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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Ava john

    Ava john

    Oct 26, 2010
    By winning a certain number of Matches. I suggest the battle Dome, where you need 5 matches to get a symbol.
  2. Pikiwyn


    Aug 22, 2010
    Battle Castle Record

    I added more info and an image to my post
  3. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    do/would the AI switch if been hit by encore/torment?
  4. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
    is a Pokemon Researcher

    May 3, 2005
    No, they don't.
  5. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    Cheers for that, got idea for last try at this tower once me current streak ended, fair play to the people who stick with one/tweaked teams lol I get bored and like trying out new things lol
  6. Battle-Tower Challenger

    Battle-Tower Challenger

    Oct 31, 2008
    So i tried the Wifi Battle Tower in Perl, and had some succes

    Rank: 10
    Streak: 21

    I won the next battle and then i lost to a Scarfed Tyranitar's SE (critical hit :( )
    ( So it's now Rank 9 and Streak 22)

    Once again i used a Umbreon-team.

    @Focus Sash

    ~ Torment
    ~ Charme
    ~ Flash
    ~ Yawn

    252 HP / 252 SpD / 4 Spe

    Annoy the oppenent to hell with this. Then switch or sacrifice it to Gyarados or Abomasnow. Gyarados should almost always be the choice here though.
    Torment worked out nice here. I had Substitute or Captivate on that slot for one time but Torment is very welcome against Zapdos and Choice-attackers. It also helps Gyarados setting up.


    ~ DD
    ~ Waterfall
    ~ Return
    ~ Substitute

    228 HP / 20 ATK / 112 Def/ 148 Spe
    (120 Speed @Lv50)

    Gyarados will destroy almost everything.
    I wanted a very bulky one to let him DD as often as possible.

    @Lum Berry

    ~ Ice Shard
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Swordsdance
    ~ Substitute

    252 ATK / 40 Def/ 216 Spe

    Sometimes, after a Gyaradossweep, there is one Pokemon left because it is holding a Focussash, most likely Garchomp. Hail / Iceshard will finish them. (Hail also removes sandstorm, a wonderful bonus (Bye, Sandveil))

    I had Sub/SD Garchomp in his Position, but it is just bad if you lose the speed tie with all the other garchomps.
    Still not sure wether Abomasnow is worth it. Though it is definetly a better choice than Chomp.

    I have heavy problems if i face a



    as a lead, because Umbreon can not do much against them. Metagrossleads and Abomasnowleads are especially common! :(


  7. Groombridge


    Dec 19, 2007
    Platinum doubles: 260 (37+1 runs)

    Still riding in Platinum. This is a goodstuffs team, inspired by Peterko's epic run. My Rain team was getting hella spanked (so many Signal Beams and Zenbutts), so I randomly pulled some things out of the box to try out.

    Initially, I wanted to test U-turn as a BF doubles move - switching is normally too risky, but perhaps using U-turn might be different. I used Infernape and Zapdos, with Latios and Metagross behind. The idea was to use U-turn to inflict damage and go to a resist: Latios resists Psychic, Water and Ground attacks aimed at Ape, while Meta resists Rock and Ice attacks aimed at Zapdos.

    Did okay, but wasn't too well-planned. Ape used U-turn quite a bit - mostly to hit a Psychic-type and switch to Meta or Lat in one go. U-turn really confuses the AI, and it was invaluable in keeping Ape's Sash intact.

    Zapdos hardly used its U-turn, probably due to its bulk; not that much can OHKO it compared to Ape. Latios and Metagross were reliable as ever.

    When that streak ended, I decided to use goodstuffs again. I kept the same Fake Out/U-turn Ape, and moved Latios up to co-lead. The idea of defensive switching was sound, so I kept Meta behind to eat Psychic, Dragon and Ice attacks.

    But what would block Water and Ground? Most Grasses kind of suck offensively (can't use Shaymin or Celebi), and Latios was so nice in that role... so I just used Latias! In your face, species clause!

    - -
    Here's the team I used.

    Infernape @ Focus Sash ** Wylie
    Naive, Blaze | 190 Atk, 100 SpA, 220 Spe

    Fake Out
    Close Combat

    Every team I post here has a Fighting Fake Out user! (Hariyama, Toxicroak, Infernape). Ape is fast, its CC is incredibly valuable and Fake Out is so useful.

    Overheat is its trump card: after a CC, it gets knocked down to 1HP incredibly easily. This allows it to pull out a Blaze Overheat - powerful enough to OHKO a freaking Registeel.

    U-turn synergises nicely, hitting Psychics and acting as an escape button. Switching out restores SpA from Overheat and brings Fake Out back as well. Also CC defense drops, but whatever.

    Latios @ Life Orb ** Remy
    Timid, Levitate | 6 HP, 252 SpA, 252 Spe

    Dragon Pulse
    Ice Beam
    Draco Meteor

    'Peterko set'. Life Orb for flexibility, with Ice Beam for Grounds; Infernape leading means I need to hit them hard. DP is the main attack, with DM as an emergency 'get off my screen' attack.

    Latias @ White Herb ** Echo
    Timid, Levitate | 6 HP, 252 SpA, 252 Spe

    Draco Meteor
    HP Ground
    Grass Knot

    Latios' understudy. Latias switches into Ape to take Water, Ground and some Psychic attacks (depending on the situation).

    It uses DM with White Herb, which ends up slightly stronger than Latios' LO DP.

    Grass Knot makes it a hard counter for Waters (non-STAB Ice Beams do little damage, even with no HP/SpD EVs).

    Protect is there so Meta can explode, mainly.

    HP Ground is the odd move here. It means Latias isn't walled by Steels, and it came in very handy for finishing Heatran or OHKOing Magnezone.

    Metagross @ Occa Berry ** Lono
    Adamant, Clear Body | 96 HP, 252 Atk, 196 Spe

    Iron Head
    Bullet Punch

    'Peterko set'. Same Meta. The extra speed goes a long way, and Iron Head is so much nicer than Meteor Mash. It's so nice selecting its STAB without getting that sinking feeling. Now, using MM on Meta feels like using Aqua Tail on Gyarados, or Dragon Rush on Garchomp.

    This dude got at least half of his kills from Bullet Punch. I used Explosion maybe twice; once was to drop a Cresselia it could have otherwise taken, but I was in a hurry.

    - -
    Tales of failure

    Quick Claw Rhydon. Classic. Having two Dragon/Psychics does mean double weaknesses, and this thing exploited that.

    Battle 261, Set 4 trainer, Skuntank + Rhydon

    I'll flinch Skuntank and drop Rhydon with an Ice Beam.

    1. Ape FO Skuntank
    Rhydon QC Megahorn Latios, OHKO

    Balls. OK, Latias can drop it with Grass Knot provided that doesn't happen again.

    2. Rhydon QC Megahorn Latias, OHKO
    Ape CC Rhydon, 50% or so
    Skuntank Night Slash Ape, 30% or so

    Megaballs. Meta has to come in and sweep shit. I go for CC/IH and hope no more QC shenanigans.

    I focus fire Skuntank because Meta can take Rhydon if it doesn't QC me. If it does, I've lost anyway. If Tank falls to a crit, then IH takes out Rhydon.

    3. Ape CC Skuntank
    Meta IH Tank, KO
    Rhydon SE Ape, KO

    AI: Rapidash

    Fantastic! A fast Fire-type, just what I need. This is why I use Occa: Meta can eat a Flare Blitz and EQ back, so let's go, fuckers.

    4. Rapidash Flare Blitz Meta, CRITICAL HIT
    Meta EQ, double KO

    Oh, ha ha.

    Meta is in the red. It all comes down to the final poke. I'm hoping for something slow and Steel-weak.

    AI: Raichu


    5. Raichu Volt Tackle KO

    Here's the rub:

    Adamant Raichu 4's Volt Tackle does 42-50%.

    Jolly Rapidash 4's Flare Blitz does 36.9-43.9% to Occa Metagross.
    A crit does 74-88%. Meta was in the red, so call it 83% in the event.

    Without the FB crit, Meta manfully eats the Volt Tackle and KOs back with last-man-standing EQ. (Probably - this was the Brightpowder Raichu, so it may have missed.)

    So that was the hax that cost me the game, not the QC KOs. But still, screw Rhydon for old times' sake.

    I could have flinched Rhydon on turn 1 and Ice Beamed it. Skuntank would probably have KO'ed Latios, but Meta would have cleaned its clock. The game would certainly have been different if either dragon had got a move in :(

    Good fun all the same. I've made some changes to my Rain team to make it hopefully better in the Platinum environment, so I'll give that a go next.
  8. christopher_ 1942

    christopher_ 1942

    Nov 20, 2006
    Phew! What a day in the Battle Hall I've had. Chompsalot, my Garchomp and I had alot of fun. Want to know why? Because Garchomp's Battle record is 196! But that's not all, I now got all the Gold Prints in the Battle Frontier!

    Anyway, here's the moveset for Chompsalot.

    Nature: Adamant
    EV's: 252Atk/252Speed
    Held Item: Focus Sash
    Fire Fang

    This is the order Chompsalot been through.


    I forgot about the Ice types in the Ground class as I go along. But I got them out of the way too, especially the Gastrodon.

    For the Silver Print, Argenta had Muk. Not much to say because one Earthquake got the job done.

    But the Gold Print was interesting. Argenta had Metagross in that battle. Again, weak to Earthquake, but tougher.

    Turn #1:
    Garchomp used Earthquake

    Metagross into the red. Metagross used Light Screen. (I thought she put things easy for me, but...)

    Turn #2:
    Quick Claw took effect!

    Metagross used Meteor Mash.

    Garchomp to the yellow. Garchomp used Earthquake.

    Metagross fainted! Gold Print awarded!

    Now think about it, if Metagross used Meteor Mash instead of Light Screen on the first turn. The Quick Claw would take effect on the second turn and Garchomp would faint. I was kinda lucky there. Really.

    After 170 wins. I've gone for the type advantadges first and the disadvantadges last. Yes, that means Ice types last.

    I thought that Garchomp done it's job when it's left with Dark and Ice because of Weavile. But that Pokemon didn't show up luckily. The Ice type had an Abomasnow which surprisingly faints by one Fire Fang on Garchomp.

    Everything was going well until Garchomp got drawn to a Steel type Pokemon that retaliates.

    It's this Pokemon!

    H449 | Bronzong | Quiet | Leftovers | Extrasensory | Flash Cannon | Trick Room | Protect | Def/SpA

    Now there are reasons why this Pokemon is dangerous.

    1. It has Trick Room and Extrasensory which causes a flinch to the Pokemon when Trick Room is up.

    2. I had no idea if Bronzong had Heatproof or Levitate.

    This is how Garchomp lost against it.

    Turn #1:
    Garchomp used Fire Fang (because I thought it has Levitate)

    Bronzong down to the yellow. (That means it has Levitate.) Bronzong used Trick Room. Heals with Leftovers.

    Turn #2:
    Bronzong used Flash Cannon.

    Garchomp down to yellow. Sp.Def drops! (That costs my streak.)

    Garchomp used Fire Fang. Bronzong to red. Heals with Leftovers.

    Turn #3:
    Bronzong used Extrasensory.

    Garchomp faints!

    And that's the battle.

    Shame though, if the Sp.Def didn't drop, Garchomp could have increased the streak a bit more...
    If you want to see it? Here's the Video No: 58-31729-87142.

    So, that's how Chompsalot, my Garchomp got a streak of 196. A very good streak indeed to be on the Hall Of Fame. I'll never get rid of this Pokemon, EVER!

    Thanks for reading my result.
  9. Apfelflapfe


    Nov 9, 2010
    Yes, I am om the list!

    Heartgold Battle Factory Single Record (Level 50): 37 wins

    This record took about 50 game hours. Now that I am finally on the list I could say it was worth it, because you will get better at this. The six pokemon you can choose from very much influence your chances per round. Each round gets harder, and the seventh battle of each round is always at the next round's level.

    Round three ends with the first boss, and you really need to be lucky on which pokes the boss has. Some of the stronger pokes in round three are waterfall sharpedo/surf pelipper/thunderbolt elactabuzz/flamethrower magmar. Still, the first boss will have pokes that outclass yours, examples of which are: dragon claw dragonite/night slash weavile/surf golduck/ice beam kingdra.

    If you get past the boss, the fourth round is relatively easy. In this streak I got lucky with a nice sand stream choice scarf tyranitar and a sand veil gliscor. The third poke switched constantly to try to cover the team's weaknesses. Muddy water gastrodon and bug bite forretress did really well. Forretress only had one weakness, fire. Although gliscor's earthquake and tyranitar's decent defenses had other pokes to be worried about. Any double team user always caused my heart to bounce to my throat.

    How I lost:

    raichu/slowbro/vileplume VS.

    Should have known that raichu would be slower than aerodactyl.. Earthquake KO.

    Slowbro came in, took thunder fang like a man and used trick room. Surf KO'ed the lightning-fast fossil.

    There's golem, and wtf, he is slower than slowbro! Flung it's iron ball and there goes my hero. This rock poke totally took me by surprise.

    Vileplume took an earthquake and KO'ed golem.

    In came blaziken.. I have one shot, which is Hyper Beam..

    Hyper Beam does .. 95%, and blaziken has an easy job kicking me out of my streak, end of story!
  10. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    anyone working on anything?? or is the thread slowerly dieing?? :(
  11. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    I've been busy with school.

    But um, recently I tried a trick team with Mismagius - Drapion - Gyarados. That went fine except I totally misplayed a lead (Infernape)... where I should have just Memento first turn instead of Tricking.

    Mismagius was standard @Scarf - Trick / Memento / Flash / Twave
    Drapion was standard except holding Lum instead of Leftovers/Black Sludge. Lum-Rest was just as good as leftovers I find. In cases, even better than leftovers, but mostly around the same.
    Gyarados was Impish with 252 HP 252 Def DD/Sub/Waterfall/Return. Most of the time it can set up on pretty much any physical move except electric ones. Most non-STAB stone edges don't even break Gyarados's sub after Memento + 1 Intimidate.

    Anyway I don't even remember what streak I lost at, but it wasn't extremely high. 100-something.

    Then right now I'm just using Zapdos+SashElectivire Double battle lead. Kind of fun. At 63 streak right now. Most of the time the other two pokemon in the team don't even need to be used (It's been two of Dragonite/Metagross/Gyarados/Flygon for now for the other 2 pokemon in team). Zapdos has HP Grass but almost never used, so I'm not sure if I should even use it (it has HP Grass/Thunderbolt/Discharge/Heatwave right now). That's all the updates I got. :)
  12. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    I'm currently trying out mis lead but with tyran so I never get hit by ground or fight and love setting up on miss weaknesses (Dragon dance), but strugling to find suitable 3rd member, any ideas?

    And on the discharge team, on my run I tried electrive and zap but found chomp so much better, but would strongly recommend jolteon worked wonders for me great revenge killer, if your interested its on the leader board.

    Good luck glad i'm not only one still interested lol
  13. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    I tried something similar to Mis lead with Tyranitar before (I had Jumpluff Encore Memento lead with Trick Scarf Mis + Tyranitar)... and ... It's actually *good* in that I was actually able to fully set up almost every single time, but I just lost at <150 twice due to hax, once was where Tyranitar's Earthquake missed Lax Incense Jolteon FOUR times in a row. The other time was where Gliscor's Sandveil kicks in and gets its Earthquakes in while Tyranitar misses twice. That was the time when I realized Tyranitar's just not worth trying for because Sandveil is going to screw me over eventually.

    Chomp is probably better, but I don't like chomp, so screw that. Electivire has a higher attack anyway (since it can be Adamant instead of Jolly, and still outspeed everything after a discharge boost). I'm not saying Electivire's the best or anything, but I don't really have other pokemon bred up or caught other than Flygon and Jolteon. I've tried Flygon already, and while it functions ok, it's also not as fun as Electivire.

    Believe me, I've had enough of my share of Jolteon in various Single and Doubles teams. It's good as a revenge killer, but in terms of having a team with Zapdos... I don't see the benefit, offensively, to have both Zapdos and Jolteon since coverage is nearly identical. I've been using Dragonite and Metagross because both are really good revenge killers with their priorities, and Metagross can just explode to turn things around (it can take hits better than Scizor and can EQ or Rockslide for coverage). I'll see how far I get. I have a ton of team ideas thought out but don't have the time to breed for them.

    EDIT: O yeah, if you don't mind using something that's been totally overdone using already, Registeel would be a good 3rd pokemon. It's good for any Trick-Scarf strategy team, really.
  14. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    really freaky lol i'm also currently working on a encore/sleep powder jumpluf in doubles to allow partner to set up lol but still work in progress lol. cheers for the heads up on ttar will keep me wits about me ha.

    yh i hated chomp and mainly used him because i couldnt get electrive to work and chomp just slotted in but think i might retry with a mamoswine or something to be slightly different lol, i c ur point about jolteon, i mainly used one as he countered pokes that caused me problems like aero/frosslass etc guess slightly biased jolt one me fav ever pokes lol.

    atm my head racing with team ideas i just not the best at pulling it off lol but currently working on 3 teams lol just testing and trail n error atm.

    i did want to be orginal hint the 1st two pokes i picked but i guess registeel would be a suitable partner, spec since no ground/fight attacks coming in and ttar can handle fire okish lol might have to give that a try due to me trying all the ideas i had lol have to do research into how to use a registeel tho never tried one ha
  15. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    Oh I'm not so sure about Sleep Powder Jumpluff (lol yes, i know Sleep Powder is standard on Jumpluff for competitive battling) due to its accuracy.

    Jolteon's one of my favorite pokemon too. That's why I used him so much in the past. But yeah, I want to try something different.

    I was planning on using a Mamoswine too, but just haven't got around to breeding for one, and I'm not so confident about it too.

    Um yeah, I just lost my double tower streak to an ice team (Abomasnow lead) after 3 misses on the Snow Cloak Glaceon. Pretty annoying, but o well. Makes me want to use a weather team again.

    One of the things with using both Registeel and Tyranitar is that they might be competiting for the same items (Leftovers). Also, it's a bit tough if Mismagius fails to use trick (or there's always sticky hold Gastrodon with ground move). So just keep those in mind, and you can probably play around with it. Also, Mold Breaker Pinsir might use Earthquake on Mis.
  16. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    on the pluff i used wide lens or what ever item is called lol, sleeper powder one i saw as more threat or less likely to set up then if there partner sets up encore or if not powder lol, if using swords dance or nasty plot only needs to keep both oppounents busy for 3turns then eat +6 slide/quake +helping hand...dangerous shit lol. just aint got the balence right as yet.

    jolteon just a machine lol and same reason i aint tried mamo yet is it brings so many problems with it just wish there were more speedy grounds lol

    dam that loss haxy i never met much hax on my run in truth but agaisnt ice leads/teams i would protect that heatwave/discharge then finish off with same plus rock slide but even that would struggle with them misses lol, but some reason i really dont like weather teams y i went for discharge and i seriously cant get hang of trick room haha.

    i'm currently running lum on ttar so it can come in on t-wave etc, one problem i had on last few runs was lead garchomp@whiteherb caint member if it beat me or i struggled but lossing miss to memto for nothing hurt lol

    i see the earthquake problem so had a look around and what you think of a slight twist on registeel using - brozong with calm mind,iron defence,sub, iron head? and run heatproof?
  17. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    I think you mean flash cannon, not iron head. I used that before also (lol I tried quite a few things) but with Levitate. It's ok, but wouldn't get pass Heatran, ... But with Heatproof, maybe that will work better.

    Bronzong can't afford to have more sp Def than Def in that case though (for Download Porygon-Z boosting Attack instead of SpA), since for that it will be Calm with 176 Def 80 Sp Def, but Garchomp/Mamoswine will still have a pretty good chance to break Bronzong's sub even at +6 (Rhyperior is pretty much guaranteed, and Marowak will break Bronzong's Sub even with 252 HP 252 Def Bold). So, probably can't really account for Marowak.

    Other 4x resisted pokemon with ground moves (like physical Empoleon) might still be a bit of problem since they are 5HKO'd or something like that even at +6 SpA. I'm not sure, haven't done calcs. Crits on no sub are more likely when you only 4 or 5HKO.

    I think... in general, Bronzong will face the same type of problem Registeel faces, but more because it is not as bulky. Having Flash Cannon instead of Iron Head is good for avoiding the Flame Body burn though, even if it doesn't happen often, but at the same time, it will have to PP-Stall softboiled Blissey (even at +6, Flash Cannon does pathetic damage to Blissey).

    Also, coming in on Twave? It shouldn't ever have to come in on T-wave other than vs Jolteon and other electric immunes, because Mismagius would Trick, Twave, Memento. Tyranitar would come in and sub before the twave since opponent is paralyzed. For Jolteon, I usually just Trick, Flash 6 times and then memento and then try to set up with Gyarados. If Gyarados is unfortunately paralyzed first turn even after 6 flashes, then I go to Drapion which has rest anyway so doesn't mind. But hasn't happened yet. Maybe I'll just try to use Mismagius-Drapion-Gyarados again and try not to totally misplay.
  18. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    hmmm maybe brozong aint the answer then, cheers for that. o yh did mean flash cannon ha. think i'l give a registeel ago when i can get one, but shouldnt be much a problem, and see how it goes, just wan2 be original haha

    o my every idea i seem to have you've used or also concidered ha!

    when i said coming in on t-wave, if i lock a poke into t-wave or something similar i t-wave back then switch to ttar take the t-wave cure it then sub to set up. so i got miss a deathfolder to scout or mayb get a move in but unlikely unless thats a foolish way to be doing it? (inpatient is me how you lot use drapion i duno lol)

    i enjoyed using gyara in tower didnt get to far because was very foolish back then ha! but used him on a metagross trick lead, so i could come in on the fight/ground/fire attacks and enjoyed it but just new it wasnt going to get me anywhere lol

    looks like we the only 2 left :P ha!
  19. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    I guess that's up to your preference (to switch to Ttar or just Memento). I think having the Lum intact is much more valuable than having Miss as death fodder though. If your Ttar has EQ (or rest), it's less of an issue I guess (since all Static and Flame body pokemon are weak to EQ). If it doesn't though, saving the Lum is definitely worth that Memento.
  20. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    yh me ttar running dd/sub/quake/crunch so static etc not really a problem, thinking of wacking a Hp restoring berry on him because tried out the mis just mememtoin and did seem better thus making lum pointless.

    managed to get hold of a decent registeel prob saved but o well no other way i coulda got one lol, so started a streak and was going really well then as you said pinsir would pull me down lol i missplayed and misclicked, misclicked to trick the scarf so i then memento'd tried cursed twice with regi went for the sub then hit by a crit, followed by bringing in ttar manage to get 2 dds so though might have a chance i got crit cunch for it to bring out the sand hippo, he must have ran quick claw or something because it quaked b4 i did :( duno if it woulda ko'd anyway so aint fussed lol will start again later tonite.
  21. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    Sorry to say this, but can you try to type out your sentences a bit better? They are just a bit hard to read through and understand sometimes. I think I got most of it, but yeah, now that I think about this, having both Tyranitar and Registeel might not be such a good idea because of their lack of reliable recovery. Having one pokemon with access to rest/recover/slack off/roost is probably better. MAYBE Ttar @ Lum with DD/Crunch/Sub/Rest if you want to keep Ttar. With rest that justifies having Lum. Mold Breaker Earthquake potential problem will still be there though, and I still totally dislike Ttar simply because of Sandveil.

    I mean, my recent Double loss was due to missing Snow Cloak Glaceon 3 times too, which is the same type of deal. Ttar's sandstream just promotes for that hax to happen.
  22. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    sorry was in rush when wrote that and on me phone so never write proper then lol

    after playing around i think i am going to swap ttar for a poke with reliable recovery because ttar just isnt really pulling his weight and i'm also starting to worry about sandveil after few unimportant misses today, so i think its time i replaced him.

    unsure who to bring in atm, and might try out another one of my ideas before i try this one again. btw cheers for sugguesting registeel actually really started to like him, just havent got used to using him as yet, but hate being so slow its OHKO bait ha!

    cheers for everything. neway enough about me hows your streaks going?
  23. ungulateman


    Apr 11, 2009
    My streaks are going horribly because your spelling is destroying the higher-functioning sections of my brain.

    Also I can't SR for a decent Uxie to save my life.
  24. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    I haven't had time to play since Nov 21. A ton of things work well with Registeel simply because Registeel has a lot of good resistances. Flying Dragons provide the best resistances but of course... that's only going to make the team unoriginal, so yah, hard to be creative there...

    EDIT: When winter break starts (soon) I'm going to try to see how Intimidate Switch-Scarf Arbok Lead does. Too bad it doesn't get more (accurate) support moves, but I'll see what I can make of it. Switcheroo/Glare/Gastro Acid/Torment probably... or, actually maybe something else which I'll keep to myself for now (since it probably won't work lol).
  25. sasuke_man1


    Jul 19, 2009
    battle tower is pretty fun in hg/ss...i just never had the time to try to go really far :P

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