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Playing in the Sun ( Monotype )

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by jeta, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. jeta


    Apr 2, 2010

    Hello there Smogonites, here I have a pokemon team that I think is really fun to use. It started with an idea that I had to make a monotype team. It was going to be electric, my second favorite type, but I wanted to use Heatran and Infernape. Well i had to choose fire. And why not have a Monotype Fire Sun team? I don't know. And so this team was made my me. Like I said before this team is really fun to use, unless its against a rain team. Then I just want to survive for 10 turns or so. This team is like a Hyper Offence team I guess, it has similar qualities as one.

    The Team at a Glance


    The Team

    Ability: Drought
    Ev's: 252 HP / 200 Sp. Def. / 56 Spe.
    Nature: Calm
    ~Fire Blast
    ~Sunny Day​

    Ninetails is the sun inducer which makes all of the fire type moves way more powerful, it is also a fire type pokemon so it fits with the team. I have a specially defensive set so it can survive a few hits to maybe set up the sun more than once, also nice against other bulky leads. Fire Blast is of course inaccurate, but it is more powerful that Flamethrower. I don't know about this, but does it get the accuracy bonus from Victini? I am not sure about that. Anyway, SolarBeam is good for the water types that think they can switch in, except for Politoed that can actually switch in to anything that Ninetails can throw at it, except for Sunny Day. A good timed Sunny Day turns a bad situation into a good situation. Instead of the sun being gone, its there, so I am free to go for the SolarBeam to KO the Politoed if they decide to stay in.

    Ability: Flash Fire
    Ev's: 248 HP / 252 Sp. Def. / 8 Spe.
    Nature: Calm
    ~Lava Plume
    ~Earth Power
    ~Stealth Rock

    I wanted Heatran because it is on another one of my teams, and I really like it. With the spread it takes most special hits fairly well and can either set up Stealth Rock, or just hit with a Lava Plume. The spread also allows for this Heatran to win the Heatran war. It can take a Earth Power and hit back with its own. If it is an offensive Heatran then I take a hit and KO, if it is Defensive, then hopefully I will outspeed with the extra speed investment. Roar is there for more damage or just to get rid of their switch advantage. Lava Plume is also nice for the potential burn it gives, it has the same rate as scald. Heatran has great typing that allows it to switch in on most special attacks barring of course strong Water type attacks, which under the sun become even less threatening but still threatening.

    Infernape`Expert Belt
    Ability: Iron Fist
    Ev's: 4 HP / 252 Atk. / 252 Spe.
    Nature: Adamant
    ~Close Combat
    ~Flare Blitz
    ~Thunder Punch

    Infernape is just fun to use. Its fast and powerful. Its dual STAB is really nice, and with thunder punch with other bonuses makes taking on water types less scarry, but still scary. Anyway, with Expert Belt and Iron Fist, Thunder Punch becomes 108 Base Power, which is nice, if it hits something for super effective damage obviously, but why would I use it anyway if it wasn't a super effective hit, oh well. Infernape is also fast, it can outspeed a lot of things, which is useful. Its basically just another hard hitting Fire Pokemon on my team, too bad Blaziken is uber, but Infernape is good too.

    Ability: Flame Body
    Ev's: 4 HP / 252 Sp. Atk. / 252 Spe.
    Nature: Modest
    ~Quiver Dance
    ~Fiery Dance
    ~Bug Buzz
    ~Giga Drain​

    I really don't think I have to tell you how good Volcarona is. It sets up with Quiver Dance and then attacks with the force of a Volcarona. I use Giga Drain for those pesky Water types that resist Fire type moves, so instead of staying in and scalding something, they get KO'd and I have more HP. Stealth Rock is a pain for this pokemon as it takes away half of its HP, but you already knew that, its just a pain. Its still amazing if it gets up a few Quiver Dances, then it doesn't really care about its HP.

    Rotom-H`Choice Scarf
    Ability: Levitate
    Ev's: 88 HP / 252 Sp. Atk. / 168 Spe.
    Nature: Modest
    ~Volt Switch
    ~Hidden Power ( Ice )​

    I really like Rotom, so naturally, Rotom gets to be on my Monotype Team. The Scarf set fits because I don't have another scarfer on my team. It's ability is also very nice. Mamoswine just KO'd my Heatran, no problem, just send in my Rotom-H, and Overheat away, not that Mamoswine is really a problem for my team anyway. Levitate turns what would be a 4x weakness into a immunity, nice. Having a Scarfer is really nice. If I manage to weaken Dragonite or Lati@s then I can just revenge KO with Rotom-H. Overheat is powerful in the sun and its just too bad that it causes the Special Attack to drop, oh wait, it doesn't even really matter that much because Overheat in the sun is so powerful anyway. After one use the attack power becomes that of if the sun wasn't there, Ya thats pretty good.

    Victini`Life Orb
    Ability: Victory Star
    Ev's: 4 HP / 252 Atk. / 252 Spe.
    Nature: Adamant
    ~Fusion Bolt
    ~Brick Break​

    Victini possess the most powerful Fire type Move in the game. V-create in the sun is devastating even as a resisted hit to a physically defensive Pokemon. It also has Fusion Bolt to have a powerful Electric type attack. U-Turn is good for switch advantage, Brick Break is good for Heatrans. Victini has the most powerful Fire type move in the game, so why not take advantage of it. I don't have a Choice Band because Life Orb allows me to swith moves after I use one. V-create is just so powerful after STAB and sun are put into the equation it reaches, what 405 base power, is that right, ya I think, that's just ridiculous.

    Well thats all of my pokemon, if you have any ideas of how to make it better please suggest the ideas, all suggestions will be taken into account. Thanks in advance.
  2. Don Honchkrorleone

    Don Honchkrorleone

    Aug 8, 2010
    Dude, you should be playing Monotype metagame.

    I have a monofire that is almost exactly like yours, even the Heatran and Rotom-H are the same! The only difference is that I run Torkoal instead of Victini, but I'm wanting to try that out for ages.

    I'll only suggest two things: The first is swapping either Toxic or Will-O-Wisp for Sunny Day. This way, you'll ensure the favorable weather if you are facing a slower Politoed, Tyranitar or Hippowdon (you shouldn't stay on any of them anyway). You could also put an Air Balloon instead of Leftovers in Ninetales so you'll have a chance to swich into a Ground move if Rotom dies.

    The second suggestion is about Volcarona. Hazards are a pain (another reason to consider Torkoal), chipping a lot from its HP. I suggest Giga Drain over Morning Sun. Not only it recovers your HP, but it's also a powerful weapon against Terrakion and bulky Water-types such as Jellicent and Gastrodon. You could also try Hidden Power Rock because you know how good Volcarona is, and against your team too. Heatran can wall it, but if it carries HP Ground it's very troublesome. HP Rock is also good against Gyarados and Dragonite.

    I really, really loved your team. I just love monotypes and yours is one of the best I've ever seen. Good luck and you got a Luvdic from me :)
  3. jeta


    Apr 2, 2010
    Thanks for the rate dude! I really appreciate it a lot!!

    While I was battling a rain team, I was actually remembering a Ninetales that I used on a different team that used Sunny Day. It worked great, and I was thinking I should use Sunny Day since rain teams are such a pain, but I didn't actually look at my move set to change it. I will defiantly switch Toxic for Sunny Day, I didn't use Toxic a lot anyway, and when I remember using it, its against Politoed. So I will definatly use Sunny Day now, thanks for the suggestion!

    I think I'm gonna switch Morning Sun for Giga Drain. I was thinking about it, and the only times I needed Morning Sun to survive was when I got poisoned, and after boosting, but I got poisoned by Gastrodon which i could easily KO with Giga Drain, and a lucky poison by Sludge Bomb against a Gengar, but oh well. Plus I really woudn't be losing recovery because it is a recovery move. HP Rock is defiantly something to consider though, as it does deal with troublesome pokemon that would be trouble otherwise. I will test out both, but for now I will replace Morning Sun for Giga Drain.

    Again, Thanks for the rate and suggestions and Luvdisc!!!
  4. Bluwing

    Bluwing death by hurricane!
    is a Tutor Alumnus

    Aug 3, 2012
    Use Hidden Power Ground over Giga Drain on Volcarona to handle Heatran, and Terrakion better. Also you can give Infernape a Choice Band so it can 2HKO Politoed after SR.

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