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Phoenix VGC Warstory

Discussion in 'Past Format Discussion' started by viperGTS, May 24, 2010.

  1. viperGTS


    Nov 1, 2008
    To start off, let me say that most of these battles are from my head, but I think I remember most of them. Anyway, onto the "warstory."

    I left at like one with my mom and we started going to Phoenix. The desert sky looks so beautiful at night.

    Nothing much else happens, although around 6 we rest a little, with Phoenix being about 50 miles away. Hooray!

    So, after some complications, we make it to the convention center. When me and my mom got inside, we met a lady named Katrina. She was actually the "background" organizer for the VGC event! It was pretty cool meeting her, and we also met her son, who was unfortunately autistic(sp?). They left after the junior finals.

    I should also point out that there were a lot of creepers taking photos, and that's one thing I REALLY hate, so I tried to cover my face whenever possible.

    Finally, it's time to go in line. After giving my info sheet I get a battle card and a bag, which was pretty cool.


    Ok, so here was my team.

    Dialga@lum berry
    Draco Meteor
    Trick room

    Kind of basic I guess. I was worried of shedinja so I used flamethrower, but that was my biggest mistake of the day.


    Smeargle@Focus Sash
    Dark void
    Follow me
    Fake out

    Awesome TR poke! Although, I couldn't get much use for it out of round one :( oh well. Dark void suprisingly worked. I mainly used follow me though.

    Metagross@ Shuca Berry
    Meteor mash
    Bullet punch
    This thing saved me round 2. Not much else to say though.

    Brave bird
    Sacred fire
    My kickass shiny ho-oh, and it was basically my "trump card." I thought no one would expect one so I used it.

    Alright, onto the battles!

    I play a girl whose name I unfortunately forgot. She led with palkia and cresselia, and I led with dialga and smeargle. I start off with follow me + TR. I think she spacial rends my smeargle and cress protects. I dark void and endeavor all of her pokes into oblivion. 4-0

    My toughest battle. I actually have it saved. Video # 48-51073-82323
    Since I have this on video, I won't need to explain it. I just got really close to losing but metagross saves me. In the middle of the battle though, I realize I need to get rid of Groudon and ho-oh pulls it off. I really thought I was going
    to lose at the end, but meta saves me. just watch the battle :)
    This guy was kind of weird. He leads with gengar and garchomp, I use my same lead. I use follow me and TR again, and he used earthquake and icy wind, which benefitted my dialga. Smeargle dies, and I send in meta. I Draco meteor garchomp I believe and meteor mash gengar, which survives with the focus sash. Gengar used something (I wish I could remember!!!!) all I know was I won, I think 3-0.

    I was annoyed with this kid, mainly because he kept saying stuff about my team out loud >_> he didn't even know about the vgc until THE DAY BEFORE. He leads rhyperior and typhlosion, I use my lead. I fake out rhyperior, his typhlosion uses flamethrower I believe, activating my sash. TR activates, I use dark void and sweep his team 2-0.


    I get my game hacked check, by Mike Lisiek(sp?) I believe, he tricks me into thinking my game is hacked, I found it funny though :P after that, we had time to do whatever, but I didn't want to be late so I just hung around the place. When we all get back, mike explains how the byes work. 8 of us got byes, and I was one of them. Everyone who didn't had to follow another guy. I think I saw BadIntent here, who got a bye as well. We all just stood there for a while. Afterwards we followed mike, and the Nick announcer guy had everyone saying stuff into the mic. Me, nervous, just said my damn name and I felt so embarrassed after Nick said "fine with me" ugh I felt so retarded :/ at this point though:

    I MADE TOP 16!!!

    I was so glad to make it this far. I got this awesome letter that had some info on it. But my excitement ends here. Here's why.

    This match was vs. Michael. He had a lot of friends supporting him, which made me more nervous. He leads with ludicolo and kyogre, and I lead with my leads. I use follow me, ludi hits smeargle, kyogre uses surf, dialga TRs the field. I send in ho-oh.

    I use thunder on kyogre, but it gets paralyzed.


    Now that it's faster, it nearly kills dialga and ho-oh lives with protect. Ludi finishes it off with surf, and I send in meta. I use brave bird on ludi, killing it and I use EQ on kyogre. It lives and Michael sends in toxicroak. It uses sucker punch but it fails due to metas protect. Kyogre surfs again. I use metas eq. Kyogre dies. Ho-oh uses brave bird killing toxicroak. Then he sends in palkia. TR ends. I double protect but know the inevitable is coming. He surfs. I try to attack palkia but surf knocks me out. I lose.

    I take the walk of shame, and watched a little bit more (I see Shinryus Persian strategy destroying his opponent). I left a little bit later, but overall, I had so much fun, and was suprised to make top 16! Unfortunately, I won't be attending nationals.

    So that concludes my warstory. Thank you so much for reading it! Leave comments please, I would appreciate it!
  2. Boomguy


    Jan 17, 2010
    OMG at your round 2 fight. Your so lucky that his Zong didn't have EQ. Gyro ball is useless in the VGC. But well done overall. Unlucky in your last battle, did you really think of that possiblity of the para when you were making this team.
  3. BadIntent


    Oct 26, 2009
    I keep hearing about you and apparently you were in the top 16 with me. I don't know which one you were though =O I guess that sort of stuff happens when you don't like your picture taken =P Great job on getting top 16. Tough team you lost to.
  4. viperGTS


    Nov 1, 2008
    I'm pretty sure I thought of it at one point, but it didn't really occur to me until it actually happened.

    thanks. And yeah, I hated how every other minute there was someone taking pictures. Are you planning on going to nats?

    Thanks. Micheal caused alot of smogoners problems I believe :P

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