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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    a short showcase of how evil the tower can be

    Battle #127 vs Waiter Warren
    infernape vs latias
    1. trick, muscle band, shadow claw, 107/185
    2. shadow claw, t-wave, 31/185 (actually here I should switch or charm, because steel doesn´t care and ape is faster respectively)
    3. charm, paralyzed (I´m lucky here)
    4. switch to regi, claw, 187/187
    5. claw, curse, 187/187
    6. claw, curse, 187/187
    7. paralyzed, curse, 187/187
    8. claw, curse 187/187
    9. claw CH, curse 173/187
    10. claw, curse
    11. claw, amnesia
    12. claw, amnesia
    13. claw, amnesia
    14. claw, iron head 75%
    15. claw, sub, 150/1857
    16. paralyzed, iron, head, KO, 161/187
    17. mud bomb, iron head 65%, 172/187
    18. mud bomb, sub broke, a CH, sub 137/187
    19. yawn, iron head, KO, 148/187
    poliwrath, let the fun begin
    20. dynamicpunch, miss, iron head, miss #1, 159/187
    21. bulk up, sub failed, 170/187 (yeah probably should´ve attacked but I thought I´d stall dynamicpunch and forgot it was the BU set or maybe I remembered subconciously and attacked turn1, EDIT: sorry, I attacked because DP doesn´t break sub huh...ok I messed up wasting 2 turns when all I needed was one more IH hit in the end)
    22. bulk up, sub failed, 181/187
    23. bulk up, iron head 20%, 187/187
    24. dynamicpunch, sub broke, iron head, miss #2
    25. dynamicpunch, confused, hurt itself, 126/187
    27. dynamicpunch, hurt itself, 54/187
    28. dynamicpunch, miss, iron head through confusion, poli at 60%, 65/187
    29. bulk up, confusion ended, iron head, poli at 45%
    30. waterfall, iron head, miss #3
    31. waterfall, flinch, 37/187
    32. waterfall, flinch, 15/187
    33. waterfall, CH, steel fainted
    34. charm, poison jab, lati fainted
    35. outrage 20%, waterfall, 59/182
    36. outrage 20%, poli survives with 5%, waterfall, chomp fainted

    long story short, against poli I missed 3 out of 6 iron heads, hurt myself twice out of three turns of being confused and got flinched twice out of three waterfalls and then just for fun the last one CHed (unneeded)

    basically one more iron head in and garchomp finishes off with outrage... :/

  2. kingbattlus


    Aug 24, 2006
    stories like yours peterko really make me hate this game... you had a wonderfully set-up registeel and a brilliant and tested effective team stratgey.

    and you lost. to a team of infernape - poliwrath - gastrodon. what the hell is that? Starmie should beat this team, Exeggutor has the coverage to beat it... Alakazam with Psychic/Energy Ball... so many things should be able to walk all over this team. But a +6 ATK/DEF/SP DEF Registeel lost to a Bulk Up Poliwrath that wasn't set up... and you started behind a Sub!?!?!!? It's just ridiculous.

    I'm frustrated just reading that I can't imagine being the one that played it out lol
  3. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    yeah I suck badly losing to that team, don´t I?

    it´s not that bad, it wasn´t a high enough streak to make me react to it "emotionally"...just sucks that you have to start all over again from zero

    now that I´ve read the battle log, those two subs (turn 21 & 22) are kind of mistakes that sometimes decide about winning or losing when facing more than the standard "dose" of hax, so that is disappointing for me here

    more because earlier that day I faced pretty much all the actual threats to my team and beat them (yanmega, meta4, hera, CB draggy) like I wanted

    back to 77 or 84 today? no clue...had one very funny battle against a bird keeper with u-turn zapdos and u-turn vespiquen, that was a real mess and then after vespi got a CH (of course through 3charms) on my switch in to chomp who got in one SD and outrage...oponent sent out skarmory lol (was the annoying DT-fly version so chomp lived)...I took its lefties with latias and then it took a while to hit with registeel ._. annoying
  4. ninja1357


    Sep 20, 2006
    I sent you a PM about that, which has nothing to do with my record.

    It is improbable, but somehow I managed. Anyway, I lost at 823. I didn't save the video but here's how it played out (from memory).

    Latios vs. Nidoqueen 815
    1. Latios surfs- 90%. Nidoqueen crunches- crital hit, OHKO
    ~First of all, I've seen tons of Nidoqueen and I always go for the trick. The worse thing it can do it ice punch or crunch, which I can survive since it's non-stab and the memento, let Skarm in and set up. However this time, I thought I could kill it with surf or just go for a 2HKO. Critical hit got me though.

    Jolteon vs. Nidoqueen
    2. Joltoen hidden powers- KO
    ~ In retropect I should have sent in Skarmory, but again I didn't and just went for the kill.

    Jolteon vs. Hippowdon 868
    3. Switch to Skarmory. Hippowdon earthquakes.
    ~ I was hoping for 460 which can do anything to me, so I switched in Skarmory. Also, Jolteon couldn't OHKO.

    Skarmory vs. Hippowdon
    4. Skarmory sword dances. Hippowdon thunder fangs- critical hit 50%.
    ~ It obviously not 460. I try to set up.
    5. Quick Claw- Hippowdon thunder fangs- 30%. Skarmory flinched.
    ~ My apicot berry kicks in and one more hit and I'm dead.
    6. Skarmory aerial aces- 40%. Hippowdon thunder fangs- KO.

    Jolteon vs. Hippowdon
    7. Joltoen hidden pwoers- 50%. Hippowdon earthquakes- OHKO
    ~I lost to a hiker. I might have had a chance if the next guy he sent out wasn't something like Steelix. I literally got done with like 3 ice teams in a row before this guy.

  5. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    that's the thing though...obviously it's lame to use hindsight to nit pick a loss so that's the first thing i'll say, but things like why you wouldn't trick that nidoqueen there have me scratch my head. i wont call it careless or elementary because again its really easy to nitpick someone else's loss but when you look at it in more detail you see that of the four nidoqueen, one has scope lens and another has razor claw, and when you couple that with the fact that you know you're facing a hiker which are a huge threat to your team, you definitely don't want to take any chances and should do the optimal thing, which is trick

    that said, this kind of opens up something i didnt even think about before...you trick and you get poison jab, ice punch, ice beam or crunch...but two of these are going to be trouble even with no CHes because of the freeze chance. and nidoqueen is obviously not the only pokemon that's using an IB/IP/IF/Blizzard against latios...are you telling us, regardless of whether latios was able to get off a memento, that Skarmory was never frozen once by the 4-5 ice attacks it had to take virtually every time you tricked their lead into an ice attack and had to set up skarmory? it just doesn't add up to me

    i mean, i haven't even brought up "focus sash" yet, but skarmory doesn't have sub and there are dozens of pokemon that will kill it even outside of QC and brightpowder (i am aware of what aa does) even outside of focus sash

    (ok i cant resist this one:

    794 | Electrode | Quirky | Focus Sash | Thunderbolt | Signal Beam | Explosion | Mirror Coat | SpA/Spe

    did you never face this or always as a lead or what because it kind of murders both jolteon and skarmory regardless of any setup)

    again idk, i guess essentially i'm saying i dont believe you which is kind of an accusation, but i really just dont lol. no one is that lucky enough to get away with no sub on their only setup poke for 800 battles
  6. kingbattlus


    Aug 24, 2006
    jump i was wondering if you had given any thought to my question regarding a pressure-stalling aerodactyl.

    i think it might have some merit but i'd like to hear your thoughts about it (or any of the other posters with high streaks but we all know jump and peterko are the titans of this thread)
  7. 133tSneasel


    Feb 7, 2005
    Thinks! Evil thoughts, I should use this Electrode
  8. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    apart from the threats peterko pointed out, i find a few things in the initial description of the team a bit dodgy.

    just my two cents...........

    anyway, i've just gone past my previous battle castle record. currently on 133 wins, with about 600CP in reserve. same team as before (salamence, milotic, blissey). will post my final score when it happens, but i am trying very hard to crack 200 this time.....
  9. CBshuckle


    May 3, 2009
    While looking at ev's and the fact that the BF happens at level 50 (mostly), I noticed something very minute and apparently insignificant, yet it CAN occasionally make a difference, so I felt like pointing it out: If you have an IV with an odd iv, then the maximum of 252 will do just fine. However, with an even iv, like say 30, then you don't need to put in the maximum of 252, only 248. Why? Well, the stat formula will double the base stat, resulting in an even number. Then, an even iv + an even number will also be even. 252/4 = 63, and 248/4 = 62. Since the game rounds down, (63 + even)/2 will be the same as (62 + even)/2 and so that extra stat point can be put in an odd iv to maximize potential.

    For example: Say I have an iv spread of 31/x/30/30/31/31. Normally, we would do 4 hp, 252 sp. att, 252 speed for a special sweeper. The 4 hp ev's would make a difference, and so would the 252 speed, but instead of 252 sp. att, we can give it 248 with the same result and put the extra stat point in an odd iv like sp. def.

    Yes, very insignificant, but something I thought was worth pointing out.
  10. darkseeker4


    Nov 24, 2008
    Sorry mate,but this has already been pointed out a couple pages
    back,take a look.And it may be on the main page,if its not then it should.
  11. Okayadokari


    Jul 28, 2009
    Still, well done on the 823.

    I stopped playing at 42 and have been redesigning my team completely. It's so annoying how we have to focus on dealing with hax, rather than skills that we'd use against human players.

    Has anyone here tried using two TrickScarf Pokemon? Your lead will be the first Tricker, but you also have a second Pokemon to Trick a second Scarf to another one of the AI's Pokemon.
  12. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    item clause is the most immediate problem with that
  13. Glen

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 7, 2006
    wow ok the battle factory has made me realize why i stopped playing pokemon to begin with

    i have lost to the brain's regigigas three consecutive times, but this one takes the cake.

    lady tells me i'm going to go up against a tough regigigas using crush grip. dandy. so i check its moveset and all that (its less of a problem than the annoyer version i figure but its still potentially brutal) and decide my game plan. these are my mons:

    porygon-z@wise glasses with adaptability and ib/signal beam/charge beam/psychic
    scizor@sitrus with iron def/roost/metal claw/night slash
    nidoking@expert belt with sludge bomb/earth power/ice beam/shadow ball

    this was the best i had available and it was not satisfactory. with pory as my opener and a hefty hp investment in the gigas i found that i could only muster a 3-4hko with ice beam, and thats not even counting its fucking brightpowder which i really just did not want to take a chance with.

    so turn one i switch to scizor, figuring my only real option to handle this fucker is to abuse its slow start to get triple iron def up, surviving with roost and hopefully just not getting ch'd. crush grip does like 60 damage i think, and i have 260-something max. all in all not too bad.

    turn 2 i go for an iron defense. he stone edges, crits of course, brings me down to 15 health or something ridiculous like that. i breathe a sigh of relief at my survival. sitrus kicks in and i roost, bringing me up to like 77%. it earthquakes, dealing almost nothing, i'm a little above what i had after the first crush grip. no problem. i iron defense again because i need +6 before slow start wears off, and he stone edges, crits, and kills me.

    mama mia!

    also his smug fucking smirk and smarmy attitude i just wanna punch him, nintendo has crafted the best villain in video game history; a short little fucker who honestly makes me want to flex my muscles at my ds so i can prove im stronger than he is
  14. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    Not a personal best for me but still a pretty decent streak (still would have been 7th on the records list), and I lost because I totally misplayed: 99 streak in Platinum Double Battle Tower. My team is as follows:

    Lead #1: Starmie / Timid / Choice Specs: Surf / Thunderbolt / Ice Beam / Psychic
    Lead #2: Vaporeon / Bold / Leftovers: Brine / Toxic / Protect / Helping Hand

    Metagross / Adamant / Life Orb: Explosion / Bullet Punch / Ice Punch / Earthquake

    Gengar / Timid / Focus Sash: Destiny Bond / Shadow Ball / Thunderbolt / HP Ice 70

    Comments: This lead is pretty amazing. Unlike most of the previous double battle teams that I've used (typical rain/trick room), this one hits hard and fast without any set ups. Choice Specs STAB Surf + Helping Hand 2HKOs just about anything that doesn't resist (except for Blissey, and possibly Cresselia and Snorlax). In the first 14 streak, pretty much I can just surf + helping hand and win all matches in 2 or 3 turns. It's funny when facing Sharpedo and Kingler leads and then Helping Hand Surf OHKOs both. Metagross (and Gengar, kinda) covers for the grass weakness, and yah, I don't really have anything resisting electric.

    Most electrics are ok to deal with though. Helping Hand + Surf OHKOs most electrics. Lanturn is a bit harder (sometimes I'd Helping Hand + Psychic, but that doesn't OHKO), Luxray and Magnezone only get KO'd by Surf + Brine. Jolteon can be annoying, but usually what I'd do is Helping Hand + Surf. If Starmie outspeeds, then Jolteon is dead. If not, then if Jolteon targets Starmie (usually that's the case, for some reason), then Starmie's dead. Metagross comes in, and next turn Vaporeon protects while Metagross KOs Jolteon (Jolteon will attack Vaporeon next). +Speed Sceptile also threatens my leads of course, but Metagross can OHKO with ice punch. Well, too many different scenarios since every match there are two leads. Sometimes I'd surf even vs one grass lead if the other is fire or something, so that metagross can come in safely to explode, etc. The synergy between Gengar and Metagross... I hope that's obvious. Gengar basically lets Metagross explode or earthquake freely. Enough about that, I'll just talk about how lost. I definitely misplayed, but o well, that's how it's like sometimes.

    Turn 1:
    Opponent's leads were Starmie and Hypno.
    My Starmie TBolts Opponent's Starmie for the KO.
    Hypno used Shadow Ball on Starmie, who survives in the red.
    Vaporeon used Toxic on Hypno and hits.

    Turn 2:
    Opponent sent out Gardevoir who traced Vaporeon's Water Absorb.
    I decided that Starmie was still very valuable and decided to switch in Metagross thinking that it'll survive and then explode the next turn or Helping Hand Bullet Punch to KO Gardevoir next turn.
    Gardevoir used Shadow Ball on Metagross (~45%).
    Hypno used Shadow Ball on Metagross. Critical Hit. Metagross fainted.
    Vaporeon used Brine on Hypno.
    --> Big mistake on my part. I should have just let Starmie faint, and also I should have attacked Gardevoir with Toxic. Gardevoir with Water Absorb means Starmie can't double KO with Helping Hand surf, so that means I have to send Gengar in.

    Turn 3:
    I sent out Gengar.
    Vaporeon used Helping Hand.
    Gengar used Shadow Ball on Gardevoir. Gardevoir survives with red (with Toxic, it would have KO'ed).
    Gardevoir and Hypno both used Shadow Ball on my sash Gengar who obviously fainted. I sent out Starmie.
    --> I'm left with a low health Starmie and full health Vaporeon. Opponent has Hypno at less than half HP (will be KO'd by Brine) and red health Gardevoir with water absorb (if not for trace Starmie could have finished Hypno and Starmie both off with Helping Hand Surf, but now I can only KO one).

    Turn 4:
    Starmie used Thunderbolt on Gardevoir who fainted.
    Hypno used Shadow Ball. Starmie fainted.
    Vaporeon used Brine. Hypno fainted.
    Opponent sent out Jynx.
    --> I wasn't too happy, but I figured I still have a chance at this.

    Turn 5:
    Jynx used Perish Song (uh oh)
    Vaporeon used Toxic and hits.
    PS count at 3.

    Turn 6:
    Jynx used Mean Look (cool).
    Vaporeon used Brine (about 38% damage).
    PS count at 2.
    --> I see that Jynx still has over half HP left. So I should use Protect so that toxic will get Jynx down below half and then Brine will KO for sure.

    Turn 7: Vaporeon protects. Jynx used Lovely Kiss. PS count at 1.
    Turn 8: The deciding turn... Jynx used Lovely Kiss and hits. Vaporeon sleeps. PS count at 0, we both faint. I don't get the 100 streak.

    Using Specs Helping Hand Surf was pretty fun because it makes most battles so fast (this #100 battle was one of the longest ones already), so I'll give this another try.
  15. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009

    More reasons to doubt that 823 streak...

    Ahaha, I'm not surprised Peterko and Jumpman are highly doubtful of that 800+ streak with that Skarmory-based team.

    I found some random things in the Tower that I doubt the Skarmory

    (Skarmory@ Apicot Berry
    Trait: Sturdy
    Nature: Adamant
    EVs: 240/252/16/0/0/0
    -Aerial Ace
    -Natural Gift
    -Sword Dance

    ... and Jolteon could have beaten:

    431,Bronzong 1,Impish,King's Rock,142,109,184,89,168,53,Extrasensory,Iron Head,Rock Slide,Trick Room,Def/Sp.Def
    567,Bronzong 2,Calm,Lum Berry,142,98,168,99,184,53,Dream Eater,Hypnosis,Signal Beam,Trick Room,Def/Sp.Def

    Apart from the fact that Aerial Ace only does 54 - 63 damage (not even a 2HKO) to the Impish one with a +6 boost from somehow finding time to SD three times, Skarmory also can't risk using Natural Gift since it will probably have Levitate. I also chose to bring up Bronzong because Trick Room screws up the idea of using Agility with Skarmory, and having speed in the form of Jolteon.

    Therefore, I am quite doubtful. What's the chance of not encountering Bronzong in that many battles? Very, very very low.

    Also, I would never put sweeper-oriented EVs (Latios had 252 SpA, 252 Speed) on a Trick lead... I doubt that would have got such a high streak.

    - Because you totally wouldn't save a video of how you lost and got the highest streak in all of Smogon. Now THAT is suspicious, is it not?

    I'm pretty sure you'd save a video to prove the team can actually do what it apparently does so well...

    Also, having such boosted speed is no use without a Sub, as shown by such things as:

    599,Aggron 2, Adamant,Quick Claw,145,178,232,72,80,70,Metal Claw,Fire Punch,ThunderPunch,Ice Punch,Attk/Def
    770,Empoleon 4,Brave,Quick Claw,159,151,108,163,121,72,Hydro Cannon,Flash Cannon,Drill Peck,Earthquake,Attk/Sp.Attk
    602,Lapras 2,Impish,Quick Claw,205,105,145,94,147,80,Sheer Cold,Perish Song,Sing,Confuse Ray,Def/Sp.Def - love this one.
    843,Machamp 4,Adamant,Quick Claw,197,200,100,76,105,75,Cross Chop,Earthquake,ThunderPunch,Fire Punch,HP/Attk
    836,Wailord 4,Modest,Quick Claw,277,99,65,156,65,80,Hydro Pump,Blizzard,Hyper Beam,Fissure,HP/Sp.Attk
    806,Weezing 4,Modest,Quick Claw,140,99,172,150,90,80,Sludge Bomb,Flamethrower,Shadow Ball,Destiny Bond,Def/Sp.Attk

    That's just a few of them. I really don't think the +6 speed strategy could have overcome all this QC hax for over 800 battles. It's just so incredibly unlikely... like randomly finding a shiny Pokemon with 31/31/31/31/31/31 IVs or something.

    Anyway, does anyone else think that with evidence such as this, and that put forth by Jumpman, Peterko and Bozo, makes it seem very unlikely this streak actually occured?
  16. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    to be fair, that lapras can't kill him because of sturdy, but you've uncovered yet another "wait what" about the team since skarmory will never ohko any of the four lapras, or the weezing you pasted or two others. meaning they dont even have to QC him to take out skarmory and then it is jolteon vs mystery third poke...i dont get it
  17. kingbattlus


    Aug 24, 2006
    ok so since I haven't gotten a direct reply about pressure-stalling aerodactyl I went ahead and did a ton of calculations myself... and they don't seem very promising.

    i've gone through all the pokemon A-K already (this is for Diamond BT), and there are quite a handful of pokemon that give aerodactyl problems. all calculations were done as worst case scenarios, using the +attack nature to deal the most damage, except in cases like the one I'm about to mention where it's only a threat if it has a +speed nature.

    Off the bat you can see enemy Aerodactyl causing problems with Rock Slide or Iron Head, both guaranteeing a 2HKO, a very slim chance at a OHKO from the former. A quick claw activation from a huge handful of pokemon is an instant OHKO on aerodactyl... and the biggest drawback I see from trick-stalling comes into play when you find something that you beat you with more one move. kingdra is the last pokemon I did before I stopped and said this is impossible I'll never beat kingdra. Surf and Hydro Pump will KO, and Ice Beam is a guaranteed 2HKO, and you can't PP stall out either since it can switch attacks. and it gets worse when you figure that if you don't taunt it, it can rain dance and become faster than you, or dragon dance up and become faster.

    many pokemon fall into the category of whether or not to taunt first, protect first, or sub first. protect may give you an idea about what set they're running and thus ease the rest of the battle, but only against that one pokemon. sub will protect you from status and is generally a safe move, but sometimes it gives a pokemon a chance to use roar or whirlwind. taunt is good to keep them offensive and drain pp, but is a liability for a couple reasons, the first is that it leaves you without an offensive attack, and the second is that some pokemon have vastly different sets. i could taunt most of the Exeggutor to keep them from getting off a Sunny Day or anything else, but then I'm left open to taking a Psychic or a Wood Hammer, which will likely 2HKO and definitely OHKO, respectively.

    so, this leads me to believe that Pressure stalling Aerodactyl will never lead a team to a high streak because even through less than half the alphabet, it has a wall of pokemon that can--and most likely will due to the hax of the tower--beat it or leave you stuck in a tough spot on turn 2. or at the very least leave you in a spot where they still have PP of a move that will beat your ass--moves like waterfall with 15PP jump out first as the pokemon using them often have enough attack to OHKO.

    so, back to the drawing board?
  18. chickenonabun


    Jul 21, 2009
    I just finished a streak of 194 in the battle hall with my salamence:

    216 atk/36 spa/252 speed (36 spa to OHKO skarmory with FB)
    dragon dance
    fire blast

    i eventually lost to a slowbro with ice beam it survived with outrage with sash and OHKO'd with ice beam. i'll have proof in a couple of hours once i get my camera to work.
  19. chickenonabun


    Jul 21, 2009
  20. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    come on, isn't it obvious? he must have got a critical hit every time he faced lapras/weezing.

    and yes, there are plenty of haxy scenario's that would have had to happen before 800+ battles.

    meanwhile, i've moved on to 158 wins in the battle castle. closing in......
  21. Aardvark


    Oct 6, 2009
    From 1-49 in 107 minutes. I started off well... I'm using Jumpman16's Starmie/Tyranitar/Garchomp team. It's not a great time, and means It'll take me at least 4 hours to get 100 wins with this team. Aw geez.
  22. fabsmg68


    Sep 11, 2009
    I’m very proud to share ,with all the enthusiasts of the forum, the fact that I just won my 100 battle in pokemon platinum battle tower – single. My team was the same of my previous post, where I lost at battle 90 : http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2236340#post2236340
    I restarted it all-over, but with a subtle change : I inverted orders, now my leading was Slaking.
    Basic strategy : destroy the first pokemon with Slaking, then switch to chomp/gengar to 1-2 HKO the second, then use gengar destiny bond for the last.
    If a fighting move is incoming in the first turn, i obviously switch to gengar, that takes no domage.
    The other useful alternative, that i did often when facing an electric/fire/rock pokemon that slaking couldn’t 1HKO, was to obviously switch to chomp. I encountered several times a leading aerodactyl, and i always managed to send in chomp, to survive the 2 stone edges with ½ damage , and retaliate with outrage.
    Think back to my streak, i must say that in this run i never faced a dramatic situation... maybe i’ve been lucky...but i think that this team will make a long road...
    Actually, i’m resting after the 2nd battle of the streak (the 100 battle).... tonight i will finish the streak and upload the video...
    Feel free to question me on how i managed to survive bad situations...

    I finished the streak and uploaded the video in thw WFC : 61-27879-83488
    I was so happy for it that, in the last battle, i forgot Whiscash is ground type too and tried to thunderbolt it.... but i was already 2-1 and gengar with sash at full.... so that wasn't a problem....
  23. kingbattlus


    Aug 24, 2006
    ok well beginning my first official long-term project in the BT and got myself through both palmers in a couple hours before beginning my actual team.

    immediately going to make a change, here is why:

    Trick Charizard into Dragon Pulse, switch in Snorlax.

    Snorlax proceeds to curse up to +6, resting twice in the process. KO Charizard.

    In comes Milotic, ok I can whether anything this bitch can throw, right? Nope. Snorlax gets promptly Hazed, erasing all stat boosts. Now I'm left to stall out all PP of Surf and Ice Beam before I send in Lucario to clean up the mess on Aqua Ring and Haze (I also posed this question in the simple q&a, but haze hits through sub right? it seems damage-wise like it did). Thankfully I was able to finish with a Sub up and two Calm Minds and beat out the last Pokemon.

    I'd like to swap for a faster user, so I'm going to try tinkering with something later tonight but just thought for anyone planning a team, even though Peterko had success with Registeel, having a faster closer may be a more reliable way to go about it because that battle was about 20 minutes long!
  24. pkmn1000


    Apr 7, 2009
    Does the pokemon in the bf have the same movesets or different ones?
  25. kingbattlus


    Aug 24, 2006
    I'm not sure what this is asking... are you asking whether or not all pokemon of a certain species have the same moveset?

    if that's the case, then no. most of the common OU and UU pokemon have 4 different movesets.

    ANNNDDDD i just found an error in the database or maybe I'm looking at the wrong one but I don't think so...

    Snorlax 1 (473) - Leftovers, Return, Rock Slide, Curse, Yawn

    I just tricked some Leftovers off this Snorlax and it used Substitute. WTF?

    EDIT: And i just lost to that same team? WTF?

    Tricked Lax into Substitute, switched to Tyranitar. Dragon Danced up and KOed with Crunch.
    Hariyama comes in. Stone Edge misses and Brick Break KOs.
    Back comes Latias and stalls for a bit with Charm and Wish, in comes Lucario.
    Lucario subs down to Salac Boost, and manages one Calm Mind in the process.
    Aura Sphere KOs and in comes Staraptor.
    Staraptor proceeds to outspeed Lucario and KOs with Brave Bird. Obviously it KOs Latias since it doesn't have an attack.

    I'm not sure what I could've done differently here. I suppose when I ended up with a Sub still intact against Hariyama I could've KOed it with Aura Sphere, but I didn't have a Salac Boost... which I thought would put me fast enough to outpace everything else, but apparently not. Staraptor doesn't even have a choice scarf in the data base, so that's what pisses me off even more.

    What the mother fuck is going on here

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