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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Ferrouswheel


    Jun 15, 2009
    That's sad to hear, I wish that there was something with both sturdy and battle armor, and a decent set up sweeper. :toast:
  2. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    I read them but my memory sucks

    my approach on gliscor had to do with my exp. facing it and it never did anything else beside counter (you can´t judge and call me luckier - am not offended - by your exp. with cresselia and different EV spread latias, I´m sure they make a big difference in particular cases - move choices)...seriously, that gliscor set stayed in my memory as "counter", nothing else

    also to tell you the truth, I can only trick with my moveset, or charm lol? charm´s probably better, now that that shit happened to me (but lol I think this was my last tower streak)...I´m pretty sure that I would´ve considered maybe a moveset change if my exp. was different, I did fix my outrage problem, etc.

    4/4 in a row is still bad, really really bad...the worst thing about it was the fact that it used guillotine for the first time and got those hits, damn

    I still consider kingler to be "superior" to gliscor, meaning worse for my team, if only from my exp. that I faced those two, I wouldn´t have bet any money on it ending my streak, to be honest

    yes I´m t-waving zapdos and yanmega...I think ape u-turned me just once or twice

    first turn explosion happened twice for me, during the 696 streak from lax incense (?) claydol 4, which does always rock slide and during this streak from lax incense (?) lickilicky 4, which body slams

    the tower was actually fun and I enjoyed it, it felt good after 2002 even though noone was close to me streak-wise

    "bored" was the wrong word to use, better would´ve been "worth the time", seriously when you play 2 hours to get to 28 in the factory and then get a fucked up choice and simply can´t do shit to win, that´s time thrown out of the window, if not stomped on

    on the other hand, if I play the tower and lose to something, I get the exp. to maybe change the approach next time, learn from my mistake and at least get the chance to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

    ...the factory I have absolutely no or close to zero control over, on the other hand my tower streak is one of the achievements I value and will value the most in my life (lol pokémon), it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, these 2.5 months

    currently I don´t know if I find the motivation to play the frontier, at all...I mean there was something to play the tower for

    hall - would´ve been nice, if the myth was true...maybe, just maybe I´ll give vile a shot or two
    castle - new team, learn how to play, etc. feels bothersome right now for me
    arcade - probability of being random fucked is high, nah
    factory - probability of the above much worse, the least control over my destiny

    "gold symbols" or whatever they are, I don´t care about, like I did in emerald

    as of now, I´m considering a poké-break like I always make them :)
  3. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    ah that sucks :( but at least it was at 90 and not 290 ;)

    probably the new trick lead he mentioned the other day. it seems it will be a secret until he has a good streak. i cant wait to find out..........

    well done man. we were in a constant state of celebration while it was happening, but now that the final number has been determined, we can think about how great the achievement was.

    the odds of that happening were about 1/123, or maybe 1/370 if you consider u-turn, counter, guillotine as being equally likely move choices.

    also, i mentioned the other day that i had found "tricky" moves like counter, stone edge, avalanche (but not all such moves) are chosen randomly, even when there is a more logical move. so if you really had only seen counter on that gliscor, then it would have occurred with a (1/3)^n where n = the number of times you faced it. if n>4 then you were luckier than the AI was to hit you 4 times with guillotine ;)

    seriously though, it's a great achievement, and i won't blame you if you don't do it again (would you be tempted if jumpman passed your score? lol)

    cool - another castle player :)

    that's an interesting theory i guess, but i still maintain that certain moves are chosen at random. i mean how is this for example. focus sash electrode used mirror coat against my registeel. the electrode had come out second, and had seen all four of my moves already.

    this is part of the reason i decided to go with salamence. it outspeeds it (just like garchomp) so sub is a check against guillotine - also DD means i'll be faster even if he endures and gets the salac boost. but it also resists water so does better against crab hammer. main problem is potential for hyper cutter so that charm and intimidate dont work on it. this means crab hammer will probably break the sub (psypokes DC not working at the moment). probably thunderwave is the best opening move so steel can at least use sub until it runs out of guillotine PP.

    that said, i still havent faced kingler yet. i've faced 6 PI's so far in my streak of 184. that's not a huge number, but it is certainly my best so far, so im happy with that. i'm really hoping to beat 200 because obviously ive never done that either.
  4. Yehom


    Jul 28, 2009
    Can the Battle Frontier get any gayer then this? It is unbelievable how the Battle Frontier always manages to fuck you up:S 4 OHKO moves hitting in a row? This has to be the most haxiest moment on Smogon ever. If I could, I would give you an award for this hax moment
  5. Glen

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 7, 2006
    damn peterko, shitty loss. but grats on an amazing streak!

    as for the factory, guys, seriously, it's really not as luck-based as people seem to think it is. i've spent 150 hours in there and i'm not that terrible at pokemon, yet honestly, a lot of my losses were completely preventable had i played them right. you have much more control over the factory than it seems! getting used to how different mons work with each other is pretty tricky since most of them are ones you'd never actively put on a team, and the factory is actually much more intellectually stimulating than people think it is.

    this applies even more if you swap like crazy!

    not sure if this has been discussed before but i'll elaborate. for 1-7, you only have set 1 mons. for 8-14, set 1 or 2. 15-21, 1 2 or 3. 22-28, any set. 29+ you start getting legendaries.

    i've yet to test any swaps less than 6 per wave, but if you swap every possible time during the first wave you will get at least one pokemon, often two, with set 3 despite only being in wave 2. this is pretty excellent since set 2 isn't very good generally, and you can get some excellent stuff like dd kingdra to make clearing much easier. if you keep swapping every time throughout that wave, you'll open with one or two set 4 pokemon during wave 3. let me tell you, thorton becomes much, much less threatening when you've got an outrage mence/garchomp.

    furthermore if you swap every time during wave 3, you have a good chance of getting a legendary for wave 4! ever since i started swapping every time i think i get legendaries maybe half the time during wave 4, yet i've never once got one without making an effort to swap all the time.

    so anyway, obviously shit like OHKOers will ruin you occasionally (but that happens in the tower too, lol no offense!) but don't dismiss the whole thing as a big haxfest. it requires quite a bit of thought if you get really into it, and i'm still having a blast with it, as i said, 150 hours since i picked it up. i'm still learning new strategies, combos, and useful mons.
  6. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    its actually far from a really unlucky thing to happen. ok if you play one battle and that happens, then you can be annoyed, but odds of 123 are not so unbelieveable in the context of a 2300+ streak. i am sure peterko would have seen worse things happen during his streak. for example, every time you see two crits in a row the odds are 1/256 (assuming no crit inducing item/move).

    i had a weird situation where 4/5 fissures hit my registeel. it actually happened like this:

    1. trick their lead, registeel sets up and KO's after getting critted last turn.
    2. out comes donphan against naked registeel.
    3. fissure misses, sub.
    4. fissure hits, sub. repeat, with a few random EQ's happening in between, some breaking sub, some not, while i spammed sub hoping i had enough PP to outstall fissure.
    yes, the problem is that you will be faced with lots of haxy situations, but you are unable to devise a team that can weather the storm. it certainly is a test of different kinds of battling abilities/intelligence, but the fact that luck plays a waaaaaaaay bigger role than normal kinda sucks.

    i have a question for you about the switches. when you do lots of switches in wave 1,and are able to get set 3 pokes in the next wave, does the AI use set 3 pokes also? or do you truly end up with an advantage?
  7. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
    is a Pokemon Researcher

    May 3, 2005
    Battle Factory Open level swapping

    In Round 1, you get 6 Set 1 Pokemon and they all have IV0.

    In Round 2, if you swapped 7 times, you get 5 Set 2 Pokemon with IV 4 and 1 Set 3 Pokemon with IV8
    In Round 2, if you swapped 6 or fewer times, you get 6 Set 2 Pokemon with IV 4

    In Round 3, if you swapped 14 times, you get 4 Set 3 Pokemon with IV 8 and 2 Set 4 Pokemon with IV12
    In Round 3, if you swapped between 7 and 13 times, you get 5 Set 3 Pokemon with IV 8 and 1 Set 4 Pokemon with IV12
    In Round 3, if you swapped 6 or fewer times, you get 6 Set 3 Pokemon with IV 8

    In Round 4, if you swapped 21 times, you get 3 Set 4 Pokemon with IV 12 and 3 Set 5 Pokemon with IV16
    In Round 4, if you swapped between 14 and 20 times, you get 4 Set 4 Pokemon with IV12 and 2 Set 5 Pokemon with IV16
    In Round 4, if you swapped between 7 and 13 times, you get 5 Set 4 Pokemon with IV12 and 1 Set 5 Pokemon with IV16
    In Round 4, if you swapped 6 or fewer times, you get 6 Set 4 Pokemon with IV 12

    In Round 5, if you swapped 28 times, you will get 2 Set 5 Pokemon with IV16 and 4 Set 5 Pokemon with IV20
    In Round 5, if you swapped between 21 and 27 times, you will get 3 Set 5 Pokemon with IV16 and 3 Set 5 Pokemon with IV20
    In Round 5, if you swapped between 14 and 20 times, you will get 4 Set 5 Pokemon with IV16 and 2 Set 5 Pokemon with IV20
    In Round 5, if you swapped between 7 and 13 times, you will get 5 Set 5 Pokemon with IV16 and 1 Set 5 Pokemon with IV20
    In Round 5, if you swapped 6 or fewer times, you will get 6 Set 5 Pokemon with IV16

    I assume the pattern continues in Round 6 onward, but I haven't gotten that far enough times to do any testing.
  8. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    good stuff TRE :)

    how does it effect the opponents pokemon? have you made any observations along those lines? like, lets say you you're up to round 3 and have swapped 14 times. according to your list:

    • you get 4 Set 3 Pokemon with IV 8 and 2 Set 4 Pokemon with IV12
    will you expect to see 2 Set 3 Pokemon with IV 8 and 1 Set 4 Pokemon with IV12 on the opponent's team?

    also, how does this work with level 50? i found on emerald it was far easier to beat the factory with level 50 and no swapping, since you end up facing the same pokemon in battles 22-42 that you would have in battles 1-21 in open level. in emerald, swapping gave you and the opponent stronger pokemon. i'd always end up with something awesome like a dragonite, but then be thwarted by the opponents awesome pokemon like an articuno. i guess with a bit of luck you could end up with a full team of awesome pokes a couple of battles in, but yeah....
  9. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
    is a Pokemon Researcher

    May 3, 2005
    I'm not aware of any effect on CPU's pokemon. Swapping a little or a lot doesn't affect what Pokemon the CPU uses.

    I haven't played very much Lv50 Battle Factory but I believe the same patterns holds except it goes up to Set 8 (which is the has the same Pokemon as Set 5 in open level).

    I don't remember the opponents getting stronger in Emerald due to swapping. They always had IV31 and the Pokemon they used was based on the current round.
  10. Phiddlesticks


    Jan 29, 2005
    From my experiences it doesn't affect opponents at all. Like, if you have 7 trades going into battles 8-14, the opponents can still only have set 1 and set 2 pokemons even though you will have two set 3 pokemon in your starting 6. This excludes the 7th battle though, because the 7th trainers always use pokemon from a set one higher than the previous trainers (trainer #7 in the first set always uses set 2 pokemons, for example)
  11. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    ok, that's nice to know.

    i may be wrong about emerald, but it was my observation that the opponents used tougher pokemon also, when you were given tougher pokemon to choose from. i dont mean to say anything about IV's (which i didnt know about when i played emerald), just that like from the 4th or 5th sets when you'd start to see things like latios (that stood out over the other choices) in your initial choices, you'd also see one or two of them in the opponents teams. in my opinion this made it considerably harder.

    i might give factory a go one day. but it really bugged me back in emerald. i really wanted that gold trainer card, and also the starf berry. as far as ive heard, you dont actually get anything in platinum, apart from the gold print (i dont even have silver there yet).
  12. Groombridge


    Dec 19, 2007
    That's an incredible streak - simply mind-blowing. Back in the halcyon days of DP, I'd aim for a record half as good as the top guys: about 125-150. Now, I'm aiming for a streak one-tenth as good...

    And well done for keeping a level head after losing in such a ridiculous fashion - I'd find it hard to keep it together after that, so congrats for staying frosty. The loss was a perfect example of AI haxploitation: because when something like that comes along, and 'decides' it's going to beat you, what can you do? You and Jump seem to be pretty Zen about the whole thing (all things must pass and all that), so I'll assume you've transcended to another plane of Pokemon altogether. Maybe if you use Calm Mind enough times it rubs off on you!
  13. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005

    well, registeel does all the cursing for me, garchomp just dances around sword style while raging like a madgirl or causing quakes, what an angry female...and I´ve been using so many amnesias that I´m thinking that´s the reason why I´m being so forgetful these days :/

    you´re right though, my initial reaction was something like: "oh, I lost" rather than "oh my god noo waaah unfair"

    I´ve said it already, but I couldn´t do shit and there was no reason to use anything else beside trick at that certain moment (not knowing the set, no guillotine before, blabla...)

    pretty much the battle itself took away all the emotions, because it was soo quick lol (for comparison, the shortest winning battle with this team takes 9 turns - trick-switch-sub-sd-sd-sd-KO-KO-KO)

    yeah I´ve faced worse hax on paper (mathematically), but other than a 4 for 4 guillotine (felt like the French Revolution), which is definite and I can´t do much against, my team is a boss at handling all the other shit out there. My IRON FIST is probably the pokémon that sustained the most CHs and freezes ever lol.

    gotta love ´em TREs sudden appearances haha

    I am definitely a victim of myself (meaning: addicted poképlayer), so I´ll be wasting my time playing the factory today (changed my mind overnight) when I get back home from work, swapping like crazy in the process (I did this before as well, but whatever)...my bet is I won´t get anywhere near 28 though
  14. Glen

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 7, 2006
    amazing stuff, TRE

    have you noticed any impact swapping has on the opponent's AI? i notice that they start making the right moves at seemingly varied streak numbers (excluding thorton of course) and also that once in awhile you'll find a trainer who will make the right moves (while it is possible that its just luck, things like the right move 4/4 times is even less likely than 4 straight successful guillotines) regardless of how far in the streak you are, but the next trainer will have bad AI again
  15. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    there you go...fuck the factory

    milo, buzz, pory-z
    1. kingdra, yan, tauros
    2. glalie, forry, manectric
    3. clay, rampa, ursa
    4. weavile, rhydon, froslass
    5. jynx, plume, milo - plume is cool
    6. tenta, duggy, amphy
    7. empo, cradily, starmie
    venu, exploud, scizor, ttar (lead), trode, luca
    1. tales, probo, harry
    2. duggy, lanturn, zard
    3. tenta, vicy1, flygon1
    4. empo1, toed1, skarm1
    5. houndy2, kiss2, cash2 - knock off + waterfall, he endured on turn2
    6. arka2, lax2, blasty2 - going by the exp. from the previous battle I waterfalled right away (no intimidate), he endured the hit of course (but then thunder fanged lol)
    7. leafeon, blissey, mortar - arca sweep
    lix4, aligatr4, muk3, mie3, scep3, shif3
    1. wailord2, scizor2 (bitch), walrein2 - scep,ali,lix
    2. skarm2, rade2, bat2 - rein,ali,lix
    3. kingdra2, vappy2, champ2 - rade,ali,lix
    4. raptor2, mortar2, gong2 - dra,ali,lix
    5. tales3, cash3, pert3 - raptor,ali,lix
    6. cradily3, altaria3 - tales,ali,lix

    oh well, that bitch cradily (recover,ingrain,gaga,sbomb) killed tales without much effort (psn, heat wave did shit, despite getting 2CHs in a row it just recovered at the right time, then woke up after 1 turn sleep...)
    then it was about to kill steelix as well, I was at low HP and went for the explosion...QC activated and I took the bitch with me

    aliG vs altaria
    DD, dragon rush less than 1/3 dmg
    DD, dragon rush less than 1/3 dmg, I was at like 103/292
    now was the time for ice fang but I wanted the torrent boost for overkill on the 3rd poké
    DD, sky attack turn1...fuck I´m screwed if I miss (powder + 95acc)
    ice fang, missed, sky attack didn´t, game over

    I absolutely underestimated the time it takes to play like this, to check movesets and make the right team choices while forcing oneself to swap each battle :/

    this took me like 140 minutes (?)...awful shit

    yeah I forgot, there´s still so much hax going on, ridiculous - that empoleon had like a 90% CH rate in the 2 battles I used it

    EDIT: got to 21, this time much faster, without writing stuff down or thinking too much (well I did write down stuff since #15)

    my team was skuntank, flare blitz zard and special swampert with counter
    anyway, #20 was tauros3, raichu3 and whiscash3
    been told that thorton starts with pimp politoed...
    thrashton said 54%...basically he beat me in 4 turns haha

    I had to swap for raichu despite knowing about freaking wacan (what an awful cheater)...hmm maybe tauros would´ve been a better choice
    I nasty plot, hydro pump OHKOs
    hypnotized swamp
    hydro pump CH OHKO
    zard quake, hydro pump OHKO

    awesome :p

    lesson learned for the second time, which I already know since forever - attack and try to kill before being killed

    my tactics seems to be to have a good core of 2 pokémon, #2 and #3 that cover each other nicely and swap starter to face the foe´s starter...of course swapping in the early stages is a bit weird, the teams I build are crazy

    the most reliable pokémon are by far grass types with leech seed and giga drain...and of course water types

    basically wasted all of my freetime today by playing the factory, fuck
  16. Glen

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 7, 2006
    sucks :(

    but personally, after hypnosising the cradily, i would have switched feraligatr in and tried to dd up. you could have gotten really lucky and gotten a multi-turn sleep, allowing gatr to start destroying the entire team, but even if it was a one turn sleep, assuming poor ivs for both mons giga drain cant even 2hko you, which is pretty amazing because you would, ideally, have +2 and torrent activated, likely 3-0ing the team.
  17. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    it might have been a little different if it had been battle 1000 ;)

    but seriously, there's not really any reason to cry about it. all of us know that the sure fire way to defeat that team is to "just" use a OHKO move and make sure it hits every single time. the AI essentially is able to make that decision, so it was always a matter of time. nice to know though that even if it happens on the next battle you have already gone past 2000.

    hehe yeah, with the BT trick teams, you hardly ever need to look anything up, which is why i'm enjoying the BT after months of the castle. looking up moves, doing damage calculations, organising plan A, B, C, .......

    anyway, im up to 210 now with latias+registeel+salamence. my personal best by a long way, and now that i look at the records list, i realise that only one other person has gone past 100 battles using a salamence, which seems crazy to me! ok garchomp is good, but to put it in perspective, here are their stats when they have fully set up (assuming my salamence EV spread, and the standard jolly garchomp):

    • salamence - max HP: 182 / Atk: 820 / Def: 101 / SpAtk: xx / SpDef: 101 / Spe: 560
    • garchomp - max HP: 183 / Atk: 728 / Def: 115 / SpAtk: xx / SpDef: 106 / Spe: 169
    both make 45 hp subs. i'm absolutely not saying anything bad about garchomp here - we all know how amazing he is at what he does - just that i'm surprised that almost 100% of people have chosen him over salamence.
  18. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    I think it's mostly because there are not very many good electric immunes out there. Garchomp stands out as the obvious best choice with its 102 base speed (only Jolteon and Dugtrio outspeed as electric immunes but with poor defense and lack of reliable stat boosting moves).

    I'm going to get back into the Frontier soon as the school semester is nearing its end! I'll probably go for Castle.
  19. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    cool - have fun with the castle :)

    and yeah, elec immunity is great (especially thunderwave) but i'm gonna throw it out there that there'd probably be more people using it because GARCHOP IS TEH PWNZZZZ rather than because an elec immunity is absolutely essential for their team's synergy ;)
  20. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
    is a Pokemon Researcher

    May 3, 2005
    CPU AI seems to be unrelated to the number of swaps you make. It seems to only depend on the Round.

    For the most part it looks like this:
    Battles 1-14: They attack randomly or close to it.
    Battles 15-28: They avoid using attacks that do nothing. They are random otherwise but seem to be slightly weighted towards using better attacks.
    Battles 29+ or Thorton: Same as Battle Tower AI
  21. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    just an indication of how awesome the latias/registeel combo is. i just faced my first interesting/troublesome lead for this streak (barring PI's) when i faced muk2 (poison jab + elemental punches).

    i didnt know if it had sticky hold, so i charmed it 3 times, losing most of my health due to ice punches, then switched in registeel, and bringing latias back in to attempt to trick. it didnt work so i switched around again, then recovered a couple of times. switched steel-latias again to twave it, getting frozen in the process. no problem - switched back to steel then latias again getting thawed by the fire punch, then brought in steel for the setup. steel used curse only 5 times so he'd be faster (my registeel doesnt have flawless speed or i'd be faster than paralyzed muk even with 6 curses). it was then a formality to finish the battle.

    recover > flash in my opinion. i really really didnt want to get burned, so being able to recover up and get the thunderwave off was very much appreciated.
  22. Darkstrike_11


    Aug 30, 2009
    now that is very interesting...very interesting indeed.
    If it would be possible to find out the exact IVs of opponents pokemon then damage calculations would be incredibly accurate. That would certainly make our lives a lot easier in the battle factory. I will get that gold print if it kills me! For me the factory is the most interesting place simply because I know very little about the mechanics of it. I'd love to see some more research.

    Also, I may be being legendarily thick, but what exactly do you mean by "sets" here? I haven't seen any lists seperating pokes into sets. Again I assume I'm just being forgetful...

    Also major congrats to Peterko for his streak. I'm sorry you lost, but to be honest after you "replayed" the tower tycoon you had basically broken the tower. After that feat your streak proves that your team is better than anything the tower can throw at you, and so your streak became just about luck-as in WHEN you were going to get a ridiculous hax loss, not if.
  23. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    Read this entire post without blinking... 3,2,1, go!

    This quote-infested post contains some replies to Jumpman, Peterko and Bozo, so if you're one of them you may want to read it (others may be intimidated by the size of it, although you should be used to Jumpman and Peterko's posts if you've been here before)

    It's typical that when I don't check here for a while lots of stuff happens, but when I come here often nobody posts... anyway, hopefully the posts aren't too outdated for me to be quoting them now...

    Thanks to Jumpman for going to the effort of analyzing my insignificant loss (I wasn't expecting all that, but then again you love writing heaps of stuff here), I'll reply to some of his questions:

    I was still leading with Uxie, because it was indeed just a test with Drapion instead of Registeel, and my intention was to use it to get to 100 and then train my mystery Trick lead. I'm glad I decided to test Drapion first, as he does take a lot of getting used to after Registeel. I often made the mistake of choosing Acupressure while Subbed... it's just a natural inclination I guess. Oh, and it was a bit random that I said 'Flygon or something' (think I faced one in the previous battle, probably why), as it was actually Bronzong using Iron Head. After Memento and Flash (I ditched SR even though I was just testing) I knew it would be easy to setup Chomp. Now, it would have been just as easy to setup Drapion to 'invincibilty' with +6 in every stat and a Sub.


    While using Drapion for just a few battles, I noticed a flaw in the strategy. Quick Claw OHKO moves. Because unlike the slow Registeel, Drapion, especially after a Speed boost being selected by Acupressure, cannot Sub after being hit with a OHKO. This means that you have to be vulnerable before Subbing again, and of course this is just begging for a QC OHKO. How did you manage to get around that, Jumpman? Did it ever cause any problems in your entire streak? So anyway, I went to Garchomp since this was a PI (which I forgot by the time Forretress came out - like Peterko I may have been affected from using Amnesia so much), and I'm paranoid of QC OHKOs, having lost to quite a few in the D/P Tower. About the '17 turns is good enough against a PI' - that's true except when you get what I kept getting in my Drapion-using battles; useless boosts in all the earlier turns. Sp. Atk, irrelevant defense stat, accuracy, and such tended to occur first, and on two occasions I got no Attack boosts until the last 4 setup turns.

    Kind of ominous that you mentioned that very shortly before Peterko lost that way. I'll talk about Gliscor when I get around to quoting Peterko on his loss (so much to write in this post...)

    As I said above it was in fact Bronzong with Iron Head, and I'm sorry that my outburst of 'Flygon' confused you. But that's interesting that you assumed I'd setup Drapion on that rather than Garchomp, because it suggests to me that you either never thought of the QC OHKO hindrance to a fully set-up Drapion, or considered it unlikely enough as to be dismissible. You do seem to know the Tower inside-out though, so I doubt you wouldn't have thought of that issue with the Drapion strategy.

    Perhaps unnecessary considering it was only battle 90 and only on a 'test run', but at least it inspired me to bring up those Drapion questions for you. It would be a bit more useful if you saved your in-depth analyses for when I'm at a high streak though, lol (didn't say much about my battle 314 post in comparison :P). Thanks for the post anyway, man. As I said, I would like to keep my new mystery lead a secret (I told you I was still with Uxie for the test though). I don't want to use Mesprit purely for the sake of not copying the team you used for an epic streak, as it wouldn't be an achievement. Using less than 2 'already used for a high streak' pokes is almost impossible though since the records are so high now and only a few things have proven to be effective. So my new team only has the lead as a completely different poke. The second is either Drapion or Registeel (more on that when I next lose), and of course Garchomp is third. It pains me to do so, but I guess I will breed a third Garchomp (Draco III?) with flawless IVs, since it might be useful in general and the fourth Sub is definitely a crucial advantage. I've mastered RNG abuse for egg IVs so I can actually do that now.

    Also, I think you made a mistake saying something about me paralyzing a Ground-type - oh well. Man, Jumpman's walls of words are hard to reply to, being so huge. More later in this post...

    I guess coming from a guy with a 2363 streak you know that for 100% sure, right? As in, do they never use Double-Edge at low health? You know, the Exploding Forretress set. You're right that Substitute would have been wiser (although hax was the only thing making EQ not an obvious choice - I should always consult the list now, especially against PIs). But I still may have lost to some PI-style hax as I would then have an unsubbed Garchomp.
    Oh well, thanks for running damage calcs on that... by the way, Peterko, do you use a certain online calculator or do the calcs yourself? I would like to know since I don't trust some calculators due to their varying results.

    Also, since you lost to Bird Keeper Eliza, I'll take note of what she does if she happens to use a Gliscor lead against me. Because as you said, it could be that different trainers (maybe even the specific people, not just the Trainer classes like 'Bird Keeper') are programmed to act differently, but I wouldn't know. Could be worth looking into, although I doubt Peterko would care now that he's done the Tower for good!

    - I know what you mean, Trick teams with Registeel, and even worse Drapion, are ridiculously slow to use. Of course the payoff makes it worthwhile though.
    - Lol @ Vespiquen, but Moltres could have haxed you had Gliscor gone down (I'm thinking of Jumpman's 'lol 499' warstory).

    Come on man, that's insane! I'd never put pressure on myself to do that by the end of the year. In the end, 3000 is no more special that 2999, it's just that people who glance at thinks quickly without reading them (ie. most people on the internet in general) are more inclined to say 'wow' to 3000 than 2999. We all know that that extra battles doesn't prove you to be any more skilled than if you lose there and then, it's just that we humans seem to dramatize losses at certain 'significant' numbers - numbers don't even really exist, depending on your philosophical viewpoint (I like philosophy).

    Lol, it's hard to imagine Peterko using little baby Pokemon and being in the Hall after finishing one of his epic 2363 streaks. Oh, and for ideas, well I remember when Jumpman mentioned that Munchlax is apparently good for the 'weak Pokemon' theory, but then again he might have been kidding or he hasn't tested it since he no longer cares about the Hall (don't blame you, Jump).

    Same here, until witnessing your loss, I would always associate Gliscor with that move and as such Trick without a second thought. I've been against Counter Gliscor many times, it's always used that.

    Considering the combination of part Ground-typing, 50% chance of immunity to Charm, Guillotine and being faster than Garchomp after Trick, I'd say Gliscor is officially the 'true counter' to your team.

    Yep, but as Bozo said later, the odds are quite 'high' at about 1 in 123 for four consecutive Gullotine hits. That's quite a shock to me, having never calculated the chance of that until this incident inspired me to.

    I'm only scared of non-lead Kinglers, especially after losing Drapion to the third-poke Kingler.

    I guess that contributes to the theory that the AI sometimes does 'random' or out of the ordinary stuff. Maybe it's all just a dice roll for move selection even in identical situations.

    That's insane Peterko, I would be bored beyond my imagination by the time I got to 1000 even. It only makes sense that someone who apparently enjoys the Tower most out of all of us should get such an epic record.

    That's exactly what I despise about the Fagtory (more than the hax, since hax is obviously everywhere in the Frontier). I'm time-obsessed even now when I'm on my 9-week school holidays, and as such I hate making zero progress upon a loss in the Fagtory. And unlike you, I have 'plenty of time' (in comparison to you, judging by you being an adult and stuff) and still hate it.

    Peterko as an old man talking to his grandkids: "Back in my day, there were only 493 Pokemon and I was the world champion at the Battle Tower..."

    Despite finding it mildly amusing, I don't blame you at all for valuing it that highly, because being the world's best at anything is great. Well, I'm glad Peterko made a positive reflection on his 2.5 months which many people (even gamers) would consider a 'waste of time/life'. Even I would probably think that, like during the 1.5 months I spent SRing for a shiny to get my Secret ID. By the way Peterko, would you ever tell non-gamers about that achievement?

    I'm equally indifferent to the meaningless Gold Prints (they're yellow, and they don't even sparkle). And you certainly deserve a long Poke-break (I've had two of those, but one was since I had other important gaming matters to attend to)... maybe your game was actually being kind to you by saying 'come on man, you need a holiday' - interesting that I happened close to Christmas. That's your game's way of looking after your mental wellbeing, by allowing you to relax for the 'festive season' (assuming you celebrate Christmas...).

    That's interesting because my reaction to losing in my comparatively puny 313 streak was the same. I think after a long time, and when losing to stupid hax, it just doesn't have the same impact as losing after a short time and to 'other' means (probably not possible for your team, as it only loses to hax).

    Indeed, that's why I 'knew' Peterko would lose to 'some ridiculous hax' (those were my words, I think) before 3000. It was far more unlikely to get to 3000 unfazed by that kind of hax, than for the hax to occur by then. This is depressing when I think about my own feeble attempts at getting a large streak.

    Awesome work Bozo, it feels good when you know you're on your best streak. Using a different dragon is to be commended.

    Not sure about others, but for me the main reason for Garchomp was that he's more likely to beat things 'in a pinch' (especially 1v1), having higher speed without setup and STAB EQ to ensure KOs on many Ground-weak pokes. But if you can surpass my current 313 record with Salamence, that will be awesome. I really should train a Salamence one day... I guess I'm just a Garchomp fanboy.

    Oh, and if you're still awake after reading this post, does this qualify as a 'wall of words'? That was probably aimed at Jumpman since he uses that term. Of course, Peterko writes some massive posts here as well...
  24. christopher_ 1942

    christopher_ 1942

    Nov 20, 2006
    Well, hello there everyone. It's me telling about my Battle Tower Record and how I've lost. I was so close to 100 but I grind to a halt on Battle 97. Here is the team I went with.

    Nature: Timid
    EV's: 252 Sp. Atk/252 Speed
    Held Item: Choice Specs
    Draco Meteor
    Ice Beam

    First off is my personal Trick lead which is Latias. Usually this Pokemon would do alot of damage and even OHKO some related Pokemon. The bad thing is, this is a 10th aniversary Latias so it doesn't have much Sp. Atk. However I did the EV Training to pump it up though.

    Draco Meteor is her priority move. She is dedicated to OHKO many Pokemon. The problem is it's most rarely miss and lowers the Sp. Atk harshly.

    Ice Beam is for Grass, Flying, Ground and Dragon types to take down. It's the move that takes Garchomp out of my nightmares.

    Thunderbolt does the same job as Ice Beam. However, this move is for Water types like *ahem* the Walrein if I'm lucky to get through THAT.

    It's not trick or treating like in Halloween. But Trick is for stopping stallers that can wall my team. It is also good to lock the opponent on one move while my other members do the rest. After all, without Trick. You won't spear through staller like *cough *cough* Cradily 2.

    JOHN RAMBO/Metagross
    Nature: Adamant
    EV's: 56HP/252 Atk/196 Sp. Def
    Held Item: Occa Berry
    Meteor Mash
    Rock Polish

    JOHN RAMBO (if you already know what that name is) is the bomb in this team. It has a classic moveset to sweep more and more Pokemon if it has a chance. Too bad it's Speed is mediocre so that's why I'm sticking with the moveset it has now.

    Meteor Mash is always the best option to have on the Metagross. Who doesn't? It's a STAB move with 100 Base Power and sometimes raises it's Attack. The downfall? 85 Accuracy

    I always loved the animation of Explosion, really. JOHN RAMBO uses Explosion if it can't take anymore hits. All I do is pick Explosion depending on the Speed on both Pokemon and KABOOOOOM!! Overkill successful.

    Earthquake is for Electric, Fire, Rock and opposing Steel types. It's another move that does tons of damage.

    JOHN RAMBO hates being dirty. So that's why Rock Polish is in there for a reason. Now don't worry. Rock Polish has the same effect as Agility. Raises Speed and outspeeds Pokemon. That's the tactic.

    The Occa Berry is to survive horrendous Fire type attacks if I'm not unlucky that is crits. It stands it's ground if the berry activates. Before that, I thought Life Orb would do some help. But Occa Berry's the better choice.

    Nature: Calm
    EV's: 252 HP/252 Def
    Held Item: Leftovers

    Finally, this is my top and best member yet which I can really trust the most, Aquarius. She is the wall of my team. She takes alot of hits and goes on, playing the long game. I've had many close battles and she turns the tables around sometimes. Very tough one to beat.

    Surf's Up! Surf is her STAB move to wear down Pokemon and even take down certain Pokemon that's weak against it.

    Wish is the only useful move that not only resotres HP, but it plays the game even longer. That makes me think. I wish that Aquaius is one of my best mates ever.

    Toxic's there for a reason. Stalling of course. You can never have a Vaporeon without Toxic, huh?

    Finally, Protect is there to regenerate HP, stall PP and wear down opponents that are afflicted by Toxic. I use it once per 2 turns. I use one of the moves the first and Protect the next. Etc.

    Okay, you've seen my team. Now let's see how I've lost.

    Okay, I was facing this female Ace Trainer who tells me what I think of her. Now let's see...what do I think of her...um, boastful? She has a Hippowdon, Jolteon and Dragonite on her team once I've faced her. Here's what happened.

    Turn #1
    Latias use Ice Beam on Hippowdon 4. Takes it down to the red.
    Hippowdon 4 uses Crunch. Takes Latias down to the red.

    Turn #2
    I thought I got the upper hand. But guess what happens next.
    Quick Claw took effect! EEK! Hippowdon 4 Crunch's Latias to scrap!
    I sent out Vaporeon next.

    Turn #3
    Quick Claw took effect again! GAH! Uses Earthquake and does less than half on Vaporeon.
    Vaporeon Surf's and drowns Hippowdon 4 with the most hated item of all time.
    She sends out Jolteon 4.

    Now this is where I have trouble. Jolteon is one of the Pokemon that I have trouble with because my 2 Pokemon lacks Speed somehow.

    Turn #4
    Vaporeon Protects.
    Jolteon Thunderbolts which I predicted to see.

    The worst thing is that if I switched to Metagross, Jolteon would do half the damage to it and the next turn it would fry it! So, I have to wave Vaporeon goodbye to have some chance left for me. :'(

    Turn #5
    As decided. I let Jolteon to Thunderbolt and take down Vaporeon. Your sacrifice will not be in vain my old friend...
    I sent out Metagross as my last Pokemon.

    Turn #6
    Jolteon zaps Metagross taking it down to half (as expected).
    Metagross's shakes the ground and plunges Jolteon into the abyss. Which of course, fainted.
    She send out Dragonite as her last Pokemon. (My favourite Dragon type by the way.) As soon as I saw it. I knew I've lost.

    Turn #7
    For the finale, Dragonite uses Earthquake and takes down Metagross. And that's my best streak, gone.
    She said "See anything else?" to me after all and indeed, I saw something else which was me losing to her.

    *sigh* Well that was a bummer. Aiming for the 100 and stopped at the 97 point. The Hippowdon really took the guard off me that time. If it wasn't for the Quick Claw. I have a little chance of winning. Oh well, that's what I would always say. Blaming the luck for losing is pitiful if you know what that means.

    So, yeah. That's how I've lost. I've done really well though. 97 wins in a row. Now the worst thing is to retain my streak and overlap it again. Uuuugh...

    Anyhoo, goodbye everyone and happy battling.

    (I hope Smogon thought I did well getting 97 wins in a row.)
  25. Miku


    Jun 21, 2008
    Why didn't you use Rock Polish against Jolteon? Though in this case it wouldn't have saved you anyway since Dragonite hadn't taken any prior damage (of course there's the chance of getting a CH).

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