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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Gonzaa


    Jan 25, 2008
    Well, Youtube isn't enough for such a streak. Congratulations Bozo!
  2. thelaytonmobile


    Jan 26, 2010
    I don't understand what you guys are saying... there are loads of pics where the current record and previous are the same and not divisible by 7, aren't there?


    Mar 8, 2010
    Hello community! AUGHBAR here: frequent lurker, first time poster. I tried my hand at one of the categories that didn't have a record yet, and this is what I managed to come up with.


    That's a 28 win streak in the Battle Factory (PLATINUM, Open level, Doubles). Lost to these.

    804 | Rhydon | Adamant | Quick Claw | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Megahorn | Horn Drill | HP/Atk
    945 | Registeel | Adamant | Shell Bell | Iron Head | Hammer Arm | Earthquake | Curse | HP/Def/SpD

    The team I had was subpar consisting of Articuno, Flygon, and Floatzel.

    Flygon used EQ, taking Rhydon to < 50% and Registeel to ~60%. Rhydon then OHKOs Articuno with Stone Edge. How did Rhydon outspeed Articuno you ask? I used Avalanche -.- worst play ever. Registeel used curse.

    In comes Floatzel, who promptly gets OHKOed by a quick claw'd stone edge. Flygon KO's Rhydon with EQ and knocks Registeel to < 20%. Registeel then crits Flygon with Hammer Arm and that's the end of the streak! I didn't get to see the third pokemon since Flygon fainted the same turn it knocked out Rhydon.
  4. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    you can't see that record screen if you are still going on a set of 7.
  5. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
    is a Pokemon Researcher

    May 3, 2005
    I see no problems here. If you lose on battle 241, the computer says your current streak is 240.
  6. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    I was pretty sure that if I lose on battle 241, it'd say PREV streak is 240, not CURRENT streak is 240, unless I am forgetting something somewhere. keeret's photo says CURRENT streak is 240.

    Since I'm posting, I'll update a bit more. I'm up to 231 in my Platinum Double Battle Tower streak now. Still going. I'm happy to pass the 200 threshold (something I failed horribly at in Single Tower).
  7. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
    is a Pokemon Researcher

    May 3, 2005
    Ah, my mistake. I never even noticed that it changes between "Current" and "Prev".
  8. TotalPotato


    Jul 24, 2007
    241 isn't a multiple of 7 anyway. 238 is, though.
  9. Edwin illan

    Edwin illan

    Jul 8, 2009
    I'm trying again the platinum double battle tower (70 win streak for now, only one hard fight because of a Charizard 4 avoiding my Eruption and another where I was very lucky, I was facing Poliwrath, I exploded with Camerupt and it didn't have Damp. I face many Damp Pokemon this time :( ) but I have to make an other Dusknoir (this one is a little too frail, it is brave 252 Att...not very useful) and I'm waiting for HG/SS to give to Octillery Water Spout (it should be awesome even with life orb, I don't like Surf on him).

    EDIT : lost to 88 wins because of a Swarm Heracross 4. If it had Guts, I would have won. I think I'll stop battle tower for a little time...
  10. Lightsabre


    Aug 1, 2008
    ok, sorry if this comes off as griping, but why wasn't my 117 streak put on the list? I've got the link in my sig, though granted with the update the "puts me in x place" isn't accurate anymore.

    and on another note Congrats BOZO :)
  11. MegaMewtwo


    Oct 17, 2007
    As far as I was told at the EB near me, it does come standard with them here. No idea what your EB people are talking about.

    Sorry for epic off-topic-ness.
  12. Groombridge


    Dec 19, 2007
    TRE, do you see the 'broken streak' screen that infrequently? :)

    Dood, that was a good catch with keeret's 'streak'. I was actually chasing 240 for a while there! I kind of agree with Peterko about Grissom's out-of-nowhere streaks, I have to say. Vaporeon is bulky as hell, but what does it do against dual Grass leads without a Sash, seeing as Ludicolo can't touch them? I'm all for benefit of the doubt, but this seems unlikely for such a large streak.

    I'm finally playing Platinum, and it sure is nice here. I'm getting my Rain team used to the new Tower. I've switched Toxicroak's Expert Belt for a Payapa Berry: way too many things have Zen Headbutt as a tutor move, which seriously affects Croak's survivability. It loses a couple of guaranteed OHKOs (it only KOs Gengar 80% of the time, for instance), but the extra life has proven worthwhile. Most every promising streak I've lost has been predicated by Croak getting OHKO'd with a Psychic attack, so hopefully fixing that will patch up the hole in the team.

    Expert Belt now goes onto Ludicolo (now Modest), for the express purpose of dealing with bulky Waters. The extra sauce on its Grass Knot helps it deal with annoying things like Walrein and Lapras.
  13. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009
    Hmm, 802 wins? If you did get that many wins you are WAY luckier than I am because I can tell you now I wouldn't be able to get more than 200-300 wins at most with it. When I play with a team the AI usually finds its weak spots within a few hundred wins. There just seem to be so many things that can go wrong with this team:

    - Electrics: Having something like Raikou punt a CH with Thunder on Uxie on Turn 1 or 2 will get pretty ugly. A Scarfed Raikou up against two pokemon that can't resist it? Sure you may go for not Tricking at turn one but you will still need to switch out, which is no fun with these two options at your disposal.
    Then there's things like Electrivire with Earthquake, Ice Punch, Motor Drive and a Shucca Berry that seem almost like they are designed to fight this kind of team. Similarly things like Zapdos could really annoy the shit out of you with its pesky moves. That doesn't even take into account yet the haxy paralysis that these badboys will be sending you right, left and center. Of all the types out there, you really do not want to leave yourself exposed to this type because they will drive you up the wall with their speed, paralysis and powerful Special Attacks!

    - Uxie: Okay, Uxie is awesome and I personally find him the best lead out there in the BT. Your whole strategy seems to revolve around him and Trick though. What do you do if Uxie can't lock an enemy into a move because of some CH Crunch/Shadow Ball, Flinch-hax, stupid ability or Brightpowder? Your pokemon do not seem like I want to switch them into anything that isn't locked into Trick, leaving your Uxie very exposed to all these things. There are still many other things like recoil damage moves that will give you hell even if you can lock enemies into something with Trick. Salamence and Drapion just need a lot of time to set up, often far too little facing something like Head Smash!

    - Salamence: This guy does not have Roost! There are just so many things out there that you don't want to use Drapion on and won't be able to get more than +2/+3 Att on with Salamence if you pull off a Trick. You will be using Sub and your Hp will be going down so fast you won't find the time to use DD a lot. Even with Flash-Memento-Intimidate things like Sandstorm/Hail, SE moves and Critical hits will make that Hp go down so fast.
    You may say that you have EQ as type coverage to compensate for less Att but that is only true to a certain extent. What if you end up using Outrage against something and get locked into it against an opponent that you could have killed with EQ? But no, he ends up killing your Salamence because you got locked into Outrage. It gets worse because the Ground/Steel/Rock type that are likely to survive these Outrages often carry Ground moves that will make sushi out of your Poison-typed Drapion before you can say 'crap'.

    - Drapion: Its all nice and dandy with rainbows and butterflies for this guy when the enemy is locked into some rubbish move that can do squat for damage. However on his own, Drapion is pretty vulnerable to a lot. With only one shitty move for offense and no Attack to back it up he is not going on any sweeping streaks soon. Lets face it, when Uxie has Memento'd and Salamence dies to some Counter/Metal Sound/Focus Band-Sash/Brightpowder/QC shit you will not be a happy camper. In the end this guy is solid when you set him up but throwing him into the heat of a real battle is not his forte. If you want to use Drapion, imho the alternative sweeper to set up should really have almost all bases covered and never put you in a position to set up Drapion against something that isn't locked by Trick or somehow weakened.
  14. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    My Platinum Double Battle Tower streak came to an end, at a streak of 271. It ended the way I imagined, so yeah, cool, I guess.

    Recap of Team:
    Lead #1:
    Bronzong / Brave / Heatproof @ Lum Berry
    IVs: 31 / 31 / 27 / 7 / 29 / 20
    EVs: 252 HP 252 Attack 4 Sp Def.
    Lvl 50 stats: 174 / 155 / 134 / 87 / 136 / 43
    Moveset: Trick Room / Explosion / Earthquake / Iron Head

    Lead #2:
    Duskull / not important / Levitate @ Focus Sash
    IVs: not important
    EVs: none
    Lvl 1 stats: 11 HP / x / x / x / x / x
    Moveset: Protect / Foresight / Leer / Pain Split

    Attacker #1:
    Camerupt / Brave / Solid Rock @ Life Orb
    IVs: 29 / 31 / 30 / 31 / 25 / 0
    EVs: 252 Attack 252 Sp. Attack 4 Sp Def
    Lvl 50 stats: 144 / 167 / 90 / 157 / 93 / 40
    Moveset: Eruption / Explosion / Protect / Earthquake

    Attacker #2:
    Machamp / Brave / No Guard @ Iron Ball
    IVs: 25+ / 31 / 25+ / x / 31 / 2
    EVs: 252 Attack 236 HP 16 Def 4Sp Def or something like that
    Moveset: Rockslide / Dynamic Punch / Fling / Protect

    Troublesome Stuffs:
    - First Turn OHKO on Bronzong pretty much means I lose.
    - Damp Pokemon are somewhat problematic.
    - Steel or Rock types... not so much, but still requires more attention
    - Bright Powder things, and of course Abomasnow paired with Snow Cloak, potentially ... Machamp does well here.

    How I lost:
    Skuntank + Walrein:
    Turn 1:
    Duskull Protect. Skuntank Poison Jab Duskull.
    Walrein Sheer Cold Bronzong KO.

    Turn 2:
    Skuntank Nightslash (I think) Duskull. Sash.
    Walrein Fissure Camerupt miss.
    Camerupt Earthquake KO Skuntank. 35ish% Walrein.
    Duskull Pain Split Walrein.

    Turn 3: Op sends out something I forgot, but it's weak to Ground.
    Duskull Protect.
    Whatever I forgot used a move on Duskull.
    Walrein Rest.
    Camerupt EQ KOs the whatever pkmn, hurts Walrein.
    --> I actually thought I have a chance.

    Turn 4: Op sends out Rhyperior. (I hope it's not the Horn Drill one and use Horn Drill.... if not, then I have some chance of winning.)
    Walrein Sleep Talk Sheer Cold hit duskull.
    Rhyperior used Horn Drill miss Camerupt.
    Camerupt used Explosion. KOs Walrein, doesn't KO Rhyperior.
    --> So basically I lose since No Guard Horn Drill and Machamp's slower... unless it's stupid and doesn't use Horn Drill.

    Turn 5:
    Rhyperior used Horn Drill KO.
    --> Nope, no such luck.

    I'm still more than satisfied that I got past 265 (CB Shuckle's record). I'm sure you'll get a higher streak soon though.

    I'll take a bit of break for now. Maybe try Destiny Bond > Leer on Duskull after a break.

    O yeah, I'll see if I can pic up in the next few days. I didn't save the video since I still have my haxxy video (4 EQ misses on lax incense jolteon) on my platinum. Sorry I forgot what that 3rd pokemon was.

    EDIT: Ok let's see how this one shows up (taken from Photo Booth on my laptop lol):
  15. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    That's an epic picture... I love it how Jumpman's original photo with Ursaring inspired a record-picture revolution. Also, awesome double team and record... can't say much more than that since I suck at doubles.

    I guess so... but the first team only got 196, so that one was 'meh'.

    Best. Typo. Ever. (if you know what I mean) Oh, but it probably is worth fixing before the next update...

    Now, I've decided I won't post again here until a certain change/event occurs, which is... no, I can't say what it is. That's right, it's like a protest!
  16. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    not that i am defending the likilihood of this streak being legit, but...... this is a pretty terrible critique of the team. i dont have the time now to go into a discussion (ie argument lol) about it, but i'll just say that drapion+salamence were put to great use by DrDimentio (streak of over 600), and i think the synergy is there. of course things like CH thunder raikou could be a problem, but then again there is always some amount of risk (this situation is only about 1% more likely than a QC+OHKO, which is pretty much a deadly combination to face). you also seem to be knocking the very idea of drapion which, thanks to jumpman's success, is pretty much a losing battle.

    anyway........ maybe someone else will say more about this.

    congrats on the streak man! you know, the funny thing is that i only have two pokemon figurines - a pikachu and a munchlax - if i could have found my munchlax the other day, he would have been in my 1001 picture instead of my lego darth vader. absolutely love the pic!!

    @DrDimentio - the release of HG/SS in australia?
  17. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    - fixed deedee
    - added star wars
    - deleted keeret
    - added doody and another one
  18. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009

    Could only find the Salamence+Registeel 600+ streak? Can you link me to the Drapion+Salamence one, I've looked but don't see it anywhere.

    If you think the synergy is there that's fair enough and we can agree to disagree. If you find the time, I would be curious to know why you think my critique is not valid and what you think would pose problems to this team instead.
  19. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    Thanks, DrDimentio and Bozo! I only have that Munchlax and a Snorlax plush (both BDay gifts from my pokemon buddy).

    Thanks for updating, Peterko! But... ... my 271 streak is for Platinum, not Diamond/Pearl lol.

    Regarding Drapion: This is not much of a counter argument (since the fact is, we don't have perfect info all the time), but in the case of Raikou, if not for the presence of the Calm Mind Raikou, Uxie doesn't even need to Trick or Twave. It can just Memento right off the bat as Raikou won't 3HKO Drapion with Thunder (Drapion can just rest to stall out Thunder PP and then start Acupressuring). Pretty much same thing with Zapdos. The only one that is a threat is the U-Turn one, as the other 3 won't 3HKO with Thunder(bolt) after Memento.

    O yeah, I probably won't play (much) Pokemon again until April since school's getting busy, but when I get back to it, I'm thinking of trying to get 100+ streak in Platinum Double Battle Tower using 5 different teams (at least 3 different pokemon to count as different), just as a goal sort of. Currently I have 2 (3 if including the one in D/P). To me, it sounds like a fun goal to aim for.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention: For physical attackers that don't have Clear Body (or White Herb, or Mold Breaker), Uxie can (if it wants) just Memento without Tricking. Only exception are STABed EQs, which will require Salamence to Intimidate E.g. VS. Shuca Berry Electivire.

    Turn 1: Uxie Memento. Electivire does something. -2 Attack.
    Turn 2: Salamence Intimidate, switch to Drapion or just sit around to get KO'd by Ice Punch. -3 Attack. (or just switch between Salamence and Drapion to get more than -3 Attack).

    -3 Attack Electivire EQ does 30.5% max to Drapion. Drapion can just Acupressure twice, rest, and keep resting until EQ's stalled out, or if the one of the first 2 Acupressures increased Def or Evasion, even better. After 1 Acupressure Def boost (+2), -3 EQ will do 15.8% max, so chances are, Drapion won't even need to rest at all. Acupressure to +6 everything. Done.

    Uxie works so well with Drapion because it doesn't even need to Trick. For many things that don't have ground moves (or attack/spA boosting moves), Uxie can just Memento and Drapion will be able to set up.
  20. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    star wars?

    this makes me think - we should have a separate post on the first page with a quick link to picture proofs - some of the recent ones with ursaring/munchlax/etc are really cool :)

    my apologies - i forgot that was with registeel. pretty dure DrD also had a good streak that involved drapion, but perhaps he had garchomp as backup.

    granted, the drapion/salamence synergy is nowhere near as good as registeel/salamence. but, for example, if you replace salamence with garchomp, you trade an electric "weakness" for a water "weakness". so, since there are equally strong attacking moves of both types, i can only assume you are more worried about things like thunderwave. however, as a salamence user myself, i have never found this to be a problem. usually my lead paralyzes them back, then i switch to salemence. there are only a couple of exceptions to this rule which i'll describe below. 25% of the time they are FP, 75% of the time i use up my berry. 100% of the time, i finish dealing with the first pokemon with a sub and +6 attack+speed, having EQ'd them to death. exceptions - pretty much jolteon and levitators/fliers such as lati@s - for these i generally just have to PP stall thunderwave and switch salamence in to set up on -6 struggle - he generally ends the first encounter with sub and +3 attack+speed or so - another possibility is to retrick the lead after lowering its attack and paralyzing it, depending on its backup moves.

    sure raikou might get a CH on thunder on turn 1. but the odds of this are 7/10 * 1/16 = 4.375%, compared to the 3/10 * 1/10 = 3% of a QC OHKO. metagross4 might also get a QC crit meteor mash + attack raise on turn one. so what? things like that will screw just about any team.

    other critiques you mentioned:

    generally when this comes out, salamence and drapion will be set up, and dispose of it easily. besides, salamence outspeeds and OHKO's this electivire with outrage even with no stat boosts. if it is a lead, then i guess it will get locked on thunder punch, and flashed + memento'd.

    the point of these trick teams is that noone is doing *anything* left right and centre. the lead is locked into one move, and the backup pokes are usually OHKO'd before they can do anything. these kind of comments make me wonder.....

    ummmmm.......... yeah. its kinda the point with a trick team though, right? sure, bad things can happen when you are unable to trick (we all know about gastrodon etc). but the point is that 99% of the time you dont have to worry about that kind of thing. i faced a lead manectric that BP'd me twice in a row - a third one and i would have been in some trouble - this kind of thing happens, and its then that you realise - heck salamence could probably win 50% of these battles on his own.

    another comment that really makes me wonder. how would a flinch or CH crunch etc prevent uxie from using trick? IT HAS A CHOICE SCARF.

    sure, in a perfect world, you'd have roost on there as well, but we only have room for 4 moves.

    you have a snorlax plush doll? i am so jealous!!!!!!!!!
  21. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009
    Well what I meant was that paralysis is annoying if its on damaging moves like Thunder/Thunderbolt from guys with high Sp. Att. If any one of them can kill Uxie before they are weakened they pose a threat. Having played with a team with no Electric resistance for a few hundred battles, at least 1/7 trainers had Electrics and it does add up. You really need to hope they don't kill your lead and paralyse stuff every time. I can make a list examples if you really like but I think you get the idea.With T-Wave you just use memento and sub with Salamence or something, they are easy. Maybe by using Latias so much you may be underestimating how much of a threat Electric/Paralysis end up being.

    Zapdos 924 has U-turn, so much for locking him into stuff. Zapdos 938 has Brightpowder and only needs one miss, one CH or one turn to paralyse Uxie to end up facing Salamence/Drapion with a nice Speed boost. He can then 2HKO Drapion without even needing paralysis and Salamence won't be happy either. Zapdos 910 has slightly less Sp. Att but still is a threat, just like Zapdos 896 which has the 120 power Thunder.

    This was just meant to illustrate that you could be in serious trouble if you end switch on a threatening lead and up paralysed.

    - Gengar 419, outspeeds Uxie and can OHKO with a CH
    - Weavile 440 + 712 have an easy OHKO with their high CH rate Night Slash, not even needing Fake out to do so. Weavile 576 has Brightpowder and doesn't even need it to OHKO Uxie, same goes for Weavile 848
    - Infernape 361 could send out all kinds of nasty things after Fake Out + U-turn
    - Latias 932 has Brightpowder and Shadow Ball
    - Aerodactyl 715 can Flinch with Rock Slide and go for kill with Crunch
    - Crobat 739, also outspeeds Uxie and has flinch-hax Dark Pulse + King's Rock

    Those are just some of the ones that can pose a threat by outspeeding Uxie (yes, even with a Choice Scarf). And even that is only taking into account the ones that can prevent you from Tricking with their high speed, there are others too.

    You keep saying that all of this will work "most" of the time, which is definitely true. All I'm saying that this team has quite a few flaws which would make me think it requires a lot of luck to get that far. Changing a few small things like giving Uxie +8 Speed and switching Salamence for Garchomp would make a big difference.
  22. VaporeonIce


    Mar 11, 2010
    I've been lurking for a while, and thought I'd post my Battle Factory (Singles, open level) record of 48 wins. Yes, 48. I lost against Thorton, and didn't get the gold print.
    War story:

    My team was the following:

    Yanmega @ Coba Berry
    Timid, Sp Atk/Speed
    ~Signal Beam
    ~Air Cutter
    ~Double Team

    Tyranitar @ Chople Berry
    Adamant, HP/Atk
    ~Dragon Dance
    ~Stone Edge

    Starmie @ Expert Belt
    Modest, Sp Atk/Speed
    ~Ice Beam

    That may not have been the Starmie I used, but it definitely had both Surf and Psychic. Obviously, Yanmega isn't ideal for a lead, but I wanted something fast that could outspeed and OHKO certain glass cannons that might give me trouble (Weavile, Alakazam).

    Thorton sends out Registeel. I've never seen a Registeel in the Factory before, so I didn't know what to expect, but obviously, Yanmega wasn't doing anything to it. I considered using Detect to scout, but I knew I was screwed if I let it set up Curses on me. I also knew that Tyranitar was the best shot I had at winning, so I didn't want to switch him into an Iron Head, Earthquake, or Superpower. I switch to Starmie.

    Starmie is OKHO'd by a critical hit Thunderpunch.

    Obviously, I switch to Tyranitar. I figure the only chance I have of winning is to set up enough Dragon Dances to sweep his team, so I start using Dragon Dance. Registeel keeps throwing Thunderpunches and Ice Punches at me for pathetic damage. I get up four Dragon Dances. I was risking freezing or paralysis, but I thought the risk was better than having too few Dragon Dances and having to rely on Stone Edge to win. I want to win with just Crunch and Earthquake. Four seems like enough. Tyranitar's at about 1/3 health when I EQ Registeel. It faints.

    Thorton sends in Glalie. I laugh, because Glalie sucks horribly. I use Crunch, expecting an easy kill, and...

    I miss. Apparently, it's the following Glalie:
    798 | Glalie | Modest | Lax Incense | Blizzard | Dark Pulse | Sheer Cold | Hail | HP/SpA

    He sets up Hail. I'm annoyed, because now Tyranitar doesn't have the special defense boost. I use Crunch, hoping to kill...

    I miss again. Glalie KOs Tyranitar with Blizzard.

    Well, now I'm screwed. I send out Yanmega, who I'm pretty sure isn't strong enough to OHKO Glalie. My only chance is to spam Detect until the Hail runs out, because obviously, Blizzard doesn't miss in Hail, so Double Team is useless. My second Detect fails, and Yanmega is OHKO'd by Blizzard.

    I was pretty mad. The team wasn't optimal, but it was the best I could get, and that Tyranitar is obviously a godsend. I think hax hurts even worse in the Battle Factory because you can't build your team to beat it the way you can in the other facilities. But anyway, that's my streak. 48's good, just...49 would have been so much better :\
  23. Gonzaa


    Jan 25, 2008
    Well, my intention to use a not-used trick lead fail after 56 battles xD Now i'm trying with Infernape (Jumpan's hall set was the "inspirer"), i'll tell you after i break my record or i lose :P
  24. BeatenByBulbasaur


    Jan 16, 2010
    Started doing DP doubles tower after getting frustrated by a crit-happy Staraptor in singles. I decided to try a rain team after reading about CBshuckles success (I am using his Ludi/Kingdra on my team), and am currently on run three with a team that hasn't been threatened yet at 90 wins.

    Vaporeon @ Focus Sash
    252 Def/252 SDef/4 HP

    - Rain Dance
    - Surf
    - Ice Beam
    - Helping Hand

    Ludicolo @ Lum Berry
    252 SAtk/132HP/124 Speed

    - Fake Out
    - Surf
    - Grass Knot
    - Ice Beam

    Kingdra @ Life Orb
    252 Satk/228HP/4def/12Sdef/12 Speed

    - Surf
    - Dragon Pulse
    - Ice Beam
    - Draco Meteor

    Zapdos @ Leftovers
    252 HP/160 Def/92Sdef/4 Speed

    - Thunder
    - Rain Dance
    - Protect
    - Substitute

    Strategy is simple. With sash/fake out, Vaporeon pretty much gets rain up 100% of the time. Vaporeon is also incredibly bulky, but the real trick up the sleeve is HH. Helping hand is very very useful, enabling Ludi and Kingdra to OHKO many many things and ignoring Vaporeon's low speed. Surf is a no brainer, and Ice Beam has its uses (random grass pokes that Ludi can't KO, dragons etc.)

    Ludi fake outs turn 1 normally, then proceeds to hit really hard. Not much to say here. Kingdra is ridiculous in the rain. I ran a specs variant originally, but that lacks synergy with Zapdos. Life Orb still gives more than enough power to power through things. Draco Meteor is there only for extreme situations - it saved my ass once against a particularly annoying team of Lanturn/Gallade/Zapdos/Starmie that would have beaten me otherwise.

    Zapdos got added to shore up a few problems as well as adding a second bulky rain dancer. I ran an offensive EV spread originally, before realising defensive suited it more (thunder coming off 125 base SAtk and STAB is plenty strong as it is). One offensive move is enough, anything ground type gets destroyed by the rest of my team. Rain dance for backup, protect for lefties recovery and to survive ally surfs, and substitute to shore up one particular problem.

    Version 1 of this team died to a haxy quick claw leafeon killing both my dancers before they could land a move. This prompted me to run sash on vappy rather than leftovers.

    Version 2 got haxed to death by a Cradily running ingrain/DT/stockpile/toxic and lefties. I could have avoided the disaster by focusing on it early (i was up 4-1 without too much of a fuss), but it got ridiculously lucky with evasion and after a few stockpiles I couldn't touch it and gradually died to toxic. I realised I needed an 100% accurate move and something that could dodge status after this, causing me to replace Kabutops with Zapdos (something I have been very pleased with thus far).

    Thoughts on team? Still fairly new to the tower, but am having quite a good time so far.
  25. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    what a shameful shameful way to kick you out of the factory - i hate how the frontier thinks it has to do things like that :(

    i like it a lot - i think when my current singles streak comes to an end i'll be doing a doubles run with a rain dance team similar to this. i love the idea of helping hand on vappy. if he ends up going down, ludi and kingdra can both fire off surfs while taking 1/4 damage from the friendly fire. i've always loved ludicolo, so i'm kinda looking forward to trying doubles. not that i'm hoping my streak ends....

    speaking of which, i didnt really know what to think when i got an exploding gaydol on turn 1. i ended up equalling peterko's record for the shortest battle with a full-on trick team:

    1. trick - i get lax insense, gaydol gets choice scarf. gaydol explodes!
    2. i send in salamence, mainly for the intimidate. they send out flygon. it's a set 4, 21 IVs trainer, so i know it is slower than my salamence. outrage KO's the flygon. (i toyed with other ideas - someone argue with me if you think there was a better move.)
    3. in comes magnezone. outrage does about 30-40%. he uses thunderbolt, for about 60-70%. salamence becomes confused - lum - yes!
    4. EQ for the win!
    i did toy with a couple of options on turn 2:

    • sub a few times - hope for a 2 turn outrage (from flygon), then confusion on 3rd sub. knowing my luck in these kinds of things, i didnt want to risk it.
    • switch to registeel on outrage, switch back to salamence when it finishes, hopefully on an EQ. repeat until registeel can "safely" set up. i really dont like this option though, because the AI seems to randomly choose stone edge (for the possible CH chance lol), and even at -1 or -2 outrage still does stacks to registeel.
    but yeah, i got pretty lucky on that one!

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