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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. PremiumVerumFatum


    Jun 21, 2009
    I just tried Battle Hall again, but I lost before 50, against Rotom lol.

    Besides, as I'm planning my first Tower Trick abuse team and because I still can distribute EVs, I've made a Platinum speed tiers list, since there's only one for DP. Only the Pokémon from 49+ are included and speed modifications (Slow Start and Choice Scarf) are taken into account. You may edit the link into the OP, of course.

    250 Linoone 2 (Choice Scarf)

    234 Porygon-Z 2 (Choice Scarf)

    211 Electrode 23

    200 Aerodactyl 12, Crobat 1, Jolteon 13

    194 Weavile 24

    192 Electrode 14

    189 Alakazam 13, Dugtrio 13, Sceptile 124

    186 Tyranitar 2 (Choice Scarf)

    183 Ambipom 12, Floatzel 12, Raikou 12, Sneasel 2, Starmie 12

    182 Aerodactyl 34, Crobat 234, Jolteon 4

    181 Rampardos 4 (Choice Scarf)

    180 Ninjask 2

    178 Espeon 12, Froslass 1, Gengar 1, Latias 3, Latios 3, Tauros 13

    177 Swellow 2, Weavile 13

    176 Infernape 14

    172 Alakazam 24, Dugtrio 24, Lopunny 124, Manectric 4, Mismagius 34, Rapidash 4, Sceptile 3

    169 Garchomp 1

    167 Ambipom 34, Charizard 4, Dodrio 2, Entei 12, Floatzel 34, Flygon 23, Ninetales 123, Persian 2, Raichu 23, Raikou 34, Salamence 2, Slaking 3, Staraptor 12, Starmie 34, Tentacruel 14, Zapdos 23

    164 Purugly 2

    162 Espeon 34, Froslass 234, Gengar 234, Jumpluff 2, Latias 24, Latios 24, Tauros 24

    161 Arcanine 12, Drapion 3, Electivire 1, Gliscor 23, Houndoom 124, Leafeon 12, Yanmega 1

    160 Infernape 23

    157 Electabuzz 2, Kadabra 2, Lopunny 3, Manectric 123, Mismagius 1, Rapidash 123, Scyther 2

    156 Kangaskhan 13, Moltres 1

    154 Garchomp 234

    152 Charizard 123, Entei 34, Fearow 2, Flygon 14, Miltank 24, Ninetales 4, Raichu 14, Salamence 134, Staraptor 34, Typhlosion 134, Zapdos 14

    150 Heracross 14, Jolteon 2, Kingdra 12, Pinsir 2, Suicune 2

    149 Skuntank 234

    147 Arcanine 34, Drapion 4, Electivire 34, Grovyle 2, Houndoom 3, Jynx 34, Primeape 2, Sharpedo 2, Xatu 2, Yanmega 234

    146 Gyarados 2

    145 Blaziken 2, Gallade 2, Gardevoir 4, Magmar 2, Medicham 12, Shiftry 1

    143 Lumineon 2, Pidgeot 2, Rotom 2

    142 Furret 2, Golbat 2, Lucario 1234, Moltres 34, Porygon-Z 4, Roserade 34, Venomoth 2, Vigoroth 2, Zangoose 2

    139 Absol1 3, Kingler 2

    138 Raticate 2

    137 Girafarig 2, Gligar 2, Golduck 2, Heracross 3, Misdreavus 2, Nidoking 34, Seadra 2, Stantler 2, Toxicroak 1234

    135 Magmortar 1234

    134 Gabite 2

    133 Gyarados 4, Monferno 2

    132 Altaria 4, Blaziken 134, Charmeleon 2, Medicham 34, Togekiss 34

    130 Latias 1, Latios 1

    128 Flareon 2, Hitmonlee 2, Scizor 3

    127 Absol 4

    125 Mismagius 2

    121 Moltres 2

    120 Miltank 13, Slaking 124, Tentacruel 23, Typhlosion 2

    117 Hitmonchan 2

    115 Drapion 12, Electivire 2, Gliscor 14, Jynx 12, Leafeon 34

    110 Kangaskhan 24, Mr. Mime 1234, Porygon-Z 13, Roserade 12

    105 Articuno 134, Cherrim 2, Cresselia 1234, Golduck 134, Heracross 2, Kingdra 34, Nidoking 12, Pinsir 134, Qwilfish 2, Suicune 134

    104 Skuntank 1

    101 Gyarados 13, Milotic 1234, Mothim 2

    100 Altaria 123, Arbok 2, Dragonite 1234, Drifblim 1234, Gallade 134, Gardevoir 123, Glalie 234, Grumpig 2, Kabutops 2, Mamoswine 1234, Meganium 1234, Shiftry 234, Togekiss 12, Venusaur 1234

    98 Blastoise 1234, Feraligatr 1234

    97 Heatran 123

    96 Nidoqueen 1234

    95 Absol 2, Claydol 234

    94 Articuno 2

    93 Flareon 3

    91 Bibarel 2, Honchkrow 1234

    90 Breloom 134, Cloyster 2, Dewgong 1234, Dragonair 2, Glalie 1, Hitmontop 2, Kecleon 2 (Choice Scarf), Ludicolo 1234, Lunatone2, Luxray 1234, Magneton 2, Mantine 2, Metagross 1234, Mightyena 2, Politoed 1234, Poliwrath 1234, Skarmory 1234, Solrock 2, Victreebel 1234

    88 Exploud 1234, Seaking 2

    87 Heatran 4, Hypno 234, Lanturn 1234

    85 Banette 2, Claydol 1, Flareon 14, Glaceon 1234, Pelipper 2, Sandslash 2, Scizor 124, Seviper 2, Umbreon 1234, Vaporeon 1234, Walrein 134

    81 Breloom 2, Noctowl 2, Tyranitar 34

    80 Abomasnow 12, Bayleef 2, Empoleon 12, Ivysaur 2, Lapras 1234, Luxio 2, Magnezone 1234, Porygon2 134, Swampert 1234, Tangela 2, Wailord 1234, Weezing 124, Whiscash 1234

    78 Croconaw 2, Hypno 1, Quilava 2, Rampardos 13, Wartortle 2

    76 Chimecho 2, Torterra 134, Walrein 2

    75 Ampharos 123, Blissey 1234, Cacturne 2, Combusken 2, Crawdaunt 2, Exeggutor 124, Machamp 1234, Omastar 2, Relicanth 2, Swalot 2, Ursaring 234

    72 Abomasnow 34, Empoleon 34, Gorebyss 2, Huntail 2, Masquerain 2, Porygon2 2, Tyranitar 1, Weezing 3

    71 Pupitar 2, Tropius 2

    70 Aggron 1234, Bellossom 2, Chansey 2, Donphan 124, Hariyama 1234, Lickilicky 124, Metang 2, Muk 124, Piloswine 2, Prinplup 2, Rampardos 2, Regice 1234, Regirock 1234, Registeel 1234, Shelgon 2, Tangrowth 1234, Vileplume 1234

    68 Torterra 2

    67 Ampharos 4, Exeggutor 3, Hippowdon 1234, Ursaring 1

    66 Carnivine 2

    65 Armaldo 1234, Dusknoir 234, Golem 12, Granbull 1234, Machoke 2, Marowak 1234, Octillery 2, Wigglytuff 2

    63 Cradily 1234, Donphan 3, Lickilicky 3, Marshtomp 2, Muk 3

    60 Camerupt 2, Forretress 34, Lairon 2, Probopass 234, Regigigas 1234 (Slow Start), Rhydon 124, Rhyperior 1234, Vespiquen 1234

    59 Gastrodon 134

    58 Dusknoir 1, Golem 34, Sealeo 2

    56 Wormadam 2

    55 Quagsire 1234

    54 Forretress 12, Probopass 1, Rhydon 3

    53 Bronzong 1234, Gastrodon 2

    50 Bastiodon 1234, Grotle 2, Lickitung 2, Slowbro 123, Slowking 234, Snorlax 1234, Steelix 12, Sunflora 2

    45 Dusclops 2, Magcargo 2, Slowbro 4, Slowking 1, Steelix 34, Sudowoodo 2

    40 Torkoal 2

    25 Shuckle 1234
  2. Amelia


    May 18, 2006
    I still don't understand how i got so much on my B Factory run... i've been trying it over and over again to no avail. I've never reached 40+ again, let alone my previous 55...
  3. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnus

    Dec 19, 2004
    ok lmao, everything about this video fucking rules except for you losing. all three of the songs you used, the "lol" part in the middle i wont spoil, your in-video delays, and all of your edited comments in macros. thanks for doing that for a loss (also thanks for the kudos)

    that said idk about the uxie set, the best you can hope for is par and -2 against everything, and things like garchomp dont care either way really

    i wanted to try either ape or typhlosion but i stopped caring after all the effort i put into chasing a phantom 302 record. glad someone is trying it though...also straight up flamethrower will always ohko carvanha, 45/20/20 base defenses are like literally the worst in the game of any pokemon, only something like 10/25/45 diglett or 40/30/20 weedle can compare. when i was doing my porygon-z runs that i'll post about eventually i would dark pulse sharpedo on purpose because it always did 50% min and sharpedo had a sash (and i didnt) so yeah. argenta is a stupid bitch though i hate her, "good luck"
  4. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    Thanks for noticing and replying to my noobish message, Your Holiness... er, how do we address you here, Jumpman16? Just so ya know, I worship the elite people like you and Peterko (and others) for making my streak possible. I owe it all to Smogon for the Frontier Pokemon list and the Trainer Pokemon groupings.

    And lol, thanks for appreciating the video, I make videos just like that for all my major Pokemon happenings. Check them out if you have time... you probably don't since you're likely working on your streak over 9000.

    I'm not too great at calculations; does anyone know the chance of 2-hit KOing Solid Rock Rhyperior (Set 4)? It has max HP EVs but none in Defense... I bet the chance of not 2HKOing it was tiny.

    Anyway, do I have to repost my team along with the description of my loss, to be eligible for the records list? Either way, I look forward to the next update of them... must be hard work changing them all. Don't worry, I'm patient.

    Still, I was hoping I could say I lost to hax... less shame than losing to damage randomization.
  5. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009
    @ Peterko: Nice record! Try get 777, that would be the ultimate record imho :D

    @ DrDimentio: Fantastic video, I really enjoyed watching it! I hope to see more of them in the future (with more wins of course :P). Nice to see you here and congrats on your win streak! I might try make a cool video like yours in the future if I find the time.

    Regarding the battle you lost however, maybe you could have pulled through after all. You could have used Swords Dance instead of Substitute with Scizor when facing Milotic. Substitute works wonders in many situations but I think in this case it is just taking unnecessary risk. Your only hope would be for Milotic to get paralysed while you use Swords Dance, which is taking a big view (especially in the Battle Tower where they sometimes don't get paralysed 10 turns in a row!). With Scizor's fragile Special Defence there is no way your sub can take on a Surf so you're often wasting valuable HP and momentum.

    Surf dealt just under a 3rd of you Scizor's HP, so as long as it didn't land any critical hits in the first 3 turns you can get to +6 with SD. If it does land a CH, your Scizor is wasted but it could have easily been now too (you got quite lucky with Milotic being paralysed twice). That's what I would have done, I'm not saying it will guarantee a win but may have worked more often than using Substitute.

    The Uxie-Scizor-Garchomp combo works well but unfortunately you will be vulnerable to Special Water moves that neither Garchomp or Scizor can resist effectively in order to set up. Selecting Latias over Garchomp may be a worthwile change to your team if you want a higher win streak. Good luck in future streaks!
  6. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    just copy and add the second (how you lost) post into the first one (where you listed your team)

    as for chomp vs rhy:

    182 attack garchomp quake vs 222 HP / 150 def solid rock rhyperior = 103-123 damage

    you need at least random number 91 in the damage formula in both hits for a 2HKO, another example is min damage (rand. 85) plus rand. 99 or 100...

    I´ve already wrote up my 696 record post (it´s not that long :p and was actually almost ready on the same day I lost) and I also have a pic, but I didn´t get to finishing the whole thing (posting it) yet lol...ehm maybe tonight (also with an update of the list)

    mister I know you´re hunting it already, don´t dare to come near :p
  7. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    lol not really, i dont have a two-week vacation at my disposal to play 1,000 battles! your record is safe for now, you dont deserve what i did to you last year anyway :)

    me? i am but a mere dreamer and proponent of the best strategies to deal with the totalitarian luck of the "blah..." in the battle tower (14 of the 24 200+ streaks are either with my Starmie/Garchomp/Tyranitar team or the Trickscarf strategy i "invented", and this is 17 of 27 if you count peterko's unposted streak, calisto's emulator stuff and my unposted streak). so just call me the Robin Hood of Pokémon...

    but seriously replace stealth rock on mesprit with flash, and i'd give garchomp lum instead of sash if i were you too
  8. darkseeker4


    Nov 24, 2008
    you mean uxie.

    as well as substitute over Fire fang.

    Congrats on the streak as well.
  9. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    Thanks Calisto, and by the way I should've honoured you in the video, since it was your team on the records list that inspired mine. Before that I never got near 100. So yeah, thanks. Trust me, there will be more videos in the future.

    Yeah, I probably should've won that battle... but it hadn't occurred to me during the battle that maybe, after so many battles, I might actually lose! I was taking risks with Substitute, but I didn't want to SD again as I knew it was either a NVE-Bullet Punch failing to KO, or a Superpower after taking another Surf. I think I should get a new 31 Attack IV Scizor, after seeing the Milotic survive. I was aware that -2 Surfs could still break the Subs, I was just paranoid of critical hits killing Scizor when not behind a Sub. Critical hit fear affects many of my Tower decisions.

    Thanks for that advice, just so you know I was only expecting to barely scrape a 100, as it's my first good streak on the Tower, I'm not as experienced as people like you.

    That sounds very good, but it sucks that I don't have easy access to a Latias... let alone a good-natured one with desired nature. I see Latias is good as she resists Electric and Water which can break through Uxie and Scizor. Oh, and the Fire resist is important too. Are there any other viable choices if I can't get a good Latias?

    Okay, thanks for doing the calculations Peterko. Either way, I don't think Garchomp likes facing Rhyperior. This is probably a noobish question: Do the Frontier Pokemon have set or random Abilities? Because Solid Rock is to blame...

    Also, I dunno if I can post the record thing how you said after posting this, because would that count as double-posting?

    Sure, I'll call you the Robin Hood of Pokemon.

    Well, if I had Flash then it would perhaps waste Uxie's advantages over the statistically better Cresselia... that's one reason I chose SR. Stealth Rock saved me against many Fire-types, especially Moltres and Charizard. Ruining Focus Sashes was also invaluable. Are you sure it's worth replacing that with a move relying on luck?

    As for Garchomp, I dunno if Lum Berry would be worth the loss of insurance against Starmie and other such fast threats/things with Ice attacks. I mean, I only got a second EQ shot on Rhyperior thanks to the Sash. But since you're experienced, I'd like to know your reasons for that idea. I won't underestimate a Tower master.
  10. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    I am number one!
    But for how long? :D

    Platinum Battle Tower Single Battle Record: 696
    Team: Latias, Registeel, Garchomp


    When the streak happened: August 24th – August 30th, 2009
    Monday: won 147 battles
    Tuesday: won 98 battles (245)
    Wednesday: won 105 battles (350)
    Thursday: won 98 battles (448)
    Friday: won 105 battles (553)
    Saturday: won 105 battles (658)
    Sunday: won 38 battles, lost the 39th battle (696)

    How the streak happened:
    -> used the 700 Pokémon list printed on 3 pieces of paper (on both sides, five and a half pages)
    -> used the 100 Trainer list printed on the last page of the above one
    -> used a calculator
    -> most important thing, used an awesome team:

    1. Latias
    Nickname: LILY
    Held Item: Choice Scarf
    Ability: Levitate
    Nature: Timid
    IVs: 29-2-29-29-31-31
    EVs: 244 HP / 158 defense / 108 speed
    Lv.50 stats: 185-77-129-129-150-158
    - Charm
    - Thunder Wave
    - Trick
    - Recover

    -> I love you LILY
    -> is way more beautiful and cooler than cresselia could ever wish to be :p
    -> I don´t care what anyone else says about better defensive stats, latias rivals both cresse and uxie for best trick lead because of charm (cress has reflect, uxie memento), yeah I know that it draws ice attacks all the time and freezes suck, but again, don´t care, the streak speaks for itself
    -> also a very important fact for me is that I will never copy someone else´s tower team and obviously cress and uxie have been used successfully as trick leads (see DP records and top3 plat. records – me, garo and jump when he gets there soon)
    -> 158 to outspeed 100 and 105 speed pokémon after trick (for example sheer cold articuno), very good speed number overall
    -> I only have this timid one, thus no 136 speed and rest into HP/defense to survive more; the current spread hasn´t let me down though
    -> recover because even after around 700 battles with this team I found no reason why flash should be better, as:
    1. struggle never misses (and CHs way too often),
    2. OHKO moves are not affected by flash,
    3. you survive more thanks to recover = PP wasting moves to set up garchomp or cripple foe´s pokémon and still be able to be used if something goes wrong

    2. Registeel
    Nickname: IRON FIST
    Held Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Clear Body
    Nature: Careful
    IVs: 31-31-27-23-27-9
    EVs: 252 HP / 100 attack / 140 defense / 12 special defense / 6 speed
    Lv.50 stats: 187-108-186-86-187-60
    - Iron Head
    - Substitute
    - Curse
    - Amnesia

    -> the hardest freaking head in the pokémon universe, nothing breaks its sub after +6/+6 except for CHs, OHKO moves, CB rhyperior and sunny day/blaze fire moves
    -> 108 attack gives you 434 after 6 curses, which means a sure 5HKO on Heatran (everything else beside Magnezone and Lanturn should take less turns)
    -> not that easy to use and I won´t tell you how to use it effectively J

    3. Garchomp
    Nickname: LEAH
    Held Item: Lum Berry
    Ability: Sand Veil
    Nature: Jolly
    IVs: 29-31-31-9-31-31
    EVs: 252 attack / 6 defense / 252 speed
    Lv.50 stats: 182-182-116-80-105-169
    - Substitute
    - Swords Dance
    - Earthquake
    - Outrage

    -> the best 3rd member for this team I found, also the most dangerous pokémon out there, I have nothing more to say

    How I lost

    -> haven´t gotten to 100 in plat. before this run due to awful hax against me
    -> before this trick team I also used Persian as a trick lead with registeel and CM latias, kind of a practice run (see my second record)
    -> first try with this team after 49 ended like this in battle #76 http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2159795&postcount=992
    -> second try ended in battle #72 due to an insane metagross http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2162707&postcount=1000 ; haven´t faced metagross4 as a starter in this 696 streak though
    -> in battles 1-49 in this run I used a timid life orb starmie, sash garchomp and my well known skarmory
    -> streak warstory http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2166071&postcount=1012
    -> another warstory http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2167898&postcount=1017
    -> probably the closest battle I got through http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2169778&postcount=1020
    -> battles #497-511 http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2173244&postcount=1025
    -> interesting battle was #616 when I faced a PI with lapras, QC activated turn 1, sing hit, latias slept for 4 turns and on the 4th turn the 3rd sheer cold connected; switched in garchomp to hopefully set up but QC activated and sheer cold…missed, would´ve been 1-3 if it hit and a simple perish song on steel would do the rest afterwards, close ._.
    -> I marked all starters I faced and their first move that I locked them into (in most cases), here it is:

    abomasnow 1 used ice beam
    abomasnow 3 used blizzard
    abomasnow 4 used rock slide
    absol 1 used double team
    absol 3 used night slash
    absol 4 used night slash
    aerodactyl 1 used rock slide or torment
    aerodactyl 2 used ice fang
    aerodactyl 3 used crunch
    aerodactyl 4 used stone edge or dragon claw
    aggron 1 used screech
    aggron 2 used ice punch
    aggron 3 used dragon rush or avalanche
    aggron 4 used metal burst or stone edge
    alakazam 1 used calm mind
    alakazam 2 used psychic
    alakazam 4 used shadow ball
    altaria 4 used draco meteor
    ambipom 2 used thunder wave
    ambipom 3 used gunk shot
    ambipom 4 used ice punch
    ampharos 4 used signal beam
    arbok 2 used glare
    arcanine 1 used will-o-wisp
    arcanine 2 used flare blitz
    arcanine 4 used crunch
    armaldo 3 used stone edge
    armaldo 4 used x-scissor or stone edge
    articuno 1 used hail
    articuno 2 used avalanche or reflect
    articuno 3 used ice beam
    articuno 4 used sheer cold or ice beam

    bastiodon 2 used ice beam
    bastiodon 4 used stone edge or curse
    bayleef 2 used grasswhistle
    blastoise 2 used double team
    blastoise 3 used aqua tail or zen headbutt
    blaziken 1 used blaze kick
    blaziken 3 used shadow claw
    blaziken 4 used night slash
    blissey 4 used sing
    breloom 1 used rock slide
    breloom 2 used leech seed
    breloom 3 used stone edge
    breloom 4 used seed bomb or spore
    bronzong 1 used iron head or trick room
    bronzong 3 used shadow ball
    bronzong 4 used iron head

    cacturne 2 used dark pulse
    charizard 3 used crunch
    charizard 4 used air slash
    charmeleon 2 used shadow claw
    claydol 1 used trick room
    claydol 3 used ice beam
    claydol 4 used rock slide or explosion (battle #497)
    cresselia 2 used double team
    cresselia 4 used ice beam
    crobat 1 used cross poison
    crobat 2 used bite
    crobat 4 used brave bird or cross poison

    dewgong 1 used avalanche
    dewgong 3 used sheer cold or horn drill (once I faced two PIs in a row who both had this starter :)
    dewgong 4 used ice beam
    donphan 2 used counter
    donphan 3 used gyro ball
    donphan 4 used stone edge
    dragonair 2 used dragon dance
    dragonite 1 used thunder wave
    dragonite 2 used dragon rush
    dragonite 4 used outrage (heavy damage)
    drapion 3 uced ice fang
    drapion 4 used night slash
    drifblim 2 used trick
    drifblim 3 used icy wind
    dugtrio 3 used night slash
    dugtrio 4 used shadow claw
    dusclops 2 used shadow punch
    dusknoir 2 used curse
    dusknoir 3 used shadow punch
    dusknoir 4 used shadow punch

    electivire 1 used thunder wave
    electivire 3 used signal beam
    electivire 4 used ice punch
    electrode 1 used thunder wave
    electrode 3 used magnet rise
    electrode 4 used signal beam or mirror coat
    empoleon 1 used metal claw
    empoleon 2 used shadow claw
    empoleon 3 used blizzard
    empoleon 4 used flash cannon
    entei 4 used calm mind
    espeon 1 used reflect
    espeon 2 used attract
    espeon 3 used shadow ball
    espeon 4 used shadow ball
    exeggutor 2 used hypnosis
    exeggutor 3 used trick room
    exeggutor 4 used leaf storm, psychic or ancientpower
    exploud 2 used ice punch

    feraligatr 4 used dragon dance
    flareon 1 used curse
    flareon 2 used fire fang
    flareon 4 used bite
    floatzel 4 used crunch
    flygon 2 used aerial ace
    forretress 3 used double team
    forretress 4 used double-edge
    froslass 1 used confuse ray
    froslass 2 used ice punch
    froslass 3 used ice beam
    froslass 4 uced blizzard

    gallade 1 used thunder wave
    gallade 2 used ice punch
    gallade 4 used night slash
    garchomp 3 used dragon rush
    gardevoir 1 used thunder wave
    gardevoir 3 used psychic
    gardevoir 4 used shadow ball
    gastrodon 3 used stone edge
    gastrodon 4 used ice beam
    gengar 1 used shadow ball, spite or confuse ray
    gengar 2 used substitute
    gengar 4 used shadow ball
    glaceon 1 used ice beam or double team
    glaceon 3 used blizzard
    glaceon 4 used ice beam
    glalie 1 used gyro ball
    glalie 3 used ice beam
    glalie 4 used blizzard (also knows sheer cold)
    gliscor 2 used ice fang
    gliscor 3 used counter (2-3 times, also knows guillotine)
    gliscor 4 used x-scissor
    golem 2 used fire punch or thunderpunch
    golem 3 used fling
    golem 4 used stone edge
    granbull 4 used stone edge
    gyarados 1 used ice fang or rain dance
    gyarados 4 used waterfall or dragon dance

    hariyama 2 used fling
    hariyama 3 used ice punch
    hariyama 4 used stone edge
    heatran 1 used scary face
    heatran 2 used crunch
    heatran 4 used flash cannon
    heracross 2 used night slash
    heracross 3 used megahorn
    heracross 4 used megahorn
    hippowdon 1 used curse
    hippowdon 3 used ice fang
    hippowdon 4 used crunch
    honchkrow 3 used dark pulse
    honchkrow 4 used night slash
    houndoom 3 used will-o-wisp
    houndoom 4 used dark pulse or sunny day
    hypno 1 used fling
    hypno 2 used hypnosis
    hypno 4 used shadow ball

    infernape 1 used fire punch
    infernape 2 used shadow claw
    infernape 3 used focus blast
    infernape 4 used flare blitz

    jolteon 1 used thunder wave or agility
    jolteon 4 used shadow ball
    jynx 1 used ice beam or lovely kiss
    jynx 2 used lovely kiss or mean look (mean look means you have to let it struggle to death and cripple the second poké without a scarf)
    jynx 3 used blizzard
    jynx 4 used ice beam

    kangaskhan 1 used double-edge
    kangaskhan 3 used shadow claw
    kangaskahn 4 used outrage
    kingdra 1 used rain dance
    kingdra 2 used ice beam
    kingdra 4 used draco meteor
    kingler 4 used crabhammer or guillotine (met it like 4-5 times, 50/50 what it uses, faster than you if you trick, very very dangerous)

    lanturn 1 used thunder wave
    lanturn 3 used rain dance
    lanturn 4 used ice beam
    lapras 2 used sheer cold or sing (one of the most dangerous starters)
    lapras 4 used ice beam
    latias 2 used dragon claw
    latias 3 used ice beam
    latias 4 used draco meteor
    latios 3 used ice beam
    leafeon 1 used leaf blade
    leafeon 4 used x-scissor
    lickilicky 1 used return
    lickilicky 4 used body slam
    lopunny 2 used sweet kiss (klutz danger)
    lopunny 4 used ice punch (klutz danger)

    lucario 1 used flash cannon
    lucario 2 used ice punch
    lucario 4 used dragon pulse
    ludicolo 1 used swords dance
    lunatone 2 used cosmic power
    luxray 2 used thunder wave
    luxray 3 used thunder wave
    luxray 4 used thunder wave
    machamp 2 used payback
    machamp 4 used crocc chop
    magmortar 2 used smokescreen
    magmortar 3 used flare blitz
    magmortar 4 used confuse ray
    magnezone 4 used signal beam
    mamoswine 1 used ice fang
    mamoswine 2 used curse
    mamoswine 3 used hail
    manectric 4 used signal beam
    marowak 3 used outrage
    marowak 4 used stone edge
    masquerain 2 used stun spore
    medicham 1 used zen headbutt (after fake out)
    medicham 2 used poison jab
    medicham 3 used calm mind or shadow ball
    medicham 4 used ice punch
    meganium 2 used leech seed
    meganium 3 used wring out
    meganium 4 used light screen
    metagross 1 used light screen
    metagross 3 used ice punch
    metagross 4 used meteor mash (didn´t face it in this run as a starter, cost me an earlier attempt, dangerous for every trick team)
    milotic 2 used double team
    milotic 4 used ice beam
    miltank 3 used ice punch
    miltank 4 used rock slide
    mismagius 2 used confuse ray
    moltres 1 used air slash
    moltres 2 used fire blast
    moltres 3 used sky attack
    mr. mime 1 used signal beam
    mr. mime 2 used light screen
    mr. mime 3 used psychic
    mr. mime 4 used shadow ball
    muk (have yet to face a muk starter, sticky hold)

    nidoking 1 used counter
    nidoking 2 used substitute (also has horn drill)
    nidoking 3 used ice beam
    nidoking 4 used outrage
    nidoqueen 3 used ice beam
    ninetales 3 used hypnosis
    ninetales 4 used calm mind

    pinsir 4 used guillotine (scary, 158 speed latias > 157 speed pinsir after scarf so I can at least t-wave if the first one didn´t hit lol)
    politoed 4 used ice beam or hypnosis
    poliwrath 1 used surf or double team
    poliwrath 3 used blizzard
    porygon2 2 used trick room
    porygon2 4 used ice beam
    porygon-z 3 used ice beam
    porygon-z 4 used shadow ball
    probopass 2 used ice punch
    probopass 4 used flash cannon
    quagsire 3 used sludge bomb

    raichu 2 used thunder wave
    raikou 2 used crunch
    raikou 3 used signal beam or rain dance
    raikou 4 used calm mind
    rampardos 2 used fling
    rampardos 3 used zen headbutt
    rampardos 4 used head smash

    rapidash 2 used sunny day
    rapidash 3 used horn drill (faster than everything you´ve got if your trick, same as kingler)
    rapidash 4 used hypnosis
    regice 1 used ice beam
    regice 2 used curse
    regice 3 used ice beam
    regice 4 used ice beam
    regigigas 1 used thunder wave
    regigigas 2 used double team
    regirock 1 used sandstorm
    regirock 2 used ice punch
    registeel … no registeel lol
    rhydon 2 used ice punch
    rhydon 3 used outrage
    rhydon 4 used stone edge or horn drill, recently megahorn as well (right there in the top 3 most dangerous starters you may face, used CH stone edge on me in battle #602)
    rhyperior 2 used ice punch
    rhyperior 4 used megahorn (everything this one does hurts)
    roserade 2 used leech seed
    roserade 3 used grasswhistle

    salamence 2 used dragon dance
    salamence 3 used draco meteor
    salamence 4 used outrage (ouch)
    sandslash 2 used sandstorm
    sceptile 1 used screech
    sceptile 4 used dragon pulse
    scizor 1 used SD and then x-scissor (beware if you miss trick turn one, almost lost because of this)
    scizor 2 used iron defense
    scizor 3 used x-scissor
    scizor 4 used x-scissor or night slash
    seadra 2 used smokescreen
    shiftry 1 used faint attack (after fake out)
    shiftry 3 used dark pulse
    shiftry 4 used seed bomb
    shuckle 2 used attract or toxic
    shuckle 4 used double team
    skarmory 1 used spikes
    skarmory 2 used double team
    skarmory 3 used night slash
    skarmory 4 used brave bird
    skuntank 2 used double team
    skuntank 3 used dark pulse
    skuntank 4 used night slash
    slaking 4 used giga impact or shadow claw
    slowbro 1 used calm mind or yawn
    slowbro 2 used zen headbutt or avalanche
    slowbro 3 used shadow ball
    slowbro 4 used trick room
    slowking 1 used psychic
    slowking 2 used aqua tail
    slowking 3 used shadow ball
    slowking 4 used ice beam
    snorlax 3 used outrage
    snorlax 4 used double-edge
    staraptor 1 used double team
    staraptor 2 used aerial ace
    staraptor 4 used brave bird or u-turn (heavy hitter, lost the first streak because of this, followed by 2-CHs-in-a-row machamp)
    starmie 1 used thunder wave
    starmie 4 used ice beam
    steelix 2 used ice fang
    steelix 3 used curse
    steelix 4 used gyro ball or stone edge
    suicune 1 used icy wind
    suicune 3 used blizzard or hail
    suicune 4 used ice beam
    swampert 1 used protect
    swampert 4 used avalanche or mirror coat

    tangrowth 2 used toxic or double team
    tangrowth 4 used power whip
    tauros 4 used return
    tentacruel 1 used barrier
    tentacruel 3 used sludge bomb
    tentacruel 4 used wring out
    togekiss 1 used sky attack
    togekiss 2 used ominious wind
    togekiss 4 used air slash
    torterra 1 used curse
    torterra 2 used amnesia
    torterra 4 used stone edge or crunch
    toxicroak 1 used x-scissor
    toxicroak 2 used ice punch
    toxicroak 3 used dark pulse
    toxicroak 4 used gunk shot
    typhlosion 4 used sunny day
    tyranitar 1 used curse
    tyranitar 2 used ice punch
    tyranitar 4 used dragon dance

    umbreon 2 used double team
    umbreon 3 used screech
    umbreon 4 used curse
    ursaring 4 used return

    vaporeon 2 used ice beam
    vaporeon 3 used blizzard or aqua ring
    vaporeon 4 used ice beam
    venusaur 2 used ingrain
    venusaur 3 used curse
    venusaur 4 used sludge bomb
    vespiquen 2 used x-scissor
    vespiquen 4 used defend order
    victreebel 3 used sludge bomb
    victreebel 4 used wring out
    vileplume 1 used sleep powder
    vileplume 2 used toxic
    vileplume 3 used frustration
    vileplume 4 used sludge bomb

    wailord 4 used blizzard
    walrein 2 used curse
    walrein 3 used sheer cold (another one of those pokémon coming straight from hell to make you sick)
    weavile 1 used night slash or ice punch (after fake out)
    weavile 3 used counter
    weezing 1 used grudge
    weezing 4 used shadow ball
    whiscash 3 used blizzard
    whiscash 4 used stone edge
    yanmega …none

    zangoose 2 used shadow claw
    zapdos 1 used thunder wave
    zapdos 2 used ominious wind
    zapdos 4 used signal beam

    I will protect my number one spot with everything I have!
  11. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009
    I'd try give you a run for your money Peterko but unfortunately my records can't get accepted because I only have an emulator. However, if someone else does want to give my team a try and see if they get a record, be my guest! This is the team I would suggest if you want to give it a go:

    Uxie (Serenity) @ Choice Scarf
    Nature: Bold
    Trait: Levitate
    EVs: 252 Hp, 252 Def, 6 Sp. Def
    • Trick
    • Thunder Wave
    • Flash
    • Memento
    If the lead is easy prey for Tyranitar, Trick and set up. If not, generally Trick stuff unless the enemy has no moves that can touch Shedinja, in which case you can just switch now. Then switch again to Uxie for a nice double switch and maybe something that is easier to handle.

    Tyranitar (Apocalypse) @ Leftovers
    Nature: Adamant
    Trait: Sandstream
    EVs: 252 Att, 252 HP, 6 Def
    • Dragon Dance
    • Substitute
    • Crunch
    • Protect (may want to invest a PP UP or 2 here)
    I have been using Tyranitar after Uxie for hundreds of battles now and it is safe to say this guy is simply phenomenal. The important thing to remember is that you almost always need a sub up.

    Shedinja (Firefly) @ Focus Sash
    Nature: Adamant
    Trait: Wonder Guard
    EVs: 255 Att, 255 Sp
    • Swords Dance
    • Double Team
    • X-Scissor
    • Dig
    Wonder Guard really is such a relief to have in the Battle Tower because you don't have to worry about stupid hax that makes you want to smash your screen. Just keep an eye on the enemy PP, watching out for Struggle because Shedinja will not be a happy camper. I know it would probably take some time to get used to this team and its threats, let alone get enough wins for a record. But I can assure you that if you do, you'll get pretty far.

    If anyone was curious, the team I was using earlier with Uxie, Tyranitar and Dragonite was forced to concede defeat after 638 wins. Ironically, the exact pokemon that ended my streak was the one I decided to remove from my team for being too weak! It is a pretty epic battle, at least I went down in style! xD
  12. Age of Kings

    Age of Kings of the Ash Legion
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Oct 14, 2007
    Yeah, why do you have Sheddy on the same team as Tyranitar? :S

    There's a ton of substitutes you can use though. I really don't see any glaring holes that would open up if you used something like Gyarados or Salamence or Garchomp unless you are extremely paranoid of hail teams.
  13. Layell

    Layell Alas poor Yorick!
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    Sprite Leader

    Nov 5, 2006
    Well I just completed a Battle Hall double match, I'm really only posting this because I know this strategy can be improved.

    Battle Hall Double Record: 108

    @ Choice Scarf
    Nature: Timid
    EV's: 252 Sp.Atk / 252 Speed / 4 HP
    -Hidden Power Grass

    @ Focus Sash
    Nature: Adamant
    EV's: 252 Atk / 252 Speed / 4 HP
    -Thunder Punch
    -Ice Punch
    -Cross Chop
    -Quick Attack

    I've got the IV's written up somewhere but I can't be bothered TBH

    Strategy is fairly simple, on anything that isn't ground or resist electric gets attacked with Discharge, hitting both opponents and putting my sash Electivre at almost the same speed thanks to Motor Drive. Then just have Physical vire hit the pokemon with whatever does the most damage.

    Discharge is obvious for this strategy to work, after the many hax moments with paraylsis I'm considering having it in 1 vs 1 battles too. Psychic hits a ton of stuff neutral that resists electric, flamethrower for grass and ice types, HP grass is a must because Ground/Water types will ruin your day.

    My physical vire set is quite standard, I debated rock slide but it really covers only fire types and flying is quite covered and EQ would be stupid.

    Here is what I lost to

    H441 | Latias | Modest | Salac Berry | Mist Ball | Dragon Pulse | Recover | Captivate | SpA/SpD

    Both of them ganged up on my Sash and discharge failed to do anything. Luckily Electivre can get Signal Beam from the move tutor so next time I'm going to play it safe.

    If anything I might get a jolly Electivre as Weavile, and it's pre-evo Sneasel seemed to threaten me as even after a boost they could outspeed me.

    I'll probably retry but for now I'm happy.
  14. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
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    Sep 20, 2005
    hahaha there goes my "no. 1 spot protection"

    I haven´t played pokémon for 3 days and I lost the first battle today 3-0

    #106 worker with a heracross (also machamp and lucario but I only know because of video replay) and I trick...this basically meant doom as heracross hit 10/10 megahorns and got 3/6 CHs against steel, the last two in a row ._. (used 1 megahorn for latias, 6 for registeel and 3 for garchomp)

    obviously charm is the way to go here

    once and for all I have to go through the pokémon again and definitely mark the freaking dangerous pokémon with !!! in bold (most of those are already on my paper...) so I don´t get screwed like this next time (of course you can´t take into account that he gets a 50% CH rate when it matters)

    hmm I am not scared of any (or many) special attackers because of amnesia>curse...I hate to face aboma blizzard/ice beam starter though, as hail negates steel´s lefties

    from the list in my post you see I didn´t face yanmega in my 696 streak but in this one I did and it´s a pain if has tinted lens and you trick lol...I decided to t-wave next time

    but whatever, I´m back on my feet and hopefully above 100 after this weekend...I know jump has to be around 400 by now if he wasn´t struck by lightning, good luck man
  15. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009
    Shadow Sneak may work because of the priority but the base power of the move is pretty bad. I went for Dig because of the Type coverage that X-Scissor really needs. That way I can take on the heavy defence Steel-Rock types that X-scissor doesn't fair too well against, leaving me exposed as little as possible. If you can't OHKO your opponents with X-scissor you probably can with Dig, so you'll be exposed one turn, just like X-Scissor-Shadow Sneak. Furthermore, Shadow Sneak definitely isn't going to help you where you really need it: against Sash- Aggron, Rhydon, Rhyperior and Heatran. I guess it boils down to the fact that if Shedinja is killed, I certainly don't want it to be a Steel or Rock type because then Tyranitar is screwed too...

    As for my choice of Tyranitar, it is pretty simple. Once Tyranitar sets up, there is no stopping him. So I don't have to worry about Shedinja dying because of Sandstorm. Pretty much anything Tyranitar can't set up against is easily countered by Shedinja. Tyranitar can also still work well on his own if Shedinja dies. But if I were to use the other ones, Electric and Ice moves would be all over the place, making my life hell because their defences aren't that good. I know the decision of Tyranitar + Shedinja may not seem like a good idea, but sending in Shedinja after Tyranitar dies doesn't really ever happen if you use the team properly.
  16. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    Okay then Peterko, that 696 record post was truly epic. Looking at the list of moves the enemy leads got Tricked onto, I'd say you were pretty lucky. You had plenty of Tricked support moves to take advantage of.

    After seeing the recent popularity of Registeel, I think I might try one for my attempt at beating my 196 record... but getting a good one will be painful due to Synch not working in Emerald... did you RNG that one? It looks like you didn't, considering the IVs being not unusually high.

    From the popularity of Uxie and Registeel, it seems to me that balanced defensive stats are essential; more useful than a bias towards physical or special.

    Anyway Peterko, I think you can rest assured that insane record will be untouched for a long time... I truly doubt anyone will surpass that before Christmas. Oh, and thanks for putting my record in with the update. Next time I'll make sure all the info is in one post.

    But seriously, 696 is 500 more battles than I did... that's insane.

    As for Calisto's Shedinja idea... it seems very risky... I could test out a Shedinja for you if I get time.

    Also, how much would anyone here bet that I can't get 100 wins with a strategy based on setting up an Articuno Mind Reader + Sheer Cold sweep? I think it's possible with enough support... I'll research it a bit more.
  17. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
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    Sep 20, 2005
    1. it´s not luck, it´s how the AI is programmed (for example why many things use set up moves or status moves)
    2. yeah my steel is the first RNG thing I got, but from the era where there was just a list of the first 30 000 frames and noone really knew how to use emloop...
    3. jump´s team is a bit different than mine, but probably a bit more solid, so he´ll beat my record...I say before october begins ;)
  18. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009
    I already tested this team out, it works great. The AI always switches out its pokemon when it has no super effective moves against Shedinja. But not if it has a super effective move yet is locked into a different one with Trick. This really adds a whole new dimension of strategy to the Battle Tower as you can use this to your advantage. It is a nice change to have something to think about instead of selecting Trick hundreds of battles in a row hoping you won't succumb to hax. The double switches with Shedinja are good fun, especially when they just switch out something that could have owned you easily!
  19. Snorlaxe

    Snorlaxe 2 kawaii 4 u
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    Jun 21, 2009
    Yayness, new Battle Tower Record! (Singles)

    123 Battles Won with:

    Jolteon @ Choice Specs
    IVs: 24 Hp / 3 Atk / 30 Def / 31 SpA / 25 SpD / 31 Spe
    Modest nature
    EVs: 4 Hp / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
    ~ Thunderbolt
    ~ Shadow Ball
    ~ Signal Beam
    ~ Baton Pass

    Gyarados @ Life Orb
    IVs: 30 Hp / 31 Atk / 30 Def / 6 SpA / 31 SpD / 31 Spe
    EVs: 148 Hp / 120 Atk / 168 Def / 100 Spe (or something like that)
    ~ Dragon Dance
    ~ Waterfall
    ~ Taunt
    ~ Ice Fang

    Honchrow @ Choice Scarf
    Super Luck
    IVs: 30 Hp / 31 Atk / 20 Def / 21 SpA / 28 SpD / 31 Spe
    EVs: 4 Hp / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
    ~ Night Slash
    ~ Drill Peck
    ~ Superpower
    ~ Heat Wave
  20. Darkstrike_11


    Aug 30, 2009
    I always had problems with the 3rd round of the level 50 tower, specifically the first time you fight Thornton, since you never get anything that good to choose from, whereas he always has a load of OU pokémon. I had got to battle 21 5 times before this go, always 3-0 to the AI, so much so that I was about to give up. Notable sweepings include a jolteon, and a team headed by the awesome SD scyther falling to a porygon-z.

    So this time I pick up a nice

    323 | Dodrio | Jolly | King's Rock | Drill Peck | Frustration | Faint Attack | Acupressure | Atk/Spe

    A good strong lead, followed by

    346 | Magmar | Modest | Lax Incense | Flamethrower | Psychic | Focus Blast | Confuse Ray | SpA/Spe

    Also good. Finally a

    289 | Swellow | Adamant | Toxic Orb | Facade | Aerial Ace | Growl | U-turn | Atk/Spe

    And I didn’t swap throughout. My only thought was, this team isn’t really good enough to survive whatever OU pokémon the brain will throw at me. The teala-esque woman says to me “I’ve done some research” and I joke to my friend who is with me “here comes the salamence using outrage”

    And she says “a salamence using dragon claw”. Doh.

    So I am resigned to a loss from the start. I start with a frustration, pleasantly surprised to see my dodrio is faster. Sally is now about 55%. He dragon claws. I shout at my DS “if you survive this dodrio you are a god amongst three headed birds” and he is surviving with 9/150 HP. I frustration again, Sally in the reds, then sally Kos.

    Suddenly I have a gleam in my eye. The swallow I has needs a turn to set up and let toxic orb kick in. I also know its faster than sally. So here is an opportunity. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I might win. Out goes swallow, and I aerial ace for the KO.

    Toxic orb kicks in, its 2-2, and I’m ready to façade away my blues.

    “as long as there isn’t a jolteon or electivire, I’ll be fine” says I

    “Thronton sent out Electivire” says the DS

    Again I smack the forehead. But all is not lost. I façade, and in fact it is an easy OHKO. One left, what evil OU will thou bring me now?

    “Thornton sent out wailord” what an anticlimax! I hit façade and then spend the next 5 minutes running around the room in jubilation. It was that good.

    21-28 was uncharted waters for me, but not too hard. I had a tasty Jynx lead who would lovely kiss any toughies to sleep, then switch in a dragon claw/EQ flygon to sweep.

    Unfortunately my rentals for round 5 were rubbish and I was beaten battle 29 3-0 by a nasty aerodactyl.. :(

    so I got to 28 in the battle factory level 50
    My next goal is a modest one, but is to get to 100 in the diamond battle tower. I intend on setting up a trick team, with an awesome Gallade at its head, the idea is:

    lucky chant

    and then set up with a scizor or sweep with a kingdra. opinions?
  21. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    yeah, you will probably want a flier or levitator in there because pokemon like garchomp are going to murder you otherwise

    thanks, and here's some more advice in addition to my tips on metagross...(re)read my posts in the dp thread regarding LLL. i used a fast trick/tw/charm lead and posted about the problem pokes "in long boring detail, lol" so anyone using that team or a similar lead wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel.

    i respect that you refuse to copy other people's teams, for a sec i felt like stealing TRE's sash gengar team before i started using my startarchomp team since in many ways that gengar is still "the best single pokemon in the bt(/bf)". this doesnt mean you have to make the same mistakes i did though! ive posted about yanmega and heracross and even about registeel vs metagross 4 before you lost to it having the best answer to metagross a good trick team could hope for. you would be well served to (re)read my posts especially if you're really that set on making sure i dont break your record since you're posting about the same problem pokes i already encountered many times

    and as far as yanmega is concerned...this should answer your doubt about flash once and for all, shouldn't it lol...just be glad you didn't see any yanmega leads in 700 battles. there are other reasons i stand behind flash but you will figure them out im sure. i shouldn't be giving you any tips anyway, what with you being convinced latias is better than cresselia :p
  22. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009
    @ Jump: Do you see any obvious threats to the Uxie-Shedinja-Tyranitar team I posted earlier? Feedback would be appreciated if you have a spare minute.
  23. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    I didn´t say latias was better than cresselia I said it was cooler :)

    defensive-wise there´s no doubt of the order (cresselia-uxie-latias) and I stop here, cause the first two have been proven to be awesome

    maybe you won´t believe it, but everytime I encounter problems and either lose or get through in a close match I remember that pokémon from somewhere...of course from somewhere reading in the mess you always leave hahaha I mean the awesome walls of text :D

    heracross...heracross, it was only a few days ago that you posted a bit, isn´t it?

    also it wasn´t until I faced the first yanmega who bug buzzed registeel for plenty of damaged when I remembered, that
    1. oh, there is also that ability I researched and
    2. that you were actually talking about yanmega along with 3-4 other pokémon you "fear(ed)"

    but I´m weird (you may call it stupid) and just don´t feel that good with a record if there isn´t anything "mine" in it, be it my mistakes or play style, or whatever

    I know you have the most exp. with trick and know each lightning strike possible threat in and out but until I lose interest in the tower altogether (happens periodically) I´ll just stick with my weird self (remembering faintly that you were posting about it, but not finding the time to check when, where and what exactly lol)...

    I like learning by theorymoning but mostly learning by actual battling...dunno, it wouldn´t feel like "playing" the tower (the challenge it is supposed to be) anymore by knowing the outcome before it even started (despite so much randomness in the game you pretty much do)...

    maybe, just maybe I would´ve done the same mistakes even after memorizing all the useful stuff you posted, again, but learning by battling is a bit more effective, because there´s a better chance (I won´t say for sure) I won´t do the same mistake twice if I learned from it instead of "reading it somewhere", whereas (lol is there such a word?) losses/close call pokémon are always kind of a wake-up slap "hey you caused trouble last time, I remember you" :)

    as for shedinja...I haven´t put much thought into it but I think there´s a million pokémon a) faster than shedinja (92 speed, isn´t it?) even without items and b) that can hit you and will hit you and you will miss and focus sash will activate, etc. also with aboma or hippo coming second you lose shedinja (dunno if the latter doesn´t even survive the scissor) and then you have a ttar, not set up (always bad with a 4weakness to fighting, anything really - the same with garchomp, each and every pussy 1HKOs you) against his third...I´d bet my money on a fighting type in that case :/

    again, sorry, I haven´t theorymoned shedinja to judge, if it works, it works, records will prove it, if not, then not and you will try something else

    flash only for yanmega is a waste for my latias, I´m still against it...today an empoleon CHed me like 3 times in a row with flash cannon so who says bug buzz won´t hit me through 1 (CH) or 2 flashes? I´d seriously pack draco meteor or some energy ball shit if only because I lost to swampert and waters, grounds and water/grounds obviously are always bitches (and always have been)...also there´s nothing worse when you´re left with only a non-damaging last poké (shouldn´t happen but if it does, sucks really badly)

    ...I may be keen on "protecting" my spot, but it´s not like I die when I lose it, I am pretty happy with 696, seriously, I wasn´t over 100before that in plat. and the team works... I know you will beat it, just a matter of time

    there´s still stuff I have no clue how to approach, for example kingler (don´t tell me that crabhammer doesn´t hurt), gliscor if it wasn´t stupid (AI) and got priority for counter on me...other I don´t recall now as I have to go sleep...also basically you will always lose to 3 x QC + OHKO move activation (or QC sing turn one if you like and sheer cold afterwards)...and chronical multiple CHs / other crazy one in a lifetime shit
  24. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009
    Thanks for the reply Peterko. As far as Hippowdon goes, Tyranitar can set up against it after a couple of Flashes from Uxie with Sub-Protect until he is out of EQ. Although this is not something I would like to try vs Abomasnow lol. When Abomasnow does show up, it still means it is 2-1 in my favour with Uxie and Tyranitar still on full power. I won't have Trick anymore, but T-wave, Flash and Memento often means Tyranitar will be ok. Obviously there are some pokemon that will kick my ass at that point, but not many. In practice I am setting up Tyranitar 80% of the time anyway so this situation is not very common (hasn't happened yet, the Abomasnow was 3rd and two Hippowdon's easy to set up against). Once Tyranitar is set up properly, there is no stopping him whatsoever. Unless I'm going to miss like 3 times with their held item which seems pretty remote...

    As far as Shedinja goes, the +6 evasion from Double Team usually gets me sufficient misses to survive through an attack or two in combination with Focus Sash. This tends to be enough to KO the opponents. The AI has tons of hax with CH and status effects, but as far as accuracy goes I find it is not too unfair. The only thing that has has killed Shedinja after setting up is an Aerial Ace Crobat/Golbat, which is an easy kill + set up for Tyranitar. I thought Toxic + Will-o-wisp would be an issue but in practice they tend to use attacks instead (Hail/Sandstorm too :s).
  25. Jumpman16

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    Dec 19, 2004
    not sure i get it...do you mean that since the strategy you're using (trickscarf/dragon with sub/steel with sub) isnt "yours" you dont feel as good about the record, or that knowing everything that i'd do in a situation from my posts would make the record feel like its not yours?

    im guessing from this that it's the latter scenario above, but i disagree, because as soon as we decided to rip the movesets 950 tower pokes and their natures and items and refer to them at any point when playing, we forfeited whatever "challenge" the tower was originally supposed to pose. it's way too much of a gray area—we could decide to record this info one poke at a time, through the battle factory like you did four years ago with emerald, but there are "guides" with this kind of information comprehensively.

    if you only mean the stuff about strategy and hints and tips posted i can understand that, but you are not going to like losing to a pokemon at battle 400 when you were supposed to twave it instead of trick or vice versa. regardless of whether or not you would have beaten it anyway, you were literally lucky to not face one lead yanmega in 650 battles, or lose to heracross because you couldn't get registeel set up. even your metagross battle, that was avoidable...im not saying you shouldn't play without having read every word of my posts aloud that morning, but you should at least be thankful that that metagross battle didn't happen at battle 399 or 412 or 499 like it would have if i had been playing

    even though i never see lead kingler (only a beauty would use it) i can tell you that it doesn't hurt what it can't hit...(point #2 for flash in spite of hyper cutter). same goes for gliscor, i dont care about it anymore with reflect and flash and that now it has to hit four straight times with guillotine after i take its focus sash compared to dp and i will be able to flash/reflect a locked XS. and i think its funny that this is only 60 times more likely than getting struck by lighting (and i actually need to edit my "lol 499 post" because i forgot to multiply the 1/280000 lightning strike chance by 100 meaning my loss was ~100 times less likely than getting struck by lighting which is kind of scary lol)

    yeah, rampardos is going to give you nightmares because of fling on one set and choice scarf on another. in addition to that, you may not be aware of this but it does not give a shit about shedinja's wonderguard. so it will happily EQ—i've faced scarf rampard many times with my CLS team (it had scarf in DP too) and it has EQed about 40% of the time. it has only used head smash once or maybe twice on cress in plat, using EQ every other time (at least three times, i've been "lucky enough" to have faced scarf rampard as a lead every single time it's been rampard except maybe once it was the LO one).

    so it will eq uxie and your best bet will be to twave it, and i'm already telling you something you may not have already known considering you tricked a pokemon breeder's dragonite when you should have known it was choiced (band). not nitpicking, just stating a fact—you shouldn't have lost that battle at all with a memento uxie even in spite of the ch on uxie later, and the same logic applies even more directly to a uxie/tyra/sheddy team since you cant switch anything into scarf eq. and if you were to sacrifice tyranitar to SE damage like you did with latios at 639, you would have to know that mold breaker ignores wonder guard, but also use xscissor since you should know that eq hits digging pokemon as well.

    this actually means that you will likely never beat rampardos if it decides to use eq "for fun" as it does on my cress and latios sometimes (who knows what it will do on a low hp pokemon), and the same applies to eq pinsir too. and i'm not sure why you're assuming your uxie will be alive in the event of a second-poke hippowdon, you have memento and likely aren't switching anything into the rock attacks a hiker's pokemon is almost guaranteed to have. and tricking 5pp moves in general isnt going to grant tyranitar the time it needs to set up, and again, hikers are likely to have stone edge and gyro ball. further, there are a ton of waters that shedinja walls completely, meaning you will get one swords dance before they switch out to a water type that may have ancientpower or rock slide or shadow ball.

    you're free to try to get to 300 or whatever with your team anyway to see if it works, but i wouldn't recommend it to anyone with a DS

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