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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
    is a Pokemon Researcher

    May 3, 2005
    Number refer to to Pokemon ID numbers here:

    Open Level Set 1 = 351-486
    Open Level Set 2 = 487-622
    Open Level Set 3 = 623-758
    Open Level Set 4 = 759-890
    Open Level Set 5 = 351-950

    Lv50 Set 1 = 1-150
    Lv50 Set 2 = 151-250
    Lv50 Set 3 = 251-350
    Lv50 Set 4 = 351-486
    Lv50 Set 5 = 487-622
    Lv50 Set 6 = 623-758
    Lv50 Set 7 = 759-890
    Lv50 Set 8 = 351-950

    I haven't personally seen Lv50 Set 6-8 yet. I'm assuming it follows the pattern from the Open Level sets.
  2. christopher_ 1942

    christopher_ 1942

    Nov 20, 2006
    Well, I think the reason why I didn't use Rock Polish because it I did use that move. The Jolteon would still outspeed it since it has 182 Speed.
  3. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    i dont think ev spread makes that much of a difference, gliscor is as incapable of killing your latias with uturn as it was my cresselia and is my mesprit, and counter/mirror coat has always been the biggest wild card move the AI has no matter who is playing against it or what pokemon is being "countered" (like mirror coat on bozo's registeel that had used four physical attacks). ive been posting forever about gliscor using guillotine on me and going 3-for-3, if you actually thought that this had no chance of happening to you just because you were using a very slightly different pokemon then idk what to tell you that bozo already didn't, you were lucky to never have had it use guillotine first turn in ten battles given the fact that you knew it was possible

    this i really don't understand, you know i have been an advocate for flash forever and i've given my reasoning for it, if you really have to lose to consider moveset changes especially after hundreds of battles and my advice (i am relevant because i have/had more trick experience than you) then oh well i guess (it is clear that flash is better in this scenario as i posted earlier)

    it actually wasnt that bad, and no i'm not mocking what you said about my 499 loss, i'm remarking that it didn't actually have to go 4-for-4 against you to beat you. since you tricked and then put the rest of the battle in gliscor's, uh, claws, it actually had the full five turns to hit four times, which is a 2.835% chance. if you trick and it misses, it can still go 4-for-4 on you regardless or whether you switch. or if it hits you the first time, you survive with sash, and it misses on turn two, you can't do anything that turn but charm or recover anyway, or switch but it can still hit with its last three so it doesnt matter. you could only trick back on turn two, but then you would be locked into trick again and on turn three gliscor would uturn away on the 1hp latias with the scarf you just gave it and i doubt you'd want that

    the only hope you would have would be for gliscor's lone miss in five turns to be exactly on turn three or four, where you are presumably subbing with garchomp or registeel respectively after gliscor whiffs, but even this 1.7% chance that you lose is kind of higher than that especially if it's turn four that gliscor misses, since at best your registeel will be at +5 Atk/Def with a Sub against two mystery pokemon (moltres would almost definitely still have beaten you here). chomp would be at +2 and 25% with a sub probably and locked into outrage though there's worse chomp has had to deal with

    and no, i'm not being a "hindsight = 20/20" critic here, i am aware that my team doesn't fare much better against this gliscor. i'm also aware of the fact that i actually lost to getting shut out by OHKOs before you did (twice, even), so maybe i don't deserve to get shut out again especially after my philanthropic warnings to everyone about it =)

    i make sure that i'm behind a sub when it's possible a QC OHKO poke can come out. i posted this a few pages back but i'll quote myself:

    "ideally, i only need 10-11 actual sharp boosts with acupressure: 2-3 Atk, 2 Def, 2 SpD, 1 Spe (this outspeed all but two pokemon and both are too stupid to not try and give me their scarves through my sub), 1 Accuracy, and 2 Evasion. that's all Drapion needs for a "100%" chance of winning. the only reason I have to put that in quotes is the three QC pokemon with QC OHKO moves who could possibly survive a +4 Crunch from Drapion (Wailord cannot, nice 45 base defense lol) in Rhydon, Lapras and Donphan) and QC OHKO it before it can deliver the killing blow (+4 Crunch always 2HKOes the trio)."

    you should never really have to sub again against the three relevant QC OHKO threats cause they have to use the OHKO on your sub and then QC you with the OHKO again while you're naked and hit again, which is by itself a 1.6875% chance accounting for the possibility that drapion CHes with +4 Crunch (which i'll note is worse hax than losing an entire team to guillotine gliscor). basically after stating up i almost always sub before attacking

    no i meant later if it was last poke kingler right after forretress killed garchomp and itself
    i was thinking in context of munchlax also facing off against NFE pokemon. to give you an idea of what i meant, the hall haunter is only able to muster a 4HKO on 252/0 HP/SpD Adamant Lv100 Munchlax with sludge bomb, and that's about the strongest nfe special attack (no fighting stuff of course) i can think of on the list, but whatever

    does it ever! also i did actually read it without blinking since you challenged us to, had to roll my eyes around a bit and squint but yeah i did it lol i'm kinda crazy
  4. Playa

    is a Past WCoP Champion

    Nov 4, 2007
    DP frontier got to 51 I think it was, using my hustlekiss. God I love that poke.
  5. Miku


    Jun 21, 2008
    Sorry I didn't notice your EV spread on that Metagross. Anyway, I think you should put some EV's from SpDef to Speed so you can outspeed 130 base speed Pokes. (Actually I would move all the leftover EV's to HP from SpDef since it would give Metagross better allround survivability.)
  6. christopher_ 1942

    christopher_ 1942

    Nov 20, 2006
    Hmm, okay. I'll try and remember that.
  7. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    nice post and i did read every word, although i admit i blinked a few trillion times ;)

    nice to see your perspective on various things, and i agree about garchomp probably being better in certain emergency 1-on-1 situations. although its interesting to note that the last time i was in such a situation (my loss on 175 or whatever my last streak was) the extra fire power would have turned an ~90% outrage against gastrodemon into a sure OHKO. typically i keep latias alive as often as possible, so i generally expect to be able to at least paralyze something to give me a good chance of getting a sub/DD etc. i am however scared of having to face certain threats in a completely naked situation (eg first turn explosions etc). i am considering pumping the speed up to max so more things can be taken care of.

    i really enjoyed reading that post - i like your descriptions etc :) also, it's nice to see people trying different kinds of teams other than the ones we all know work. i like your vaporeon, as it reminds me a lot of the milotic i use a lot (surf, ice beam, recover, toxic) - toxic is an extremely powerful move in the battle frontier due to them never switching. wish would also be a great thing in that it can heal your teammates from time to time. getting anywhere near 100 wins with a team of this kind is a definitely good achievement. dont be too discouraged about losing just before 100 - i had two streaks in the 90's just before i finally got to 100 with my salamence+suicune+blissey team. if you *really* want to get 100, you will be able to - you really just got outdone by hax, and if you try a few times, you'll get there eventually.

    only thing to report from me is that i've gone onto 280 wins, which puts me in the top 5 for the first time. yay!! i know it's probably annoying that i post updates so often, rather than "certain people" who just save it for "oh btw i went past 1001" ;) but i can't help it hahahahaha........
  8. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    Just thought I'd mention that my new 'mystery lead' doesn't use Flash (it can learn it); I've been using a 'mystery move' instead, but if I die in a situation where Flash could have saved me, then I guess that's another point to your argument... then again, powerful lead attacks mean I might have only got one Flash which would then need some severe hax on my part to make use of. Anyway, I guess this Flash argument isn't relevant to me (obviously it was aimed at Peterko, who doesn't use it) until I've actually lost with my current team (on battle 182 currently), so don't worry about replying until that happens.

    That's good reasoning there - thanks for the advice. So I'm assuming you never had the situation of Garchomp dying and then having to start setting up Drapion against a QC OHKO poke? If so, that's pretty lucky by 1000. Then again, your posts have suggested that you almost try to set up Drapion over Garchomp, since in an emergency Chomp can still set up on non-Ice-move pokes enough to kill most things. So, against a Tricked Electric move would you still choose Drapion over Chomp? And yeah, I noticed that Kingler used Crabhammer on my Sub (note: Kingler simply does not seem to miss with Crabhammer, which sucks), but it's a good thing that the QC OHKOers, unlike Kingler, are for the most part easier to kill with Crunch. Kingler in comparison has rather high Defense. Oh, and as for the 1.6875% chance you mentioned, that's way too high for my liking, but of course chances are what the Tower is all about. I guess that's unavoidable, and that you and Peterko have been lucky to survive against similarly low odds during countless battles.

    So, is the Munchlax idea purely theorymon, or did you ever try that out? Probably not since you said "F**k the hall" somewhere. I also don't care about the Hall after getting the Gold Print with Garchomp (I like being original). But it's weird that Peterko actually tried the Hall after his loss. And hearing of Peterko braving the Fagtory was even more shocking to me. It's as though the Tower was his lifetime and now the Factory is his retirement home. Doubtful, considering that he hates the place, as do I and Bozo.

    Oh, and I am deeply sorry for any eye injuries caused by that post - man, you are crazy indeed. Okay, try this one: "Jump off a cliff and see what happens... 3,2,1, go!"

    By the way, if I or Bozo or another challenger loses a high streak to Gliscor, somebody should rename this thread "How long can your Trick team last until Gliscor screws it up?"

    - So your Salamence doesn't have max Speed EVs? Intriguing.... hopefully the lower speed doesn't spell your doom in a certain situation. Anyway, good luck with your record Bozo, I'm pretty sure you'll go past mine. Your team obviously has a lot of potential.



    ..... actually, Jumpman... don't do the cliff thing.
  9. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    that right there is one of the main reasons i decided i didnt like flash (i tried it with cresselia way back). its cool when you get 6 in, but 1-2 doesnt feel at all like they "should" be missing, unless they have many many turns, in which case you'd probably be tough enough to set up even without it.

    i trained it to have 140 (156 EVs) figuring on it wanting to beat kingler. i was mainly looking at the list of OHKO'ers in determining salamence's ideal speed/bulk ratio. i might go and consult the list again and see what threats lie between 140 and 151 (adamant salamence has 152 at most).

    like i said by PM (i think) i'm just really happy to be in the top 5. if i go past your score or anyone else's, so be it - i am trying to get as far as i can of course. but if you're up to 182 yourself now, i expect you'll probably go past it soon enough too! are you using your full team now? ie the new trick lead? you probably wont get done in by 3 consecutive crits this time ;)
  10. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    Yeah, that's the same reasoning I go by, but somehow Jumpman managed to get to 1000 with that move... I'm not sure how often he used it or what his average number of Flashes before dying/switching was...

    Outspeeding the most threatening OHKOers is definitely a good idea. You've probably already looked it up, but here's a few pokes who share Salamence's base 100 speed that might be worth mentioning:

    Charizard - I think 2 or so have Dragon moves...

    Tentacruel - Ice attacks to be wary of.

    Zapdos - I'm pretty sure a +1 Outrage would kill, so that's probably okay.

    Miltank - Ice Punch.

    Slaking - I can't remember if any of them have speed EVs, I think they have HP instead. Either way, high physical defenses and powerful moves even if not Ice moves.

    Flygon - STAB Dragon attacks.

    Opposing Salamence - if not Subbed, Intimidate could be a problem.

    Regigigas - takes physical hits well and has Ice or Rock moves.

    ... those are most of the possibly mildly threatening base 100s.

    Whether you beat my record is almost entirely decided by hax... only bad luck can hold you back. I guess so, it depends on how you view the fact that I've had a lot of close calls (sort of close): You either see that as a sign that my team has too many flaws (Peterko and Jumpman didn't seem to have many close calls, or maybe they just didn't post about each one), or that the 'law of averages' means I'm 'less likely' to face those dangerous situations again. Yeah, I'm using the new team with my different Trick lead. Although I'm still using my old Garchomp, as I decided I'll only feel like replacing it if I lose in a 'another Sub would've saved me' situation or if I get to 3rd place, as by then I'd want to go as high as possible due to the very remote chance of challenging Jumpman's score (lol at trying to get near Peterko's).

    I hope so, but if I can get 5 crits in a row against me, then why not another set of 3!?
  11. Head Honchkrow

    Head Honchkrow

    Nov 14, 2009
    How well would a lead like this work in the Tower?

    Dusknoir @ Choice Scarf

    Does TrickScarf-Disable force the enemy into Struggle?
  12. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    these are the things my salamence can't outspeed but could with max speed. (or tie with the 152'ers.) maybe i should speed him up, although i do like the extra bulk - he often ends up taking 14hp damage from certain charmed pokes, which gives him an extra DD per sub. that being said, there are a few things on this list that it would be good to outspeed in an emergency.......

    152 Charizard 123, Entei 34, Fearow 2, Flygon 14, Miltank 24, Ninetales 4, Raichu 14, Salamence 134, Staraptor 34, Typhlosion 134, Zapdos 14

    150 Heracross 14, Jolteon 2, Kingdra 12, Pinsir 2, Suicune 2

    149 Skuntank 234

    147 Arcanine 34, Drapion 4, Electivire 34, Grovyle 2, Houndoom 3, Jynx 34, Primeape 2, Sharpedo 2, Xatu 2, Yanmega 234

    146 Gyarados 2

    145 Blaziken 2, Gallade 2, Gardevoir 4, Magmar 2, Medicham 12, Shiftry 1

    143 Lumineon 2, Pidgeot 2, Rotom 2

    142 Furret 2, Golbat 2, Lucario 1234, Moltres 34, Porygon-Z 4, Roserade 34, Venomoth 2, Vigoroth 2, Zangoose 2
    i'll keep thinking about it.....

    yes, it would get them into struggle assuming you got the moves off (good chance with dusknoir's defenses. but you'd occasionally get a few misses with disable, and that might be enough to completely screw your chances if you are really relying on it to work.
  13. Pipko


    Nov 26, 2009
    Also disable only lasts 4-7 turns, which could be a problem depending on how you set up.

    That's why I'm going to be making my first attempt with trick/grudge lead instead, forces a struggle but doesn't have a miss chance or limited duration other than how long they can struggle before dying to recoil. Deal with status moves with taunt or spite or something I have yet to think of.

    If you want to be REALLY sly pick a ghost as your set-up-sweeper (or at least to statup and BP to your sweeper) for immunity to struggle. Of course I can't think of any offhand that certainly be able to do it, but there are people way more knowledgeable than me here.
    Disregard, I'm a moron.
  14. Groombridge


    Dec 19, 2007
    Struggle is effectively typeless - so it hits Ghosts too.

  15. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    Peterko, in cooperation with gamefreak,

    proudly presents

    The personification of pure evil a.k.a. biggest pokémontroll a.k.a. "simply" FUCKER Thorton

    since monday, I did several Battle Factory runs

    I achieved a streak of 19 & 20 on monday (losing to Thorton in 4 turns, pimp-hypnosis-pimpCH-pimp

    a streak of 16 and 18 on tuesday

    the 16 one I had a team of gallade, kazam and victreebel
    oponent was machamp3, slowbro3 and claydol3...what can I say, QC quake CH turn one on gallade, kazam (the cool 4 attacker moveset) beat champ and hurt bro, vicy (iirc the power herb one) finished bro off, but freaking gaydol has like 5 more base speed so it OHKOed before I did :(

    the 18 one hurt sooo much that something else got almost hurt...I am talking about pure anger that only this facility is able to produce

    anyway, #17 was rampa2, claydol2 and togekiss2 and I was told I would have to face a milotic with toxic, I quickly checked the set and saw no attacks, but somehow didn´t see c-ray among them (thought attract but that´s a different set)...

    I had like the most awesome "core" in gyarados and salamence as #2 and #3
    plus flygon as #1, but I´m swapping each battle so I got togekiss and planned to set up gyarados (DDer with rest), sala was the lum outrage one
    basically went like DT, I got to +6 and missed but then hurt myself in confusion and died to toxic, got an AP boost (hustle) but kept missing, died to toxic...salamence hit like the first outrage, then hurt itself 3 times, then hit again, but whatever, awful shit

    who creates pokémon sets with zero attacking moves? that´s true pokétrolling at its finest

    anyway, after a burst of anger (swearing) that took like 15 seconds I said seriously? I´m never gonna ever enter this motherfucking fucker facility again, I´m not a person that enjoys being induced by pain

    what a surprise!

    I came back the next day, thinking "what the fuck am I doing here?" ...basically I´m not giving up that easily, there´s absolutely no logic behind it whatsoever

    I only did one streak yesterday as I slept after work for like 2, but whatever...

    being the awesome pokébattler I am, I got to 21 again

    I had this absolutely brilliant weavile as my starter (the CH one with n-slash, ice punch, AA, BB) since the startup choice, this thing simply killed a lot of stuff

    second poké was the special nidoking, which, in hindsight, really disapointed me as it does crap damage...third poké was the one I swapped

    sceptile, quagsire, dewgong
    hypno, aggron, salamence
    kingdra2, croak2, floatzel2
    wailord3, bat3, noir3
    ambipom2, phan2, harry2
    meta3, mime3, pory-z3

    again, everyone´s favourite (not) fucker...I´m told that he owns a lead skarmory, now isn´t he a cheater? of all the stuff he could choose he gets brave bird skarmory that kind of laughs at weavile and OHKOs it...perfect

    maybe this was a mistake on my side (although I bet I would´ve lost 100% anyway), but I let this guy as my lead and swapped #3 and got metagross (hammer+elepunches) as my switch in to skarm and hopefully take him down (LO+recoil+tpunch)

    here we go (68%)

    I switch to meta, skarmory uses steel wing....and gets a CH (of course)
    skarmory brave birds, meta tpunches...good, I´m getting yoo next turn bitch...as BB shouldn´t KO me
    skarmory uses brave bird, A critical hit! metagross fainted...way to go sir, way to go...
    vile got rid of skarmory

    in comes...wailord (great, what a fucker you are thorton, one of the worst kind)

    weavile night slashes for around 40%, wailord used fissure, vile fainted (hahaha)
    game over, gogo nido!
    wailord´s QC activates, hydro puuuuuuuuump, KO

    another streak bites the dust :/

    today...I´m on fire like always (haha funny as we´re speaking about freaking 14 battles)...

    glaceon2, nidoking2, blissey2
    armaldo2, amphy2, flareon2
    walrein, lickilicky, espy
    rhydon2, milky2, quag2
    muk3, flareon3, bro3
    vicy3, walrein3, froslass3

    and now, the star of the show, we all know who he is although we´d rather forget he even existed

    #2 is leaf storm sceptile, #3 is muscle band brave bird avatar, #1 I swap

    I´ve been told that he uses a lapras with surf

    now I had muk, scep and starapetor (by the way, set1 is awesome as a lead in 1-7)
    vicy can powerherb solarbeam, wailrein can sheer cold, froslass can expert belt bolt, kind of unusual because there´s more to choose from

    I do a damage calc that shows me that lapras will survive the solarbeam (seriously fuck this), obviously lapras would ice beam me to death...going for walrein asks to lose, so I took lass, which does like 45-53% with bolt (I didn´t consider IVs, question here: does he use flawless pokémon or 16 IV ones?)

    here we go (51%)

    bolt, 48%, surf
    d-bond, ice beam, takes lapras with her down to hell

    I sent in avatar to intimidate I don´t know what

    I face a latias, intimidate, white herb (oh fuuuuuu.k)...you know what´s coming
    latias used draco meteor, avatar fainted (good god, why in the world does that (BAN ME PLEASE) have to use a freaking latias of all things?)

    gogo sceptile

    dragon pulse, more than 50%, draco meteor, I´m at like 120HP
    dragon pulse, latias fainted

    COME ON! please something I can freaking STORM WITH MEH LEAFS BADLY!!!!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Thorton sent out






    motherucking blissey

    that´s right, a blissey...hahaha there´s no word for what a cheater he is

    so I start to focus blast, hit 3 times, get a def drop, pissey (like the only poké I hate) misses sing but then softboils, laughing off the super effective 120 base power hits
    I miss the next 2 focus blasts, pissey lullaby, dream eater x2, gg (not)

    this got rather long :/

    long story short, don´t play the factory

    if you like pain, there´s a billion other things you could do to yourself instead of playing the factory (although I recommend to stay away from harm, life and health is precious you know)

    19-20-16-18-20-20, yeah I´m that good in the factory :(
  16. christopher_ 1942

    christopher_ 1942

    Nov 20, 2006
    ...........Daaaannnng...that was harsh of him to humiliate you. Yeah, Thorton does come up with random Pokemon all the time when you battle him. You just never know what he had in store. I one battle, I thought I would have the win when I got Metagross 3, Mismagius 3 and Lapras 2 on my side. But...heh heh...I was too focused on Sheer Cold and that cost the whole thing. Thorton's Feraligate swept me very bad.

    However, I've also swept Thorton's random team with a Magneton 2. He had Slowbro, Abomasnow and Walrein. The only thing Thorton did is to hit me with Grasswhistle which missed. Would you believe it? I've won without a scratch.

    It all depends on luck in the Battle Factory. I sometimes call it Haxtory since opponents abuse with well, hax.

    Sorry about you dilemma Peterko. But you know what I used to say.

    "Blaming the luck for losing is pitiful."
  17. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    that ain´t no blaming of luck

    just a good old emotional post, showing how awfully I fail at the factory lol

    it´s all about the pokémon you get or swap, that big random aspect in the team building part makes me sick though
  18. Glen

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 7, 2006
    ugh dude ive lost at ~40 so many times losing to thorton has become considerably less upsetting :(

    but basically the battle factory is like an abusive husband, you know it's just going to keep hurting you but you continually convince yourself to go back to it
  19. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    now THAT was an enjoyable read ;) have you thought about trying the level 50 version? i think the first 3 rounds should be way easier to get through, and then the next rounds should be of similar difficulty to the first rounds of open level. its not something i can guarantee, but thats how it worked for me in emerald.

    oh and i went past 300 in the BT this morning ^.^
  20. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    lol glen at abusive spouse reference :D

    you´re too good to be losing at 40 many times, lol I have yet to get to 35 (I played the factory as the first facility when I got the game, my "records" are 34 for open level and 28 for lv.50, which is really poor)

    Bozo you´re wrong, from my exp. lv.50 1-21 is way harder, I mean there´s at least fully evolved pokés in open level with not such heavy stat differences (of course there are dif.), there´s the difference in moveset when you battle trainer 7, 14, 21...but try to compare that to NFE´s (first stage, second stage) and imagine those differences, I mean if you get a porygon lead in the first set of 7, you´ll probably not gonna lose, but what if you get crap and have to face fully evolved pokés (happens often) in battle #7 and upwards

    the difference between round 1 and round 2, also round 3 (thorton uses fully evolved set1 from open level IIRC) is huge, lv.50 early rounds is hell on earth, you´ll often find yourself losing at 5 or 9 or 13 lol

    this is info from TRE and added stuff that´s been mentioned/I got from my recent exp.


    ROUND 1
    1. Before the first battle in this round, you get a choice of 6 set 1 Pokémon and they all have 0 IVs
    2. In battles 1-6 you face trainers who use set 1 Pokémon with 0 IVs
    3. In battle 7 you face a trainer who uses set 2 pokémon with 4 IVs
    ROUND 2
    1. Before the first battle in this round, you get a choice of either
    a) five set 2 Pokémon with 4 IVs and one set 3 Pokémon with 8 IVs, if you swapped 7 times, or
    b) six set 2 Pokémon with 4 IVs, if you swapped 6 or fewer times
    2. In battles 8-13 you face trainers who use either set 1 pokémon with 0 IVs or set 2 pokémon with 4 IVs
    3. In battle 14 you face a trainer who uses set 3 pokémon
    ROUND 3
    1. Before the first battle in this round, you get a choice of either
    a) two set 4 Pokémon with 12 IVs and four set 3 Pokémon with 8 IVs, if you swapped 14 times,
    b) one set 4 Pokémon with 12 IVs and five set 3 Pokémon with 8 IVs, if you swapped 7 to 13 times, or
    c) six set 3 Pokémon with 8 IVs, if you swapped 6 or fewer times
    2. In battles 15-20 you face trainers who use either set 2 pokémon with 8 IVs or set 3 pokémon with 12 IVs
    3. In battle 21 you face Thorton, who uses set 4 pokémon with (?) flawless / 16 IVs (?)

    "sets" are here

    EDIT: congrats on 300
  21. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    Yeah level 50 is definitely harder for 1 - 21. I tend to think after 21 lvl 50 is easier than after 21 for Open Level though.

    Anyway, I played lvl 50 Factory once today and lost at 18, 3 trades. I dunno. I didn't feel like trading. Saves time.
  22. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    Come on Peterko, you know the Fagtory isn't worth your time. Plus the game is pissed off at you completely breaking the Tower with 2363, so it's getting revenge via the Fagtory. I honestly don't know why you're putting yourself through that pain - other than Jumpman suggesting it. If some random says "omg i pwn u at pokemon i hav 5 gold print" you can show them your Tower record and they'll faint.

    By the way, I lost at 284 to a lead French Gliscor.

    That's right, Guillotine..... the post is coming once my video has been made - at least a day you'll have to wait. And yes, this was my new team with the 'mystery lead' nobody has used on a Trick team yet.
  23. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    OK what? why did you trick it after reading about #2364?

    the danger I see by not tricking gliscor (when I don´t know the set), is coming from sets 2 and 4 (maybe)

    [size=-2]441, Gliscor 1, Adamant, Yache Berry, 150, 161, 177, 58, 95, 115, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Swords Dance, Baton Pass, Attk/Def
    577, Gliscor 2, Jolly, Razor Fang, 150, 147, 145, 58, 95, 161, Earthquake, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Attk/Speed
    713, Gliscor 3, Jolly, Focus Sash, 182, 115, 145, 58, 95, 161, Guillotine, Earthquake, U-turn, Counter, HP/Speed
    849, Gliscor 4, Adamant, Expert Belt, 150, 161, 177, 58, 95, 115, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, X-Scissor, Stone Edge, Attk/Def[/size]

    set 1 - I actually don´t remember facing this one much hmm, at least I don´t remember being baton passed out turn 1 lol...so it probably uses AA or SD, which means I can reswitch and move from there

    set 2 - uses ice fang against latias, obviously, which freezes ocassionally, like the majority of ice moves do, obviously

    if I charm and it´s hyper cutter and gliscor freezes latias turn 1 hmm...I could switchstall quake/ice fang and when there´s no quake I might get defrosted by FF hmm - OK this should work

    set 4 - mostly uses x-scissor and a CH has a shot at OHKOing my latias, which would suck...I´d have to set up chomp naked...well, not the worst thing in the world, but not fun either...oh a CH quake has a shot at getting rid of garchomp in 1 turn as well, wow and that´s just 1/256 probability :( (as CHes ignore potential attack drops from charm)
    I should always win if he doesn´t CH turn 1

    set 3 scor I can´t give a scarf anymore, which leaves me with charm...
    - if charm works, garchomp should be able to set up
    - if charm doesn´t work...well, hopefully he won´t spam quakes on chomp (wishful thinking)

    still, what a beast gliscor is :)

    kingler and gliscor, the new battle tower ubers? oh well rhydon4 can still pull it off better than those two lol

    EDIT: oh yes, flash > recover against gliscor
  24. Glen

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    Jan 7, 2006
    oh man i just had a fucking ridiculous factory battle, at round 38

    my team

    917 | Registeel | Adamant | Leftovers | Iron Head | Toxic | Double Team | Iron Defense | HP/Def/SpD

    731 | Lucario | Adamant | Muscle Band | Close Combat | Earthquake | Blaze Kick | Shadow Claw | Atk/Spe

    846 | Honchkrow | Adamant | Scope Lens | Night Slash | Drill Peck | Sucker Punch | Steel Wing | HP/Atk

    they sound out arcanine. this is not good, as i have two steel mons, both slower than it. losing at round 38 is not an enjoyable experience, trust me. i realize that my only out to the arcanine is to kill it with honchkrow, so i have to sacrifice the steel.

    arcanine uses overheat, steel survives with something ridiculous like 50 hp (what a boss) and toxics. white herb restores the arcanine's sp atk. next turn, it overheats again (dragon pulse couldnt ko i guess, amazing lol) which kills the steel but puts it at -2 sp atk, which is delightful. the -2 sp doesnt matter too too much though, since honchcrow can ko with sucker punch.


    honchkrow comes in, i go for the sucker punch but it uses sunny day, strangely enough. so i sucker punch again next turn for the kill.


    they bring in ampharos. shit. i can't risk switching in lucario cause it might die to/get paralyzed by a potential thunderbolt. then id need a night slash crit to make it 1-1 against their mystery mon. (crit isnt too unlikely considering i have scope lens and super luck though) anyway i decide that whichever way i look at it, id rather have lucario than krow against their last mon, so i go for the night slash. 25% of a crit and a kill, but sadly, no such luck, and i die to thunderbolt.


    in comes lucario. a quick calc tells me that even with shuca, i still ko guaranteed which is great, as having to -1 my defenses with close combat is not a good thing. eq, ko.


    they bring in... tentacruel. not too shabby. none can ohko me, i could potentially get killed by some confuse ray bullshit or a surf/hydro pump crit. i go for the eq for the kill. i'm faster, which means it's either the garbage giga drain/toxic one, or it's the focus sash one. of course, it hangs on with a focus sash. the tentacruel surfs. i take a deep breath, as this is what seals the deal. it doesnt crit, and i win, or it crits, and i lose.

    it crits.

    it fucking crits.

    but sunny day was in effect so i won! HEH
  25. Phiddlesticks


    Jan 29, 2005
    DrDimentio and others can you please stop calling it the "Fagtory" or the "Haxtory"? All it does is make you look dumb, honestly.

    Peterko are you sure trainers 15-20 can't use set1 Pokemon? Maybe if you still have <7 swaps or something. I dunno I swear I've fought set1s in 15-20. Also Thorton can also use legendaries (obviously), but any non-legendaries he uses will always be set4

    ALSO Peterko I like how you complain about the factory being "all about the pokemon you get/swap" yet you got both Gyarados4 AND Salamence4 in your starting 6 in a 15-21 set as well as Weavile4/Nidoking3 in a different 15-21 set, not to mention the Sceptile4/Staraptor3 which is solid other than the Ice weak :p

    In the set with Weavile/Nidoking/MysteryPKMN3 against Thorton I would have probably just traded Weavile for Mr. Mime3 or at least Metagross, but I'm sure you realized what you could have done differently and hindsight, 20/20, etc

    ALSO ALSO looks like Gliscor is destroying everyone in the Battle Tower, looks like you all better start using Fake Out/Ice Beam Jynx!!

    Glen I was just skimming through your post and was gonna say like "damn untimely criticals are lame sucks that you lost" but you Tricked me :(

    Glen I was just skimming through your post and was gonna say like "damn untimely criticals are lame sucks that you lost" but you Tricked me :(

    Glen I was just skimming through your post and was gonna say like "damn untimely criticals are lame sucks that you lost" but you Tricked me :(

    Glen I was just skimming through your post and was gonna say like "damn untimely criticals are lame sucks that you lost" but you Tricked me :(

    Glen I was just skimming through your post and was gonna say like "damn untimely criticals are lame sucks that you lost" but you Tricked me :(

    help im struggling to finish this post

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