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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Grissom


    Jan 28, 2010
    just out of curiosity, is there a limit on Battle Points? i thought it would stop at 999... just asking
  2. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    ok, that takes the cake (1/20)^4 = 1/160000. it would have been 20 times more likely for the jolteon to be shiny. and yeah, that totally sucks :( just another case of the BF saying "ok, i have decreed that you will not win this battle".

    curious what your pokemon is btw - i'm guessing maybe dragonite? if it had intimidate, i would consider using it over salamence.

    i wont comment on the debate, as requested by peterko. but it's sad to see two otherwise nice guys at each other's throats. as a man myself, i know how these things can happen. someone says something, maybe doesnt mean tooo much by it, wishes it hadnt happened, thinks the other guy took it too seriously, and feels if he apologised he would be admitting way more than he should. heck, try being married - its a lot worse! i know thats not the whole thing, but yeah, its probably less complicated than either of you think.

    i reckon if you guys met each other on the street and didnt realise who the other person was, you'd probably get along well. i know there's hurt and offense on both sides, but maybe you could go with a "sorry if i offended you, i didnt mean it" thing, and never have to really deal with exactly what the offenses are.

    ok, about the first post. to be honest, i dont really "care" so much about what it looks like. i really appreciate the effort peterko has put in over the years, and am just happy that the numbers are there. i mean its so convenient to look them up, and all the links to the lists too. i personally like the idea of keeping finished/unfinished streaks in the same list. it just makes sense to me. obviously a 200 win streak is better than a 100 win streak, but when comparing a 100 and 100*, it is obvious that 100* is "better" in the sense that it is still going. i think the asterisk is helpful though - not necessarily to say 100* is "better" than plain ol' 100, but because the fact is, it is an unfinished streak, and that information is worth knowing.

    there is only one thing left to say about post 1, and that is - why is peterko's 2363 still not there? it is in your sig peterko, so it obviously means a lot to you still. and it means a lot to the rest of us by the way. i know i am NOT #2, and feel almost like the bad guy here for being there even though obviously i cant edit that post. i really think it should be put back in. there is no shame in being 2nd on the list. you lost to some dreadful hax, and when jumpman loses it will certainly be to some bad hax too, and we can all have fun when that happens ;)

    as for why jump added me as well as him, i guess it was simply that we both had claimed #1 spot on the different battle towers. ok, i think TRE got a few #1 spots too, but i guess there was a time issue there. i didnt ask jump (or anyone else) to update the list. maybe he was being selfish, i dont know. i think i would have done the same thing if it was me. maybe even just add it, not post, and see if anyone noticed ;)

    well, peace guys. i hope you can make it up.

    EDIT: just for amusement, i had another look at that dodgy records website and discovered that the DP battle tower record is now 994. At the bottom of the page is the message "Trickteam is forbidden for the BT, several players have exceed 4000 and more". lol........ i dont want to even think about having to face all those PI's in a 994 streak with things like suicune, salamence, etc.....
  3. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnus

    Dec 19, 2004
    yeah until you bring it up again in a few months because you "generally forget stuff pretty quick" what to expect arguing with the most stubborn person on smogon

    and other people they can comment all they want, it's not like you can do anything about it and again, you brought it up. dont start what you can't finish

    why didn't you just superpower kingdra? it's much stronger than even two quick attacks, your best chance was hoping for a CH or for it to miss twice

    didn't you say you were leaving for good? i dont think anyone cares what you think including peterko, you're one of the least honorable people ever to post here

    if you plan on using thunderwave on mesprit, you may be able to take advantage of roost on skarmory to gain an ice resistance...it really depends on what sets you plan on using, especially skarmory...if you really want to try sd/aa/natural gift/agility with apicot berry you can, lol, but i doubt it's viable!

    using mesprit/skarmory doesn't really give you too many great options...you realize the "boltbeam" problem you're going to have, and it looks like kingdra might be your best bet but only, imo, with a relatively bulky rest/sleep talk/outrage/dd set with leftovers that can take ice beams (but even then you'd want sub probably)
  4. Eppie


    Aug 26, 2008
    Anyone who can tell me why some one who was #1 in singles for a while decides to delete himself from the top 3 after being beaten by someone else, without forcing me to read three pages of debating stuff?

    edit: I've read some parts, but then I figured most stuff is far from my business.
  5. thelaytonmobile


    Jan 26, 2010
    Yeah... I was thinking AA/Sub/Roost/Curse for Skarmory. The closest I can think to a sturdy mon that can set up is Mismagius or something...
    It does learn thunderbolt...

    And yeah, I was gonna put Thunderwave on Mesprit.
  6. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnus

    Dec 19, 2004
    maggy gets nasty plot now btw, idk how available hgss tutors are for you but sub/shadow ball/hp fighting/np is probably a good set

    9,999 is the limit for BP, i found that out the hard way


    (what if i requested that you DO comment on it..........lol)

    and no you pretty much nailed it, it isn't too complicated. you would think that i might have taken his comments too seriously, but then again, you're talking about a guy who plays this game while he drives and has spent well over 2000 hours on just dppt alone. if anyone can identify with this kind of "serious" it's peterko, i just wish he would have pmed or aimed me though cause there was no reason to make this public

    we would have been incredibly good friends this time last year, guess that's over with though. i'd feel a whole lot worse if i lost before 2363 though

    it was just easier to add like i said. i dont exactly know how you go from a 3500-word post to "not answering" but one of the factual things i posted that he wont (be able to) answer is that even if i was being selfish, i was definitely still doing some of his work for him, so lol

    anyway cat's out of the bag here, plus i dont care anymore so feast your eyes on the below if you want some facts

    backstory behind annoying comments in coward tags lol (open)
    JumpXVI (4:38:43 PM): not so much against an ice trainer
    Peterko (4:39:15 PM): hm?
    JumpXVI (4:39:36 PM): registeel doesnt care as much
    Peterko (4:40:21 PM): yes it does
    Peterko (4:40:30 PM): hail nullifies recovery
    JumpXVI (4:40:47 PM): i love facing ice trainer
    JumpXVI (4:40:47 PM): s

    Peterko (4:40:57 PM): haha but you lose to regice
    Peterko (4:41:00 PM): /me runz
    JumpXVI (4:41:07 PM): you would too if you had my luck
    JumpXVI (4:41:34 PM): and those were both from ledge trainers
    Peterko (4:41:39 PM): your team is not good enough to have the fortune on its side, it´s as simple as that
    Peterko (4:41:43 PM): /me runz
    JumpXVI (4:41:44 PM): +4 scizor never ever loses to ice trainers

    you will notice that after the first comment i stayed very calm even though i was incredibly annoyed at that cheap shot...so of course he follows it up with something worse

    Peterko (4:41:45 PM): :-D

    minute-long gap indicating i'm trying to ignore him

    Peterko (4:42:37 PM): sorry, won´t you hate me for getting on your nerves all the time?
    JumpXVI (4:42:43 PM): i kind of ignore you
    Peterko (4:42:50 PM): that´s even worse lol
    JumpXVI (4:42:58 PM): then stop being annoying

    Peterko (4:43:04 PM): am I?
    JumpXVI (4:43:06 PM): yes
    Peterko (4:43:13 PM): how?
    JumpXVI (4:43:17 PM): i could remind everyone that you essentially stole my team
    Peterko (4:43:27 PM): I did?
    JumpXVI (4:43:30 PM): yep
    Peterko (4:43:39 PM): when?
    JumpXVI (4:43:50 PM): when i posted it last year
    JumpXVI (4:44:01 PM): also it is annoying to say that my 500 loss wasnt that bad

    Peterko (4:44:03 PM): that is one thing I am 100% sure of that I didn´ steal anything
    JumpXVI (4:44:19 PM): swapped registeel for scizor
    Peterko (4:44:30 PM): heck everything I did myself
    Peterko (4:44:40 PM): except not "trick"
    JumpXVI (4:44:53 PM): you see what i mean though
    JumpXVI (4:44:56 PM): i could just post that
    Peterko (4:44:57 PM): I made a trick analysis, etc.
    JumpXVI (4:44:59 PM): and be "annoying"
    JumpXVI (4:45:01 PM): like you are

    Peterko (4:45:06 PM): I´m not
    JumpXVI (4:45:09 PM): yes, you are
    JumpXVI (4:45:20 PM): "your team is not good enough to have the fortune on its side, it´s as simple as that"
    JumpXVI (4:45:27 PM): seriously?
    Peterko (4:45:32 PM): just because I´m not OMG WTF WORST LUCK EVER on your 500?
    Peterko (4:45:41 PM): hahaha that was a joke
    JumpXVI (4:45:47 PM): doesnt mean it's not annoying
    JumpXVI (4:45:52 PM): or that i can't ignore you
    Peterko (4:46:03 PM): that´s right
    Peterko (4:46:11 PM): jokes are annoying in a way
    Peterko (4:46:35 PM): but you´re the most self confident guy out there so it shouldn´t bother you...I mean suck stupid jokes
    JumpXVI (4:47:03 PM): doesn't mean it's not annoying

    Peterko (4:47:13 PM): telling you how awesome you are all the time is boring
    JumpXVI (4:47:21 PM): cool where do i do that
    Peterko (4:47:28 PM): hm?
    Peterko (4:47:53 PM): I mean I´m just interested in your streak and you say nothing
    JumpXVI (4:48:05 PM): you're prying
    Peterko (4:48:25 PM): ok explain that word
    Peterko (4:48:27 PM): sorry
    JumpXVI (4:48:46 PM): overly inquisitive
    JumpXVI (4:48:53 PM): you know i'm not going ot tell you
    Peterko (4:49:06 PM): maybe one time you will
    Peterko (4:49:10 PM): I don ´t know
    Peterko (4:49:56 PM): your streak is more interesting than other stuff
    Peterko (4:50:34 PM): are you at elast playing some team on the emulator? like the black sludge one?
    JumpXVI (4:50:45 PM): im playing it on my cart
    Peterko (4:50:57 PM): not cls?
    JumpXVI (4:51:11 PM): i switch back and forth
    Peterko (4:51:13 PM): not going to tell me
    Peterko (4:51:17 PM): oh
    Peterko (4:51:21 PM): that´s interesting

    again trying to ignore him

    Peterko (4:52:12 PM): so...I´m annoying, because
    Peterko (4:52:22 PM): a) I keep asking you about your streak
    Peterko (4:52:38 PM): which you simply don´t want to tell me shit about
    Peterko (4:53:12 PM): b) you believe your team is better and that should have the IDK 1155 or so streak up there
    Peterko (4:53:28 PM): c) I´m luckier than you to get there
    Peterko (4:53:51 PM): b) and c) together annoys you
    Peterko (4:54:09 PM): something else?
    JumpXVI (4:54:12 PM): plus d) when you make stupid jokes about the most crushing los si ever had
    JumpXVI (4:54:17 PM): that's bad taste

    Peterko (4:54:46 PM): but somehow you made it seem like not that bad in the end...OK I know lighting-strike here and there
    Peterko (4:54:51 PM): but in the end I felt
    Peterko (4:55:02 PM): like it didn ´t bother you that much
    Peterko (4:55:03 PM): sorry
    Peterko (4:55:25 PM): because you know...you ŕe the best and all
    Peterko (4:56:11 PM): wait and where did I make jokes about your 500 loss?
    JumpXVI (4:56:18 PM): lol
    JumpXVI (4:56:33 PM):
    Peterko: haha but you lose to regice

    Peterko: /me runz
    JumpXVI (4:56:36 PM):
    Peterko: your team is not good enough to have the fortune on its side, it´s as simple as that

    Peterko: /me runz
    Peterko (4:56:39 PM): that "joke" was about platinum
    JumpXVI (4:56:45 PM): your memory is that bad?
    Peterko (4:56:51 PM): about platinum
    Peterko (4:57:00 PM): last time you told me you lost to regice
    JumpXVI (4:57:07 PM): hi, what pokemon did i lose to in pearl
    JumpXVI (4:57:16 PM): you have one guess
    Peterko (4:57:19 PM): moltres?
    Peterko (4:57:24 PM): ha!

    you see that he is intentionally trying to be annoying here

    JumpXVI (4:57:25 PM): i lose because of regice
    JumpXVI (4:57:31 PM): *lost
    Peterko (4:57:57 PM): no you had a set up zor so I say moltres powder
    JumpXVI (4:58:10 PM): ok i guess i have to explain this to you
    JumpXVI (4:58:39 PM): if regice doesn't completely hack latios, it is at 100%
    JumpXVI (4:58:42 PM): or at least 50%
    JumpXVI (4:59:01 PM): that moltres doesn't beat a latios that isn't resting

    Peterko (4:59:42 PM): bad memory...too many battles...didn´t you set up scizor?
    JumpXVI (4:59:53 PM): and do you really need it explained to you that only two of 56 legendary pokemon even threaten cresselia
    Peterko (5:00:03 PM): or first you did try lati?
    Peterko (5:00:10 PM): and it wasn´t FP?
    JumpXVI (5:00:13 PM): i first tried latios
    JumpXVI (5:00:22 PM): to which you said the "31.6% didnt matter"
    Peterko (5:00:42 PM): paralyzation happens, sometimes
    Peterko (5:01:28 PM): same case as with the PI sending the only pokémon he had to beat chomp in the recent battle
    Peterko (5:01:33 PM): similar
    Peterko (5:01:33 PM): not same
    JumpXVI (5:01:43 PM): yeah
    JumpXVI (5:01:52 PM): and then add two brightpowder and a CH on top of that
    Peterko (5:02:10 PM): 2BPs are the worst
    Peterko (5:02:20 PM): CHs happen

    JumpXVI (5:02:35 PM): i still dont think you understand that battle lol
    Peterko (5:02:38 PM): 2BPs in a row happened to me as well, but they hurt a lot more
    JumpXVI (5:03:08 PM): you dont understand that regice is literally the only lead that threatens cresselia
    JumpXVI (5:03:13 PM): of every ledge
    Peterko (5:03:24 PM): bt it´s there
    JumpXVI (5:03:26 PM): yes,
    JumpXVI (5:03:34 PM): two out of 56 times
    JumpXVI (5:03:49 PM): and then 31.6% no FPs
    JumpXVI (5:04:13 PM): and then to even see moltres
    JumpXVI (5:04:15 PM): at all
    Peterko (5:04:17 PM): don´t act like that shit never happens
    Peterko (5:04:21 PM): it does

    JumpXVI (5:04:27 PM): okay, you obviously still dont get it lol
    JumpXVI (5:04:31 PM): i'm confiused
    Peterko (5:04:34 PM): it was a string of very unfortunate things
    Peterko (5:04:40 PM): you didn´t do any mistakes
    Peterko (5:05:20 PM): what are you confused about?
    JumpXVI (5:05:51 PM): that you dont understand that lead regice and then brightpowder moltres by itself was unbelievably impossible
    Peterko (5:06:35 PM): (BAN ME PLEASE) dewgong CHed with last struggle...seriously if sturggle is not a high CH move...they always CH at elast once
    JumpXVI (5:06:42 PM): even the other brightpowder legendaries cant beat scizor with two brightpowder every time
    Peterko (5:06:54 PM): but it can happen, the pokés are there
    JumpXVI (5:07:10 PM): why are you pretending to not understand probability

    Peterko (5:07:14 PM): also I think it wouldn´t bother you that much if it was 501
    JumpXVI (5:07:16 PM): you're smarter than this
    JumpXVI (5:07:25 PM): no, it wouldn't have, which i posted
    Peterko (5:08:36 PM): just saying that that shit happens, it doesn´t make you the guy with the worst luck ever in the history of pokémon, it just shows that even THE BEST BATTLER with THE BEST TEAM without ANY MISTAKES = PLAYING AT HIS BEST, loses to ridiculous shit when it happens
    JumpXVI (5:08:56 PM): you can't say "this shit happens"
    Peterko (5:09:00 PM): I understand and would´ve broken something
    JumpXVI (5:09:02 PM): because it literally does not happen to you
    Peterko (5:09:10 PM): in your case
    Peterko (5:09:16 PM): now you´re wrong

    JumpXVI (5:09:20 PM): nope
    JumpXVI (5:09:30 PM): you've never had lightning strike luck against you
    Peterko (5:09:31 PM): you think I´m a rookie
    JumpXVI (5:09:36 PM): try to explain a case to me
    JumpXVI (5:09:37 PM): no
    JumpXVI (5:09:39 PM): listen
    JumpXVI (5:09:45 PM): this isnt about skill
    JumpXVI (5:09:52 PM): thisis about you not having had the bad luck i have

    that's kind of long but what do i care, i'm a coward

    lol forbidding things...how how about forbidding that C% or %C thing or whatever it is you guys rely upon? what a novel idea...
  7. CBshuckle


    May 3, 2009
    Thanks for the response, usually my posts get ignored. While Electrode can't do much besides rain up and explode, I wanted a fast lead with focus sash so I could guarentee getting it up. Vaporeon seems more stable, but it's another special attacker and could die to a critical. While Toxicroak is a physical attacker, it's pretty frail and could die to a critical hit as well. Although I could give it a focus sash it might be too slow to do much after I use rain dance the first turn. I'm considering Kabutops as a sweeper because of his physical coverage, but the problem is that he takes a lot from a boosted unresisted surf. I might try kingdra as a lead, since I can start attack right off the back, it's bulky, and it outspeeds everything after turn 1.
  8. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    About Electrode: I've tried Jolteon before in DP (with Fake Out Ludicolo) which is similar to Electrode, and it did fairly decently. Jolteon (and I'd suppose Electrode)'s only nemesis is a first turn hail Froslass (which cannot be fake outted) which not only negates the rain because Froslass is slower, but the hail also gets rid of the sash. Just something to keep in mind I guess.

    @Bozo: O yah, I saved it on battle frontier video too, but I never uploaded any video through wifi before, but I'll probably try to it uploaded some time. Well, the bulk of surviving 2 Jolteon Thunders kind of gives it away that it's either Dragonite or Tyranitar. It was an Adamant Tyranitar with DD/Sub/EQ/Crunch. I'm not sure if I'll keep trying with that poke though. I'll see... school's getting busy, so I haven't really been playing much or having time to theorymon something else.

    EDIT: O I forgot to mention, haha. It's kind of funny because I said nearly the exact same thing to my friend (who likes chaining shinies) that it was almost 20 times more likely to encounter a shiny. In the previous streak I lost at 46 streak with 67 minutes (man! totally would have beat my record) with my Starmie/Flygon/Heatran team to the QC Machamp whose QC activated 3 times in a row (while Starmie failed to OHKO with Psychic), and that was like 1300 times more likely to occur than missing 4 EQs on lax incense lol.

    EDIT2: Woops, I actually meant 45 streak, not 46. I just remembered it was the 3rd battle in the set of 7 that has Palmer at the end. ... which of course is 45, not 46, not that it matters since I lost before 49 anyway.
  9. CBshuckle


    May 3, 2009
    Yea that team was what I based mine off of (copied your ludi), except I replaced jolteon with electrode because I liked explosion much better, allowing for a free switch-in. As it is, I probably won't use either, lead kingdra seems like the best idea.
  10. Pheano


    Nov 24, 2009
    how is it more powerfull than quick attack when you have technician?
    quick attack becomes power of 80 right
  11. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnus

    Dec 19, 2004
    it becomes 60 base power since technician is only a 1.5 boost, but even if it were 80 base power, superpower is 120 base power and then essentially 80 base power after the attack drop. you would need to use quick attack seven times before it starts to outdamage superpower
  12. Pheano


    Nov 24, 2009
    good to know
    miss information on my part then
    super power would have KO'd it then?
  13. Grissom


    Jan 28, 2010
    i'm on a roll in the BT using a trick team using Uxie, Salamence and Drapion
    here's my latest battle video: 10-80688-06599
  14. CBshuckle


    May 3, 2009
    Posting my revised rain dance team, tell me what you think:

    Lead 1:
    Kabutops @ Focus Sash
    Swift Swim
    252 Attack / 204 HP / 52 Speed
    -Rain Dance
    -Rock Slide

    Lead 2:

    Ludicolo @ Lum Berry
    Swift Swim
    132 HP / 252 Special Attack / 124 Speed
    -Fake Out
    -Grass Knot
    -Ice Beam

    I know that I'm not using a water absorb lead like you suggested, but protect + surf isn't that bad plus usually I won't have to use surf - I can waterfall with kabutops and grass knot/ice beam with ludicolo. Kabutops fixes my blissey weakness and deals a lot of damage with maximum attack and dual stab.

    Kingdra @ Life Orb
    Swift Swim
    228 HP / 252 Special Attack / 4 Speed / 24 Defense
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Ice Beam
    -Rain Dance

    Latios @ Choice Specs
    252 Special Attack / 252 Speed / 4 HP
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Draco Meteor
  15. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    As I entered this page and saw the scroll bar on the right shrink, I knew I was in for a good night of reading... seriously, I find the Peterko/Jumpman debates quite entertaining regardless of how irrelevant they can be in terms of the thread topic.

    I'm very mysterious indeed... even more so in 'real life.'

    So wait, if I suddenly post a large streak ('large' by typical human standards, not Jump/Peterko numbers) out of nowhere, without any progress numbers, will that make it suspicious? I intend to do so if my current streak continues to a high number... and of course, I provide a decent amount of proof in the form of super-fun, happy videos.

    I strongly agree with that! It just goes to show that I have nothing better to do... but I'd rather have 'fun' (somewhat...) wasting time than be bored doing so.

    Was that implying something about females? Don't worry, I'm a male (human) so it doesn't particularly concern me what that quote was supposed to mean.

    That's very depressing...........

    Now this is an important thing for me to comment on. Last night I was out at some place where you eat food in public (strange place, I think it was called a restaurant or something... apparently there are similar places throughout the 'real world')... and as such I only had my printed copy of the Tower pokes list, and unfortunately I forgot to also attach the trainer list, which is often just as important. So anyway, I didn't have the trainer list to consult, and I ended up losing at 177, using my new team in its first run. The lead was Gliscor. Okay, so I'll reveal that my new Trick lead has Flash (the move with the 'Jumpman approved' sticker), and I decided to use it incase of Guillotine. Turned out to be Gliscor1, used Swords Dance... anyway, I like keeping team members secret so I'll just say that in the end, Gliscor died but only when one of my team members was nearly dead from dealing with it, and then the foe's next poke was one of the few things that could KO me right there and then. So my last poke came out and would've won, but Focus Band activated... many of my precious hours wasted again. Conclusion: I would have Tricked it knowing what Gliscor set it was, and I don't think Flash is very useful vs. Gliscor3 considering that OHKOs don't get reduced any further.


    Lol, that's a dodgy website indeed. I mean, it has an animated background! Among other things. Would you trust Smogon's records thread if the background was animated!? No chance.
  16. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    D you´re somewhat caught in a gliscor curse it seems :/

    hmm actually Bozo´s team is probably best suited to face those two

    and incase he still doesn´t use flash, I´d just charm gliscor if I were him (reswitch+trick the other 3 sets)

    if gliscor guillotines and hits latias, salamence is pretty much the best possible switch in

    immune to quake and u-turn is NVE, also intimidate kicks in if no hyper cutter

    that means scor will either guillotine or counter...salamence will obviusly hide behind a sub and DD up...I´d recommend you simply PP waste counter here to not lose your sub to countersash...remember he has 4 guillotines to go, so unless he hits all of them, you should be behind a sub

    it is very improbable (I´d bet he´ll try counter a few more times), but still possible...he only uses guillotine and hits all 5 of them and then finishes you off by countering your outrage, or just by u-turning the 1HP...lol good luck with your registeel afterwards

    what flash potentially changes in this scenario is scor missing 20% of the time with counter and/or u-turn

    kingler - thunder wave and latias dies, you should be able to set up salamence because crabhammer is NVE...oh wait it still breaks your sub :/, unless intimidate worked (fiddyfiddy)

    by using flash you´d have to face 68accurate crabhammers and 30 accurate guillotines (worst case scenario, if guillotine connects turn1)

    yeah so team #1 probably stalls with drap. or not as it´s slower...

    chomp sub, hammer/guill, sub broke
    chomp sub, hammer/guill, sub broke
    chomp sub, hammer/guill, sub broke
    chomp sub, hammer/guill, sub broke
    outrage, hammer/guill, chomp fainted

    guill, drap. fainted (if there are any), if kingler used up all 5, hammer does 72-85/177 which is a 3HKO and is faster hmm

    1.A hammer, sub, 59-72 HP left
    1.B hammer, go for an acu. def/evasion boost which basically means win (103-116 HP left)..

    2.A hammer, sub, 26-39 HP left
    2.B it was an atk/spA/spD/speed/acc boost so drap. needs to rest ...
    3.A hammer, rest, 177 HP
    4.A hammer, fast asleep, 103-116 HP left
    5.A hammer, fast asleep, 29-55 HP left
    6.A hammer, kingler wins 3-0

    very improbable, not impossible

    a QC rhydon drilling excercise I´d call sooner than the above scenario though

    btw., 79 (awful 3 mistakes against rampy1-fisduggy-LOmamo) and 44 here (mie team) haha
    doing a futile aboma hall t-mon today...yeah basically wasting my time
  17. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnus

    Dec 19, 2004
    it would have done 79-93% from what i remember from here: http://www.smogon.com/calc/

    that should become one of your best friends as your traverse the frontier

    i'm honestly very glad to hear that...obviously i would rather not run the risk of shitting up this thread and technically i should have edited/deleted peterko's first off-topic post since it is against the rules but as you know i love to debate and i would think peterko is the same way being a junior lawyer and that's why i wanted some answers to the objective issues i raised like the flash one you get into before

    nah, if you have battle videos every 150-200 battles it isnt suspicious at all to post "hi im at 957" or whatever if you have the videos/IDs to prove it

    i think i've mentioned it in this thread (i did on my visitor wall where someone asked lol) that only two of 100 trainers can specialize in gliscor1 (collector)...it's funny that given you later faced a focus band poke we still cant be sure what trainer you faced (unless you tell us) cause most of the focus band pokes you could have faced are both set1 pokes AND pokes a hiker/cyclist would have used (tyra, bast, rhyp, nido, golem...lopunny arcy and vict being the only non set1 focus band pokes basically).

    so it was kind of a 50/50 chance you were facing a collector, which you'd obviously trick...but if it was a hiker/cyclist, i can flash with no real worries at all, it 100% has to SD turn one, SD turn two as i go to drapion, EQ as i go back to mesprit (it will always do this), then AA after I trick. you won't be surprised to hear me say that this has never happened given the improbability that we can face gliscor1 and NOT know it beforehand...iirc it's only happened once and it went flash/sd, go drapion/aa, go mesprit/eq, trick/sd for the win


    bozo's salamence is slower than gliscor3, he would face the same not-all-that-haxy-if-you-want-a-big-streak 2.7% chance of "lol-3-for-3" that makes gliscor a pain to begin with

    logs are fun (we were still on very good terms here so dont get mad):

    JumpXVI (10:32:05 AM): lemme read your last few battles
    Peterko (10:32:10 AM): haha
    Peterko (10:32:36 AM): for me, it´s rapidash, kingler and gastro4 that are the worst
    JumpXVI (10:32:56 AM): i can't believe you risked a lead trick

    we're referring precisely to this here:

    Peterko (10:33:03 AM): don´t nitpick please, as I said, I was more focused on writing that thinking
    Peterko (10:33:05 AM): yes I did
    JumpXVI (10:33:24 AM): the chance you get ched twice by "lopunny" is way less than the chance they go 3-for-3
    Peterko (10:34:08 AM): t-wave still leaves me with a dead poké and a naked garchomp
    JumpXVI (10:34:22 AM): no it doesnt
    Peterko (10:34:30 AM): even worse, it has BP
    Peterko (10:34:39 AM): so the 1HKO is not even sure
    JumpXVI (10:35:13 AM): i tw kingler then go to scizor
    JumpXVI (10:35:26 AM): then back to cress and flash

    Peterko (10:35:29 AM): I t-wave it hits and I have to kill it with quake...you want me to sub? both blitz and iron tail break chomps sub
    JumpXVI (10:36:18 AM): it's cute because it's faster than garchomp by three points
    JumpXVI (10:36:24 AM): otherwise charm would end it
    Peterko (10:36:40 AM): wait actually it´s not
    JumpXVI (10:36:44 AM): it's jolly, 105
    Peterko (10:37:00 AM): nope
    JumpXVI (10:37:14 AM): oh looking at wrong one

    Peterko (10:37:20 AM): according to my printed version it´s adamant
    JumpXVI (10:37:20 AM): either way i'm right
    JumpXVI (10:37:27 AM): "why arent you charming"
    Peterko (10:37:30 AM): haha you just solved my rapidash rpboem?
    Peterko (10:37:32 AM): :-D
    Peterko (10:37:38 AM): thanks bud
    JumpXVI (10:37:40 AM): np
    Peterko (10:37:44 AM): /me runz

    JumpXVI (10:37:56 AM): no, i feel better now knowing that i've helped you more
    JumpXVI (10:38:02 AM): can tell myself the streak is all my doing
    Peterko (10:38:11 AM): HAHAHAHA
    Peterko (10:38:19 AM): you´re crazy
    Peterko (10:38:58 AM): I thought rapi was faster than chomp as well though
    JumpXVI (10:39:15 AM): i looked at the wrong one when i saw you mention it
    Peterko (10:39:43 AM): yeah accidentally the printed list is right next to me on the table so I had a look
    Peterko (10:40:19 AM): things like rampardos still suck
    JumpXVI (10:40:32 AM): dont complain with charm

    Peterko (10:40:46 AM): still...
    Peterko (10:40:54 AM): of course, charm is the best move out there
    Peterko (10:40:57 AM): by far
    Peterko (10:41:09 AM): for a trick team that relies on setting up chomp like I do
    Peterko (10:41:12 AM): mostly on struggle
    JumpXVI (10:41:20 AM): most trick teams can do that
    Peterko (10:41:53 AM): super luck is still a bitch I hate those two with a passion
    JumpXVI (10:42:00 AM): lol

    JumpXVI (10:43:00 AM): i want to go back to team drapula
    JumpXVI (10:43:12 AM): i think if i use max SpD it becomes better
    JumpXVI (10:43:22 AM): because i dont care about being able to OHKO everything
    Peterko (10:43:41 AM): if accu didn´t suck with sub that team would be almost unstoppable
    JumpXVI (10:43:55 AM): yeah, "you" are lucky
    JumpXVI (10:44:16 AM): i was fucking floored when acupressure failed the first time i tried it
    Peterko (10:44:22 AM): thanks, it feel good to know that
    JumpXVI (10:44:27 AM): i was seriously so confused
    JumpXVI (10:44:46 AM): no, i mean "you" as in everyone
    JumpXVI (10:44:53 AM): because i would be at like 3264
    JumpXVI (10:45:02 AM): since i started using that team in what may/
    JumpXVI (10:45:03 AM): ?

    Peterko (10:45:09 AM): yeah when I saw what a cheap tactics you created with the help of the cheapest tacti (trick) I thought to myself...of fuck there goes my chances at spot1
    JumpXVI (10:47:21 AM): which one
    JumpXVI (10:47:27 AM): team drapula doesnt use trick
    JumpXVI (10:47:30 AM): (not as you know it)
    Peterko (10:47:37 AM): sorry
    Peterko (10:47:40 AM): messed up
    Peterko (10:47:49 AM): didn´t think
    JumpXVI (10:47:50 AM): np
    Peterko (10:48:05 AM): it uses cripplelatias
    JumpXVI (10:48:40 AM): i think it would be very noble if i broke 500 with that team
    JumpXVI (10:48:56 AM): by the same token, i'm much more impressed with your 459 on pearl than your 1001
    JumpXVI (10:49:02 AM): i think you should be too
    JumpXVI (10:49:12 AM): you know "how easy" it was to get to 1000
    Peterko (10:49:24 AM): ok now can´t you be honest and tell me at least how far you got?
    Peterko (10:49:43 AM): it wasn´t easy
    Peterko (10:50:10 AM): easy is trick-twave
    Peterko (10:50:19 AM): but it´s not always that
    JumpXVI (10:50:30 AM): i can be a little honest now i guess
    Peterko (10:50:49 AM): a little, that´s funny
    JumpXVI (10:51:00 AM): i'll start by saying that if i wanted to, i could get 1000 in about three days
    Peterko (10:51:14 AM): you´d get crazy
    JumpXVI (10:51:17 AM): i have lost in three months though, lol

    JumpXVI (10:51:29 AM): no, i'm somewhere between 200 and 750
    JumpXVI (10:51:31 AM): however
    JumpXVI (10:51:39 AM): this is what i've lost to:
    Peterko (10:51:42 AM): wait you have lost or haven´t?
    JumpXVI (10:51:50 AM): yeah
    JumpXVI (10:51:58 AM): you didn't really deserve to know that though, lol

    JumpXVI (10:52:01 AM): anyway:
    Peterko (10:52:07 AM): gastro
    JumpXVI (10:52:08 AM): kingler, 3-for-3 guillotine
    Peterko (10:52:11 AM): you told me already
    JumpXVI (10:52:29 AM): 423 | Scizor | Impish | Brightpowder | X-Scissor | Bullet Punch | Swords Dance | Baton Pass | Atk/Def
    JumpXVI (10:52:36 AM): trick, miss, SD
    Peterko (10:52:40 AM): hahahaha sorry but that´s funny considering how you told me that kingler is not a threat
    JumpXVI (10:52:40 AM): trick, miss, XS
    JumpXVI (10:53:00 AM): i said if you tw

    Peterko (10:53:18 AM): the exact same thing happened to me if you remember with that scizor...only that I pulled a trick on turn2 at least
    Peterko (10:53:42 AM): what a bitch that set1 zor can be
    JumpXVI (10:53:43 AM): the secind trick missing sealed it
    JumpXVI (10:54:05 AM): even then i only barely lost
    JumpXVI (10:54:07 AM): *second
    Peterko (10:54:37 AM): doesn´t have a neutral attack on your scizor
    Peterko (10:54:45 AM): how much does SP do?
    JumpXVI (10:54:45 AM): it doesn't matter
    JumpXVI (10:55:09 AM): it's 252 impish lol

    Peterko (10:55:36 AM): yeah I guess I did one dmg calc showing me chomp doesn´t KO it with a SD (I think)
    JumpXVI (10:55:43 AM): it doesnt lol
    JumpXVI (10:55:55 AM): i felt a little better about that loss when i realized that you lose to it too
    Peterko (10:56:01 AM): haha
    JumpXVI (10:56:04 AM): because it SDed on scizor
    JumpXVI (10:56:16 AM): registeel can't do anything to +4 scizor
    JumpXVI (10:56:24 AM): and chomp doesn't even 2hko with eq
    JumpXVI (10:56:41 AM): ok so that was that

    Peterko (10:57:03 AM): and what numbers were those?
    JumpXVI (10:57:17 AM): like 257
    JumpXVI (10:57:30 AM): and uh 320
    JumpXVI (10:57:53 AM): hm what else
    JumpXVI (10:57:55 AM): oh yeahl
    Peterko (10:57:58 AM): gastro
    JumpXVI (10:58:01 AM): besides that
    JumpXVI (10:58:03 AM): that was 180
    JumpXVI (10:58:24 AM): lead regice from ace trainer
    JumpXVI (10:58:31 AM): hm
    JumpXVI (10:58:57 AM): basically similar to my dp loss

    JumpXVI (10:59:02 AM): second poke was moltres
    JumpXVI (10:59:11 AM): and uh
    Peterko (10:59:25 AM): wait that was DP
    Peterko (10:59:37 AM): oh ok
    JumpXVI (10:59:44 AM): one sec
    Peterko (11:00:18 AM): it sucks that you played it cool like your´s was invincible...
    Peterko (11:00:47 AM): I´m not saying it´s not as good as mine
    Peterko (11:00:59 AM): or better
    JumpXVI (11:01:05 AM): brb
    Peterko (11:02:14 AM): I have to leave in like a minute...I´ve done more than 2000 battles with this team so I´m fairly experienced with it now
    JumpXVI (11:02:51 AM): ok

    JumpXVI (11:03:16 AM): also, the team is "more invincible" than yours
    JumpXVI (11:03:27 AM): second poke moltres i beat
    JumpXVI (11:03:34 AM): latios got a few CMs
    Peterko (11:03:36 AM): maybe, maybe not
    JumpXVI (11:03:41 AM): last poke was this
    Peterko (11:03:45 AM): steel?
    JumpXVI (11:03:52 AM): 950 | Regigigas | Adamant | Brightpowder | Crush Grip | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Drain Punch | HP/Atk
    Peterko (11:03:59 AM): wth

    JumpXVI (11:04:08 AM): how do you think i lost
    Peterko (11:04:15 AM): missing
    JumpXVI (11:04:25 AM): how many times do you think i missed
    Peterko (11:04:28 AM): and a SE CH after crush grip or something
    Peterko (11:04:35 AM): probably 3
    JumpXVI (11:04:38 AM): yep
    JumpXVI (11:04:50 AM): that's why i'm more amused than worried
    JumpXVI (11:05:16 AM): and thats why you shouldnt give up on registeel
    JumpXVI (11:05:27 AM): garchomp loses to a ton of shit with just two brightpowders

    Peterko (11:05:47 AM): that´s why I´m not worried, at all...I mean during a battle, I can pretty much see and predict what will make me lose the battle
    JumpXVI (11:05:57 AM): yeah
    Peterko (11:06:23 AM): yeah chomp is not absolute endgame but still almost too good
    Peterko (11:06:48 AM): yeah all they need is that stupid fast sash mismagius as second poké and something with a SE hit on steel
    JumpXVI (11:07:09 AM): it's 0.01% shit
    JumpXVI (11:07:15 AM): i just run into it more than you do
    JumpXVI (11:07:20 AM): that's all i know

    Peterko (11:07:27 AM): I lost chomp yesterday to something weird
    Peterko (11:08:12 AM): oh of course a last struggle CH (it was 2 CHs) and then last poké QC raptor haha
    JumpXVI (11:08:18 AM): lol
    Peterko (11:08:20 AM): couldn´t do shit to steel
    Peterko (11:08:28 AM): so I won
    JumpXVI (11:08:55 AM): qc raptor?
    Peterko (11:09:03 AM): yeah like set 2
    Peterko (11:09:14 AM): aerial ace,
    Peterko (11:09:15 AM): QC
    Peterko (11:09:19 AM): *QA
    Peterko (11:09:26 AM): endeavor

    JumpXVI (11:09:29 AM): yeah
    Peterko (11:09:39 AM): cyclists are (BAN ME PLEASE)
    JumpXVI (11:09:48 AM): yeah
    JumpXVI (11:09:52 AM): bird keepers too
    JumpXVI (11:10:01 AM): when i lose and play with startarchomp
    JumpXVI (11:10:06 AM): i love bird keepers so much
    JumpXVI (11:10:15 AM): it literally ohkos every one
    Peterko (11:10:27 AM): yeah because chomp has to start with an outrage if I set it up (unless I let them struggle me)

    JumpXVI (11:10:28 AM): bolt beam and only "fears" aero
    Peterko (11:10:31 AM): ok have to leave
    Peterko (11:10:31 AM): cya
    JumpXVI (11:10:33 AM): peace
    Peterko signed off at 11:10:36 AM

    the next day...

    JumpXVI (5:51:31 PM): hall time was split between pz, kingdra, tyranitar, and tauros
    Peterko (5:51:32 PM): ok but seriously we NEED him or Xel to post HOW he did it
    Peterko (5:51:44 PM): I mean the movesets at least
    Peterko (5:52:38 PM): also don´t underestimate the 100 NFe trainers...they´re using kingler as well
    Peterko (5:52:51 PM): those two and the PIs
    JumpXVI (5:53:05 PM): i never lose to kingler
    Peterko (5:53:14 PM): you said you did lol

    JumpXVI (5:53:21 PM): yes, and now i thunderwave and dont lose?
    JumpXVI (5:53:26 PM): i'm not crazy like you
    Peterko (5:53:36 PM): says the crazy
    Peterko (5:53:54 PM): ok but I can´t do shit
    JumpXVI (5:53:55 PM): why do you think i warned you about kingler lol
    JumpXVI (5:53:58 PM): and you still tricked
    Peterko (5:54:16 PM): I faced it like 5 times during 696 dude
    Peterko (5:54:24 PM): so I knew I suck against it
    JumpXVI (5:54:31 PM): but you tricked
    Peterko (5:54:33 PM): unless it crabhammers :-P
    JumpXVI (5:54:36 PM): yeah lol
    Peterko (5:54:53 PM): because according to my exp it´s like 50/50

    JumpXVI (5:55:00 PM): how is that worth a streak
    Peterko (5:55:11 PM): it´s like I should maybe risk charm instead?
    JumpXVI (5:55:19 PM): huh
    JumpXVI (5:55:22 PM): you know it's a TW
    JumpXVI (5:55:27 PM): why are you being silly

    Peterko (5:55:38 PM): that´s how I am sorry
    Peterko (5:55:56 PM): t-wave asks for a OMG my heart will stop battle
    JumpXVI (5:55:59 PM): so at least two times you locked it into guillotine?
    Peterko (5:56:03 PM): trick is a clean cut haha
    JumpXVI (5:56:15 PM): how many times has it actually guillotined?
    Peterko (5:56:24 PM): dunno
    Peterko (5:56:30 PM): 3-4
    JumpXVI (5:56:35 PM): that's what i call "luckier than me"
    Peterko (5:56:42 PM): you wanted to hear that
    Peterko (5:56:47 PM): I don´t know
    JumpXVI (5:57:03 PM): i've lost two different streaks to 3-for-3 ohko

    Peterko (5:57:13 PM): boredom/lazyness I did a list of things that will end my streak
    Peterko (5:57:18 PM): today
    Peterko (5:57:20 PM): at work
    Peterko (5:57:22 PM): lol
    JumpXVI (5:57:23 PM): lol

    now back to the present

    not possible if im thunderwaving kingler, but even if i flashed with mesprit, and it used guillotine and hit, and then went 4-for-4 against garchomp (it may crabhammer instead of guillotine every time but not as you've drawn it up) it would have to hit with three crabhammers through 68% accuracy to beat me (assuming i dont get an evasion/def/speed boost the first time i try, which changes everything)
  18. Head Honchkrow

    Head Honchkrow

    Nov 14, 2009
    I've got a question about Latios's EV spread for the Tower.

    I've got him paired with Scizor and Uxie, and running the standard set:

    Latios @ Leftovers/(Plate)
    Timid Nature
    EVs: ???
    ~Dragon Pulse
    ~Calm Mind

    At first, I used 252 Sp Atk and 252 Spe, but he was just so damn fragile, even when Uxie drew physical Fire, Water, and Electric attacks. If he ever has to go in naked, it's a challenge to do any significant damage with him. I want to bulk up this Latios, ideally without sacrificing too much speed and while still maintaining his ability to sweep convincingly when fully set up. Any help from the masters here?
  19. Pheano


    Nov 24, 2009
    i couldnt figure out how to get the calc thing to work when i downloaded it
  20. EonADS


    Jan 7, 2010
    Honch, Latias outclasses Latios at CM when paired with TrickScarf. Despite the boost in power Latios grants, it's not really worth it to use him b/c as you said he's so damn fragile in comparison.

    Btw, I'm Eon Master, if you don't recognize me over here XD
  21. Grissom


    Jan 28, 2010
    funny paralyze + evasion (Drapion rocks!) hax battle on my side vs. an ice trainer
    if those para+evades didn't kick in, i would've lost.. damn these ace/ice trainers
    vid no.: 60-53941-33002
  22. Hutch3


    Dec 18, 2009
    Looking for advice on my curselax. I'm in the d/p battle tower going for the 100 streak. First pokemon is Lopunny with switcheroo, so I switch a choice scarf on them, then paralyze them and charm attack down (if necessary), then bring in snorlax and curse up. My others moves consist of return, crunch, rest, and it's holding a chesto berry. Would it be more advantageous to run sub instead of rest and have it hold leftovers? Thoughts??
  23. AlCario


    Oct 20, 2009
    Yes, Substitute is the ultimate hax protection, and that is essential if you want to break 100 in the tower.
  24. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    Yeah, sub for sure. Not too sure about pairing Snorlax with Lopunny though. There seem to be better choices out there, even if it's strictly D/P.

    I got bored of Single Battle Tower and just randomly played Double Arcade with this team today:
    Porygon-Z / Timid / Download - Tri-Attack / Thunderbolt / Shadow Ball / Hidden Power Ground 69
    Weavile / Jolly / Pressure - Fake Out / Ice Punch / Night Slash / Brick Break
    Gengar / Timid / Levitate - Shadow Ball / Thunderbolt / HP Ice 70 / Destiny Bond

    I've used something similar before in double castle I think. Basically just a sweeper team with a bit of synergy. The streak ended at 54 when I got Trick Room effect vs Arcanine, Gallade, and Toxicroak... It was obvious that there's no chance to win. I just realized I should have fake outted Gallade instead of Arcanine though, since steadfast would have worked to my advantage. I still probably would have lost though. I only managed to KO Arcanine before I lost. Meh.
  25. Tsubasa-kun


    Mar 9, 2009
    Well, I just lose at my first real try of a good streak at the battle Tower. The team was non-standart for the BT standarts but it went fine at the 96 battles that I did before I lost.


    Platinum, Battle Tower, Single, Streak: 96

    The Team

    Tyranitar (M) @ Choice Scarf
    Ability: Sand Stream
    EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
    - Crunch
    - Stone Edge
    - Superpower
    - Ice Punch
    Garchomp (M) @ Brightpowder
    Ability: Sand Veil
    EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
    - Swords Dance
    - Substitute
    - Earthquake
    - Dragon Claw
    Scizor (M) @ Leftovers
    Ability: Technician
    EVs: 252 HP/248 Atk/8 Spd
    Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Bug Bite
    - Superpower
    - Roost
    - Bullet Punch

    The Estrategy

    Well, there wasn't a complicated estrategy behind this team. Garchomp sweep ftw!

    Scarf TTar is just great as anything, really. But as lead, he finishes off so many leads and even teams by himself. He also does the most important thing: he sets up sandstorm.

    Garchomp is the star of the team and with an awesome set if you're lucky (and well, besides the 97° battle, I was lucky pretty much all the other battles that I NEEDED the miss.) and is so easy to set up... I mean, when I entered the BT I was going for a huge streak, but slow matches aren't my style of play. I was not going to set up a thing 848949849 times to kill 3 mons, absolutely no ofense to anyone, I just don't got the pacience x_x So I went with this Garchomp who set up quickly and is so damn powerful.

    Scizor was there because I needed a steel to pair with Garchomp and to take other dragons ( I didn't know nothing about BT when I made this team. I was expecting Specs Latios/CB Garchomp every fight after the 50+ @_@) and it's also very powerful and is my "revenge killer" with bpunch. I was initially thinking in Metagross for this spot, but I could not have another Ground weakness, so Scizor it is.

    How I lost

    Well, the lead was a Rhyperior. I have nothing to switch into Rhyperior, so, I just Superpower'd him to do at least 50%. Well, I was expecting that. It does 49% or something like that and he kills me with Hammer Arm. Then I send in Garchomp and sub hoping a miss. If I setup, it's near game over for the oponent. But, it do not miss. I sub again, but it do not miss, again. So I just EQ'd him for the KO but... It lives, with 1% I guess. I was like "WHAT THE F***!!". Then I send Scizor, finish him with BP and was like praying for something that scizor could beat. Then, comes an Electivire. I look at the sets "Well, I win against anything but the 885 one who has Fire Punch. Lets hope for the best, it's 3-1!". Then, the bastard uses fire punch .__. I didn't see his last poke because I didn't even saved the battle.


    I think I got pretty far with this team, that hasn't the best strategy at my first run for a good streak. I also recorded my funniest battle (Battle 83), it shows how good is Garchomp and how broken it can be if you're lucky.

    Video no: 34-16068-36761

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