 11 men versus 8 mafia, and this role counted as a negative to make the numbers fairer. We included the Bullet in his role so that he would have a chance of proving himself but that didn't work either and we didn't want to make it too easy (since that would have made the village too powerful) by taking away the mention of a Bullet in the PM.

    Tricky role to play as, really. However it wasn't necessarily as tough as it sounds as they only needed one of them alive and the village had a Scavenger to pick up the ring for them. There was also only 1 thief. The 1 time protect the both of them had was really there to give them some control over their fate; they decided to use their protects early when the mafia were most likely to be randkilling. They needed the Town to win as well, because we didn't want them to be 2 free votes for the mafia.

    Well, Serenity and Jimbo didn't really have much to do since there was little messing around with the items throughout the game, so it was kinda boring for them :(

    We intended moi and Veedrock to claim important roles like BG or inspect or whatever to fuck around with the mafia since they mostly had a useless role that wouldn't have gotten a released PM at death, but they mostly just voted and talked without doing much with their actual role. Can't say they did anything wrong, though.

    This role didn't do anything at all except activate dak and Doomsday when they died; we lied about the powers. We did drop them a little hint about trying to stay alive, though!

    They didn't really seem to do much, but were always in the Rejects' sights for some reason. Bass did come up with a clever lie about being BPV on odd nights instead of even but thunda saw through it anyway. They survived one night thanks to their inherent BPV ability, and another night because of Fishin and TAY's hooking. They're a lucky pair to be alive at the end of it all!

    The Shady Men

    The Shady Men were a more direct mafia than The Rejects. They did not depend on each other as much as The Rejects did, so picking one of the off wasn't equivalent to blowing a hole in the team strategy. They could obtain concrete information on the other teams using their inspector, and the Drug Dealer had higher priority than Fishin/TAY, so they could have also stopped themselves being hooked if they so desired. The Lawyer would have gained importance if the village had actually lost a few members and could have been crucial in stealing the majority at some point and also of course in a mafia VS mafia situation. The thief could have stopped a kill or two by getting the bullet, shut down a couple of votes at some point possibly by blackmailing the Lovers with their Diamond Ring, or stopped the opposing mafia being inspection proof and gave themselves some protection with the Clothes. One on one, the Shady Men would probably have triumphed over the Rejects.

    Shiv and ETE were the only pair on their team that never tried to claim or anything but that luckily didn't hurt them. They managed to get pretty vital info on evan and Shade before they were inspected and lynched by Hip's accusations. Nothing to complain about here.

    They tried to mole and as a matter of fact did it very well, so well that they ended up being killed by the other mafia instead. They didn't use their role very well, managing to hook Mayor, Mole, and Rogue which were all rather useless. Gmax also somehow sent a PM to BK informing him that a syringe was shoved through his pocket (instead of the arm) which confused everyone. Overall, a good showing, considering how they claimed.

    This pair tried to claim too, but they didn't have the foresight to realize their role could be easily disproven. Well, at least they tried! It kept them safe for a few nights but it turned out to be useless because all their people were dying to the other mafia. Their silence never managed to prove to be a factor. They also silenced themselves n0 and claimed they were silenced to make themselves slightly more trustworthy which was a clever little move but it wasn't really necessary to have actually silenced themselves.

    They did extremely well and picked a good and believable claim, which allowed them to nearly access the the village spreadsheet. Unfortunately they moled so well they were killed by the Rejects, which not only disrupted their own kill (because their kill had lower priority) and also stopped them from stealing the clothes off GP and Lightwolf. Pity.

    The Rejects

    The Rejects were a team that was built with a particular goal in mind. They were meant to hide, and to sneak around gathering information using their various roles. They had a mole, who could infiltrate the Town and find out who was who, and what was going on. They could seek out the inspector and stop him getting information, they could stop the bodyguard getting in their way if they so wished it instead of killing him off, they were basically meant to lurk unknown and untouched in the shadows, with the mole hopefully controlling the village actions. We decided not to make it too easy for the mole, and made his rolename public, so that eventually the Town would cotton on to the fact that there was a possible deceiver in their midst. Everyone on this team pretty much depended on the others, it was meant to be a cohesive unit. Given the interdependence, we decided to give their kill priority over that of the Shady Men.

    Your standard bodyguard. Unfortunately, these two couldn't do much, because they got rolled Day 1, after the village aborted the dak/Doomsday lynch. They did make a mistake when they had no false claim prepared at all, though. That led to their lynch.

    This role was basically meant to hold the Clothes, and to give the Rejects some information to start off with, since they would have no definite way of gathering information. The item was meant to aid their Martyr in protecting the team. Unfortunately, we messed up with their secondary role, and forgot to send them a PM on a crucial night that got them lynched. We apologise for that. Well, they would have been lynched regardless of whether they got the pm or not, but it's still our fault ~__~


    Sums it up quite well. The Double Agent was supposed to be the Rejects' way of gathering info. They had no inspector, so this was their primary method. Unfortunately, just when BlueKirby was about to successfully convince Fishin to give him spreadsheet access, his team killed off thunda, who had almost moled his way in. BK and Twash unfortunately never got inspected, so we couldn't show their PM. Also, it appears we messed up with their fake PM, with the win condition being "The Town wins" instead of "The Town win" (and we could have helped him out but cutting out the Double Agent mentions in the pms). We apologise for that. We'd like to add that BlueKirby was the person who took the game in the right spirit the most, and we'd like to commend him for it.

    Again, just a standard martyr. In conjunction with the BG and the Clothes, this role was meant to fuck around with the opposing teams' inspectors and killers. The BG died D1 and the Clothes never reached this pair, for some odd reason. This role was what the team was mostly based around on, but it ended up idling all the time instead :(



    As is quite obvious from the role PM, they went mad and obtained killing powers when the Old Woman died, and needed to kill everyone else to win. This role was created with the intent of activating midgame so as to limit the total number of kills, while still giving the player an actual chance of winning. Unfortunately, dak and doomsday were inspected by the Shady Men as well as the Town on Night 0 (fucked by the town as well coincidentally), and were almost lynched Day 1. Luckily for them, they managed to turn it around. The mafia also never killed the Old Woman, because of which the Town never lynched them. If they had managed to evade inspection and actually turned wolf, the game would possibly have gone in a different direction.

    The Night Action Spreadsheet
  2. Toothache

    Toothache Let the music play!
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Dec 27, 2004
    Tbh I sat back and let Billy take the lead in when to join the village. I wanted to see how he'd play it, and he chose a very cautious time, sometime around Night 3. Next time you are bg you might want to claim sooner, but not early enough that you give yourself away to a potential mole.

    Either way, I had a fun game. The two death magnets surviving? A Village win? What will happen next??
  3. Amelia


    May 18, 2006
    Nothing much I could do when the BG died, honestly. I didn't dare to get anyone for the fear of 1) being killed, and 2) being inspected. We decided not to move the clothes onto me because i was already suspected, but i don't see what difference that would make though.

    Edit: And Urgh, i was hooked every night BEFORE i was even suspected.
  4. billymills

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 6, 2008
    Yea, completely my fault. I was too cautious this game. At least it didn't harm anything.
  5. Serenity


    Dec 29, 2005
    Yeah, I think Jimbo sent out the command to wear the clothes at Night 5 prior to the announcement of ending it since Town completely obliterated the mafias. Anywayy, good game. But like it says in our description, I found my role very boring :( The lack of items is probably why, but that's to be expected in a much downscale game.

    Good game everyone.
  6. LightWolf

    LightWolf lightwoof
    is a Forum Moderator

    Jul 26, 2008
    You forgot 3)
    3) You were hooked every night after they started suspecting you
  7. Thorns


    Feb 17, 2007
    Yeah! I'd like to thank FishTAY and mataKannon for being awesome players and we really couldn't have done it without you! (or crossfire I guess)
    thanks for a good game, raikagemax!
  8. twash

    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Dec 26, 2007
    This was more of a learning curve for me than anything and I actually learnt quite a lot, even though I made some mistakes (typing join #superpowerful into #fluodome instead of /join #superpowerful was annoying, but funny in the end when BK made up some story).

    We really tried to get into Fishin / TAY's spreadsheets but Fishin was just being quite protective over them (rightly so), which didn't help us. I think we probably should have started trying to infiltrate the village 100% right from the start maybe...

    Special thanks to Raikage and Gmax, and especially to Blockirby for helping me in this mafia, it was thoroughly enjoyable!
  9. Fishin

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Nov 8, 2005
    Earthworm/Cyzir did a number of things to make me suspicious. Cyzir asked me to have him inspected n0, which was a rather strange request for someone that wasn't a mole. Both of them constantly hounded me for information, and then somewhere midgame Earthworm tried to convince billymills (who I wasn't sure about at that point, though I did have a hunch that he was bg) that he was the bodyguard, so if billy was mafia, he would naturally target Earthworm and I could use the actual bodyguard's protect on Earthworm, wasting the mafia's kill. Needless to say, this just made their position worse since if I listened to them, I would be drawing the bodyguard away from a more important role. Also weird was a log I got from forks:

    03[23:54] * Now talking in #cyzirworm
    03[23:54] * Set by Earthworm on Sun Mar 15 03:25:27
    01[23:54] <forks> it's forks!
    03[23:54] * Earthworm changes topic to ''

    Once evan/shade died and was revealed as village, I figured it probably didn't mean much, but it was still odd.

    Looking at the night actions, it becomes even more apparent how lucky the town got (beside double crossfire and chanserv going down revealing the last Shady, the Rejects also cancelled out the Shady kill n1). I probably still would've been at least fairly suspicious of GP/LW even if they had received the correct item movement, since their role was beyond pointless, they took forever to contact me despite having a completely worthless role and (most importantly) I got no results after inspecting them, which conflicted with their role PM. Honestly, though, I think I would've been pretty likely to trust Bluekirby if it weren't for the "win if the Town wins" in his PM since knowing the names of all the items in the game would be pretty difficult without having it stated in your role PM.

    It was a fun game overall, though, even if it was much more one-sided than it should've been.
  10. moot


    Apr 11, 2008
    #gotmilk forever!

    but yeah, this game was alot of fun even though i was afk for a good chunk of it; what I could teach thorns though was put to good use so I commend him for it!
  11. Veedrock


    Oct 18, 2008
    This game was nicely planned, but incredibly short lived. Too bad nothing went the way it was intended, but that's mafia. Despite pretty much coasting it was fun to watch unfold. I still get a laugh out of every other word being "shadily" in the Shady Men descriptions.

    And lol, moi didn't stalk anybody else even though I asked him about it >_> Some tutor XP
  12. Shiv

    Shiv mostly harmless
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    Apr 7, 2005
    Personally, this game was pretty bad for me. I wanted to help ETE with stuff because I thought he could be a pretty good player in time but never got to see him on. In the early goings of the game, I was quite busy with irl stuff so I couldn't get time to fakeclaim etc.

    After the first couple of nights and Raikage's blunder it was really all over so we sorta even stopped trying.

    And then Fishin took advantage of Chanserv being down to drive the final nail in the coffin.

    It was a really 'iffy' game tbh!
  13. moi


    Jan 22, 2008
    no i stalked shiv for the first 2 nights and decided that they wouldn't waste a kill on me otherwise after that

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