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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Ominous Fyre

    Ominous Fyre

    Jul 2, 2009
    Verum, I had my own pokemon, but losing everything in my Pearl has lowered me down a few notches, right now I'm rebuilding my Dusknoir. Each one is painstaking to rethink up of, along with EV's etc. I just wanted a quick route to a gold symbol. Btw why would EQ work better on Sharpedo? It is still a physical attack, but with less power.
  2. Scepticallistic


    Oct 15, 2008
    It doesn't make contact, so you don't take Rough Skin damage.
  3. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    i use EQ on sharpedo too, because of rough skin! its so frail it usually does the trick.

    anyway, im using salamence and have gone to 210 at the moment (battle hall). i failed to reach 170 five times previously though.

    first time: against dusclops at battle 70ish - outrage doesnt quite kill it, ice punch almost kills me (i had focus sash anyway). then second turn, quick claw ice punch, gone.

    second time: identical dusclops scenario dammit. dusknoirs have always been less troublesome though - i do >50% with outrage, and it curses itself to death.

    third time: a normal poke like clefable uses an ice move - i survive (focus sash) but get frozen, and die next turn.

    fourth time: against a gastrodon - i was using a special mence because i was doing the ground types. turn one - draco meteor misses, blizzard hits. turn two - draco meteor misses, muddy water finishes me.

    fifth time: focus sash weavile with ice shard. nuff said.

    so anyway, i'll see how i go from here. pretty boring pokemon - salamence - focus sash - jolly - outrage, earthquake, aerial ace, rock slide. im thinking of changing to a mixed mence, since all you really need is two turns, and focus sash (almost) guarantees that. and possibly even breeding for hp grass because of all the ground/water types that cause me problems. basically its a matter of luck - its only a matter of time before i come up against that weavile that i have zero chance of beating (rock slide flinch??)

    EDIT: i actually just realised that this puts me on "the list". i'll try and get up to 303 :D

    EDIT: ah bugger, i spoke too soon. after a close call with a purugly in match 211 (body slam paralysed me) i lost to an umbreon in battle 212. heres how it went:
    1. sucker punch (about 30hp damage), outrage (about 45%), leftovers.
    2. outrage (close to a KO), moonlight, leftovers.
    3. outrage (still fails to KO), moonlight, leftovers. confused due to fatigue.
    4. hurt in confusion, moonlight. (no leftovers, now at full health)
    5. hurt in confusion, facade.
    6. hurt in confusion, facade. i'm down to 17 hp here.
    7. still confused, but i outrage, facade, leftovers. i survived with 1hp! and if i get a crit next turn i win.
    8. snaps out of confusion, outrage (barely misses KO). facade. over.
    why no sucker punch on turn 8 i wonder? anyway....

    i saved the battle, and will put it up on youtube, perhaps along with some other ends to streaks ive recorded. i'll also show the record on the video for proof of the streak.
  4. Shiny Regice

    Shiny Regice

    Jun 27, 2009
    Thanks Calisto. I'll get to work on that. I had a feeling Metagross may be too weak. His defences were too low and one Flamethrower was almost all that needed to take him out.
  5. Ominous Fyre

    Ominous Fyre

    Jul 2, 2009
    Bozo, that Umbreon is killer... just try to destroy it, Usually i use EQ a few times followed by Outrage. Right now I'm trying to think up of something yet to be seen... not much luck.
  6. Ominous Fyre

    Ominous Fyre

    Jul 2, 2009
    Oh right... How do you get un-breadables (ex:Latios) with such good IVs and nature?
  7. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    you soft reset forever, utilize RNG abuse, or trade, all while remembering not to double post in this thread especially if it's not about a record
  8. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    well, from the small amount of hp at the end of two outrages, im thinking adamant outrage would probably have 2HKO'd it. and ive just learnt (front page) that there is only one of everything in the battle hall, so even though the garchomp would outrun me, he doesnt have a focus sash, meaning i could beat it - fear of a sashed garchomp was the main reason i chose jolly over adamant. so adamant salamence might be a possibility. other than that, yeah i can see that if i knew what the umbreon was, i could have used earthquake to get rid of moonlight, and then used outrage (or just more EQ's) as he barely dented me with intimidated sucker punch or facade.

    it is very well documented that the emerald RNG is exploitable - see mingot's threads. i myself used a shiny timid latios with IVs of 15 / 10 / 13 / 22 / 23 / 31, which i assure you was not hacked. even better non-shiny ones exist - negator's 29/x/29/29/31/31 one comes to mind.
  9. Ominous Fyre

    Ominous Fyre

    Jul 2, 2009
    Where can that thread be found?
  10. drcossack

    drcossack I'm everywhere, you ain't never there

    Apr 21, 2009
    Ruins of Alph, Ever Grande City Subforum

    (btw, that's something that should go in Simple Questions/Simple Answers)
  11. Ominous Fyre

    Ominous Fyre

    Jul 2, 2009
    I probably seem like a total idiot, I'm sorry. I won't post again or play Pokemon.
  12. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    dont be an idiot (referring to the second sentence).
  13. Greenhoody


    Jul 3, 2009
    Well, I'm pretty new to the forums and all, but I do lurk on the main site.

    Anyway, after a few trial and errors, I've made it to 77th streak (and still going~)

    My team consists of:

    Gyarados w/ Expert Belt or Leftovers
    Jolly 4HP/252Atk/252Spd
    Dragon Dance
    Ice Fang

    A standard Gyara lead. I don't really use DD much, but with its plentiful of Super Effective moves makes it pretty useful. If its anything that I know that I can 1 hit or 2 hit ko, I usually keep it in. I had Expert Belt for most of the first 50, but then I saw the damage Sandstream does, and replaced it for Leftovers. The only time I really switch is with threats that are either faster than me, electric types, or rock moves. (God dammit Gallade) Gyarados is definite Electric bait, so if I see anything that I know has an eletric move, I switch to..

    Garchomp w/ Yache Berry
    Jolly 252 Atk/4 Def/252 Spd
    Swords Dance
    Fire Fang

    You know what this is. Its probably one of the most used Pokemon in every Battle Facility. There isn't much to say about this guy, since well, there isn't much to be left to the imagination. Switch this in on electric types (or after Genger Destiny Bonds) and set up if needed. (Rarely. Outrage either 1HKOs or 2HKOs almost everything that doesn't resist it)

    Finally, the big badass:

    Gengar w/ Focus Sash
    Timid 4 HP/252 Sp.Atk/252 Spd
    Destiny Bond
    Focus Blast
    Shadow Ball

    There isn't much that resist Gengar. (cept Bug) I send this sucker in basically for everything my Gyarados can't handle. (Bulky Waters and Zapdos) With the Focus Sash, I'm able to switch in without worry, and with Gengar's speed, I pretty much outspeed everything in the BT.

    There aren't too many big threats to this team, but then again, I haven't seen any Regitrios yet. Anyhow, I'll tackle the Tower once more in a few days, but for now, I gotta beat that damned Factory. Thank you for your time, guys.
  14. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009
    New Trick Lead!

    Been playing Battle Frontier forever and getting frustrated? Want to punch your DS because all their leads always have super effective moves against anything you start off with? Or can you live with the super effective moves and your streak gets destroyed by some crazy critical hits time after time? No more!

    I proudly present a pokemon I haven't seen on any of the Battle Tower teams yet, but with a great amount of potential:

    Spiritomb @ Choice Scarf
    Nature: Impish/Bold
    Trait: Pressure
    EVs: 252 Hp, 124 Def, 132 Sp. Def

    - Trick
    - Grudge
    - Protect
    - Taunt

    Spiritomb is Ghost/ Dark type so with no weaknesses whatsoever, so you don't have to worry about those super effective hits that always seem to be on the most random of pokemon you encounter in the Battle Tower. Look at it as double stalling potential compared to other pokemon with similar stats.

    This is somewhat lessened by the fact that the defences capabilities are significantly lower than other common bulky Psychic Trick leads like Cresselia and Latias. The lack of decent Speed is also a factor that should be taken into consideration. Although not always important, it means that even with Choice Scarf, the opponents will still be able to switch attacks at turn 2 which is particularly annoying if the opponent would have been locked in a non-damage move. On the other hand, it does help out against things like U-turn and Baton Pass on turn 1, which can be problematic for Trick teams.

    The moveset:

    - Trick seems pretty obvious, try and Trick your opponent so they are stuck in one move and proceed to hurt their offense in every way you can to set up.

    - Grudge is actually a fantastic move on a Trick lead. First you Trick them and if they fail to 2-hit you, then you keep using Grudge and their PP will be brought down to 0 when they kill Spiritomb. Then you will have 5 turns to set up your sweeper whilst the opponent can do nothing but a lowly Struggle. The damage this deals is easily neutralised by something like Leftovers.

    This move is the main reason why Spiritomb is a great Trick lead as it is even better than Memento because it completely removes their attack from the equation, not only reduces it. This also takes care of those pesky critical hits than crop up so incredibly often.

    - Protect is here to take full advantage of Spiritomb's ability: Pressure. Because of the low speed, White Herb/ Power Herb pokemon with a strong 5 PP move are likely to deal serious damage to Spiritomb before Grudge can be used. Then you can Protect on turn 2, die on turn 3 and have stalled them out of PP, ready to set up your next sweeper. Protect also has other uses such as against OHKO moves (Ghost type already takes care of Selfdestruct, Explosion and Horn Drill :D).

    - Taunt is not exactly a killer move but works as a nice filler as no other option really stood out (maybe I overlooked something). However, it is useful if your opponent is locked into a status move that you don't want your sweeper to be affected with. Just use Taunt and switch the next turn, your opponent will be forced to Struggle for a couple of turns. This gives you time to set up a substitute and and avoid the status move.

    Things to watch out for:

    - Critical hits in the first two turns may take out Spiritomb before he can start his Trick-Grudging. So definitely be ready for this and have decent physical or special defence pokemon to absorb the hits ready when it does happen.

    - If the opposing pokemon is faster and uses a stats enhancing move on the first turn like Swords Dance or Nasty Plot, make sure your team won't get cleaned if they can OHKO Spiritomb next. As before, just have a physical/ special defence pokemon ready to absorb hits while setting up. You could maybe try to get one of the legendary birds with Protect and Fly in their moveset to stall them out of PP.

    - Thunder Wave or an accuracy reducing move right away may mess up this strategy in some cases because Trick may fail. Although far less of a threat than the first two, you should be aware of this problem.

    Can't think of any others off the top of my head but there are probably some other things I forgot.

    In conclusion, Spiritomb may have deceptively low stats, but with proper EV investment and even 3 immunities, this evil spirit is significantly more resilient than one would normally expect. With the stunning combo of Trick-Grudge your opponent will have a very hard time to beat you if he can't take you down in two hits. Because Spiritomb has no type weakness and nor does this strategy, it allows a lot of versatility for your final 2 pokemon. Maybe this is one of those time to take Regigigas on board, a true beast once he gets going!

    Although I haven't tested this strategy out yet because at the moment I don't have the time to breed a high IV Spiritomb with Grudge, I think the theory behind this should work as long as I didn't overestimate Spiritomb's defence stats. Also, I have a decent team at the moment already and won't start a new one until it fails me. So if anyone has the time and would like to test this out, please do and let me know how it goes.

    In case you want to know:

    With perfect IVs at lvl 50, a Bold Spiritomb with the suggested IVs will have:

    HP: 157
    Att: 100
    Def: 158
    Sp Att:112
    Sp Def:145
    Spe: 55
  15. darkseeker4


    Nov 24, 2008
    Grudge imo is no were near as good as memento but then again maybe i have underestimated it!

    You will have a hard time against salamance using outrage or garchomp for even if you do pp/stall them then 50 bp struggle of that attack stat can still break a few subs!

    And question about an uxie lead.

    Would not this ev spread be better for trick-->t-wave-->memento uxie?
    252 hp/252 spe/6 def
    giving you the speed to outrun stuff and memento faster?
  16. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009
    I guess Grudge is very different to Memento, but when you have pokemon with decent physical defence that you are setting up Struggle doesn't cause much trouble. Maybe I am biased because I always use physical defence pokemon like Suicune, Scizor, Regigigas... This in turn this tends to attract special sweepers, so powerful Struggles haven't come up for me. I've only ever seen one Salamence and maybe half a dozen Garchomps or so. But if you run Protect on your sweeper with Leftovers, surely they won't deal more than 1/8 every Struggle?

    As far as my attempts in Battle Tower go, I think that the move Struggle is not what lose you battles because then you are pretty much 'safe' to set up and sweep already. For example a Scizor will go SD, SD, SD, Roost, Sub, Sweep! It is when they are locked in decent offensive moves and land critical hits before you have set up, you are screwed. Your lead will be sacrificed for the Trick, your sweeper killed, leaving your third in command to try and clean up the mess. No amount of Memento is going to stop those critical hits, whilst Grudge can (critical hit struggle = LOL).

    Obviously the weak stats of Spritomb will eventually come back to mess with you, those outragers are definitely one of them (although you can try to protect on turn 2 and hope they injure themselves in confusion!). But I will test the Spiritomb thing out in a few weeks if nobody else has, maybe I was completely wrong about this and the defences on Spiritomb are not made for this sort of build.

    About Uxie Spread:

    Uxie can pretty much outspeed most threats holding Choice Scarf already (Bug Buzz Yanmega, Electrode and Jolteon being exceptions for my team). But even then, these guys only pose a threat with a lot of luck.

    The thing is, it doesn't really matter much how quick Uxie is to Memento them. After Thunder Wave, it can outspeed anything in the Battle Tower anyway. Even if I can't paralyse them, I usually won't outspeed them now that they are holding Choice Scarf so I don't think Speed EV investment is that beneficial unless you are catering for specific troublesome pokemon.

    I guess whether you do want to invest in Speed depends on what the rest if your team is and its threats. If a Slash => U-turn Persian is a huge threat to your team for example (just hypothetical of course!), then you have perfectly good reason to invest in enough speed EVs to outspeed it.

    Because of the large penalties/bonuses to Speed in Thunder Wave and Choice Scarf, Speed EV investment won't be significant enough most of the time. I would just put my EVs into the stats that will keep me alive long enough instead. Which reminds me, I probably need to move some EVs from Def to Sp. Def because I have been taking Shadow Balls and Signals Beams in like 80% of my battles...
  17. Cool Ivysaur

    Cool Ivysaur

    Aug 2, 2006
    I recently achieved a Battle Factory streak of 39(single,open level)

    I had:
    Garchomp | Jolly | Brightpowder | Dragon Claw | Earthquake | Double Team | Sandstorm | Atk/Spe
    Metagross | Adamant | Occa Berry | Hammer Arm | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Aerial Ace | Atk/Def
    Kingdra | Adamant | Lum Berry | Waterfall | Outrage | Iron Head | Dragon Dance | HP/Atk

    I certainly could avoid losing but as usual i overpredicted...

    Trainer 40 leads with a starmie,so i desided to switch to metagross as i thought an ice beam/blizzard was coming(i also thought that it was faster than chomp) and the starmie kills meta with a surf+crit.It was this one:

    Starmie | Modest | Wise Glasses | Surf | Psychic | Power Gem | Signal Beam | SpA/Spe
    I sent out kingdra hoping to KO with Outrage,but it instantly got killed by Psychic+crit..(F** hax)
    Garchomp goes out and kills the shit with 2 EQs,and then it gets killed by a Tangrowth with Power Whip....(used Double team last turn since there was no chance to KO and had only 139hp left after starmie).
    Game over.

    I badly want the gold,so wish me luck for the next one...!
  18. darkseeker4


    Nov 24, 2008
    @calisto,Wow.you've become a pro quite fast but dont underestimate a Crit struggle as a crit struggle did 50% to jumps latios when I used his 3L team in plat and that from a blaziken!
    Im sure spiritomb is viable but what if you setup scizor and the second poke is heatran.no superpower means GG.
    Anyways.I may try the spiritomb as it seems worth a shot if calisto lets me but I would need a little advice on the setup sweepers?Perhaps DD-tar to get rid of sasher's and DDmence/scizor?
    I have alot of time on my hands and am more then happy to do it as my arcade streak just ended at 50 so new streak 49!

    Battle Arcade single : 49 wins

    252 spe/252 att/6 hp
    ~Fire fang
    ~Ariel Ace

    248 hp/156 def/100 sp.def/6 spe

    Thanks peterko for this wonderful skarm.

    252 hp/252 def/6sp.def

    all my pokemon get choicespecs then i get frozen by ice beam when i switch in bliss and take crit surf's.So gay!
  19. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009
    Love the idea of Tyranitar! I always wanted one to use on my Battle Tower team but I never got round to making a decent one. The massive base stats are definitely good for the "risky" strategy with Spiritomb who can be taken out easier than other bulky Trick leads. This may mean they are stuck in a stronger move than Struggle so Tyranitar's big defence stats are definitely welcome.

    The only drawback I see in using Tyranitar for this strategy is that Sandstorm will cost you an extra turn setting up against Struggling pokemon because the opposing pokemon will die a turn earlier (obviously not all of them). This means you can only get a boost of x3 with Dragon Dance against a struggling pokemon as opposed to the maximum of x4. However if they are stuck in Struggle, you can just set up your 3rd pokemon with a more efficient move like Swords Dance or Nasty Plot. So there is no real loss if the Spiritomb strategy works, but a lot to gain with such a monster on your team if it doesn't.



    Leftovers is probably the good item to give here because then you can recover some of the damage you should be ready to receive after the Trick lead. With the 50% Sp. Def boost as well as impressive Base HP and defences it should be enough to regenerate a lot of the damage dealt. In addition, it saves you an extra moveslot for a recovery move which you probably can't afford.


    Dragon Dance is self explanatory.

    Protect may not seem like something you want on a Tyranitar for a 1v1 battle but I have a few reasons why it could be a good idea.

    1) When facing a damage move, Protect can help you double your HP recovery with Leftovers for every attack of the opponent. Something that can definitely be useful. Be careful when using it on a Struggling opponent though because it will cost you a turn due to the Sandstorm damage! (If you really need to use it on a pokemon that is not resistant to Sandstorm, 2 Protects is optimal)

    2) Against anything with Focus Sash and Focus Band. You will want Sandstorm damage to take place before your attack or they can just rape your Tyranitar with things like counter. So just Protect on turn one to damage some HP and kill them the following turn. After setting up the only things that can stop this I think are: Weavile, gliscor, bastiodon, rhyperior, aggron and nidoking.

    3) You may want to PP stall or damage an opponent with sandstorm. Scouting a new opponent's moveset or even fighting a pokemon locked in a 2-turn move may benefit from Protect.

    Other than these two, you probably want two strong physical moves as fillers. You won't always be able to set up to the max so you should make up for it with with strong moves that have a good type coverage. You'll probably end up with something like this:

    Tyranitar @ Leftovers
    Nature: Adamant
    Trait: Sandstream
    EVs: 252 Att, 6 Hp, 252 Def

    - Dragon Dance
    - Protect
    - Physical Attack
    - Physical Attack

    With Sandstorm's 50% Sp. Def bonus, Tyranitar's Sp. Def is probably high enough anyway. Speed shouldn't be necessary as you are Dragon Dancing. Obviously you want to maximise attack. Get 252 in Def to maximise your overall physical defence. If you feel Sp. Def moves are giving you too much trouble, just shift some Def EVs to HP or Sp. Def.

    Third pokemon

    Scizor/ Gyarados/ Salamence all seem good alternative. Intimidate can be good if you are setting up vs Struggle or taking care of a Steel move. The intimidaters also have the advantage of Ground immunity and Water resistance, which Scizor is less resistant to. On the other hand, Swords Dance is a much better move to use to set up than DD (which honestly takes forever).

    Scizor is excellent to set up vs. Struggle in addition to good resistances and physical defence. Run something like SD, Sub, BP, Roost and this will be a killer team. The only problem is that this leaves you open to hefty water attacks and even Ground moves.

    Salamence/ Gyarados are pretty much the same except Gyarados is slightly better in resisting water attacks whilst Salamence has a better move pool and attack stat. They are better defensively than Scizor but not as good in setting up. They are also both wide open to a 4x weakness which can be hell against Focus Band/Focus Sash users, so you definitely want to have subsitute in their moveset. With DD, Sub and Roost/Rest you only have one move left though, which is annoying. Salamence may turn out the better of the two, with the STAB Dragon Claw/ Outrage if Water moves aren't a problem.

    I'd personally go try and go for Scizor because it sets up so neatly on Struggle, which is what Spiritomb is all about! But I'm not too sure how frequent and how threatening Water/ Ground moves will turn out to be. If Scizor is too weak, Salamence is probably a better option. If Surf and Hydro Pump still srew you over then Gyarados is the right choice. Good luck with this team and I really hope it pulls though! Maybe I will see a new record up when I get back in a couple of weeks :D

    PS: I've encountered loads of Heatrans with my Scizor. After 2 SDs and a Sub, this thing stops at almost nothing, Heatran included. Heatran is an easy 2-hit with Bullet Punch! The only things that it doesn't take down in two hits so far are Magnezone and Empoleon I think.

    EDIT: I just realise Scizor can 2HKO Heatran with Stealth Rock up but otherwise it is 3, my mistake (no. 906 & 948). Haven't encoutered the other 2 with more HP EVs yet.
  20. darkseeker4


    Nov 24, 2008
    I was thinking along the lines of jumpmans T-tar.

    Tyranitar @ Leftovers
    252 hp/252 att/6def

    And his

    salamence @ Persim berry
    252 hp/252 att/6 sp.def?

    Iv already started breeding t-tAR and willl start on spiritomb after that.
    So in affect im using jumpmans team with a spiritomb leaD!
  21. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    Tower Multi Record

    „Platinum with Diamond“ Battle Tower Multi Record: 242


    PETERKO & PETERKO, 2 Nintendo DS Lites, wireless communication
    Total BP earned in Platinum in this run: 573 (8-9-11-12-14-15-18-18-18 etc.)
    Platinum Team: Latias & Snorlax
    Diamond Team: Infernape & Metagross

    Platinum Team Member 1

    Latias ** LILY
    Ability: Levitate
    Item: Lum Berry
    Nature: Timid
    IVs: 29/2/29/29/31/31 (legitimate Emerald Eon Ticket soft reset, Frame: 762330, No. of tries needed: ~ 16)
    EV Spread: 6 HP / 4 Def / 244 Sp.Attk / 4 Sp.Def / 252 Speed
    Lv.50 Stats: 155-77-110-160-151-178
    ~ Protect
    ~ Draco Meteor
    ~ Psychic
    ~ Thunderbolt

    Diamond Team Member 1

    Infernape ** LUFFY
    Ability: Blaze
    Item: Focus Sash
    Nature: Naive
    IVs: 30/31/30/31/31/31 (Diamond Breeding, Seed: 26150274, Date: 2008/12/02, Time: 21:00:14, Delay: 620, Frame: 7, 30/31/30/B/A/B)
    EV Spread: 6 HP / 204 Attck / 52 Sp.Attk / 252 Speed
    Lv.50 Stats: 151-150-91-131-81-176
    ~ Fake Out
    ~ Mach Punch
    ~ Overheat
    ~ Close Combat

    Platinum Team Member 2

    Snorlax ** NOVALEE
    Ability: Thick Fat
    Item: Leftovers
    Nature: Brave
    IVs: 31/31/31/21/31/0 (Emerald Breeding, Frame: 15117, 31-B-A-21-31-A)
    EV Spread: 174 HP / 76 Attck / 244 Def / 16 Sp.Def
    Lv.50 Stats: 257-154-116-80-132-31
    ~ Protect
    ~ Curse
    ~ Double-Edge
    ~ Fire Punch

    Diamond Team Member 2

    Metagross ** DOOMSDAY
    Ability: Clear Body
    Item: Occa Berry
    Nature: Adamant
    IVs: 31/31/31/21/31/31 (Emerald Breeding, Frame: 15117, 31-B-A-21-31-A)
    EV Spread: 236 HP / 196 Attck / 4 Def / 70 Sp.Def / 4 Speed
    Lv.50 Stats: 185-198-151-99-119-91
    ~ Explosion
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Meteor Mash
    ~ Bullet Punch

    First of all, these 4 were originally part of my VGC team I would´ve used in Berlin if I had attended. Some of the original movesets were slighty different (for example latias had helping hand and metagross hammer arm) and also items. I was quite surprised myself at how well these four worked together in this multi environment. Your doubles team is split up into two separate ones and you´re limited in switching and the battle tactics is different, it´s just like a 4 person double battle (well, in my case it was me against the AI haha).

    The battles in this mode take very long, around 45 minutes per round (7 battles), because animations are on and you can´t just click through the battles and in-between battles. On the other hand, I enjoyed playing this mode a lot and the amount of BP you get in Platinum is awesome. Another interesting fact is that I faced Platinum trainers who mostly used DP tower Pokémon. Platinum was my BECOME LEADER version and Diamond my JOIN GROUP one (when you connect). Unfortunately I haven´t researched how exactly it works when you connect the Platinum and Diamond/Pearl towers in multi.

    Well, I´m not sure what to tell about this team or each Pokémon in particular. So I proclaim that the Pokémon are absolutely awesome and the team is incredible :p.

    Latias: I love it. On my Emerald, I was only able to soft reset for Latias on Southern Island and what I got is superb. As for the EV spread, I thought about lowering its spA a bit more and give it 159 HP which would ensure it always surviving an enemy jolly weavile ice punch. Other than that, the EV spread is pretty self-explanatory. Used some EVs to raise def and sp.def by one stat point each at lv.50, timid max speed is sexy. The best part about Latias from my experience is that many times you get in one more hit when Latios would die turn 1. This is crucial against many Pokémon that hit you with STAB super effective attacks. The most used attack is probably psychic. It doesn´t always OHKO fighters and other things, but looking at its priority partners Ape and Meta, this is not a problem. Draco Meteor I very rarely use turn1, only against fellow dragon types. Finishes off things, for example psychic+DM never let me down in beating Dusknoir. You should always help your partner in dubles so Thunderbolt is there for the obvious Gyarados and you-should-know-what-other-things-to-use-it-on. As the AI is easily predictable when attacking in multi (most of the time), Protect is there...well it has many uses. Also Metagross has Explosion so go figure.

    Infernape: Rocks. You can do a lot with this. Priority moves often win you games, I can´t stress this enough. Close Combat suits him as it hits the most types SE, and does it hard. Infernape doesn´t care about the def. drops as it will hold onto its sash. Overheat is the best fire move in the game from my perspective. You may argue, but I don´t care. My EV spread ensures an OHKO on a max HP occa-less Metagross. Overheat sometimes misses. So does Draco Meteor, but they are too good to pass up. Blaze Overheat is super hot. Having Metagross behind this allows you to switch out your 1HP Infernape and come back later to wreck some havock as the AI will never refrain from using psychic attacks on you (although most of the time meta beats up the rest as metalati is an equally good duo).

    Snorlax: Love you, baby. Latias survives most of the time so Lax doesn´t see as much play as Metagross. But when she does, she beats you. The moveset may seem weird, but it´s a VGC creation. This is the cursing brave thick fat female Snorlax. It took me 2 days just to lock into that ability-nature-gender combination. Works very well with Metagrosss. The EV spread has some nice lv.50 magical numbers along with a lot of physical defense. Double-Edge would´ve been Return, probably. I am trading this between versions quite a bit right now and don´t have piles of the -EV berries everywhere. The recoil is bearable due to protect+lefties. Hits really hard and the damage difference was decisive in a few battles. Curse. I simply can´t imagine a Snorlax without Curse. Selfdestruct is impossible for me to get, but I don´t like destructolaxo anyway. You´re stronger and faster than your oponent under trick room, not much else to say here. Fire Punch is a support move that I used rarely, but is quite important to have against steel types (I am looking at you, Bronzong). Curse+Protect+Leftovers. Snorlax basically sat there most of the time, pumping up in case of an emergency, enjoying the sunshine, err I mean the tower droplight and the company of her awesome partners, killing a Pokémon when she felt like it.

    Metagross: Brings doom. Probably the best doubles Pokémon out there. I don´t remember it exactly, but the defensive EVs (that you may have noticed) are there to survive 2specs bolts from Latios or was it hp ground and some rain dance boosted moves (again, VGC). Anyway, Occa means you live through fire. Quakes are predictable and not as life threatening as the special fire attacks the AI likes to spam. Bullet Punch is the best attack Metagross has in its arsenal. I´d rather go for 2HKOs on those fragile psychic types and ice types than risk a MM miss. Did I mention how important priority moves are (QC anyone)? Quake goes along well with Protect Snorlax and obviously even better with Latias. Meteor Mash is there to score important heavy damage on some dangerous foes. Yeah it misses, but Metagross has what it takes to survive and attack again. Explosion is a last resort option. I admit that I haven´t used it many times in this run mainly because it wasn´t needed.

    The biggest feat of this team is team-work. It would be hard to mention how and when to use which attack, what to do and what to fear. It has so many options to take care of the oposition, you just have to think and find it. The record speaks for itself. The team works wonderfully in this battle mode.

    How I lost:

    My plan for this day (june 29th) was 3 rounds (21 battles) to beat TRE´s record (230) by 1 win. I managed to do this, but as I was watching Wimbledon, I couldn´t resist to continue one more round and then it was 10:10 PM and I went for another round, I overdid it. That´s no excuse though. There always comes a time when your streak ends.

    Battle #243

    Nothing too threatening at frist glance. It never looks as if you´d lose a battle beforehand though :/

    Latias + Infernape vs Lanturn + Lapras

    -> here I see Lapras as the more threatening one and go for boltcombat to make sure it faints turn1

    Lanturn´s QC activates, Hydro Pump, Infernape´s Focus Sash activates
    Latias used Thunderbolt
    Infernape used Close Combat, Lapras´ Chople Berry activates, survives with ~3% (crap)
    Lapras used Surf, low damage to Latias, Infernape fainted, low damage to Lanturn

    -> obviously not a very good start to say the least, but no need to worry yet, switching in Metagross
    -> hmm here my obvious first thought was „get rid of lapras“ with bullet punch, but then again, latias won´t do much damage to lanturn with psychic so why not quake+psychic? This decision has probably cost me the game.

    Lanturn´s QC activates, Hydro Pump, CH, Metagross fainted (what the...)
    Latias used Psychic, ~30% to Lanturn
    Lapras used Ice Beam, Latias survives with ~8%

    -> a very very very bad position now, such that I haven´t been in before
    -> get rid of lapras at least, long overdue

    Latias used Psychic, Lapras fainted
    Lanturn used Hydro Pump, Latias fainted

    -> ok now it´s snorlax against the world, don´t panic
    -> oponent switches in whiscash (oh f...)
    -> what now...I will protect and waste a hydro pump and hopefully whiscash will quake its partner (that´s a wish because the AI is programmed to spam quake only if his partner isn´t affected, they spam surf though)

    Snorlax used Protect
    Lanturn used Hydro Pump, Snorlax protected itself
    Whiscash used Amnesia

    -> oh boy, do I remember correctly that that is the freaking fissure whiscash? I´d rather not check the database
    -> one more hydro pump to go, hopefully it will miss, lanturn had enough luck already
    -> I opt for curse, you know, because it´s 1-3 and a cursed up protect lefties snorlax is a beast

    Lanturn used Hydro Pump, hit 4/4, ~30%
    Whiscash used Spark, which heals Lanturn (oh OK, whatever)
    Snorlax used Curse
    Snorlax Leftovers

    -> ok I have to get rid of whiscash soon and then it´s basically snorlax 1on1

    Trainer withdrew Lanturn and sent in Victreebel (!)
    Whiscash used Fissure (the moment of truth), but it missed
    Snorlax used Double-Edge, ~60% damage to Whiscash

    -> now what´s with the switch all of a sudden? does lanturn only have ice beam or what? I don´t remember that set and am not checking DP database because PC was turned off 20 mins ago and my printed version is in my room upstairs...lazy bastard
    -> I didn´t even grab the printed platinum list lying 1,5 metres on the table in front of me to check if maybe that wasn´t a platinum
    -> victreebel always faints too soon against this team to be a concern, but I remember one of those has a focus sash

    Victreebel is shining like an angel, what´s that? preparing a solar beam huh? what a nub...but wait, power herb solarbeam...ouch, Snorlax at like 35%
    Whiscash used Amnesia
    Snorlax used Double-Edge, Whiscash fainted

    Snorlax used Protect
    Victreebel used Sludge Bomb, Snorlax protected itself

    Victreebel used Sludge Bomb, poisoned Snorlax
    Snorlax used Fire Punch

    Victreebel used Sludge Bomb, Snorlax fainted

    In the end the frontier will get you...maybe I misplayed (probably), but whatever, a record is a record.

    oh yeah, I just checked the movesets:

    Lanturn, QC, Charge, Charge Beam, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Sp.A/Sp.Def
    Lapras, Chople, Surf, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Psychic, Sp.A/Sp.Def
    Whiscash, Chesto, Fissure, Amnesia, Spark, Rest, HP/Def
    Victreebel, Power Herb, Sludge Bomb, Energy Ball, SolarBeam, Synthesis, Def/Speed




    here a little chat-log about one of my earlier battles (over 210 somewhere), translated from German


    I used this team in the Platinum Double Tower (normal doubles) and lost pretty early (#39 or so) thanks to not paying attention and getting swept by a bulk up hera and then I lost at #69 thanks to standard "bad luck"

    I saved the battle so here it comes (vs Parasol lady Sami)
    R1: latias+Infernape vs Flareon+Leafeon
    psychic flareon
    overheat missed leafeon
    leafeon sunny day
    flareon shadow ball 40%

    dm flareon KO
    overheat CH leafeon KO

    R3: dusknoir+walrein
    switch out latias -> snorlax
    close combat 70% to walrein
    sheer cold missed
    shadow punch didn´t affect snorlax

    R4: close combat missed walrein
    walrein used rest
    shadow punch ape
    laxo cursed

    R5: close combat missed
    sleep talk sheer cold snorlax fainted
    shadow punch infernape fainted

    R6: latias+metagross vs dusknoir+walrein
    draco meteor walrein 49%
    mm missed walrein
    sleep talk sheer cold missed
    ice punch CH latias fainted

    R7: MM hit CH attack boost, walrein fainted
    dusknoir fire punch, occa 30%

    R8: MM missed, fire punch 20% left, sunlight faded
    MM 95%, fire punch KO

    hell why did I MM dusknoir? no idea, maybe I missed the attack boost...so it was my fault, after all (lol there was a lot of hax in this one):
    - OH missed, then an unnecessary OH CH
    - close combat 2 out of 3 missed due to lax incense
    - noir ice punch CH where he should´ve just shadow punched latias (this is why I DMed instead of bolt, you know 210 vs 190)
    - meteor mash missed and then hit, CHed and rose attack...then again, it missed, last turn it did 95%...

    ...there are so many variables in this game...this could´ve ended in a million different ways...well, this is nothing unusual in the tower :)

    I am thinking about a few changes (iron head on meta and expert belt latias with ice beam+shadow ball) and will try the team again in doubles

    Word says 4408 words (1997 before the log starts :)
  22. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    updated the list as well

    EDIT: @ Snapper - it depends...earlier it took just a few tries, but recently I´ve been having a bit more trouble (two days instead of two hours for adamant sneasel), but sooner or later I always hit it...I was always good with stop-watching (stop each 5 seconds in a minute and I hit .00 many times)

    I use emloop timer and input 15172 frames...later I was hitting too high so I changed it even down to 15163 I think...from my experience there is almost always a match call after I hit the correct one...if that one isn´t working for you try another one
  23. SnapperTT


    Feb 7, 2009

    I like your Spirtomb idea and am currently breeding one ^^.

    Is your Ev spread tuned against any specific threats?

    Some other EV spreads (that take advantage of the bonus point) are:
    EVs: 252/0/92/0/164/0
    Stat: 157/100/154/112/149/55
    1 Bonus point in def at level 50

    EVs: 252/0/112/0/144/0
    1 Bonus point in def at level 100

    How many tries did it take for you to hit frame 15117 on emerald? I've tried about 200 times (and logged most of them) and I've got frame 15116 about 10 times. Do you have any special technique?
  24. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    nice work peterko :)

    and i see you have an identically IV'd snorlax to mine! mine is male however, and i have self-destruct on it too (so glad i saved that on XD). if you ever decide you want a brave boomlax on your team just let me know - it'd be a privilege to provide you with one if you were to use it in a big streak :)

    well, i was thinking about trying to extend my (current) streak of 56 in the team-up doubles thingy, but it just takes way too long, and i dont have much time. i'm certainly not motivated to try and go for 200+, and besides, my team isnt that great anyway!

    but i'm finally ready to give the platinum single battle tower a go. i started out yesterday blindly clicking on outrage to get through the first 15 or so battles, and have now got up to 42, with my salamence+milotic+blissey team. its a great team when it isnt faced with OHKO'ers, so it will be a matter of luck i guess. it got to 210 in the emerald BT, and ive only adjusted things by adding outrage to salamence. i will have to get used to that move, since it limits salamence's ability to switch out.......

    EDIT: @snapper - it is seriously just a matter of patience. if you're getting 15116 it means your timing is very good, but you are just extremely unlucky. at least you are benefitting from the complete list of spreads - back when i got onto the emerald breeding band-wagon, everyone was aiming at 943S (or whatever it was) - 31/31/31/30/30/31 - mostly you got 31/19/31/30/30/31, and you just had to keep going. i seriously hatched about 200 snorlaxes - those things take ages....
  25. Sephitachi


    Jun 5, 2009
    I got to 105 with this team in both Diamond and Platinum, streak is still alive although i'm not going back to that damn hax tower. Beat the tower in 2 tries in platinum, 56 wins first time, 105 and still active second time. I lost the first time because i wasn't paying attention. Without further adeiu, the dream team:

    Gengar@focus sash
    EV:255 sp.atk/ 255 speed
    IV's: 29 sp.atk IV's/31 speed IV's (VERY IMPORTANT)
    ~Focus Blast
    ~Shadow Ball
    ~Thunder Bolt
    ~Destiny Bond

    Gengar can 2-hit KO almost anything in the battle tower with this move set. Focus Blast's accuracy may be complete crap but it has gotten me full team sweeps against all normal/rock/steel teams. Destiny Bond the second poke. IV's in gengar's other stats never matter since he's supposed to die. But the speed and special attack IV's are downright necessary when fighting against othere pokes with 31 IV's in all stats. Aerodactyly may cause trouble. To take care of him, 1.)use thunderbolt, he'll likely use bite/crunch(forgot which, check psypokes.com for movesets),2.)switch to metagross and use thunderpunch, he'll survive the EQ that Aero pulls off unless you get hit by a hax critical hit. Gengar's speed is critical, so when u see a paralysis move coming (use psypokes.com->pokemon platinum->battle frontier trainers), SWITCH TO GARCHOMP, i cannot stress that enough.

    And by the way F*** Slowking and Slowbro, those f***king haxxing little b****es. God damn, I hate those fat ass b****es. I got quick claw haxxed in diamond so much by these fat asstards. So when you use Shadow Ball on these two and they don't die (diamond version), SWITCH TO METAGROSS and use T-Punch, because chances are they'll use quick claw and go first and use psychic to kill you while you're at one HP from their last attack. Don't risk wasting this poke and his potential 2 kills. If you can switch to Gross and take out a poke because you missed w/Focus Blast...guess what...DO IT because using Destiny Bond on the first turn is a waste although sometimes you will have to. Have metagross kill the second poke with either explosion or another attack.

    Metagross@lum berry
    EV's: 144 HP/76Atk/38 sp.def/252speed
    IV's: 30/31/29/25/20/31
    Stats: 173/181/149/100/109/122
    ~Meteor Mash
    ~Thunder Punch

    This guy takes out most Ice types as well as pokemon that Gengar cannot. Gross is also there to switch in on moves that Gengar takes for super effective but that Gross takes for neutral and explode or counter hard on the poke if it's slow enough. The above moveset provides great coverage in the tower, Explosion FTW on anything you can't kill. Metagross also is there as a safe switch in against sandstreamers because the AI will not use Earthquake on a Gengar and Gengar's focus sash is broken via sandstorm damage. Explode on things like Hippowdon or other earthquakers because Gross won't survive against them. Pretty much, explode on what you can't kill. Metagross' lum berry also provides him with a good way to absorb moves like swagger and will also save you against random haxxing when it comes to getting paralyzed or magically frozen by an Ice Punch's 10% chance of freezing.

    Now the stats I listed above are necessary. So are the IV's, if you can win with different stats, all the more power to you. But as far as I'm concerned, when your in THE hax tower, you need all the IV's you can get and the best stats possible. Outrunning pokes is KEY for metagross, while at the same time being slow enough to benefit from trick room,just in case a pokemon uses it (never happened so far to me). Watch out for Focus Sashers as a quick last note. Exploding because your too impatient for the psypokes web-page to load is a bad idea. Knowledge is key in the Hax Tower.

    Garchomp@Perism Berry
    EV's:255 atk/255 speed
    ~Aerial Ace
    ~Dragon Dance

    Yache Berry = FAIL on garchomp in the battle tower in my opinion. Too many times has the case in my Diamond that Garchomp got critical haxed by an ice attack rendering yache berry useless. Perism Berry is much more useful as swagger users give him a free swords dance or snaps him out of Outrage confusion. To put it simply, Chompy here is NOT supposed to be fighting ice types. Period. That's Metagross' job. Double Teamers EAT IT, especially pokes like Shuckle, when they waste their turns DT only to eat a +6 Aerial Ace. You can pseudo PP stall pokes by switching in between Garchomp and Metagross (Gengar too but if it's a Cradily, sandstorm will probably be up). They'll keep trying to toxic garchomp only to find Metagross wiping off the slimy purple stuff.

    Garchomp is also here to there to take Thunder Waves (use psypokes to know when one is coming and if you see 4 variants of a poke and don't feel like checking the above 49 trainer list poke, then just SWITCH TO CHOMP, Gengar NEEDS speed). He can set up on most pokes that use t-wave and EQ them to hell.

    Sorry if I can't provide a pic. The pics from my phone are coming up as windows picture and fax viewer which can't be copied and pasted ..........
    So yea that's my team and both of my streaks in my Diamond and Platinum versions are alive at 105 in each. I could go farther, but a 5 star card is good enough for me :).

    Btw, this team is a modification of the team provided in the link below.


    The guy who posted the vid,IMO, had a horrible chomp that had WAAAYYY too many moves that could equal hax loss (Fire Blast, Stone Edge). And Bullet Punch + Meteor Mash was just a bad idea, but hey it worked for him it might work for you. As for me i'll be sticking to this team.

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