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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    Stuff always happens when I'm not here...

    It is tempting to say "Keep the new method of listing records, I like being at number 3!" but I don't think like that... on the contrary, I think it should always be listed in order of biggest streak to smallest (but having other streaks by the same person underneath is fine by me). Like Bozo said, I worry about 'randoms' checking Smogon's top scores for about two seconds and assuming it's much lower than the actual highest. But that's just one small reason.

    And, nothing against Peterko when I say this, but... since he has hardly been active in this thread recently, it would seem logical to make Jumpman the new ... er, boss of this thread, in charge of all the updates and stuff.

    I was shocked enough at seeing Peterko had done anything related to this thread, actually...

    Also, my new team is going rather well. You'll see...

    EDIT: What the -- Peterko removed his 2363 (or whatever it was, all big numbers look the same) record from the list!? Is that modesty to the extreme? Or am I blind?
  2. GoldoShivaa


    Aug 26, 2009
    Haha.. Best day ever..

    I finally dit it..

    Battle Factory - Open Level/Single
    Wins: 49
    Swaps: 24

    And the 50th fight.. well.. I was so happy and I just didn't want to play this shit anymore, so I lost. (The choice of Pokémon wasn't very good, too.) I don't want to write a lot about this and for all the others who are trying get gold in the factory, the only thing I realized is that, if you have really strong Pokémon in your team even if yur team then is very imbalanced, the game will give you "luck" for this, I mean, critical hits when you need them etc.

    At the final fight I had this team:

    897 Moltres Timid Passho Berry Flamethrower Air Slash AncientPower Roost SpA/Spe Fire Flying 321 212 216 349 206 306

    923 Articuno Modest Wise Glasses Ice Beam Signal Beam Ominous Wind Water Pulse Def/SpA Ice Flying 321 185 299 317 286 206

    933 Latios Timid Brightpowder Psychic Thunderbolt Ice Beam Energy Ball SpA/Spe Dragon Psychic 301 194 196 359 256 350

    for all sceptics, naturally.

    I played the factory since July last year, I think I worked hard enough to get this. By the way, I won't say the words "Battle Factory" in this constellation anymore.

    Finally, for anyone interested:

    Fight 42 (The fight I almost died.. in real life): 88-74443-48926
    Fight 49 (The final fight against Thornton..): 79-75220-69584

    Thanks for yor attention, next project: Battle Hall.
  3. pokemonwargeneral


    Feb 2, 2010
    Well I have two records I would like to post.on pokemon platinum battle tower I used a Cressilia,Rhyperior,and a Registeel and did a 142 streak then lost.and on battle tower Wi-Fi on platinum,I started on rank 4 beat 20 trainers in a row putting me at rank 6.I used metagross,rhyperior,and a shedinja.I have picture proof. hopoefull someone will so me how to post records here on this site!
  4. Pheano


    Nov 24, 2009
    sorry its backwards i don't know how to invert my camera on my computer, i "hided" it for the size
    Show Hide

    Scizor Lv 100
    Adamant / Technician / Female
    IV's: 31/31/29/24/31/20
    EV's: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
    Item: Choice Band
    Moves: Bullet Punch, Quick Attack, Super Power, Pursuit
    Record: 169 wins
    How i lost:
    final round against the frontier brain, she sent out kingdra. i used quick attack and did about 40%, she used yawn, i quick attacked again and delt another 40% and fell asleep, she used rest and woke up with a chesto berry. then she used i think surf and 2HKO'd me before i got a chance to wake up.
    big buzz kill
  5. EeveeTrainer


    Jan 11, 2005
    the posters in this thread are really cute lol
  6. pokemonwargeneral


    Feb 2, 2010
    how do I post my battle records on this site?
  7. EeveeTrainer


    Jan 11, 2005
    definitely cute
  8. pokemonwargeneral


    Feb 2, 2010
    From what I can see I would be rank 2 on the highest streaks recorded on platinum battle tower Wi-Fi! (rank 6,20 streak.pokemon-metagross,rhyperior/sweeperior,and shedinja.)
  9. ck49


    Oct 24, 2009
    read the OP.

  10. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    Hello comrades-in-arms against the evil which nests in the battle frontier.

    That being said, you´re getting all emotional, „strongly recommending“ stuff, threatening to abuse powers, and now revolting because of how records are listed, really? Way to overreact about such an insignifant thing. It´s not like I´ve omitted your achievements or something. At the end of the day, what´s really important is that you have the records, not that they´re listed in a particular order in some random topic in a particular forum. No need to feel offended and then attack others. Threats to abuse power is a sign of weakness, but I don´t really mind. Furthermore, such sentiments don´t necessarily give room to discussion, although I understand them. All in all, I´m fine with what´s been said and I hold no grudges. I can live with the fact that some people may be pissed :/

    This reaction stuff brings me to the comment of the day by our favourite world champ. It´s been quite a while since I had such a good laugh like monday night when I read what ET wrote hahaha, awesome. That was the first time in my life that I´ve been called a troll, if i remember correctly.

    Now I actually googled „troll“ (I had a generall idea that it was pissing people off on the web for the sake of it) and en.wiki said:

    “someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. “

    That made me smile for a while as well. All in all, pretty accurate when it comes to the reactions my edit evoked (people tend to forget it was mainly an update), but whether it was intentional provoking or not, is disputable. But let´s leave it at that. Anyway, thanks ET. Hahaha „cute users“. Great.

    On topic of the recent changes. The last „first post“ edit update comprises the following.

    1. An update, what else?

    Suprisingly (or not), there were roughly 10 records after all that time (that I found). Meaning, some people make it quite difficult to add them. At this point it´s important to praise people like Bozo and Dr.Dimentio who update their original posts when they lose and post that they did it (I mean update).

    Among those relatively few records, some big hits happened, which was kind of unfortunate for me as the person responsible for updating the first post. Normally it wouldn´t be such a big deal that I had a poké-break (some veterans may remember I once had a 4 month long break back with the DP list and not many complained), but I´m not stupid and understand that those big fish wanted to be added as soon as possible (which they did themselves, but that´s another topic).

    I don´t think I´ve missed/omitted anyone, but if I did, post in this topic and don´t send me PMs (the same applies to all kinds of mistakes in the list), as I´m generally only logging in when I update or post, it may seem like I´m dead and ignoring this topic, when it´s actually the opposite. I´m checking what´s new pretty frequently (of course not at the beginning of the so called hiatus).

    While I´m not perfect and may overlook records, more often than not the record I don´t add simply can´t be added, others make it quite difficult for me to add them. Repeating some general rules can´t hurt.

    You should make clear what facility (there are five buildings, riiigh?) and battle mode (like single/double/multi, which is not always clear when you play arcade or something) you achieved your record in. In the case of battle tower, post whether it was DP or Platinum (HG/SS), yes there are still people playing the DP tower. This is really important, I´m no psychic and quite often the only things I find is the number and the team. Excuse me for not adding you.

    When posting an unfinished streak with complete info about your team and then you continue soon after, posting „where I´m now“ (this is not prohibited) and later about how you lose, I´d recommend updating your own first post (the one with the team info, etc.) and note that you did update it (in the topic, not PM) or just copypaste info into your last post (or link to it). This is important when I link to your record, which is often incomplete. Some of the records listed have only info about the team or just about the losing battle. People enjoy reading the complete stuff. It´s for your own good.

    2. Cleaning up. Fixing mistakes, making the lists more readable, playing with some colors, etc. (incomplete)

    2.A) I´m going to mention listing multiple records of the same person. This is not new, although the general mob hysteria about the recent update made some rookies notice this as well :)

    People who manage to bring more teams on the list deserve to have all their teams on the list. It shows their skill, dedication, also the process of how they got better. The only issue I had with these is „how to list them“. The only other way I imagine that it could be listed is by taking away more positions by the same person, so for example you´d see Dr.D at position 3., 4. and 8. in platinum single battle tower.

    Well, I like the way it is now, kind of this dude´s best record is this, oh look, he also managed this and this. The other way would maybe be a bit awkward, although not wrong per se. The fact that it stays (listing multiple records) is non-negotiable. Open for suggestions about „how“ to list.

    2.B) Another subtle change that probably everyone overlooked, but it´s there, listing same streak numbers. Previously, people who achieved the same streak were listed as this (example)

    13. guy X (120)
    - guy Y (120)
    - guy Z (120)
    16. another guy (118)

    It looked as if all those guys with a streak of 120 were 13th. This is often used in sports (two silver medallists and no bronze, etc.), but this created a slight mess when taking into account multiple records of some people (point 2.A). Oh, another note, the order in which the 120 streak guys were listed is not random, it actually took into account the date of the record being posted (the later the record, the further down you are in the same group), this stayed the same, but now it lists as

    13. guy X (120, the first peson to achieve this streak)
    14. guy Y (120, achieved the streak after guy X)
    15. guy Z (120, achieved the streak after both X and Y)
    16 another guy (118)

    This is just my current personal preference, but I think it´s a bit more readable this way. Open for suggestions.

    3. Adding dates. This was a good idea and I´ve considered it for a while now. I don´t think anyone should be offended when I list when they achieved their record.

    Ideally, I´d list the period (time span) it took to achieve it, meaning date of start, date of finish. This is pretty much impossible, because almost none of you knows that kind of stuff (maybe a handfull people do).

    I´m fully aware of the issue with the dates, it´s the accuracy. Some people get to a particular number, stop, have a break or do something else, whatever, or post their record much later after it ended. Example: 462 of a prominent user back in december 2008, who continued the streak after quite a while (like the next summer I think, too lazy to check). Now I listed the date he posted about his loss. Unfair? Probably. But once I decided to add dates, I had to make up my mind about which date I add. Date of starting the streak would maybe be better, but the date of losing the streak is generally the only one people post about.

    The main reason still stands. People see what you used at what point, who used what before/after you, etc. This allows for further measuring the achievements and innovativeness in creating strategies. Using registeel in a trick team as the 5th person doesn´t make your record „worse“ in any way, the date just states a fact. At the end of the day, what really matters is the number in brackets after your nick. You don´t have to look at the date, lol.

    It´s a new feature. Stays for now, despite accuracy problems. I haven´t added dates to every record yet and it will be a pain to do so. The DP/Plat. single tower I consider the most important lists (along with tower doubles) and the single lists are pretty much complete.

    4. Now comes the main decision. About unfinished streaks.

    I´ve written 1068 words of text yesterday about this topic alone and it´s still incomplete. It was basically about my opinion, which is (complete streak > unfinished streak), about competitiveness and what I think about people who just stop in the middle of a streak (in some cases unable to finish a set of 7), about cowardice and how I can´t accept such people as true champions (which they would otherwise deserve), etc. I decided not to post it. It´s a subjective opinion. This is not the topic about such stuff, it´s a records topic, afterall. When taking into account how some people reacted about such an insignificant matter as listing records, me posting my opinion, while not intentionally offensive, had the potential to turn this topic into an ugly „discussion“. Unnecessary.

    I would´ve made an exception to the way I differentiate between those two records related to position 1. The number one record would have been on top of the list, the others would stay in the unifnished group. This was my plan from the start. I was fully aware of the fact that this would pretty much be only about the highest record, noone cares about the other unfinished ones, anyway. To be honest, at first I wanted to see the initial reactions and they were very amusing for the most part (hmm, this is pretty evil). I checked the motivation of some people and it was also a of funny way to deal with the middle finger I´ve been shown and constant attacks that I ignored for some time, without posting a word.

    But I rethought this topic. By sticking to my statement that at the end of the day, the number matters and also by taking into account what´s been said about „number on your screen“, I´ve decided not to differentiate between complete and unfinished streaks. That means, no asterisks, just numbers. You achieved this. You´re on the list. If you continue, good for you. Not my business. This also fixes one of the problems I had with unfinished streaks, the impression they give. I can live with the others.

    I´ll be editing the list in the following days when I have time.

    5. About splitting the DP tower list into two.

    This is different from the above issue and I won´t change this unless I feel like it or that the other way is better. Sorry to disappoint you, but about how the records are listed, pretty much only my own opinion and the opinion of the other guy, who´s been here from the start, heavily matter (of course not because of his „powers“, but because he was an integral part in shaping the topic).

    I´m open for opinions and advice, but I won´t do stuff solely for the reason that peole who joined the thread a few months ago say so. If you just want to be place #1 no matter what, open your own topic. Just don´t dare to steal any of the carefully collected records posted in over 28 months of this topic (and its precedessor) in existence. Search for them yourself.


    That being said,

    lil´teddiursa figure owning guy, congrats on 2364. Simply amazing.
    Battle tower challengers 2-0 Battle Tower. Beaten.

    I would have preferred if you had gotten at least to 2366 before posting though. But whatever. Plus 1 is all that´s needed and is fine with me.

    It´d be very cool if you posted about your attempts with CLS in plat. It was widely considered as the best team for quite some time and it´s unfair to the awesome team itself that it´s not up there, even if it was cursed to never pass 500 (assumption, cause we don´t really know).


    TRE you´re my hero and a true champ in my eyes. Those records are unreal and your post shows why you´re the best.


    Another dude, you know who, congrats on 595 and 459. To be honest I thought you´d break 1K in plat., but you blew it, we all do at times. Maybe in your next run.


    Everyone else, good luck.


    On topic, after 45 days I got back to pokémon on monday, February 1st, 2010. On sunday I broke my Lord of Destruction CD, what a coincidence.
    As it is unbearable for me to lose to the same shit again, I did some theorymon in the last two weeks. I went through all of latias´ moves. The answer is protect, which lets me trick (go figure).

    It leaves me vulnerable to other stuff though, mostly gastrodemon will be a pain (manageable with recover, to say the least) and I still didn´t figure out the best way to approach it. We´ll see when I get there, as I´ve decided to try it in actual battles instead of paper-work.

    Even after such a break, I still managed a time of 80:47. Pretty good, despite some room for improvement. The first 21 took 28:36, which isn´t ideal, battle #14 ruined it. Trick kecleon, a grass type and lairon when I was locked into bolt and then outrage, lol. I was at 39 in about 60:10.

    I won´t play as intensively as I did last year, but there are some major sports events I´m looking forward to watching and I´ll try to play while doing so, it won´t feel like a total waste of time that way.
  11. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Smogon IRC SOp Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnus

    Dec 19, 2004
    thanks for changing it back, that's something everyone wanted. i do like how i have turned into He Who Must Not Be Named now, that's cute. anyway you're probably going to not respond to most/all of this but oh well

    i wouldn't really threaten an abuse of power when i have just changed the way the records thread looks to all of the record holders without discussing it with them in the first place. the only way i have "abused" my power in these threads over the last 2½ years is to help you keep this thread updated since i'm also an admin in addition to being a tower/frontier fanatic

    please don't insult everyone in this thread including yourself by trivializing this thread as a "random topic" though, several communities look at this thread for advice and just to look at the best records of the most competitive pokemon website

    and what really doesnt give room for discussion is when the topic creator and editor doesn't edit this thread for over a month or post more than once in almost seven weeks but makes a significant change to the way records are viewed and then waits to see peoples' reaction before attempting a discussion

    like you said he was right, you evoked emotional responses from several people considering you averaged about a post a day here and decided to make such a drastic change without posting again. what would you expect?

    you saying "that's another topic" doesn't excuse you from acknowledging what i'm about to say, but your 4-month break was at the very beginning of your thread when "records" were still unimpressive even by 2007 standards. i specifically said that i wanted to wait for you to come back because i recognized what a selfless undertaking it was and i didn't want to impose on your vision even though i was still an admin back then and all i would have been doing was updating others' records to help you. and of course "big fish" want to be added as soon as possible, how do you think you would have felt if I didn't add your #1 record for three weeks after all the effort you put into it? you remember that i didn't edit my 1001 streak in after i did it and it took you two weeks (even though before that you averaged literally a post a day here for a good three months). bozo deserved to be added asap for obvious reasons so i added him as well

    to be fair i mentioned in my "lol 499" post that "this battle happened over a week ago" which puts the exact date i lost in a 5-6 day window, probably more than 8 and definitely less than 14. i dont expect you or anyone else to have noticed that (or believe me) if dates are going to be put up now but i did note it

    you can hint at cowardice all you want, or that you think i'm lesser for stopping in the middle of seven, and i could just say "scoreboard" as they do in sporting events. i would rather ask whether you really, really think that i am afraid of losing after being 1937-0 with this team, and whether a real coward would change to a brand new team after getting to 427 with a team some people have said "was widely considered as the best team for quite some time", but you probably won't answer these questions. i would rather ask why you think completed streaks are better than unfinished streaks because i think it's a fair question to which you shouldn't take offense.

    i would also add that your perception of unfinished streaks is in rather stark contrast to your decision to post dozens and dozens of consecutive pictures of your unfinished streak at every single possible chance, and why your opinion on complete streak > unfinished streak is evident only after your is completed and while mine is not, but i suppose that's a little below the belt even if i have a point lol

    at least you're admitting to trolling a little then, by definition

    "the other guy" has never liked how you differentiated between the two and has made that clear, but you didn't really want to listen so whatever. and besides that, i did make a thread about tradebacks way before i or anyone started using them, and what you're saying now contradicts what you said then

    thanks i guess, though i'm sure you don't really mean it. i dont feel too bad about CLS not having passed 500 because I know it could have after losing at 500 in Pearl and getting to 427 in Plat before I switched...just like i know i could have passed 203 with my StarTarChomp team in Pearl a couple times but i changed to CLS from STG after 168 twice...just like i know LLL could have broken the longtime #1 330 record after losing at 322. Team Drapula II is the better team, and I would have been silly to not use it as soon as I'd finalized it. At the end of the day, what's really important is that you have the records, right? that's why you decided to use a trick team yourself after a few hiccups with your #1 DP Only team, isn't it?
  12. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    No prob., but it´s actually not „back“ as "the same as before", but whatever. Lol „everyone“, that´s cute.

    That´s actually the least and it´s sort of funny and makes it easier for me...you´d normally deserve much worse for the constant ridiculous attacks towards me like I was the enemy of the state #1, that started some time ago (like you´d have nothing better to do, really), but I managed to behave myself and kept ignoring those parts of your posts (while being amused by your drive and determination) and will continue doing so.

    That´s correct, because I won´t jump on that train :p, most of the stuff is just you continuing to make the impression that I was one of the worst humans on earth. Sort of „a mugger shouts: look! a mugger!“ kind of stuff. Nope, thanks. I´m trying to be a better person you know.

    It´s always been like that, so I wasn´t even surprised. Others didn´t deserve to be added, lol? Oh yeah, I know, that was supposed to be my job. Touche. Adding Bozo was to prevent (unsuccesfully) people from noticing ... stuff ... oh shit, so tempting, lol.

    Well me adding dates was a fast and unclean job, only checking the dates, not really reading the posts all over again, although I caught some updates of posts and stuff, now if you posted an exact date I´d edit it next time, but 8-14 days is not really accurate :/

    the most amusing part of the post because you´re soo far from having a point that I´m seriously doubting it was you who wrote that sentence

    first of all, I never told you my perception of unfinished streaks, but you apparently already know it hahaha pure gold.

    It´s called c o n t i n u i n g___t h e___s t r e a k also known in my book as the best thing you can do with a streak and I´m sooo proud that I kept going.

    An unfinished streak is just sitting there (unless it´s a well-deserved break that I accept, for a while) ... again, too tempting to respond appropriately.

  13. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    let the record show that i didn't start any of this totally off topic stuff this time (the record already shows that i will pretty much never ignore a "debate")

    you changed the part where "it doesnt make any sense to marginalize the efforts of those people who have not yet lost in their current streaks" back to the way it was before, that's all i cared about which is clear from the only issue i voiced with your "update"

    not mentioning my name makes it easier for you to what? ignore the friendship we had before whoever started it started it? and you hint that i'm a coward lol. also please don't intimate that i'm the one with nothing better to do when you expressed shame in yourself for spending your entire two-week vacation playing pokemon.

    are you still amused by my drive and determination now that i stopped talking about you and got the record? as i said months ago, since you chose to be offended at my suggestions that you should have been a little more humble and my annoyance with you saying my "lol 499" wasn't that bad, the only thing i could do was prove that i deserved to be #. by now you probably realize you didn't help your case by motivating me more than anything else could have.

    yeah that or you don't have a real response when i remind you that you insulted garo's then-#1 efforts with registeel by calling him "the luckiest man alive" and that everyone else at the top of the leaderboard who borrowed gave credit to or acknowledged the creator

    noticing that i put my record up there too? after two more weeks of waiting for you to come back? and after i'd waited two weeks for you to add my 1001 record when i could have edited it in immediately? why would i get offended by whatever you're hinting at? and who actually blames me but you? as i mentioned i wanted to add a few more but i've been dealing with the suspect test process and the paragraph submissions and the voting privileges and maintaining usergroups in addition to all the other stuff i have to do as an admin. maintaining this thread is not my "job". it must be nice to be able to take a month-long break from the only smogon responsibility you have, huh

    it doesn't really matter because you're talking about a difference of a few days unless you really think i lost in 2008 or whatever. i would edit it myself if i cared

    your perception of unfinished streaks is that they are inferior to completed streaks, what are you talking about

    why wouldn't i deserve to take a break after breaking your record? especially when you are evidently allowed to take month-long breaks from this thread when you have a responsibility to maintain it? peterko is the only one who ever deserves a break, then? that's rich...or maybe since it was so easy for me to got to 2364 i don't need a break? is that it?

    also "let's just say im not still at 2364". i don't post my status until i hit milestones, i've already mentioned that in this thread

    i've given my reasons for my alleged "grudge" many times. you said my "lol 499" was "not that bad" in spite of how crushed i said i was in the post, and you stuck to that when i tried to explain just how bad it was in case you misunderstood. you insulted garo by chalking his record streak up to luck, and never so much as apologized for it, even after using the exact same pokemon to attain your success. you posted a completely over the top "MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!" update that you got very defensive about when i said i and others felt it was over the top before scaling it down. you got incredibly defensive when i asked you to explain why you used recover over flash for everyone else's benefit, instead offering a "retort" to something that wasnt even a shot at you that i should post my own current status. you told me straight up after that my CLS team "wasn't good enough to deal with hax". you constantly badgered me both here and on AIM about what my streak was even after i told you to stop asking.

    i would apologize for my recent attitude towards you if you made even a remote attempt at a genuine reciprocation towards any one of these, but that seems like a fat chance because you are intent on denying any "attitude" on your own part

    can that really be any worse than you intimating that i'm a coward for stopping at 2364 (i played the final two battles like six hours after i posted as i drove to work if you really must know)

    that's cool i may post about them someday if i feel like it. i already posted all the "bad in you" that you're talking about, address those before feeling sad or whatever

    "fine" isnt a paranoid answer, and neither is a "no" answer to "can you tell me where you are at?"

    i find it ironic that the some of the only information i did give you about CLS in platinum, with losing to kingler at battle 127 to "lol 3-for-3", you ended up not surviving with since you repeatedly refused to take my flash advice seriously
  14. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008

    i was gonna write some stuff. well i did actually, but ive just deleted it. you guys are both good.

    peterko, i think the only things you havent grasped are:

    1. ok you took a break, and everyone is entitled to. but you are the organiser of the thread, and you didnt announce that you were taking one. that leaves everyone to wonder what is going on. so, given the timing, i think it is more than fair for everyone to assume you were being a sook. and your comments about cowardice etc confirm that to some extent. so for the break to be timed exactly as it was, you know......
    2. noone is asking for unfinished streaks to have some kind of elevated status. like "ooooh my 105* is better than your 105, because obviously i could go on infinitely as my precious asterisk proves". its just that 2364* is 2364. but the asterisk is there to simply indicate something, namely the guy is not finished, and may one day break the record. so for that reason, not putting all the numbers side-by-side is ridiculous. in emerald i have a large unfinished battle pyramid streak that i will probably never finish, because i literally think it would be impossible for me to lose (i have a bag full of max revives, sacred ashes, etc so even QC OHKO's etc are no match). but it would be stupid to call it inferior, or to force me to lose it just to get some kind of recognition (not that anyone cares about emerald lol).
    btw someone add me - i am at 56* in the platinum battle tower! :P

    maybe i'll say more about the d/p split another day.....
  15. Pheano


    Nov 24, 2009
    im sorry to interrupt your conversation about the split but am i eligible to get up on the rankings board with my previous post about my scizor record?
    thank you
  16. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    by all means do interupt :)

    as for your question, i think they only put scores of 170+ up for the battle hall. ie beyond getting the gold symbol at 170. so it looks like you missed out by one win :( i dont remember what i faced at 170 with salamence, but i know it was easy (as opposed to the lapras i faced in battle 50 lol - it missed with outrage luckily, since i hadnt changed to sash at that point). scizor is an interesting pokemon to try, but its hard to imagine it not getting haxed before reaching 170. still, only having one weakness has got to be useful....
  17. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    I'm just horrible at Battle Tower... still didn't break 200. EXTREMELY horrible luck though. I don't usually post stuff like this, but this one was just ridiculous. I just lost a streak at 88 to Lax Incense Jolteon because my pokemon's Earthquake (with no accuracy increase or decrease) missed 4 times in a row. It went like:

    My pokemon (sub up with near full health and leftovers and +6 attack and speed) used EQ. miss #1.
    Jolteon used Rain Dance.

    EQ miss #2.
    Thunder broke sub.

    EQ miss #3.

    EQ miss #4.
    Thunder paralyze.

    Fully paralyze. Rain stopped.

    Thunder KO.

    In all honesty, I should have stalled out the rain by subbing starting turn 3, and I probably would have lost anyway even if my pokemon wasn't paralyzed (since it'd be asleep). But still, 4 continuous misses from lax incense was pretty bad.
  18. Pheano


    Nov 24, 2009
    yes that was the idea
    it has one of the best typings in the ou so ya obvious choice
    just fight the 10 fires first and i was set
    i went with quick attack over u turn because it hit what bullet punch didnt
    i was surprised by how bulky the kingdra was
    i was so pissed off
    adamant choice band max ev and iv in attack technician quick attack only doing 40%
    but aside from that scizor did amazing against everything else
    i only had like 3 close calls because of 2 random fire moves and one critical
    but that being said the only fire moves that would ohk me would be stab ones
    any fire move that i saw that wasnt stab only did about 60-70% to me
    so if i didnt ohk them i would still thk them
  19. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    It took me so long to read all the stuff from Peterko and Jumpman that I had to re-login... all I can say is that this thread suddenly feels alive and back to 'normal' with the two arguing and writing walls of words. I was going to comment on it, but it's too much info to comprehend... so many words. Anyway, I don't mind the records as they are now... in the end, it doesn't really matter as long as all notable streaks are listed.

    And now I've forgotten what I logged in for... I was going to post something here. I think I was going to say something like "I am nearing a conclusion about something in the Tower". - that's a bit vague, though.

    Also, Jumpman will approve of something I'm doing differently...
  20. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    EDIT I put at the start of the post: lol @ Dr.D being soo .... mysterious haha

    oh shi...wait you didn´t post your team

    mr. Pheano, Bozo was right, you have to get to at least 170 to be put on the hall list, sorry dude..I know I know, where did the damned note about that go? I took it down when the list got full with 170+ stuff, then we started asking about proof (caedus was „worst enemy“ at that time) and now #30 is not occupied

    to not get directly involved into arguing about your problems with me. I should be pleased that my „badness“ gets so much of your attention (by that I mean you search for my comments from long time ago and stuff like it was a job you´re paid for), I don´t know the reason why. I honestly thought you´d say fuck him I don´t care what he does and not try to provoke me into a debate with you, but you love that ("debating")

    My friends tell me how their streak goes, even when they´re my rivals. I´ve told Fatum on ICQ everytime he asked, which was pretty much one of the first questions we asked one another. Not only that, if one was playing at the time, he often posts a live-log for the other to see what he faces, what he does, about „hax“ and calling it, both people enjoyed it that way (yeah who´s so crazy to enjoy a streak!). That´s fun.

    So the thing with you is just a misunderstanding. I don´t (didn´t) understand why you have a problem with telling me (OK you don´t post here about where you are, except for milestones, neither did I – you accuse me of posting at every possible occasion though, when I posted „interesting numbers“ and close calls after 1K, which makes the streak a lot more believable than hi 1363 out of nowhere) and you don´t understand that I´m honestly just curious. By asking you over and over and over and over again (lol, I should have let it go) while you only said „no“ you got annoyed, a lot (it actually amused me how you always said the same thing :)

    Well, I didn´t post what I wrote about the unfinished streaks topic so you´ll probably never know what I really meant. Also maybe I meant convenient or something else. How you interpret the few things I did mention in english (not my first language), is your prerogative and I can´t do shit about that.

    yeah playing pokémon is generally a waste of time, but it´s still better than wasting time to constantly, in 99% (overexaggerating here) of your posts, attack me in whatever way, provoking me...again, I admire your determination to prove your points, whatever they are, and if you´re still able to pay so much attention to a random guy with all those other responsibilities you have, hmm, then you´re a lucky man

    now I could´ve misunderstood what you wrote, but I didn´t mean getting to 2364 was a waste of time on your side, and I´m sure you spent a lot of your own vacation (free time) getting there (it wouldn´t have been so relatively „quick“ otherwise), which is what frontier fanatics do (we can´t help it)

    I expected you to stop after 2364 (but you didn´t), if only becuase I presumed you were overreacting partly (among other things) due to me breaking 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 before you,
    - who was (is) widely considered to be the best in the frontier, nothing wrong with that – the problem here was that the numbers at that time didn´t help your cause
    - who stated and truly believed you were the best and had the best team, CLS, nothing wrong with that either, but you obviously (it´s pretty safe to assume this) were struggling to get anywhere near 796 (or 500), not to mention I desperately wanted to protect that record and beat it myself)
    - you stated you didn´t give a damn about other people´s streaks, which was obviously a lie to hold your facade – there simply isn´t one person in this topic who wouldn´t be interested in other people´s records...hell it´s a given that if TRE didn´t get 330 you wouldn´t want to get past him and put that much more effort into it,

    or do you seriously claim you, with your natural habit of sitting on streaks (just read the first post who has the most * records before I abolish the asterisks once and for all), would have gotten anywhere near 2000 by yourself if I, or anyone else, would be currently struggling with something like 500?

    that behaviour of wanting to surpass others is competitiveness, that´s what made us come to smogon in the first place, how come you dare to always try to make it seem like you´re the god who doesn´t give a crap about others? you´re just human as any other male person in this topic, yeah you´re very skilled at what you do, so what?

    then you posted 2364 and I promptly knew I was right in figuring you out, thus it was a lot easier to accept you got a better streak

    I´m pretty bright (most of the time) and I knew like 2 minutes after I made that comment „wasn´t that bad“ that you´d hate me forever and lol my regice comment felt even „funnier“... I guess it was your weak point and I was taunting you, even if it was meant a friendly taunt, you were not over it (I was judging you by my own self, where I just tend to forget the losses pretty quick, I generally forget stuff pretty quick and am able to joke about it) and that basically meant my doom...I knew that I could´ve said whatever I wanted and it wouldn´t help

    lesson learned, friendly taunts about the lost streaks of the one, whose name I recently tend to forget, backfires badly

    yes I got defensive about my streak, because you never came close to accepting it, just that I was lucky because your CLS wasn´t so lucky...but that´s understanadble and a human reaction...the problem is your gigantic ego (which is a good thing, most of the timee), makes you think you´re not human though

    a similar thing happened to me with garo, it was very weak calling him the luckiest man on earth, because I couldn´t understand how it was possible at that time...I also said I was wrong last time you brought this up, I´m just a human who makes mistakes...and as I said, using the same moveset to prove its awesomeness is more than a simple „sorry“ ... yeah your interpretation is he´s a loser who accused, then failed, so he was forced to copy the on ehe accused...whatever

    I was offended at your suggestion because of a misunderstanding, again. The 1K post got over as IMABEST crap, like I was rubbing it under your noses, really bad. It wasn´t meant to, but I can´t change the feelings of you people. It was meant mainly as proof of an amazing streak in the first place (after all, it happened right after the dubious 823), then celebration...mwahahaha was towards the tower and to express YESSSSSSSSSS I DID IT...but whatever I say won´t change the subjective impression people got and I seriously didn´t think about how people would react to it when I wrote it...I won´t waste my time trying to make people understand that, it´s futile

    „My cause“ is to try to get the highest streak possible in the first place, thus I didn´t sit at 1K or 2K or whatever, while trying to be on top of the list. Now in the last sentence you actually admitted that my streak made you positively motivated into beating it, you´re welcome ;)

    Now while I may be disappointed that I don´t own the highest streak anymore, I have no problem accepting that. Also it kind of made me start playing again, which I thought would have been harder than it is. Yeah I could say „gonna break yoo, even if it kills me“ but it´s not really like that and I don´t plan to play so intensively. What happens, happens. Also good luck in breaking 3K and later stuff.

    My response was meant like this. It was always like that, you pretty much always update just your butt. No problem with that, as it was sometimes my own fault. But you tried to hide the fact that you only care about your own streak (who doesn´t?) by adding Bozo as well. Now why is your record and Bozo´s record more important than for example TRE´s amazing stuff? Just because you didn´t have the time to add everyone? Yes it is my responsibility, but let me tell you this, I´ve never updated just me. If you selectively add just 1 or 2 people, it makes it a lot harder to make a full update later. Also there´s no way to explain why someone was added and someone was clearly omitted.

    Hell, why can´t you just react to stuff normally, at least once. I have no problem changing stuff if you give me an accurate date. I don´t understand what you mean by me thinking about you losing in 2008. I´m not thinking (about dates), I´m adding info that I have to somehow find. Come on, you obviously care, otherwise you would not have commented the first time ._.

    No, not again...this is killing me (not really). You misunderstood my comment really badly. I meant that sitting on streaks is the worst thing, while I understand and accept a WELL DESERVED BREAK after such a long streak, I said well deserved, didn´t I? But I also said I accept a well deserved break to a certain point. Now I may have misuderstood, but I got the impression you didn´t want to see the tower for a loong loong time when you posted 2364. My bad (?)

    here´s our all time favourite mysterious message „let´s just say“. I hope you don´t get into a state of shock after reading the following message (I bet you´ll think I lie like you always presume): Good for you! Good luck in getting as far as you can man!

    Hmm if that´s all that´s needed for this to end is, I´ll try to adress stuff

    - „not that bad“ was a mistimed intended-to-be-a-friendly-taunt that you spouted fire for, for a long time now, you still haven´t gotten over the loss or something? I knew it was a mistake and admitting that should be more than enough, I won´t apologize for trying a friendly joke, I´m admitting it was wrong...on the other hand, you can´t make me understand how „bad“ something for you is (or try to objectify it in every possible way), because I´m not the one who played at that time, nor do I know the team that well, nor do I know how you really felt when you lost. In the end, only your own emotion matters. I lost to 4 guillotines in a row. That´s nowhere near as improbable as other people´s losses, but I still felt I was cheated on. I´m not trying to desperately make everyone and their mother understand how bad it was. Let it go.

    - I already posted about the garo case above, I paid respect by further proving steel as one of the best trick team pokés. Also why do you have the urge to play the police?

    - not much more to say about 1K post than I said above

    - I was defensive about recover because I knew your motive, you couldn´t take how some other guy who didn´t invent the strategy although used it, but who didn´t copy your „unrivaled and undoubted“ trick moveset, got so far, even worse, before you...I don´t know, it´s just that I don´t feel the need to make everyone and their mother convinced that what I use is the most effective movesets, I play to get as fara s I can and I got relatively far with recover, so what´s the problem? Why do you always feel the need to make everyone acknowledge you as the one and only, when you got the numbers, aren´t they enough? Why did you always have to be „amused“ that people didn´t use the latias moveset you created that was supposed to be the best? I mean, just let them do what they want.

    Also I dislike when you post as if you represented the „general good“, what´s „everyone´s“ interest and best for the community. Your opinion has big significance, no need to get overboard. There are generally 3 ways to handle it. The emotional, defensive way. The open conflict, time consuming and often depressing one, contraproductive in the end. Ignoring the bait. You´re probably a steel type, cause somehow they´re all not very effective.

    Now I originally aimed to end this, so....umm, the 4th spot on latias I always felt was kind of an open one, recover is pretty good. I used it and got to 796 and 2363, which is not bad. I haven´t used flash. I don´t know how good it is. I don´t like to rely on accuracy, so maybe flash isn´t for me. Recover doesn´t save me from QC 1HKOs (nor does flash btw.) and does nothing to prevent to be guillotined in 4. Thus it may not be the best possible move, but it´s one of the very few usable ones and a reliable one. I don´t feel the need to prove it´s the best option, that´s why I won´t post about recover, even if you call me out to do so. You can interpret this however you want, but this really shouldn´t be such a big deal, not to mention a reason for your grudge, which is not alleged by the way, because you state you have a problem with what I say and do and feel the need to make me do something, dunno what though

    - that regice comment was a ridiculous mishit about platinum without thinking, right after that I remembered you lost to it in DP (that being your weak spot made it even worse), too late ... also I don´t remember that I said or meant exactly what you wrote, the fact that you were unlucky and I was the opposite was your statement, not mine

    - about your status, I think I posted about it somewhere above...I´ll add that the rivalry made me get that far, I mean to protect my streak as I knew you were the only one capable of breaking it...you not telling me where you were was a nasty way of playing with my mind, even if it´s your way – that you simply don´t tell about your progress...excuse me, I still don´t understand it, but I admit I didn´t respect the hundreds of „no“ out of curiosity. Shoot me.

    Now as I see it, it all comes down to me „making fun“ of CLS and your loss. It was never intended. If you, after all this time, still feel the need to prove that I was actually fully intentionally making fun of you, or because you build up irritation over time and feel the urge to prove me wrong at every possible occasion to show how you´re so much better than me, go on, have fun.

    good to know the second part, information is rare these days (so were my posts in the previous month haha, damn I´m passing the ball for some neat smashes here)

    the first part I don´t understand what it was related to, also now I had to look up „to intimate“ twice hmm it means hint ... your interpretation about the topic I didn´t post, coming from the very little content I released...oh shit does this mean I negligibly gave him a „new“ reason? why don´t you just shut up Peterko...

    hahaha those responses are still cute after all this time

    relax dude, what I meant by surviving is „I can live my life“, meaning that if you post about CLS in plat., you post, if you don´t, you don´t

    my memory is bad and I only remember kingler and powder scizor, both almost got me, nothing ironic about my loss, I did the best I could according to my exp. and lost)...also flash doesn´t save you from gliscor, nor kingler (yeah the chances of survival are better than with recover, which is zero with scor if I trick and scor doesn´t miss lol, but I won´t get into a flash discussion, enjoy your streak dude)

    Hmm, now this was quite a long post...I´m at the end and already forgot half of what I wrote....so yeah, how´s your streak going? :p

    Attention!!! The last question was meant as a friendly joke!!!

    Is all of this necessary?
    Why is all of this necessary?
    Why do you care what some random guy on the internet says and how he behaves? Is it because you feel he insulted you?

    Honestly ...
  21. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009
    Haven't been around in ages but fwiw I for one definitely did like the idea of trying to spruce the origial post up. The Platinum BT is the most competitive facility so I don't see why you wouldn't want to try and make it look nicer and categorise the long list of streaks. Some of the suggestions I like are (some mentioned by others already):

    - Categorising into finished and unfinished streaks
    - Dates (even if not very accurate)
    - Maybe a table of records showing by who they were set and when they were broken
    - All streaks of a person not just the highest, to give a nice overview
    - A list of most used pokémon in BT with nice pics, if only to colour up the post a little

    As for the complaints over the past couple of pages: whinging about your streak not being in the top part of the section anymore because it is not completed seems a bit absurd. If people bother find this thread, do you really think they will only read the first record they see and leave? If they made the effort to find this, they would scroll down and read more. Even if it were the case that they read the first record and leave, would it be such a big deal? How would you feel if someone broke a Battle Hall record and demanded it be placed on top of the BT records? Absurd right? Heck, I've been sitting on an unfinished 1001 streak since October and do you hear me whining about nobody seeing it? If Peterko decided he didn't want emulator records in his thread I accept that, regardless of how I feel about it myself (and pleeeeease don't give me the crap about the possibility of cheating on an emulator again, we all know perfectly well you can cheat on a DS too if you wanted to). Heck, there is even a streak up there which I know for sure is not legit despite it being on a DS... Don't get me wrong I am not asking to be put on the list, I just wanted to put this all into perspective. Hopefully you'll appreciate that this finished-unfinished streak business is all a bit excessive and you will support Peterko in trying to make this thread look better rather than trying to insult him and thwarting his efforts.

    /End rant
  22. Groombridge


    Dec 19, 2007
    I get the impression that other sites look to this thread as the go-to for BT/BF information and records (the corresponding Serebii thread actually credits its data to here IIRC. I'm not signing up there to search for it though).

    Having detailed info and serious discussion of BT/BF is a big part of Smogon's reputation as the 'Pokemon website of record', and it's all in this one thread and its predecessor. Maybe we should keep the 'internal' stuff to PM or something? As two of the people who have done the most for BT/BF, I respect Jumpman and Peterko as both players and users, but this is all getting a bit emo.

    As far as the listings go, I don't have a problem with mixing unfinished streaks with finished ones, so long as they all get in there somehow. Completed streaks give users more to write about when they post: namely, the warstory of how they lost. This makes them more content-rich and (to me at least) usually more interesting to read. But I don't think unfinished streaks are any less valid - I thought the 100 wins/100* wins system was perfectly fine. If anything, an unfinished streak is 'better' because it has the potential to progress.

    I can't help but think that separating unfinished streaks marginalises them. At the moment, I'm at no.3 in DP doubles, even though two players have unfinished streaks longer than mine. That seems kinda weird to me - not only did those guys beat my record, they're 'still beating it'. If they don't return to DP to finish, then that gives a false impression as to who's where, at first glance at least.

    I'm no.1 on the new DP doubles tradeback list, though, so hurrah! I thought 137 was underwhelming, though, and nowhere near what that team is capable of if played properly. Still, I've been playing a Rain team for a while, so here's some advice; hope it helps. I'm just gonna freestyle.

    It's cool that you're trying something new, but I'm not sure about Electrode. It may be the joint fastest thing in the BT, therefore 'always' able to use Rain Dance, but it might not be so hot after that. Speed aside, its stats kinda suck, and it has a very limited movepool.

    Its Explosion would cause more problems for your team than it solves. It's your only way to kill Blissey, but if Bliss's Brightpowder/DT haxes you and it misses, you're in serious trouble.

    • The rest of your team loses every time to Blissey 2 (Calm, Toxic/DT/Softboiled/Counter, HP/SpD). Without a physical attack, you just can't do enough damage to it before it heals, and it will Toxic stall you to death. Latios' Specs Draco Meteor does 29.28-34.81% to it, and that's the strongest special attack on the team. Special-based teams need a reliable way past this thing - I have exactly the same problem with my Rain team.
    • Bliss 4 (Calm, Sing/Dream Eater/Counter/Softboiled, HP/SpD) can stall you out too by putting your dudes to sleep and Dream Eating them. Maybe put Toxic somewhere for Bliss?
    • Also, if Electrode booms on Blissey and then a weather-changer appears, or another special wall like Snorlax, you could be a world of hurt. All eggs in one basket: Electrode is your only weather-changer and has your only physical coverage.

    - If Ludicolo dies before Electrode (for instance, high-SpD Gunk Shot users threaten it, like Muk or Snorlax), you become very restricted in using Explosion, since nothing else on the team has Protect, or is a Ghost. You'd have to sacrifice something in order to Explode. I'm not sure Explosion gels well with Rain Dance as a strategy.

    - Explosion forces Ludi to use Protect, limiting its coverage to two moves. Ludi is so much better with Water/Ice/Grass.

    - Neither lead resists the other's spread move; i.e. you can either Surf or Explode, but not both. After getting the Rain, you'd lose a turn of it exploding Electrode. This leaves three turns of Rain to try and win, and then it's gone for good.

    Electrode makes a great starter for a full UU six-a-side team, because it's a great suicide lead. In four-a-side, though, you need each member to pull its weight a bit more. I might be wrong, but I'm not sure Electrode will.

    As for a different lead:

    Vaporeon, Politoed/Poliwrath, Mantine and Toxicroak all get Helping Hand and are immune to Water via their abilities, enabling them to boost their partner's Surf while healing from it. Croak rules for me, and Chinese Dood used Vaporeon, so they definitely work.

    Alternatively, you could use Kingdra as a lead with Rain Dance, paired with Ludi, then just go double-Surf crazy in the Rain.

    As for the dragons:

    You definitely need another Rain Dance in there. If you lose your Rain lead and then Tyranitar/Hippowdon/Abomasnow turn up, you lose the weather advantage and you can't get it back.

    Three Dragon attacks? Surf is its primary attack of the team, and Dragon STAB is a backup for things that resist it, like Suicune or Water Absorbers. I'd lose one of Kingdra's Dragon moves.

    You could certainly use an Ice Beam in there - it's just too useful to pass up.

    Good luck!


    tl;dr no emo, I liked the lists before but I don't mind them now, Electrode kinda sucks
  23. thelaytonmobile


    Jan 26, 2010
    I think I am going to use a trick team with Mesprit and Skarmory in the tower, and I was wondering what should be my last team member. I was thinking Kingdra or Garchomp. Chomp resists all the super effective attacks on Skarmory, but Kingdra is neutral to ice rather than weak, and I was wondering what something like Blizzard could do to Skarmory. Please forgive me if I'm being a noob, lol.

    Also, the first post looks fine now. I preferred the asterisks on unfinished streaks though, theye made it easier to tell the content of the posts linked.
  24. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Smogon IRC SOp Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnus

    Dec 19, 2004
    and you know that i love debating, as does anyone who has seen me post for any length of time. you dont get nominated for Best Debater on Smogon by accident (i'm not bragging btw, my point is one of quantity not quality) when you only post in pokemon forums and not Congregation where most of the debating goes on. and it doesn't take long for me to find for the stuff you've said because i have a photographic memory, ask anybody who frequents mIRC and #stark how impressive they think it is that i'm able to rattle off base stats for even NU pokemon so quickly

    your inability to accept that i was not one of those kinds of friends even after "hundreds of nos" doesn't preclude my annoyance with you

    battle videos make a streak believable too, and more so than posting a picture of your record screen, for whatever you've never uploaded even one of those. and you took pictures at like 1337 i dont have a problem with it but it definitely contradicts your completed streak > unfinished streak deal, you never had to post those update pictures (or put them in your sig) until you actually lost. and you posted about where you were tons of times without pictures, which again i actually encourage but it contradicts what you said about completed streaks > unfinished streaks

    and there's nothing to "misunderstand" when someone tells you no several times, does that usually work with women in slovakia or something? you can consider that a low blow if you want to but i'm actually rather serious, over here you get the drift when someone says no over and over and if you dont it turns into a restraining order, it's the same concept

    like i said, "you probably won't answer these questions", so im not exactly surprised. hiding behind a sudden language barrier doesn't excuse you from clarifying your meaning when it is pointed out by now two people that you have at least hinted that i am a coward for having stopped (which i didnt). that wouldn't fly in the court of law and it won't fly here. blame is squarely on you for mentioning that in the first place even if you "deleted it"...and now that i think of it, your "how I can´t accept such people as true champions" can be objectively linked to your decision to remove me from the #1 spot until i said something about it. was that your own prerogative?

    that's cool, i'm not the one flinging "you have nothing better to do" stones from my glass house. besides, as i said above, i love to debate and have loved it even before playing any battle tower, and everybody knows that by now. it's more fun than tricking and spamming acupressure or calm mind sometimes at least.

    also, again, i didn't start this last little exchange we're having at all. you brought all of this personal stuff back up when it had nothing to do with "it doesnt make any sense to marginalize the efforts of those people who have not yet lost in their current streaks"

    and you'll notice which one of us has never left smogon and shirked any of his responsibilities for months at a time, your derision falls a little short there

    what we can help is being hypocrites about others "wasting time" on things they may find fun (i've never once derided you for spending your entire vacation playing pokemon, you did that yourself)

    i can accept an overreaction there if you can accept what bozo said about you being a "sook" (we dont use that term here lol)

    nor did your constant badgering or any of the things i cited in my grudge


    "i finally checked for the first time in about three months last week (my ds's touch screen is completely blank and im still waiting on my other one to be repaired)"

    i said that on october 26. now that i feel like it, i will spill the beans. the reason it took me so long to get past 500 or 1000 or whatever is because both my DSes were broken. I tried to play with my replacement which the ice blue one was getting fixed (which took forever), but after one too many scares due 100% to the the fact that i literally couldn't see what i was doing (misclicks, sending out wrong pokemon, inability to see whether i tricked), i stopped trying. i didn't feel this was any of your business, so i didn't tell you, in spite of your repeated questions on how my streak was. i thought you would get the hint with this and me repeatedy referencing how busy i was with business school applications, but you didn't stop playing even though you had the record at 696.

    so whatever i tried to do to get you to stop playing like 49+ battles every single day (which you eagerly volunteered to me of almost every day on aim) either backfired or didn't work...then you decided to pester me further, and tell me that "lol 499" wasn't that bad, and say my team wasn't good enough to handle hax. maybe your attitude was a result of overconfidence on your part since by then you had a feeing i wasnt at 800 or 900, i don't know. that gave me all the motivation i needed, especially because you refused to apologize for such cheap shots when given the chance. you now know that wasn't a good idea.

    i've said i don't give a damn about people's streaks in the sense that i can't do anything to alter how much or well they play, which is why i was so baffled that you kept asking over and over what my streak was. now your anxiety may have made sense when you weren't sure if i was just 100 or 200 battles behind, but when i posted my 1001, you still played an awful lot (84 battles one day) when you were up by at least 800 battles. so why did you ever need to ask what my streak was in september and october if later learning you had an 800-win cushion hardly slowed you down?

    not a chance. you'll also notice that the only tower streaks i've sat on were accomplished when I had just beaten out the then-record holder. my other unfinished streaks in the castle and factory arcade are not even records (and the factory and castle marks were never #1 records). wouldn't that meant if i really don't care about a particular unfinished streak i won't continue it even if it get passed?

    "that behaviour of wanting to surpass others" could not possibly have applied less to anyone but you, peterko. when you had the record and it became obvious in even september that I wasn't about to post a 941 or a 1023 or whatever, you were no longer playing to "surpass" anyone, and therefore your constant questions became increasingly annoying and pointless.

    if you had me figured out, you would have apologized when prompted for pissing me off for your "wasnt that bad" and "your team isn't good enough" comments, which motivated me in no more dangerous way to not even consider losing

    or you could have apologized or at least said you were joking before at least 40 minutes went by where instead maintained that "what's the big deal hax happens to everybody"

    yeah my name is at the top of your first post if you need a reminder

    or i was talking about specific instances, like "lol 3-for-3" that happened to me twice and how you were lucky to now have that happen to you evne after my repeated warnings. the consecutive scizor brightpowder BPes are another example of "objective bad luck" that never happened to you. your unwillingness to acknowledge how unlucky i was in my "lol 499" battle was the catalyst for much of this

    you only said you were wrong when i prompted you to, not before (and not the first time i did). again, nobody else in the top 15 who borrowed did not acknowledge, look for yourself if you want to

    it wasn't humble and that's that (i'm talking more about the 4-5 times you posted the 1001 pic, the other ones were legit proof pics), there's not really much to argue about there

    if that's true, whatever number i was at in sept-oct had absoultely no bearing on your "cause", so it makes very little sense that you would have continue to pester me about it when i made it clear that it was indeed pestering. the only thing you ended up doing was rubbing me the wrong way and motivating me, so congratulations on that i guess

    i would say something like "i doubt anyone will have such an astronomical streak as mine" but that would be kind of silly

    you know that's not true though, i've added several other peoples' streaks, especially in the DP thread. the only plat tower streak of mine i updated was 2364, i waited two weeks for you to add 1001 and however long for 190. and it was *always* your own fault, who else's would it be? the thread's your responsibility. and even if i did only update myself, why would you get mad about that? less work for you, even if i was selfish.

    and tre's records would have been more time-consuming to update, he posted like five of them. why should you update just yourself anyway when the thread is your responsibility? anyway i dont know if you talking about me in those last two sentences, i dont see how it would have been harder for you to make an update if you added 1-2 people at a time if you did them chronologically, you wouldn't miss anything if you went in order. if you were actually talking about me then you kind of just contradicted your accusation of me only updating my own "butt" since it would only be me who i added to the list, besides the fact that if that's actually true then you would know that you would never, ever have to worry about adding my records, but i think (hope) you were talking about yourself when you said "If you selectively"

    if you're not suggesting that you're not sure if i actually lost in august or february or december of 2008 then no, i dont care. having a date of august 22 vs august 16 doesn't mean anything in the long run. for posterity the loss happened on august 13...i dont know why you have august 22 as the date when i posted about it on august 21 (i guess a timezone miscalculation) but whatever

    okay, then let me be blunt: i dont care what you "accept" or what you deem "well-deserved". nobody cares about that, and it certainly doesn't excuse your attempt at marginalizing unfinished streaks. "what's really important is that you have the records, right?" you see yourself that you were wrong to assume i wouldn't play after 2364 anyway and judge me for it lol


    i posted like 3,000 words about that loss, that should have been indication enough. and if you're not the one who played, and you dont know the team well, or know how i felt when i lost, what authority do you have to say "it wasn't that bad"? then defend that virtually baseless statement (by your own admission here) by repeating for 40+ minutes that "hax happens to everyone"? you're the one who didn't let your statement go, even though you knew you didnt have the experience, team knowledge, or emotional disposition to make it

    and there's a difference between acknowledging a mistake or a wrongdoing and apologizing for it (a difference you observe here). tell me how many judges you've seen display leniency in their sentencing of rapists who merely said they were wrong to drug their defendants and molest their unresponsive bodies. i mean you're not even sorry you "trolled" us by changing the list first and waiting to laugh at our responses before finally posting again, just like you never actually apologized to garo, and just like you will defiantly never actually apologize to me for all of the things i've listed. it was wrong, so what? does that give me any reason to believe that you wouldn't do it again or that you actually care about feelings?

    and you might be able to convince others that your loss at 2364 loss was bad, but you know how many times i warned you about tricking kingler and gliscor and basically told you that was one reason flash was better than recover, so i obviously think you cheated yourself by not listening to what little advice i was willing to give up

    because honor in this thread means everything to me. i police everybody in this thread and you know it. remember how long it took you to post about calisto? remember how you didn't even notice he had two simultaneous unfinished platinum streaks before adding his second record? remember how i had to come to you about lordcaedus's cheating? if you could police this thread all by yourself i'd leave you to it, but i'm pretty sure you know which of us is more prone to going MIA for months at a time.

    nope, you wanted to think my motive was tearing you down or highlighting the only difference in our sets' leads. you got defensive because you wanted to, nothing more. why would i bitch about flash vs. recover from a "you're copying me except this one thing" when you weren't even using the same pokemon? i already told you i aim to help people and that people were copying your set without knowing the reasoning behind it, not sure why i have to repeat that.

    and i can be amused all i want to, why wouldn't i? i had reason to think that trick/tw/charm/flash was the best then, and i certainly do now. even if i didnt have reason to believe you would have had a better streak with flash over recover, my amusement was warranted then, and validated now.

    yeah or the most vocal figureheads in this head agreed with me if you're talking about the most recent case. nobody has yet posted that they liked your little shortlived experimental change. and ive already talked about why i want to help people and why asking you about a move i knew people would copy (and did) wasn't so unreasonable

    and maybe if you were willing to fight your own inability to demonstrate remorse it would be super effective

    you should probably know by now, on both the "latias" and "grudge" counts

    i'd post the direct quote if i had my logs but i have yet to misattribute a quote of yours

    aren't my verbal jabs the reason you're posting about this again in the first place?

    i just did, i have the record

    or you could, you know, apologize for hinting i'm a coward instead of appealing to a language barrier, or at least address where i said that switching teams at 427 is hardly cowardice


    i know what you meant. i couldn't even be sure you'd read it, you never read my heracross and staraptor and metagross CLS experiences, so i'm not going to spend time posting about my other ones

    flash has 100% saved me against kingler and gliscor, but believe what you want even after i've posted about it (i'm positive i told you i flashed kingler after the second "lol 3-for-3")

    i dont get it

    reminder. again. you decided to rehash all this personal stuff and post here, not me. you've bugged me on aim before, what was stopping you from IMing again before ranting in here?
  25. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    excuse me for not answering to all that crap, that was too sick for my taste and I can take a lot of shit

    thanks for telling me you can´t get over anything and for making me realize that what you call enjoying a debate is just punching the other guy´s nuts over and over again, how convenient (I mean cowardly) ...

    whatever you say at this point is not my business anymore

    EDIT: I advice everyone to refrain from commenting about what went on in the previous hours and days, don´t waste your time, it´s over

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