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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Ezay


    Oct 3, 2006
    Platinum Battle Hall Single Record: 192 Win Streak

    Lv. 55 Garchomp @Focus Sash
    Nature: Jolly
    IVS: The only ones I know exactly are 31 Attack and 31 Speed, thanks to the man in the Battle Tower (says they're perfect).
    EV spread: 6 HP, 252 Attack, 252 Speed
    ~Swords Dance
    ~Fire Fang

    Strategy: Not really much to say on this, aside from the fact that I believe the three attacking types above hit everything for at least neutral damage. The ability to Swords Dance while being saved by Focus Sash and then OHKOing the pokemon you're up against has proven pretty useful. I know some people may opt for Stone Edge over Fire Fang on the Swords Dance sets, but I haven't found it needed so far. Everything I've fought so far either got killed by Outrage or Earthquake. I'll admit I've only used Fire Fang once I believe, and that was for Bronzor/Bronzong.

    As far as actually taking on types I like to do Ice and Dark first (try and get Weavile as early as possible so it doesn't mess up streak with Ice Shard). After that I went to Water cause I know a lot of them like to carry Ice Moves. I then preceded to ground to try and check for Torterra or Mamoswine (Ice Shard). Grass right after, checking for Torterra again. Then I did Normal cause there's random ones that are pretty bulky. After that I honestly believe you can pretty much pick and choose as you please. Ice, Dark, Water, Grass, and Normal are the only types I worry about with Garchomp, so far. I've had some random problems in other types that I'll touch on below.

    How I lost: I lost to a Licklicky, which sucked cause I had already got Ice, Ground, and Dark out of the way (didn't want Mamoswine or Weavile to show up). I started with Swords Dance while it dropped me to 1 HP with a critcal hit Ice Punch. Sure enough, I freeze and I basically call it a game. However my Garchomp decides to unfrost on the first turn and attack with Outrage, which to my shock knocks Licklicky to what looked like either 1 or 2 HP. Then of course Licklicky finishes me off, ending my streak. -_-

    Random notes of interest: I'll touch on the problem pokemon I've seen so far, both expected and not so much:

    Torterra: Whether using Band or Swords Dance Chomp I'd say to be wary of this pokemon. I'm glad I Swords Danced and then chose to OHKO it with Outrage instead of just out and right Outraging. The reason being because I worried I might knock it into Overgrow range in which case it may OHKO me with its Wood Hammer (which was already a 2HKO in the first place). I honestly don't know if those that have tried Choice Band sets have problem with it, but it's something to note.

    Charizard: I fought this one in Rank 9 of Flying I believe and it almost beat me! It's some sort of stalling version I guess, that tries to wait out the burn. I hit it with Outrage, which it lived and then burned me with Will-O-Wisp. It protects and my Outrage does nothing, while slowly taking burn damage. Then I hit my self in confusion on the attack, plus getting smacked by a nice Air Slash and some burn damage for insult. At this point I was somewhere below 10 HP I believe. Luckly, even though Garchomp didn't break out of confusion, he still attacked and KOed Charizard. If it had protected, however, I would of lost. So that was an encounter I don't exactly jump with joy of maybe having to do again. Needless to say, I don't like Charizard much anymore......

    Scyther: This thing could of taken me out, maybe. Not only did it outspeed my Garchomp, but it Swords Danced also. I on the other hand went on the attack and Outraged, sure enough turns out Scyther has a Focus Sash! Then it X-Scissored me, activating Focus Sash on Chomp, who finished it with Outrage. Just the fact it was faster then Chomp with a Focus Sash has me worried. I don't know how much X-Scissor without a Swords Dance does on my Chomp (not sure of the exact defense IVs) but if it's a 2HKO this could be a problem in the future. If it really is a 2HKO then it's a problem for even Choice Band varients as the Scyther will outspeed you and not have to worry about the intial hit because of Sash. Just something for people to think about.

    Piloswine: It's really Mamoswine that's the real possible problem but none the less. When I fought this thing it was another pokemon that took the intial hit with Focus Sash then Ice Fanged, forcing Chomp to use Focus Sash. Now granted it didn't Ice Shard after taking the Outrage, but what worries me is that it might of been able too. I don't know if Piloswines carry Ice Shard because I never say it use one, but it's still something of concern. This pokemon however is a huge threat to the Choice Band Chomps I'd believe, who fail to OHKO because of Focus Sash and then are Ice Fanged to death.

    Those are the main four things I can remember running into that could cause problems. Everything other then those that caused a stir was mostly from hax like a crit (Focus Sash is helpful for these) or the freeze that happened while battling Lickilicky. I'll also stress, even though I didn't run into them this 192 streak, the threat that Mamoswine and Weavile possess thanks to them having Ice Shard. Weavile in particular because of the whole Focus Sash bit. Those are really the only problem things I can recall running into. I'll edit in later if any more come to mind. :heart:
  2. acinod


    Aug 27, 2007
    I just used Garchomp with Max Attack in the battle hall (choice band). It couldn't OHKO a Wobbufet with Outrage. Wobbufet Countered and my streak ended. Now I understand why you need Focus Sash. Also another time for some reason Froslass outsped me and Blizzard, lucky it missed though.
  3. M Dragon

    M Dragon The north wind
    is a Tournament Directoris a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributoris a Tiering Contributoris a Tutor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis the Smogon Tour Season 17 Championis a defending SPL Champion

    Jun 12, 2008
    I have 210 with CBmence (level 100)
    My opponents are at level 96, and Im using now aqua tail > Stone Edge
  4. Carl

    Carl or Varl
    is a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a Past SPL Champion

    Dec 23, 2004
    Since they're technically applicable for the records..

    My Battle Factory streak for level 50 just ended at 29. This feels like a low number for me to be listed for but TRE is only a few wins higher so whatevs. I ended up losing to a Focus Blast Magmortar with a bad set of pokemon to work with. I swapped pokemon 17 times during this run. The Factory is so fun but also completely annoying because I get the feeling it's going to take a few tries to get the gold print.

    Speaking of gold prints, I'm also sitting at 49 for the Battle Arcade using jump's Starmie/Tyranitar/Garchomp team. Once I beat the brain, I paused to try the Battle Hall so I'll probably come back to further this streak. I'm pretty surprised by how well jump's team has done here because I thought the lack of items would hurt. However, it easily won most matches reaffirming once again that jump does in fact know pokemon pretty f'ing well.

    Hardly impressive streaks but theyre technically records lol.
  5. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    you know i just showed you that you will only beat rhyperior 30% of the time unless you use hydro pump right

    however, if you are still active around ~210, and your opposing pokemon are still at Lv96, that is a big deal

    you will still only do 92-109% but this is a big deal since it very much matters if your competition wont be at the same level as you if you're Lv100 until like 250, or whatever...can you or anyone else confirm this about using Lv100 pokemon in the hall?
  6. M Dragon

    M Dragon The north wind
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    Jun 12, 2008
    Now my mence has Hydro Pump xD
    Problems are weavile and regirock
    Are items random? I have found a sash heatran, and later it had no sash o.o
  7. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
  8. M Dragon

    M Dragon The north wind
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    Jun 12, 2008
    oh lol
    well, 230 and my opponents are still at level 96
  9. BeachBoy


    Dec 28, 2007
    I feel the same way.

    I love the Factory thus far and my current streak is 14 with 11 trades in level 50. I never really thought a Gloom would be my trump card (in the first set of seven) and a Yawn Wartortle would be an awesome lead for my second seven. Haha. I just think the overall process of the Battle Factory is awesome. Trade away? Stay with the winners that got you through? What can I make out of the staff hints? Etc.
  10. the opponent

    the opponent

    Aug 27, 2007
    So I went through the Hall with a level 72 Metagross and these were the Pokemon I faced.

    Format is level, then Pokemon
    1. (47?) Vulpix
    2. 49 Charmander
    3. 50 Cyndaquil
    4. 52 Charmeleon
    5. 54 Houndour
    6. 56 Monferno
    7. 57 Magmar
    8. 59 Camerupt
    9. 61 Magmortar
    10. Hall Maiden- 72 Charizard (Most likely coincidence and bad luck)
    1. (48?) Gible
    2. 49 Cubone
    3. (51?) Quagsire
    4. 53 Gible
    5. 54 Wooper
    6. 56 Gastrodon
    7. 58 Dugtrio
    8. 59 Piloswine
    9. 61 Hippowdon
    10. Hall Maiden v2- 72 Umbreon
    1. 48 Buizel
    2. 50 Shellos
    3. 51 Prinplup
    4. 53 Marill
    5. 55 Azumarill
    6. 57 Ludicolo
    7. 58 Wortortle
    8. 60 Corsola
    9. 62 Milotic
    10. 63 Sharpedo
    1. 49 Swinub
    2. 50 Delibird
    3. 52 Swinub
    4. (54?) Sneasel
    5. 56 Delibird
    6. 58 Abomosnow
    7. 59 Glalie
    8. 61 Sealeo
    9. 63 Dewgong
    10. 64 Walrein
    1. 49 Bagon
    2. 51 Gible
    3. 52 Vibrava
    4. 54 Dragonair
    5. 56 Dratini
    6. 58 Shelgon
    7. 59 Gabite
    8. 61 Altaria
    9. 63 Dragonite
    10. 64 Kingdra
    1. 50 Pidgey
    2. 51 Hoppip
    3. 53 Swablu
    4. 55 Taillow
    5. 56 Farfetch'd
    6. 58 Beautifly
    7. 60 Staraptor
    8. 61 Swellow
    9. 63 Noctowl
    10. 65 Salamence
    1. 50 Bulbasaur
    2. 52 Lotad
    3. 53 Tangela
    4. 55 Seedot
    5. 57 Wormadam
    6. 59 Grovyle
    7. 60 Bellossom
    8. 62 Skiploom
    9. 64 Roserade
    10. 65 Victreebel
    1. 51 Houndour
    2. 52 Houndour
    3. 54 Poochyena
    4. 56 Carvanha
    5. 57 Stunky
    6. 59 Murkrow
    7. 61 Sneasel
    8. 62 Sharpedo
    9. 64 Houndoom
    10. 66 Shiftry
    1. 51 Kricketot
    2. 53 Wurmple
    3. 54 Silcoon
    4. 56 Kricketot
    5. 58 Ledian
    6. 60 Dustox
    7. 61 Butterfree
    8. 63 Forrretress
    9. 65 Venomoth
    10. 66 Yanmega
    1. 52 Gastly
    2. 53 Shedinja
    3. 55 Drifloon
    4. 57 Shuppet
    5. 58 Gastly
    6. 60 Misdreavus
    7. 62 Banette
    8. 63 Dusclops
    9. 65 Dusknoir
    10. 67 Drifblim
    1. 52 Sentret
    2. 54 Zigzagoon
    3. 55 Ditto
    4. 57 Slakoth
    5. 59 Staravia
    6. 61 Buneary
    7. 62 Linoone
    8. 64 Noctowl
    9. 66 Ursaring
    10. 67 Ambipom
    1. 53 Exeggcute
    2. (55?) Meditite
    3. 56 Unown
    4. 58 Smoochum
    5. 59 Ralts
    6. 61 Wobbuffet
    7. 63 Medicham
    8. 64 Kadabra
    9. 66 Alakazam
    10. 68 Uxie
    1. 53 Pikachu
    2. 55 Voltorb
    3. 56 Flaaffy
    4. 58 Elekid
    5. 60 Luxio
    6. 62 Pachirisu
    7. 64 Electrode
    8. 66 Rotom
    9. 68 Jolteon
    10. 69 Luxray
    1. 54 Magnemite
    2. 55 Aron
    3. 57 Mawile
    4. 59 Metang
    5. 60 Beldum
    6. 62 Forretress
    7. (63?) Skarmory
    8. 65 Mawile
    9. 67 Steelix
    10. 69 Bastiodon
    1. 54 Aron
    2. 56 Geodude
    3. 57 Kabuto
    4. 59 Nosepass
    5. 61 Cranidos
    6. 63 Rhyhorn
    7. 64 Rhydon
    8. 66 Nosepass
    9. 68 Tyranitar
    10. 69 Aerodactyl
    1. 55 Riolu
    2. 57 Tyrogue
    3. 58 Makuhita
    4. 60 Monferno
    5. 62 Meditite
    6. 64 Toxicroak
    7. 65 Primape
    8. 67 Hitmonlee
    9. 69 Poliwrath
    10. 70 Gallade
    1. 55 Budew
    2. 57 Skorupi
    3. 58 Budew
    4. 60 Weepinbell
    5. 62 Beedrill
    6. 64 Swalot
    7. 65 Roselia
    8. 67 Skuntank
    9. 69 Toxicroak
    10. 70 [/SIZE]Roserade
    This post will be updated as I go further.

    The moves I used to get through are Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Aerial Ace, Substitute, Trick, Bullet Punch, and Zen Headbutt. Hold items were, Choice Band, Leftovers, Choice Scarf, Focus Sash, and Lum Berry. The latter two lists are in the order I remembered them, not used.
  11. Groombridge


    Dec 19, 2007
    Keeping it old school: DP Doubles, 116 wins.

    A change of pace and a new team - and on literally their first run, I beat my personal best of 109!

    It's a Rain Dance team, pure and simple. The addition of Helping Hand to Toxicroak's movepool makes it an incredible rain supporter, and he's the unifying glue the team pivots around. (Their nicknames are stars and constellations from Star Control II. Greetings, hunams!)

    Starmie @ Focus Sash ** Mersennes
    Timid, Natural Cure
    6 HP, 252 SpA, 252 Spe

    Rain Dance
    Ice Beam

    Starmie sets up rain, then abuses it. Sash is there so basically nothing can stop it getting the rain in. It's so fast that it normally moves first, and it doesn't care if it gets statused after it's moved. With Sash and Fake Out combined, it always gets to use Rain Dance, which gives me the advantage.

    Toxicroak @ Expert Belt ** Cerenkov
    Adamant, Dry Skin
    252 HP, 252 Atk, 6 Def

    Fake Out
    Helping Hand
    Brick Break
    Sucker Punch

    Croak uses Fake Out to support Starmie getting in the rain, then uses Helping Hand to boost Surf to epic levels of awesomeness. With Expert Belt, it OHKOs Chople-less Tyranitar and all Gengars. Of course, it heals like mad in the rain too. Since three of its moves are high priority, I maxed out HP for extra sturdiness rather than give it speed. Interestingly, the AI didn't seem to see that it was immune to Water attacks - it took a surprising number of Waterfalls, Hydro Pumps and Aqua Jets throughout the run.

    Kingdra @ Life Orb ** Vela
    Modest, Swift Swim
    200 HP, 252 SpA, 56 Spe

    Rain Dance
    Dragon Pulse
    Ice Beam

    Standard-type Kindgra.
    It kicks ass when rain is up.
    Really, really nice.

    Ludicolo @ Leftovers ** Zeeman
    Bold, Swift Swim
    252 HP, 156 Def, 100 SpA

    Grass Knot
    Ice Beam
    Leech Seed

    Leech Seed Ludicolo provides bulk and more crazy healing ability.

    So, a fairly standard team, brought together by Croak's awesome rain support abilities. I lost to an enemy Kingdra (facing other Swift Swimmers is always a challenge) and a Metagross (which aren't normally a problem). Standard crithax did me in, but since this was my first attempt with this team, maybe I'll do better next time! Or maybe I'll get Platinum...
  12. Diana

    Diana This isn't even my final form
    is a Pokemon Researcheris a Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 10, 2008
    Really, it didn't see that you had Water Absorb? That's quite amazing. I guess since all the non-tower ingame Toxicroaks seemed to have Anticipation the game might be always thinking it's that, but who knows.

    By the way, I really hate the Battle Factory. Get on a roll and end up not being able to take down physical houndoom of all things thanks to flash fire stopping overheat..
  13. Groombridge


    Dec 19, 2007
    For real - and it was directed attacks like Hydro Pump, rather than spread moves like Surf. On one occasion, the Muscle Band Quagsire got two Curses in, then spent the rest of the game healing my Croak with Waterfall! Toxicroak is unusual in that it may have an immunity or it may not, depending on its ability, just like Bronzong. So while the AI won't ever use Earthquake on a Gengar because it will definitely have Levitate, it will use Hydro Pump on a Toxicroak because it *might* work. But it keeps on using it even after it fails, which is just classic.
  14. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005

    hmm the cursesire has quake, waterfall and stone edge

    considering stone edge is NVE against toxicroak
    earthquake hits his partner
    waterfall has the priority here hmm

    don´t get me wrong, it´s weird that it uses the water move over and over again despite the first healing hit (I would think the AI knows your ability and never ever use water against dry skin, not even on the first hit because that is how it is programmed, the AI doesn´t learn what you have "by trying", it just knows and acts accordingly)...maybe they didn´t program the AI so that it knows what dry skin does (?)
  15. Diana

    Diana This isn't even my final form
    is a Pokemon Researcheris a Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 10, 2008
    Well, I was hoping to be able to put a streak up, but instead, two amazing battles.

    First time was battle 35 in the Castle. Walrein took out my Starmie and Scizor, meaning I was probably doomed, I had Chomp left. So I Earthquaked, finishing Walrein off. Then Articuno came out, I thought I was doomed, but Outraged anyway, and it got a Critical hit, knocking it out. It also KOed the next thing out so I got a miracle.

    Not so much in Battle 39. I looked at the opponents Pokemon for the heck of it, it had Donphan, Hippowdon, and Rhyperior, so I figured three Surfs and it would be over. Obviously it didn't go that way, since I'm telling you here. Starmie's Surf missed, apparently I was up against the Brightpowder Donphan, and it KOed with Earthquake. I knew I was up against it now, Garchomp came in. Outrage did about 75% to Donphan, it Earthquakes, gets a Critical Hit, down goes Garchomp. Now I knew that this Donphan had Fire Fang, so I just finished with Bullet Punch. Next up was Hippowdon, I Swords Dance, knowing that I have a chance to against most Hippowdon. However, there's a problem here, as the Hippowdon Fire Fangs, which luckily my Scizor survives. So I decide to Superpower and hope to critical hit, it doesn't, but somehow the Fire Fang missed, letting me get the KO. Now I stop thinking clearly, it's 3AM after all, and hit Rhyperior right away. It was the Counter version, so I could have Swords Danced if I was thinking, use Bullet Punch, and hope it didn't Counter when sash broke, but it countered me and I went down. Almost came back but didn't, but that was a painful loss which the Frontier is known for.

    Sorry for the wall of text there, I really wanted to let that out, I'm heading up to the Tower now >>
  16. FastHippo


    Dec 26, 2007
    I have had water moves used against my Lapras in the BT. The first time it shocked the hell out of me. Since that happened, I have also had them used repeatedly against Lapras in the wild, sometimes more than once in the same battle.
  17. the opponent

    the opponent

    Aug 27, 2007
    Just hit 170 in the Hall With Metagross. Now that I have the print, I'll probably stop the hall and move onto the other facilities. But, I did update my last post with more of the Pokemon.

    Video will come when I know how to get it.

    Video as promised:41-55345-43587
  18. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
    is a Pokemon Researcher

    May 3, 2005
    I figured out how the Battle Frontier trainer data was stored and pull it from the game. Here's the list of all the Battle Tower/Battle Arcade/Battle Castle trainers and the Pokemon they used:


    The numbers listed correspond with the Pokemon ID numbers on Jumpman's list of Battle Frontier Pokemon. I wasn't able to figure out how to directly pull trainer names so I had to manually add them in. I got the names for the 100 trainers you can fight after battle 49. Right now, ignore the first 200 unnamed trainers. The 100 trainers with names are the ones you're likely interested in Near the bottom you'll see 5 unidentified trainers. Those are your CPU allies in the Multi Battle Tower. I haven't had a chance to match their names to the Pokemon they use. This information only applies to Battle Tower, Battle Arcade and Battle Castle. Although you will see the same trainer names in Battle Factory and Battle Hall they can use different Pokemon. I believe these trainers will still use IV21 and IV31 Pokemon in Battle Factory but I'm not sure about Battle Hall.

    There are three major types of trainers:
    -Trainers who specialize in certain types
    -Trainers that only have one moveset per Pokemon
    -Trainers that just use Legendary Pokemon

    The exceptions to these types are:
    -PI (aka Gambler) who spams OHKO and Explosion (but not Destiny Bond anymore)
    -Idols who only use the Starters.
    -Idols who only use Eevee evolutions.
    -Dragon Trainers who use Dragons and "Dragon Like" Pokemon (Skarmory is totally "Dragon Like" >_>)

    Here's a summary of what kind of Pokemon each trainer uses:
    The first 20 trainers listed will use IV21 Pokemon. The last 80 will use IV31 Pokemon.

    Camper Andre - Tier Three, Set 4, 827-894
    Camper Freddy - Tier Three, Set 4, 827-894

    Cowgirl Carly - Tier Three, Set 4, 759-826
    Cowgirl Ginger - Tier Three, Set 4, 759-826

    Guitarist Cecil - Electric, Fighting, Psychic, Ghost and Dark Types
    Guitarist Tobias - Electric, Fighting, Psychic, Ghost and Dark Types

    Idol Helene - Normal and Electric Types
    Idol Maranda - Normal and Electric Types

    Picnicker Inga - Tier Three, Set 4, 827-894
    Picnicker Tonya - Tier Three, Set 4, 827-894

    Pokefan (F) Europa - Tier Three, Set 4, 759-826
    Pokefan (F) Pandora - Tier Three, Set 4, 759-826

    Pokefan (M) Simon - Tier Three, Set 4, 759-826
    Pokefan (M) Turner - Tier Three, Set 4, 759-826

    Pokemon Breeder (F) Antonia - Tier Three, Set 4, 827-894
    Pokemon Breeder (F) Zorya - Tier Three, Set 4, 827-894

    Pokemon Breeder (M) Peter - Tier Three, Set 4, 827-894
    Pokemon Breeder (M) Tyron - Tier Three, Set 4, 827-894

    Rancher Boris - Tier Three, Set 4, 759-826
    Rancher Vern - Tier Three, Set 4, 759-826


    Ace Trainer (F) Chloe - Legendaries, 895-950
    Ace Trainer (F) Daphne - Tier Three, Set 4, 827-894

    Ace Trainer (M) Charlie - Tier Three, Set 4, 827-894
    Ace Trainer (M) Sawyer - Legendaries, 895-950

    Aroma Lady Ambre - Grass Types
    Aroma Lady Elisha - Grass Types

    Battle Girl Eve - Fire and Fighting Types
    Battle Girl Mariane - Fire and Fighting Types

    Beauty Becky - Tier Three, Set 3, 623-690
    Beauty Nadia - Tier Two, Set 2, 251-350

    Bird Keeper Eliza - Flying Types
    Bird Keeper Kira - Flying Types

    Black Belt Fergus - Fire and Fighting Types
    Black Belt Ronni - Fire and Fighting Types

    Cameraman Darren - Electric and Psychic Types
    Cameraman Skip - Electric and Psychic Types

    Clown Enzo - Psychic and Ghost Types
    Clown Frank - Psychic and Ghost Types

    Collector Leroy - Tier Three, Set 1, 351-418
    Collector Newman - Tier Three, Set 1, 419-486

    Cyclist (F) Hilda - Fighting and Flying Types
    Cyclist (F) Vanita - Fighting and Flying Types

    Cyclist (M) Clive - Fighting and Flying Types
    Cyclist (M) Ward - Fighting and Flying Types

    Dragon Tamer Harvey - Dragon and "Dragonlike" Pokemon
    Dragon Tamer Nicolas - Dragon and "Dragonlike" Pokemon

    Fisherman Delaney - Water Types
    Fisherman Keaton - Water Types

    Gentleman Joachim - Legendaries, 895-950
    Gentleman Karston - Tier Three, Set 4, 827-894

    Guitarist Iggy - Electric and Ghost Types
    Guitarist Roget- Electric and Ghost Types

    Hiker Glen - Ground and Rock Types
    Hiker Lyle - Ground and Rock Types

    Ice Ace Trainer (F) Leda - Ice Types
    Ice Ace Trainer (F) Opal - Ice Types

    Ice Ace Trainer (M) Lew - Ice Types
    Ice Ace Trainer (M) Thad - Ice Types

    Idol Cocoa - 7 Eevee Evolutions
    Idol Nissa - 7 Eevee Evolutions
    Idol Kristi - 12 Starters
    Idol Trista - 12 Starters

    Jogger Austin - Tier Three, Set 3, 623-690
    Jogger Dimitri - Tier Three, Set 3, 691-758

    Parasol Lady Angie - Tier Two, Set 2, 251-350
    Parasol Lady Sami - Tier Three, Set 3, 691-758

    Pokemon Ranger (F) Alma - Legendaries, 895-950
    Pokemon Ranger (F) Elise - Tier Three, Set 4, 759-826

    Pokemon Ranger (M) Geoff - Legendaries, 895-950
    Pokemon Ranger (M) Gunther - Tier Three, Set 4, 827-894

    Policeman Hugh - Fighting and Steel Types
    Policeman Kegan - Fighting and Steel Types

    PI Chester - OHKO and Explosion
    PI Conway - OHKO and Explosion
    PI Ralph - OHKO and Explosion
    PI River - OHKO and Explosion

    Psychic (F) Irene - Psychic Types
    Psychic (F) Sylvie - Psychic Types

    Psychic (M) Berkley - Psychic Types
    Psychic (M) Denver - Psychic Types

    Reporter Elaine - Electric and Psychic Types
    Reporter Katie - Electric and Psychic Types

    Roughneck Ron - Poison, Ghost and Dark Types
    Roughneck Ross - Poison, Ghost and Dark Types

    Rune Maniac Isadore - Rock and Steel Types
    Rune Maniac Walton - Rock and Steel Types

    Sailor Carlo - Water and Fighting Types
    Sailor Horatio - Water and Fighting Types

    Scientist Flynn - Tier Three, Set 2, 555-622
    Scientist Irwin - Tier Three, Set 2, 487-554

    Socialite Janice - Tier Three, Set 3, 623-690
    Socialite Rioha - Legendaries, 895-950

    Veteran Alfred - Tier Three, Set 3, 691-758
    Veteran Costin - Legendaries, 895-950

    Waiter Warren - Tier Three, Set 2, 487-554
    Waiter Xander - Tier Three, Set 2, 555-622

    Waitress Kathy - Tier Three, Set 2, 487-554
    Waitress Leslie - Tier Three, Set 2, 555-622

    Worker Boyce - Fighting and Rock Types
    Worker Tyrell - Fighting and Rock Types

    For shorter streaks, this information probably isn't too useful. But for those aiming to break 330(, 459, 462, etc.), it might be useful to know your opponent's moveset before they make a move. =D
  19. Shelcario


    Nov 25, 2007
    Wow TRE even though I don't have Platinum yet this is still very helpful information, and should not go unnoticed:D
  20. RBG

    RBG Trying to get my Smods back D:
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributoris a Site Staff Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 27, 2008
    90 is Cheryl (High HP)
    91 is Buck (High Def and SpD)
    92 is Marley (High Speed)
    93 is Riley (High Attack)
    94 is Mira (High SpA)

    This is going off of what the pokemon they have specialized in and what they specialized in DP
  21. sgt. molarr

    sgt. molarr

    Apr 4, 2009

    Hey i know Im going a bit off topic here but could this work in a double battle?

    first you get a bulky machamp with no guard. then you find a poke that learns both skill swap and a OHKO move(i dont know if there are any though). Then you get the Mind Reader Articuno( mind reader plus sheer cold i think) and finally you'd want a fire type( IMO) because some of the most common "sturdy" pokes are steels. i.e skarmory, forretress, magnezone etc.

    anyway i just wanted to hear other people's reactions to if this could work. Really though it might just be used to give the AI a taste of its own medicine lol. anyway share your thoughts
  22. CalmMind


    Mar 24, 2007
    I've won 170 battles in the Battle Hall with:

    Togekiss @ Choice Scarf
    Modest nature
    252 SpA/252 Spe/4 Def
    - Air Slash
    - Tri Attack
    - Fire Blast
    - Aura Sphere

    I could continue on if I wanted to.
  23. Scepticallistic


    Oct 15, 2008
    Takes entirely too long to set up and is unreliable. Also, there's nothing stopping the opponent from simply OHKOing your No Guard user while you pass the ability around. While you spend time setting up for an OHKO, they could have already killed you.
  24. False


    Sep 14, 2008
    Also, remember that if you plan on using this in the Battle Tower, OHKO moves will be 100 accurate on the No Guard user as well, and you'll be running into more than a few OHKO move users.
  25. Scarlet Spyder

    Scarlet Spyder

    May 3, 2007
    I really hate the Battle Arcade...until I get over my loss. My team was Garchomp, Scizor, and Latias. This was battle #48 so I was close to the Brain. The round before I got the "Next Game Board will be Random" so I didn't think anything that bad would happen. I get the roulette on "Time and Space will be distorted" (Trick Room) The opponent's Blissey manages to Ice Beam my Chomp and Flamethrower my Scizor (I probably should have Bullet Punch). Latias had no chance. Sigh, time to move to another facility.

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