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Alright, signups are now open for Partner mafia. This game will be hosted by Raikage and I on the Smogon forums. PM either of us on IRC or post here to join. People who PMed on IRC are to post here to confirm. Players must state their experience level as either Beginner or Experienced. Bolded names indicate people who are paired up. Pairs will be created, consisting of one player from each category, and each pair will be assigned a role.

The goal is to help new people learn the ropes, and thereby create a wider pool of experienced mafia players. Experienced players must choose their partners from the list of people signing up as beginners. Once that is settled, PM Raikage or I with your names. We are looking for 21 pairs, i.e. 42 people. Your category might be changed to help balance the number of people in each category. Partners should be able to get online at the same time to ensure the smooth running of the game.

This game will begin within about a day once the pairs are made, and will last for a period ranging from approximately 3 weeks to a month. It will require a decent amount of effort from all people involved, so please make sure that you will be able to put in the amount required during the game period. Alright guys, let's get this rolling!

Experienced Players

1. GreenPikachu
2. AvatarST
3. Shiv
4. Vampy34
5. Toothache
6. thunda
7. Amelia
8. moot
9. moi
10. Hipmonlee
11. Serenity
12. aamto
13. StrangerDanger
14. darkie
15. Fishin
16. evan
17. Earthworm
18. dak
19. Kumar
20. BlueKirby


1. Lightwolf
2. Twash
3. Olie
4. eric the espeon
5. Shade
6. Jenigmat
7. Dogfish44
8. Yoshi King
9. Articanus
10. Bender
11. GTS
12. Jimbo
13. TAY
14. Imran
15. Shiny Crobat
16. mordock
17. flounder
18. Thorns
19. Kannon
20. Sikh Assassin
21. Billymills
22. forks
23. katherine
24. Puggy
25. Misaki-chi
26. maddog
27. tennisace
28. Veedrock
29. demon238
30. Hobo Joe
31. Stoo
32. Cyzir Visheen
33. Doomsday
34. Scrubs
34. Bass


1. Vampy34/Misaki-chi
2. moi/Veedrock
3. thunda/Stoo
4. darkie/demon238
5. Fishin/TAY
6. Earthworm/Cyzir Visheen
7. Matamato/Kannon
8. AvatarST/forks
9. GreenPikachu/LightWolf
10. dak/Doomsday
11. Serenity/Jimbo
12. moot/Thorns
13. BlueKirby/Twash
14. Kumar/GTS
15. StrangerDanger/Bass
16. Hipmonlee/Mordock
17. Toothache/Billymills
18. Amelia/Puggy
19. Lesm46/Hobo Joe
20. Shiv/eric the espeon
21. evan/Shade


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I'd love to play as a Beginner (though I'm in SSB Mafia, are we allowed to be in two? I would think so because Olie and Bender are in)

Edit: If any cool experienced players want to team up I offer relative smarts and cuteness.
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