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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Zacchaeus

    is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Dec 5, 2009
    Oh I forgot about Rough Skin...

    But 252 Atk 252 SpA Naughty Dragonite does 38.7-45.9% to Hippowdon with Waterfall, 252 Atk 252 SpA Rash Dragonite does 69.5-82.4% with Surf or Ice Beam. So there is a chance that you could lose with +Atk 252 Atk Waterfall.

    Sorry Jumpman I always forget to factor in the level of the opponent. Is there some chart that shows at what levels you find Pokémon in the Battle Hall? And Chinese Dood, the last part of that paragraph was regarding Hippowdon, but somehow forgot to mention that.
  2. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    Wait, ... are you still talking about Aerodactyl here? From my calc just now, Naughty 252 Attack Level 100 Dragonite Waterfall does 101.7% - 119.7% to Level 96 0/0 Aerodactyl.
  3. VaporeonIce


    Mar 11, 2010
    You call that "can't win"? It has to roll basically minimum damage against Slowbro to lose. If people are talking about using Rock Tomb Dragonite to beat Weavile, I'd say Dragon Pulse + Thunderbolt would be considered pretty damn reliable against Slowbro. No, it won't win 100% of the time, but you'll win a lot more often than you would with Thunder. Of course, Water's a horrible type to go up against, since it's so hard to cover the whole thing; if you go for extremely powerful Electric moves, you'll run into crap like Mirror Coat Suicune. The good news is that, because there are so many Water-types, the odds of running into any one threat when you challenge the Water type are pretty low.
  4. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    yo, you're still not calcing this right. use http://www.smogon.com/calc/ to get accurate calcs. on a Lv96, 26 IV Slowbro, Specs Thunderbolt does 98-116%, and the only way you will ever even face one of those is if you save Water to the 17th type you do before 170. otherwise, dragonite will literally always ohko slowbro with specs thunderbolt cleanly, since before battle 170, the highest level a pokemon can be is Lv95, and that's in battle 160 exactly rank 10. starting from battle 10, rank 10, the highest level a pokemon can be is Lv88 or something, i don't remember, but it doesnt matter cause you're doing dark and ice types first, and it is advised that you do water third. in that case, the highest level slowbro or ludicolo or anything that you will see is like Lv 92 or whatever, at exactly battle 30 in your streak. so dragonite will literally always ohko slowbro with specs thunderbolt if you do water third and psychic fourth (so slowbro won't be more than like Lv93, and i am pretty sure i'm being generous with how high a level pokes can be in battles 30 and 40).

    a bigger problem is ludicolo who would require a flying move to ohko...except specs draco meteor does 125% min and ludicolo is largely a non factor. hell, even if you miss, it can only ohko 4/0 HP/SpD draggy like half the time with IB at Lv93 or whatever. so for water types, i would recommend a set of:

    Dragonite@Choice Specs: Thunderbolt/Draco Meteor/HP Grass/Flamethrower (lol), 4HP/252SpA/252Spe, Modest, Lv100

    FT is there for if you run into idiot bronzong and metagross when you're doing psychic, and when you are doing grass types fifth or sixth or whatever just to make sure ludicolo doesn't ruin your fun i guess. you could use a CB set for grass otherwise. you have to do water third to reduce the chances you will have to face a Lv92 or higher rank 10 sharpedo, because this has a slight chance of beating you if so. otherwise, at Lv91 it is 258 Speed at Rank 10 and 26 IVs, and cannot ohko the 259 Speed Specs Dragonite with Ice Fang so two thunderbolts give you a ~87.46% chance of beating Sharpedo (this account for turns one and two and includes the chance it freezes you or CHes or is paralyzed by thunderbolt and fully paralyzed on turn 1 or misses with ice fang either turn). HP Grass is for the water/ground crew, and DM is for big idiots like ludicolo.

    thankfully most water types do not have Ice Beam or Blizzard or this would be a little more difficult but Dragonite can almost literally do anything, it has a top-5 movepool of any pokemon in the game
  5. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    just after a little bit of help, after failing with the doubles sandstorm team, i fell in love with doubles, i find it so much more interesting, so i decided to create a doubles team, after some thought i decided on going with

    Zapdos-discharge,air cutter, roost(want to change to heatwave), HP Grass
    Electrivire- ice punch, brick break, earthquake, rockslide
    Roserade - shadow ball, energy ball, protect, sludge bomb
    garchomp- equake, fire fang, protect, dragon claw

    and i got to battle 80, and lost due to a reversal blaziken :( so decided to carry on with the same leads but try and make the 2nd two pokes better, so...i've decided to add

    jolteon- thunderbolt/discharge,shadow ball, helping hand, magnet rise

    the thinking behind it is jolteon being quick so being able to pull off a MR followed by attacking or HH and being unifected by either EQ and DC, also froslas caused me problems so like a easier way to deal with her.

    then main problem then is who to have as back up, to these three, only reasonable options i've concidered are swampert, flygon, lanturn,quagsire,whiscash,gastrodon, torterra, all are interesting being unaffected by my double moves or would be given protect, but all but flygon help with my ground weakness so kinda undecided on where to go, i think swampert and lanturn front runners atm so this is why i'm after your help and add anything i've not thought about. cheers

    Ps...anyone no any easy ways to get shards? underground takes forever
  6. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    WHOA... Electivire with no electric move??? Brick Break and EQ have fairly redundant coverage, so I'd at least get thunderpunch in there.

    I don't have time to go indepth with this, but Has Air Cutter really been useful at all? I'd think you should have heat wave replacing that. Roost will not be very useful in doubles. I'd replace with either Protect or Thunderbolt. Discharge is only 80 * 1.5 * 0.75 = 88 base power, whereas there may be many cases there you'd want to TBolt to ensure a KO, TBolt being 95*1.5 = 142 base power, i.e. significantly bigger.

    On the other hand when your Zapdos is low in health (or let's say you're facing two rock types or ice types), protect will save Zapdos and probably provide a free turn for your other pokemon to attack.

    Magnet Rise followed by Helping Hand... takes too long. Jolteon can hardly survive more than 1 neutral hit.

    I've used Zapdos + Flygon before and it's fairly nice, though you'll definitely need a good ice resist in the background (and Zapdos MUST have heatwave and Thunderbolt to deal with ice types and water/ice types - discharge will not OHKO those bulky dewgong/walrein).

    I think, from what I'm getting, you seem to like the idea of discharge+immune very much, but as synergetically good that is, Discharge isn't a crazily powerful move. I'd seriously putting a good ice resist in your team right now as 3 of your 4 members are weak to ice, and electivire doesn't resist either. Metagross seems good enough, and can explode (provide you have some protect users... or use a ghost) and Earthquake.

    Swampert does seem like a good choice, not being weak to ice while providing a powerful STAB EQ. Lanturn has trouble delivering enough hard hitting power. It may be fine for Double battles in general, but not for battle tower, because in battle tower, you NEED to KO your opponent asap if you don't want to lose your streak, due to hax (i.e. the longer the battles, the more likely a freeze / burn / guilllotine / sheer cold / etc. is going the happen).

    If you only have Platinum (I'm assuming that's what you have since you mention shards), then I don't think there's any really easy way. You can and should also save up your Star Pieces. Those are much better than shards because you can exchange one star piece for one of every shard at Fuego Ironworks. Other than that, ... getting Heart Gold / Soul Silver will make things easier since tutor moves only require battle points.

    Hope that helps.
  7. Sherkel

    Sherkel formerly Tombstoner

    Aug 3, 2010
    Use HG or SS and pay with BP.

    Or, if you don't have either, either clone on Emerald and migrate, or get one of them.
  8. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    i can see what your saying, about TB/DC but DC followed by either RS/EQ has been taking out most leads no problem, and Air cutter has been useful in taking out fighters, although i have missed and want heatwave its just trying to find shards/star pieces. i did concider swapping brick break for thunderpunch b4 i started my next run forgot to mention it lol.

    yes i agree jolteon is frail, but with constant discharges restoring health i think it could be a possiblity, i'm just going to try it out and c how it goes, i was going to use zapgon wen i first thought about it but kinda liked the free speed boost giving me the chance to attack first.

    on double ice leads i normally just spam discharge and rock slide and did work well but i can see point about going for a more powerful stright kill, and on double rock, i'l used to quake or BB and HP grass from zapdos on the one which was more problematic.

    i think i mite edit my leads but keep same pokes to see if my 80 run was a fluke lol, if so i think i'l go for a zapgon lead.

    metagross is a interesting idea i have previously looked at but i didnt like the ground weakness shared, but if i went with zapgon that wouldnt be a problem.

    swampert is a front runner and think i am going to try him as the 4th member but his speed worries me specially with all the OHKO moves and subbing being so difficult lol

    i have SS and D/P/P but my 2nd ds broke so i cant trade between spose it would make sence in long run to just remake my team on SS
  9. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    I suggest buying another DS, hehe. Or just borrow a friend's DS so you can trade once in a while. It's so much more convenient being able to trade between games.

    I don't think 80 run was a fluke for your leads. They should be good enough to handle a lot.

    Also, I probably wasn't very clear. I meant for Zapdos to have both Discharge and Thunderbolt since they serve different purposes. Well, up to you though. You also didn't mention items. I used Zap Plate Zapdos with Discharge and TBolt on mine (since Metagross had Life Orb already).

    Don't bother with Leftovers since most battles end in a few turns, unless you plan to have a backup toxistall pokemon (like Lanturn). I had one in a rain team with Vaporeon, but 99% of the time the leftovers isn't even needed.
  10. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    None my m8s have ds there sad :-P ha.

    I think i'm going to drop roost for thuderbolt untill I can get heat wave c how it goes.

    Items were
    Zap- life orb
    Elec- expert belt

    Thats all that matters due to rest team being changed lol,but think i'm going to swap life orb to elec to try counter intimidate, then find something else for zap, if I go with jolt prob be focus sash, so least then I can get some hh/damage in, then again unsure on swamp maybe lum berry or something, unless anyone got any better ideas lol
  11. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    I´ve just had one of the closest battles ever in doubles, also check out the hax :p

    battle #122 vs black belt fergus

    hitmonlee & latios vs hitmontop & entei
    - intimidate
    - pressure

    turn 1
    - lee used fake out 10% dmg to entei
    - latios used psychic, top fainted
    - entei flinched
    - foe sent out charizard

    turn 2
    - lee used sucker punch 30% dmg to charizard
    - latios used psychic, the attack missed charizard
    - charizard used air slash 97% dmg to lee
    - entei used shadow ball, a critical hit!, latios fainted
    - peterko sent out zapdos

    turn 3
    - charizard used air slash, lee fainted (speed tie with zap and wanted to CC entei)
    - zapdos used thunderbolt, the attack missed charizard
    - entei used extrasensory, 30% dmg to zapdos
    - peterko sent out metagross

    turn 4
    - zapdos used thunderbolt, charizard fainted
    - entei used overheat, the attack missed metagross
    - metagross used earthquake, shuca activated, entei has 60% HP left
    - foe sent out poliwrath

    turn 5
    - metagross used bullet punch, 20% dmg to entei
    - zapdos used thunderbolt, entei fainted
    - poliwrath used blizzard, a critical hit! zapdos fainted, 15% dmg to metagross

    turn 6
    - metagross used iron head, a critical hit! 50% dmg to poli
    - poliwrath flinched

    turn 7
    - metagross used iron head, 25% dmg to poli
    - poliwrath used hydro pump, a critical hit!!!












    metagross survives with 1 HP!!! (gogo 185HP/119sD spread)

    turn 8
    - metagross used iron head, poliwrath fainted


    let´s recap:
    - I missed zard and foe´s entei CH OHKOed latios
    - I missed zard again
    - foe´s entei missed with overheat against my metagross
    - foe´s poliwrath CHed zapdos with blizzard (3/4 power blizzard does 51-61% dmg and I was at roughly 70%)
    - my metagross CHed and flinched foe´s poliwrath
    - foe´s poliwrath CHed my metagross with hydro pump (I thought I was a goner when I saw the HP bar drop that low)
    - metagross survived with 1 HP and won

    I love doubles

    yesterday, I won 133 battles with lee-latios-latias-meta (today I´m using zapdos instead of latias) only to lose to bad sucker punch timing and enemy lanturn blizzard spam + claydol TR + oponent´s metagross surviving a double attack with like 1% HP...
  12. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    That was a pretty tight battle hehe.

    By the way, why didn't you use Earthquake on Poliwrath? When it's 1 vs 1, Earthquake is 100 base power. Even if it was just 75, it still would have been better than Iron Head's 60 (unless when it flinches or crits I suppose hehe).
  13. Zacchaeus

    is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Dec 5, 2009
    If somebody wouldn't mind, could you tell me some moves that Dragonite has that could help me in the Battle Hall that I might not be aware of their use quite yet? Example: Rock Tomb (I just figured out how it could help me a few days ago and it makes a huge difference). And is there some chart that shows at what levels you find Pokémon in the Battle Hall? I keep doing calculations wrong (just ask Jumpman) because I forget to do the calculations for anything less than level 100 with straight 31s. But even if I do remember, I don't know how levels and IVs work specifically in the Battle Hall.
  14. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    Zacchaeus you could search for TRE´s (Team Rocket Elite) posts and maybe mine also...it depends on what you want to achieve, really

    for 170+ theorymon, you just calculate lv.96 pokémon with 26 IVs as you will only face lv.96 pokémon from battle #171 onwards

    #170 is against the hall matron who uses a lv.100 pokémon with 31 IVs

    I would have to search myself, but I think the levels work like this 100-95-94-94-93-93-92-92-91-91-100-90-89-89-88 for battles #170-#160-#150....-#10, if you challenge with a lv.100 pokémon (maybe what I wrote is slightly off, you´d better search...

    the lowest level you can enter is 30 and the #10 oponent will be something like lv.23 or 24 (don´t remember)...you could also test stuff like I did by entering with various levels to figure out the best level difference so that your pokémon is able to score a crucial KO on its counter...

    battle hall is the best place for theorymon, as it´s relatively "easy" to figure out the outcome of a 1vs1 battle on paper

    you´re right and I considered it at first, but I felt like a I needed a flinch first, followed by 2 quakes or else it was over (I thought that hydro pump / focus blast would 2HKO)

    now that I calced the damage...yeah I was lucky (which is a relative statement as I wouldn´t have been in such a bad situation without those 2 misses on zard), but my chances were not that good...

    let´s see
    Poliwrath 3, Modest, Wide Lens, 197, 94, 115, 134, 110, 90, Hydro Pump, Focus Blast, Blizzard, Mud Bomb

    my iron head does only 46-55 damage (23.4 - 27.9%) with 198 attack (yeah I know why not 205)
    quake does 65-77 damage (33 - 39.1%), so a pretty sure 3HKO

    but iron head + 2 quakes don´t get the job done without a CH, so I would have to have relied on a CH or 84 accurate focus blast / 96 accurate hydro pump missing out of those two hits...or iron head flinching twice :)

    how I was able to survive the CH pump?

    134sA vs 185 HP/119 sD (yeah my spread is weird 185-198-151-x-119-91 and I forgot what exactly the purpose was, I guess surviving specific double battle attacks in vgc 09)
    - full power blizzard (remember zapdos fainted) does 25-30 damage (13.5 - 16.2%)
    - hydro pump does 76-91 damage (41.1 - 49.2%)
    - CH hydro pump does roughly twice as much...yeah I was "lucky" to survive those two hits...but "luck" as damage range, CH rate, powder misses, flinches, etc. is part of the game and sometimes it plays out in your favour (most of the time not)

    anyway, I lost battle #156 to another case of double brightpowder miss and not focusing on the battle 100%...I´m ashamed that a freaking altaria got me ._. (cyclist or bird keeper with altaria-articuno-moltres-4th poké, dragon pulse missed and it one-hit latios with dragon rush great 75acc vs powder miss...then I somehow bolted altaria ??? while it DDed instead of hp icing it to hell with zapdos, zap died to articuno and alta/moltres finished the job on metalee...I was disappointed because the first 147 battles I only paid attention to playing, no clue why I felt the desire to play a few more battles in the evening while watching a movie (addiction/double battle enjoyment, I guess)

    oh yeah, 290 battles in two days is pretty good

    I´ll give the team another chance or two, I´ve made plenty of damage calcs to make the best decisions on what to attack and how to attack

    example (have to learn how to post a table/chart):

    CLOSE COMBAT 189 sash lee
    197/095 Abomasnow 134 OHKO
    186/127 Abomasnow 2 OHKO
    140/080 Absol 1 (chople) OHKO
    140/080 Absol 34 OHKO
    172/080 Absol 2 OHKO
    145/232 Aggron 1234 OHKO
    150/086 Ambipom 1234 OHKO
    135/242 Bastiodon 1 OHKO
    167/188 Bastiodon 234 OHKO
    362/030 Blissey 1 (chople) OHKO
    362/030 Blissey 234 OHKO
    177/080 Cacturne 2 OHKO
    182/138 Cradily 34 OHKO
    165/100 Dewgong 124 OHKO
    186/121 Dewgong 3 OHKO
    159/108 Empoleon 1234 OHKO
    211/083 Exploud 234 OHKO
    140/130 Glaceon 12 OHKO
    140/162 Glaceon 34 OHKO
    176/121 Glalie 1 OHKO
    187/100 Glalie 234 OHKO
    166/126 Heatran 14 OHKO
    198/126 Heatran 23 OHKO
    150/070 Houndoom 1234 OHKO
    180/100 Kangaskhan 13 OHKO
    212/100 Kangashkan 24 OHKO
    237/100 Lapras 134 OHKO
    217/115 Lickilicky 1234 OHKO
    140/104 Lopunny 134 OHKO
    172/104 Lopunny 2 OHKO
    145/090 Lucario 1234 OHKO
    145/167 Magnezone 34 OHKO
    217/100 Mamoswine 1234 OHKO
    170/125 Miltank 24 OHKO
    192/110 Porygon2 1234 OHKO
    192/090 Porygon-Z 13 OHKO
    160/090 Porygon-Z 24 OHKO
    135/165 Probopass 14 OHKO
    135/165 Probopass 2 (chople)OHKO
    135/197 Probopass 3 OHKO
    204/080 Rampardos 123 OHKO
    172/080 Rampardos 4 OHKO
    155/120 Regice 1 OHKO
    187/120 Regice 4 OHKO
    165/080 Shiftry 1 OHKO
    186/101 Shiftry 2 OHKO
    197/080 Shiftry 34 OHKO
    267/085 Snorlax 14 OHKO
    235/085 Snorlax 23 OHKO
    150/115 Tauros 1234 (inti) OHKO
    175/130 Tyranitar 12 OHKO
    175/162 Tyranitar 3 OHKO
    197/095 Ursaring 1234 OHKO
    217/110 Walrein 24 OHKO
    155/167 Regice 3 r.86-100 OHKO
    145/183 Magnezone 12 r.88-100 OHKO
    170/157 MIltank 3 r.88-100 OHKO
    225/120 Slaking 3 r.89-100 OHKO
    207/130 Tyranitar 4 (chople) r.89-100 OHKO
    182/151 Cradily 12 r.90-100 OHKO
    170/162 Umbreon 1 r.91-100 OHKO
    197/095 Granbull 1234 (inti) r.92-100 OHKO
    155/182 Golem 234 r.93-100 OHKO
    217/130 Regigigas 34 r.94-100 OHKO
    170/172 Miltank 1 r.95-100 OHKO
    185/156 Walrein 3 r.96-100 OHKO
    212/140 Rhydon 34 r.98-100 OHKO -> FO + DP = OHKO
    205/145 Lapras 2 r.99-100 OHKO
    170/178 Umbreon 24 r.99-100 OHKO
    180/172 Rhydon 12 max dmg OHKO = 6,25% -> FO + DP = OHKO
    206/151 Regigigas 2 170-204/206 = 82,5 - 99,0%
    257/120 Slaking 4 216-254/257 = 84,1 - 98,8%
    155/200 Golem 1 128-152/155 = 82,6 - 98,1%
    187/167 Regice 2 152-182/187 = 81,3 - 97,3%
    187/170 Registeel 13 152-180/187 = 81,3 - 96,3%
    206/166 Regigigas 1 156-186/206 = 75,7 - 90,3%
    176/191 Registeel 24 134-162/176 = 76,1 - 92,1%
    155/220 Regirock 4 116-140/155 = 74,8 - 90,3%
    225/152 Slaking 2 168-200/225 = 74,7 - 88,9%
    211/083 Exploud 1 (chople) 157-186/211 = 74,4 - 88,2%
    202/178 Umbreon 3 146-174/202 = 72,3 - 86,1%
    150/252 Steelix 24 102-122/150 = 68,0 - 81,3%
    150/277 Steelix 13 96-114/150 = 64,0 - 76,0%
    187/220 Regirock 23 116-140/187 = 62,0 - 74,9%
    155/277 Regirock 1 96-114/155 = 61,9 - 73,6%
    257/167 Slaking 1 152-182/257 = 59,1 - 70,8%
    222/150 Rhyperior 4 170-204(127-153)/222 = 57,2 - 68,9%
    190/182 Rhyperior 12 140-168(105-126)/190 = 55,3 - 66,3%
    217/110 Walrein 1 (chople) 117-138/217 = 53,9 - 63,6%
    222/200 Rhyperior 3 128-152(96-114)/222 = 43,2 - 51,4%
  15. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    lost at battle 65 in my next attempted due to having a real problem with lati-twins so trying to find a way to make them less off a pain

    swaped roost fot tbolt on zapdos and i have to admit it works way better and glad it was suggested, air cutter found alot more use this time around, HP rock was important as always but have to say discharge was only used wen i had no better options so debating about swaping discharge for heatwave but on doing that kinda makes elect moveset redudent so looking into some possibilities,
    elect worked same as normal and have to admit i didnt miss thunderpunch and all moves found a great use
    jolteon became a star player, instead of HH i went with HP ice (old jolt i had) and he became a great revenge killer cleaning up so often and actualy shocked me (no pun intended :P) at how many hits he could take.
    then come swampy and i'm disapointed he did save me in one match when hax was irritating as ever lol but unsure if his role is justified.

    but the latis, aero and froslass causing me many problems atm so looking into a way to counter this so going to look into some calcs and c b4 looking scizor is a front runner tho lol

    any ideas welcome
  16. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    I hope you meant HP Grass there, since neutral Thunderbolt > 2x HP Rock (and 2x Thunderbolt > 4x HP Rock on those Flying Bugs and firebirds).

    Scizor or Metagross are your best bets if those 3 in particular are problematic. Scizor's BP is powerful, but the main problem I find is that... that's all it can do (Bug Bite too, I guess, but type coverage isn't that great, Superpower has side effect), while Metagross can Ice Punch, Earthquake, and explode.

    I still question Air Cutter's effectiveness haha. 61 base power after STAB is pretty low. If it's just mainly for finishing things off while hurting the other pokemon, Discharge seems to be more beneficial especially with Electivire and Jolteon around (though to me, using both of those seems a bit strange too). If I were to use 4 attacks, I would use Thunderbolt / Discharge / Heatwave / HP Grass.

    I'm actually planning out a team with Zapdos + Mamoswine lead. But I'm too busy to play pokemon these days so I won't be using it in a while (and I just restarted my HG a couple weeks ago just before the Enigma Stone event was over so I could get a 2nd Latios). I want to put Protect on my Zapdos but having a hard time finding the slot haha.
  17. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    mamoswine one my fav pokes so let me now how that works out looks good :)

    yh sorry i ment HP grass lol must've been thinking about rock slide ha!

    for my next run i've decided to drop jolteon for scizor because your right i think i was to obsesive with trying to make it "all work with immunities etc" and well its not going to happen lol, so scizor in and tbh as already taken jolts job of clean uper-uper lol, but with bit more going for it, dropped swampy to, so looking for a water poke to come in with more speed and power but due to doubles trying to find a decent attacking water type isnt easy lol but looking into gyarados so he could still work well with electr and zapdos (if given protect+quake) but he wouldn't beable to quake wen in with elect because i cant drop a move for protect.

    main times i been using air cutter is when i cant electric them or when against double bug,grass,fight o'd either rockslide/quake with elect then air cutter would finish off and the added crit is nice :) maybe i'm just happy with the move because i cba to grind underground to get shards for heatwave lol, because i no heatwave would be more effective, it will get changed but wen i cba hahaha
  18. Little Green Yoda

    Little Green Yoda

    Aug 8, 2005
    Even though I don't think the regular Battle Tower is "rigged" for hax, there has to be something going on in the Wifi Tower. I've bounced back and forth between Ranks 6 and 7 for a while because I kept on getting CHed or frozen somewhere in Rank 7. I finally made it to Rank 8 with a timely CH of my own. Would've lost otherwise because ScarfChomp's Fire Fang missed twice in a row against Scizor and it survived the 3rd Fire Fang with a sliver of health. And that was after Scizor made my Gyarados worthless switch fodder with a CH Quick Attack. Can't wait to see what horrors lie ahead in Ranks 8, 9, and 10. >_>

    Weavile is a freaking beast as a lead. Fake Out removes opposing Sashes and CounterSash gives easy kills. Being able to take down Gengar and Lati_s leads is a bonus. I can see why Carl uses Zapdos to complement his Weavile lead though since Metagross is quite common.

    Anyone know when the Wifi leaderboards are updated on Nintendo's servers? I downloaded the leaderboard of the Rank/room I cleared (after uploading my data, of course) and didn't see my trainer name. I remember being able to see my info right after uploading when I played the Wifi Tower on Pearl.
  19. VaporeonIce


    Mar 11, 2010
    ARRRRGGGGHHHH. There's really nothing you can do when Trick misses three times in a row against Brightpowder Latios. Dammit.

    That's all.
  20. Dalamar789


    Feb 6, 2006
    Hey all,

    I recently moved out of my house and became a full-time student studying 3d modeling and animation, so I've found I've had a lot of time on my hands, so I've been tackling the battle frontier. So far I've manager to get my silver prints everywhere, and my gold print at the Battle Tower. I got annoyed trying to win at the Factory, so I decided to try my hand at 100+ wins in the Tower. I managed to get up to 53 with this team:

    Mesprit@Choice Scarf (Holy War)
    252 HP/4 Def/252 Spe
    -Thunder Wave

    Everyone knows the premise of this set. It's served me admirably, although at times it's not been bulky enough and I haven't gotten as much set-up time as I'd like.

    Drapion@Black Sludge (Drake)
    252 HP/56 Def/196 SpD/4 Spe

    Also from Jumpman's team. This thing is a beast, you did a great job coming up with it. It really can just sit there and Acupressure up in the face of even STAB EQ's sometimes.

    Latios@Leftovers (Mercutio)
    110 HP/252 SpA/148 Spe
    -Calm Mind
    -Dragon Pulse

    My go to when I need a quick setup, on Special moves I don't want Drapion to take, or when it's a physical tank like Skarmory.

    My loss happened when I made a bad play against Heracross 3. I tricked it the scarf when it Megahorned, and Drapion couldn't Acupressure fast enough to avoid the 3HKO. I realized almost immediately after I should have Charmed it, then switched to Drapion after it KO'd Mesprit, but it got me thinking. Latios is really a poor set-up sweeper to follow Mespirit since they share weaknesses to Dark, Bug, and Ghost, and Drapion's neutrality to Bug only exacerbates the issue. So I was thinking of replacing Latios with this:

    Scizor@Leftovers (Red)
    252 HP/252 Atk/4 Spe
    -Swords Dance
    -Roost/Bullet Punch

    He resists all three types Mesprit is weak to, and covers Drapion's neutrality to Ice, Dragon, Bug, Steel, and Normal. The only thing is, I'm not sure if I should re-EV him, or if I should keep him that way so I have a harder hitting quick set up poke in the wings.
  21. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    Scizor should have enough speed EVs to at least outspeed 0 speed Heatran (none of the Heatrans in BT have any speed EVs), and should have Superpower or at least Brick Break in place of X-Scissor, and obviously it should have Bullet Punch. Steel + Fighting has at least decent coverage. You need the fighting move or else steel types, especially Heatran which 4x resist steel and bug, will end your streak.

    I've used Scizor but not extensively. Maybe other people will give further / better suggestions.
  22. Dalamar789


    Feb 6, 2006
    Thanks for the advice on the moves and the EVs. With 92 speed EVs, that lets me safely outspeed the fastest Heatran by one point and still leaves me with enough EVs in attack to comfortably OHKO with Superpower after a Swords Dance. I'll try this for a while and see where it gets me.
  23. pokemonwargeneral


    Feb 2, 2010
    Greetings everyone! Excuse me for my being away these past three weeks I came down with a terrible sickness that still isn't gone(I have to go to the hospital for medcine to get rid of the lasting cough) However through all this crap the devil is a liar and I still finished some new streaks like I wanted to before 5th generation battle frontier comes out( I set my personal dead line) OK, I have two new records that occurred during august 30th-september 9th on pokemon platinum. Lets start with my most impressive and first place setting record that happened at Battle Castle Double Battle with a 331 streak! As you know the Lati event happened and ended during august and I caught varios High Iv Latios the legit way(No RNG either). So Now I have three new perfect speed timid latios. Anyways more on that later, my old team featured Porygon-z,Infernape,Latios. well everyone, meet my new team!

    TYRUPTION/typhlosion (male)
    Ability: blaze
    Timid nature Ivs: hp 6 (...bad hp Ivs)/ atk 29/ def 22/ sp.atk 31/ sp.def 31/ speed 31
    Evs: 6 hp, 252 sp.atk, 252 spe
    Rented items:choice specs, choice scarf*, power herb*
    Solar beam
    Hiddden power-ice type(power 70)

    SoulLateon/Latios (male)
    Timid nature Ivs: hp 28/ atk 16/ def 20/ sp.atk 31/ sp.def 17/ spe 31
    Evs: 6 hp, 252 sp.atk, 252 speed
    Rented items: expert belt, choice specs*, focus sash*
    Move set:
    Dragon pulse
    Thunder bolt
    Energy ball
    Sunny day

    ADA SWAMP/Swampert (female)
    Ability: torrent
    Jolly nature Ivs: hp 27/ atk 31/ def 23/ sp.atk 21/ sp.def 19/ speed 31
    Evs: 6 hp/ 252 attack/ 252 speed
    Rented items: Choice scarf, choice band*, focus sash*, sitrus berry*
    Ice punch
    Hammer arm

    Alright! as anyone can see this can be a sunny day team or just a sweep til you drop if they have too. I've always wanted to make this team since diamond and pearl first came out and I saw thyplosion could now learn eruption but it was extremely hard to breed a perfect timid speed thyplosion with hidden power max ice, but how many of ya'll know that God sent pokemon emerald version to my aid!! So just like my single fighting style at the battle castle, raise early pokemon by five levels and and crush them and as much CP early as possible, however what made this team do so well is thyplosion's sheer power with held item choice specs(putting his special attack at a staggering 475 which is even higher than Kyogre). that comboed with sunny day..... I had over 1200+ CP by the time I hit opponent 100! so how did all that CP get drained? by me passing usually three opponents each streak because of QUICK CLAW holders always being at the head of the computer's party. I've lost hundreds matches at battle frontier do to the 2 dreaded SHIT items-Bright powder and Quick claw.( I'm reall sorry for the bad word but these items along with infinite critical hits have been tho only thing to make me lose pokemon matches for over 5 years at frontier.) It is ignorant to fight and risk a match at battle frontier where it's-flip a coin, if heads you win and streak continues, if tails you lose your wole record streak ends. so anyway my great team lost at Double castle on opponent 331 because of my want for some more cp. I was down to 89 cp and I was desperate. the team was a skarmory and dugtrio at lead and alakazam at back. I said to myself I can talk them! so I raised all thier levels and gave Tyruption c-scarf. and kept Soul Lateon with specs. match goes:

    Tyruption used Eruption...
    OWW! skarmory fainted.
    ...DUGTRIO took the attack on approximatley one hp!!!(like peterko said for his metagross,hp so low that your human eye can't tell)
    Foe dugtrio used EARTHQUAKE!
    Tyruption:y..o.u little.. bunch..of.. hot dogs!!..
    Tyruption fainted
    Soul Lateon used specs Dragon pulse(his special attack is 538 like soul dew)
    Dugtrio fianted!
    I send out ada swamp(which has no held item because of CP shortage)
    They send out alakazam!
    2nd turn: foe alakazam used ENERGY BALL!
    Ada swamp: I told general to let me hold sash...cause I had a bad feeling about this match... multiplied to 320 power factoring quad weakness.
    Ada swamp fainted. SoulLateon: YOU OLD FOOL you would hurt a woman like that you will PAY!!!
    SoulLateon used Specs Dragon pulse.........ALAKAZAM TOOK THE ATTACK ON APPROXIMATLY 1 HP!!!(Same unseeable amount like dugtrio..for people who don't know ths, in the game of pokemon damage can be varied from 1-25 hp at Lv100, and 1-10 at level 50, guess it went in the computer's favor like always.
    3rd turn FOE modest Alakazam goes first because he's level 55 and uses shadow ball!
    Soul Lateon: Hpmh! general already tested this with his own pokemon, I can take this on red hp.
    Alakazam: that's what you think young one.....A CRITICAL HIT!!! IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!
    Soul Lateon:....I'm sorry ..I failed you..general....Soul Lateon fainted...

    My two older brothers watched in silence as my record breaking streak ended. Yes I should'nt have raised dugtrio and alakazams levels to play it safe, but his stupid butt wasn't suppose to get that critical. anyway I will be back for vengence, but for now this is my streak everyone! By thy way. since he came out, thyplosion(had thunder punch back then) has always been better than charizard though thier base stat total stats are exactly the same. now 4th gen eruption given to him, he is now better than the stupid Infernape which was proven by Me on Wi-Fi and now on this streak!
  24. Little Green Yoda

    Little Green Yoda

    Aug 8, 2005
    Ended up going back and forth a few more times in Ranks 6 through 9 but I finally broke through and reached Rank 10! My highest streak isn't that great, but I'm sure if I started back on Rank 1 with my final team (instead of tweaking the team throughout), I could probably have a better high streak.

    Soul Silver Wifi Tower: Rank 10, High Streak of 18

    Weavile @ Focus Sash
    Jolly - 4 HP, 252 Att, 252 Spd

    Fake Out
    Night Slash
    Ice Punch
    Low Kick/Counter

    The biggest change from my D/P Wifi Tower team. I remember being really annoyed by Focus Sash leads so I went with the fastest Fake Out user to deal with them. The ability to CounterSash also intrigued me; I originally had both Counter and Low Kick instead of Ice Punch but ended up dropping Low Kick for Ice Punch after a few matches. The inability to KO things like Garchomp without losing my own Sash didn't seem right. :p

    However, without Low Kick, I had more trouble with Hail teams than I would've liked. So I re-added Low Kick and ditched Counter. Counter was helpful against Metagross but there was no guarantee Weavile would have an intact Sash by the time Metagross showed up. Thus, I turned my part-time strategy against Metagross into the full-time strategy against Metagross: smart switching + hoping for little/no hax. Oddly enough, after the switch back to Low Kick, I didn't see a single Hail team - Low Kick still proved useful against Leadtars though lol.

    Gyarados @ Leftovers
    Adamant - 156 HP, 112 Att, 100 Def, 140 Spd

    Dragon Dance

    Went with an offensive spread on the Pearl team but I decided to go with a bulky spread here. Despite Gyarados' excellent type synergy with Weavile, my initial team used a different partner for my lead: LO Starmie. Unfortunately, that rendition of the team wasn't strong enough to break through bulky set-up Pokemon like CM Cresselia. Counter Blissey was also a pain in the butt.

    Enter TauntDos. Directly ripped from my Battle Castle team, the water snake loves to set up on Weavile and Scizor leads. Taunt is invaluable in preventing Cresselia/Suicune from CMing up and Blissey/Milotic from Toxic stalling my team. Bounce has lol accuracy but it complements Waterfall well and provides an extra turn of Lefties healing in a pinch. Plus, I needed a move with which to hit Shedinja and Stone Edge has (marginally) worse accuracy. Potential parahax is a bonus.

    Garchomp @ Choice Scarf / Yache Berry
    Jolly - 4 HP, 252 Att, 252 Spd

    Fire Fang
    Swords Dance

    As we all know, ScarfChomp is an amazing cleaner in late game situations. I ran Yache for a few sets for more power but quickly went back to Scarf since Lati_s and non-lead Sash Gengars are quite common. Running Scarf also has a side benefit of being able to switch in safely against TrickScarf users and net a free kill. Rock resist and Electric immunity fits well with Gyarados' weaknesses - I like to switch in Garchomp to scout for Thunderpunch/Stone Edge when Gyarados is on the field.

    Metagross is probably the single biggest threat to my team since most of them tend to run Bullet Punch and Thunderpunch. When I had Counter on Weavile, Metagross was an easy kill if Sash was still intact. But now I resort to switching into Gyarados to take the Bullet Punch and then switching to Garchomp to take the Thunderpunch. Earthquake typically brings Metagross into the red and Meteor Mash does around 50% without a crit. Gyarados can usually revenge kill Metagross with Waterfall if Garchomp goes down (once, I did lose to a weird fast Metagross that outran Gyarados though). Shuca is problematic but thankfully quite uncommon.

    Hail teams were extremely annoying since a lot of Walreins liked to spam Sheer Cold. I guess it's a worthwhile strategy when you're getting 1/8th of your health back every turn lol. I think I lost 2 or 3 times because of Snow Cloak and another 2 or 3 times against Sand Veil. Low Kick on Weavile really helps against these weather teams since Aboma/Tar was usually the lead.

    Apparently, Wifi Tower battles show up like Battle Tower battles on the VS recorder. Only shows the streak but not the rank. So here's a picture of my Wifi Tower status:


    My last battle is 82-75163-24142 if anybody wants to see it. I was genuinely expecting to lose after the first two turns. Caught a break when Meteor Mash missed.

    I still have no clue how to get on the leaderboard monitor. I'm assuming that only those listed as "room leaders" can be encountered in the Wifi Tower. I uploaded my data after beating a Rank 6 room earlier in my streak and didn't see my trainer name in the list. I just downloaded that same room and my name isn't on there and the list of leaders appears to be exactly the same as my first download of the data. :/
  25. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    Tower Doubles Record

    Trick Room is not my kind of thing.

    I prefer not to BOOM if I´m not forced to.

    There is also no rain falling on the field coming from my side.

    Beware, this might surprise you.



    1. LEE the Hitmonlee
    Item: Focus Sash
    Ability: Limber
    Nature: Adamant
    IVs: 31 / 31 / 31 / 17 / 31 / 31
    EVs: 6 HP / 252 Attack / 252 Speed
    Lv.50 Stats: 126 / 189 / 73 / 43 / 130 / 139
    ~ Fake Out
    ~ Mach Punch
    ~ Sucker Punch
    ~ Close Combat

    2. DRAGON the Latios
    Item: Choice Specs*
    Ability: Levitate
    Nature: Timid
    IVs: 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31
    EVs: 6 HP / 252 Special Attack / 252 Speed
    Lv.50 Stats: 156 / 99 / 100 / 273* / 130 / 178
    ~ Psychic
    ~ Dragon Pulse
    ~ Thunderbolt
    ~ Draco Meteor

    3. STORM the Zapdos
    Item: Life Orb
    Ability: Pressure
    Nature: Timid
    IVs: 26 / 31 / 26 / 31 / 27 / 31
    EVs: 252 Sp.Attack / 6 Sp.Defense / 252 Speed
    Lv.50 Stats: 163 / 99 / 103 / 177 / 109 / 167
    ~ Thunderbolt
    ~ Heat Wave
    ~ Hidde Power Ice 70
    ~ Detect

    4. DOOMSDAY the Metagross
    Item: Metal Coat
    Ability: Clear Body
    Nature: Adamant
    IVs: 31 / 31 / 31 / 21 / 31 / 31
    EVs: 84 HP / 252 Attack / 4 Defense / 4 Sp.Defense / 164 Speed
    Lv.50 Stats: 166 / 205 / 151 / 94 / 111 / 111
    ~ Iron Head
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Explosion
    ~ Bullet Punch

    Yes, 15/16 are direct damaging moves and that´s what I do, hit them fast, hit them hard. Ever had problems with critical hits? Well, now I´m getting them more than the AI, by quite a margin.

    SoulSilver Battle Tower Double Battle Record: 626

    Streak began on: September 7th, 2010
    Streak ended on: September 15th, 2010
    Battles per day:
    001 -> 028 (28)
    029 -> 070 (42)
    071 -> 112 (42)
    113 -> 161 (49)
    162 -> 308 (147)
    309 -> 469 (161)
    470 -> 546 (77)
    547 -> 623 (77)
    624 -> 626 (3)

    The hardest hitting non-STAB Sucker Puncher who learns Fake Out. That´s how I found him.

    Can´t be paralyzed and thus is able to Fake Out Static without fear. Give him a STAB 120 base power, 100 accurate fighting type attack that hits the highest number of Tower Pokémon for super effective damage and you´re ready to play. Close Combat is ideal for LEE, because he doesn´t care about the defensive stat drops. You think a breeze makes him faint? He will brace himself to survive by a firm grip of the Focus Sash I gave him and punch you again, hard.

    LEE is truly a magnet for Psychic type attacks, which eases prediction/decision making. Sucker Punch is incredible, but you should use it wisely, as it might fail. Jynx, Kazam, Gengar, Mismagius, Espeon simply faint if they try to attack you, and using Psychic on LEE and Shadow Ball on Latios is very tempting for them. Maybe I´ll post the damage calcs I did for LEE, they´re rather impressive, to say the least.

    I´ve considered changing Mach Punch (for Helping Hand or Reversal), but it has one major role to play, namely Weavile. Depending on the situation, I double target it and LEE one-hits the two that are faster than Latios, the other two (sash & chople) are finished off by Latios. Pretty convenient, isn´t it? Mach Punch has other strategic uses, similar to Sucker Punch, for example to finish off stuff or dent something first, into KO range for Latios.

    Fighting and Dark is a great attacking combination. Three priority attacks plus Close Combat coming from an Attack stat of 189 make LEE one of the best Tower Doubles leads.......if you use him wisely and give him a suitable partner that lets him shine. Also don´t underestimate his 139 Speed stat.

    A m a z i n g Pokémon. Who would have thought that :)

    Arguably the best special sweeper without set-up. Dishes out pain, very fast. STAB Specs Psychic means Fighting types not named Gallade and Poison types that are not part dark faint.

    STAB Specs Dragon Pulse. I simply love the sound of that. The attack I use by far the most. It´s terrific for me and terrifying for the opposition. I wanted to write "all dragon types fall", but Latias 1 with 200 sD wants to be an exception and has a 50/50 shot at surviving. Dragonite, Salamence, Latios, Kingdra... they hardly ever get a shot at doing anything else but entering the field and fainting.

    Specs Thunderbolt is slightly more powerful than a Bolt from max spA (177) timid Zapdos without a boosting item. Nothing to laugh at, although I don´t use it as often as you might think. Never forget that you´re locking yourself into a move.

    STAB Draco Meteor is used rarely, like once or twice in 100 battles, when there´s a duo I feel uneasy about, for example Tyranitar+something faster than LEE as the Scarftar uses Aerial Ace on LEE and I Close Combat Ttar on sight (DM on the faster foe, obviously). Hippo is another lead I have used DM on. What else to add, not much will survive the DM hit if I decide to use it. Yeah I´m a bit paranoid about the 90 accuracy as this team´s not there to linger on the field rather than hit´n hit.

    Can´t help but repeat myself. A m a z i n g Pokémon #2.
    Together they´re probably the best doubles leads I´ve ever used in the Tower. So many attacking options. They are capable of winnig battles 4-0, sometimes even without losing HP. Key factor for winning battles is knowing the damage output.

    STAB LO Bolt from Zapdos doesn´t need further comments. Water type, go away.

    Heat Wave has "shaky" accuracy lol, you know 13/15 of my attacks are 100 accurate. But it is very useful as it handles steel types (that are part bug or psychic, looking at you scizor, metagross & bronzong, that my leads don´t hit for SE admage) and damages both targets.

    HP Ice is there to mostly finish off stuff that´s 4x weak to it. Also don´t want to be walled by ground/rock and water/ground. Particulary the latter dual type 4 Pokémon (cash, gastro, pert, quag) are somewhat troublesome, but didn´t convince me of using HP Grass yet. It certainly is an option, though.

    Detect is a strategic move to stall an ice move/stone edge for a turn to let its partner KO/damage the user to ease Zap´s life. Also without Detect, I wouldn´t be able to explode with Metagross. I´ve been using Zapdos in doubles for ages and it is a very reliable Pokémon. It has proven itself worthy of the #3 spot on this team, which I was a bit unsure of at first.

    Zapdos comes out third, most of the time. First, it´s faster than Metagross. Main reason being the item choice I made, particulary no Occa Berry (anti-fire) on Meta. It won´t survive a fire hit, so putting out fires is my main priority, as many of them are faster than Meta. Sometimes, I feel the lack of a Water type attack in my team. Winning battles makes you forget what you miss, though.

    If something goes wrong, Meta saves the day. The EV spreads of the previous three are pretty straightforward and a no-brainer, Meta is different. During the first 280 battles of this streak and in previous streaks where I used the same moveset, it had the following lv.50 stats: 185HP / 198at / 151def / 119sD / 91 speed. Despite having Bullet Punch, I didn´t like the speed, I mean what outsped me. Here´s the speed range of a neutral speed Metagross (90-122):
    121 Moltres 2
    120 Miltank 13, Slaking 124, Tentacruel 23, Typhlosion 2
    117 Hitmonchan 2
    115 Drapion 12, Electivire 2, Gliscor 14, Jynx 12, Leafeon 34
    110 Kangaskhan 24, Mr. Mime 1234, Porygon-Z 13, Roserade 12
    105 Articuno 134, Cherrim 2, Cresselia 1234, Golduck 134, Heracross 2, Kingdra 34, Nidoking 12, Pinsir 134, Qwilfish 2, Suicune 134
    104 Skuntank 1
    101 Gyarados 13, Milotic 1234, Mothim 2
    100 Altaria 123, Arbok 2, Dragonite 1234, Drifblim 1234, Gallade 134, Gardevoir 123, Glalie 234, Grumpig 2, Kabutops 2, Mamoswine 1234, Meganium 1234, Shiftry 234, Togekiss 12, Venusaur 1234
    98 Blastoise 1234, Feraligatr 1234
    97 Heatran 123
    96 Nidoqueen 1234
    95 Absol 2, Claydol 234
    94 Articuno 2
    93 Flareon 3
    91 Bibarel 2, Honchkrow 1234
    90 Breloom 134, Cloyster 2, Dewgong 1234, Dragonair 2, Hitmontop 2, Kecleon 2 (Choice Scarf), Ludicolo 1234, Lunatone2, Luxray 1234, Magneton 2, Mantine 2, Metagross 1234, Mightyena 2, Politoed 1234, Poliwrath 1234, Skarmory 1234, Solrock 2, Victreebel 1234
    You should have at least 91 speed, period.
    But you see, 98 allows you to to quake Heatran and Nidoqueen before they attack.
    101 is neat. Notably outspeeds Gallade & Gardevoir (all but 1 set each), very important Mamoswine, pretty much all those 100 and 98 speed ones are important (Clay, Altaria, Nite, Venu...)
    I definitely wanted to run 106 for Articuno, but the main reason was Cresselia. Cresse is nasty and lives many times longer than any other Pokémon out there and I face it all the time. I didn´t like to see it DT or Moonlight before my Iron Head. 106 speed ensures shorter battles against it when I gang up on it with Iron Head (potential flinch helps) and Specs Pulse / LO Bolt when everything else fainted.

    That would give me a spread of 169/205/151/x/113/106. Oh well, it´s not like I´m surviving anything special with 169/151/113 and Mime can be a bitch if it refuses to get Sucker Punched, so I went with 111 speed. By playing wisely, Metagross doesn´t faint often and does its job like it´s supposed to.

    The moveset is nothing new. Iron Head over Meteor Mash because missing is deadly in the Tower and MM is the worst attack in the game (along with Stone Edge and Focus Blast). Iron Head flinches and does serious damage to ice types, which are troublesome to latizap, to some extent. Due to strengthening its "skin" with a second layer of Metal (Coat), it has a lot more steel power, 96 base power to be exact, almost as good as MM. Has a shot at one-hitting articuno and mamoswine.

    Bullet Punch is arguably the most useful move for doubles that Metagross knows, if only just to finish off (or OHKO) stuff like weavile, froslass, jynx, aerodactyl...

    Earthquake helps me deal with electric types and is generally a good attack, despite the 3/4 damage cut in doubles (unless it´s a 1on1 situation, which you don´t want to get into). Explosion is there if I have no other or better option to win. I´ve used it maybe once or twice so far. Also because only Zapdos can safely survive this hit. The most important BOOM (and the only I can remeber) was at #498 where it got rid of an uber all-stat boosted enemy Zapdos that was wrecking me.

    At first look, the team seems to have an ice weakness as both Latios and Zapdos share it. But LEE and Meta are more than capable of beating those (Ice) Ace trainers (OK, this statement is quite ironic, read on). Zapdos knows Heat Wave and bolts water/ice types. Latios is no pushover, either. As I mentioned it in the Zapdos section, I try to finish off Fire types whenever possible, because I wouldn´t like to see Meta faint without a move. I guess the most troublesome trainer type is the "legendary 6". Leggies are tough and survive stuff, like the regi4 close combats and raikou+entei double targeting, fires threaten my meta, etc.

    As for hax:
    - OHKO moves - I was hit by those roughly 4-5 times in 546 battles, I try to KO those pokémon as soon as possible and my team has great coverage to put them out of play fast
    - CHs - those who attack are favoured by CHs and that´s what I do, attack, so I get plenty of CHs...sorry maybe later I will provide some statistic back up, but I´m not writing down stuff at the moment, last time I kept track in like 21 battles I was 7-2 up in CHs.
    - QC - I´ve obtained a fairly decent knowledge of the Tower movesets, so I´m wary of these and try to forego them with FO and priority. Rhydon eats FO+DP and faints. I don´t like when both leads are potential QC users
    - powder/incense - naturally, missing is the biggest threat to my all-out attacking team...

    Yeah, so basically everything´s fine, but I hate the "...attack missed!" message the most. I´m looking at you Zard 4, Altaria 3, Nido 2 and others ._.

    Battle Videos:

    #454 = 26-39851-54083 vs Roughneck (nidoking,toxicroak,crawdaunt,shiftry - 4 SE misses)

    #498 = 84-09867-25255 vs (articuno,zapdos,regigigas,heatran - 2CH + AP boost zapdos)




    You shouldn´t write your record post before the streak ended...
    I wrote the above 2000+ words yesterday...

    Now today, I didn´t even sit down comfortably and get into the battling mood and it was already over

    I predicted my demise above haha, "...attack missed!" :(

    How I lost

    Battle Video:

    #627 = 22-18887-50506 vs Ace Trainer Leda

    Show Hide

    hitmonlee & latios vs abomasnow & walrein

    - snow warning
    - switch out latios for metagross
    - hitmonlee used close combat, abomasnow fainted
    - walrein used ice fang, 10% dmg to metagross
    - hail damage

    foe sent out froslass

    - metagross used bullet punch, 99% dmg to froslass
    - froslass used psychic, hitmonlee fainted
    - walrein used aqua tail, metagross at 50% HP left
    - hail damage

    I sent out zapdos

    - zapdos used detect
    - froslass used blizzard, zapdos protected itself, metagross 25% HP left
    - metagross used earthquake, froslass avoided the attack, 25% dmg to walrein
    - walrein used ice fang, zapdos protected itself
    - hail damage

    - metagross used bullet punch, attack missed!
    - zapdos used thunderbolt, walrein fainted
    - froslass used blizzard, double KO

    I sent out latios, foe sent out regice, game over

    - latios used dragon pulse, attack missed!
    - froslass used blizzard, latios fainted


    I totally misplayed here, didn´t check the froslass speed, which I should´ve gotten rid of as soon as possible with sucker punch, bullet punch and/or thunderbolt...started playing five minutes before this battle and my brain wasn´t working properly...disappointing loss, as I could´ve easily avoided it, I won´t dissect it like I normally do with damage calcs etc., it would only make me even more disappointed

    there were no real "omg I´m about to lose" battles within the previous 626 ones...

    I´ll consider giving metagross the life orb to give him a 62.5% chance to OHKO lass with bullet punch, metal coat BP has a 18.75% chance, also gives meta a 56.25% chance to OHKO aerodactyl

    not sure about zapdos: yache, powder, expert belt...

    that makes me the silver medallist in both single and double tower...is it wrong that I´m not very happy about it?

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