Phatmon's Artistic thread of pokemon and other things

Hello My name is phatmon monstraros AKA phatmon66. I hope you all like my artwork and constructive criticism is welcomed. Thank you

Fennekin's fake form, fakemon not mine art is though:

froakie's fake form, art is mine form isn't:

Xerneas and Yveltal the showdown of the legends part 1:

Battle of the 6 gen starters!

Zoroark in lostlorn forest
These are fantastic! I always love drawings that have a painty effect and yours are just TTM. The colours are done pretty masterfully.

Take note of your composition and use of empty space though. The third picture is too biased towards the left side. I suggest you darken the Auraspherish thing that Yvelta is holding to draw more attention towards the center/right.
Woah there, you got some pretty cool stuff, man! But try not to post each of you art work every second in a different post! Merge them with your original post, that way it's easier to see everything else and you won't get in trouble.
ok but um how do i merge it altogether? and thank you :) i'm new at this lol
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I've taken care of the post-merging; all of your art is now in your original post

from here on out you can post new art pieces as separate posts-- most artists just tend to stick a bunch in their first post for simplicity's sake


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Wow this is some fine painting, I love your use of color and light. You bring out some very vibrant hues with nice dramatic lighting, but the color schemes don't get muddled or clashing much at all. I only wish I had that kind of handle on color or lighting. The charizard pic in particular, I like how 'zard's form is very clearly defined despite only being a silhouette with a few border highlights. I also like how you rendered the lightning on thundurus, it is simple but it clearly conveys "lightning" instead of "random white squiggles."

In terms of what could be improved on, critique below if you are interested.
I believe that a little closer care in the anatomy of the pokemon could go a long way in making your paintings look fantastic. For the most part, you convey the basic idea and shape of the pokemon, and that is good and makes them recognizable, but in certain areas they appear warped or stiff or out-of-perspective. This is most noticeable in the chespin picture: the face seems to be straight-on while the head is three-quarters, the two legs are flatly facing the exact same way, with the closer foot being higher on the image plane despite perspective suggesting it be otherwise, and the arms look like they would be sticking straight in front of the chespin and inbetween the legs, but the right foot is in the front, suggesting the arms are at the side. Your other pictures have similar small faults of anatomy and perspective, such as the toes on kyurem's right foot, but not quite so many so close together.

I don't know your procedure in making these paintings, but I feel that, if you are not already doing this, it could possibly help with some of these problems to sketch out the pokemon beforehand, not just in lineart but in anatomy. Form a skeleton stick-figure of the pokemon, where joins and such would be, maybe even make a rough 3-dimensional plane to be sure that the limbs aren't intersecting impossibly in more complicated poses or pokes. Flesh it out considering the underlying structure and musculature with ovals or rectangles to get the proportions out, and work up to the final lineart always keeping in mind the three-dimensional space you are trying to imply.

Now, you don't necessarily have to do this method, but it's just an idea to help correct some of those issues I mentioned. Your work really is rather good and I hope you continue making such fine art.
Well, Kadew has done a fantastic job of outlining some of the flaws in your work - not that there are really that many to point out in the first place!
I just wanted to expand on his advice slightly.

Oddly enough you're lighting is fantastic, and so is your colour choice - so I have nothing to say there, and I would only be patronising to comment on it!
However you have stumbled slightly on anatomy: I think you could really benefit from drawing some still-life works first, nothing too detailed - just practice sketches etc. What I mean by this is that some of your drawings are painted to good effect, and look realistic but then the positioning of your subjects distorts the realism.

Obviously, pokemon aren't real. But in order to decieve the eye into recognising the form of a creature, it has to conform to patterns that the eye would expect to see - i.e. it has to look natural.

I'll use your latest painting - Thundurus - as an example. I appreciate that you've tried to create good perspective in the picture, and it has nearly, nearly worked. But there are some oddities which throw me; firstly, look at the shape of the torso, the right side is perfectly rounded. We all know that muscle tone doesn't form like that, check this for a reference image. Yes there is an almost round look to it, but you can make out the shape of the ribcage. I understand it is a cartoon but the roundness does not suit the semi-realistic nature of the image.

Also make sure you get your limbs in the right position, the arms do not overlap the chest - the chest flows backwards into the shoulders which become the arms. Also his lats should again join to the shoulder, the size you've drawn them at the moment makes him look more like a hunchback.

I'm sorry, I realise this is a really nit-picky critique, just take it as more of a complement that I have to look at these small details because you've covered the rest so well. You definitely have art skills in abundance, and your lighting and atmosphere creation are already far superior to mine, so please keep it up. But yeah my main advice is to try some still-life drawing and use more reference: I always try and find the animal that the pokemon is based on (because they usually are) in a similar pose, and work from that. Also if it strikes a more humanly pose then you can't go far wrong with using photos of gymnasts for referance, they have great and well defined muscle tone which makes the pose easier to see, as well as striking some pretty dramatic poses which make for great reference.

Hope this helps.