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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Psy37


    Oct 20, 2007
    Platinum Single Battle Hall: 180 wins with Machamp

    Battle video: 17-11901-94317 (In case you don't feel like watching it, it's Machamp vs. Gengar. Gengar outspeeds, uses Hypnosis, and Sludge Bomb 2HKOs while I stay asleep.)

    [​IMG] / [​IMG] "Darunia" the Machamp. Level 51
    Machamp @ Focus Sash / Choice Band
    Adamant | No Guard
    96 HP, 252 Atk, 32 Def, 128 Spe
    27 / 31 / 5 / 18 / 28 / 31
    ~Stone Edge
    ~Ice Punch

    Just like Carl, I went on a family vacation, and we drove the whole day. My vacation was 2 weeks long, and I got back yesterday night. Because we camped in 4 different places, we were driving for the majority of 5 days. Luckily, I remembered to bring my BF Pokémon list. I spent the first few days of driving to do this streak.

    Notes about the set:
    -Named after the Goron sage in OoT. Darunia's my favorite Goron, because of his dancing skills.
    -Level 51 because that's when he learns DynamicPunch.
    -Focus Sash seems weird, but it's useful again types like Flying and Psychic. It also keeps me sage from lame crits.
    -Weak defense IV, I know. I got sick of breeding. The HP / Defense EVs are defense optimized to fix it.
    -I was going to put Payback on, but I couldn't decide which slot to remove. I started playing with this moveset, and I like it. KOing Psychics isn't much of a problem; they generally are 1-2HKOs.

    The general idea is to use hard-hitting attacks while surviving with his bulk (and optional Sash). I thought of this from the few Togekisses on the list. I didn't do very much theorymon, I instead went ahead with a standard "4 attacks, No Guard Machamp".

    The two 100% Counters:

    -H444 | Infernape | Adamant | Life Orb | Close Combat | Flare Blitz | Mach Punch | Fake Out | Atk/Spd
    This guy is a pain it the butt. You have enough power to KO it, but Fake Out nullifies any Sash, and Close Combat / Flare Blitz can almost always KO.

    Infernape's Fake Out + 120 BP STAB move (both level 51):
    Against my Machamp: 199 - 236 damage (111.8% - 132.59%)
    Against max IVs, 128 HP Machamp: 182 - 215 damage (98.91% to 116.85%)

    Here is the biggie. Luck is what stopped me from winning so many times. For instance, against the ever-annoying Sash Sharpedo, you need to either 1) Use DynamicPunch and hope Sharpedo hurts itself in confusion, or 2) Hope does not use Zen Headbutt both times (it 2HKOs). Also, you can get outsped by some sleepers like Hypnosis Gengar (how I lost) or Lovely Kiss Jynx.

    General order of types I played through for the first 170:
    Psychic* --> Flying* --> Dark --> Fighting --> Water --> Ghost --> Dragon --> Poison --> Electric --> Bug --> Ice --> Grass --> Ground --> Normal --> Rock --> Steel

    (* means I used Sash most of the time)

    In conclusion, Machamp is pretty cool, but vulnerable to bad luck. I might try it again and attempt over 190 or even 200.


    On an unrelated note: On the same vacation, about 2 days after the Hall streak, I naturally caught a shiny Floatzel in Plat! I can finally do RNG manipulation!
  2. pkmn1000


    Apr 7, 2009
    I have used a quick claw dewgong in the battle hall and got 40 wins then forrtress came and beat him up.
  3. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    very glad someone is still trying battle hall and using a fresh poke, kudos for that

    that said, you do realize that the gengar you lost to and the jynx you mention kind of beat you every time because no guard makes hypnosis and lovely kiss 100% accurate, right? you have a 50% chance of waking up after one turn of sleep which may as well be like 25% in the frontier. and the togekiss you also mention...it will beat you 60% of the time with Air Slash (even if it's hustle you cant kill with sash machamp's stone edge)

    so mega protip: you should consider another item instead of cb/sash every time
  4. Masamune


    Dec 15, 2007
    What's the minimum streak needed for the Battle Factory, lv50 Singles?
  5. Carl

    Carl or Varl
    is a Smogon IRC AOp Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a Past SPL Champion

    Dec 23, 2004
    For the plates or for a record streak to be listed here?

    Plates are 21 and 49.. streaks as it says underneath the records for Factory need to be at least 28 or higher.
  6. Shelcario


    Nov 25, 2007
    I just had an extremely close match in the platinum battle tower multi with an in game trainer partner. My partner was Buck and he was carrying a:

    Regice-->Shell Bell


    ~Ice Beam
    ~Focus Blast
    ~Hyper Beam


    Claydol-->Rindo Berry


    ~Shadow Ball
    ~Earth Power
    ~Signal Beam

    My pokemon were:

    Garchomp-->Focus Sash

    Evs: 252 Atk/252 Spe/6 HP

    Naughty (this was before I was too competitive)

    ~Dragon Claw
    ~Swords Dance
    ~Fire Fang


    Starmie-->Choice Specs (can't find an expert belt)


    Evs: Supposed to be 252 SpA/252 Spe/6 Hp (got messed up though, I really need to redo this thing)

    ~Ice Beam

    So here's how the battle went down:

    Garchomp,Starmie,Regice,Claydol vs. Honchkrow,Gardevoir,Armaldo,Abomasnow

    The opponent leads off with Honchkrow and Armaldo:

    Honchkrow-->White Herb


    ~Confuse Ray
    ~Thunder Wave

    Armaldo-->Scope Lens


    ~Aerial Ace
    ~Aqua Tail
    ~Crush Claw

    While I lead off with my Sash'ed Garchomp and Buck with his Regice.

    Turn 1:

    I use Swords Dance while Honchkrow proceeds to use Pluck giving its set away and also nullifying Garchomps' Sash. In the meantime, Regice Thunderbolts for the OHKO on Honchkrow. But, the downside to this is Armaldo then uses Swagger also revealing its set. At this point the opponent brings in Gardevoir:

    Gardevoir--Chesto Berry


    ~Calm Mind

    I take this opportunity to swap out my confused +4 attack garchomp for starmie which is one of my mistakes this match as I don't know at this point in the match that this gardevoir happened to be the chesto-rest variant and also carried thunderbolt. Gardevoir then uses calm mind, Regice uses Ice beam on armaldo who's left with some health in the light yellow. Armaldo swaggers Regice, starmie proceeds to surf doing barely much to gardevoir and regice but, kos armaldo. Gardevoir then proceeds to ko starmie with a +1 super effective thunderbolt. I then bring in garchomp, the opponent swaps in abomasnow which signals trouble for garchomp. I'm not sure if my partner's regice would have used Focus blast on abomasnow if it hadn't of hurt itself in confusion, my guess:yes. Hail is summoned to the field Regice proceeds to hurt itself in confusion while I choose to fire fang abomasnow for the ohko:D At this point in the match I'm fairly confident with myself for having gotten rid of one of garchomp's many threats in the battle tower. But, all joyousness must come to an end in the battle tower as the opponents' gardevoir kos garchomp with a +1 STAB'ed psychic. Down to claydol and regice, regice hurts itself in confusion again while gardevoir psychics for the ko. (hail damage on gardevoir) Claydol brought in who opts to use shadow ball which manages to get a much needed special defense drop. Gardevoir then uses the chesto-rest combo (hail damage to both claydol and gardevoir) Claydol shadow balls again for little more than 50% left of gardevoir's hp. (hail damage to both claydol and gardevoir) Gardevoir uses calm mind while it's hit with another shadow ball leaving about 25% health for gardevoir. Gardevoir then chooses to rest again but, with no chesto berry this time. (hail damage to both claydol and gardevoir) Claydol shadow balls again for little more than 75% health left for gardevoir. Gardevoir is still asleep (more hail damage). Claydol shadow balls again to take gardevoir down to 25% health (more hail damage) Gardevoir still asleep and Claydol signal beams gardevoir one last time for the ko and win. So in the end really the AI screwed themselves by making their gardevoir rest a second time with no chesto berry. That was one of the closest matches I've had yet in the Multi Battle tower.

    ~Also didn't know what abomasnow set it was because if you read my entire post abomasnow never gets the chance to attack as Garchomp takes him out swiftly with a fire fang.

    Beat Rich Boy Daulton and School Kid Chelsie--Battle 28. Multi Record Wins: 28 and still going.
  7. garo


    Apr 5, 2008
    thanks it is my favorite team, so you had a similar experience, that´s too bad and you was also at the elevator, maybe there is an error in that part of the game and some action trigger it.
    About safeguard over thunder wave the thing is that i can´t afford to lose the lum berry because it is there to awake dragonite from the outrage´s confusion, so if i use thunder wave when i switch out dragonite it will receive the status and lum berry will activate, next turn i will be faster and use subtitute first but i will lost my berry and i can say with my experience that outrage lasts 2 turns more often than 3 turns leaving dragonite vulnerable to confusion.

    thanks my first goal was to break my 276 pearl record, then reach 400 and then i was going for 500 but it is a great record anyway and my team is undefeated lol.
    Latios looks promising, i will set up with little less ease than dragonite against physical attacks but the thing that concerns me is that bastiodon, blissey, bronzong, empoleon, heatran, probopass, regice and registeel can´t be OHKO, but it gives advantages like the electric resistance and the fact that dragon pulse is not a contact attack so im not sure if it is better than dragonite but it will give you a great streak to make at least the top 3.

    thanks man and indeed the way i lost really discouraged me, it is more than one month since i stopped playing, this streak took me like 5 or 6 days because this team is a lot faster than my old one, if i played this last month maybe my streak will be better but maybe my game will be frozen again lol.

    I didnt know that your game frozen 4 times thats really annoying, now that you say it i remember that my DS has taken a lot of hits, some of them make me tought that i will need a new DS but thanks nintendo and its quality it survived. i still think it is strange because my DS havent taken any hits recently and besides pokemon my other games never have frozen.

    and by the way are you planning to continue your drapion streak?, because i have to admit it I think that that team is the most solid in the tower, i mean when your drapion is done with the set up it is higly improbable that something beats it, the OHKO users with quick claw are the ones that maybe can be hard but since there is 1 quick claw maximum by team i dont think thats possible, you will need terrible luck to lose like if acupressure only raises the accuracy, the sp. attack and the defense you´re not using at the moment lol, so i hope you give your team more use and share with use your experiences.
  8. Groombridge


    Dec 19, 2007
    DP Doubles: 200 wins.


    (Apologies for the crappy picture)

    You disrespect - you get the Tech.

    This team was planned as a way to let off steam and have fun more than anything. I tried a dual-Fake Out team a while back for fun, but I never went back to it. After doing decently well with a Rain Dance team, I thought 'why not'?, and decided to see how far I could ride an Ambipom in the BT. This team hasn't been theorymonned at all - I wasn't expecting it to work past about 70.

    That said, it certainly worked for me. This team works well with my fairly impatient playing style: I never did well with a Trickscarf teams in singles, and Rain offence worked way better than Trick Room for me in doubles. Here, there's no setup or real 'strategy' to speak of, which means my strategy can't be countered. I don't have to get TR down at all costs, or worry about the weather being changed. The team has a total of one support move - Gyarados' Dragon Dance. Otherwise, it's all attacks.

    Like with any run, there were close calls (Ghost leads, Trick Room users), but I think this shows that dual-Fake Out can be a decent strategy in BT doubles (in DP at least), and Last Resort Ambipom makes a surprisingly effective sweeper there.

    - Team -

    Infernape @ Focus Sash ** Wylie
    Lonely, Blaze
    132 Atk, 128 SpA, 252 Spe.

    Fake Out
    Close Combat

    Crushes Rock and Steel pokes - things Ambi can't deal with. Its Overheat does a number on Ghosts too.

    Its Sash lets it take out things like Starmie, and Thunderpunch lets it take out Gyarados, when combined with Ambi's Fake Out.

    Overheat is its best bet against Ghosts, as STAB 210 BP outdamages SE 140 BP of Shadow Claw.

    - -
    Ambipom @ Life Orb ** Wernicke
    Naughty, Technician
    6HP, 252 Atk, 252 Spe.

    Fake Out
    Last Resort

    You know his steez. The whole point of the team, it inflicts ridiculous damage at high speed: 90 BP Fake Out + 195 BP Last Resort = 285 BP, boosted by Life Orb. Has tremendous wall-breaking power, taking out some of the bulkiest pokes one-on-one. High speed means it can hit first in most cases. Stuff like Espeon dies to LR in one hit.

    - -
    Gyarados @ Wacan Berry ** Kepler
    Adamant, Intimidate
    146 HP, 164 Atk, 80 Def, 120 Spe.

    Dragon Dance
    Ice Fang

    Switches into Ambi in case of dual Rock/Steels; Intimidate rules. Wacan allows it to DD through an Electric attack, then counter with EQ. After 1DD, it's the fastest thing on the team, and it outspeeds most Electric types (with the exception of Jolteon).

    - -
    Latios @ Choice Specs ** Kite
    Timid, Levitate
    6 HP, 252 SpA, 252 Spe.

    Draco Meteor
    Ice Beam

    No spread moves, but awesome firepower. Provides speed and coverage. After the monkey onslaught, this and Gyara just mop up. Its DM kills practically everything.

    It can also switches into Ambi in case of Ghosts - they won't use STAB on a Normal.

    It can come in as soon as a monkey dies. Generally, I bring in Latios before Gyarados. Subsequently switching in Gyarados brings Intimidate, and then Latios can change moves and lose any SpA drop.

    - -
    Ideally, the plan is to double Fake Out first, then hit with CC/Overheat and Last Resort, hopefully killing both leads before they even move. From there, sweep. Generally, one foe always dies, and we can take it from there. That's the key advantage of this team - dual Fake Out gives me a 'headstart' on the AI.

    The AI tends to attack Infernape more than Ambipom; possibly since Ape has more type weaknesses. Priority attacks aimed at Ambipom are met with a Gyarados switch.

    -Team building-

    Fake Out/Last Resort Ambipom always seemed like a tremendously fun thing to use, and it 2HKOs such a ridiculous amount of the BT - things as bulky as Swampert included. But in singles, the BT will just put Rocks, Steels and Ghosts in front of it. Doubles is more my game anyway, and Fake Out is so handy there, so I decided to ride the monkey in 2v2. Here, it becomes truly rude.

    Ambipom's frailty led me to take a partner for it that also uses Fake Out, so that they cover each other. The obvious choice was Infernape: it deals with Rocks and Steels with its STABs, plus its Overheat inflicts big damage on Ghosts since none of them resist it (possibly OHKOing Gengar, definitely killing Froslass apart from Focus Band hax or just missing). High speed is critical - both leads have to be fast in order to kill off the foes before they move.

    I kept Gyarados on the team, as Intimidate is so useful in doubles. It switches easily into any Mach Punch users trying to pick off Ambipom, and if it gets a DD, then most of the time it's game over. It provides bulk and additional type coverage.

    This team has no stalliciousness at all. The previous version of this team used a Curselax in the fourth slot. It's gone - in doubles, it can't really resist being gangbanged as it Curses, and critical hits came far too often.

    I'd say there are 'no walls' in doubles - very little is so bulky that it can't be taken out in one turn by focus fire. This team in particular is geared to able to take out pretty much anything in one turn, hence the abundance of high-power attacks - Draco Meteor, Last Resort, Close Combat, Overheat. The only thing without a huge STAB attack is Gyarados, but Gyara can boost its attack.

    So now there's Specs Latios: high speed, tremendous hitting power. It can switch into Psychic, Ground or Water attacks aimed at Infernape and strike back hard. It uses the 'Peterko set', with Ice Beam over Surf, as Surf is obviously bad news for the monkeys. This is pretty much the best pinch hitter this team could ask for - it's the fastest thing here, and its Specs DM is simply staggering.


    - Ghosts. Obviously, Ghosts screw up Fake Out. In the event of double Ghost leads, Infernape uses Overheat on one, while Ambipom switches to Gyarados. If only there's one Ghost, Fake Out the other foe and Overheat the Ghost. No Ghosts resist Fire, luckily.

    - Inner Focus/Steadfast.

    • Lucario dies to CC/Overheat.
    • Gallade falls to LR; if leading, Gyara switch and go from there.
    • Crobat - Brave Bird recoil leads to Last Resort death for sure. Ambipom's Fake Out and Thunderpunch combined usually kill it.
    • Dragonite is a problem - switch to Gyarados. Nite will probably use AquaT/EQ/DM or Thunder/AA or Waterfall - probably at Infernape. Gyara should be okay to come in and DD. Or let Ape take the hit and use Ambi to hit it and go for the 2HKO regardless.
    • Alakazam - double Fake Out for the kill, or risk the 50/50 that it has Synchronise.
    • Glalie - Close Combat right away. One has Quick Claw, but it can't do much to Infernape. Blizzard is bad news for Ambipom, knocking off up to 75% or so. The threat of a freeze is present too.

    Venomoth/Dustox - lol Overheat.

    - -
    Endings and problems

    The 200 streak ended due to a bit of hax, but mostly me not paying sufficient attention. I was in bed with a cold, but still. After losing both monkeys, I was down to Latios and Gyarados. The AI had Bronzong and Exeggutor remaining. I aimed Latios' Ice Beam at Exeggutor, while DDing with Gyara. The idea was to kill Eggs while Latios took a Shadow Ball or whatever, then letting Gyara deal with Zong.

    Latios used Ice Beam!
    Exeggcutor held on with its Focus Sash! (I'd forgotten that one of them has a Sash)
    Gyarados used Dragon Dance!
    Exeggcutor used Wood Hammer!
    A critical hit!
    Gyarados and Exeggcutor fainted!
    Bronzong used Shadow Ball!

    So Latios was locked into Ice Beam against a Bronzong. My only hope was freezehax, which never came. Zong killed Latios with two more Shadow Balls.

    So if it wasn't for that Wood Hammer crit, Gyara would have survived to smack Zong around for the win. Also, if Eggs hadn't been the Focus Sash variant, I would have won. Whatever - I should have focus fired on Eggs. I didn't know if Zong was Heatproof or a Levitator, so I should have gone straight to Earthquake to finish Eggs and possibly hurt Zong.

    I've played several runs since with this team, all of which have been stopped by hax, which showed me how lucky I was to get to 200. The next run got to 157, before revealing a serious weakness in the team: Brightpowder hax. This bastard in particular:

    Medicham 3 @ Brightpowder
    Attract/Focus Punch/Drain Punch/Ice Punch - Atk/Speed

    I think Jump has mentioned this thing as being a huge pain in the past. Ambipom's Fake Out missed on turn 1, and it OHKO'd right back with Drain Punch. It dodged two other 100% accurate attacks, leading to a loss. I hate this thing, but I don't really have a moveslot spare for Aerial Ace unless Infernape loses Thunderpunch.

    Also, this bastard:

    Alakazam 4 @ Brightpowder
    Psychic/Shadow Ball/Energy Ball/Focus Blast - Sp. Atk/Speed

    It potentially outspeeds my whole team, it has a 50/50 chance of being flinchproof and it has SE attacks on three of my guys. Brightpowder really is the icing on the cake. Against Alakazam, I frequently use focus fired Fake Outs to try and kill it right away, although Ambi's Fake Out is usually enough to kill it outright. If it isn't a lead, I'll pull Ambi out so I can reuse its Fake Out.

    Gallade can be problematic, but only as a lead - obviously, I don't want to flinch it as Steadfast would make it faster than my leads. The fact that two of them have Fighting attacks and three have Psychic (including one with both) means I can't be sure which of my leads it will attack, so I normally pull Ambi for Gyara and Intimidate. The problem then is that this creates an opening for it to use Trick Room, and my only way around that is by careful switching and use of Fake Out. Flinching it in Trick Room is a good plan, though - it loses a turn and then gets 'outsped' the turn after.

    However, if Gallade comes in after Ambi has used Fake Out, it usually dies to a single Last Resort.

    Two have 255 Def EVs: Last Resort inflicts 85-101% damage with positive Def nature, 94-122% without.
    Two have no Def EVs: they die.

    Dugtrio, coversely, is no trouble at all if it's leading, but causes problems if it comes in later. One has Brightpowder, which is the only thing that saves it from being OHKO'd by Ambi's Fake Out.

    This team is fast and fun, and it just rips through the BT at lower levels, meaning that restarting after a loss isn't so bad. Obviously, it would have been nice to reach 203 to tie third on the leaderboard, but 200 is a nice record all the same (199 would have been so much more annoying!). The fact the team got to 157 right after shows that it wasn't a fluke. I'd like to surpass 200, but I'm well aware of the 'insanity' of this...

    Thanks for reading!
  9. Shelcario


    Nov 25, 2007
    Nice deuteronopia, I think you're one of the few bt players who still plays in the D/P battle tower:D Shame about the streak end though.

    Woot!! 1000th post!!! :D
  10. Groombridge


    Dec 19, 2007
    Cheers dude, and congrats on the 1k! (b' ')b
  11. darkseeker4


    Nov 24, 2008
    @Deuteronopia You will always be considered one of the best and most creative double battle player in my eyes.You know your english is also quite top class from what I have read and from ealier posts.
    compliments apart,just a quick question.Why don't you go buy platinum as natures are set and I think platinum frontier give you the oppertunity to play 3 v 3 double in arcade/castle and it's healthbar is way cooler.

    @ Thread Just therymoning infernape at the Hall.Fake out + STAB kos so many pokes that infernape is given 100% chance to reach 170 will list the couple of apes I am using to get to 170 and beyond(I know after 170 i can use only 1 which is why my estimated loss is going to be at around 300 I shall think)
    Breeding currently and man that takes long(Damn I wish i had an AR).
  12. Aiklap


    May 8, 2009
    I've theorymoned Infernape before, it runs into a lot of problems with it's sets. Basically, using fake out "loses" a move slot. Having only 3 moves isn't enough. Then you run into all sorts of problems with flying.
    Individually, Infernape can Defeat almost any pokemon one on one, but getting though streaks of 10 (post 170) means going mixed, which is a considerable drop in power. And you can't run choice items because of fake out. And even if you do run fake out, beating ghost (most notably gengar) and inner focus pokemon (lucario, alakazam, dragonite) is not in your favor.

    But then again, you proberly will get a good streak, as almost nothing can beat everything (except 17 Tyranitars lol).
  13. Groombridge


    Dec 19, 2007
    Far too kind: I've gotta say, I still think Team Rocket Elite is the foremost thinker in BT doubles. The fact he's been away for so long suggests he's up to something!

    The coolest thing about doubles is that there are ways to make all kinds of things work. Stuff that doesn't work in singles: you too can ride an Ambipom to your dreams!

    I haven't picked up Platinum yet simply due to logistics. I have only one DS, and getting all my pokes from Pearl across would require another - and I don't know anybody else who has one. I'll be damned if I'm doing all that breeding again! Although the Platinum Frontier does look immensely cool, I'm okay keeping it old school for now.

    Infernape is very cool indeed: what kinds of sets are you planning, and how will you get past things like Slowbro? Focus Sash and Endeavor would seem to be the best bet, plus Mach Punch to finish. How do you get past Ghosts? No Fake Out, Close Combat, Endeavor or Mach Punch - you'd be down to your Fire move...
  14. Snorlaxe

    Snorlaxe 2 kawaii 4 u
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 21, 2009
    Okay so I just got a 107 win-streak at the battle tower using this team:

    Spiritomb @ Choice Scarf
    252 Hp / 252 Def / 4 Spe
    Perfect IVs
    Bold nature (+Defense, -Attack)
    ~ Trick
    ~ Spite
    ~ Protect
    ~ Hypnosis

    Scizor @ Life Orb
    252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 Def
    Perfect IVs
    Adamant nature (+Attack, -Special Attack)
    ~ Swords Dance
    ~ Roost
    ~ Bullet Punch
    ~ Brick Break

    Azelf @ Mind Plate
    252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 Hp
    Perfect IVs
    Timid nature (+Speed, -Attack)
    ~ Nasty Plot
    ~ Psychic
    ~ Flamethrower
    ~ Thunderbolt

    Amazing team, and really fun to use.
  15. zaqdos


    Aug 3, 2009
    Diamond Battle Tower Link Battle Record 113

    ZaqdosPKKRU & GHowPKKRU

    Diamond Battle Tower Link Battle Record: 113


    ZaqdosPKKRU Member 1

    Zapdos (I wish I could nickname him but I migrated him unnamed)
    Ability: Pressure
    Item: Life Orb
    Nature: Hasty (no soft resets)
    IVs: Crappy, I caught this Zapdos before I knew what IV's were. 31 Special Attack luckily, but the rest are mediocre.
    EV Spread: 6 HP / 252 SpAtt / 252 Speed

    ~ Discharge
    ~ Hidden Power (Ice, at about 55 power)
    ~ Heat Wave
    ~ Roost

    GHowPKKRU Member 1

    Swampert (Hamilton)
    Ability: Torrent
    Item: Rindo Berry
    Nature: Impish
    IVs: 31/31/23/12/26/30
    EV Spread: 252 HP / 6 Attck / 252 Def

    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Avalanche
    ~ Waterfall
    ~ Protect

    ZaqdosPKKRU Member 2

    Tyranitar (Dusty)
    Ability: Sand Stream
    Item: Chople Berry
    Nature: Adamant
    IVs: 30/31/31/14/31/24
    EV Spread: 252 HP / 252 Attck / 6 Def
    Lv.50 Stats: 257-154-116-80-132-31
    ~ Crunch
    ~ Rock Slide
    ~ Protect
    ~ Ice Punch

    GHowPKKRU Member 2

    Scizor (KUDDER)
    Ability: Technician
    Item: Leftovers
    Nature: Adamant
    IVs: 31/30/21/7/18/31
    EV Spread: 200 HP/ 252Atk/ 56 Speed

    ~ Swords Dance
    ~ Brick Break
    ~ Protect
    ~ Bullet Punch

    Ok...so...heres the roster

    Zapdos- Always dealt crazy damage with either discharge or heatwave...was fast enough to hit the dragons with HP Ice...faster than most opponents we faced. He didnt last very long, but if given the chance was able to take out huge chunks of teams. Zapdos would roost if we knew he was going to get stone edged and Dusty was dead, making stone edge not super effective. Usually we just switched if he was about to get dominated on the first turn.

    Swampert- Named Hamilton for who knows why. This was the tank of all tanks. He never got hit because all the attacks were aimed super-effectively at zapdos so he got to take his time and slowly pick apart teams. When a grass attack was going to hit him we would switch to scizor, when a fire attack was going to scizor we switched to him. Didnt pack a huge punch...but he and zapdos discharged/earthquaked more times than i can remember.

    Dusty- Dusty was a beast...he took hits and switched in on for sure stone edges and ice beams aimed at zapdos...zapdos would switch back on the fighting moves. We would sandstorm stall with all the protects we had. We always protected a lot because of the damage it dealt. Dusty left his mark in every match by sandstorm kills as well as dealing huge damage himself.

    Scizor- Kudder (southern accent) was made for backing up swampert. they only are weak to one thing each but they resist eachothers weaknesses. He would come in and revenge kill just about everyone..if he had time to set up with swords dance it was over...period.

    How we lost: So we just beat that Hazmat guy and his friend, and the next battle they sent out a Lanturn and a Rhydon, and we've seen things like that before. We were feelin pretty confident because we have pretty much dominated every match up to this point. We figured that Rhydon probably had stone edge and horn drill, so we HP Iced and EQ'd him. He died, and zapdos got ice beamed by Lanturn. He almost died, so I switched to Dusty. Next ice beam didn't do much to Dusty, and they sent out Victreebel just started wringing out Hamilton. Dusty got frozen by the first ice beam, and Lanturn just started confuse raying everyone. Dusty and Hamilton were confused, and we expected nothing less from Hax Tower than what we got: Dusty stayed frozen and confused and Hamilton hurt himself in confusion 3 times in a row. So we switched in Kudder for Hamilton to take the Sunny Day'd solarbeam from Victreebel. Lanturn TBolted him and paralyzed him first chance he got. Then they just went from there. Dusty kept taking damage, and when he finally thawed out he hurt himself in confusion 3 times in a row and died. No attacks for Dusty. Sandstorm gone, Zapdos in, thought we could outspeed Victreebel and Heat Wave him to his death...no go. Forgot about Sunny Day Chlorophyll. Zapdos died, Swampert cried, inky binky bonky.

    Quick shout out to AlakasamPKKRU and KylogrePKKRU.
  16. darkseeker4


    Nov 24, 2008
    Well the idea is actually to use 5-6 different infernaps for the first 170 and then seeing how far I can get with only one infernape after that!
  17. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    I guess it´s been a while since I updated the list...will do next weekend

    hey guys, what about a time challenge, just for fun?

    let´s say stop the time it takes to get 49 wins in the tower

    it just occured to me yesterday when I got to 49 wins in the plat. tower while watching TV and I remembered the time I started and how fast it went

    I used
    starmie-chomp-lax in battles 1-7 (at 5 I remembered I couldn´t hit sheddy lol)
    starmie-chomp-weavile in battles 8-21
    starmie-chomp-snorlax in battles 22-49

    it took me 100 minutes (18:15 -> 19:55), which is quite fast but not the fastest as I didn´t actually "try" to do a time challenge

    oh yeah I failed miserably with latias-skarm-lax in plat. on my first try...didn´t even get to lowest streak to enter record list haha, lost at battle #70 because of a freaking QC regirock...I won´t get into detail as I forgot the battle, IIRC I was 3-1 up with a +2 snorlax...oh yeah after it took out a cresselia or something he got a CH hammer arm (?) and then QC stone edge activation on turn 2 when latias was about to finish and some kind of CH and QC luck against skarmory...

    random note: my snorlax uses frustration now as it was eeasier to make it hate me after the trade (pearl->plat.) with some bitter medicine :/
    I probably overdid it though (first "hate me" trainig) and fainted it 17 times in a double battle (revival herb) and also used like >30 (200HP) healing items

    seriously, what´s the happines after a trade, 70? I have to research this, because not knowing upsets me :/
  18. kingbattlus


    Aug 24, 2006
    almost done training things so i can start screwing around in the battle tower...

    but to answer your question peterko, i believe arkeis.com (aragornbird's site, right?) has the information about happiness and how much it increases/decreases by and all that good stuff. it's been a while since i've checked there but if it's still it, it had the most detailed information i've found about the topic.

    EDIT: beaten lol
  19. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
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    Sep 20, 2005
    thanks sandslash

    I remembered the regirock battle today as something reminded me of how it went...skarmory toxiced the cresselia and then I switched in snorlax who cursed twice and after 2 frustrations cresse was about to faint next round but it switched out (!) to regirock who CH hammer armed...surf wasn´t enough and he CH stone edged next turn...I am not sure how skarmory lost but pretty sure there was another decisive QC in the right moment

    what reminded me was another legendary trainer I faced today, who switched out his sheer cold articuno after it missed the 1st one on my snorlax ...again, brought the same regirock as yesterday to eat the next frustration (was a switch on my side though)...skarmory beat it this time

    well...I lost again, now even sooner, at battle #59...arcanine´s focus band activates and crunch+ES beats latias (obvious mistake on my side not to switch but whatever), flare blitz recoil faints it, snorlax curses once...he brought in rhyperior (didn´t check moveset because I already checked like 20 pokémon before and was tired of this)...it proceeded to hammer arm and do heavy damage (CB, didn´t know) and +1 quake not even 50%...skarmory beat rhyperior but her last one (set 4 trainer) was thunderbolt gardevoir

    lol random note: whenever this team loses there is either a rock type with stone edge &/or hammer arm (tyranitar, rhyperior, regirock), or a psychic type (gardevoir...)

    this team is useless in plat., too many things have attacks I don´t like...for example elemental punches against skarmory...there were only a handful threats in DP (check the post, DDtar, rhyperior, hammer arm metagross, 1DD gyarados...)

    but it´s not as if I didn´t see the problems beforehand...I checked the database for threats and there are many, too many

    toxic stalling skarm doesn´t work as well in plat. tower as it did in DP...probably only usable with curse and AA (someone used this already IIRC)

    I will make a different team
  20. acinod


    Aug 27, 2007
    I think I did 90 minutes with Jump's Starmie-Chomp-Tyranitar team. This is an interesting idea. Let's all try to get the fastest time possible. Then we'll all use that guy's team for the lower battles so we can fly through it faster. I'm sick of having to go through 1-49 again everytime I lose and have to start again.
  21. mattj

    mattj blatant Nintendo fanboy

    Mar 30, 2009
    I just hit 100 in Platinum Doubles Battle Tower. I can't seem to find if that's good or not. :/ Things are still going pretty smooth, I usually end up with 2-3 pokes still alive, But I can see how 1 tiny mistake/hax could end the run. Does it keep getting harder and harder or does it hit a point when the IVs/EVs are all maxed and you just go till you get haxed to death or hit a really poor type/poke matchup?
  22. e.j.


    Jul 29, 2009
    Hit Single Hall 189 with two RNGed Garchomps, rotating around for certain problem types.

    Garchomp #1 w/Sash:
    Jolly, 252/252/6 Attack/Speed/HP
    -Flamethrower (for Scizor)
    -Swords Dance

    Garchomp#2 w/Lum Berry, Sash after 170 except vs Fire/Electric
    Adamant, 252
    -Fire Fang
    -Aerial Ace (lol)

    This duo can breeze through 1-170 with supreme ease, nothing really gives it any problems if you play Ice+Dark+Water first. I faced both Abomasnow and Mamoswime and 2hko'ed with SashChomp. Garchomp #2 is basically there for the fire and electric round (my 140-160 battles) to guarentee against burn or para(static)hax ruining my streak, it also snuffs out the WoW/protect Charizard nonsense (which I also had the pleasure of facing :S).

    Lost to Lickyilicky, which would've been 2hkoed by Adamant Chomp. Oh well...

    I have also wondered how rotating around TTars would work out, might try that later :P
    ^Edit, disregard, horrible idea. For some reason, I thought counter would work through Focus Sash.
  23. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009
    I encountered one in a recent streak

    I hope you are satisfied now even though I don't think I need to be posting a video to prove that I can take on a Metagross. If you are sceptical about whether this team works, just use it yourself and you will see it really does work.
  24. Jumpman16

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    Dec 19, 2004
    ok first, he doesn't have to, et has the second-highest active streak of 224 (he didnt post after 203 and stopped three rounds later) in the dp tower behind me using the same exact team. he is not just playing devil's advocate and neither am i. second, the very first pokemon he faced with CLS after being palmer at 49 for the first time was qc metagross, and he lost. he has not lost since. the second time i lost with CLS was to qc metagross. i have not lost since. i do not think that it is a coincidence that, in around 850 battles between the two of us with my CLS team, we have lost four times, and three of them were to qc metagross. and the similarities between cls and your team are obvious, especially how threatening metagross is to the lead.

    and you said yourself even after you were asked to consider it that if you were facing a ohko user you would twave first because it's probably the meta with mm and explosion...but there's only one metagross with mm in plat? can you just accept that the fact that you've endured "many attempts" where et and i haven't and have only lost to the one pokemon we're talking about might mean that it's still trouble for you? it needs just one ch either turn one or two turn to likely 2hko you without being paralyzed, that's more likely than the 2+ attack boosts it needs against me and et to win (and beating a psychic trainer with tyra is only slightly easier than it is with my scizor+latios no matter how few boosts i have)

    good work and nice post, i missed your posting

    thats exactly why i used it in pearl and started using it in the first place after slowass bronzong/gyarados/blissey lost, it's incredibly fast and solid and very well worth it to risk losing from 22-48 when a more solid team is going to be a lot slower
  25. Hood Dream

    Hood Dream

    Jul 14, 2009
    Well i made it to the battle frontier. Im going to try to get a 100 win streak at the battle factory xP. Well atleast till i build a team for the rest of the frontiers...:/ currently raising a Gliscor as my walll.

    Well lets see...I picked this team for the factory and i'll keep you guys updated on the road to 100! xD.

    Well i entered the factory and meh i didnt have much of a choice...Really nice pokemon's for my first picks xP

    These pokemons are Meh..Ok but im going to try to switch pokemons as much as possible so i get better choices than a impish scizor LOL.

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