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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    just got some AI stupidity help me out.

    lead gyarados DD's as i switch to suicune. it DD's repeatedly as i try and 3HKO it after a few calm minds, but kills my suicune. back comes salamence, so this is like +3/+5 (two intimidates). and it uses rest instead of KO'ing me with waterfall (surely a KO right?) i chose outrage which OHKO's it and the next pokemon. im confused but last poke is blissey. easy...
  2. ungulateman


    Apr 11, 2009
    Well, I keep having trouble in the Battle Fagtory due to A: shitty Pokemon and B: Ridiculous luck. I can't even break 21, for God's sake. It's ridiculous.

    anyway, I should probably be breeding and EV training my BT team, but I'll get onto that later.
  3. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    Since I'm about to get that essentially flawless RNGed Registeel to use in the Tower... I noticed Peterko, the current champion, decided to make his Steel's defensive stats equal. My question is:

    Is it definitely more beneficial to have balanced defenses that being more specialized in one of the stats?

    I was doing some damage calculations of things such as Lucario's Muscle Band Close Combat vs Registeel... with maximum Defense, I was impressed at how easily he survives the move... so that's why I'm not certain about having lower Defense for move Sp. Def... after all, moves like Overheat are problematic with critical hits.
  4. darkseeker4


    Nov 24, 2008
    Current Battle castle streak : 70 wins

    Salamence @ Choice band
    252 att/252 spe/6 hp
    ~Fire Fang

    Skarmory @ Leftovers
    (Peterko's spread)
    ~Brave Bird

    Cresselia @ Leftovers
    252 hp/252 sp.def/6 def(Im not sure,will cheak)
    ~Sleep talk
    ~Ice beam

    There are ample threats to this team but with a fluctuation of 550 CP-750 CP I have plenty to minus level's and I always display pokemon.So I can skip battles with way to many threats in that Team.
    I plan to pass 100 and only then I will be satisfied.Any way I can improve?
    Oh and I abuse all the lists like crazy in every battle.I have a printed version.And of course thanks bozo your team format works like a dream!
  5. Glen

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 7, 2006
    39 at the factory aaaaaaaaaa i am dying

    i cant even handle the mons right now why is my team of latios/raikou/rhyperior barely surviving a slowbro onslaught only to finally succumb to the power of an opposing lickilicky? STAGE THREE DOES NOT ACCOUNT FOR THIS GUYS
  6. ungulateman


    Apr 11, 2009
    Must...drag...self..away...from...computer...Ah, screw it, it's the weekend now, I can EV train all night!

    Also, Fake Out Weavile rules. It's pretty much a free set in the Fagtory if you don't encounter too many Steels. And that's why you have Leech Seed Tangrowth! :3
  7. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnus

    Dec 19, 2004

    108 Atk vs 150 Def & 187 HP (100 Base Power): 28 - 33 (14.97% - 17.65%)

    that's a -2 jolly rampardos EQ on an optimally EVed Bold Latias. if rampardos tries to get cute and "kick reason to the curb", you can kick back and not give two shits about its EQ (while remembering that the only rampardos that has EQ in the first place is the scarf one). it does under 70% even with a CH, so even the worst case turn 1-2 scenario of getting CHed twice would mean that the -4 Atk rampardos would need like max damage to even break a 207HP/130Def Tyranitar's Sub (it does 44-52 HP damage and the sub is 51 HP). you should be able to get rampardos to -6 virtually every time because it does indeed need two CHes on its first three EQs to kill latias. head smash does more to all pokes but even then, after one charm it does ~35% to latias and allows you to get it to -6 there too, the switch tyranitar or infernape in on the first struggle (i'd prefer ape here as you pointed out yourself)

    lol the more i think about it, latias and tyranitar are fucking made for each other in the tower, tyra's already uber enough with the SpD boost and then only needs a few charms to be able to make pokemon like rampardos look like jynx even with SE moves. if only latias could lend tyra her sucker punch (seriously what the hell gamefreak, the movie had both latias and latios "ambushing" ash & co. [ambush is the real translation of the attack] so it doesnt make sense that latios wouldn't get it too =/)

    tldr charm rules use this move
  8. kingbattlus


    Aug 24, 2006
    alright jump i guess you've sold me, it's still less than ideal though since i'm battling on the relic that is the DP Battle Tower... meaning your "Jolly" rampardos may very well be adamant.

    there's also the stupid staraptor that I love to face, the dragon moves that I have no resist for and with Latias leading, no reason for the AI to use any other move except a dragon move, and heracross sodomizing my team. i can charm all forms of hera down to -6 since the only two with megahorn have berries... but i'm still not pleased by the fact that i can't lock it into a move. which is lame because all forms of heracross have a move that hits both infernape and tyranitar SE (Focus Punch/SE from 1, CC/AA from 2, Megahorn from 3, and everything from 4 that isn't Endure). Even at -6, Close Combat from 2 will break Tyranitar's sub more than half the time (31% chance not to break it). megahorn from 3 has to run min damage not to break my sub, and 4 is a combo of the two. Moving to infernape things look better though... let's see, since 1 has no attack EVs, it can only muster 11-13% with SE, barring no crit I can fuck his shit up. 2 has aerial ace which doesn't break my sub at -6, or even at -4. 3 has stone edge like 1 but with 252 attack EVs but still can't beat 16%... and 4, the salac reversaler, even at -6 with a +attack nature blasts infernape for 28-33% with earthquake. Breaking the Sub every time. So what do we do in this situation? Obviously the safest and most logical choice is to max charm heracross down and swap to infernape and set up as best as possible... number 4 is a bit of a problem. flamethrower does OHKO adamant heracross without any HP/SP DEF. so in that case, is it best to nasty plot, and risk a crit? you can't finish against heracross 4 with a sub up unless i'm missing an unusual sequence of events. you should be able to finish with enough HP left to make a sub, assuming you're faster than the next poke and it doesn't attack you outright, infernape is in the clear. but... if it does, and it probably will since you're at 56-66%, you better hope that you can KO with vaccum wave or that it doesn't have quick claw or that it doesn't simply outspeed you. and unless i'm very unlucky, i'll be just outside the blaze range too (max-max damage on EQ) :(

    and that leaves you with a completely vulnernable tyranitar to fend off the remaining team. summary: heracross is a bitch.
  9. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnus

    Dec 19, 2004
    the idea is to charm heracross twice and then send infernape into megahorn, then back to latias into "eq or se or fp" and then trick, knowing infernape's job will be a lot easier with heracross at -4 and locked into MH. this does 8% on avg to infernape...even a CH MH barely does over 50% which rules. my days with lopunny/latios/lucario made me originally come up with this strat btw
  10. kingbattlus


    Aug 24, 2006
    ahh... well i spent some time editing that message when you popped on and solved the problem, so there ya go.

    but what do you do against metagross who is immune to charm? you can trick it into an attack, for 1/3/4 it's likely going to be meteor mash, which can't 2HKO with a boost or crit. so you should be able to paralyze it as well, and then what? flash as much as possible before death and hope that infernape wins? because nape takes the same percentage as latias against a MM... 41-49%. Sure, you'll KO 88% of the time with flamethrower, but no sub and no boosts unless you get a lucky miss because flash paid off.
  11. kingbattlus


    Aug 24, 2006
    no llewellyn you're right actually!

    latias v metagross
    turn one: trick metagross
    MM does 41-49%.
    turn two: pray for no crit/attack boost on turn 1, and no crit on turn 2; hit metagross with a thunder wave
    turn three: die with latias, swap in infernape unscathed

    infernape vs metagross (locked into MM and paralyzed)
    turn one: sub, MM breaks sub
    turn two: sub, MM breaks sub
    turn three: sub, MM breaks sub

    at this point I can flamethrower and OHKO every time. i have to a) hope no crit, b) hope for a miss/fully paralyzed turn to either keep the sub intact or go for a nasty plot.

    there's not much else to do with lead metagross as far as i can tell. if it's paralyzed at any point during infernape's turns, things look better. and i should beat it every time unless it crits/raises attack on turn with MM so that Latias doens't have time to thunder wave it.
  12. CausalXXLinkXx


    Sep 10, 2009
    ok, i got to 166 with Garo's team. i lost to some pretty amazing sheer colds. :(
  13. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    Battle Tower Record







    Previous record with this team (different EV spread on latias):
    Peterko (696) - Latias, Registeel, Garchomp

    This run started on Sunday, Oct. 4, 2009

    some warstories
    Friday, Oct. 16, 2006 = battles 491-553 (63 wins)
    Saturday, Oct. 17, 2009 = battles 554-672 (119 wins)
    Sunday, Oct. 18, 2009 = battles 673-742 (70 wins)


    694 was a fisherman with lead gastrodon (haven ´t seen one in like 300 battles) and I risked the trick and worked (was set3 though)…this is a bad decision as 1st turn switch is optimal
    700 was a legendary trainer with lead curseregisteel who got 3-0ed by chomp


    702 set4 trainer and I set up steel, latias died to some CH, incoming magmortar c-rays so I say fuck you I attack and it CHs (I think) but I burn myself..sent out gyarados and I do around 30%, he quaked and Dded and I attacked and subbed oh his rest, then I mamaged one more IH before falling to burn (was at 23hp and that´s exactly 1/8 which sucks because 1/16 is just 11…) anyway I calc damage and if he flinches/CHs I lose, outrage does 73% min though…well, he Dded and outrage finished


    730 (I think)… ice trainer with jynx, trick missed, jynx mean looked, trick hit, locked into lovely kiss, struggled to death…mamoswine came in, ice fang, set1 with hail, charmed three times, utilized recover, then switched back and forth to PP waste quake and ice fang, the ninth fang froze steel, brought chomp on peck, gg


    veteran costin zapdos
    trick, u-turn, 125/185
    t-wave, ice punch, freeze, 49/185
    switch, steel, IP 184/187
    switch, fire punch, thawed out, 31/185
    recover to 123/185, ice punch CH KO
    curse, fire punch, 155/187
    sub, fire punch, 120/187
    curse, fire punch, sub broke, 131/187
    sub, fire punch, 96/187
    curse, fire punch, sub broke, 107/187
    sub, fire punch, 72/187
    curse, fire punch, 83/187
    iron head, 75%, fully para, 94/187
    iron head, KO, 105/187
    light screen, iron head, 52% 116/187
    bolt, sub broke, iron head, KO, 127/187
    twister, flinch, 132/187
    twister, amnesia, 137/187
    twister, amnesia, 145/187
    twister, amnesia, 154/187
    twister, sub, 117/187
    twister, IH, 48%, 128/187
    twister, IH, 48%, 139/187
    twister, IH, KO, 2-0
    lesson learned: t-wave zapdos and this would´ve been a breeze (I figured this out a lot earlier but whatever...it´s not always sunday, ehm)

    742 PI with walrein which missed its first sheer cold but then hit the other 4, so I was only able to get sub and 1 SD, was enough in the end to sweep probopass and duggy


    Monday, Oct. 19, 2009 = battles 743-805 (63 wins)

    749 “gastro from hell” switched back and forth to PP waste IB and EP and then tricked his CH poisoningsludge bomb, set up chomp on struggle, swept jynx & shiftry


    750 raichu4 from hell I missed trick for the 3rd time in R1 during this streak, he t-waved me and then CH returned…sent in steel who got 2Ched in a row (making it 3 in a row) and then another CH on the 6th hit and another one on the 8th… … … return is the new



    765 flingclops, missym3, gengz
    766 gaydol4, ttar, steelix
    767 reporter with screen meta, cham, manectric (chomp got 2 utterly useless CHs here, total overkill)
    768 pokéfan pandora with specjynx (1CH & 1frz), meggy, croak
    769 idol trista with focus blast chicken, shucatyphlo, torty
    770 roughneck ron with muscleskuntank crunch (aftermathless), BBcroak, Pup-umby


    771 policeman kegan with sashbastio using worst attack in the game (1CH), sciz, empo
    772 black belt ronni with gallade n-slash (2/14CHs), HJKlee, moltre return (wth?)
    773 sailor carlo with chicken shclaw (0CHs), ccombatluca, focusblastyblasty
    774 worker boyce with golem suckersandstorm, ttar, perior
    775 guitarist roget with chestotrode t-wave, missym, zone
    776 camper andre with herbrade sball, kingdra, lickilicklicklciclciklckcliclcclklcli ehm
    777 ace trainer lew with LO mamo ifang (frz & CH), AAarti, lass


    778 cowgirl carly with kangaoutrage, sunnytyphlo, seedshiftry
    779 pkmn ranger gunter with ttar4 crunch (always DD be4), gyara, aero
    780 waiter warren with bastiobeam, golduck, poliwrath
    781 scientist irwin with lass ice punch, whisky, jynx
    782 hiker glen with bastioDT, wak, cradily
    783 cyclist ward zapdos2 (I t-wave and reswitch to lock into ominous which got 2allstatboosts), cham, scor
    784 ace trainer daphne with phan, probo, umby


    785 waitress leslie with kingdraibeam, vire, arca
    786 waitress kathy with gongbeam, ambi, shitskarm beat chomp, stallwar … … …
    787 cyclist hilda with counterchamp, altaria, cham
    788 pokéfan pandora with cradilySE, muk, venu
    789 cyclist ward with croak xscissor, kickchick, flinchbat
    790 pkmn breeder antonia with DDttar (that´s how I like it :p), rampa, leaf
    791 ace trainer lew with leftywalreinibeam, hailweavile, regice


    792 bird keeper kira with sala1, zap, yan
    793 ace trainer thad with chestogong ibeam, mamo, DTweavile
    794 idol cocoa with payback umby, vappy, espy
    795 dragon tamer nicolas with draggy2, aero2, kanga
    796 idol maranda with signalzone, lanturn, pissey
    797 gentleman joachim with DDlatios, entei, zap
    798 rancher vern with crunchqueen, swamp, tank


    799 cowgirl ginger with SEgranbull, milky, absol
    800 cameraman skip with risetrode, galalade, raicha
    801 aroma lady elisha with DTshiftry, torty, tangy
    802 jogger austin with rainlanty, raicha, croak
    803 aroma lady amber with leechbreloom (CH last struggle), vicy, tangy
    804 collector newman DTglaceon, mortar, perior
    805 PI river with hailmamo, hippo, zong


    Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2009 = battles 806-840 (35 wins)
    806 fisherman keaton sticky gastro3 (ppstall), golduck, BUpoli (miss)
    807 veteran alfred with n-slash weavile (1st one CH-> sash), phan, clay
    808 idol kristi with n-slash sceptile, kickchick, typhlo CH flare blitz KO steel, OHKO through shuca
    809 guitarist roget with t-wave trode, vire, missym3 d-bond
    810 ace trainer opal with wacan gong ibeam, weavile, regice
    811 jogger ipunch duck, jynx, duggy
    812 aroma lady ambre with stockpile cradily, rose, torty


    813 gentleman joachim with ipunch rock, sunny cresse, return tres
    814 camper freddy with giga slaking (CH on 1st hit but missed 2/5), walrein, tenta
    815 policeman kegan with avalanche bastio, wrath, ape
    816 fisherman keaton with ibeam milo, kingdra, lanturn
    817 picnicker tonya with CB perior megahorn, drapion, honchkrow
    818 sailor horatio with SE harry, champ, croak
    819 idol nissa with glacebeam, flare, leaf


    820 roughneck ron with bat1 cross psn, drifblim, shiftry
    821 ace trainer chloe with DD latios, ice, zap
    822 ace trainer daphne with espyball, draggy, hera
    823 cyclist vanita with artiblizzard, hera, skarm
    824 scientist Flynn with curserein, sala, vappy
    825 dragon tamer Nicolas with outrage draggy, aqua aligatr, fire punch aggron
    826 waitress leslie with blizzard mie, aggron, phan


    827 cyclist hilda with n-slash skarm, altaria, zap
    828 cyclist clive with gunkcroak, honchkrow, zap
    829 PKMN ranger geoff with crunchkou, cune, gigas
    830 battle girl mariane with polijab, sashchamp, entei
    831 socialite janice with SE armaldo, venu, skarm
    832 policeman hugh with RS breloom, forry, probo
    833 fisherman delaney with c-ray tenta, kingdra, duck


    834 ace trainer opal with regicebeam, lass, glalie
    835 rancher boris with ibeam duck, kanga, venu
    836 pokéfan simon with DM altaria, swamp, mime
    837 beauty becky with blizzardempo, punny, rapi
    838 battle girl eve with sball houndy, hera, hitmonchan
    839 camper freddy with dpulse luca, yan, gengz
    840 waitress leslie with ipunch aggro, mamo, jolt


    Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009 = battles 841-896 (56 wins)

    841 cowgirl ginger with signaltrick, jynx, bastio
    842 PI ralph with counterscor, arti, muk
    843 camper freddy with slide clay, luca, lix
    844 parasol lady sami with rushchomp, milo, pory2
    845 idol nissa with glaceyawn, espy, jolt
    846 psychic irene with ipunch gallade (trick miss), focus blast slowking, surf latios
    847 bird keeper kira with braveskarm, scissorbat, gliscor


    848 dragon tamer harvey with ibeam latias, ibbastio, rampa
    849 guitarist tobias with ipunch vire, meta, gallade
    850 cyclist hilda with zap1 t-wave (locked into drill peck later), quake hera, ffang sala
    851 collector leroy with ibeam jynx (2CHs), duck, wak
    852 roughneck ross with drill nido (hit 1/5), crawdaunt, skuntank
    853 scientist irwin with t-wave raichu, harry, forry
    854 ace trainer Charlie with sball jolt, draggy, pory2


    855 cyclist clive with rushdraggy2, hera, zard
    856 cyclist Hilda with aero3 crunch, arti, gallade
    857 hiker glen with d-claw ttar (3rd hit CHed), torty, clay
    858 PKMN breeder peter with psychoeggy, lix, amphy
    859 guitarist tobias with ihead zong, chicken, amphy
    860 ace trainer chloe with t-wave steel, tres, rock
    861 gentleman joachim with sball cresse, tres, entei


    862 policeman hugh with empo blizzard, hera, bullet scizor
    863 sailor carlo with BUpoli, hera, cham
    864 PI river with rapi horn drill I tricked (last time I t-waved and it missed HD twice on reswitch and I tricked it then), hit the first, missed second on steel, missed third, fourth and fifth on steel…lucky here, three in a row and I lose…sub and 1SD only, gastro, sashtrode…t-wave and switch is a better approach, still similar to kingler in that iron tail and flare blitz both break chomp sub…quaking it dead asap is maybe the best option (worst leads on top of my mind: rapi3, kingler, sticky gastro4)
    865 ace trainer sawyer with hail arti, cresse, regirock
    866 pokéfan europa with aslash zard (CH+flinch on the second hit, had a series of 3flinches followed by two CHs in a row on +6 steel with AS #14-18), granbull, whiscash
    867 camper freddy with IB milo (second hit froze), luca, tenta
    868 PKMN ranger geoff with signal raikou (confused on first hit and hurt myself R2), last struggle CHed, cresse, entei


    869 jogger austin with specsbro s-ball, breloom, muk
    870 waiter warren with drain punch breloom (that´s something new), sceptile using toxic on sub, weezing
    871 hiker glen with leech torty, rampy, shuckle
    872 parasol lady angie with t-wave luxio, magmar, primeape
    873 camper andre with gyro lix, chomp, perior
    874 reporter katie with mimic mime (what a weirdo, locked into copycat later), hypno, zone (missed first quake)
    875 beauty nadia with sleep powder jump..ehm luff, seadra, combusken


    876 cyclist vanita with hypnowrath, croak, bat
    877 idol helene with IP vire, licky, mane
    878 roughneck ron with IB lass, gengz, drifblim
    879 PI ralph with sub nidoking, metafour, gliscor
    880 cyclist ward with dpulse altaria, arti, champ…messed up here due to pulse PP issues
    881 veteran costing with avalanche regice, latias, tres
    882 PI chester (getting sick of these) with ifang hippo, zone, flygon


    883 PI ralph (another (BAN ME PLEASE), that´s 4 out of the last 20) with iron head zone, hippo, wailord QC HP miss
    884 bird keeper eliza with skykiss (missed 3 but CHed with struggle), yan…didn´t catch the second poké lol
    885 worker boyce with SE harry, hera, chicken
    886 idol nissa with espycharm, QCcurseflare, leaf
    887 hiker glen with ifang lix (frz, CH, frz with the first 3 hits), rampy, probo
    888 aroma lady elisha with scissor leaf, rose, breloom
    889 collector with male lopuhoe travestite charming my girl latias, fake out harry, rhydon


    890 psychic sylvie with sunny cresse, zong, bro
    891 ace trainer chloe with zap1 I dealt with the same way as earlier this day, heatran, steel
    892 beauty becky with blizzard colo, sexploud, chicken
    893 ace trainer lew with hailmamo, nxyj, ice
    894 roughneck ross with tauntkrow (what a bitch), croak, sashcruel
    895 battle girl eve (wanna?) with seedbombreloom, gallade, houndy
    896 ace trainer leda with IB lie, lass, rein


    Thursday, Oct. 22, 2009 = battles 897-952 (56 wins)

    897 pokéfan turner with jynxbeam, skarm, duggy
    898 rancher vern with aa shiftry, something that I had to outrage, hypno
    899 ace trainer thad with regicebeam, gong, aboma
    900 waitress kathy with sticky gastro 2 (PP stall), duck, raptor
    901 ace trainer daphne with impact slaking, phan, blissey
    902 cowgirl ginger with sball hypno (first two CHed), zard, skarm
    903 ace trainer charlie with leaf QC XS, flygon, lanturn


    904 bird keeper kira with psong altaria (bitch), aslash & silver wind kiss (locked into SW), bat
    905 waiter warren with DT shiftry, aboma, lanturn
    906 jogger dimitri with signalmie, mamo, eggy
    907 waitress leslie with DD sala, glace, ttar
    908 gentleman joachim with cursesteel, tres, kou
    909 ace trainer lew with galebeam, arti, lass
    910 camper freddy with CH XC scizor, incense clay, noir


    911 beauty nadia with swagger sharpedo, huntail, tropius
    912 ruin maniac isadore with TR zong, rhydon, meta
    913 pokéfan pandora with dpulse sceptile, glalie, breloom
    914 PKMN breeder antonia with ibeamie, pory2, jolt
    915 hiker glen with flinglem, queen, cradily
    916 picnicker tonya with QC crunchippo, flygon, clay
    917 PI conway with hailmamo, rhydon, kingler


    918 fisherman keaton with haiper voice toed, floatzel, gastro
    919 fisherman Delaney with CM bro, whisky, lanturn
    920 pokéfan pandora with gastro from hell, altaria, weezing
    switch, IB1, 179/187
    switch, earth power1
    switch, IB2, frozen, 171/187
    switch, EP2
    switch, IB3, CH, 147/187
    switch, EP3
    switch, IB4, 139/187
    switch, EP4
    switch, IB5, 131/187
    switch, EP5
    switch, IB6, 123/187
    switch, EP6
    switch, IB7, 117/187
    switch, EP7
    switch, IB8, 112/187
    switch, EP8
    switch, IB9, 106/187
    switch, EP9
    switch, IB10, 100/187
    switch, EP10
    trick, sticky hold, sludge bomb, 141/185
    switch, SB 111
    switch, surf, 108/185
    recover, 185, SB, 146
    switch, surf, 73/187
    switch, surf, 112/185
    recover, 185, surf, 153
    recover, 185, SB, 145
    recover, surf, CH, 118/185
    recover, 185, SB, 145
    recover, surf 152
    recover, surf, 152
    recover, surf 152
    recover, surf 152
    recover, SB, 139
    recover, SB, 145
    switch, surf, 32/187
    switch, surf, 115/185
    recveor, SB, 142, psn, 119
    recover, surf, 150, psn. 127
    recover, surf, 153, psn, 130
    recover, SB, 142, psn, 119
    recover, surf, 150, psn, 127
    switch, surf, steel KO
    charm, SB, 87/, 64
    charm, struggle, psn, 36/187
    swiutch, struggle 177/187
    SD, struggle 171
    Swords dance, struggle 165
    Sub, 120/182, struggle
    Altaria, outrage, KO
    Weezing, outrage, KO

    921 idol trista with sclaw ape, torty, typhlo
    922 ace trainer chloe with apower gigas (1boost), arti, rock
    923 hiker glen with ifang aero, torty (QC), clay
    924 aroma lady elisha with sludge bomb plume, torty, meggy


    925 picnicker tonya with storm eggy, flygon, amphy
    926 idol maranda with staraptor (-6 CH BB on the switch in to steel), milky, kiss
    927 sailor horatio with XS gallade, aligatr, breloom
    928 waiter xander with DD gyara, probo, milo
    929 idol trista with cursevenu, aligatr, torty
    930 collector newman with SD scor, bliss, apmhy
    931 cyclist clive with scary zard, sala, draggy


    932 cyclist clive (again!) with DM draggy (charmed, OHKO on latias), sala, yan
    933 fisherman delaney with DD gyara, walrein, starmie
    934 black belt fergus with c-ray mortar, zard, tales
    935 roughneck ross with absol2 (pressure, charmed, locked into swagger), umby, bat
    936 scientist flynn with DT umby, weavile, rose
    937 idol helene with ibeam lanturn, raptor, raicha
    938 guitarist tobias with missym sball, zong, shiftry


    939 hike glen with ipunch aggro, ttar, cradily
    940 veteran costing with toxocress, latios, zap
    941 pokéfan simon with gastro from hell (4th IB froze, 10th IB CHed, tricked into surf, 6th and 15th surf CHed), vicy, harry
    942 psychic sylvie with DT cresse, mime, jynx
    943 beauty becky with IP milky, exploud, aligatr
    944 gentleman karston with cray mortar, gallade, phan
    945 beauty nadia with yawn relicanth, girafarig, kecleon


    Friday, Oct. 23, 2009 = (56 wins?)

    946 clown enzo with reflect mime, espy, noir
    947 guitarist cecil with nislash chick, gallade, clay
    948 policeman hugh mit IP aggro (2nd froze), FO harry, gallade
    949 cowgirl ginger with SE bull, raptor, rhydon (QC something)
    950 ace trainer daphne with sball espy, tenta, lax
    951 idol trista with curse torty, blast, chicken
    952 guitarist iggy with twave trode, sball jolt, zone


    953 ace trainer lew with curse lappy, gong, ipunch weavile
    954 PKMN ranger elise with klutzpunny, blasthypno, pimpduck
    955 waiter xander with ipunch ursa (2charms, froze on the switch in), scor, mortar
    956 parasol lady angie with muddy marsh, wormadam, vigo
    957 beauty nadia with sunny cherrim, dragonair, luxio
    958 bird keeper kira with DD gyara, skarm, raptor
    959 ruin maniac isadore with dclaw aero, zone, zor


    960 PI river with ihead zone, sashtrode (switched on boom), rapi, 1-0
    961 PKMN breeder peter with flashcan probo, tales, ursa
    962 guitarist tobias with ipunch cham, vt raichu, bb weavile
    963 sailor carlo with sclaw ape (2nd CHed, 5/14 overall), breloom, croak
    964 idol trista with counterpert, torty, typhlo
    965 reporter katie with tears jynx, raichu, bro
    966 PI ralph with mmmeta (10/10 hit, 1CH), 2CHquake probo, 22/187, quake, 8/187, IH KO, 19/187, weezing, 8dmg, IH1hko (blabla chomp, not)


    967 pokéfean pandora with signal manectric (miss+confusion, reswitch), CH on last struggle, kanga, cradily
    968 idol nissa with ibeam vappy, reflect espy, flare
    969 veteran alfred with wow houndy, probo, luxray
    970 dragon tamer Nicolas with dpulse sceptile (messed up with PPs again! because of not paying attention/always forgetting), DD sala (only 1curse, 3amnesia and sub up when this came in…wanted to bring in chomp on struggle of course, no15PP = fail), milo
    971 ruin maniac walton with rampa CH fling followed by SE CH (3/5 missed though), ffang aero, psychometa
    972 battle girl mariane with aslash zard, heatran, mortar
    973 cameraman darren with ibeam latny, trode, raichu


    974 cyclist vanita with darkpulse luckrow (2CHflinches on steel), champ, gallade
    975 picnicker inga with cbperior mhorn, honch, pory-z
    976 dragon tamer nicolas with crunch arca, altaria, bastio
    977 ace trainer opal with avalanche aboma, lass (I missed), glalie
    978 parasol lady angie with leech ivy, torkoal, golbat
    979 ace trainer charlie with sball pory-z, wailord, espy
    980 waitress leslie with ipunch gallade, lax, scor


    981 idol nissa with yawnjolt, vappy, glaceon
    982 ruin maniac isadore with DT skarm, forry, scizor
    983 worker boyce with bugbite shuckle, gallade, ape
    984 cowgirl carly with def order vespi, kazam, manectric
    985 waitress leslie with toxic wailord, weavile, drapion
    986 socialite janice with outrage tauros (charm), swamp, ehm outrage listed on paper as 3rd poke (lol)
    987 PKMN breeder peter with cray mortar, ttar, licki


    988 scientist irwin with curse slowking, nidoking, mime
    989 roughneck ross with dark pulse weezing, drifblim, umby
    990 pokéfan pandora with bbird raptor, cc ape, quake empo (CH on naked steel)
    991 PKMN breeder peter with ifang mamo, singblis, meta (CH iron headed)
    992 dragon tamer nicolas with sclaw kanga, sala, lix
    993 PKMN ranger geoff with SE rock, ice, entei
    994 cyclist ward with nslash gallade, scor, chicken


    Friday, 21:43, seven trainers left!

    995 black belt ronni with ape, trick, sclaw, claw, charm, switch-clawCH, claw-sub, claw-curse, claw-curse, claw-amnesia, claw-amnesia, claw-amnesia, claw-amnesia, claw-amnesia, claw-amnesia, claw-amnesia, claw-amnesia, switch-claw 1HP left (bah), switch-struggle1CH, struggle2-SD, struggle3-SD, struggle4-sub, struggle5-SD (not enough HP left to sub again in case of CH), outrageCH-moltresKO, outrage-enteiKO, 3-0

    996 dragon tamer nicolas with aligatr, trick-icebeamFRZ, thawed out charm-IB, switch-IB, IB-sub, IB-amnesia, IB-amnesia, IB-amnesia, IB-amnesia, IB-amnesia, switch-IB KO, SD-struggle1, SD-struggle2, SD-struggle3, sub-struggle4 KO (mistake here as I didn´t check the HPstat of aligatr, should´ve been reverse order of sub+2SD and quake incase of last struggle CH), outrage-altariaKO, outrage-salaKO, 2-0

    997 ruin maniac walton with ttar, trick-scarf-icepunch, switch-IPCH, IP-sub, IPCH-curse, IP-curse, IPsubbreak-curse, IP-sub, IP-amnesia, IP-amnesia, IP-amnesia, IP-amnesia, IP-amnesia, IP-amnesia, switch-IP 4HP left, sandstorm KO (another bad calc lol making a fool of myself, well lati was at 89 after the first one…), IP-amnesia, switch-struggle1, struggle2-sub, struggle3-SD, struggle4breakssub-sub, struggle5-SD, quake-bastiosashSEsubbroke, quake-bastioKO, quake-omastarKO, 2-0

    998 hiker lyle with flygon, trick-aerial ace, AA-charm, AA-charm, AA-charm, AA-recover, switch-AA, AA-SD, AA-sub, AA-SD, AA-SD, AA-sub(failed), AA-sub(failed), AA-sub(failed), AAsubbroke-sub, AA-outrageKOflygon, outrage80%-bastioavalanchesubbroke, confusion+lum, quake-bastioKO, quake-golemKO

    999 ruin maniac isadore with sudowoodo, trick-SE, charm-SEmiss, charm-SE, recover-SEmiss, twave-SE, switch-struggle1, sub-struggle2, SD-struggle3, SD-struggle4, quake-sudoKO, quake-bastiosashavalanchesubbroke (WTF THIRD BASTARD IN A ROW), quake-bastioKO, outrage-shuckleKO

    1000 Pokéfan Pandora with exploud, trick-icebeam, charm-IBCHlatiKO (come on guys, you won´t let me set up just once in this set of 7? I´m making a total fool of myself here in front of everyone), IB-sub, IB-amnesia, IB-amnesia, IB-amnesia, IB-amnesia, IBsubbroke-amnesia, IB-amnesia, IB-amnesia, switch-struggle1, SD-struggle2, SD-struggle3, sub-struggle4, quake-exploudKO, quake-ambipomKO, outrage-GASTRO FROM HELL KO (this shoud´ve been the lead for some crazy shit)…2-0 YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    1001 psychic sylvie with gallade, trick-twave, GG, switch-twave, sub-tw, SD-tw, SD-tw, SD-tw, quake-galladeKO, quake-gardevoirKO, outrage-slowbroKO

    YES! 22:25, I´m soo happy to have achieved this magical number!

    proof pic


    Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Smogoners, the 1K barrier is cracked!


    the streak went slowly the following few days

    #1042 warstory vs PI river
    golem vs latias
    trick, QC, SE, 97/185
    charm, SE, 58/185
    charm, SE, miss
    charm, SE, 37/185
    recover 129, SE miss
    switch, chomp
    struggle CH 113/182
    sub, struggle
    SD, struggle
    SD, struggle
    quake, KO
    quake, sash, avalanche, sub broke, 68/182
    sub, avalanche, sub broke 23/182 (tried to lure a horn drill maybe lol?)
    quake, KO
    night slash KO
    NS, 75, recover, 167
    nS, CH 53, recover, 145
    recover 185, NS, 131
    recover, 185, NS, 131
    switch, NS 177, 187
    switch, fissure1
    switch, NS CH, 165, 176
    switch, fissure2
    switch, NS, 166, 177
    switch, fissure3
    switch, NS, 167, 178
    switch, fissure4
    switch, NS, 167-178
    switch, fissure5
    NS, 67, charm
    switch, NS, 173, 184
    NS, 179, iron head 65%,
    NS, iron head, KO

    I could post hundreds of words of "what if", but this is pokémon...OK can´nt resist a few:
    -> 2/5 SE missed, the last one let me recover which was crucial in the end
    -> if one of those SEs had CHed I´d be able to set up chomp better with possibly more HP in the end
    -> struggle on switch in CHed, without it I would probably have enough HP to survive a hit from duggy (giga does like 77 max dmg)
    -> I didn´t kill perior when I had to, those are things that decide about winning or losing in the end
    -> last but not least, no arena trap hahaha I didn´t even "notice" this until almost all fissures were wasted...seriously LOLing about how stupid I was here (not taking that absolutely insane risk would be to somehow PP waste n-slash and get the freaking razor claw from duggy inbetween and then dunno...)

    also haven´t checked, but wonder if there´s a faster poké than duggy among the PI group, because that was an ugly counter-team to garchomp

    also faced the bane of set up chomp, james sashbond mismagius as poké2, luckily the last one was the hypno eggy which had a shot at beating me (beat latias) but missed with hypno on steel

    the streak continues :D (1078 I think)

    no there was no faster poké that the PI could´ve sent out...the only other faster one is electrode, but that´s sashed, item clause (perior had sash) means I couldn´t have faced it as the third poké

    also +3 chomp beats aboma, arti, bastio, claydol (could miss but would stall with latias), gong, drifblim (could miss but can´t do shit to steel), flygon, forry (could miss but see claydol), gastro, glalie, hippo, kingler, licky (could miss but charm the hell out of it), zone, mamo (could miss but can´t touch latias), pinsir, probo, shiftry, skuntank, weezing, whiscash

    impossible to face: zong (QC), phan (QC), trode (sash), eggy (sash), gliscor (sash), heatran (sash), lapras (QC), meta (QC), muk (QC), regirock (QC), rhydon (QC), steelix (QC), wailord (QC),

    the only other possible threat would be nidoking, rapidash if I had missed them and maybe walrein with a lot of bad luck

    in that case, only duggy was a 100%-sure case to beat chomp, 3 other pokémon if powder/lax incense had activated (walrein would have to lax incense+OHKO), I could´ve handled all others pretty easily

    nice try, PI ;)


    some OHKOer talk ....lol gliscor._.


    #1412 warstory vs kingler and some other stuff


    a salamence warstory at the bottom, some talk about dragons as well


    Nov. 11th, 2009: 1540


    talk about 5PP moves and comments about correct registeel usage


    dedicated 1666* to my dog, who passed away the day before. RIP my friend


    heavy warstory time!


    cracked the battle tower! it starts from scratch again!

    hello, my name is Palmer!


    steel type trouble against a psychic trainer? plus some haxy battles

    aftermath of the zong battle above



    the game-breaking decision is near!

    how the battle turned out!


    getting close to...?

    exactly! that number is over 2000!


    some pretty numbers there


    GAME OVER!!! The record is 2363!

    It was an intense experience. I´m glad that I played and managed to get such an extraordinary streak. I enjoyed it :)

    An awesome achievement that I´ll remember forever.

    good luck everyone!
  14. Xel


    Oct 11, 2008
    ZOMFG. I often look at this topic without posting because I am a 15 years old foreign student and my english is far from perfect , but I had to post for this.

    I don't think anyone will make a higher score. Even mystic251 (if you know him) has "only" managed to reach 709 xD
    Epic, really. Your trick team strategy is really the best.
  15. e.j.


    Jul 29, 2009
  16. Fall


    Jul 26, 2009
    Oh my god. That's amazing. Is that the highest the tower goes? This is crazy. Congrats, Peterko!
  17. Afroninja22


    May 9, 2009
    Simply amazing Peterko. I marvel at your skills.
  18. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnus

    Dec 19, 2004
    lol knew this was coming from your hint on aim, congrats
  19. kingbattlus


    Aug 24, 2006
    fucking sick... i don't know whether to congratulate you or throw my DS at the wall.

    absolutely amazing streak. i mean seriously the longest post ever, but amazing. you're a machine over there peterko, a machine.

    i'm going to be trying my team out soon, so 1002 is on the way! hahahahaha
  20. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan every battle has a smell!
    is a Forum Moderator

    Jan 16, 2007
    Incredible there Peterko. I'm not sure when I'll ever get back to doing the battle tower if ever again though.
  21. ungulateman


    Apr 11, 2009
    *stabs Peterko while he sleeps*


    Anyway, I noticed my proposed team a while back is technically impossible for me, so I've changed it.

    Metagross @ Choice Scarf
    252 HP / 252 Spe
    -Light Screen

    I think this reasonably obvious. It's a TrickScarf lead, like every other TrickScarf lead out there.

    Snorlax @ Leftovers
    Careful / Thick Fat
    252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD

    Snorlax takes special hits like a Baneblade, and he packs about as much punch as well. Curse means he doesn't die when poked with a sharpened stick.

    Dragonite @ Lum Berry
    252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe
    -Dragon Dance

    I already used my Dragon Claw TM. ;_; Lum Berry for obvious reasons.


    P.S. Anyone who has any of these Pokemon with good IVs, GIMME GIMME GIMME. ;)
  22. Shelcario


    Nov 25, 2007
    Geez, 1001 wins has finally been accomplished, congrats Peterko, looks like Jumpman has something to battle for now:D I don't think I can even fight in the Battle Tower anymore with a streak that impressive on the records now:( May try some of the other battle frontier facilities sometime if Peterko or Jumpman doesn't dominate them first:D
  23. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    yeah it looks like it, i havent been playing very much but i think peterko may think his team is better than mine so i might have to prove him wrong!

    you're going to want to use earthquake on your meta lead to deal with magnet pull zone, i dont know what you have protect there for

    also watch out in general for yanmega and heracross especially, they are every bit as hard to deal with as ive indicated in other posts
  24. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    does this mean you're gonna update the records list? hehe........ ;)

    seriously though, congrats dude!! that's a testament to patience, given that you already had the record, and it would take so long to get back up to it. must have been a hard few days - i know doing too much BT makes you very exhausted, and probably after 50 odd matches, your decision making skills are not as good as you'd like them to be. pity there is no good trace trick-lead (or is there?) or else you'd always be able to tell if you were up against a sticky-holder, although it'd still be a watse of an ability given that it's so situational.....

    anyway, in less impressive news..... i've now entered the top 10 with 133*. i figure i get a "close call" every 20 or so matches, so i only have to luck my way out of another 45 or so and i will have caught up!

    i remember being so sad when my old tetris game gave me a score of 3$@@5 or some weird ascii after passing 32000ish. glad the 1000 streak didnt crash your game or something :)
  25. Krevino 491

    Krevino 491

    May 8, 2009

    A 1001 streak? No freakin' way. Congratulations. The farthest I have ever made it through the Battle Tower was 28 battles. That is just the beast-of-the beast, no doubt. Words cannot describe that achievement with all of that patience. Once again, congratulations.

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