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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009
    Looks like the Black-White generation will be much more fun with all these new options. Truant Aianto with Make Friends will be ridiculous with 109 Base Speed. Just ship the Truant ability onto your opponent and then switch out with something like Red Card or so. Protect, set up and sweep!
  2. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    Good theorymon thinking...Glaceon doesn't have IB in BW for some reason, but if it did, the only way it would OHKO Eru guaranteed is if it were Modest (104% min on my suggested 252HP/252SpD Calm spread). Timid only OHKOs with absolute max damage which is pretty awesome...but I am more worried about stupid stuff like lead Flare Blitz and less setup time for my non-Drapion poke.

    Focus Sash is a viable option for Erufuun with Encore but even then I think I may rather use Latias since one of the main reasons Team Drapula I (Latias@Sash/Drapion/Scizor) failed was because Scizor still didn't really like having to take Metagross's MMs, where with 252HP Blaziken I won't care as much. Worry Seed on Erufuun is also an option for stuff like Meta and Yanmega but it would like to be able to trickscarf those too, whatever. Either Trickscarf or Sash Encore is necessary for Meta because I don't want it spamming EQs on the rest of my team...no Metagross have Quick Claw this time around (three have Occa Berry lol), so it will be interesting to see if this theorymon holds.
  3. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
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    May 3, 2005
    For those who just can't wait to start theorymoning. Here's the list of what Pokemon each Battle Subway trainer uses:


    312 trainers total. No trainer names yet. I don't even know which round you can fight each trainer in. The first number listed is what I believe is the trainer's type ID. I don't know which number is which trainer type yet. The 12 trainers at the bottom look like special trainers. I'm guessing some of them are the Subway Master. I'm guessing the other are probably CPU partners. Since there are 300 normal trainers like before, you probably fight trainers 201-300 in battles 50 onward (unless it loops again <_<).
  4. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
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    Sep 20, 2005
    Thank you! so much!

    Of course I had to start working on that right away lol

    Started from the bottom, working myself up (I ignored the two subway heads that you face in single,double and multi, for now...also "0" and "1")


    Trainer type 57 = "OHKO spam and Gliscor"

    - Furijo 3, Bastiodon 3, Rapidash 3, Mamoswine 3, Rhyperior 3, Baivanilla 3, Whiscash 4, Pinsir 4, Donphan 4, Wailord 4, Gliscor 4, Walrein 4

    Trainer type 34 = "Sunny Day" or "Fire Types with Sunny Day & Grass Types":

    - 212,213,248,249,252,256,335,361,374,375,423,424, 427,431,472,510,536,598,599,602,606,685,695,711, 725,738,773,774,777,781,831,860,886

    Trainer type 32 = "Trick Room"

    - 252,274,310,378,400,402,445,454,470,494,525,583, 587,609,785,787,788,811,835,843,844,847,860,873,875,885

    Trainer type 87 = "Starters", All 4 Sets (60 movesets total):

    - Venusaur 1-4, Charizard 1-4, Blastoise 1-4, Meganium 1-4, Typhlosion 1-4, Feraligatr 1-4, Sceptile 1-4, Blaziken 1-4, Swampert 1-4, Torterra 1-4, Infernape 1-4, Empoleon 1-4, Jaroda 1-4, Emboar 1-4, Daikenki 1-4

    Trainer type 33 = "some Steel, Ghost , Normal & Psychic Types", All 4 Sets (48 movesets total):

    - Forretress 1-4, Spiritomb 1-4, Drifblim 1-4, Claydol 1-4, Bronzong 1-4, Porygon2 1-4, Starmie 1-4, Gigigiaru 1-4, Probopass 1-4, Magnezone 1-4, Porygon-Z 1-4, Metagross 1-4

    Trainer type 13 = "Eeveelution", All 4 Sets (28 movesets total):

    - Vaporeon 1-4, Jolteon 1-4, Flareon 1-4, Espeon 1-4, Umbreon 1-4, Leafeon 1-4, Glaceon 1-4

    Trainer type 44 = "Hailstorm" or "some Ice Types":

    - 240,255,346,352,355,356,363,430,456,521,527,530,531,538,579, 605,618,631,696,702,705,706,713,754,780,793,806,871,877,880,881,888

    Trainer type 26.A = "Sandstorm" or "some Ground, Rock & Steel Types":

    - 218,272,315,320,348,378,381,484,493,495,523,553,593,634,637,668,670, 679,698,728,749,812,840,845,873,903,915,927,979

    Trainer type 26.B = "Sandstorm" (6 sets less than trainer type 26.A):

    - 218,272,315,320,348,378,381,484,493,495,523,553,593,634,668,670,698, 728,749,840,845,873,903

    Trainer type 86 = "Annoyers"

    - 209,238,240,246,251,267,272,281,316,326,344,350,361,368,377,431,4 84,544,593,598,601,606,613,617,634,637,658,690,700,718,734,737,740, 743,749,752,753,757,759,768,772,776,781,784,789,791,796,797,809,840, 843,851,864,893,894

    Trainer type 90 = Set 3 Group "B" Pokémon (88 movesets total):
    Trainer type 91 = Set 3 Group "B" Pokémon (88 movesets total):

    - Venusaur 3, Charizard 3, Blastoise 3, Meganium 3, Typhlosion 3, Feraligatr 3, Sceptile 3, Blaziken 3, Swampert, Torterra 3, Infernape 3, Empoleon 3, Jaroda 3, Emboar 3, Daikenki 3, Dugtrio 3, Marowak 3, Medicham 3, Quagsire 3, Granbull 3, Jynx 3, Mr. Mime 3, Lanturn 3, Breloom 3, Forretress 3, Skarmory 3, Absol 3, Whiscash 3, Hariyama 3, Vespiquen 3, Raichu 3, Dewgong 3, Manectric 3, Staraptor 3, Gastrodon 3, Skuntank 3, Nageki 3, Dageki 3, Kenhorou 3, Vileplume 3, Victreebel 3, Electrode 3, Ludicolo 3, Shiftry 3, Exploud 3, Lopunny 3, Froslass 3, Doredia 3, Hihidarum 3, Ambipom 3, Deskhan 3, Goruggo 3, Aiant 3, Golem 3, Slowbro 3, Weezing 3, Kangaskhan 3, Tauros 3, Spiritomb 3, Furijo 3, Kurimugan 3, Musharna 3, Zuruzukin 3, Nattorei 3, Alakazam 3, Slowking 3, Miltank 3, Altaria 3, Toxicroak 3, Gochiruzei 3, Ranculus 3, Kirikizan 3, Abomasnow 3, Nidoqueen 3, Nidoking 3, Cradily 3, Armaldo 3, Rampardos 3, Bastiodon 3, Floatzel 3, Mismagius 3, Abagoora 3, Shubargo 3, Agirudaa 3, Zebraika 3, Drifblim 3, Gamageroge 3, Poliwrath 3

    Trainer type 58 = "Double Battle Specialist (?)" (59 movesets total) with weather (moves/abilities), TR, multi-target attacks, swagger, helping hand, screens, safeguard, follow me, etc., everything that´s usable mostly in doubles:

    - Meganium 13, Breloom 1, Hariyama 1, Electrode 14, Musharna 1, Miltank 1, Abomasnow 134, Nidoqueen 1, Politoed 1, Shuckle 1, Exeggutor 1, Vaporeon 1, Jolteon 1, Glaceon 14, Togekiss 14, Ludicolo 2, Shiftry 2, Abagoora 2, Bronzong 24, Luxray 2, Yanmega 2, Gardevoir 2, Flygon 2, Dragonite 2, Charizard 3, Typhlosion 3, Empoleon 3, Lanturn 3, Whiscash 3, Dewgong 3, Froslass 34, Gochiruzel 3, Mismagius 3, Umbreon 3, Empoleon 4, Jynx 4, Mr. Mime 4, Absol 4, Tentacruel 4, Lucario 4, Tsunbear 4, Kingdra 4, Articuno 34, Entei 3, Suicune 34, Cresselia 3, Zapdos 4, Moltres 4, Voltros 4

    Trainer type 83 = Electric & Steel Types, All 4 Sets + one stray Lanturn (36 movesets total):

    - Raichu 124, Lanturn 3, Manectric 1-4, Electrode 1-4, Aiant 1-4, Zebraika 1-4, Gigigiaru 1-4, Jolteon 1-4, Lucario 1-4, Electivire 1-4

    Trainer type 66 = Set 3 Group "A" Pokémon (87 movesets total):
    Trainer type 48 = Set 3 Group "A" Pokémon (87 movesets total):

    - Rapidash 3, Muk 3, Gengar 3, Ampharos 3, Politoed 3, Pinsir 3, Scizor 3, Heracross 3, Ursaring 3, Houndoom 3, Donphan 3, Wailord 3, Claydol 3, Bronzong 3, Drapion 3, Luxray 3, Ninetales 3, Machamp 3, Shuckle 3, Roserade 3, Honchkrow 3, Ggaias 3, Roopushin 3, Doryuuzu 3, Warubiaru 3, Steelix 3, Weavile 3, Gliscor 3, Zoroak 3, Valjiina 3, Wargle 3, Tentacruel 3, Aerodactyl 3, Porygon2 3, Lickilicky 3, Yanmega 3, Gardevoir 3, Gallade 3, Exeggutor 3, Starmie 3, Flygon 3, Gigigiaru 3, Chandelar (Shanderaa) 3, Vaporeon 3, Jolteon 3, Flareon 3, Espeon 3, Umbreon 3, Leafeon 3, Glaceon 3, Lucario 3, Hippowdon 3, Probopass 3, Dusknoir 3, Kojondo 3, Tsunbear 3, Buffalon 3, Aggron 3, Walrein 3, Mamoswine 3, Lapras 3, Crobat 3, Magnezone 3, Rhyperior 3, Tangrowth 3, Porygon-Z 3, Baivanilla 3, Shibirudon 3, Gyarados 3, Snorlax 3, Kingdra 3, Blissey 3, Milotic 3, Electivire 3, Magmortar 3, Ononokusu 3, Togekiss 3, Urgamoth 3, Arcanine 3, Archaeos 3, Dragonite 3, Tyranitar 3, Salamence 3, Metagross 3, Garchomp 3, Sazando 3, Slaking 3

    Trainer type 61 = Set 4 Group "B" Pokémon (88 movesets total):
    Trainer type 62 = Set 4 Group "B" Pokémon (88 movesets total):

    - Venusaur 4, Charizard 4, Blastoise 4, Meganium 4, Typhlosion 4, Feraligatr 4, Sceptile 4, Blaziken 4, Swampert 4, Torterra 4, Infernape 4, Empoleon 4, Jaroda 4, Emboar 4, Daikenki 4, Dugtrio 4, Marowak 4, Medicham 4, Quagsire 4, Granbull 4, Jynx 4, Mr. Mime 4, Lanturn 4, Breloom 4, Forretress 4, Skarmory 4, Absol 4, Whiscash 4, Hariyama 4, Vespiquen 4, Raichu 4, Dewgong 4, Manectric 4, Staraptor 4, Gastrodon 4, Skuntank 4, Nageki 4, Dageki 4, Kenhorou 4, Vileplume 4, Victreebel 4, Electrode 4, Ludicolo 4, Shiftry 4, Exploud 4, Lopunny 4, Froslass 4, Doredia 4, Hihidarum 4, Ambipom 4, Deskhan 4, Goruggo 4, Aiant 4, Golem 4, Slowbro 4, Weezing 4, Kangaskhan 4, Tauros 4, Spiritomb 4, Furijo 4, Kurimugan 4, Musharna 4, Zuruzukin 4, Nattorei 4, Alakazam 4, Slowking 4, Miltank 4, Altaria 4, Toxicroak 4, Gochiruzei 4, Ranculus 4, Kirikizan 4, Abomasnow 4, Nidoqueen 4, Nidoking 4, Cradily 4, Armaldo 4, Rampardos 4, Bastiodon 4, Floatzel 4, Mismagius 4, Abagoora 4, Shubargo 4, Agirudaa 4, Zebraika 4, Drifblim 4, Gamageroge 4, Poliwrath 4

    Trainer type 17 = Set 4 Group "A" Pokémon (87 movesets total):
    Trainer type 18 = Set 4 Group "A" Pokémon (87 movesets total):

    - Rapidash 4, Muk 4, Gengar 4, Ampharos 4, Politoed 4, Pinsir 4, Scizor 4, Heracross 4, Ursaring 4, Houndoom 4, Donphan 4, Wailord 4, Claydol 4, Bronzong 4, Drapion 4, Luxray 4, Ninetales 4, Machamp 4, Shuckle 4, Roserade 4, Honchkrow 4, Ggaias 4, Roopushin 4, Doryuuzu 4, Warubiaru 4, Steelix 4, Weavile 4, Gliscor 4, Zoroak 4, Valjiina 4, Wargle 4, Tentacruel 4, Aerodactyl 4, Porygon2 4, Lickilicky 4, Yanmega 4, Gardevoir 4, Gallade 4, Exeggutor 4, Starmie 4, Flygon 4, Gigigiaru 4, Chandelar (Shanderaa) 4, Vaporeon 4, Jolteon 4, Flareon 4, Espeon 4, Umbreon 4, Leafeon 4, Glaceon 4, Lucario 4, Hippowdon 4, Probopass 4, Dusknoir 4, Kojondo 4, Tsunbear 4, Buffalon 4, Aggron 4, Walrein 4, Mamoswine 4, Lapras 4, Crobat 4, Magnezone 4, Rhyperior 4, Tangrowth 4, Porygon-Z 4, Baivanilla 4, Shibirudon 4, Gyarados 4, Snorlax 4, Kingdra 4, Blissey 4, Milotic 4, Electivire 4, Magmortar 4, Ononokusu 4, Togekiss 4, Urgamoth 4, Arcanine 4, Archaeos 4, Dragonite 4, Tyranitar 4, Salamence 4, Metagross 4, Garchomp 4, Sazando 4, Slaking 4

    Trainer type 75 = Legendaries, All 4 Sets (80 movesets total):
    Trainer type 76 = Legendaries, All 4 Sets (80 movesets total):

    - Articuno 1-4, Zapdos 1-4, Moltres 1-4, Raikou 1-4, Entei 1-4, Suicune 1-4, Regirock 1-4, Regice 1-4, Registeel 1-4, Kobaruon 1-4, Terakion 1-4, Birijion 1-4, Torneros 1-4, Voltros 1-4, Latias 1-4, Latios 1-4, Heatran 1-4, Cresselia 1-4, Landros 1-4, Regigigas 1-4

    Trainer type 43 = Flying Types, All 4 Sets (92 movesets total):

    - Charizard 1-4, Skarmory 1-4, Vespiquen 1-4, Staraptor 1-4, Kenhorou 1-4, Altaria 1-4, Drifblim 1-4, Honchkrow 1-4, Gliscor 1-4, Wargle 1-4, Aerodactyl 1-4, Yanmega 1-4, Crobat 1-4, Gyarados 1-4, Togekiss 1-4, Archaeos 1-4, Dragonite 1-4, Salamence 1-4, Articuno 1-4, Zapdos 1-4, Moltres 1-4, Torneros 1-4, Voltros 1-4

    0 - 352,376,420,466,467,495,502,526,538,547,551,596,607,610,618,629, 630,669,671,677,689,701,702,703,714,726,771,794,805,844,845,846,852,877, 878,897,901
    0 - 144,151,154,182,201,246,259,272,326,338,431,436,447,493,494,514,606, 628,676,784,786,795,796,797,804,817,843,851,863,864,876,888,889
    0 - 144,151,154,182,201,246,259,272,326,338,352,376,420,431,436,447,466,467, 493,494,495,502,514,526,538,547,551,596,606,607,610,618,628,629,630,669,671, 676,677,689,701,702,703,714,726,771,784,786,794,795,796,797,804,805,817,843, 844,845,846,851,852,863,864,876,877,878,888,889,897,901
    1 - 352,376,420,466,467,495,502,526,538,547,551,596,607,610,618,629,630,669, 671,677,689,701,702,703,714,726,771,794,805,844,845,846,852,877,878,897,901
    1 - 144,151,154,182,201,246,259,272,326,338,431,436,447,493,494,514,606,628, 676,784,786,795,796,797,804,817,843,851,863,864,876,888,889
    1 - 144,151,154,182,201,246,259,272,326,338,352,376,420,431,436,447,466,467,493, 494,495,502,514,526,538,547,551,596,606,607,610,618,628,629,630,669,671,676,677, 689,701,702,703,714,726,771,784,786,794,795,796,797,804,805,817,843,844,845,846, 851,852,863,864,876,877,878,888,889,897,901
    88 - 158,160,688
    88 - 689,845,897
    102 - 158,160,611,863
    102 - 364,689,845,897
    88 - 158,688
    102 - 156,611
    88 - 845,897
    102 - 364,901[/size]

    I´ll continue when I have more time


    Mar 9, 2010
    I've decided to run a doubles run today with a new team and lost at battle 138.

    BRONZONG @ Lum Berry
    Brave - Heatproof - 252HP/252Atk
    Trick Room, Explosion, Earthquake, Iron Head

    Bronzong very similar to TRE's. IMO the best TR user in the tower when paired with a lvl.1 flying/levitate lead.

    Lvl.1 DUSKULL @ Focus Sash
    Modest - Levitate
    Protect, Foresight, Leer, Swagger

    Duskull from Chinese Dood's team. i replaced pain split with swagger just for testing, it buffs Lickilicky when they are out at the same time.

    LICKILICKY @ Life Orb
    Brave - Own Tempo - 252HP/252Atk
    Explosion, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Ice Punch

    MACHAMP @ Iron Ball
    Brave - No Guard - 252HP/252Atk
    Dynamic Punch, Fling, Protect, Stone Edge

    these last two were the same mons from my 140 streak.

    TR/Explosion team once again.
    Strategy is to Protect & TR 1st turn (duh), and if all goes well and Zong's Lum isn't consumed, Duskull uses Swagger on Zong + Explosion, if Lum was consumed, then Duskull uses Leer instead. Then Licki comes out, another Swagger + Explosion combo and if all else fails, out comes Machamp to do some cleaning.

    Of course this is the tower, which is full of hax, raped me.
    736 | Walrein | Bold | Lax Incense | Sheer Cold | Fissure | Rest | Sleep Talk | Def/SpD

    This shit... 5% chance to evade and he dodged two Explosions in a row, handing me my loss, I was a little pissed after.

    Here's the video if anyone wants to know what happened: 85-99789-52927
  6. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    Did you find/think that Swagger was a good way to go instead of Pain Split? Essentially, Pain Split is a 100% accurate (even after flash/double team) Super Fang that hits ghost types.

    If I'm thinking this correctly, if Bronzong/Lickilicky is going to be using Explosion then it is only worthwhile to Swagger only if Explosion does not OHKO either opponent, because otherwise Pain Split on the not-OHKO'd opponent will be more reliable (being 100% accurate) than Swagger, since both accomplish almost exactly the same thing (cutting HP in half and doubling attack are the same thing). Pain Split has the benefit of destroying Focus Sashes also.

    If Swagger is actually useful, then I would replace Foresight instead, since it would be used in combination with a move that is not explosion, and the main reason to not use explosion is normal resists and immunities (so swaggering will have more than one turn of benefit). I'm more likely to use Destiny Bond (like TRE did for his Double Castle team) instead though since it just seems like the extra set up via Swagger is more often not needed, but a quick Destiny Bond kill may be useful in scenarios. Just my thoughts.

    O yeah, thanks for giving me credit :)... though of course my team was just based off TRE's.


    Mar 9, 2010
    I was just testing Swagger because of Lickilicky's ability but sometimes yeah, I wish I had Pain Split. The 90% accuracy is a bit of let down sometimes but the +2 is quite a big boost. I'm leaning towards Pain Split on my next run.

    I made calcs based on the list
    Lickilicky 252Atk / Brave +2 Atk @ Life Orb
    Explosion vs. 252HP/Def Impish Shuckle (1, 2) - 103.9% - 122.8%
    Explosion vs. 252Def Regirock (1) - 96.1% - 113.5%
    Explosion vs. 252Def Steelix (1) - 99.3% - 117.3%
    Explosion vs. 252HP/Def Registeel (2, 4) - 98.9% - 116.6%

    I'm making another run with this team. What moveset should I use on Duskull? Protect/Swagger/Foresight/Pain Split maybe?
  8. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    Which is better in tower curse or dance tyranitar? He going to be my main sweeper and I c pros and cons to both so any thoughts
  9. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    I'm assuming that a Battle Subway (5th gen Tower) thread will be started upon the release of the English versions of the game? I'm looking forward to it... my chance for true revenge will finally come.

    Also, lol at Jumpman already devising a theoretically-effective BW team. I'm just curious to know if the AI has been improved to actually switch out when locked into ineffective moves, as that would screw up Trick teams.

    I'm not wasting my time retrying the 4th-gen Tower since there won't be much interest in the records here anymore, as evidenced by the less frequent posts.
  10. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    Based on your calculations, assuming that only one of those pokemon are out at any given turn, then Pain Split + Explosion will still KO Shuckle/Regirock/Steelix/Registeel most of the time (and should probably be used instead of Swagger due to accuracy). That said, I guess the moveset is fine. Destiny Bond over Foresight is an option to test out also.

    @ashez: Dance is probably better because many fighting moves will still break sub regardless of how many curses you have, so outspeeding and OHKOing stuff is the better way to go.

    EDIT: actually, maybe not that many, but still, if there are two fighting types in a row with fighting STABS, the first will break sub and if the 2nd one crits it'll be game over... not extremely likely, but why risk that if DD works...
  11. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    @ CD: yh i was leaning towards dd so will start ev training asap...i using him as main sweeper with mismagius as my trick lead so i dont ever have to set up on ground/fight moves, and tar will love setting up on psychic and ghost lol. had a quick run with a random dd tar and my mismagius and easierly got to 50+ but lost to hax raichu currently using suicine CM for my back up and seems to be going ok but electric/grass weakness worrying me lol

    o my completely forgot how latias solves all my problems so she coming in for suicine :)
  12. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    oh well, it´s THAT time of the year again...

    I played doubles last weekend and lost battle #186 on sunday with
    starmie@specs: psychic, surf, ice beam, thunderbolt
    toxicroak@sash: fake out, sucker punch, helping hand, low kick
    latios@life orb: psychic, dragon pulse, thunderbolt, draco meteor
    scizor@expert belt: bug bite, bullet punch, protect, superpower - bred my first scizor ever a week ago lol, fell in love with her (ZARA)

    during the streak I felt like I might get into trouble against electric stuff if I have to switch out mie into latios and it gets paralyzed...other than that, the team felt quite solid considering I just slapped scizorina in there (why breed it if not use it) ... kind of a remake of the slightly more offensive mie-croak-lati-meta from before, much more solid with sash+helping hand on croak > LO+jab (latios and scizor own grass types)

    I lost against a camper with bliss, amphy, ttar and vire
    - switched out mie and KOed blis with LK, thunder paralyzed my incoming latios...foe sent out ttar
    - I opt for low kick on ttar and pulse on amphy, chople saves tar (lol forgot this beep has a shot at surviving a STAB 120 BP fighting move, even with 21 IVs, crazy stuff - lee´s close combat OHKOs the 21 IV one though, but survives with 31 IVs, if lee hits random 85-89 dmg in the formula)
    - ttar kills latios with stone edge (yeah why use crunch), amphy´s thunder does 158/159 due to sash and paralyzes, sandstorm faints croak
    - starmie + scizor
    - now I should´ve played it the risky way (like I almost always do, my style) by surfing unprotected and bug biting amphy to KO both, then protect to get a surf in on a possible fire type (last pokémon) and finish it off with bullet punch or something...
    - I used psychic+bug bite, which fainted amphy but ttar crunched my mie away
    - last pokémon vire had fire punch...game over

    Correct. Hopefully most of us will be still playing pokémon by that time.

    la la la la la ... I mean you shouldn´t play for revenge, play to be the best and to find your frontiers

    lol imagine you doing the standard trick-tw-flash-charm and switching to proper set up poké and the AI switching after the first locked in NVE hit haha

    no I think they didn´t change it (I bet TRE will provide us with that info pretty soon), but things like

    Gastrodon | Bold | Leftovers | Amnesia | Curse | Earthquake | Waterfall | Def/SpD

    if sticky hold, will really make it difficult to set up...no idea what I´d do if this dude started cursing up against latias...yeah probably just flash (assuming you have it) and pray afterwards??? or simply charm and pray it won´t get a CH with one of the 15 waterfalls ???

    a while ago, I started to theorymon how the 2363 team would fare in the subway, but only skimmed through, there are specific threats and things like sacred sword ignoring (I think) your boosts...you definitely don´t want to be naked in front of a leggies trainer with steel lol

    the records are for eternity!!!

    that "that part of the year" comment I started this post with meant I will give singles (as well as doubles) one more try (2363 started on October 4th, 2009), I can´t give up, I´m a fighter
  13. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    @Peterko: When I first read about your team and then the leads you faced, I thought you should have used fake out on Ampharos + Surf. I wasn't sure why you didn't do that actually. Blissey isn't really threatening to OHKO anything, and switching in Double is generally not good. Surf + Fake Out + 2nd turn attacking will KO Ampharos. Like... using your team, I'd usually Fake Out on all electric and grass types unless helping hand surf or surf + another croak move KOs, since Toxicroak has Sash anyway and won't be KO'd first turn.
  14. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    yep, that´s exactly why I lost...looks like I forgot to mention that

    it´s just that blissey magically draws my hand to click a physical fighting move on sight haha and I did that before thinking

    I switch very rarely, croak probably never and mie only if there´s something like a sceptile and I want to fake out its partner or something, I can´t really make general statements with a team like this, as there are too many different scenarios

    anyway, you´ve got a good eye, no wonder with the doubles exp. you have

    I like doubles and I´m kind of annoyed with myself that I didn´t start playing Plat/HG/SS tower doubles much sooner

    I feel there are more options, pokémon-wise, strategy-wise and when battling, the move choices you make (correct damage estimation/knowledge is crucial)...

    it´s fun
  15. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    O MY DAYS.....just had the most hax full match ever!! wish i saved it but turned off ds in rage lol, suffered from 6 flinches, 3misses, and 2 critical hits (only one made any difference) completely shocking!! should have won but never mind hay part the fun of the battle tower :)
  16. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    I know I will.

    I'll play for whatever purposes I like, lol... because, there's a point where any 'fun' that can be derived from the Tower/Frontier turns into monotony... usually the point where the records above yours seem unreachable due to hax.

    Someone had better test this soon with Japanese B/W so we can plan a team in advance...

    That one is bad news for Registeel, but I noticed a lot of amusingly pathetic movesets in the Subway data ripped by TRE. Some of them have completely clashing moves or literally no way to hurt you at all, as though they honestly want to try and waste all your PP.
  17. Kamisutra


    Aug 19, 2009
    Hey guys, I am curious about this, the question has probably been already answered once, but I had no luck finding info via the search function, so I thought I'd ask here.

    In the Battle Hall, how is the total win streak record(the one given by the staff member next to the monitor who will give you BP for improving it) counted in regards to Single and Double records of the same species? What I mean through that is, if I started a Single Battle mode win streak with Blaziken and got 70 wins as record and then made a Double Battle mode team with two Blaziken, and got a 65 win streak with those two, from what I can tell Single and Double records are completely seperate on the display screen, would that mean my total win streak record improves by 135 wins since it's two different modes, or just by 70 since it's the same species?

    Oh and second question related to the first, are Double Battle records counted towards the total win streak record? I ask, because I never tried Double Battle mode in the Battle Hall, but want my Battle Hall total win streak record to reach 10000+ wins, before I buy Pokemon White in Spring.
  18. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
    is a Pokemon Researcher

    May 3, 2005
    Well I don't know about stuff like:
    942 | Voltros | Timid | Choice Band | Thunderbolt | Dark Pulse | Focus Blast | Grass Knot | Spd/SpA

    but a lot of the Pokemon that can't deal damage very well can act as support in a Double Battle. They still appear in Single Battle, though. 942 was probably just a mistake.

    Single only. Adds up your longest streak for each Pokemon species.
  19. Kamisutra


    Aug 19, 2009
    I see, that's a pity, thanks for clarifying though.
  20. Ridley-X4


    Jun 19, 2005
    How's this for a Battle Tower team?

    Vaporeon @ Leftovers
    Baton Pass
    Acid Armor

    Porygon-Z @ Life Orb
    Tri Attack
    Ice Beam

    Garchomp @ Focus Sash
    Fire Fang
    Swords Dance
  21. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
    is a Pokemon Researcher

    May 3, 2005
    Pokemon Black Single Battle Subway

    My Froslass vs Nageki

    Turn #X
    Nageki used Protect. Protect failed. (It used Protect the previous turn)
    Froslass used Trick, Nageki was Tricked a Choice Scarf.

    Turn #X+1
    Froslass switches to Blissey.
    Nageki used Protect.

    Turn #X+2
    Nageki switches out to Dageki
    Blissey used Toxic.

    Isolated incident or does the CPU now sometimes switch when tricked a Scarf? I have no idea at this point but it might be time to starting thinking of new strategies.

    Edit: Here's another one:

    My Froslass vs Gallade

    Turn Y
    Froslass used Trick, Gallade was Tricked a Choice Scarf.
    Gallade uses Swords Dance

    Turn Y+1
    Gallade switches to Shiftry
    Froslass uses Ice Beam
    Shiftry fainted.
  22. ungulateman


    Apr 11, 2009
    Pokemon switch out now when they're Tricked?

    oh shi-
  23. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
    is a Pokemon Researcher

    May 3, 2005
    Not always. I tricked a Scarf on to a Pokemon that used Rest and it just stayed in. Another time I used it on a Spiritomb and locked it into Sucker Punch. It struggled to death. And then there's:

    Gengar vs Choice Scarf Torterra

    Turn 1
    I switch Gengar to Froslass.
    Torterra used Tickle

    Turn 2
    Torterra switches to Nidoking.
    Froslass uses Ice Beam for about 95%.

    Self-inflicted switching.

    I still need to hammer out the details on all of this but they are defintely a lot more willing to switch.
  24. thelaytonmobile


    Jan 26, 2010
    This might make things a lot more difficult. Dream world Shandera or Gochizeru (ie Shadow Tag)?
    Or perhaps the lead will have to Baton Pass Mean Look/Block/Spider Web.
  25. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    Pay attention to the signs! Don´t ignore them! You know you should soft reset you game after the first set of 7 trainers if you continue your streak and the first oponent you see is a PI who starts with 2 QC stone edge activations in a row from regirock, followed by an ice trainer with aboma lead activating them snow hides...then you face a double electric lead and a skuntank/drapion lead, well whatever...

    SoulSilver Battle Tower Doubles Record: 415

    When: October 4th, 2010 - October 11th, 2010
    Battles/Days: 21 + 28 + 35 + 0 + 42 + 140 + 140 + 9

    1. SUPERNOVA2 the Starmie
    Ability: Natural Cure
    Item: Choice Specs*
    Nature: Timid
    IVs: 31/x/31/31/31/31
    EVs: 0/0/0/252/6/252
    Lv.50: 135-84-105-228*-106-183
    ~ Psychic
    ~ Surf
    ~ Ice Beam
    ~ Thunderbolt

    2. LAW the male Toxicroak
    Ability: Dry Skin
    Item: Focus Sash
    Nature: Adamant
    IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31
    EVs: 6/252/0/0/0/252
    Lv.50: 159-173-85-91-85-137
    ~ Fake Out
    ~ Sucker Punch
    ~ Helping Hand
    ~ Low Kick

    3. DRAGON the Latios
    Ability: Levitate
    Item: Life Orb
    Nature: Timid
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    EVs: 6/0/0/252/0/252
    Lv.50: 156-99-100-182-130-178
    ~ Psychic
    ~ Dragon Pulse
    ~ Thunderbolt
    ~ Draco Meteor

    4. ZARA the female Scizor
    Ability: Technician
    Item: Expert Belt
    Nature: Adamant
    IVs: 31/31/31/02/31/31
    EVs: 86/252/4/0/4/164
    Lv.50: 156-200-121-54-101-106
    ~ Bug Bite
    ~ Bullet Punch
    ~ Protect
    ~ Superpower

    It was my second attempt with the same team after losing battle #186 the day before I started this streak.

    Similar to my 626 team, the strategy looks simple on paper, "faint them first" with 14/16 direct damaging moves. It´s not that simple in actual battles, as you need good damage estimation skills or clear knowledge of the damage output (which go hand in hand with the tower movesets and AI behaviour knowledge) to make the right decisions.

    Starmie is great and Surf hitting both oponents makes it arguably even better than the SpecsLatios I used in my 626 streak. The 5 more points in speed are maybe even more important. I only wish it were faster than Raikou, still. Toxicroak does his job wonderfully, Fake Outs stuff, hits ´em hard fighting weaks with Low Kick and finishes stuff off with Sucker Punch. Helping Hand is much, much better than Poison Jab as I don´t have problems with Grass types with the two back there. You have to know what you´re doing between FO/SP/HH and Starmie. Latios is always good and deals a ton of damage (add in a HH and it´s a monster). Scizor is kind of slow, but it saved my butt a few times. Used over Metagross because it 100% one hits lass that killed my 626 streak and Bug Bites Psychics for major damage. I used Superpower only like 3 times total, one was crucial though. Still, would consider changing it for AA (I find myself needing this more often than not) or SD/Roost/Screen no idea...great solid team, but I´ll repeat myself, you have to know what you´re doing or else you might lose pretty fast.

    Well, it´s the 5th highest record in Plat/HG/SS total and second highest pure-offense record (I mean no TR/weather) after my own 626 streak with lee-latios-zap-meta, which is "OK", but I wanted more...of course

    Battle 416 vs PKMN Ranger Alma (pure legendary trainer) (open)

    Mie+Croak vs Latias+Regigigas

    Turn 1:
    - Toxicroak used Fake Out on Latias, it missed
    - Starmie used Surf, 20% dmg on Latias, Dry Skin made Surf useless, Regigigas avoided the attack!
    - Latias used Psychic, Toxicroak´s Sash activated
    - Regigigas used Thunder Wave, paralyzed Toxicroak

    Turn 2:
    - Toxicroak used Sucker Punch, 75% damage to Latias (5% HP left)
    - Starmie used Surf, Latias fainted, 30% dmg to Regigigas, recovers 1/4 of Toxicroak´s HP
    - Regigigas used Aerial Ace, Toxicroak fainted
    - I sent out Latios, foe sent out Raikou (of course the only legend that threatens Starmie with speed tie+OHKO)

    Turn 3:
    - Peterko switched Starmie and brought in Scizor
    - Raikou used Thunderbolt, 60% dmg to Scizor
    - Latios used Dragon Pulse, 70% dmg to Raikou
    - Regigigas used Thunder Wave and paralyzed Scizor

    Turn 4:
    - Scizor used Protect
    - Raikou used Thunderbolt on Scizor, Scizor protected itself
    - Latios used Dragon Pulse, Raikou fainted
    - Regigigas used Thunder Wave and paralyzed Latios
    - foe sent out Entei (of course a fire type to threaten scizor, whatever it was at 40% anyway ._.)

    Turn 5:
    - Scizor used Bullet Punch on Regigigas, 30% dmg (40% HP left)
    - Entei used Fire Fang, Scizor fainted
    - Regigigas used Return on Latios, 40% dmg (40% HP left)
    - Latios want to freaking Dragon Pulse Regifail, but is paralyzed and can´t move!
    - I sent out Starmie

    Turn 6:
    - Starmie used Surf, Entei fainted (all 4 of ´em fall 100% to specs´d 0.75x surf), around 35% dmg to Regigigas (5% HP left), 25% dmg to Latios
    - Regigigas used Return, Latios fainted

    Turn 7: game over, right? riiiiight???
    - Starmie used Surf, Regigigas avoided the phenomenal 100 accurate, specs´d, STAB 100% power Surf!!!
    - Regigigas used Thunder Wave and paralyzed Starmie

    Turn 8: I can still do it! I don´t give up that easily!
    - Big Kahuna Starmie prepares another mighty Surf
    - Regigigas used Confuse ...(me cursing)... Ray
    - come on! Starmie is confused, it hurt itself in its confusion! 12% damage to self

    Turn 9: wait I´m gonna lose this against Regifail itself??? whaaaa...
    - Regigigas used Return, Starmie lives with more than 10% HP!!!
    turned into
    - Starmie is confused, it hurt itself in its confusion! (this is when you heard me screaming lol)
    - lol STAR surfer won´t give up and lived through that!


    Turn 9:
    - Regigigas used Return, Starmie fainted


    sorry that was over the top emotional...my actual anger only lasted a few seconds :)

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