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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. waffles101


    Mar 20, 2010
    Hey. Just saying that i have a hgss link btower team thats 56 and going strong. That puts me at number 1. =) The team is Zapdos and Garchomp with heatproof Bronzong behind Zapdos and Scizor behing Chomp. Ill post evidence and movesets tomorrow because Im on my iPod atm. Btw i did it by myself with 2 DSs. Should I post my own thread on reply to this? If i make my own thread, where? Thanks Waffles!
  2. thelaytonmobile


    Jan 26, 2010
    You just make a post in this thread for your record.
  3. Nyxed


    Aug 19, 2010
    After making a few changes suggested in this thread i'm having a bit more luck in the tower. My recent streak was ended by a boltbeaming Lapras with water absorb after Gengar had been forced to sacrifice itself due to missing a thunderbolt. I wanted to get some input about swapping my wish protecting vaporeon out for a rest talking milotic. I'm thinking milotic might provide a bit more bulk and since i'm rarely passing wishes would stall out much better.
    The other two members are
    Focus Sash'd gengar. standard speed/satk EV's. Shadow ball, Tbolt, HP fire, and Dbond. I'd like counter but i dont have access to it. Gengar has just been a stud so far though. Dbond is so incredibly useful.
    Salac berry Garchomp: substitute, outrage, earthquake, swords dance. Also rethinking the item choice but i'm not sure if a yache would prevent any important OHKO's. Any suggestions appreciated
  4. VaporeonIce


    Mar 11, 2010
    Nyxed, it depends on your playstyle. Are you getting much use out of HP Fire? I know it's awesome for Scizor in competitive battling, but it doesn't seem like Scizor and Forretress would be that much of a threat in the Tower. I'd usually go for HP Ice over HP Fire, since the quick check to stuff like Garchomp is incredibly valuable, and you still get a super-effective hit on Grass-types. It depends on what you're having problems with, though.

    The important thing to remember about the Tower is that crits happen. Any Pokemon that tries to stall will have that problem. In my mind, the king of stalling in the Frontier is Suicune. With a Bold nature and 252 HP/252 Def, a lot of Pokemon will have a VERY hard time breaking it, and several of the ones who can are swiftly KO'd by Gengar (Staraptor, Garchomp, Dragonite, and Salamence, if you have HP Ice). The set you run depends on what you're the most worried about. I'm using Substitute/Calm Mind/Surf/Extrasensory at the moment, which has the awesome benefit of not being stopped cold by Water Absorb Pokemon (Ice Beam is 4x resisted by Lapras, so I wasn't going to try that). It's hard to set up without Trick, though, since you'll be getting smacked with Thunderbolts while you try to Calm Mind. If you're not worried about Water Absorb Pokemon, you can try Substitute/Calm Mind/Rest/Surf; it's so insanely bulky that the sleep turns don't even matter. You could mix the two, running Calm Mind/Rest/Surf/Extrasensory, but it leaves you vulnerable to crits and OHKO users. ResTalk Milotic does have Marvel Scale, which is cool, but it'll get worn down by Grass- and Electric-type moves without Calm Mind (though Garchomp is obviously a good answer to Electric-type moves). I think the best thing about Suicune, though, is Pressure. On my Jumpluff Encore team, I used Suicune with Substitute/Calm Mind/Rest/Surf, and I managed to stall out that same Lapras you mentioned (and yes, it had Water Absorb), which is insane. Milotic can work, but I think you'll find yourself very annoyed by things like Power Whip and random crit ThunderPunches.

    My default answer for Garchomp would be Focus Sash, but obviously, it can't use it if Gengar already has one. Has Substitute been effective for you? It's great against anything that tries to status you (and the innumerable Leech Seed/Toxic Grass-types), but without weakening to opponent, the Sub will break to a lot of attacks. I'm just curious. Because you're using Outrage, I'd think a Lum Berry would be a pretty good option; it'll get rid of confusion when you find your opponent switching in Aggron after you Outrage, but more importantly, it can allow Garchomp to switch in on status moves and set up a free Sub when they try to status you again. Sitrus Berry is another option, as is Yache Berry, as you mentioned. Yache will prevent a LOT of OHKOs (though it won't prevent very many if the opponent gets a crit). For instance, Timid Starmie's Ice Beam will only do 67.4% damage max, and Modest Starmie's Blizzard maxes out at 92.4%. Timid Froslass fails to KO with Ice Beam as well, which is pretty nice. It just comes down to what you want to protect yourself against, and how sure you are that the AI will choose to get a crit on the turn they attack your YacheChomp.
  5. Little Green Yoda

    Little Green Yoda

    Aug 8, 2005
    Awesome record/team, Peterko! I actually saw your 454 and 498 vids on the GTS yesterday and was wondering when you would post! Looks like I'm going to have to dig my way out of 3rd place now lol.

    And yes, the bolded part is very true. Just like a baseball pitcher in the middle of a no-hitter, you don't want to mention how well he's doing or you'll break his concentration. :p
  6. thelaytonmobile


    Jan 26, 2010
    Congrats on the high streak! That team seems like it might be fun to play with!
  7. waffles101


    Mar 20, 2010
    HGSS Link Battle #1!!

    Hi again. I'm back to post my full team and proof so that you can put me on the leaderboard as #1 for HGSS link battle. I am currently at 77 unbeaten and I will post again when I lose so you can put the final record on. This was done by myself with 2 DS's.

    The Team:


    Garchomp (M) @ Focus Sash
    Ability: Sand Veil
    EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd
    Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
    - Earthquake
    - Fire Fang
    - Outrage
    - Swords Dance

    Usually EQ's off the bat but sometimes SD's if Zapdos is in control. Works great - immune to Zapdos' Discharge and Doesn't hurt Zapdos with EQ. Outrage is for when there are 1-2 Pokémon left and i dont regret using it over Dragon Claw.

    Zapdos @ Life Orb
    Ability: Pressure
    EVs: 4 HP/252 Spd/252 SAtk
    Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Heat Wave
    - Hidden Power [Ice]
    - Roost
    - Discharge

    Works wonders with Garchomp especially as all the ice attacks go to 'chomp and then he survives them with his sash. One huge advantage of being slower than Garchomp is I can roost while chomp EQ's and I don't die.

    Scizor (M) @ Leftovers
    Ability: Technician
    EVs: 252 HP/252 Atk/4 Spd
    Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Bullet Punch
    - Roost
    - Substitute
    - Swords Dance

    A reasonable back up. works nicely solo or with a team mate. When solo it is often easily to get up to +6 due to roost. =6 STAB Technician BP 2HKOs even many who resist it.


    Bronzong @ Iron Ball
    Ability: Heatproof
    EVs: 252 HP/252 Atk/4 Def
    Relaxed nature (+Def, -Spd)
    - Earthquake
    - Explosion
    - Gyro Ball
    - Hypnosis

    Pretty simple. Zapdos, even running an offensive spread, still withstands a lot, meaning if this thing is out, it's usually late game. Scizor can sub while I explode or Garchomp can just die if the opposition will too. Hypnosis is great support when combined with Scizor subbing and gyro is a nice form of attack. In my 77 streak I have used EQ once so that might not stay there.

    Thanks for bothering to read through my post and I hope to see my name on a leaderboard (first time in my life, kind of sad its on a Pokémon forum) and I'll update later if I die or get to ~150

    Does anyone know how to post pictures off your computer so I can show proof?
  8. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    Has anyone ever tried using the all Pokemon can be used in tower action replay code? To c what its like with the banned pokes etc for fun obviously
  9. Ondore


    Jan 1, 2007
    I am *so* pissed at myself right now.

    Heart Gold Battle Hall Singles - 119
    Jolly, 31/31/31/4/31/31
    @ Chople Berry (1-20)/Choice Band (21+)
    ~ Return
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Ice Punch
    ~ Thunderpunch (through Water-type)/Fire Punch

    - Infernape: This is why you need the Chople Berry, and it still helps to knock Fire and Fighting off as the first two types. Fake Out and Close Combat without the Chople is a streak-ender right there - the L88 Infernape I faced at #19 managed to get me down to half from 380, and would have put me in Mach Punch KO range.

    - Snorlax: Since Return is the strongest 100 accurate STAB move Slaking has access to, and I was playing it safe, I couldn't bring down the L93 Snorlax in one hit - and its Brick Break had Slaking at 8HP. This was about 90 or so.

    - Dusknoir: It hit me once, but Rest + Quick Claw could cause a problem depending on when it activates. What should have been a 2HKO ended up being a 5HKO when it Quick Clawed on the wakeup turn twice and Rested out of it. (119).

    Of course, the big problem is when I went to finish Ghost off. Against Dusclops, still with the Choice Band... I hit Return. You can guess what happens from there.

    It's going to be a while before I try again, let me tell you.
  10. ~Eon~


    Mar 29, 2009
    Anyone wanna give me a little mini team rate? Would this team easily get me a 100 win streak?

    31/31/31/31/31/31 adamant
    112 hp/252 att/12 def/132 speed
    ~Meteor mash
    ~Bullet punch

    31/31/31/31/31/31 Naive
    252 sp att/252 speed
    ~Hydro Pump
    ~dragon Dance
    ~Draco Meteor

    31/31/31/31/31/31 adamant
    160 hp/252 att/96 speed/
    ~Stone Edge

    Any tips are greatly appreciated, I need some help with strategy/items/moves
  11. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
    is a Pokemon Researcher

    May 3, 2005
    I'm a bit late on this but great job on your Double Battle Tower streak Peterko!

    Here's what I've been working on today:
    Show Hide

    ***Pokemon Black/White Spoilers***

    I should note that I don't actually know if these are the Battle Subway Pokemon. I won't know for certain until I actually play Battle Subway to confirm. However, the data in the game looks a lot like Battle Subway Pokemon so it probably is. I plan to add in the names of the new Pokemon and moves eventually. I wasn't sure on how items were stored in the game's data so I don't have old items listed for now. Item##, Pokemon## and Move## are based on the game's internal ID number of items, Pokemon and moves.

    I have no idea if anyone has posted Battle Subway movesets yet. If not, you guys are the first to see my data. =D

    Edit: Update. I added the old held items. Apparently they use the same IDs as 4th gen.
  12. ungulateman


    Apr 11, 2009
    SubBellyDrum Charizard.

    Is it just me, or is Game Freak always one gen behind when it comes to making competitive sets for the Frontier?
  13. Szabu


    Jul 21, 2010
    Hi everybody, here's some updates.

    Now, first, I gave up the Factory, as it's just based on luck and is a complete waste of time. After 50+ hours, screw it.

    Anyway, I continued in the Castle and Tower, where my streaks were unfinished.
    Well, the Castle was pretty hopeless, since I spent all my CP on skipping matches and leveling down Darach's team when I got the gold print, so I lost pretty soon, after 53 wins. But that doesn't even make the top list, so I won't go into detail.

    Now, the Tower. I got to 153 wins.

    From 43 (or maybe 36) to 105 I was using the Latias - Garchomp - Registeel trick team which I ripped from Peterko, except I didn't bother with getting a perfect Registeel and Latias, and just ended up using the ones I caught (Registeel was neutral natured, the Latias has +sp.sef, -speed).
    Anyway, on my second try (the first try loss is also uploaded on my youtube channel), I finally got through 100 matches, and got the 5th star.

    But this happened a few months ago, before I started trying the Factory and failing at that.
    And now, I played the Tower again, just to see how far I can get, and well, this is how far. I didn't use the trick team, because it's too slow, and there wasn't much to lose anyway, so I went with Gengar, Garchomp and Lucario, details of them are in my older post about the Arcade and Hall.

    I really wasn't paying much attention, and when I lost, I was like "What? This was my 3rd Pokémon? Ok, whatever..."

    Here's the video replay of that match, and the picture:

    And with that, I'm done with SoulSilver. I finished every single small thing to be finished, except for the gold print in the Factory. I'm a bit bitter about not getting a true 100%, but it's impossible, so I 100%'d everything humanly possible in the game.
  14. Waffeleisen


    Sep 18, 2010
    Battle Hall 216 wins with


    Garchomp lvl 76 (Maybe I should level it up to 100?)
    Adamant - Why Jolly in Battle Hall? I think it's not necessary.
    Atk 252 / Spd 252 / 4 KP

    - Outrage
    - Fire Blast
    - Earthquake
    - Stone Edge

    Around battle 180 I fought an Umbreon at 9 PM.
    Chomp's outrage hit it 3 times but Umbreon heals itself with Moonlight about 3 times.
    Chomp is confused and damaged itself 2 times. In this time Umbreon attacked me with some silly moves.
    I remember that outrage killed it in the end and i survived with 1 HP O_o

    I lost versus a silly Venusaur at Fight 217 -.-

    Garchomp: Outrage (Venusaur got ~5% HP left)
    Venusaur: Toxic
    Venusaur: Protect
    Garchomp: Outrage
    Garchomp: Confused, hit itself
    Venusaur: Frenzy Plant
    Garchomp: RIP

    If you want I will make a photo.

    I was lucky that after fight 170 no Glaceon or Sharpedo appeared.
    How can you beat them? Glaceon will survive one outrage, Ice Beam and Ice Shard will kill you.
    Sharpedo will survive because of its Sash, use Ice Fang and you die because of Rough Skin.

    Is it better to get Chomp to lvl 100?

  15. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    everyone here loves you for this :)

    I was off for 3 days and now find a new "entertainment" here

    here the B/W subway sets in alphabetical order (TRE´s list) to see all sets for a particular pokémon ...the new ones are at the beginning plus I´ve started with venusaur (open)
    497, Calm, BrightPowder, Leaf Storm, Substitute, Hyper Beam, Toxic, HP/Def/SpD
    497, Jolly, Lum Berry, Attract, Move536, Move525, Gastro Acid, Def/Spd/SpD
    497, Modest, Choice Specs, Leaf Storm, , , , Spd/SpA
    497, Sassy, Sitrus Berry, Move536, Hidden Power, Mirror Coat, Captivate, HP/SpA/SpD
    500, Adamant, Quick Claw, Flare Blitz, Brick Break, Move488, Earthquake, Atk/Def/SpD
    500, Brave, Quick Claw, Yawn, Move528, Move523, Move535, Atk/Def/SpD
    500, Careful, Chesto Berry, Gyro Ball, Curse, Rest, Sleep Talk, HP/SpD
    500, Timid, Salac Berry, Substitute, Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Move503, Spd/SpA
    503, Adamant, Custap Berry, Aerial Ace, Waterfall, X-Scissor, Aqua Jet, Atk/Def/SpD
    503, Mild, Splash Plate, Move514, Move534, Assurance, Encore, HP/Atk
    503, Modest, Salac Berry, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Grass Knot, Protect, Def/SpA/SpD
    503, Quiet, Zoom Lens, Blizzard, Giga Impact, Detect, Hydro Pump, Atk/SpA
    518, Bold, Lum Berry, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Psychic, Trick Room, Def/SpA
    518, Mild, Zoom Lens, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Calm Mind, Helping Hand, Def/SpA/SpD
    518, Modest, Scope Lens, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Yawn, Def/SpA
    518, Relaxed, Chesto Berry, Move500, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Rest, Def/SpD
    521, Impish, BrightPowder, Detect, FeatherDance, Toxic, Fly, HP/SpD
    521, Jolly, Enigma Berry, Aerial Ace, U-turn, Razor Wind, Tailwind, HP/Atk/Def
    521, Jolly, Power Herb, Giga Impact, Quick Attack, Hypnosis, Sky Attack, Atk/Spd
    521, Jolly, Power Herb, Sky Attack, Return, Detect, U-turn, Atk/Spd
    523, Jolly, Focus Sash, Me First, Move528, Thunder Wave, Move521, Atk/Spd
    523, Jolly, Item541, Move488, Toxic, Move528, Move521, Atk/Spd
    523, Naughty, Item550, Swagger, Move521, Move528, Pursuit, HP/Atk
    523, Timid, Magnet, Discharge, Thunder Wave, Thunder, Rain Dance, Spd/SpA
    526, Adamant, Custap Berry, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Sandstorm, Explosion, HP/Atk
    526, Naughty, Hard Stone, Iron Defense, Sandstorm, Lock-On, Rock Blast, HP/Def
    526, Naughty, Rawst Berry, Move523, Rock Blast, Gravity, Curse, HP/Atk/Def
    526, Quiet, Leftovers, Rock Slide, Stealth Rock, Curse, Earthquake, HP/SpD
    530, Adamant, BrightPowder, Sandstorm, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Poison Jab, Atk/Def/SpD
    530, Adamant, Chople Berry, Dig, Metal Sound, Metal Claw, Swords Dance, Atk/Def
    530, Adamant, Life Orb, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Poison Jab, Rock Slide, Atk/Def/SpD
    530, Naughty, Soft Sand, Move468, Rock Slide, Move529, Iron Defense, Atk/Def
    534, Adamant, Sitrus Berry, Bulk Up, Drain Punch, Payback, Stone Edge, Atk/SpD
    534, Bold, Black Belt, Rock Slide, Force Palm, SmellingSalt, Bulk Up, HP/Def/SpD
    534, Brave, Iron Ball, Fling, Rock Slide, Superpower, Mach Punch, Atk/SpD
    534, Brave, Iron Ball, Mach Punch, Hammer Arm, Bulk Up, Fling, Atk/SpD
    537, Brave, Iron Ball, Fling, Rock Slide, Poison Jab, Earthquake, Atk/SpD
    537, Jolly, Sitrus Berry, Brick Break, Poison Jab, Dig, Payback, Atk/Spd
    537, Rash, Chesto Berry, Move496, Rest, Water Pulse, Move482, Def/SpA/SpD
    537, Timid, Damp Rock, Rain Dance, Muddy Water, Earth Power, Sludge Bomb, Spd/SpA
    538, Adamant, Expert Belt, Earthquake, Move480, Payback, Rock Slide, Atk/Def/SpD
    538, Brave, Expert Belt, Revenge, Move480, Protect, Seismic Toss, Atk/Def
    538, Brave, Flame Orb, Protect, Earthquake, Move480, Payback, Atk/SpD
    538, Impish, Payapa Berry, Protect, Toxic, Move509, Move469, Atk/Def
    539, Adamant, Life Orb, Close Combat, Move523, Stone Edge, Taunt, Atk/Spd
    539, Jolly, Expert Belt, Close Combat, Payback, Move490, Earthquake, Atk/Spd
    539, Naughty, Black Belt, Move490, Move501, Move514, Taunt, Atk/Spd
    539, Naughty, Focus Sash, Earthquake, Payback, Endure, Reversal, Atk/Spd
    549, Bold, Big Root, Ingrain, Leech Seed, Toxic, Protect, HP/Def/SpD
    549, Bold, Leftovers, Move483, Energy Ball, Leech Seed, Protect, HP/Def
    549, Bold, Lum Berry, SolarBeam, Teeter Dance, Charm, Leech Seed, HP/Def/Spd/SpA
    549, Timid, Persim Berry, Charm, Sleep Powder, Petal Dance, Healing Wish, Spd/SpA
    553, Adamant, Item562, Earthquake, Crunch, Stone Edge, Move525, Atk/SpD
    553, Jolly, Liechi Berry, Earthquake, Pursuit, Move490, Rock Slide, Atk/Spd
    553, Naughty, BlackGlasses, Crunch, Move523, Taunt, Counter, Atk/Def/SpD
    553, Naughty, Item559, Move479, Earthquake, Pursuit, Embargo, Atk/Def
    555, Hasty, Passho Berry, Fire Punch, Encore, Belly Drum, Brick Break, Atk/Spd
    555, Impish, Sitrus Berry, Belly Drum, Earthquake, Fire Punch, Yawn, Def/SpD
    555, Jolly, Liechi Berry, Move488, Earthquake, Flare Blitz, Brick Break, Atk/Spd
    555, Naughty, Life Orb, Focus Energy, Hammer Arm, Flare Blitz, Swagger, HP/Atk/Spd
    560, Adamant, Muscle Band, Substitute, Payback, Hi Jump Kick, Focus Punch, HP/Atk
    560, Careful, Leftovers, Bulk Up, Payback, Protect, Drain Punch, HP/SpD
    560, Jolly, Coba Berry, Hi Jump Kick, Rock Slide, Taunt, Dragon Dance, HP/Spd
    560, Naughty, Liechi Berry, Fake Out, Bulk Up, Focus Punch, Substitute, HP/Atk
    563, Bold, Leftovers, Will-O-Wisp, Toxic, Move506, Calm Mind, HP/SpD
    563, Quiet, Sitrus Berry, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball, Destiny Bond, Trick Room, HP/SpA
    563, Quiet, Spell Tag, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Will-O-Wisp, Nasty Plot, HP/SpA
    563, Sassy, Chesto Berry, Night Shade, Will-O-Wisp, Mean Look, Rest, HP/SpD
    565, Adamant, Damp Rock, Rain Dance, Waterfall, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Atk/Spd
    565, Adamant, Rindo Berry, Waterfall, Rock Slide, Aqua Jet, Earthquake, Atk/Spd
    565, Naughty, Sitrus Berry, Aqua Tail, Rock Slide, Move504, Iron Defense, HP/Atk
    565, Rash, Wide Lens, Rock Slide, Swagger, Blizzard, Hydro Pump, HP/SpA
    567, Jolly, Choice Band, Aerial Ace, Earthquake, Head Smash, U-turn, Atk/Spd
    567, Jolly, Sitrus Berry, Quick Attack, Move512, Crunch, U-turn, Atk/Spd
    567, Jolly, Sitrus Berry, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Protect, Atk/Spd
    567, Mild, Enigma Berry, Earthquake, Earth Power, Endeavor, AncientPower, Spd/SpA
    571, Jolly, Expert Belt, Grass Knot, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower, Nasty Plot, Spd/SpA
    571, Jolly, Sitrus Berry, Swords Dance, Night Slash, U-turn, Sucker Punch, Atk/Spd
    571, Naive, Focus Sash, Night Slash, Shadow Claw, Taunt, Counter, Atk/Spd
    571, Timid, Focus Band, Protect, Counter, Dark Pulse, Focus Blast, Spd/SpA
    576, Modest, BrightPowder, Substitute, Flatter, Psych Up, Psychic, HP/SpA
    576, Modest, Sitrus Berry, Charm, Safeguard, Psychic, Charge Beam, HP/SpA
    576, Modest, TwistedSpoon, Move473, Miracle Eye, Mirror Coat, Tickle, HP/Def/SpA
    576, Sassy, Chesto Berry, Fake Tears, Psychic, Rest, Calm Mind, HP/Def/Spd
    579, Bold, Sitrus Berry, Psychic, Energy Ball, Recover, Move472, HP/Def/SpA
    579, Brave, King's Rock, Rock Slide, Explosion, Gyro Ball, Trick Room, Atk/Def/SpD
    579, Quiet, Colbur Berry, Calm Mind, Psychic, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Def/SpA
    579, Relaxed, Toxic Orb, Trick, Psychic, Focus Blast, Recover, Def/SpD
    584, Calm, NeverMeltIce, Ice Beam, Move524, Mirror Coat, Icy Wind, HP/SpA/SpD
    584, Calm, Sitrus Berry, Taunt, Ice Beam, Acid Armor, Mirror Coat, HP/SpD
    584, Lonely, Occa Berry, Avalanche, Ice Shard, Natural Gift, Giga Impact, HP/Atk
    584, Modest, Leftovers, Hail, Blizzard, Flash Cannon, Sheer Cold, HP/SpA
    589, Adamant, Custap Berry, Megahorn, Iron Head, Swagger, Reversal, HP/Atk
    589, Brave, Liechi Berry, Megahorn, Move501, Swords Dance, Reversal, HP/Atk
    589, Brave, Life Orb, Megahorn, Iron Defense, Poison Jab, Iron Head, HP/Atk
    589, Naughty, Quick Claw, Pursuit, Counter, X-Scissor, Swords Dance, HP/Atk
    598, Brave, Custap Berry, Protect, Payback, Explosion, Gyro Ball, HP/Atk
    598, Careful, Chesto Berry, Rest, Payback, Gyro Ball, Curse, HP/SpD
    598, Impish, Leftovers, Iron Head, Thunder Wave, Sandstorm, Ingrain, HP/Def
    598, Sassy, Leftovers, Curse, Rock Smash, Gyro Ball, Ingrain, HP/SpD
    601, Adamant, Occa Berry, Move508, Move544, Move521, Giga Impact, Atk/Spd
    601, Impish, Shuca Berry, Move544, Thunder Wave, Screech, Move521, HP/Spd
    601, Mild, White Herb, Charge Beam, Metal Sound, Flash Cannon, Move475, Spd/SpA
    601, Modest, Item563, Flash Cannon, Thunderbolt, Protect, Toxic, Spd/SpA
    604, Bold, Leftovers, Charge Beam, Grass Knot, Flamethrower, Protect, HP/SpD
    604, Brave, Sitrus Berry, Brick Break, U-turn, Grass Knot, Move528, HP/Atk
    604, Naughty, Expert Belt, Crunch, Move528, Brick Break, Move489, HP/Atk
    604, Quiet, Magnet, Discharge, Gastro Acid, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, HP/SpA
    609, Bold, Leftovers, Calm Mind, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball, Heat Wave, HP/SpD
    609, Modest, Spell Tag, Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Will-O-Wisp, Move506, HP/Spd/SpA
    609, Modest, White Herb, Overheat, Shadow Ball, Protect, Will-O-Wisp, HP/SpA
    609, Timid, Chesto Berry, Energy Ball, Rest, Heat Wave, Will-O-Wisp, HP/Spd
    612, Hasty, Haban Berry, Move530, Earthquake, Roar, Taunt, Atk/Spd
    612, Jolly, Choice Band, Outrage, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, , Atk/Spd
    612, Jolly, Yache Berry, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Move525, Earthquake, Atk/Spd
    612, Naughty, Persim Berry, Outrage, Rock Slide, Counter, Dragon Dance, HP/Def/Spd
    614, Adamant, Sitrus Berry, Swords Dance, Avalanche, Rock Slide, Brick Break, Atk/Def
    614, Brave, Sitrus Berry, Shadow Claw, Stone Edge, Avalanche, Bulk Up, Atk/SpA
    614, Jolly, Lax Incense, Icy Wind, Move556, Rock Slide, Brick Break, Atk/Spd
    614, Rash, NeverMeltIce, Hail, Icy Wind, Grass Knot, Blizzard, HP/SpA
    615, Hasty, Occa Berry, Ice Shard, Slash, Poison Jab, Haze, Atk/Spd
    615, Naive, Focus Sash, Hail, Icy Wind, Blizzard, Explosion, Spd/SpA
    615, Timid, Charti Berry, Icy Wind, Ice Beam, Confuse Ray, Light Screen, Def/Spd
    615, Timid, Occa Berry, Icy Wind, Flash Cannon, Blizzard, Sheer Cold, Spd/SpA
    617, Hasty, Focus Sash, Encore, Bug Buzz, Giga Drain, Me First, Spd/SpA
    617, Modest, Petaya Berry, Energy Ball, Sludge Bomb, Bug Buzz, Endure, Spd/SpA
    617, Timid, Focus Sash, Bug Buzz, Encore, Focus Blast, Protect, Spd/SpA
    617, Timid, Focus Sash, U-turn, Bug Buzz, Focus Blast, Move515, HP/Spd
    620, Impish, Muscle Band, Feint, Fake Out, Hi Jump Kick, Move469, HP/Atk
    620, Jolly, Focus Sash, Low Kick, Fake Out, Hi Jump Kick, U-turn, Atk/Spd
    620, Jolly, King's Rock, Fake Out, Fling, Move512, Hi Jump Kick, Atk/Spd
    620, Naive, Salac Berry, U-turn, Endure, Calm Mind, Baton Pass, HP/Spd
    621, Adamant, Choice Band, Outrage, Earthquake, Superpower, Move525, HP/Atk
    621, Adamant, Quick Claw, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Rock Slide, HP/Atk
    621, Bold, Chople Berry, Crunch, Scary Face, Glare, Move525, Atk/Def
    621, Lonely, Scope Lens, Dragon Claw, Night Slash, Slash, Move468, HP/Def/SpD
    623, Adamant, Lum Berry, DynamicPunch, Shadow Punch, Earthquake, Rock Slide, HP/Atk
    623, Brave, Iron Ball, Hammer Arm, Earthquake, Shadow Punch, Fling, HP/Atk
    623, Brave, Wide Lens, Hammer Arm, Rock Slide, Curse, Gyro Ball, Atk/SpD
    623, Lonely, Muscle Band, Shadow Punch, Iron Defense, Move523, Move484, HP/SpD
    625, Adamant, Focus Sash, Taunt, Sucker Punch, Rock Smash, Iron Head, HP/Atk
    625, Adamant, Chople Berry, Aerial Ace, Move490, Iron Head, Scary Face, HP/Atk
    625, Jolly, Chople Berry, Iron Head, Night Slash, Move490, Sucker Punch, Atk/Spd
    625, Lax, Sitrus Berry, Night Slash, Metal Claw, Taunt, Metal Burst, HP/Def
    626, Adamant, Life Orb, Earthquake, Move543, Payback, Protect, HP/Atk
    626, Adamant, Silk Scarf, Move543, Pursuit, Scary Face, Aerial Ace, HP/Atk
    626, Adamant, Sitrus Berry, Swords Dance, Earthquake, Move543, Payback, HP/Atk
    626, Brave, Chople Berry, Pursuit, Revenge, Move514, Swagger, HP/Atk
    628, Adamant, Item556, Brave Bird, Return, U-turn, Rock Slide, Atk/Spd
    628, Adamant, King's Rock, Rock Slide, Air Slash, Tailwind, Move507, Atk/Def/SpD
    628, Adamant, Wacan Berry, Brave Bird, Tailwind, Superpower, Giga Impact, Atk/Spd
    628, Naughty, Persim Berry, Thrash, Bulk Up, Superpower, Pluck, Atk/Spd
    630, Calm, Wacan Berry, Taunt, Flatter, Roost, Toxic, Spd/SpD
    630, Careful, Leftovers, Substitute, Swagger, Punishment, Roost, HP/Def/SpD
    630, Mild, Item556, Dark Pulse, Air Slash, Shadow Ball, Nasty Plot, Spd/SpA
    630, Modest, Sitrus Berry, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Air Slash, Move510, HP/Def/SpD
    632, Impish, Power Herb, Dig, Iron Defense, Agility, Baton Pass, Def/Spd
    632, Jolly, Focus Sash, Move494, X-Scissor, Iron Head, Protect, HP/Spd
    632, Jolly, Occa Berry, X-Scissor, Iron Head, Rock Slide, Shadow Claw, Atk/Spd
    632, Naive, Sitrus Berry, Crunch, Dig, Bug Bite, Metal Sound, HP/Atk/Spd
    635, Jolly, Item561, Dragon Rush, Earthquake, Crunch, Move525, Atk/Spd
    635, Mild, Wide Lens, Focus Blast, Fire Blast, Dragon Rush, Move526, Atk/Spd/SpA
    635, Rash, Dragon Fang, Dragon Pulse, Earth Power, Surf, Move525, Atk/Spd
    635, Timid, White Herb, Draco Meteor, Taunt, Earth Power, Flamethrower, Spd/SpA
    637, Bold, Leftovers, Move542, Move483, Bug Buzz, Heat Wave, HP/Def
    637, Bold, White Herb, Overheat, Move483, Bug Buzz, Protect, HP/Def
    637, Modest, Power Herb, Fire Spin, Heat Wave, SolarBeam, Whirlwind, HP/Spd
    637, Timid, Lum Berry, Bug Buzz, Flamethrower, Protect, Calm Mind, Spd/SpA
    638, Bold, Chesto Berry, Focus Blast, Flash Cannon, Calm Mind, Rest, HP/SpD
    638, Brave, Sitrus Berry, Metal Burst, Move533, Quick Attack, Iron Head, HP/Atk
    638, Jolly, Lax Incense, Swagger, Substitute, Psych Up, Iron Head, Atk/Spd
    638, Jolly, Life Orb, Iron Head, Close Combat, Move501, Protect, Atk/Spd
    639, Adamant, Choice Scarf, Move533, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Aerial Ace, Atk/Spd
    639, Jolly, Expert Belt, Close Combat, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Aerial Ace, Atk/Spd
    639, Jolly, King's Rock, Move523, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Move533, Atk/Spd
    639, Jolly, Sitrus Berry, Swords Dance, Move533, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Atk/Spd
    640, Impish, Chesto Berry, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance, Move533, Rest, HP/Def
    640, Jolly, Coba Berry, Leaf Blade, Stone Edge, Move533, Protect, Atk/Spd
    640, Jolly, Salac Berry, Move533, Leaf Blade, Taunt, Stone Edge, Atk/Spd
    640, Timid, Sitrus Berry, Energy Ball, Focus Blast, Calm Mind, Toxic, Def/Spd
    641, Bold, Chesto Berry, Rest, Air Slash, Dark Pulse, Focus Blast, HP/SpD
    641, Modest, Leftovers, Substitute, Double Team, Focus Blast, Move542, HP/SpA
    641, Timid, Damp Rock, Move542, Focus Blast, Taunt, Rain Dance, Spd/SpA
    641, Timid, Life Orb, Move542, Grass Knot, Focus Blast, Dark Pulse, Spd/SpA
    642, Bold, Chesto Berry, Thunderbolt, Protect, Toxic, Rest, HP/SpD
    642, Jolly, Sitrus Berry, Move528, U-turn, Crunch, Move507, Atk/Spd
    642, Timid, Choice Band, Thunderbolt, Dark Pulse, Focus Blast, Grass Knot, Spd/SpA
    642, Timid, Magnet, Discharge, Focus Blast, Move521, Taunt, Spd/SpA
    645, Adamant, Focus Sash, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Move479, Move523, Atk/Spd
    645, Adamant, Choice Scarf, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Outrage, Brick Break, Atk/Spd
    645, Jolly, Item555, Sandstorm, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Protect, Atk/Spd
    645, Timid, Focus Sash, Earth Power, Psychic, Sludge Bomb, Grass Knot, Spd/SpA
    Abomasnow, Impish, Leftovers, Move524, Icy Wind, Leech Seed, Ingrain, HP/Def/SpD
    Abomasnow, Lonely, Miracle Seed, Wood Hammer, Brick Break, Double Team, Blizzard, HP/Atk/SpA
    Abomasnow, Quiet, Focus Sash, Blizzard, Wood Hammer, Focus Blast, Ice Shard, HP/SpA
    Abomasnow, Quiet, Occa Berry, Blizzard, Focus Blast, Protect, Ice Shard, HP/SpA
    Absol, Adamant, Chople Berry, Sucker Punch, Magic Coat, Psycho Cut, Taunt, HP/Atk
    Absol, Careful, Sitrus Berry, Payback, Mean Look, Move468, Baton Pass, HP/Def/SpD
    Absol, Jolly, BrightPowder, Substitute, Swagger, Punishment, Will-O-Wisp, Atk/Spd
    Absol, Jolly, Scope Lens, Night Slash, Zen Headbutt, Sucker Punch, Superpower, Atk/Spd
    Aerodactyl, Jolly, Choice Band, Rock Slide, , , , Atk/Spd
    Aerodactyl, Jolly, Choice Band, Stone Edge, Aerial Ace, Earthquake, Crunch, Atk/Spd
    Aerodactyl, Jolly, Item559, Taunt, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Crunch, Atk/Spd
    Aerodactyl, Naive, Passho Berry, Crunch, Rock Slide, Roost, Move507, Atk/Spd
    Aggron, Adamant, Item563, Iron Tail, Dragon Rush, Avalanche, Aerial Ace, Atk/Def
    Aggron, Brave, Focus Sash, Metal Burst, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Shadow Claw, Atk/SpD
    Aggron, Brave, King's Rock, Thunder Wave, Iron Head, Fling, Stomp, HP/Atk
    Aggron, Impish, Focus Sash, Protect, Roar, Stealth Rock, Metal Burst, HP/SpD
    Alakazam, Timid, Focus Sash, Psych Up, Encore, Protect, Psychic, Spd/SpA
    Alakazam, Timid, Choice Specs, Psychic, Focus Blast, Disable, Trick, Spd/SpA
    Alakazam, Timid, TwistedSpoon, Energy Ball, Psychic, Move477, Move470, Spd/SpA
    Alakazam, Timid, Wise Glasses, Psychic, Focus Blast, Signal Beam, Grass Knot, Spd/SpA
    Altaria, Calm, Pecha Berry, Sing, Move538, Move497, Roost, HP/SpD
    Altaria, Calm, Sitrus Berry, Move538, Roost, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, HP/SpD
    Altaria, Jolly, Power Herb, Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush, Sky Attack, Earthquake, Atk/Spd
    Altaria, Lonely, Yache Berry, Dragon Claw, Pluck, Mist, Move468, Atk/SpD
    Ambipom, Jolly, King's Rock, Fling, Taunt, Return, Payback, Atk/Spd
    Ambipom, Jolly, Life Orb, Fake Out, Double Hit, Payback, Brick Break, Atk/Spd
    Ambipom, Naive, King's Rock, Fake Out, Fling, Thief, U-turn, Atk/Spd
    Ambipom, Timid, Focus Sash, Grass Knot, Thunderbolt, Nasty Plot, Counter, Spd/SpA
    Ampharos, Brave, Lum Berry, Brick Break, ThunderPunch, Screech, Odor Sleuth, HP/Atk/Def
    Ampharos, Mild, Shuca Berry, Power Gem, Thunder Wave, Discharge, Charge Beam, HP/SpA/SpD
    Ampharos, Modest, Chesto Berry, Thunder Wave, Charge Beam, Hyper Beam, Rest, HP/SpA
    Ampharos, Quiet, Zoom Lens, Thunder, Focus Blast, Signal Beam, Power Gem, HP/SpA
    Arcanine, Jolly, Sitrus Berry, Close Combat, Flare Blitz, Crunch, ExtremeSpeed, Atk/Spd
    Arcanine, Modest, Charcoal, Flamethrower, SolarBeam, Move510, Sunny Day, Spd/SpA
    Arcanine, Naughty, Item548, ExtremeSpeed, Crunch, Overheat, Roar, Atk/Spd
    Arcanine, Timid, White Herb, Overheat, Sunny Day, SolarBeam, Dragon Pulse, Spd/SpA
    Armaldo, Adamant, Choice Band, Superpower, Stone Edge, Earthquake, X-Scissor, HP/Atk
    Armaldo, Adamant, Life Orb, X-Scissor, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Iron Defense, HP/SpD
    Armaldo, Brave, Chesto Berry, X-Scissor, Rock Blast, Rest, Curse, HP/SpD
    Armaldo, Hasty, Razor Fang, Rock Slide, Earthquake, X-Scissor, Rock Polish, HP/Spd
    Articuno, Bold, Lum Berry, Sheer Cold, Mind Reader, Ice Shard, Ice Beam, HP/SpD
    Articuno, Modest, Icy Rock, Hail, Blizzard, Fly, Roost, HP/SpA
    Articuno, Modest, Item552, Tailwind, Blizzard, Move507, Protect, Spd/SpA
    Articuno, Timid, Lum Berry, Blizzard, Reflect, Protect, U-turn, Spd/SpA
    Bastiodon, Bold, Chesto Berry, Roar, Rest, Block, Iron Defense, HP/Def
    Bastiodon, Brave, Sitrus Berry, Metal Burst, Rock Slide, Move469, Curse, HP/Atk
    Bastiodon, Careful, Enigma Berry, Iron Head, Taunt, Move469, Metal Burst, HP/Atk
    Bastiodon, Careful, Leftovers, Stone Edge, Fissure, Double Team, Iron Defense, HP/SpD
    Blastoise, Adamant, Custap Berry, Yawn, Waterfall, Focus Punch, Rock Slide, HP/Atk
    Blastoise, Adamant, Leftovers, Fake Out, Earthquake, Aqua Tail, Avalanche, HP/Atk
    Blastoise, Quiet, Zoom Lens, Aqua Ring, Rock Slide, Aqua Tail, Iron Defense, HP/Def/SpD
    Blastoise, Quiet, Zoom Lens, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Mist, Focus Blast, HP/SpA
    Blaziken, Adamant, Salac Berry, Blaze Kick, Move488, Endure, Reversal, HP/Atk/Spd
    Blaziken, Hardy, Choice Band, Flare Blitz, Shadow Claw, ThunderPunch, Earthquake, Atk/Spd
    Blaziken, Hardy, Shuca Berry, Move488, Flare Blitz, ThunderPunch, Low Kick, Atk/Spd
    Blaziken, Naughty, Salac Berry, Hi Jump Kick, Counter, Flamethrower, Will-O-Wisp, HP/Def/Spd
    Blissey, Bold, Chople Berry, Toxic, Minimize, Mud Bomb, Softboiled, Def/SpD
    Blissey, Bold, Leftovers, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Counter, Calm Mind, HP/Def
    Blissey, Calm, Leftovers, Attract, Thunder Wave, Move505, Aromatherapy, Def/SpD
    Blissey, Modest, Custap Berry, Charge Beam, Shadow Ball, Grass Knot, Thunder Wave, Def/SpA
    Breloom, Brave, Black Belt, Fake Tears, Helping Hand, Mach Punch, Stun Spore, HP/Atk
    Breloom, Careful, Toxic Orb, Protect, Leech Seed, Substitute, Focus Punch, HP/Def/SpD
    Breloom, Jolly, Focus Sash, Spore, Focus Punch, Rock Slide, Seed Bomb, Atk/Spd
    Breloom, Jolly, Toxic Orb, Substitute, Seed Bomb, Wake-Up Slap, Spore, Atk/Spd
    Bronzong, Adamant, Quick Claw, Iron Head, Zen Headbutt, Earthquake, Explosion, HP/Atk
    Bronzong, Brave, Lum Berry, Safeguard, Rock Slide, Zen Headbutt, Trick Room, HP/Atk
    Bronzong, Impish, Sitrus Berry, Hypnosis, Rain Dance, Gyro Ball, Trick Room, HP/Def/SpD
    Bronzong, Quiet, Damp Rock, Rain Dance, Light Screen, Charge Beam, Grass Knot, HP/SpA
    Claydol, Adamant, Custap Berry, Earthquake, Zen Headbutt, Rock Slide, Explosion, Atk/SpD
    Claydol, Calm, Item545, Psychic, Ice Beam, Protect, Calm Mind, HP/SpD
    Claydol, Impish, Sitrus Berry, Sandstorm, Toxic, Cosmic Power, Explosion, HP/Def
    Claydol, Modest, Item555, Earth Power, Psychic, Move502, Ice Beam, SpA/SpD
    Cradily, Bold, Charti Berry, Stealth Rock, Gastro Acid, Stockpile, Swallow, Def/SpD
    Cradily, Brave, Quick Claw, Confuse Ray, Energy Ball, Stone Edge, Earthquake, HP/Atk/SpA
    Cradily, Relaxed, Leftovers, Sandstorm, Toxic, Protect, Earthquake, HP/Def
    Cradily, Sassy, Big Root, Stockpile, Protect, Ingrain, Giga Drain, HP/Def
    Cresselia, Bold, BrightPowder, Psychic, Substitute, Toxic, Trick Room, HP/SpD
    Cresselia, Bold, Chesto Berry, Calm Mind, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Rest, HP/Def
    Cresselia, Bold, Leftovers, Double Team, Moonlight, Toxic, Protect, HP/SpD
    Cresselia, Bold, Lum Berry, Icy Wind, Safeguard, Helping Hand, Swagger, HP/SpD
    Crobat, Jolly, Charti Berry, Cross Poison, X-Scissor, Hypnosis, U-turn, Atk/Spd
    Crobat, Jolly, Razor Claw, Cross Poison, Brave Bird, Zen Headbutt, X-Scissor, Atk/Spd
    Crobat, Jolly, Wide Lens, Hypnosis, Aerial Ace, Cross Poison, Taunt, Atk/Spd
    Crobat, Timid, Sharp Beak, Air Slash, Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Nasty Plot, Spd/SpA
    Dewgong, Bold, Salac Berry, Rain Dance, Rest, Surf, Stockpile, HP/Def/SpD
    Dewgong, Mild, Icy Rock, Icy Wind, Toxic, Rest, Hail, HP/Def
    Dewgong, Mild, Quick Claw, Fake Out, Surf, Ice Beam, Aqua Jet, SpA/SpD
    Dewgong, Rash, NeverMeltIce, Ice Shard, Signal Beam, Ice Beam, Encore, Spd/SpA
    Donphan, Adamant, Focus Sash, Endeavor, Flail, Roar, Giga Impact, Atk/SpD
    Donphan, Adamant, Quick Claw, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Seed Bomb, Fissure, Atk/SpD
    Donphan, Brave, Metronome, Earthquake, Scary Face, Rollout, Defense Curl, Atk/Def
    Donphan, Brave, Sitrus Berry, Earthquake, Gyro Ball, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Atk/Def
    Dragonite, Adamant, Choice Band, Outrage, Earthquake, Giga Impact, Superpower, Atk/SpD
    Dragonite, Adamant, Quick Claw, Superpower, Earthquake, ThunderPunch, Fire Punch, HP/Atk
    Dragonite, Impish, Custap Berry, Toxic, Thunder Wave, Roost, Rock Slide, HP/Def/SpD
    Dragonite, Mild, Salac Berry, Dragon Rush, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Safeguard, Spd/SpA
    Drapion, Bold, Scope Lens, Night Slash, Taunt, Toxic Spikes, X-Scissor, HP/Def
    Drapion, Careful, Razor Claw, Cross Poison, Night Slash, Earthquake, Swords Dance, HP/Atk
    Drapion, Jolly, Scope Lens, Cross Poison, Night Slash, Fire Fang, Earthquake, Atk/Spd
    Drapion, Naive, Item562, Cross Poison, Crunch, Scary Face, Screech, Atk/Spd
    Drifblim, Bold, Custap Berry, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Hypnosis, Destiny Bond, Spd/SpD
    Drifblim, Bold, Salac Berry, Calm Mind, Stockpile, Memento, Baton Pass, Def/SpD
    Drifblim, Mild, Item546, Move506, Thunderbolt, Dream Eater, Hypnosis, Spd/SpA
    Drifblim, Timid, Wise Glasses, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Icy Wind, Destiny Bond, Def/Spd
    Dugtrio, Hasty, Focus Sash, Reversal, Attract, Dig, Protect, Atk/Spd
    Dugtrio, Jolly, BrightPowder, Toxic, Dig, Substitute, Sandstorm, Atk/Spd
    Dugtrio, Jolly, Choice Band, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Reversal, Aerial Ace, Atk/Spd
    Dugtrio, Lonely, Choice Band, Protect, Move515, Earthquake, Rock Slide, HP/Spd
    Dusknoir, Bold, Leftovers, Disable, Will-O-Wisp, Pain Split, Mean Look, HP/Def
    Dusknoir, Brave, Iron Ball, Shadow Sneak, Fire Punch, Fling, Trick Room, HP/Atk
    Dusknoir, Relaxed, Lum Berry, Shadow Sneak, Pain Split, Destiny Bond, Trick Room, HP/SpD
    Dusknoir, Sassy, Leftovers, Toxic, Will-O-Wisp, Protect, Double Team, HP/SpD
    Electivire, Adamant, Shuca Berry, Fire Punch, Move486, Ice Punch, Protect, HP/Atk/Spd
    Electivire, Jolly, Shuca Berry, ThunderPunch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Earthquake, Atk/Spd
    Electivire, Modest, Item541, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Focus Blast, Signal Beam, Spd/SpA
    Electivire, Naughty, Expert Belt, Low Kick, Dig, Rock Slide, Screech, HP/Atk/Spd
    Electrode, Calm, Shuca Berry, Swagger, Light Screen, Charge Beam, Thunder Wave, HP/SpD
    Electrode, Hasty, Focus Sash, Move486, Taunt, Protect, Explosion,
    Electrode, Timid, Damp Rock, Rain Dance, Thunder, Taunt, Light Screen, Spd/SpA
    Electrode, Timid, Item541, Thunderbolt, Mirror Coat, Signal Beam, Protect, Spd/SpA
    Empoleon, Calm, Petaya Berry, Surf, Substitute, Blizzard, Whirlpool, HP/SpA
    Empoleon, Lax, Sitrus Berry, Yawn, Swords Dance, Aqua Jet, Metal Claw, HP/Def
    Empoleon, Lonely, Muscle Band, Drill Peck, Aqua Jet, Metal Claw, FeatherDance, HP/Atk/SpD
    Empoleon, Quiet, Lum Berry, Surf, Ice Beam, Signal Beam, Icy Wind, HP/SpA
    Entei, Adamant, Life Orb, Overheat, Double-Edge, Stone Edge, Protect, HP/Atk
    Entei, Bold, Chesto Berry, Calm Mind, Will-O-Wisp, Flamethrower, Rest, HP/Def/SpD
    Entei, Lonely, Focus Sash, Overheat, Move488, Fire Fang, Stone Edge, Atk/Spd
    Entei, Timid, Choice Scarf, Eruption, Heat Wave, Extrasensory, SolarBeam, Spd/SpA
    Espeon, Modest, Lum Berry, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Hyper Beam, Grass Knot, Spd/SpA
    Espeon, Naive, Focus Sash, Yawn, Dream Eater, Calm Mind, Protect, Spd/SpA
    Espeon, Timid, Item557, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, Morning Sun, Spd/SpA
    Espeon, Timid, Kasib Berry, Move473, Grass Knot, Move477, Charm, HP/Spd
    Exeggutor, Brave, Lum Berry, Wood Hammer, Zen Headbutt, Explosion, Trick Room, HP/Atk
    Exeggutor, Brave, Sitrus Berry, Wood Hammer, Curse, Egg Bomb, Synthesis, Atk/Spd/SpD
    Exeggutor, Mild, Petaya Berry, Move473, Grass Knot, Light Screen, Synthesis, Spd/SpA/SpD
    Exeggutor, Modest, Expert Belt, Leaf Storm, Psychic, Sludge Bomb, AncientPower, HP/SpA
    Exploud, Adamant, Expert Belt, Earthquake, Brick Break, Ice Punch, Crunch, Atk/Def
    Exploud, Lonely, Chople Berry, Crunch, Fake Tears, Ice Beam, Giga Impact, Atk/SpA
    Exploud, Mild, Chople Berry, Fire Blast, Roar, Uproar, Hyper Voice, Atk/SpA
    Exploud, Timid, Life Orb, Icy Wind, Hyper Voice, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Spd/SpA
    Feraligatr, Adamant, Liechi Berry, Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Crunch, Substitute, Atk/Spd
    Feraligatr, Adamant, Liechi Berry, Superpower, Aqua Tail, Ice Fang, Dragon Dance, HP/Atk/Spd
    Feraligatr, Adamant, Lum Berry, Aqua Jet, Waterfall, Earthquake, Ice Punch, HP/Atk/SpA/SpD
    Feraligatr, Careful, Lax Incense, Screech, Aqua Jet, Earthquake, Block, HP/SpD
    Flareon, Adamant, White Herb, Bite, Superpower, Giga Impact, Fire Fang, Atk/SpD
    Flareon, Brave, White Herb, Superpower, Return, Will-O-Wisp, Overheat, HP/Atk
    Flareon, Impish, Charcoal, Will-O-Wisp, Charm, Move488, Protect, HP/Def
    Flareon, Naughty, Focus Sash, Dig, Flail, Move526, Fire Blast, Atk/SpA
    Floatzel, Hasty, Damp Rock, Surf, Ice Beam, Focus Blast, Rain Dance, Spd/SpA
    Floatzel, Hasty, Flame Orb, Aqua Jet, Switcheroo, Pursuit, Crunch, Atk/Spd
    Floatzel, Hasty, Life Orb, Waterfall, Aqua Jet, Low Kick, Protect, Atk/Spd
    Floatzel, Naive, Item544, Aqua Tail, Protect, Pursuit, Whirlpool, Atk/Spd
    Flygon, Adamant, Lum Berry, Earthquake, Outrage, Crunch, Stone Edge, Atk/Spd
    Flygon, Naive, Haban Berry, Swagger, Quick Attack, Rock Slide, U-turn, Atk/Spd
    Flygon, Naive, Liechi Berry, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Endure, Fire Blast, Atk/Spd
    Flygon, Timid, White Herb, Draco Meteor, Earth Power, Flamethrower, Giga Drain, Spd/SpA
    Forretress, Brave, Iron Ball, Gyro Ball, Earthquake, Bug Bite, Explosion, HP/Atk
    Forretress, Careful, Custap Berry, Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rock, Spikes, Explosion, HP/SpD
    Forretress, Impish, Occa Berry, Spikes, Move522, Stealth Rock, Iron Defense, HP/Def
    Forretress, Naughty, Sitrus Berry, Spikes, Earthquake, Magnet Rise, Gyro Ball, HP/Atk
    Froslass, Lonely, Item552, Ice Shard, Thunder Wave, Move506, Taunt, Atk/Spd
    Froslass, Timid, Focus Sash, Blizzard, Icy Wind, Shadow Ball, Destiny Bond, Spd/SpA
    Froslass, Timid, Icy Rock, Hail, Blizzard, Ice Shard, Shadow Ball, Spd/SpA
    Froslass, Timid, Icy Rock, Hail, Ice Beam, Ominous Wind, Thunderbolt, Spd/SpA
    Gallade, Adamant, Scope Lens, Psycho Cut, Stone Edge, Night Slash, X-Scissor, Atk/SpD
    Gallade, Hasty, Expert Belt, Shadow Sneak, Brick Break, Psycho Cut, Swords Dance, Atk/Spd
    Gallade, Jolly, Lum Berry, Psycho Cut, Close Combat, Move505, Move502, Atk/Spd
    Gallade, Jolly, Scope Lens, Psycho Cut, Leaf Blade, Slash, Protect, Atk/Spd
    Gardevoir, Modest, BrightPowder, Psychic, Charge Beam, Energy Ball, Focus Blast, SpA/SpD
    Gardevoir, Naive, Lum Berry, Move500, Thunderbolt, Calm Mind, Move502, Spd/SpA
    Gardevoir, Naive, Wide Lens, Hypnosis, Calm Mind, Imprison, Taunt, HP/Def/Spd
    Gardevoir, Timid, Item557, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Destiny Bond, Spd/SpA
    Garchomp, Adamant, Choice Scarf, Outrage, Earthquake, Fire Fang, Crunch, Atk/Spd
    Garchomp, Hasty, Razor Fang, Fire Blast, Move510, Surf, Scary Face, Spd/SpA
    Garchomp, Jolly, Focus Sash, Swords Dance, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Atk/Spd
    Garchomp, Jolly, Lax Incense, Earthquake, Protect, Sandstorm, Sand Tomb, HP/Spd
    Gastrodon, Bold, Leftovers, Amnesia, Curse, Earthquake, Waterfall, Def/SpD
    Gastrodon, Careful, Rindo Berry, Waterfall, Amnesia, Curse, Yawn, Atk/Def/SpD
    Gastrodon, Gentle, Damp Rock, Rain Dance, Sludge Bomb, Muddy Water, Counter, SpA/SpD
    Gastrodon, Quiet, Leftovers, Sandstorm, Earth Power, Surf, Recover, Def/SpA
    Gengar, Jolly, Expert Belt, Sucker Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Will-O-Wisp, Atk/Spd
    Gengar, Timid, Focus Sash, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater, Nightmare, Hypnosis, Spd/SpA
    Gengar, Timid, Focus Sash, Shadow Ball, Taunt, Focus Blast, Counter, Spd/SpA
    Gengar, Timid, Lum Berry, Sludge Bomb, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Destiny Bond, Spd/SpA
    Glaceon, Bold, Chesto Berry, Move524, Shadow Ball, Rest, Barrier, HP/Def
    Glaceon, Modest, BrightPowder, Blizzard, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, Detect, Def/SpA
    Glaceon, Modest, Focus Sash, Hail, Blizzard, Mirror Coat, Hyper Beam, Def/SpA
    Glaceon, Rash, Quick Claw, Ice Shard, Blizzard, Mirror Coat, Helping Hand, HP/SpA
    Gliscor, Adamant, Expert Belt, Aerial Ace, Earthquake, X-Scissor, Stone Edge, Atk/Def
    Gliscor, Impish, Liechi Berry, Agility, Move512, Swords Dance, Baton Pass, HP/Def
    Gliscor, Jolly, Focus Sash, Earthquake, Move512, U-turn, Counter, HP/Spd
    Gliscor, Naughty, Razor Fang, Move512, Fling, U-turn, Swords Dance, Atk/Spd
    Golem, Brave, Iron Ball, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Explosion, Fling, Atk/SpD
    Golem, Impish, Hard Stone, Stealth Rock, Curse, Gyro Ball, Move479, HP/Atk/Def
    Golem, Jolly, Focus Sash, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Explosion, Move475, Atk/Spd
    Golem, Naughty, Item545, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Move523, Move475, Atk/Spd
    Granbull, Adamant, Lum Berry, Double-Edge, Roar, Crunch, Sludge Bomb, Atk/SpD
    Granbull, Adamant, Silk Scarf, Charm, Double-Edge, Payback, Bulk Up, Atk/Def
    Granbull, Impish, Leftovers, Charm, Toxic, Dig, Protect, HP/Def
    Granbull, Naughty, Jaboca Berry, Metronome, Attract, Mimic, Return, HP/Def/SpD
    Gyarados, Careful, Chesto Berry, Dragon Dance, Aqua Tail, Earthquake, Rest, HP/SpD
    Gyarados, Jolly, Wacan Berry, Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Atk/Spd
    Gyarados, Lonely, Muscle Band, Ice Fang, Aqua Tail, Thunder Wave, Dragon Dance, HP/Atk/Spd
    Gyarados, Naughty, Chesto Berry, Waterfall, Rest, Move523, Giga Impact, Atk/Spd
    Hariyama, Brave, Flame Orb, Fake Out, Close Combat, Detect, Earthquake, Atk/Def
    Hariyama, Brave, King's Rock, Feint, Fake Out, Move479, Vital Throw, Atk/Def/SpD
    Hariyama, Careful, Custap Berry, Reversal, Bullet Punch, Protect, Belly Drum, Def/SpD
    Hariyama, Careful, Sitrus Berry, Belly Drum, Brick Break, Ice Punch, Bullet Punch, Def/SpD
    Heatran, Modest, Focus Sash, Lava Plume, Earth Power, Flash Cannon, Dark Pulse, HP/SpA
    Heatran, Modest, Shuca Berry, Sunny Day, Fire Blast, SolarBeam, Earth Power, HP/SpA
    Heatran, Modest, White Herb, Overheat, Will-O-Wisp, Flash Cannon, Protect, HP/SpA
    Heatran, Timid, Choice Scarf, Magma Storm, Earth Power, Dragon Pulse, Flash Cannon, Spd/SpA
    Heracross, Brave, Black Belt, Aerial Ace, Pursuit, Swords Dance, Brick Break, HP/Atk/Def
    Heracross, Jolly, Coba Berry, Megahorn, Stone Edge, Facade, Shadow Claw, Atk/Spd
    Heracross, Jolly, Salac Berry, Megahorn, Earthquake, Reversal, Endure, Atk/Spd
    Heracross, Naughty, Salac Berry, Megahorn, Dig, Endure, Reversal, HP/Spd
    Hippowdon, Adamant, Sitrus Berry, Earthquake, Crunch, Slack Off, Yawn, Atk/SpD
    Hippowdon, Impish, Soft Sand, Earthquake, Crunch, Yawn, Whirlwind, Atk/Def
    Hippowdon, Lonely, Sitrus Berry, Crunch, Rock Slide, Protect, Curse, HP/Atk
    Hippowdon, Sassy, Chesto Berry, Curse, Rest, Earthquake, Crunch, HP/SpD
    Honchkrow, Adamant, Life Orb, Night Slash, Drill Peck, Sucker Punch, Thunder Wave, HP/Atk
    Honchkrow, Brave, BlackGlasses, Sucker Punch, Taunt, Pursuit, Protect, Atk/SpD
    Honchkrow, Modest, Life Orb, Air Cutter, Dark Pulse, Snatch, Shadow Ball, HP/SpA
    Honchkrow, Quiet, Sitrus Berry, Psychic, Dark Pulse, Protect, Nasty Plot, Def/SpA/SpD
    Houndoom, Adamant, Charcoal, Move510, Move488, Will-O-Wisp, Sucker Punch, Atk/Spd
    Houndoom, Hasty, Focus Sash, Counter, Move488, Roar, Protect, Atk/Spd
    Houndoom, Timid, Item541, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Will-O-Wisp, Spd/SpA
    Houndoom, Timid, White Herb, Overheat, Dark Pulse, SolarBeam, Sunny Day, Spd/SpA
    Charizard, Adamant, Charti Berry, Dragon Claw, Shadow Claw, Rock Slide, Dragon Dance, Atk/Spd
    Charizard, Adamant, Salac Berry, Belly Drum, Substitute, Fire Punch, Earthquake, HP/Atk/Spd
    Charizard, Adamant, Salac Berry, Dragon Claw, Move488, Belly Drum, Substitute, HP/Spd/SpD
    Charizard, Mild, Choice Scarf, Heat Wave, Rock Slide, Air Slash, Crunch, Atk/Spd/SpA
    Infernape, Hasty, Life Orb, Fake Out, Close Combat, Overheat, Stone Edge, Atk/Spd
    Infernape, Jolly, Focus Sash, Fake Out, Encore, Flare Blitz, Close Combat, Atk/Spd
    Infernape, Jolly, King's Rock, Fake Out, Encore, Fling, Move512, Atk/Spd
    Infernape, Mild, Charcoal, Heat Wave, Will-O-Wisp, Grass Knot, Calm Mind, HP/Spd/SpA
    Jolteon, Hasty, Magnet, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Swagger, Spd/SpA
    Jolteon, Timid, Damp Rock, Thunder, Protect, Charm, Rain Dance, Spd/SpA
    Jolteon, Timid, King's Rock, Thunder, Shadow Ball, Rain Dance, Yawn, Spd/SpA
    Jolteon, Timid, Razor Fang, Thunderbolt, Hyper Beam, Fake Tears, Signal Beam, Spd/SpA
    Jynx, Calm, Enigma Berry, Captivate, Mean Look, Lovely Kiss, Attract, HP/Def
    Jynx, Mild, Destiny Knot, Move524, Fake Out, Psychic, Taunt, Spd/SpA
    Jynx, Modest, Expert Belt, Icy Wind, Blizzard, Psychic, Focus Blast, Spd/SpA
    Jynx, Timid, Wide Lens, Lovely Kiss, Blizzard, Psychic, Fake Out, Spd/SpA
    Kangaskhan, Adamant, Sitrus Berry, Dizzy Punch, Fake Out, Move498, Roar, Atk/Spd
    Kangaskhan, Jolly, Chople Berry, Fake Out, Double-Edge, Move509, Sucker Punch, Atk/Spd
    Kangaskhan, Jolly, Salac Berry, Fake Out, Endeavor, Return, Substitute, Atk/Spd
    Kangaskhan, Jolly, Salac Berry, Rock Slide, Sucker Punch, Endure, Reversal, Atk/Spd
    Kingdra, Adamant, Persim Berry, Waterfall, Move511, Protect, Outrage, HP/Atk/Spd
    Kingdra, Mild, Haban Berry, Dragon Pulse, Waterfall, Ice Beam, Dragon Dance, HP/Atk/SpA
    Kingdra, Modest, Sitrus Berry, Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam, HP/Spd/SpA
    Kingdra, Modest, White Herb, Draco Meteor, Surf, Blizzard, Protect, HP/Spd/SpA
    Lanturn, Bold, Chesto Berry, Stockpile, Rest, Charge Beam, Ice Beam, Def/SpD
    Lanturn, Calm, Sitrus Berry, Thunder Wave, Charge Beam, Stockpile, Swallow, Def/SpA
    Lanturn, Modest, Petaya Berry, Surf, Discharge, Thunder Wave, Ice Beam, Def/SpA/SpD
    Lanturn, Naughty, Salac Berry, Thunder Wave, Discharge, Move486, Agility, Atk/Def
    Lapras, Impish, Chesto Berry, Perish Song, Rest, Body Slam, Block, Def/SpD
    Lapras, Modest, BrightPowder, Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic, HP/SpA
    Lapras, Modest, Mystic Water, Surf, Ice Beam, Rest, Sleep Talk, Def/SpA/SpD
    Lapras, Quiet, Damp Rock, Rain Dance, Thunder, Ice Shard, Confuse Ray, Def/SpA
    Latias, Adamant, Life Orb, Draco Meteor, Earthquake, Move468, Dragon Claw, Atk/Spd
    Latias, Bold, Chesto Berry, Calm Mind, Move513, Dragon Pulse, Rest, HP/Def
    Latias, Timid, Choice Specs, Draco Meteor, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Trick, Spd/SpA
    Latias, Timid, White Herb, Draco Meteor, Thunder, Psychic, Protect, Spd/SpA
    Latios, Adamant, Life Orb, Draco Meteor, Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Atk/Spd
    Latios, Bold, Chesto Berry, Calm Mind, Luster Purge, Dragon Pulse, Rest, HP/Def
    Latios, Timid, Choice Specs, Draco Meteor, Thunder, Psychic, Energy Ball, Spd/SpA
    Latios, Timid, White Herb, Draco Meteor, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Protect, Spd/SpA
    Leafeon, Adamant, Heat Rock, Sunny Day, Leaf Blade, X-Scissor, Synthesis, Atk/Def
    Leafeon, Adamant, Quick Claw, Leaf Blade, X-Scissor, Aerial Ace, Detect, Atk/Def
    Leafeon, Impish, Scope Lens, X-Scissor, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance, GrassWhistle, HP/Spd
    Leafeon, Naive, Liechi Berry, Leaf Blade, Giga Impact, Substitute, Yawn, Atk/Spd
    Lickilicky, Adamant, Chople Berry, Gyro Ball, Rest, Curse, Sleep Talk, HP/Atk/Def/SpD
    Lickilicky, Adamant, Lax Incense, Body Slam, Power Whip, Earthquake, Explosion, HP/Atk
    Lickilicky, Careful, Leftovers, Return, Gyro Ball, Curse, Rest, HP/SpD
    Lickilicky, Naive, Sitrus Berry, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Me First, Psych Up, HP/Def/SpA
    Lopunny, Jolly, Flame Orb, Switcheroo, Mirror Coat, Protect, Dig, HP/Spd
    Lopunny, Jolly, Chople Berry, Encore, Fake Out, Focus Punch, Mirror Coat, HP/Spd
    Lopunny, Jolly, Liechi Berry, Charm, Focus Punch, Substitute, ThunderPunch, Atk/Spd
    Lopunny, Naive, Toxic Orb, Fake Out, Encore, Fling, Dizzy Punch, HP/Spd
    Lucario, Jolly, Focus Sash, Close Combat, Move468, Endure, Reversal, Atk/Spd
    Lucario, Jolly, Muscle Band, Close Combat, Earthquake, Blaze Kick, Shadow Claw, Atk/Spd
    Lucario, Modest, Black Belt, Metal Sound, Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere, Move505, Spd/SpA
    Lucario, Modest, Expert Belt, Aura Sphere, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Follow Me, Spd/SpA
    Ludicolo, Bold, Leftovers, Rain Dance, Leech Seed, Protect, Giga Drain, Def/SpA/SpD
    Ludicolo, Lax, Leftovers, Leech Seed, Toxic, Giga Drain, Rain Dance, HP/Def/SpA
    Ludicolo, Modest, Sitrus Berry, Fake Out, Hydro Pump, Leech Seed, Grass Knot, Spd/SpA
    Ludicolo, Naughty, Tanga Berry, Fake Out, Grass Knot, Surf, Tickle, HP/Atk/SpA
    Luxray, Adamant, White Herb, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Superpower, Thunder Wave, HP/Atk
    Luxray, Careful, Item541, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Light Screen, Thunder Wave, HP/SpD
    Luxray, Careful, Quick Claw, Charge Beam, Helping Hand, Discharge, Roar, HP/SpD
    Luxray, Lonely, Magnet, Move528, Crunch, Captivate, Swagger, Atk/SpD
    Magmortar, Adamant, Passho Berry, Move488, Earthquake, Confuse Ray, Barrier, HP/Atk
    Magmortar, Jolly, Passho Berry, Flare Blitz, ThunderPunch, Earthquake, Brick Break, Spd
    Magmortar, Modest, Wide Lens, Fire Blast, Move481, Focus Blast, Taunt, Spd/SpA
    Magmortar, Timid, White Herb, Overheat, Psychic, Focus Blast, Protect, Spd/SpA
    Magnezone, Modest, BrightPowder, Charge Beam, Flash Cannon, Magnet Rise, Thunder Wave, Def/SpA
    Magnezone, Modest, Item550, Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Tri Attack, Move521, Def/SpA
    Magnezone, Quiet, Shuca Berry, Charge Beam, Thunder Wave, Flash Cannon, Mirror Coat, HP/SpA
    Magnezone, Rash, Magnet, Metal Sound, Flash Cannon, Thunderbolt, Magnet Rise, HP/SpA
    Machamp, Adamant, Flame Orb, Protect, Earthquake, Close Combat, Payback, Atk/SpD
    Machamp, Brave, Expert Belt, Ice Punch, Cross Chop, Fire Punch, Focus Energy, HP/Atk
    Machamp, Brave, Rawst Berry, DynamicPunch, Payback, Foresight, Move469, HP/Atk
    Machamp, Jolly, Choice Scarf, DynamicPunch, Ice Punch, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Atk/Spd
    Mamoswine, Adamant, Lax Incense, Hail, Earthquake, Superpower, Fissure, HP/Atk
    Mamoswine, Adamant, Life Orb, Earthquake, Ice Fang, Double-Edge, Stone Edge, HP/Atk
    Mamoswine, Adamant, Passho Berry, Double Hit, Earthquake, Ice Shard, Stealth Rock, Atk/Spd/SpD
    Mamoswine, Brave, Zoom Lens, Stone Edge, Move523, Blizzard, Ice Fang, Atk/Def/SpD
    Manectric, Adamant, Life Orb, Crunch, Odor Sleuth, Quick Attack, Move528, Atk/Spd
    Manectric, Modest, Charcoal, Flamethrower, Overheat, Discharge, Charge, Spd/SpA
    Manectric, Timid, Choice Scarf, Switcheroo, Thunder, Move521, Overheat, Spd/SpA
    Manectric, Timid, Item541, Thunderbolt, Overheat, Move521, Quick Attack, Spd/SpA
    Marowak, Brave, Iron Ball, Earthquake, Fling, Brick Break, Detect, HP/Atk
    Marowak, Careful, Salac Berry, Substitute, Detect, Earthquake, Swords Dance, HP/SpD
    Marowak, Jolly, Thick Club, Earthquake, Outrage, Detect, Rock Slide, Atk/Spd
    Marowak, Jolly, Thick Club, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Low Kick, Fire Punch, Atk/Spd
    Medicham, Adamant, Life Orb, Hi Jump Kick, Psycho Cut, Fake Out, Detect, Atk/Spd
    Medicham, Impish, Black Belt, Fake Out, Hi Jump Kick, Bulk Up, Feint, HP/Spd
    Medicham, Jolly, Expert Belt, Hi Jump Kick, Zen Headbutt, Ice Punch, Bullet Punch, Atk/Spd
    Medicham, Timid, TwistedSpoon, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Calm Mind, Spd/SpA
    Meganium, Adamant, Light Clay, Seed Bomb, Earthquake, Reflect, Light Screen, HP/Atk
    Meganium, Bold, Chesto Berry, GrassWhistle, Double Team, Substitute, Rest, HP/Def
    Meganium, Bold, Leftovers, Leech Seed, Ingrain, Toxic, Protect, Def/SpD
    Meganium, Gentle, Sitrus Berry, Light Screen, Aromatherapy, Swagger, SolarBeam, HP/SpD
    Metagross, Adamant, Occa Berry, Earthquake, Meteor Mash, Bullet Punch, Explosion, HP/Atk/SpD
    Metagross, Careful, Toxic Orb, Trick, Meteor Mash, Protect, Earthquake, HP/SpD
    Metagross, Naive, Occa Berry, Meteor Mash, Magnet Rise, Zen Headbutt, Agility, Atk/Spd
    Metagross, Quiet, Occa Berry, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Meteor Mash, Magnet Rise, HP/Atk/SpA
    Milotic, Bold, Enigma Berry, Surf, Recover, Mirror Coat, Confuse Ray, HP/Def
    Milotic, Calm, Wide Lens, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Mirror Coat, Recover, SpA/SpD
    Milotic, Impish, Leftovers, Ice Beam, Rest, Sleep Talk, Surf, HP/SpD
    Milotic, Quiet, Leftovers, Hydro Pump, Toxic, Attract, Aqua Ring, HP/Def
    Miltank, Adamant, Scope Lens, Dizzy Punch, Fire Punch, ThunderPunch, Ice Punch, Atk/Def
    Miltank, Jolly, Lum Berry, Body Slam, Helping Hand, Milk Drink, Heal Bell, HP/Spd
    Miltank, Jolly, Salac Berry, Substitute, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Zen Headbutt, Atk/Spd
    Miltank, Naive, Razor Fang, Body Slam, Fling, Brick Break, Captivate, Atk/Spd
    Mismagius, Bold, BrightPowder, Confuse Ray, Protect, Perish Song, Mean Look, HP/Def
    Mismagius, Naive, Colbur Berry, Taunt, Protect, Imprison, Shadow Ball, HP/Spd
    Mismagius, Timid, Kasib Berry, Shadow Ball, Move472, Grudge, Pain Split, HP/SpD
    Mismagius, Timid, Sitrus Berry, Icy Wind, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Destiny Bond, Spd/SpA
    Moltres, Modest, White Herb, Overheat, Air Slash, Tailwind, Will-O-Wisp, Spd/SpA
    Moltres, Naughty, Power Herb, Move488, Sky Attack, Aerial Ace, Fire Blast, Atk/Spd
    Moltres, Timid, Heat Rock, Sunny Day, SolarBeam, Flamethrower, Air Slash, Spd/SpA
    Moltres, Timid, Charcoal, Heat Wave, Move510, Air Slash, Protect, Spd/SpA
    Mr. Mime, Bold, Light Clay, Light Screen, Reflect, Psychic, Signal Beam, HP/Def
    Mr. Mime, Lonely, Jaboca Berry, Payback, Move469, Move501, Move471, HP/Atk/SpD
    Mr. Mime, Naive, Choice Scarf, Trick, Nasty Plot, Barrier, Baton Pass, HP/Def/SpD
    Mr. Mime, Timid, Lum Berry, Fake Out, Psychic, Signal Beam, Focus Blast, Spd/SpA
    Muk, Adamant, Quick Claw, Gunk Shot, Shadow Sneak, Brick Break, Explosion, HP/Atk
    Muk, Brave, Black Sludge, Poison Jab, Stockpile, Swallow, Memento, Atk/Def
    Muk, Brave, Zoom Lens, Gunk Shot, Payback, Shadow Sneak, Curse, HP
    Muk, Lonely, Toxic Plate, Shadow Sneak, Poison Jab, Acid Armor, Flamethrower, Atk/SpA/SpD
    Nidoking, Adamant, Muscle Band, Earthquake, Poison Jab, Megahorn, Protect, Atk/Spd
    Nidoking, Modest, Black Sludge, Earth Power, Sludge Bomb, Protect, Icy Wind, Spd/SpA
    Nidoking, Naughty, King's Rock, Move523, Megahorn, Rock Slide, Move468, HP/Atk
    Nidoking, Quiet, Black Sludge, Amnesia, Sludge Bomb, Flamethrower, Protect, HP/SpA
    Nidoqueen, Adamant, Black Sludge, Poison Jab, Move525, Move523, Earthquake, HP/Atk
    Nidoqueen, Mild, Item545, Thunderbolt, Hyper Beam, Earth Power, Counter, HP/SpA
    Nidoqueen, Modest, Black Sludge, Sludge Bomb, Earth Power, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, HP/SpA
    Nidoqueen, Relaxed, Payapa Berry, Move498, Swagger, Helping Hand, Flatter, HP/Def/SpD
    Ninetales, Modest, Passho Berry, Will-O-Wisp, Hypnosis, Extrasensory, Heat Wave, Spd/SpA
    Ninetales, Timid, Item548, Heat Wave, Roar, Confuse Ray, Nasty Plot, HP/Spd
    Ninetales, Timid, Passho Berry, Flamethrower, Extrasensory, Energy Ball, Calm Mind, HP/Spd
    Ninetales, Timid, Wide Lens, Fire Blast, Extrasensory, Hypnosis, Disable, Spd/SpD
    Pinsir, Adamant, Lax Incense, X-Scissor, Superpower, Stone Edge, Giga Impact, Atk/Def
    Pinsir, Jolly, Choice Scarf, X-Scissor, Earthquake, Close Combat, Guillotine, Atk/Spd
    Pinsir, Lonely, Insect Plate, Feint, X-Scissor, Stone Edge, Bug Bite, Atk/Spd
    Pinsir, Naughty, Persim Berry, Bug Bite, Brick Break, Thrash, Swords Dance, Atk/Spd
    Politoed, Brave, Item549, Thief, Move497, Refresh, Hydro Pump, Atk/SpA
    Politoed, Careful, Chesto Berry, Waterfall, Earthquake, Belly Drum, Rest, Atk/SpD
    Politoed, Modest, Full Incense, Waterfall, Encore, Swagger, Bounce, Spd/SpA
    Politoed, Modest, Wide Lens, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Focus Blast, Hypnosis, SpA/SpD
    Poliwrath, Adamant, Leftovers, Waterfall, Focus Punch, Encore, Substitute, HP/Atk
    Poliwrath, Adamant, Sitrus Berry, Waterfall, Earthquake, Focus Punch, Move509, HP/Atk
    Poliwrath, Naive, Shell Bell, Brick Break, Waterfall, Hypnosis, Belly Drum, HP/Atk
    Poliwrath, Naughty, Sitrus Berry, Ice Beam, Waterfall, Psychic, Move526, HP/Atk/SpA
    Porygon2, Calm, Petaya Berry, Tri Attack, Psychic, Recycle, Recover, HP/Def/SpD
    Porygon2, Modest, Choice Specs, Tri Attack, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Ice Beam, HP/SpA
    Porygon2, Modest, Lum Berry, Tri Attack, Thunder Wave, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, HP/SpA
    Porygon2, Modest, Sitrus Berry, Blizzard, Magic Coat, Lock-On, Zap Cannon, HP/SpA
    Porygon-z, Modest, Expert Belt, Psychic, Ice Beam, Signal Beam, Charge Beam, HP/SpA
    Porygon-z, Modest, Choice Specs, Hyper Beam, , , , Spd/SpA
    Porygon-z, Modest, Wise Glasses, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Spd/SpA
    Porygon-z, Timid, Sitrus Berry, Tri Attack, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Recover, Spd/SpA
    Probopass, Adamant, Scope Lens, Stone Edge, Iron Head, Earthquake, Explosion, Atk/Def
    Probopass, Bold, Sitrus Berry, Block, Iron Defense, Flash Cannon, Discharge, HP/Def
    Probopass, Calm, Cheri Berry, Move479, Move521, Thunder Wave, Magnet Rise, HP/SpD
    Probopass, Modest, Life Orb, Flash Cannon, Power Gem, Earth Power, Thunderbolt, SpA/SpD
    Quagsire, Adamant, Rindo Berry, Earthquake, Aqua Tail, Ice Punch, Stone Edge, Atk/SpD
    Quagsire, Careful, Leftovers, Curse, Amnesia, Earthquake, Waterfall, HP/SpD
    Quagsire, Impish, Iron Ball, Earthquake, Stockpile, Fling, Swallow, HP/Def/SpD
    Quagsire, Impish, Rindo Berry, Rest, Sleep Talk, Toxic, Move523, HP/Def
    Raichu, Adamant, Focus Sash, Encore, Thief, Thunder Wave, Discharge, Spd/SpA
    Raichu, Jolly, Focus Sash, ThunderPunch, Reversal, Thunder Wave, Fake Out, Atk/Spd
    Raichu, Jolly, Magnet, Brick Break, Move486, Fake Out, Protect, Atk/Spd
    Raichu, Timid, Lum Berry, Encore, Magnet Rise, Thunderbolt, Grass Knot, Spd/SpA
    Raikou, Timid, Item541, Thunder, Discharge, Reflect, Extrasensory, Spd/SpA
    Raikou, Timid, Item541, Thunderbolt, Move521, Shadow Ball, Protect, Spd/SpA
    Raikou, Timid, Leftovers, Charge Beam, Magnet Rise, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Def/Spd
    Raikou, Timid, Shuca Berry, Thunderbolt, Move521, Shadow Ball, Extrasensory, Spd/SpA
    Rampardos, Brave, Passho Berry, Rock Slide, Crunch, Curse, Protect, Atk/Def/SpD
    Rampardos, Jolly, Choice Scarf, Head Smash, Earthquake, Brick Break, ThunderPunch, Atk/Spd
    Rampardos, Naughty, Sitrus Berry, Head Smash, Stone Edge, Hammer Arm, Scary Face, Atk/Spd
    Rampardos, Relaxed, Sitrus Berry, Head Smash, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Protect, Atk/SpD
    Rapidash, Hasty, Heat Rock, Will-O-Wisp, Fire Blast, SolarBeam, Sunny Day, Spd/SpA
    Rapidash, Jolly, Focus Sash, Flare Blitz, Poison Jab, Iron Tail, Horn Drill, Atk/Spd
    Rapidash, Jolly, Charcoal, Flare Blitz, Megahorn, Double-Edge, Protect, Atk/Spd
    Rapidash, Naughty, Passho Berry, Bounce, Move488, Low Kick, Charm, Atk/Spd
    Regice, Bold, Leftovers, Charge Beam, Ice Beam, Amnesia, Protect, HP/Def
    Regice, Impish, Zoom Lens, Thunder, Blizzard, Focus Blast, Thunder Wave, HP/SpD
    Regice, Modest, Sitrus Berry, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Focus Blast, Toxic, HP/SpA
    Regice, Timid, Chesto Berry, Thunderbolt, Icy Wind, Ice Beam, Rest, HP/Def/Spd
    Regigigas, Adamant, BrightPowder, Confuse Ray, Double Team, Drain Punch, Payback, HP/Atk
    Regigigas, Adamant, Leftovers, Confuse Ray, Drain Punch, Thunder Wave, Rock Slide, HP/Atk
    Regigigas, Careful, Leftovers, Move469, Double Team, Confuse Ray, Toxic, HP/Def
    Regigigas, Quiet, Zoom Lens, Thunder, Toxic, Focus Blast, Confuse Ray, Spd/SpA
    Regirock, Adamant, Custap Berry, Stone Edge, Drain Punch, Earthquake, Explosion, HP/Atk
    Regirock, Adamant, Item559, Ice Punch, Rock Slide, Drain Punch, Earthquake, HP/Atk
    Regirock, Careful, Leftovers, Sandstorm, Curse, Rock Slide, Drain Punch, HP/SpD
    Regirock, Jolly, Sitrus Berry, Rock Polish, Rock Slide, Superpower, Explosion, Atk/Spd
    Registeel, Adamant, Leftovers, Toxic, Double Team, Earthquake, Protect, HP/Atk
    Registeel, Bold, Leftovers, Amnesia, Iron Defense, Charge Beam, Flash Cannon, HP/SpD
    Registeel, Careful, Chesto Berry, Curse, Amnesia, Iron Head, Rest, HP/SpD
    Registeel, Jolly, King's Rock, Rock Polish, Earthquake, Iron Head, ThunderPunch, Atk/Spd
    Rhyperior, Brave, Wide Lens, Rock Slide, Hammer Arm, Earthquake, Protect, HP/Atk
    Rhyperior, Brave, Zoom Lens, Payback, Rock Blast, Stone Edge, Protect, HP/Atk/SpD
    Rhyperior, Impish, Focus Sash, Horn Drill, Avalanche, Payback, Counter, HP/Def
    Rhyperior, Lonely, Hard Stone, Rock Wrecker, Rock Polish, , , Atk/Spd
    Roserade, Bold, Black Sludge, Toxic, Protect, Leech Seed, Giga Drain, HP/Def
    Roserade, Calm, Big Root, Toxic, Leech Seed, Protect, Giga Drain, HP/Def
    Roserade, Modest, Occa Berry, Weather Ball, Energy Ball, Natural Gift, Attract, Spd/SpA
    Roserade, Timid, White Herb, Leaf Storm, Sludge Bomb, Hyper Beam, GrassWhistle, Spd/SpA
    Salamence, Jolly, Lum Berry, Outrage, Crunch, Earthquake, Zen Headbutt, Atk/Spd
    Salamence, Jolly, Yache Berry, Draco Meteor, Dragon Rush, Earthquake, Brick Break, Atk/Spd
    Salamence, Lonely, Expert Belt, Dragon Claw, Zen Headbutt, Rock Slide, Dragon Dance, Atk/Spd/SpD
    Salamence, Naughty, Yache Berry, Roost, Scary Face, Move525, Earthquake, Atk/Def/SpD
    Sceptile, Calm, Leftovers, Leech Seed, Endeavor, Energy Ball, Toxic, Def/SpD
    Sceptile, Hasty, Scope Lens, Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Earthquake, Swords Dance, Atk/Spd
    Sceptile, Timid, Focus Sash, Quick Attack, Endeavor, Detect, Leaf Storm, Spd/SpA
    Sceptile, Timid, White Herb, Leaf Storm, Dragon Pulse, Energy Ball, Detect, Spd/SpA
    Scizor, Adamant, Occa Berry, Bug Bite, Aerial Ace, Roost, Bullet Punch, HP/Atk
    Scizor, Brave, Life Orb, Swords Dance, Bullet Punch, Reversal, U-turn, HP/Atk
    Scizor, Brave, Occa Berry, Metal Claw, Night Slash, Aerial Ace, Swords Dance, HP/Def
    Scizor, Naughty, Insect Plate, Bullet Punch, X-Scissor, Feint, Agility, HP/Atk
    Shiftry, Adamant, Focus Sash, Fake Out, Sucker Punch, Low Kick, Protect, Atk/Def
    Shiftry, Brave, Iron Ball, Fling, Razor Leaf, Brick Break, Swords Dance, HP/Atk/SpD
    Shiftry, Hardy, Heat Rock, Sunny Day, SolarBeam, Dark Pulse, Explosion, Def/SpA
    Shiftry, Rash, Miracle Seed, Fake Out, Extrasensory, SolarBeam, Swagger, Spd/SpA
    Shuckle, Bold, Quick Claw, Power Trick, Encore, Rock Slide, Bug Bite, HP/Def
    Shuckle, Careful, Item544, Move471, Encore, Gastro Acid, Sand Tomb, HP/SpD
    Shuckle, Relaxed, Lax Incense, Gyro Ball, Double Team, Substitute, Power Trick, HP/Def
    Shuckle, Relaxed, Leftovers, Toxic, Protect, Sandstorm, Wrap, HP/Def
    Skarmory, Careful, Lum Berry, Spikes, Stealth Rock, Whirlwind, Toxic, HP/SpD
    Skarmory, Jolly, Choice Scarf, Brave Bird, Steel Wing, Night Slash, Rock Slide, Atk/Spd
    Skarmory, Naive, Full Incense, Spikes, Stealth Rock, Move507, Whirlwind, HP/Spd
    Skarmory, Naughty, Item546, Brave Bird, Steel Wing, Swords Dance, Roar, HP/Spd
    Skuntank, Adamant, Poison Barb, Pursuit, Move492, Poison Jab, Taunt, Atk/Spd
    Skuntank, Brave, Custap Berry, Night Slash, Poison Jab, Fire Blast, Explosion, Atk/Def/SpD
    Skuntank, Jolly, Life Orb, Taunt, Sucker Punch, Move492, Poison Jab, Atk/Spd
    Skuntank, Naughty, Shuca Berry, Flamethrower, Night Slash, Move510, Memento, Atk/Spd
    Slaking, Adamant, Choice Band, Giga Impact, Shadow Claw, Hammer Arm, Earthquake, HP/Atk
    Slaking, Jolly, Life Orb, Return, Night Slash, Gunk Shot, Aerial Ace, Atk/Spd
    Slaking, Jolly, Sitrus Berry, Move514, Night Slash, Slack Off, Amnesia, Atk/Spd
    Slaking, Naive, Chople Berry, Earthquake, Brick Break, Rock Slide, Encore, Atk/Spd
    Slowbro, Bold, Leftovers, Psychic, Surf, Slack Off, Amnesia, HP/Def
    Slowbro, Bold, Sitrus Berry, Yawn, Psychic, Calm Mind, Water Pulse, HP/Def
    Slowbro, Modest, Quick Claw, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Slack Off, Water Pulse, Def/SpA
    Slowbro, Quiet, Leftovers, Psychic, Surf, Blizzard, Trick Room, HP/Def
    Slowking, Calm, Sitrus Berry, Move473, Water Pulse, Trick Room, Move505, SpA/SpD
    Slowking, Gentle, King's Rock, Zen Headbutt, Earthquake, Swagger, Psych Up, Atk/SpD
    Slowking, Modest, Choice Specs, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, Focus Blast, SpA/SpD
    Slowking, Quiet, Lum Berry, Psychic, Surf, Ice Beam, Trick Room, HP/SpD
    Snorlax, Adamant, Life Orb, Double-Edge, Earthquake, Crunch, Protect, Atk/Def
    Snorlax, Adamant, Sitrus Berry, Body Slam, Move528, Counter, Recycle, Atk/Def
    Snorlax, Brave, Sitrus Berry, Body Slam, Protect, Earthquake, Belly Drum, Atk/Def
    Snorlax, Relaxed, Sitrus Berry, Belly Drum, Double-Edge, Earthquake, Crunch, Def/SpD
    Spiritomb, Brave, Quick Claw, Shadow Sneak, Sucker Punch, Will-O-Wisp, Taunt, HP/Atk
    Spiritomb, Calm, Sitrus Berry, Sucker Punch, Pain Split, Toxic, Grudge, HP/SpD
    Spiritomb, Careful, Custap Berry, Will-O-Wisp, Sucker Punch, Substitute, Pain Split, HP/SpD
    Spiritomb, Careful, Leftovers, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Sneak, Swagger, Psych Up, HP/SpD
    Staraptor, Adamant, Choice Scarf, Pursuit, Close Combat, Roost, Move515, HP/Spd
    Staraptor, Hasty, Focus Sash, U-turn, FeatherDance, Quick Attack, Endeavor, Atk/Spd
    Staraptor, Jolly, Sitrus Berry, Brave Bird, Double-Edge, Roost, FeatherDance, Atk/Spd
    Staraptor, Mild, Choice Band, Close Combat, Brave Bird, U-turn, Giga Impact, Atk/Spd
    Starmie, Modest, Mystic Water, Protect, Psychic, Hydro Pump, Rapid Spin, Spd/SpA
    Starmie, Timid, Focus Sash, Surf, Psychic, Power Gem, Signal Beam, Spd/SpA
    Starmie, Timid, King's Rock, Surf, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Spd/SpA
    Starmie, Timid, Sitrus Berry, Psychic, Cosmic Power, Recover, Move513, HP/Spd
    Steelix, Brave, Quick Claw, Gyro Ball, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Explosion, Atk/SpD
    Steelix, Impish, Enigma Berry, Crunch, Curse, Gyro Ball, Screech, HP/Atk
    Steelix, Impish, Chesto Berry, Earthquake, Rest, Curse, Stealth Rock, HP/SpD
    Steelix, Relaxed, Iron Ball, Gyro Ball, Payback, Swagger, Curse, Atk/Def
    Suicune, Bold, Chesto Berry, Calm Mind, Surf, Ice Beam, Rest, HP/Def
    Suicune, Bold, Leftovers, Surf, Blizzard, Calm Mind, Protect, HP/Def
    Suicune, Modest, Sitrus Berry, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Mirror Coat, HP/SpA
    Suicune, Timid, Lum Berry, Icy Wind, Surf, Blizzard, Protect, Spd/SpA
    Swampert, Adamant, Sitrus Berry, Earthquake, Avalanche, Waterfall, Stone Edge, HP/Atk
    Swampert, Careful, Chesto Berry, Curse, Rest, Earthquake, Waterfall, HP/SpD
    Swampert, Careful, Chesto Berry, Waterfall, Hammer Arm, Rest, Curse, HP/SpD
    Swampert, Sassy, Jaboca Berry, Mirror Coat, Counter, Earthquake, Roar, Def/SpD
    Tangrowth, Adamant, Lax Incense, Power Whip, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Brick Break, Atk/Def
    Tangrowth, Bold, Big Root, Leech Seed, Ingrain, Giga Drain, Toxic, HP/Def/SpD
    Tangrowth, Modest, Heat Rock, Sunny Day, SolarBeam, Synthesis, Wring Out, Def/SpA
    Tangrowth, Naughty, Yache Berry, Wring Out, Tickle, Power Whip, Move523, Atk/Spd
    Tauros, Careful, Sitrus Berry, Toxic, Protect, Double Team, Earthquake, HP/SpD
    Tauros, Jolly, Expert Belt, Zen Headbutt, Move528, Swagger, Giga Impact, Atk/Spd
    Tauros, Jolly, Life Orb, Double-Edge, Earthquake, Payback, Giga Impact, Atk/Spd
    Tauros, Naughty, Liechi Berry, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Endure, Substitute, Atk/Spd
    Tentacruel, Bold, Black Sludge, Surf, Toxic, Move474, Protect, HP/Def
    Tentacruel, Hasty, Black Sludge, Ice Beam, Move482, Move506, Toxic Spikes, Spd/SpA
    Tentacruel, Hasty, Mystic Water, Rapid Spin, Poison Jab, Waterfall, Swords Dance, Atk/Spd
    Tentacruel, Modest, Focus Sash, Hydro Pump, Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Mirror Coat, HP/SpA
    Togekiss, Bold, Sitrus Berry, Follow Me, Thunder Wave, Air Slash, Encore, HP/SpD
    Togekiss, Calm, Sitrus Berry, Encore, Thunder Wave, Reflect, Follow Me, HP/Spd
    Togekiss, Modest, Wide Lens, Thunder Wave, Air Slash, Heat Wave, Water Pulse, Spd/SpA
    Togekiss, Naughty, Liechi Berry, ExtremeSpeed, Aerial Ace, Psych Up, Brick Break, Atk/Spd
    Torterra, Adamant, Custap Berry, Earthquake, Crunch, Seed Bomb, Iron Head, Atk/SpD
    Torterra, Adamant, Item544, Sand Tomb, Seed Bomb, Curse, Synthesis, HP/Atk
    Torterra, Hardy, Leftovers, Stockpile, Leech Seed, Earthquake, Protect, HP/SpD
    Torterra, Jolly, Choice Scarf, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Wood Hammer, Tickle, Atk/Spd
    Toxicroak, Adamant, Wide Lens, Cross Chop, Sucker Punch, Gunk Shot, Taunt, Atk/Spd
    Toxicroak, Lonely, Item562, Fake Out, Brick Break, Sucker Punch, Taunt, Atk/Spd
    Toxicroak, Modest, Focus Sash, Sludge Bomb, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Spd/SpA
    Toxicroak, Modest, Petaya Berry, Focus Blast, Sludge Bomb, Substitute, Protect, Spd/SpA
    Typhlosion, Modest, Choice Scarf, Eruption, Focus Blast, Heat Wave, Extrasensory, Spd/SpA
    Typhlosion, Modest, Power Herb, Extrasensory, Lava Plume, Move523, SolarBeam, Spd/SpA
    Typhlosion, Naive, Wide Lens, Move517, Focus Blast, Extrasensory, Will-O-Wisp, Spd/SpA
    Typhlosion, Rash, Passho Berry, Move481, Flamethrower, SolarBeam, Sunny Day, Spd/SpA
    Tyranitar, Brave, Focus Sash, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Superpower, Move525, HP/Atk
    Tyranitar, Hasty, King's Rock, Rock Slide, Crunch, Ice Beam, Dragon Dance, Atk/Spd
    Tyranitar, Impish, Iron Ball, Rock Slide, Stealth Rock, Thunder Wave, Fling, HP/SpD
    Tyranitar, Jolly, Chople Berry, Stone Edge, Crunch, Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Atk/Spd
    Umbreon, Careful, Chesto Berry, Curse, Trump Card, Payback, Rest, HP/Def
    Umbreon, Careful, Chople Berry, Payback, Moonlight, Move500, Move526, HP/Atk
    Umbreon, Impish, Leftovers, Confuse Ray, Payback, Curse, Moonlight, HP/Def
    Umbreon, Impish, Sitrus Berry, Faint Attack, Swagger, Psych Up, Screech, HP/Def
    Ursaring, Adamant, Chesto Berry, Thrash, Crunch, Rest, Counter, Atk/Def/SpD
    Ursaring, Adamant, Quick Claw, Return, Cross Chop, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, HP/Atk
    Ursaring, Adamant, Toxic Orb, Facade, Superpower, Crunch, Protect, HP/Atk
    Ursaring, Jolly, Toxic Orb, Facade, Hammer Arm, Scary Face, Yawn, Atk/Spd
    Vaporeon, Modest, Expert Belt, Surf, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, HP/SpA
    Vaporeon, Modest, Leftovers, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Acid Armor, Aqua Ring, Def/SpA
    Vaporeon, Modest, Leftovers, Muddy Water, Blizzard, Aqua Ring, Yawn, HP/SpA
    Vaporeon, Quiet, Quick Claw, Wish, Surf, Helping Hand, Shadow Ball, Def/SpA
    Venusaur, Bold, Black Sludge, Leech Seed, Substitute, Sludge Bomb, Protect, HP/SpD
    Venusaur, Brave, Miracle Seed, Roar, Move474, Power Whip, Earthquake, HP/Atk/Def
    Venusaur, Calm, Big Root, Leech Seed, Toxic, Synthesis, Ingrain, HP/SpD
    Venusaur, Timid, Salac Berry, Energy Ball, Sludge Bomb, Grass Knot, Protect, Spd/SpA
    Vespiquen, Brave, Custap Berry, Attack Order, U-turn, Aerial Ace, Destiny Bond, HP/Atk
    Vespiquen, Impish, Sitrus Berry, Attack Order, Defend Order, Roost, Confuse Ray, HP/Def/SpD
    Vespiquen, Quiet, Insect Plate, Attack Order, Power Gem, Captivate, Confuse Ray, HP/SpA
    Vespiquen, Sassy, Quick Claw, Defend Order, Toxic, Protect, Heal Order, HP/Def/SpD
    Victreebel, Modest, Focus Sash, Sunny Day, SolarBeam, Sludge Bomb, Weather Ball, Spd/SpA
    Victreebel, Modest, Life Orb, Weather Ball, SolarBeam, Sludge Bomb, Gastro Acid, Spd/SpA
    Victreebel, Quiet, Payapa Berry, Move536, Stockpile, Swallow, Gastro Acid, SpA/SpD
    Victreebel, Rash, Item551, Leaf Storm, Sleep Powder, Stockpile, Encore, Spd/SpA
    Vileplume, Calm, Persim Berry, Petal Dance, Stun Spore, Teeter Dance, Moonlight, Spd/SpD
    Vileplume, Modest, Big Root, Double Team, Ingrain, Toxic, Giga Drain, HP/SpA
    Vileplume, Modest, Lum Berry, Giga Drain, SolarBeam, Teeter Dance, Sludge Bomb, Spd/SpA
    Vileplume, Modest, Power Herb, SolarBeam, Sludge Bomb, Synthesis, Double Team, HP/SpA
    Wailord, Brave, Chesto Berry, Waterfall, Move484, Curse, Rest, Atk/Def/SpD
    Wailord, Careful, Leftovers, Waterfall, Avalanche, Aqua Ring, Curse, Def/SpD
    Wailord, Modest, Zoom Lens, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Fissure, Hyper Beam, HP/SpA
    Wailord, Timid, Quick Claw, Water Spout, Rest, Sleep Talk, Ice Beam, Spd/SpA
    Walrein, Bold, Lax Incense, Sheer Cold, Fissure, Rest, Sleep Talk, Def/SpD
    Walrein, Calm, Chesto Berry, Move524, Snore, Stockpile, Rest, Def/SpD
    Walrein, Calm, Metronome, Ice Ball, Earthquake, Encore, Curse, Atk/SpD
    Walrein, Modest, Leftovers, Surf, Blizzard, Hail, Signal Beam, HP/SpA
    Weavile, Hasty, Razor Fang, Fake Out, Taunt, Night Slash, Fling, Atk/Spd
    Weavile, Jolly, Focus Sash, Fake Out, Ice Punch, Night Slash, Protect, Atk/Spd
    Weavile, Jolly, Focus Sash, Taunt, Ice Punch, Night Slash, Fake Out, Atk/Spd
    Weavile, Jolly, NeverMeltIce, Ice Shard, Ice Punch, Torment, Protect, Atk/Spd
    Weezing, Careful, Chesto Berry, Toxic, Will-O-Wisp, Stockpile, Rest, HP/SpD
    Weezing, Impish, Payapa Berry, Pain Split, Explosion, Haze, Will-O-Wisp, HP/Def
    Weezing, Modest, Black Sludge, Sludge Bomb, Thunder, Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, HP/SpA
    Weezing, Rash, Item554, Sludge Bomb, Fire Blast, Stockpile, Swallow, HP/SpA
    Whiscash, Adamant, Soft Sand, Aqua Tail, Earthquake, Zen Headbutt, Dragon Dance, HP/Atk/Def
    Whiscash, Calm, Leftovers, Rest, Sleep Talk, Fissure, Muddy Water, HP/Def/SpD
    Whiscash, Careful, Chesto Berry, Earthquake, Tickle, Amnesia, Rest, Atk/SpD
    Whiscash, Modest, Expert Belt, Earth Power, Surf, Blizzard, Protect, SpA/SpD
    Yanmega, Modest, King's Rock, Bug Buzz, Air Slash, Detect, Shadow Ball, Spd/SpA
    Yanmega, Modest, Lum Berry, Silver Wind, Air Slash, Detect, Giga Drain, Spd/SpA
    Yanmega, Modest, Sitrus Berry, Psychic, Bug Buzz, Swagger, Substitute, HP/SpA
    Yanmega, Rash, Cheri Berry, Air Slash, Bug Buzz, Detect, U-turn, SpA/SpD
    Zapdos, Bold, BrightPowder, Charge Beam, Heat Wave, Double Team, Roost, HP/SpD
    Zapdos, Naive, Petaya Berry, Thunder, Light Screen, Rain Dance, Drill Peck, Spd/SpA
    Zapdos, Timid, Lum Berry, Thunderbolt, Move521, Heat Wave, Detect, Spd/SpA
    Zapdos, Timid, Magnet, Thunderbolt, Signal Beam, Air Cutter, AncientPower, Spd/SpA

    the new moves descriptions/effects are listed here http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2998109&postcount=29

    interesting stuff (open)
    there seem to be less lax incense/brightpowder sets (10 and 14, respectively)

    but a lot more choice scarf sets (15!), among those some scary stuff like eruption entei and typhlosion or scarfchomp

    14 choice band ones, 7 specs ones, 27 life orb ones

    49 focus sash (ouch)

    I like this
    Metagross, Adamant, Occa Berry, Earthquake, Meteor Mash, Bullet Punch, Explosion, HP/Atk/SpD

    and these two are scary
    Latias, Timid, Choice Specs, Draco Meteor, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Trick, Spd/SpA
    Latios, Timid, Choice Specs, Draco Meteor, Thunder, Psychic, Energy Ball, Spd/SpA

    as for OHKO users, there´s just 13 of them!
    HORN DRILL (2):
    Rapidash, Jolly, Focus Sash, Flare Blitz, Poison Jab, Iron Tail, Horn Drill, Atk/Spd
    Rhyperior, Impish, Focus Sash, Horn Drill, Avalanche, Payback, Counter, HP/Def

    Pinsir, Jolly, Choice Scarf, X-Scissor, Earthquake, Close Combat, Guillotine, Atk/Spd

    FISSURE (6):
    Bastiodon, Careful, Leftovers, Stone Edge, Fissure, Double Team, Iron Defense, HP/SpD
    Donphan, Adamant, Quick Claw, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Seed Bomb, Fissure, Atk/SpD
    Mamoswine, Adamant, Lax Incense, Hail, Earthquake, Superpower, Fissure, HP/Atk
    Wailord, Modest, Zoom Lens, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Fissure, Hyper Beam, HP/SpA
    Walrein, Bold, Lax Incense, Sheer Cold, Fissure, Rest, Sleep Talk, Def/SpD
    Whiscash, Calm, Leftovers, Rest, Sleep Talk, Fissure, Muddy Water, HP/Def/SpD

    SHEER COLD (4)
    584, Modest, Leftovers, Hail, Blizzard, Flash Cannon, Sheer Cold, HP/SpA
    615, Timid, Occa Berry, Icy Wind, Flash Cannon, Blizzard, Sheer Cold, Spd/SpA
    Articuno, Bold, Lum Berry, Sheer Cold, Mind Reader, Ice Shard, Ice Beam, HP/SpD
    Walrein, Bold, Lax Incense, Sheer Cold, Fissure, Rest, Sleep Talk, Def/SpD
  16. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
    is a Pokemon Researcher

    May 3, 2005
  17. waffles101


    Mar 20, 2010
    Hey again.
    Just noticed I'm still not up on the board. Do I still need proof (can someone PLEASE tell me how to post pictures straight from my computer) or have you just forgotten. It's fine if you have. I am on 133 undefeated.


    I think you should try my set. I have found it works very nicely solo 1v1 and I'd imagine with trick/charm support it would be even better.

    The set is:
    252HP/252Atk/4Spe (you may want to make it bulkier)
    -Swords Dance
    -Bullet Punch

    GL if you try again

    Finally, I was thinking of using something similar to the antilead Dragonite in the battle hall. The main attraction is ExtremeSpeed and decent mixed attacking stats. I was thinking something along the lines of:

    Dragonite @ Focus Sash
    252 Atk / 252 SpA(?) / 4 Spe
    Naughty / Rash
    -Flamethrower (Sash means Flame Thrower is better provided it is a 2HKO)
    -Draco Meteor
    -Superpower/EQ/Dragon Claw/Outrage

    Of course this could be changed around as much as necassery to suit different types.
    The only real problem I have seen while scanning through the list is sashed priority users that outspeed DNite (GF Weavile)
    Maybe I could change something for a doubles set?

    Thanks and please give some advice (complete Batle Hall n00b)
  18. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    Just wondering if you can trade platinum to black etc? For example would a speed boost blaziken be legit for these records etc

  19. thelaytonmobile


    Jan 26, 2010
    Serebii has updated with details of the modes (or "lines"). There is normal battles, and "super" battles for Singles, Super and Multi. I was wondering how these work, whether the difficulty is linked to the movesets?

    Oh and @ashez: I think you cannot trade BW mons back to older games.
  20. Ridley-X4


    Jun 19, 2005
    Right now, I'm using a Garchomp in the Battle Hall with perfect HP, Attack, and Speed IVs, the same moveset as the record holder (Outrage/SD/EQ/Fire Fang), with EVs all in Attack and Speed. It's got a Naive Nature, unless there's a reliable way to pass on more than one EV from a parent. It's holding a Yache Berry, but I was thinking about using a Lum Berry, because I usually lose to Freeze Hax. The furthest I've gotten is 86 wins. I mean seriously, how do you get all these great IVs, with the lowest IV being like, 26? Usually, I lose to similar pokes that the record holder avoids; Piloswine line, Lickilicky, and Weavile. Overall, I was thinking about using a Lum Berry and simply retrying untill I get past the types that the threatening pokes have. Eg, I'd do Ice and Dark first, like the record holder, to avoid Weavile. How is all this?
  21. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    K cheers thought i'd ask lol if anyone got a more defo answer please let me no lol. I no you wouldn't be able to trade new pokes just wondered if you could trade old pokes but with new abilitys.

    On a better note finally got enough star pieces to get heatwave on my zapdos :) already c how its better than air cutter Lmfao
  22. thelaytonmobile


    Jan 26, 2010
    As far as I know, the trade system is like Pal Park. What I meant is any Pokemon from BW can't be traded back.
  23. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009

    o i c sorry for misunderstanding..


    Anyway got some news :)

    i finally got my trainer card star, after 150+ hours (many just playing around with ideas, and most in singles) but finally on my 4th atempted at doubles i broke 100 :) my streak ended at battle 107 and i'l explain y after. i'm not disapointed atm because i just wanted the star and to be able to say i've done it but now i want to go little futher and get on the leader board.

    anyway my team -


    Name: Zapdos
    Item: Life orb
    Nature: Bold
    Evs: 248HP/228D/32speed
    1. Discharge
    2. heatwave
    3. thunderbolt
    4. Hidden Power - Grass

    was one of my favorite pokes in the 1st gen, then kinda forgot about it, then seconded i wanted to get in to doubles i looked at double hitting moves, found zap being able to learn 3 of them and he instantly took the look roll. if u've followed my story u'l no i did have air cutter, because i 4t fighting types may be problematic but was so daft 2nd i changed it to heatwave i broke 100, speaks for its self, tbolt for when discharge isnt enough and HPG for ground types. had alot help in this thread about this zapdos so thanks so much :)

    Name: Garchomp
    Item: Focus sash
    Nature: adamant
    Evs: 252A/252speed/4hp
    1. Rock slide
    2. dragon claw
    3. earthquake
    4. protect

    first few atempts i wanted someone to gain something from discharge so went with electrivie and it done well but chomp is a different league. sash was so useful won me so many matches, hardly used DC in truth but had its uses. protect was the best move on this set saved me all the time, if i was unsure i would protect chomp and go for DC/HW with zap and then finishes them off with EQ/RS, i never really liked chomp untill now but fallen in love with him. again 1st run using him and i break 100 :)

    Lead discription -
    like i've said 9/10 i would use which ever combination was needed out of both leads double hitting moves, if i was worried about a certain poke then obviously i would attack with single hitting moves to nab the KO. Agaist double ice leads i would also protect chomp then either DC/HW with zap then follow up with RS/EQ, worked a treat, specially with the sash to save me :)

    back up 1.

    Name: Scizor
    Item: Expert belt
    Nature: Jolly
    Evs: unsure was one i had in my box
    1. Protect
    2. Bullet Punch
    3. Brick Break
    4. x-scissor

    was my back up, main reason scizor came in was because in previous atempts latis/frosslas/gengar/aero/ caused me problems so i wanted a quick way to get them out the picture, also because of bullet punch i lost 2 past runs due to a endure/refersal/berry attivate so wanted priority to keep me winning. brick break was only used once or twice and protect was for scouting and so quake and charge could be used.

    back up 2

    Name: Jolteon
    Item: wise glasses
    Nature: timid
    Evs:252 spa/252speed/6hp
    1. thunderbolt
    2. shadow ball
    3. substitute
    4. Hidden Power ice

    another clean up poke, i used him on tries before with zapdos to abuse discharge, and loved it so went for it again but swapped magnet rise to sub again for scouting and felt like something different to protect lol. saved me countless times, normally 3rd poke in and was really my only counter to gliscor, and actually proved to take hits better than i thought.

    so thats my team :)

    on my streak i didnt encounter to much hax in truth, thinki got froze 3times and only got hit by 1 1HKO which sash saved me so i was lucky i guess lol.

    how i lost -

    zapchomp/jolt/scizor vs wailord/snorlax/lucario/drapion

    turn one -
    chomp used quake (lord 2 about half, lax just over)
    zap tbolt on lord died
    lax outrage chomp holds on by sash

    turn 2 -
    switch in drapion.
    drapion used cross posion chomp dies
    zapdos tbolts lax to about 1/4
    lax outrages zapdos to death

    turn 3 -
    switch in scizor and jolteon.
    jolteon tbolts drapion to orange and paras him,
    drapion cant move
    scizor finishes of lax with BB

    turn 4 -
    switch in lucario
    jolteon tbolts drapion to death
    lucario blaze kicks scizor to death

    turn 5 -
    jolteon tbolts cara to low orange
    lucario critical hits jolteon with close combat

    unsure if i lost to misplay or just unlucky, wen i started i thought i'd regret not having a fighting type, i'm useless with calcs so did that CH make any difference? i dont think it would have but interested lol

    so any advice or comments would be great.

    thank you to everyone who helped me make this team, like i said i'm currently over the lunatone (:p) that i've done it but will be back to atempt to get on the leader board

    cheers for reading :)
  24. Little Green Yoda

    Little Green Yoda

    Aug 8, 2005
    If you ran Jolly Garchomp with max IVs/EVs, it would've gone before Drapion and probably would've KO'd it with EQ. I have no idea if Adamant allows you to KO something that Jolly doesn't though.
  25. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
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    Sep 20, 2005
    my first thought was "why did drapion outspeed both of yours?" lol before reading on/checking your sets...

    you use an all out offensive zapdos with 4 attacks and life orb, but with a defensive EV spread (???), I guess you probably don´t have access to a different zapdos...

    and as yoda said, jolly garchomp...here you go (tower speed tiers)

    169 Garchomp 1
    167 Ambipom 34, Charizard 4, Dodrio 2, Entei 12, Floatzel 34, Flygon 23, Ninetales 123, Persian 2, Raichu 23, Raikou 34, Salamence 2, Slaking 3, Staraptor 12, Starmie 34, Tentacruel 14, Zapdos 23
    164 Purugly 2
    162 Espeon 34, Froslass 234, Gengar 234, Jumpluff 2, Latias 24, Latios 24, Tauros 24
    161 Arcanine 12, Drapion 3, Electivire 1, Gliscor 23, Houndoom 124, Leafeon 12, Yanmega 1
    160 Infernape 23
    157 Electabuzz 2, Kadabra 2, Lopunny 3, Manectric 123, Mismagius 1, Rapidash 123, Scyther 2
    156 Kangaskhan 13, Moltres 1
    154 Garchomp 234
    152 Charizard 123, Entei 34, Fearow 2, Flygon 14, Miltank 24, Ninetales 4, Raichu 14, Salamence 134, Staraptor 34, Typhlosion 134, Zapdos 14

    quite many important things that you outspeed with jolly (169) over adamant (154), the same applies to zapdos

    I don´t know about others, but outspeeding stuff and hitting/fainting them first is like one of the main rules of tower, in general, and probably even more important in doubles where it´s difficult to stall/set up...with a little bit of team tweaking, you´d have a better chance to get a higher record than 106

    good luck

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