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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009
    @ Jump: This will be my last post regarding Metagross because I don't really think this discussion is heading anywhere. For starters, I never claimed that Metagross is a breeze for me and that I could always win against it. I merely said that if Metagross only has a <20% theoretical chance to beat my team, it is not exactly a huge threat in my opinion. It has to be precisely 1 of the 4 sets on lead, use Meteor Mash with a CH and not miss the first two turns. When I mentioned "if it is the lead of a OHKO/Kamikaze trainer it is probably the tier 4", it is because that is the only set with OHKO/ Explosion/ Selfdestruct. This does not mean it is more freqent than any of the others in general or that this even happens much. You guys have said you think it is a big threat, frequency-wise I just think this is slightly pessimistic that's all. I am much more worried about a badly timed CH, Brightpowder making me miss, Quick Claw activating at the wrong moment or even a status hax on a move before I set up a sub.

    I'm not quite sure how E.T's record is relevant at all, if anything it should mean he doesn't have to ask questions about fighting Metagross because he should know exactly what to do if he has used a similar team facing it. But I will leave it at that, I just find his sentiments could have been phrased in a more delicate manner instead of a straightforward accusation.

    Obviously I have lost loads of times in the beginning, I hadn't played this game in years. There is nothing to accept/face there, it was only to be expected. I didn't want to spend forever doing theoretical calculations since I hadn't started playing again just for the theory behind the game but for the play. I lost dozens of times before reaching 100 wins but always knew how to deal with them the next time as I modfied my team. I learnt how to recognise the leads that may pose a threat and did some quick theory if necessary, especially during later streaks when I faced something I handn't seen before and didn't want to risk losing because of negligence. Once I got the hang of how it all works though, I didn't lose anymore. I lost once at 300-something wins because of a hax streak like I have never seen before and am sure will never happen again. Other than that, I didn't have to restart any of my 200+ streaks.

    Perhaps Metagross is much more infrequent as a lead in Platinum than D/P or it just doesn't get paralysed enough while you set up, I don't know why you lose to it. Maybe it is just because I rotate my team from time to time that I rarely face it... But either way, I can assure you they are very infrequent.

    A couple of years ago, I was always so frustrated at the Battle Tower hax in pokemon Emerald, so I just wanted to 'beat the tower' this time round! 500 wins was my goal, so now I have that I'm out. I hope I haven't offended anyone, if so that was not my intention. Sometimes I can be a little opinionated but it is all in good spirit. I hope you will all continue to enjoy this game, it is a great game and that is why it is still around with little changes over a decade after it first came out!
  2. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    i'm not offended by your opinions about metagross. what i am offended by is you trying to pass of your records as though they were done on a ds, as you know literally everyone else in this thread does. and i actually just remember that it was your name i saw months ago that somehow had two active streaks of 301 and 105. how is that possible with one save file? and if it is the same streak, why didn't you tell peterko that it was the same streak so he didnt list it as two separate records?

    i mean i guess the fact that he put the first records up there excuses you from posting your 500 because no one noticed you were playing on an emulator till last week, but really? in addition to not telling us if you lost those 105 and 301 streaks, or whether they were separate, you thought that you shouldn't need to indicate you're playing on an emulator in the first place? that's either naïve or dishonest, dude, and i dont like it either way
  3. PremiumVerumFatum


    Jun 21, 2009
    Time to enter the Tower Singles list. ;D

    I used basically the same as always, as I still didn't get an opportunity to trade more stuff onto my Platinum, just with a minor difference. :D It was sort of fact that this team wouldn't bring me past 100 without luck, so I thought I might as well give Metagross a luck-related item after too much Life Orb recoil in past runs. :D

    The team

    @ Choice Specs
    ~ Surf
    ~ Psychic
    ~ Thunderbolt
    ~ Ice Beam
    >>> Nothing physical...er, special.

    @ BrightPowder
    ~ Meteor Mash
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Bullet Punch
    ~ Explosion
    >>> Again the most predictable set possible, ignoring the item. See below for lol moments involving it. :D

    @ Focus Sash
    ~ Outrage
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Fire Fang
    ~ Swords Dance
    >>> Battle Hall is a bitch that still owes me the goddamned gold print, as Chomps like this always get lucked out lol, but in the Tower there isn't as much to lose, because I rarely even have to show it. Served its purpose as the ultimate cleaner well.

    The result

    101 wins. I just hoped to somehow reach the 100 for the gold trophy and I managed. The team is just not suitable for greater records; maybe I will try some trick team later for that.

    Funny stuff and close calls

    Always Metagross. :D

    Things that failed to hit, though never mattered to the outcome of the battle:
    - Typhlosion Overheat => EQ for cheap kill :D
    - Leech Seed by two different Grass Pokémon in one match. The third one hit and then I proceeded to boom. :D
    - The first Focus Blasts hit in the 90ies. All earlier Focus Blasts missed.

    More Metagross, but this time related to the infamous set 4. I met it (at least) three times. In the first turn, the Quick Claw always triggered but left my Pokémon alife to kill the Meta in the second turn, where the Claw didn't trigger. That's somehow relieving, as I always have to remember having lost one of my countless Hall streaks because of Meta's QC working exactly in the wrong turn while they seem to never miss with MM.

    And once more Metagross, this time my own one again. I'll leave a translated chatlog (a monologue actually lol, but too good) and a replay-ID (and maybe tomorrow a video on my YouTube) for that.

    22:40:04 Φατουμ: bah dt cress as lead You know, my lead was Starmie and Starmie sucks against Cresselia, so I sent in Meta and saw the Double Team.
    22:40:14 Φατουμ: mm hit, boost pls yay for luck calling :D
    22:40:20 Φατουμ: lol ch
    22:40:21 Φατουμ: and boost
    22:40:23 Φατουμ: I ROX
    22:40:30 Φατουμ: he psychic LOL
    22:40:35 Φατουμ: mm next hit
    22:40:42 Φατουμ: TAKE THAT BITCH =D she just died ;)
    22:41:06 Φατουμ: sugfvdf, but then i miss on gigas
    22:41:57 Φατουμ: gigas dead, uno comes
    22:41:59 Φατουμ: meta sweep?
    22:42:05 Φατουμ: ya :)


    How I lost

    Set 4 Ace Trainer. He used one of the said Metas, but also just as said, that wasn't what beat me. It was actually a Speed Boost Yanmega, which a weakened Garchomp and Starmie can't deal with. I love Yanmega, but I hate playing against it. :D

  4. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    seventy-freaking-eight minutes bitches, that´s what I call a fast little platinum 49 tower win streak I did yesterday evening :D

    there is always room for a bit of improvement, but not much here

    yeah except for rare random shit like a singing water pulse confuse hax blissey which snorlax needed like 10 turns (slept like 6, hurt itself in confusion twice, cursed...) to take care of, or one misclick against dry skin frog...

    on the other hand, there were not many long battles, seriously, I should´ve counted the pokémon starmie one-hitted during this run, crazy stuff...

    of course, you need a bit of luck but that´s pokémon...I mean sooner or later you will face a PI (I faced 3 of ´em), I remember a walrein who missed sheer cold, followed by sash gliscor who missed guillotine, making it a 5 turn battle (firehorse was last) for starmie :)

    yeah one may argue that LO on starmie means I lose a second per hit from the "recoil" (-13 HP) but 30% stronger neutral attacks is what makes the difference in serious sweeps...yes you get the same % on SE hits with a modest expert belt mie, but 1hitting some normal types is better...also I still only own my old timer emerald timid starmie...

    1. timid starmie @ LO - bolt, beam, psycho, surf
    2. jolly chomp @ sash - ffang, claw, quake, outrage
    3.A careful lax @ lefties - frustration, quake, curse, rest (member of team in battles 22-49)
    3.B weavile @ lum - fake, nslash, shard, ice punch (member of team in battles 1-21, didn´t come out even once)

    I stopped time and had to do a little flight to re-teach FF to chomp because last run I noticed (and remembered) I needed it because of things like scizor and snowman...with that it took me 82 minutes (for frustration to stay max on snorlax I can´t just always have him in the team while walking you know, which basically means I had to use the PC to deposit and withdraw later)...

    sash > scarf on chomp in <49 because you don´t need the speed and you get in 2 hits against every random ice move shit and as everyone knows, 2 > 1, of course not when you get frozen lol...also other random stuff you face like a nido (I did face) that used counter against outrage (adding "was locked in" incase someone wanted to me a smartass and point out quake>outrage vs nido)

    weavile is/was useless...I mean ehm you really don´t need a 3rd team member in 1-21 if you use starchomp, yeah mine didn´t know FF (read above)so this was the insurance against sheddy...

    snorlax vs ttar is personal preference...I could leave it at that, but from personal exp. with fast teams, you know, sometimes trick room screws you over...beat palmer #2 by himself with +4 (of course regifail had to CH with its first stone edge but I still lived), just stating a fact, not arguing that ttar does get palmer faster...

    jump I am not ignoring that calisto uses/used and emulator...I´ll deal with it in my next update

    EDIT: hahaha I lost again under 70 oh my god I suck at platinum frontier so much...

    this time battle #68, basically the QC zong beat me,
    - QC activated, quake, surf 40%
    - he switched (!) to empo who took the second surf with like 80% left
    - bolt I think will do enough, of course, not, he lives, torrent boosted waterfall
    - chomp quakes, 2-2
    - zong again, QC activated again, zen headbutt, no flinch, I quake, levitate :D I suck so much
    - fire fang, he lives with around 20%, iron head
    - now I wasn´t sure if a dragon claw would finish (should´ve outraged for god´s sake!, fire fang missed (of course), iron head and as the finishing move
    - BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! snorlax fainted

    another funny battle I thought I was losing was against a starter trainer, whose aliG survived the bolt, scared starmie with his face and waterfalled, flinched of course, next turn it didn´t both fainted
    - sceptile vs chomp he seeded, I FFed doing like 65%...he DT, FF missed, giga drain heals him to 80% and I outrage which kills sceptile
    - blaziken, locked into outrage I stay and try the OHKO, which of course fails, he survives with like 3%, salac actives (big FUUU...you know), seed kills me (I was at 21 HP, seed takes 22 ._.)
    - game over, reversal but I live (thanks to 94def and leech seed actually helping me instead by lowering the reversal power lol), frustration, I win
  5. for54years


    May 31, 2009
    Battle Tower Single record update- 121 wins

    This is an update to the post I did on this thread in June. I ran out of BP after EV training a number of pokes for WiFi purposes, so I had to get back to the tower. I couldn't believe it: I had over 800 BP. Oh well, the tower is just as annoying as I remembered, with Guillotine landing 50% of the time after 6 flashes. I did make it to 121 wins, though. The video of my losing 122 battle is on WiFi under number 78-50402-67041. Long story short is that both of the sweepers on my team are weak to water types, and the opponent had 3 of them. I Tbolted the Slowking to death, leaving Jolteon with 30 % health. I thought I was being cautious in yawning the second one; it had a healing berry. Dead Jolteon, so I brought Scizor in for what I thought would be an easy revenge kill. Wrong again, Slowbro laughs off superpower, and Garchomp must pick up the pieces without a stat boost. Starmie kills it with an ice beam. I'll probably try to make a truly original team now that a streak is not an issue. I still have a lot of pokes I would like to EV train. Also, I reposted my team description here to make linking easier.

    My team is not very origional, but I did make a few changes. Also, I noticed that yawn-based teams are not being used much in Platinum, so maybe this will renew interest in them. I would like to thank everyone who has posted on this thread (I have been reading it religously for the last 5 weeks), and especially FastHippo, whose teams/strategy was very helpful! The strategy is pretty simple - yawn on the first turn unless I know I can 1 or 2HKO safely w/thunderbolt. In that case, yawn on the first turn with the second enemy. Then, switch in one of the sweepers, SD, and, uh, sweep.

    Jolteon "Shocks" - Focus Sash
    Jolly 167 hp/75atk/78d/109spatk/111spdef/195speed

    This one came from the main site, but I think I changed it a bit. It origionally had charm instead of thunderbolt. I put in magnet rise for a while, but wasn't able to predict moves well enough to make it work. Thunderbolt was added after Slowking 810 swept my team, and it has proven to be quite handy. It can 2HKO most water types, and can 1HKO Gyrados, which is always nice. I didn't EV for Special Attack at all, so that was all just a bonus to me. With this speed, almost nothing in the tower is faster without a held item. Wish is good for either flashing down the opponent's poke, or giving a free sub to a teammate when I know jolt is going to die.

    Scizor "Red Menace" -Sitrus Berry
    Adamant 146 hp / 199 Atk/ 120 D/ 62 sp atk/ 89 sp def/ 93 speed
    Bullet Punch
    Swords Dance

    Garchomp "Land Shark" - Lum Berry
    Jolly 173HP/167Atk/109D/xx/xx/169 speed 31 Speed IV
    Swords Dance

    Well, everyone uses both of the sweepers, so I'll just say that they complement each other well. The only thing that will make one of them switch is a fire type for Scizor, and ice type for Garchomp. In that case, switch away, but beware of cheap OHKO pokes like Walrein 736. I do play them differently, though - I will continue SDing until Scizor's Sub breaks, and then fight. However, I usually only SD once for Garchomp. Outrage just leaves him too exposed, and he doesn't have a priority move to take out all of the quick claw/choice scarf pokes out there. Also, I am more likely to switch in Scizor to absorb the second attack of the battle, after Jolteon has yawned, to get a jump on the competition. As far as I can tell, that's the whole point of the sitrus berry.

    This team has to look out for all of the pokes that know both fire and ice moves, like Aerodactyl 579. I wound up printing out the whole list and highlighting all of the potential threats, so I could make safe switches in battle. That's what finally got me past the 70's.

    If anyone would like to see the 105 battle, it is on wifi 81-97442-76344.
    Thanks again for all your help!

    Edit: I posted this before I really knew anything about competitive battling, RNG abuse, etc. In hindsight, my planning was extremely flawed, and I relied on a trial-and-error approach to team building. I look at this post as laughable now, especially Jolteon's nature and EV's. It was a miracle that I made it as far as I did!
  6. darkseeker4


    Nov 24, 2008
    IIRC flash doesn't effect OHKO moves.
  7. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    that´s right, flash won´t help you against OHKO moves


    decided to choose a frontier facility and focus on it

    tower I am failing at and need a break
    factory...no, hell no
    hall = jump territory & obsession

    so either castle or arcade, I chose arcade beacuse it´s kind of like pyramid in emerald which I liked...I researched pyramid at that time first and then had a very nice record until I was too cocky and didn´t heal my pokémon despite having a lot item

    yeah well arcade...I am at 49 with starmie-garchomp-weavile

    I wrote down all of the possible fields in each set of 7 (well, not the first set) til now and identified all fields except for one...what does the symbol "circular/ring arrow" do?

    (8-14) => -HP (20%); +LV (3); rain, sun, sandstorm, hail, nothing, berry, faster board, slower board
    (15-21) => -HP (20%); +LV (3); rain, sun, sandstorm, hail, nothing, berry, faster board, slower board, paralyze, burn, poison, random board
    (22-28) => -HP (20%); +LV (3); nothing, faster board, random board, item, fog, battle point, trick room
    (29-35) => -HP (20%); +LV (3); nothing, faster board, random board, item, battle point, sleep 1, freeze 1, switch teams, "ring arrow"
    (36-42) => -HP (20%); +LV (3); nothing, faster board, random board, item, battle point, sleep 1, freeze 1, switch teams, "ring arrow", fog, trick room
    (43-49) => -HP (20%); +LV (3); rain, sun, sandstorm, hail, nothing, berry, faster board, slower board, paralyze, burn, poison, sleep, freeze, random board, item, fog, trick room, switch teams, battle point...probably everything (didn´t see the panel I don´t know effect of)

    >49 is every panel possible? I´ll find out :p
  8. MegaMewtwo


    Oct 17, 2007
    Skips the battle.
  9. for54years


    May 31, 2009
    Well, I just took my ignorance out and waved it around the room

    Thanks for pointing out that fact about OHKO moves. This will result in some changes to my battle tower play style, for sure.
  10. ungulateman


    Apr 11, 2009
    I'm starting an all-facility streak with the following Sandstorm team:

    Tyranitar @ Choice Scarf
    - Stone Edge
    - Earthquake
    - Crunch
    - Fire Blast

    Torterra @ Leftovers
    - Earthquake
    - Stealth Rock (Thinking of swapping for Stone Edge)
    - Wood Hammer
    - Crunch

    Lucario @ Life Orb
    - Extremespeed
    - Close Combat
    - Ice Punch
    - Swords Dance

    Any advice / "good luck"s / "screw you"s?
  11. darkseeker4


    Nov 24, 2008
    Apart from stone edge being the worst attack in D/P/Pt you have shared weaknesses to to many types means alot of pokes will be giving you problems.
    If I were to start a sandstorm team then mine would be along the lines of DD-tar/chomp to abuse sand veil and perhaps another steel type to take care of ice/dragon.Bronzong perhaps or even lucario?
    Well good luck with whatever you choose!

    Update on my frontier streaks.I made some changes to my doubles team and am upto 42 and hopefully this will help me reach 100 as 93 is way to close to hundread to lose on :(
    I might take a small break to try 3v3 doubles in arcade/castle as that looks very interesting.
  12. ungulateman


    Apr 11, 2009
    Well then, I'm going to have to breed like crazy to get a decent Tyranitar with Dragon Dance...I'm mainly trying to get my Silver & Gold prints, really.
  13. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    I'm probably going to do either Single Battle Tower or Single/Double Battle Castle after my current streak for Platinum Double Battle Tower ends, but just an update, my current Double Battle Tower streak is at 147, and it is still going.

    My team is the same as the team that is in the records list (here), except Vaporeon has Helping Hand instead of HP Electric now, and it's an entirely different Metagross with Explosion/Bullet Punch / Thunderpunch / Earthquake. ... Explosion saved me quite a few times. I'll update again when my streak ends.

    EDIT: Oh, boo, I decided I'll play 7 more before I sleep so I can get #1 in the records list for platinum double battle tower, but then I made way too many mistakes and lost with 148 streak in the Platinum Double Battle Tower.

    I lost to an Eeveelution team, which totally sucks, since I must have beaten at least 4 Eeveelution teams in this run (and... of course the teams are all very similar).

    Turn 1:
    I sent out Jolteon & Ludicolo.
    Opponent sent out Glaceon & Jolteon.
    --> I decided to fake out Glaceon in case it uses Hail.
    Ludicolo used fake out on Glaceon.
    My Jolteon used Rain Dance.
    Op's Jolteon used signal beam to Ludicolo (>50% damage).
    Glaceon flinches.

    Turn 2:
    My Jolteon used Protect!
    Ludicolo used Surf! (~70% to Jolteon) Glaceon avoided the attack.
    Op's Jolteon used Signal Beam. Ludicolo fainted.
    Glaceon used something that didn't matter since my Jolteon Protected.
    I sent out Metagross.

    Turn 3:
    --> For some reason I just totally did not realize that the op's Jolteon will be a very big threat (whereas Glaceon is totally not). I told Metagross to Bullet Punch Glaceon while My Jolteon also Thunder Glaceon. I really don't know why I did that.
    Metagross used Bullet Punch. My Jolteon used Thunder. Glaceon fainted.
    Op's Jolteon used Tbolt on Metagross (>50%).
    Op sent out Espeon.

    Turn 4:
    My Jolteon used Thunder on Espeon (~75% damage).
    Op's Jolteon used Tbolt on Metagross. Metagross fainted.
    Espeon used Psychic on my Jolteon.
    I send out Vaporeon.

    Turn 5:
    --> Here was when I realized If I don't kill off the op's Jolteon, I'll have no chance.
    Vaporeon used Helping Hand.
    My Jolteon used HP Ice on op's Jolteon. didn't KO = basically I lost.
    Op's Jolteon used something to attack my Jolteon (which surprised me a bit), maybe Signal Beam. My Jolteon fainted.
    Espeon used Charm (which was even more surprising).

    Turn 6:
    Vaporeon faints from Tbolt.

    Basically, in the two turns where I was attacking Glaceon and Espeon, I should have been attacking Jolteon. I dunno what I was thinking. Oh well.
  14. MegaMewtwo


    Oct 17, 2007
    I just want to follow up on something I posted a while ago:

    The Battle Hall goes easier on you if you use weaker Pokemon. I entered an Electrike, and at battle 50 Argenta used a Vulpix.
  15. ungulateman


    Apr 11, 2009
    Hah. I though the Pokemon Argenta used was level-based - my Mamoswine met a freakin' MESPIRIT. (Level 43, btw)

    And my Magnezone ran into a Machamp. (Level 51)

    But apparently, the Battle Hall LOVES NFEs.
  16. Krul


    Feb 2, 2006
    I had a harder time before the Hall Brain than the Brain herself. Person before sends out Slaking, and something happened that I've forgotten, but I practically crapped myself (It was the final one before the Brain)

    The Brain sends out Porygon-Z, OHKO'd easily.
  17. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    "easier" is pretty relative, get back to us if you're actually able to break 170 with weaker pokemon

    i tried using medicham once last month because the hall list considers it a weak pokemon under that 270 limit, but the game still used aerodactyl and another clearly 270+ pokemon in ranks 9 and 10 so lol i guess, nice double standard. then i thought of vigoroth but almost immediately remembered that it's an nfe the game has over 270. i mean something like pikachu might be cool if you use focus sash for the sets that pose a problem and the obvious light ball otherwise, if someone wants to test that out that'd be cool

    yeah none of those pokemon have a remote chance of doing anything to latios but regice, who needs latios to somehow be unsubbed, to ch through the SpD boost, and for scizor to have been killed to not be revenge killed every time no matter what. i guess most of those can hack me if i'm unsubbed but i'm more pointing out that regice needs latios to be naked so a ch can actually matter just as much as any other pokes does...and actually lol every pokemon you listed is OHKOed by unboosted scizor or lucario given the damage latios is virtually guarantee to do even if it dies

    you technically can use the fact that you are undefeated in platinum up to 413 to make your case for dragonite but i did take latios to 268 or better three times in pearl, and every loss i can remember was either because lopunny is not cresselia or uxie or because dragonite would have performed worse because of much lower initial speed. i also realized a year ago that plat would be a lot easier for trick teams, he's so good it's boring

    yeah, in a way i guess i'm glad my first game freezes came at ~26 or whatever, and 110 was the last straw for me. i knew what i'd done to my ds though and the first one happened like no more than a week after i dropped it intentionally from like four feet up lol (a download, bp porygon-Z BPed garchomp twice, CHed with signal beam as I DDed, and BPed starmie too) so there was no real surprise to me

    yeah i'm at 190-something, it's not as good as CLS or LLL though even if I can blame all of this on the fact that acupressure doesn't work with sub like it's "supposed to" (unless we want to argue that literally every other stat-up move shouldn't also work behind a sub). stupid quirky doubles mechanics are to blame for that (acupressure is the only move that can target both yourself and your ally but NOT your foe)

    im using sitrus berry over sub now because so few moves are capable of ohkoing latias, and sitrus gives me more time to annoy stuff with flash and charm. the only other items i'd like are yache or haban berry but even then i would rather replace scizor with latios or cresselia to use some combination of captivate, memento and skill swap (fuck off forever metagross) to make drapion seriously unbeatable. mekkah and i were talking and a lead latios with tw/flash/charm/captivate and a cresselia with skill swap/captivate/whatever/whatever, cress can switch into ice attacks and captivate or latios can captivate straight up or if it's regice cress can use skill swap and flash, cress might need ice beam for that stupid gliscor drapion can't set up on (spite on a OHKO switch in would be cool but mismagius is the only viable poke to learn it really)
  18. Diana

    Diana This isn't even my final form
    is a Pokemon Researcheris a Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 10, 2008
    Wow, it's been a while since I've been here... Anyway, just been reading through the thread, and looking at the front page of it... Do you all need proof of the Arcade and Level 50 Factory streaks? I'll get the camera off my dad to get pictures if you do, it's not a problem.

    Other than that I'll be working on streaks, but probably slowly here, I mostly just wanted to ask that.
  19. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    updated the list

    jump the first pic where you posted 3 (arcade, porygon-Z hall and something else) doesn´t display for me right now so please update that record that it shows yourself ;)

    also garo please post a picture of your streak or else it won´t be put up there
  20. NinRac


    Jun 18, 2009
    Castle record

    Sorry to add to the list just after you updated Pterko, but I have one more record to add for the Battle Castle Singles. It's 52 wins for Battle Castle. I was setting myself to reach up for Jumpman's record since I saw he was only 2 more 7-sets away when I checked but I stumbled over a crit hit and then next turn a Quick Claw crit hit. But I figured I'd post this record for the time being since it is my first run-through and I'll forget if I don't go ahead and post it.

    [​IMG] (still trying to work on more usable pictures but at least everything you need to see is legible)

    So now for the team stats

    Shell Bell[​IMG]
    Dragon Dance
    Stone Edge

    Sand Veil
    Shell Bell[​IMG] (but also used Focus Sash too)
    Swords Dance
    Fire Fang

    Flash Fire
    Choice Scarf[​IMG] (but before it was accessible I think I went with Quick Claw because the other options wouldn't help much and Heatran would enjoy the random priority over the other options)
    Dragon Pulse
    Earth Power
    Stone Edge

    So first few questions is "yes, that's the same Garchomp I used in Battle Hall" and to answer the question of "Why Shell Bell?" You don't get healed between rounds (well, except the multiples of 7 of course), and both Rajal and Kaze are the types who can easily sweep after a turn of setup so I use that turn of setup that I know I'm going to be taking some damage and spend the rest of the time healing it up and minimize CP spendings and while Leftovers did become available, I found myself recovering more on those two in Battle Castle then I would with Leftovers (especially since I usually found myself against high HP Pokémon). The other question I'm sure I would get a bunch of is for the Heatran on being Hasty and having Stone Edge instead of the more common Explosion or Hidden Power, well besides the obvious problem in the Castle of Explosion being a bad idea...I remember the Hidden Power was really weak (40 something and some type that wasn't very useful like dark) and I wanted to make the most of what was basically impatience of being satisfied with a hardy nature instead of timid (as well as give me something to threaten special walls without being suicidal...but I still agree with Jumpman that Stone Edge is the worst move in the game but it fits the empty slot well).

    So as for choosing my team, I first went "I wanna use a solid sweeper that can cover the majority" and looked at Kaze and it fit the bill. Then I started looking through my other trained Pokémon going "Gotta pick a ground type" since ground resists (or immune) to Gyarados's weaknesses...and that led me to Rajal. At this point I'm noticing a pretty important ice weakness (and slight dragon weakness) so I began focusing on those who had quad resistance to ice (and if resisting dragons, that's a bonus) and this led me to choose between Scizor and WestHeaven but ended up with WestHeaven (especially because the only Scizor I had ready was designed for Ubers trapping so it doesn't have much in terms of coverage and thus I felt it would be a bad choice). I also quickly checked the weaknesses of Westheaven and Kaze managed to provide the same back-up that resistance (or immunity) that Rajal was already providing Kaze.

    Now as for the play strategy, I can't think of much else to say but Gyarados and Garchomp try to setup their sweep and go to it and if something is too much of a risk, pass over to the one covering the currently active Pokémon. Westheaven usually didn't even have to become bogged down too much (nor did I want to since I didn't want to be choice locked) but the scarf was there to provide the revenge kill. The 3 together provide great synergy but if one starts falling behind/KO'd (especially because of hax) you gotta carefully manuever to make sure you can finish what's left or end up in a bind that could eventually overwhelm you since this trio relies on the next one in the cycle to cover it's weaknesses.

    I can say it did better than I expected, especially since I honestly wasn't even trying to go for the castle recordboard (I was just opening up and felt like giving castle a go and noticed my streak was already at 28 when I finished my run since it's been awhile...so long I can't even remember what I used to get the silver print) and by the time I got to Darach the second time, it was more of a "well, I already got my gold print so let's see how much further I can go" and getting on the smogon Castle boards is just a very nice added bonus.
  21. garo


    Apr 5, 2008
    here is my proof picture:
  22. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005

    this game is seriously making fun of me, I have to restart it or something, I just can´t get to 70 in the tower, even with a sexy swicheroo team

    I just got beaten in battle #66 because a (BAN ME PLEASE) toxicroak2 got 2 CH struggles in a row against my setting up latias, I know I have to learn how to use a trick team first, but things like freaking 2 struggle CHs in a row suck badly...hmm maybe a charm turn1 (would´ve gotten in 2 because the first DP missed) dunno

    the team is:
    MIAU persian @scarf - switcheroo, odor sleuth, charm, hypnosis/something else (171-87-123-76-86-136)
    LILY latias @lum - cm, dp, sub, recover (165-77-131-129-150-178)
    IRON FIST registeel @lefties- sub, iron def, amnesia, seismic toss (187-95-189-81-198-59)

    the thing is, I don´t want to use cresselia or uxie as they´ve been used already...and I know they´re way better than the rest (yeah latias works also but I use this to set up) so my choices were mismagius, gallade, mr. mime & persian (also claydol, espeon)

    I bred a persian first because 1. it´s the coolest, 2. I like cats (we have like 13 of ´em outside) and 3. it was kind of easy to breed one with my 6x31 smeargle
    - also didn´t want to copy garo´s registeel so I created my own version...jump pointed out the (BAN ME PLEASE) mismagius who has perish song but whatever, yeah I like odor sleuth, it helped me at least in the battle against an ice team (froslass and DT regice)
    - garo´s set is probably better once set up because iron head hits everything and needs less turns to KO the oposition but I still like my set and registeel is a monster
    - also with lefties desperately needed on this registeel I had to lum+recover on latias, it sets up perfectly against special attackers, although doesn´t OHKO stuff even at +6

    latias is the problem here, because some physical STAB NVE attacks still hurt like a 178 attk arca flare blitz (this is the pokémon I used to calc the best HP/def EV spread to get lowest possible dmg %)

    Platinum Battle Tower Single Battle
    Team: Persian, Latias, Registeel
    #50 – Bird Keeper Eliza: dragonite3 (DM), gyarados, yanmega (2-0 registeel)
    #51 – Scientist Irwin: glalie2 (quake), quagsire, charizard (3-0 latias)
    #52 – Cyclist Hilda: crobat2 (air slash, switch after seismic toss), medicham3, toxicroak2 (3-0 registeel)
    #53 – Ace Trainer Chloe: moltres3 (sky attack), regice, articuno1 (2-0 latias)
    #54 – Collector Leroy: forretress1 (revenge), hypno1, venusaur1 (3-0 latias)
    #55 – Fisherman Keaton: slowbro3 (psychic), gyarados, poliwrath (3-0 latias)
    #56 – Cyclist Vanita: zapdos1 (thunder wave), medicham, infernape (3-0 latias)
    #57 – Aroma Lady Ambre: vileplume4 (sludge bomb), cradily, sceptile (3-0 registeel)
    #58 – PKMN Breeder Tyron: gliscor4 (quake), magnezone4, milotic4 (3-0 latias, zone/milo survived +6DP)
    #59 – PI Chrester: dugtrio3 (night slash), hippowdon, bronzong (2-0 registeel)
    #60 – Idol Maranda: manectric4 (bolt), kangaskhan4, lickilicky4 (2-0 latias)
    #61 – Fisherman Keaton: kingdra1 (surf), walrein, gastrodon (3-0 latias)
    #62 – Psychic Irene: mr. mime3 (psychic), medicham, slowking (3-0 latias)
    #63 – Ace Trainer Opal: froslass2 (ice punch), weavile, regice2 (2-0 registeel, odor sleuth baby)
    #64 – Veteran Alfred: rampardos3 (head smash), milotic3, garchomp3 (2-0 registeel)
    #65 – Parasol Lady Angie: kadabra2 (reflect), metang2, bibarel2 (3-0 latias)
    #66 – Waiter Warren: toxicroak2 (dynamicpunch), golem (0-2)

    also damn, that NVE head smash hurts even a 187HP/189def registeel ._.

    EDIT: this is for reference when theorymoning a trick lead...what it should survive to get another chance to trick/switcheroo in case QC , brightpowder or lax incense activates...you obviously won´t survive the first 3 haha

    LI walrein sheer cold
    BP glalie sheer cold
    QC lapras sheer cold
    BP 211 speed electrode
    205 QC metagross meteor mash, zen headbutt
    205 BP metagross zen headbutt
    200 QC rhydon megahorn, earthquake, stone edge
    200 QC machamp dynamicpunch/cross chop, earthquake, stone edge
    200 LI mamoswine earthquake, superpower, fissure
    200 QC absol punishment
    200 QC flareon superpower
    200 QC ursaring cross chop, return
    200 BP magnezone thunderbolt, flash cannon, signal beam
    200 BP heatran flamethrower, dark pulse
    194 LI pinsir x-scissor, superpower, stone edge
    194 BP zapdos thunderbolt signal beam, air cutter, heat wave
    194 BP gardevoir psychic, focus blast
    194 BP exeggutor psychic
    189 QC crawdaunt crunch, crabhammer
    189 QC donphan earthquake
    187 BP alakazam psychic, shadow ball
    183 BP lucario aura sphere, flash cannon
    182 BP espeon psychic
    182 BP latios psychic
    182 LI glaceon ice beam
    182 BP garchomp dragon claw
    182 BP scizor x-scissor
    180 QC hippowdon earthquake, crunch, stone edge
    178 QC golem earthquake, stone edge
    178 BP scyther aerial ace, x-scissor
    178 BP vaporeon surf
    177 QC torterra wood hammer, earthquake, stone edge, crunch
    172 BP wavile night slash
    172 QC camerupt eruption
    172 QC muk gunk shot
    171 BP infernape focus blast, flamethrower
    167 BP rapidash flare blitz
    163 QC empoleon hydro cannon
    162 BP blast burn, focus blast
    162 BP latias psychic, shadow ball
    162 BP leafeon leaf blade
    161 BP charizard blast burn, air slash, focus blast
    156 QC heatran crunch
    156 QC wailord hydro pump
    156 BP raichu volt tackle
    152 QC regirock stone edge, earthquake, hammer arm
    150 QC steelix gyro ball, earthquake, stone edge
    145 LI froslass blizzard, shadow ball
    112 BP nidoking focus punch, dragon pulse
  23. darkseeker4


    Nov 24, 2008
    Platinum Battle Tower Singles : 161 Wins

    Uxie @ Choice Scarf
    252 hp/98 def/160 spe

    Registeel @ Leftovers
    252 hp/128 def/130 sp.def
    ~Iron head

    Latios @ Lum berry
    252 sp.att/252 spe/6 hp
    ~Calm mind
    ~Dragon pulse

    A nice varient to Garo's awsome team.Big changes are the introduction of latios over dragonite and T-wave over safegaurd.
    I lost in the most stupid way of all time.

    I stick this guy into a flash cannon.T-wave and memento him.Now I think it's safe for latios to setup since he sets up way faster and I just felt like setting him up which was so stupid.He gets 3 crits in a row which is gay cause after trying to recover naked I get the 3rd crit fainting latios.I succesfully setup registeel fully and faint the second poke which I can't remeber at the moment but the final pokemon is :

    I was wathcing Tv at the same time so I iron headed while he hung on using sash and then I start burning PP With amnesia and I look up.After about burning PP for 15-20 seconds I look down and he's T-bolting me.So I figured he's out of destiny bond PP.I click on iron head and the (BAN ME PLEASE) Destiney bonds me and it turns out he had one PP of it left when I replay the battle on the V.S recorder.The (BAN ME PLEASE) tricked me.The game new when I wasgoing to attack and sadly he wins the match cause we were both the last pokes.

    So many mistakes I could have won this match so easily.Not mementoing on uxie and only setting up registeel instead of trying to setup latios.
    Well you live and learn.Latios did very well and t-wave helped alot and won me crucial turns to setup.This is a nice vareint and works well for anyone who wants to try it,It can reach much higher then where I got it but im to lazy to start again!Thanks for reading this short and boring post!
  24. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    I wonder how people build their teams consisting of 3 legendaries so fast...whatever

    got past 70 for the first time, yeah ridiculous...then I made something incredibly stupid haha

    Platinum Battle Tower Single Record: 96

    Persian MIAU
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Limber
    Nature: Impish
    IVs: 31 HP / 24attk / 31 def / 31 sA / 31 sD / 31 speed
    EVs: 244 HP / 2 attk / 252 def / 8 sD / 4 speed
    Lv.50 stats: 171-87-123-76-86-136(204)
    Item: Choice Scarf
    - Hypnosis
    - Odor Sleuth
    - Switcheroo
    - Charm

    -> works nicely, but the AI is a freaking cheater who counters you all the time...after 49 I faced both QC machamps (the only other QC/powder/incense pokémon that OHKOs the cat turn1 beside machamp is QC superpower flareon which needs rand 99 or 100 in the dmg formula...also the hax 3 sheer colders but they kill everyone...this just to show that the cat is not "that bad", you pull at least a switcheroo almost every time
    -> also once the AI used a taunt aero plus the taunt and torment honchkrow in the same team...hell that was a messy battle
    -> and I faced two gastrodons, I actually switched items with the first automatically before thinking and it worked, I charmed the second but it was the special attacker...had to set up latias through ice beams which wasn´t easy

    Latias LILY
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Levitate
    Nature: Timid
    IVs: 29 HP / 2 attk / 29 def / 29 sA / 31 sD / 31 speed
    EVs: 84 HP / 172 def / 252 speed
    Lv.50 stats: 165-77-131-129-150-178
    Item: Lum Berry
    - Dragon Pulse
    - Substitute
    - Calm Mind
    - Recover

    -> most of the time I set up this because once set up it sweeps faster than steel

    Registeel IRON FIST
    Ability: Clear Body
    Nature: Careful
    IVs: 31 HP / 31 attk / 27 def / ? / 27 sD / 8-9 speed
    EVs: 252 HP / 164 def / 94 sD
    Lv.50 stats: 187-95-189-81-198-59
    Item: Leftovers
    - Seismic Toss
    - Substitute
    - Amnesia
    - Iron Defense

    -> works, but the curse+iron head set is better because of less hits needed to finish of oponents = less chances to CH you...they always CH, all the time

    lost because I hypnotized a blissey...how stupid is that
    switcheroo, counter, I charm 3 times..now switch and clean up with latias...no I stayed, odor sleuth haha and then hypnosis...probably because I hate blissey so much I wanted to...seriously, I messed up
    he switched as I switched
    QC ursa vs latias
    I got in 2 dragon pulses
    then I charmed him 3 times because he missed 2/4 cross chops I think then set up registeel, he got a quake CH in on a sub, but of course he had a freaking garchomp who got another CH quake on my second stoss, without the CH I would´ve won I think...he did like 36 damage and I was at 90something after the first one hmm :/

    thinking about either opening with missy/gallade or latias next and...it´s still in the making
  25. darkseeker4


    Nov 24, 2008
    Well I had wifi for about a month were my freind in the wifi industry :p helped me collect like 5 boxes full of nice iv/eved pokes so i just use these pokes for example.
    I already had negators latios fully eved and a nice impish UT registeel and a bold uxie which was previously eved for another trick team I had tried.
    I just had to slightly change eves of uxie and eve registeel and I was done in an hour and it took me about 4 days to get to 161 and i lost on the morning of the 4th day i think.
    So yeah it was pretty fast.

    As for your streak peterko.Why the heck wouldn't you just switch in latias on the second turn after oder sleuthing,calm minding to +6 with a sub and sweeping.counter has like 20 pp so that should'nt be a problem.

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