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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. sonyc456


    Nov 2, 2009
    I just had a crazy idea, does this work? can you breed a pokemon lvl 1, toss him into the battle castle, and check summary - stats, and use those lvl 50 stats with 0 evs into IV calc to check the IVs before u ev train/lvl?
    - Edit or does the castle not raise an under leveled pokemon to 50? (just thought of that) my brains always thinking of these wierd things.
  2. Shelcario


    Nov 25, 2007
    Unfortunately no the battle castle does not boost a level 1 pokemon to level 50 so you can scrap that idea.
  3. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    Congoats to Peterko who is officially a 1337 player for getting that fine number in the Tower. Quite convenient how that's a multiple of 7 to allow a picture of it. (seriously, are you going to, maybe... I dunno, lose one day? It's kind of disheartening for we who live in the mere hundreds...) Nah, I'd like to see a 2000, that would be awesome.

    Just thought I'd mention a few Pokemans that have nearly screwed me up in the Tower:

    Haxking: 544,Nidoking 2,Careful,BrightPowder,177,112,118,94,127,105,Focus Punch,Dragon Pulse,Horn Drill,Substitute,HP/Def/Sp.Def

    *Possibly the most dangerous to my team, if Uxie Tricks it then it's faster with Horn Drill and I could lose all 3 of my pokes if haxed.
    *Can't use Thunder Wave for safety since it's a Ground/Poison type.
    *The (BAN ME PLEASE) has Haxpowder
    *Substitute and Focus Punch screw with my mind when using Registeel against it (twice so far). If I don't Sub to stall out one of the 5 Horn Drills, it sometimes Subs and then Focus Punches, breaking my Sub and making me a big target for Horn Drill. Also, might miss with Iron Head to break its Sub, due to its Haxpowder.
    *Defensive EV spread means Iron Head doesn't 1HKO.
    *Dragon Pulse means Garchomp can't attempt to Sub, and might miss with EQ (only way to easily dispose of this threat) and then be killed with Horn Drill.

    - I've faced that Nidoking from hell 3 times in my streak so far (now at 217, still going). Been lucky to not get haxed much by it.

    Crazy Horse: 689,Rapidash 3,Adamant,BrightPowder,140,167,90,90,100,157,Flare Blitz,Poison Jab,Iron Tail,Horn Drill,Attk/Speed

    *A fast Pokemon with Hax Drill, Flare Blitz to stop Registeel if I don't Trick the Choice Scarf, which I hesitate to do since it then outspeeds all team members and could KO all of them with Hax Drill. I hate this Pokemon so much. Faced it twice so far, Thunder Wave is the safest way to beat it.
    *Also has Haxpowder... Garchomp may miss with Earthquake and die from HD.

    Some Rocks and Dirt: 741,Rhyperior 3,Impish,Focus Sash,222,160,200,67,75,60,Horn Drill,Avalanche,Payback,Counter,HP/Def

    *Focus Sash + Horn Drill is dangerous if not appearing as a lead (love it when Uxie gets the Sash to survive 1 Horn Drill). Yet another reason I keep Stealth Rock on my Uxie.
    *With Solid Rock, +6 Registeel's Iron Head fails to 1HKO... so does Garchomp (how I lost with my previous team)
    *Avalanche beats Garchomp

    Extreme Threat to ANY Team: 281,Wormadam 2,Modest,Coba Berry,135,71,137,144,125,56,Giga Drain,Signal Beam,Psychic,Attract,Def/Sp.Attk

    *I bet Peterko will lose somewhere near 2000 to something dangerous like this.
  4. sonyc456


    Nov 2, 2009
    Hmm ive stumped myself on this one, my stamies IVs suck, so i didnt want to use him with ditto to breed, i used another random egg i had and it sucked too, now im off trying to catch a decent IV staryu so i can breed, i know the IV calcs not 10)% accurate until 50 but ive found a staryu with (possible IVS on the right side from www.psypokes.com IV calc.

    The Spa Is from good to almost 30, so thats a nice stat i want, but how do i go about IV breeding him since i cant use two staryu's? If i use him and ditto and get the nature i want and get the 29 to Spa, but have crapps Spe for instance then how do u breed a staryu that doesnt make sense to me, for any other Poke who can breed with a male/female of the same type i can see how the IVs pyramid gradually getting better, What do i do to get good IVs here, or do i need to catch one with super IVs then breed? I swear this is my last IV breeding question lol thanks again for all the tips, im sorry im new.

    HP 30 51 - 59 14 - 16 Attack 45 28 - 36 22 - 25 Defense 55 33 - 41 6 - 9 Special Attack 70 41 - 49 26 - 29 Special Defense x0.9 55 29 - 36 14 - 16 Speed x1.1 85 53 - 62 19 - 22
  5. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    good observing skills Dr.D, or should I say experience teaches us?

    here are the platinum OHKOers, when I was bored and started to make a list of pokés my team potentially loses to

    listing only OHKOers
    [size=-2]542, Abomasnow 2, Bold, Big Root, 186, 100, 127, 112, 126, 80, Giga Drain, Sheer Cold, Ingrain, Leech Seed, HP/Def/Sp.Def -> trick 120 speed (snow warning sucks)
    937, Articuno 4, Modest, Charti Berry, 165, 94, 120, 161, 177, 105, Ice Beam, Air Cutter, AncientPower, Sheer Cold, Sp.Attk/Sp.Def -> trick 157 speed
    651, Dewgong 3, Calm, Salac Berry, 186, 81, 121, 90, 149, 90, Sheer Cold, Horn Drill, Rest, Sleep Talk, HP/Def/Sp.Def -> trick 135 speed
    798, Glalie 4, Modest, Lax Incense, 187, 90, 100, 145, 100, 100, Blizzard, Dark Pulse, Sheer Cold, Hail, HP/Sp.Attk -> trick 150 speed (miss, could use Hail or Blizzard)
    602, Lapras 2, Impish, Quick Claw, 205, 105, 145, 94, 147, 80, Sheer Cold, Perish Song, Sing, Confuse Ray, Def/Sp.Def -> trick 120 speed (QC, could use Sing or Perish Song or Confuse Ray),
    736, Walrein 3, Bold, Lax Incense, 185, 90, 156, 115, 142, 85, Sheer Cold, Fissure, Rest, Sleep Talk, Def/Sp.Def -> trick 127 speed (miss)
    544, Nidoking 2, Careful, BrightPowder, 177, 112, 118, 94, 127, 105, Focus Punch, Dragon Pulse, Horn Drill, Substitute, HP/Def/Sp.Def -> trick 157 speed (miss->sub, i-head does 42-51dmg to 44 HP sub, need rand.89-100)
    689, Rapidash 3, Adamant, BrightPowder, 140, 167, 90, 90, 100, 157, Flare Blitz, Poison Jab, Iron Tail, Horn Drill, Attk/Speed -> charm 157 speed (-2at. fblitz does 24-29dmg to chomp, IT does 28-33)
    804, Rhydon 4, Adamant, Quick Claw, 212, 200, 140, 58, 65, 60, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Megahorn, Horn Drill, HP/Attk -> trick 90 speed (QC, could use megahorn or stone edge)
    741, Rhyperior 3, Impish, Focus Sash, 222, 160, 200, 67, 75, 60, Horn Drill, Avalanche, Payback, Counter, HP/Def -> trick 90 speed
    830, Pinsir 4, Adamant, Scope Lens, 140, 194, 152, 67, 90, 105, X-Scissor, Earthquake, Close Combat, Guillotine, Attk/Def -> trick 157 speed (often uses XS)
    713, Gliscor 3, Jolly, Focus Sash, 182, 115, 145, 58, 95, 161, Guillotine, Earthquake, U-turn, Counter, HP/Speed -> trick 241 speed (always uses counter)
    338, Kingler 2, Jolly, Salac Berry, 130, 182, 135, 63, 70, 139, Crabhammer, Guillotine, Flail, Endure, Attk/Speed -> trick 208 speed / t-wave / charm (hammer 51-60dmg to steel & 81-96dmg to chomp)[/size]

    for reference, my chomp has 169 speed, latias 151 and registeel 60
    long story short, those with less than 169 speed after scarf, using OHKO moves, have to hit like 5/5 times so that chomp won´t set up, it never happened (max 4 from aboma, hits 2-5, snow warning made it like 5), average is 2

    from the above list, I almost lost to lead

    lapras - QC sheer cold hit latias, QC sheer cold miss on chomp was the closest one...also in the previous streak (?) QC+sing hit, etc., perish song turn1 is also tricky...lapras2 is the most frequent OHKOer from my exp., by far

    nidoking - trick miss, first IH didn´t break sub, he missed with drill a lot...there´s a chat-log with mr.j16 somewhere, serious bitch (I mean nido not jump)

    rapidash - tricked this once and got away with it, another point in favor of j calling me lucky, because he lost to kingler 3for3...basically if I charm this, chomp sets up without problems (also making him claim a share on my record because he found out/told me charm was the one and only option, which I should´ve come up with myself)

    kingler - no comment, this one is very bad

    also I absolutely don´t get the 41 IV talk (twice), what´s that supposed to mean?
  6. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    - Thanks... experience enhances observation, or at least makes us more aware of its importance...

    Probably just Jumpman16 saying random stuff as usual.

    Also, looking at all OHKOers together makes me wish all those were removed from the Tower. Then you, Peterko, would easily get over 9000.

    To be honest I'm not expecting a huge streak with my team, since my Uxie lead doesn't have flawless IVs (same one as before), Garchomp has non-flawless defensive IVs, and... that's about it. Also, I can see why Latias is so effective with Charm... but Uxie is doing decently for me.

    By the way, my Registeel is statistically better than Peterko's (IVs: 31/31/31/x/30/31). That's the only Pokemon of mine that's better than something he has. His skill and experience is greater though.
  7. Groombridge


    Dec 19, 2007
    Trufax: this wasn't a good example of play from me. I do normally Fake Out/Rain Dance, but against dual Psychics I'll occasionally use Sucker Punch: if it OHKOs something, I've still prevented a move and I break even at the end of the turn. So I basically second-guessed myself here. Against Meta and something else, I'll Fake Out 'king idiot' (nice) for the Rain, and then Surf all day long.

    I think you're right in that the AI doesn't 'play doubles'. It's actually really helpful in these situations: both Psychics will aim STABs at Croak, even though either one will easily OHKO, like Croak had used Follow Me.

    But daft first turn aside, I still would have won if Meta hadn't Exploded from 100% health. Bastard! This has made me paranoid about Boomers in general (like QC Explosion Claydol) - sometimes I just Helping Hand/Surf right off the bat.

    I remember one of your proof pics as being Singles: [very high number] / Doubles: 0, and I couldn't believe you'd literally never tried it (or lost at battle 1, lol). Have you been rocking up an amazing score in the meantime? The fact you know how the AI acts in doubles suggest you might have...

    On the subject of favourites: Toxicroak is my new favourite poke. It was good for its Rain support job already with Dry Skin and Fake Out, but the Platinum/HGSS additions of Helping Hand and Low Kick make him amazing. He can cover Starmie's Rain Dance with Fake Out, Helping Hand Surfs (which heal him) and provide physical Dark/Fighting coverage and even priority. Such a team player. Low Kick is so much better than Brick Break (and lol Cross Chop), being able to OHKO Chople Tyranitar, Snorlax and Regice, three of the Fighting-weak special walls that can impede the team (Blissey is an easy 2HKO, or one Low Kick and one boosted Surf normally does it).

    And yeah, Starmie is utterly deadly in doubles. It's so sweet using haxploitation against the AI: in the Rain, Thunder never misses and, in DP only, it even hits through Protect 30% of the time. Protect/DT Cloyster/Dusclops/Electrode/even Breloom can't stall out the Rain nearly as effectively if you can potentially hit them regardless of what they do. And then paralyse them!
  8. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    jump never says "random stuff" lol

    also stop you guys, you make it sound like 2000 or 9000 was easy as a walk in the park or that 1337 (or 1372) was an everyday feat, come on ._. it kind of downplays the achievment (I don´t care though)...yeah I was "lucky" in some situations, but still

    I seriously doubt there will be another one of these out-of-this-world records, good luck jumpman or everyone else

    it took me exactly a month to get to 1337 (oct. 4 - nov. 4) and there was only one day when I didn´t play at all, one where I played 7, one or two with 14 battles and a few with 21, everything else was above that (it´s called dedication)

    now take into account that the average time for a set of 7 is 25-30 minutes, of course it varies depending on how many chomp sweeps there are, whether I pay attention to only the game (or am simultaneously watching TV / chatting), then keeping track of the record (writing stuff down, taking pictures 700-1001), etc.

    try to figure out how many more hours, days, months it would take to get to 9000, hell I´m currently only moving on by willpower alone...also it´s not like I´m 100% sure to win each and every match, far from it...there are some difficult encounters each day and if the game decides to pull a deadly combination on me and finish me off (sometimes it fails to do so)...oh well, losing is not an option :)
  9. Diana

    Diana This isn't even my final form
    is a Pokemon Researcheris a Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 10, 2008
    I think it's not downplaying it really, more a sign of how good you are at this. At least that's how I see it...

    Sadly I died at 37 at the factory a couple of tries back, so I'm back at trying again. A Walrein Fissure and two Quick Claw Donphan Stone Edges (one critical hit) did me in.
  10. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnus

    Dec 19, 2004
    what i did is use the dozen or so rare candies i usually had to level up each hatchling and then record the stats of every level in metalkid's IV calculator. this is a very easy way of getting a great picture of your stats without using too many of your resources because you can soft-reset after you're out of rare candies, and you can use Characteristics to get an even better picture

    this guide will help you further: http://www.smogon.com/ingame/guides/breeding_guide_part1

    otherwise please ask those kinds of questions in the simple question simple answer thread, as this is a records thread after all

    +4 EQ always kills solid rock a rhyperior that won't have its sash intact if you get SR up...and it can't both survive +6 registeel's IH then have anything to say to garchomp afterwards. you can probably scratch this one off the list

    and if you know that crazy horse is leading off you can use memento to ensure it doesn't break garchomp's sub with iron tail and as a bonus memento can't miss (im assuming your chomp is jolly [it should be])

    yeah iirc you got a ch with iron head too and nidoking refused to use focus punch...i can't believe you got out of that mess relatively unscathed lol

    i wouldn't call you lucky here if i hadn't also lost to 3-for-3 gliscor last year in pearl at like 170 or something when i was going for the record (i posted about it), so i was surprised to see that you were still tricking this and kingler after my warning

    wheeee (open)
    lol i'm making a reference to alex rodriguez of the yankees who did steroids for like three years even though he was already a fantastic player. the yankees just won the world series with a player they may not have gone after so heavily if he had the more modest numbers he would have if he hadn't done steroids (other teams would've been able to bid on him) and, most disgustingly, the MLB will not discipline him for havign admitted to steroid use. i've been telling a lot of people lately with baseball's postseason being a big talking point that it disgusts me that someone can in essence lie on their résumé and gain hundreds of millions of dollars more than they are entitled to, and there are virtually no repercussions.

    a-rod still makes $33,000,000 a year and his initial contract was $252,000,000, the most in baseball and i think any sport (beckham might make more, im not looking it up if only so i can say "soccer doesn't count, lol). for comparison "my" Pittsburgh Pirates had a $25,000,000 2009 payroll for their entire team, ~40 players, and a single player can lie his way to making almost 30% more than an entire team. what is that? im a red sox fan and have been since 1997 since the pirates blow, but much of that has to do with the fact that they can't shell out the money the yankees can, which i am really not arguing with (that's how baseball works)...but i hate how you can cheat like that and essentially get away with it even after you admit to it.

    ANYWAY this mentality of mine (i touched upon in my Well thread too) is why i'm so adamant against cheating and cheaters in this thread, because it's so hard to detect and regulate...so you can imagine how annoyed i am with the MLB having actually detected it with their highest-paid player and basically saying "we know what you did but we didnt have our policies in place till afterwards so that 2536 streak you're gonna get is gonna be legit" (he has 583 home runs currently and at 32 years of age now is certain to break the 762 record or whatever it is Barry Bonds has [he also used performance enhancing drugs so lol] and the HR records is pretty much identical to our Battle Tower streak records). the hall of fame may asterisk barry bonds's HR record and the rest of his stats and no one is talking about him at ALL since he was forced into retirement two years ago, and the same may/should happen to arod

    i played a little doubles in pearl last year and plat in like may or something, nothing serious and i'm not going to post the team until i get a good record which may take a while because i still don't really care about doubles!

    yeah, when i was typing the post you quoted, i almost called him awesomecroak, but deleted it because it broke not one but TWO of my streaks in pearl with ridiculous consecutive CHes on latios, one at ~135 and again at ~173 or something. it ALSO got me in the hall at least once with kingdra at like 116, the one i remember was to: outrage, liechi boost/poison jab, CH, Poisoned kingdra...then using bullet punch on turn two for the kill. this was ridiculous because my kingdra doesn't die to +1 CH Poison Jab and one turn of poison from ~Lv83 Toxicroak but in addition to that, the Hall toxicroak is brave, Atk/Def, and needs to be lower than Lv85 for me to even activate liechi berry, meaning it is literally impossible for it to win otherwise (i do between 50-75% with outrage meaning i win in either one turn or two). hope you followed all that...the second time the same thing happened but i didnt die. i cant remember but yeah it's going to be hard for me to like it...that said my doubles team uses metagross and meteor mash so me even saying that about croak is silly since the exact same thing (awesomeness in doubles) would have me like toxicroak too despites singles faggotry against me so there you go.

    yeah, and hippo/tyra/aboma leads all hate your leads with surf on starmie and fake out/low kick on croak so weather changers are usually not going to be an issue

    i should copy your team if only because ~*starmie*~...

    the only ones who can downplay your achievement are garo and myself since we've actually taken trick team to ridiculous heights. what we definitely agree on is that my walls of words on trick teams do not guarantee anyone any kind of streak, so there's obviously quite a bit of a learning curve needed to use them effectively. that said, i can still say that 1337 or 1500 or 2000 isn't as godly as everyone else is inclined to think, and the reason i (and no one else but "garo") can say that is because of my own experiences. you may think that is unfair or whatever but just two years ago Carl was saying how ridiculous TRE's record of 177 was. the ceiling's been broken in that regard, and i truly feel that only luck can dictate where the new ceiling is for a good player when you've figured out how to use a trick team.

    lol hold on...is this because you think you are that much better than everyone else, or know that you are that much luckier? i can't speak for anyone else and you're entitled to think your team is better than mine, but do you honestly think that this difference is going to account for ~1,000 wins by itself? or, if our teams are "equally good", do you honestly think that you are 1,000 wins more skilled than i am? or do you seriously think that your "dedication" is 1,000 wins greater than mine, especially after learning i still have earned more battle points in Platinum than anyone has in DP and Plat combined?

    it's clearly some combination of the three, so please try to keep some perspective on your accomplishment (you have no idea where i am right now, and i will continue to keep you in the dark so stop asking lol). i think it's safe to say that, of luck, skill, and dedication, the reason i wouldn't approach 1,500 would *probably* have more to do with luck than the other two.
  11. Shelcario


    Nov 25, 2007

    You should use that current new staryu that you just got and try and find a different iv'ed ditto with the same nature, what I like to do is catch a bunch of dittos and then check their IVs for any decent ones and then replace your current ditto parent to breed for something better.
  12. Phiddlesticks


    Jan 29, 2005
    Ok so I keep having hilarious battles against Thorton so I'm gonna post another mini warstory here :)

    Battles 15-21 start and I'm given these 6 Pokemon to choose from knowing that my opponent leads with an X-Scissor Vespiquen:

    690 Muk Brave Zoom Lens Gunk Shot Payback Shadow Sneak Curse HP/Atk
    681 Cradily Calm Big Root Giga Drain Sludge Bomb Recover Ingrain HP/Def/SpD
    680 Nidoking Modest Expert Belt Earth Power Sludge Bomb Ice Beam Shadow Ball SpA/Spe (with Poison Point)
    749 Electivire Modest Wise Glasses Thunderbolt Psychic Focus Blast Signal Beam SpA/Spe
    774 Quagsire Adamant Muscle Band Earthquake Waterfall Stone Edge Ice Punch HP/Atk
    843 Machamp Adamant Quick Claw Cross Chop Earthquake ThunderPunch Fire Punch HP/Atk

    I decided to take Nidoking/Quagsire/Machamp, end up fighting a lot of pretty shitty Pokemon and therefore still have the same team at battle 20 where I fight:

    754 Tyranitar Adamant White Herb Superpower Dragon Claw Shadow Claw Aqua Tail Atk/Def
    728 Umbreon Impish Lax Incense Faint Attack Swagger Psych Up Screech HP/Def
    698 Houndoom Modest Passho Berry Flamethrower Shadow Ball Sludge Bomb Will-O-Wisp SpA/Spe

    ... and 3-0 the team with ease. Then I am congratulated and told that Factory Head Thorton wants to battle with me and that he leads with a Brave Bird Staraptor. After frantically searching up the Staraptor sets, I realize that only 2 of the sets have Brave Bird:

    653 Staraptor Adamant Muscle Band Brave Bird Return Steel Wing Pursuit Atk/Spe
    789 Staraptor Adamant Choice Band Brave Bird Giga Impact Close Combat U-turn Atk/Spe

    I'm almost positive I can't be fighting the Muscle Band Staraptor because I already have a Muscle Band on my team (Quagsire) unless the rules are different against Thorton only because it isn't possible to trade after fighting him. So I'm about to fight a Choice Band Staraptor with Brave Bird, and 1) I don't have anything that outspeeds it or anything I can trade for that outspeeds it (Houndoom would outspeed if it were anything other than the set I fought), and 2) I don't have anything that resists Brave Bird, and I can only get a Flying resist by trading one of my quality Pokemon for the shittiest Tyranitar set in the factory. Read: I'm fucked.

    I decide to trade Machamp for Tyranitar anyways only because desperate times call for desperate measures, and I won't be battling anyone else with this team anyways. So the battle starts and I immediately switch to Tyranitar who takes a CB Brave Bird for around 40%. I select Superpower to hopefully kill it, but unfortunately Staraptor gets a timely critical hit and KOs Tyranitar :(

    So I send in Quagsire as my second last hope, and Staraptor Brave Birds it for like 99% leaving Quagsire at 8 HP while it kills the bird with Ice Punch. Thorton sends in Registeel who outspeeds and Iron Heads Quagsire for the KO :(

    I send in Nidoking while looking up the Registeel sets and notice that only 1 of them has Iron Head:

    945 Registeel Adamant Shell Bell Iron Head Hammer Arm Earthquake Curse HP/Def/SpD

    Then I sigh and select Earth Power, which does 60%ish, while Registeel uses...

    Iron Defense ?_?

    I then recheck the Registeel sets, confused out of my mind, and notice that I somehow missed the second Registeel set:

    917 Registeel Adamant Leftovers Iron Head Toxic Double Team Iron Defense HP/Def/SpD

    I smile and Earth Power again for the KO, while Thorton sends in Heatran, who is also promptly OHKO'd by Earth Power (it wasn't the Focus Sash Heatran)

    tl;dr everyone use Nidoking3 in the factory
  13. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    1. I don´t think I´m "that" much better than everyone else, I don´t even think I´m better than everyone else, that´s not my mentality/personality, if there´s one thing I would say I lack, is probably self-confidence...I´m not a IMABEST guy although I could be in some cases

    2. I don´t think I´m that much luckier than everyone else, that´s what you say, I experienced my fair share of bad luck in all this years of poké-life, but I acknowledge I was lucky in some cases in this streak, but that doesn´t make me the luckiest guy on the planet like you try to make me believe

    3. I´m not saying my team is better than yours or of anyone else and you know it, because I already told you more than once...basically I don´t care that much about other teams, I have enough work with mine

    seriously, I wish you to get a streak of 1.5K or more and I mean it, you deserve it

    4. I never said I was more skilled than you or other people...the same goes for dedication which you misinterpreted once again (I used it to show how hard is to get 1337 in a month and how much effort and time it takes, there are not many people who can pull that off, that´s a matter of fact) and also about holding on on willpower alone means I find it hard to continue after such a month...from my perspective, it´s very difficult to achieve a streak of 1000 or even 500

    5. I never told there was a 1000 battles difference between you and me or everyone else, that´s what you said (again, I´m not the kind of person to say that). But OK, these are the (currently) known facts:
    a) I´m at 1414 right now
    b) the second highest platinum BT single streak posted on smogon is 696 by Peterko
    c) the third highest platinum BT single streak posted on smogon is 413 (IIRC) by garo

    it depends on you how you interpret these subjectively, you said I was annoying but your behaviour is also...just post your highest streak you lost and just hide your ongoing one...I know you won´t because you told me that...so now you can call me annoying for asking for you streak once again...damn, I didn´t want to ask, but I did, shoot me lol I suck

    your post and particulary your questions show that it´s hard for you to at least accept someone who gets near your level, that´s my interpretation, so don´t get offended by this as there´s no point and I know you couldn´t care less about what I say

    6. I´m repeating myself, but did you take the "dedication" statement as a personal offense towards you or what? arguing about dedication in our cases is a bit ridiculous, we´re crazy (also see point 4)

    7. I stated that because I was talking about/from my own experience, hell I doubt I can pull off another one of those streaks after this one, physically or mentally...you need to dedicate many many hours of your life, use the best or almost the best team out that that is as foolproof as a team can face even bad hax (worse than standard) and live to talk about and of course have "luck" in some situations...and´the worst thing is that it´s not even that sure you´ll achieve a high streak and have to start all over again from 0

    everything together makes it very hard to get such a streak, that´s all...I didn´t show off or anything else

    my post was a reaction to other people´s reactions that they want to see 2000 and 9999 to check whether 10K is possible, etc. and I just stated it´s not an everyday feat to achieve 1.4K, if you think it is, good for you and I wish you good luck in breaking those awesome numbers, I´d be glad if someone achieved them and beat the crap out of the tower that way

    I´m keeping a perspective on my accomplishment and if you´re at 1407 right now, good for you, keep the ball rolling jumpy :)

    oh, to say at least something on-topic:

    I´m very happy right now as I survived an encounter with PI River´s lead kingler at #1410 (it´s been hundreds of battles kingler-less) and I thunder waved, latias got promptly one hitted by guillotine but I somehow managed to set up registeel through mc hammer I mean crabhammers and guillotines, ugh...I wanna apply som king of pop lyrics right now, so:

    "Who´s bad???"

    this dude is ---------> kingler
  14. EeveeTrainer


    Jan 11, 2005
    Wow, Peterko, your streak is amazing, lol. This really demonstrates how far we've come as a community -- it was just a year ago that Jump was using his CLS team when he broke the legendary 330 streak (remember his post on election night?).

    Come to think of it, back then -- as an alternative to CLS -- he came up with Latias/Garchomp/Scizor (or another steel type that resists Ice, Bug, and Dark like Lucario, Registeel, or "Gyro Ball Steelix lol") for basically perfect coverage in the Diamond/Pearl BT. ( http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1566672 ) I'm glad we were finally able to see that team concept work -- who knew how strong it would be once Platinum came out?

    I also think garo deserves a large chunk of credit for his Registeel team, which basically solidified Registeel's role in Jump's original Latias/Garchomp concept. I'm glad Peterko finally put this run together using these ideas, or else Jump and garo's models could have gone to waste.

    I think we've finally cracked the BT. Between Jump's original innovation of the "Trick/Switcheroo" theme back with Lopunny nearly two years ago and the relentless fine-tuning on the part of the community, we can say 'fuck you, AI'! :D
  15. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    i still dont know why you're afraid of kingler, it can't break your sub with crabhammer after you curse. good to see you finally TWing though


    1) sorry, but your "1000" post is one of the most obnoxious things i have ever seen on smogon and it reeks of "IMABEST" mainly because of your "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAAHAHAAH" and "because i can" and "yep, another one" repeated pictures, and no, i'm not the only one who feels this way

    2) i've only told you you're luckier than i am, which for the most part is true (today was the first day you ever TWed kingler even after i told you i've lost substantial streaks to getting "3-for-3ed"

    3) besides the fact that that literally isn't true since you've told me over aim more than once, this is the only objective difference between you and me if you don't think you're better than me or luckier than me or that you're more dedicated than me

    4) "dedication" has to be separated from both the luck and skill that comes with using a trick team successfully, especially when you don't lose. it isn't that hard to play 1337 battles in a month...hell i have earned about 10 times the BP that you get from playing 1337 battles, and platinum has been out for less than 10 months, so even with my business school applications it is hard for you to make a "dedication" argument because objective numbers dictate that you aren't necessarily the most dedicated person in this thread when it comes to the battle frontier.

    but more importantly, it is the easiest thing in the world to be dedicated when you don't lose (for whatever reason, again this isn't about luck or skill). but if you're going to keep bringing up dedication, i wonder how dedicated you would be if you got 3-for-3ed at 382 and then BPed by SD scizor twice at 289, or lost that nidoking battle or the gyarados battle. why do you think garo hasn't come back after his DS froze at 413, especially considering he apparently never lost once with his team?

    5) why would it be hard for me to accept that someone else is owning with a trick team? lol, i would be the last person to be affected by this, because the objective measures that tell us the best three streaks posted in this thread are the very same ones that tell us who posted the original strategy, and pokemon, and that your team isn't nearly as much a deviation from glenscarfing as you would have everyone believe. i can 100% accept your current streak if only because not only did i introduce this strategy to our community but i also have more experience with it than anyone else so i know more than anyone else besides you that, with a trick team, streak success doesn't really have the same bounds we once thought ("177 is ridiculous")

    6) i know, which is why i wonder why you bring it up. "dedication" doesn't apply to die-hard BFFs~ (battle frontier fanatics)

    7) i know, welcome to 2008 and "lol 321" where i tried this with lopunny before anyone even knew for sure that switcheroo/trick lead strategy was better than TRE's team/strategy

    basically the way i see it is that neither of us feel that credit is being given where credit is due, and that's why we keep having these cute little back-and-forths! if you put yourself in my shoes i'm sure you would understand, it doesn't really go both ways until i post my streak because at the end of the day 1001 is 1001, it's just a little off-putting to see you act like you came up with everything yourself and then get defensive when i ask you to clarify why you use recover instead of flash as though it matters at all as far as the "end of the day number" is concerned
  16. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    - You misinterpreted what I was saying - I meant an unboosted Garchomp, since it's possible Rhyperior could beat Registeel and then Garchomp has to fight it with no setup. And about Registeel, I wasn't referring to both Registeel and Garchomp's attacks together, but on their own they can't beat Rhyperior. I guess I just didn't phrase it clearly enough.

    Actually, I once missed with Memento against something (in the old 196 streak), and after that I checked... Memento has 100% accuracy, not flawless like Aerial Ace and stuff... that is a good idea about Iron Tail though. Indeed, my dragon is Jolly.
  17. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
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    Sep 20, 2005
    I still don´t know why you´re underestimating kingler :(

    here battle #1412 (not 1410 as I previously mentioned)

    vs PI river
    latias vs kingler
    1. t-wave, guillotine, latias fainted
    registeel vs kingler
    2. sub, crabhammer, sub broke, 152/187
    3. sub, crabhammer, sub broke, 117/187
    4. curse, para, 128/187
    5. sub, crabhammer, sub broke, CH, 93/187
    6. curse, guillotine miss, 104/187
    7. guillotine miss, sub, 69/187
    8. para, curse, 80/187
    9. guillotine miss, curse, 91/187
    10. guillotine hit, sub broke, curse, 102/187
    11. crabhammer, sub, 51/187
    12. crabhammer, curse, 62/187
    13. crabhammer, amnesia, 73/187
    14. crabhammer, amnesia, 84/187
    15. crabhammer, sub broke, sub, 49/187
    16. crabhammer, amnesia, 60/187
    17. crabhammer, iron head 65%, 71/187
    18. flail, iron head, kingler fainted, 82/187
    registeel vs wailord
    19. hydro pump, sub broke, iron head, 65%, 93/187
    20. hydro pump miss, sub, 58/187
    21. fissure miss, iron head, wailord fainted, 69/187
    registeel vs drifblim
    22. shadow ball, iron head, drifblim fainted

    as anyone, who knows what´s going on here, can see, I could´ve lost this one pretty easily as soon as turn 6 (mistake on my part), but I could´ve won it also with relative ease (if guillotine didn´t hit turn 1 I would switch, try to set up steel or die trying, trick kingler afterwards and set up chomp)

    "hax ratio overview":
    - guillotine hit 2 out of 5 (again, this is the tower average for me), the fact that it hit the first one was bad though
    - crabhammer hit 10 out of 10 but CHed "only" once, I was calling a CH on turn 11, but thankfully, I was wrong
    - kingler was paralyzed and couldn´t move twice in 18 turns, this one´s a bit ridiculous

    all in all, it was an intense battle

    faced the infamous uturn yanmega during the 14 battles today (so far) and it night slashed latias (!) before u-turning, what a cheater...it was a bird keeper and I t-waved (I t-wave every yanmega if I don´t know the set), no speed boost meant tinted lens and then switched to steel, u-turned to altaria (could´ve been worse), after that I just switched back to latias, eating a CH thrower and tricked the DM, set up steel, etc.

    also faced a psychic with ice punch meta who froze registeel on the first try and got 4 CHs with ice punch and one with struggle, steel thawed out after around 6 turns and still managed to win the battle

    EIDT: cut out my answer to jump´s answer, there´s no point in arguing
    EDIT2: bah you´re already awake and responding...too late :(
  18. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    well yes it's possible for sashperior to come in as the second poke and survive the iron head, but it definitely has to hit with horn drill after that to threaten registeel. and frankly i don't know why you wouldn't spam substitute until it is out of horn drill pp, since this is the only reason it poses a threat to registeel in the first place

    according to smogon, memento has flawless accuracy. serebii lists it at 100%, but we have tested every move in DP exhaustively. are you sure about this?

    anyway peterko i dont mean to get into an endless argument with you and will honor that you edited your post (even though i can see the original) and won't respond to most of it but you pretend both in this thread and on aim like you didn't personally come to me first and ask me who the best tricker was when you were still considering persian etc. i wouldn't care if not for the nature of this thread (records), but you seem intent on rubbing your singular prowess in everyone's face so im posting this if only to remind you, this is the first time you IMed me:

    242583878 (12:33:52 PM): hi mr.frontier king...question: what do real men use as their trickster? mismagius or gallade? or maybe mr.mime, espeon, claydol?
    242583878 (12:34:14 PM): second question: how do you manage arcanine flare blitz with your latios?
    242583878 (12:36:34 PM): missy looks to be safe against all QC/BP/LI stuff (of course not the OHKO users walrein, glalie & lapras), other than that, only QC crawdaunt crunch has a shot at 1hko...156-186 dmg / 167 HP
    242583878 (12:37:20 PM): gallade as far as I can tell dies to brightpowder technician AA from scyther "only" if I miss trick...
    242583878 (12:38:09 PM): claydol lives through phsycial hits, dunno special (should also), but moveset kinda sucks for tricking
    242583878 (12:40:22 PM): mr.mime has a shot at dying vs QC rhydon megahorn 130-154 dmg / 147 HP thanks to filter it should be fine against other stuff...espeon dies to the same thing
    242583878 (12:41:50 PM): oh yeah, this is for plat. tower
    JumpXVI (12:42:02 PM): hi
    242583878 signed on at 12:42:11 PM
    242583878 (12:42:17 PM): hi
    242583878 (12:42:32 PM): how´s it going?
    JumpXVI (12:42:48 PM): not bad
    242583878 (12:43:06 PM): cresselia, latias and uxie have already been used and I´d like to try something else

    you'd "like to" but you didn't because you realized it's not really viable

    JumpXVI (12:44:46 PM): it depends on what you want to use
    242583878 (12:44:55 PM): it´s a weird set
    JumpXVI (12:44:56 PM): my starmie trick team
    JumpXVI (12:45:03 PM): was going to be starmie/garchomp/scizor
    JumpXVI (12:45:11 PM): then i realized i hate "earthquake"
    JumpXVI (12:45:30 PM): but starmie never dies to rhyperior mh
    242583878 (12:45:33 PM): registeel with iron defense, amnesia, substitute and seismic toss

    JumpXVI (12:45:34 PM): even though one has cb
    JumpXVI (12:45:49 PM): toss? why neuter yourself against ghosts
    JumpXVI (12:45:55 PM): i mean you can beat most
    JumpXVI (12:45:57 PM): but still
    242583878 (12:46:03 PM): because
    JumpXVI (12:46:05 PM): you're nt beating perish missy
    242583878 (12:46:25 PM): well, haven´t looked at all the ghosts but
    242583878 (12:46:46 PM): if I went curse, sub, rest, attack then which attack?
    242583878 (12:47:02 PM): iron head sucks
    JumpXVI (12:47:13 PM): no it doesnt

    JumpXVI (12:47:24 PM): garo used it to get over 400 in plat
    JumpXVI (12:47:29 PM): and 272 in dp

    i never used iron head either but was willing to give garo credit where it was due, and for whatever reason you ended up using the exact same pokemon. those are just the facts

    242583878 (12:51:06 PM): well what else can you use with a latias...scizor is used by everyone and their mother (no offense), because it´s that good
    JumpXVI (12:51:13 PM): i know
    242583878 (12:51:28 PM): but if I want a trick team and use latias+scizor it´s just a copy...
    JumpXVI (12:51:32 PM): there arent that many pokes that can set up and hit everything

    i dont know how you can think latias+scizor is a copy when instead you're using latias+garchomp, it's literally the same thing

    and i mean a few months ago before you knew how glenscarfing worked you posted this:

    like, seriously? not only are you not willing to give garo credit but you call him lucky when you lose less than 30 battles into a streak and clearly had no idea how trick teams worked, but then you get defensive when i call you lucky in the battles where i know through my own experience with trick teams that you actually were lucky? that's pretty hypocritical

    anyway these are the reasons some of your posts in here are rubbing me the wrong way, i'm sure you can see why now
  19. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
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    Sep 20, 2005
    lol you keep it going, are you serious? one misinterpretation after another...you actually made your own argument/feelings invalid by posting that log ._.

    that log proves that I already made a trick-lead analysis back then before I talked to you the first time...I didn´t come to you asking which one it was oh my freaking god no

    it also proves that I don´t like to copy other people´s whole teams/movesets/EVspreads and I never did

    242583878 (12:33:52 PM): hi mr.frontier king...question: what do real men use as their trickster? mismagius or gallade? or maybe mr.mime, espeon, claydol?

    see the first sentence? all of them were viable trick-leads according to my list (could almost always pull at least a trick) and HELL I DARED TO ASK YOU WHICH ONE OF THEM IS THE COOLEST OMG SHOOT ME...haha

    have you read what I wrote afterwards? clear indications of a trick analysis...thus why I wanted to check what you think as I had my word document with the list of trickers and their stats that I compared open...is it wrong to have a trick-conversation with the person who is most experienced with it? sue me. I predict what you formulate as an argument while reading this and that is - why do you "act" like you did everything yourself when you OBVIOUSLY just copied me, me and garo (in that order)? the answer is I don´t and I didn´t, it´s just your impression

    I said I wanted to try a different trick lead that hasn´t been used and I did use persian and maybe would have gotten a decent streak with it if I wasn´t stupid enough to hypnosis blissey (although I knew it wouldn´t work in the long run because of QC machamp), then considered gallade or missy but would have to breed them, so I tried to figure out something else first and tested latias, because I had a good latias and it didn´t work that well as the set-up poké for me and also there was no tricklatias-registeel duo present which made it different enough for me to use (also I built my trick team differently, starting from registeel, then latias, then garchomp...scizor is tabu)

    also prove me wrong, but was there a latias-registeel-garchomp team (with the movesets and EV spreads I used) posted before mine?

    I was the one who put the team together, I was the one who excessively tested the team, I was the one who learned how to play the team efficiently, I was the lucky one to get that good streak

    of course I was given help and I didn´t create the team from scratch...you don´t have a problem with the record itself, you obviously have a problem with me stating that I feel the team is mine, which you see as an absolute statement, but it´s not (absolute)

    that´s your problem, not mine, but stop using this as an excuse for the negativity

    this can´t be resolved and is pointless...I feel that there´s more in the team/record whatever that I´ve added to it than others, we can´t argue about how we feel

    if you have a problem with how I act, go on pointing out stuff, if it helps you feel better lol

    as for the garo part
    1. I was stupid to call him the luckiest back then, because I didn´t believe garo after the exp. I had at that point with registeel (it´s still true that steel is not the sweeper type and has trouble pulling it off), it´s as simple as that...I have no problem accepting that I was wrong, if you didn´t notice, my streak is solid proof I was wrong lol

    2. another thing that proves I tried not to copy is s-toss+iron def registeel, but later I acknowledged that garo´s set was the superior one AND YOU KNOW THAT...I could find that log but that´s just plain stupid

    there are only that many options and when I wanted to try a trick-team a lot of options were already "taken", I did the best I could to build a distinguish-able trick-team and I did, because it´s different from CLS (3different pokémon) and garo´s team (2 different pokémon)

    oh but wow, copy-pasting sentences cut out of the context from a long conversation where stuff was clarified...I mean this is not the level of argumentation I´d expect from you, that´s like a propaganda or something

    this is getting ridiculous and I have no clue what your motivation is, all that´s left to say is good luck in your streak.

    EDIT: good thing to know that the 1001 streak post seems to imply me showing off more than me being simply glad and celebrating a nice streak...also the picture overload was to give proof that it really was true and not just a dream...
  20. coolice23


    Nov 7, 2009
    Hey everybody, i am new to this forum and i joined because i am so inspired by Peterko and all the other great battle tower players:) you guys have inspired me so much to create my own battle tower team. here are some pokemon that i have to ev train and i was wondering if someone can give me advice on how to use them.

    UT Level 50 modest heatran-HPfighting power 61
    UT level 1 jolly riolu
    Fully ev'd Naive Azelf
    I havn't caughten like any legendary's from my sapphire version or my platinum so i can get ahold of these pokemon
    Regice,Registeel,Regirock,Latias and cresselia!

    i would love some advice from someone, thanks everybody and Peterko i really hope you reach 2k, you deserve every win you've gotten!
  21. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    hi and welcome to smogon! you are going to have to give us a little more than that if you want some help though...what kind of team do you want to use? are you just going for the gold symbol, the 100-win trophy, or do you aspire for more? we can't build your team for you but we can and will help you once you've made what you think is a good team.

    peterko, again, i wouldn't care if not for the nature of this thread (records). it just rubs me the wrong way for you to post "MWAHAHAHAHA" when i very much helped you with your streak and i didn't have to (nor did you have to ask me for advice, both on aim and itt). it is an interesting dynamic in that the "competition" in this thread is kind of not really competition at all when we also encourage full teams and detailed strategy posting, and in a way chasing numbers that were achieved with a team that's not only very similar to mine but that i helped you build isn't really "competitive". if there were a way to verify streaks without divulging that kind of info that'd be cool but there isnt and i dont even want it that way, this thread and the strategy posts are supposed to be fun...but when "MWAHAHAHAAHHAHA" is posted it is kind of annoying

    and the number itself doesn't give credit to garo or me or anyone, at the very least you could have "apologized" to him for calling his then-record a product of "the luckiest man alive". you wouldn't like it if someone did that to you

    and since you asked:


    this guy gave credit to both me and garo us for his 182 streak with rotom/registeel/latias team which no one had used


    credit given to me for the inspiration for his rotom/garchomp/scizor team


    gives credit immediately for the team i posted

    the first two didn't even copy anyone's entire team (most people don't) but still were humble/thankful enough to give some kind of acknowledgment or praise. and tons of other people credit to people like beach boy and fast hippo and tre for their teams and their strategies and their help, and i bet none of those people also solicited their advice in private either. everybody at the top has acknowledged the inspiration of the teams linked in the records. literally everyone in the top 15 who used other people strategies and/or teams acknowledged and thanked the person from whom he or she borrowed in some way. you are the only one who did not. why are you above such acknowledgment?
  22. coolice23


    Nov 7, 2009
    i was thinkin this....

    choice scarf
    Thunder wave
    Captivate/Lunar Dance

    Life Orb
    Swords Dance
    Close Combat
    Ice Punch/Rock Slide/Earthquake

    i need help with all of them! that is all im thinking so far, thanks guys:)
  23. kingbattlus


    Aug 24, 2006
    coolice i recommend something that can take on metagross, as it's a real pain in the ass for trick teams. try a few different things and see how you fare, tweaking things from there.

    me? i'm climbing back up to 49... slowly but surely... so i can give my team another go. i started a streak this morning from 0 and of course i hadn't switched any moves from my last streak that i mentioned i have nothing to hit the wonderguard bitch bug... and it showed up. i ran instead of stalling since it was battle 5... and swapped out for Fire Fang on Chomp. it showed up in the first battle and i promptly FFed the shit out of it. but i think this proves that the AI will try and adapt to whatever you throw at it and make it tough as quickly as possible.

    i'm somehwere around 28-35 i think, so before work i'll be at 49 ready to keep chugging along with my secret shitty team that only works a little bit
  24. ungulateman


    Apr 11, 2009
    My preferred Lucario set for the BT, coolice, is a special set up one. I don't know who gave me this set but credit to them anyway. :3

    Lucario@Expert Belt / Wise Glasses
    Timid / Modest
    252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 Spe
    -Calm Mind
    -Iron Defence
    -Aura Sphere
    -Shadow Ball

    Have fun, and welcome to Smogon!
  25. AbSoL!


    Nov 7, 2009
    Hi i am new here so i wanted to get some help for a team i thought of for the WI-FI BT

    Absol-Scope lens
    Jolly Superluck
    Swords dance
    Night slash
    Phsycho cut

    Kangaskhan-Choice band
    Jolly Early bird
    Giga impact
    Ice punch
    Fire punch

    Im not sure what to play as a lest pokemon.
    Any advice would be appreciated:)

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