Point Buy II - Round 5

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Point Buy Tournament II

General Tournament Rules
Rounds: 1 2 3 4
co-hosted by badalcristiano

Don't forget to save and send your logs to Earthworm after you win!.
REMINDER: all Pokemon bought in Rounds 1 & 2 would have expired by now.

  • This will be a single-elimination tournament
  • Battles MUST be played on Shoddy Battle.
  • Self-KO Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • Freeze Clause
  • Evasion Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Timed Battle
  • No Scouting
  • Only Pokémon UU and below or Pokémon purchased can be used
  • The winner must send a log of their match to Earthworm

There are only THREE rounds left in the tournament, including this one. That means that if you buy a team for 3 rounds now, you can use it for the remainder of the tournament.


These are based upon the usage statistics on the Standard Ladder in June. They will remain fixed throughout the tournament. All UU Pokemon may be used without being purchased. To buy for 3 rounds is full price, 2 rounds is 4/5th of the price, 1 round is half price.


The following (above the normal price list) have been added to the Pokemon that you can buy. These are deliberately priced high due to their Uber status. They are generally ordered based on the speed at which they were voted Uber during the Suspect tests.

Deoxys-S: 750
Wobbuffet: 700
Garchomp: 700
Latios (may not hold Soul Dew): 700
Shaymin-S: 700
Manaphy: 650
Latias (may not hold Soul Dew): 600
Scizor: 250
Heatran: 225
Salamence: 220
Tyranitar: 180
Gyarados: 175
Gengar: 170
Jirachi: 170
Rotom-A: 170
Starmie: 165
Infernape: 160
Metagross: 155
Swampert: 145
Blissey: 125
Machamp: 120
Lucario: 120
Azelf: 115
Breloom: 115
Gliscor: 100
Flygon: 100
Skarmory: 95
Vaporeon: 95
Jolteon: 90
Suicune: 85
Dragonite: 85
Celebi: 80
Magnezone: 80
Zapdos: 75
Kingdra: 75
Togekiss: 70
Bronzong: 70
Forretress: 65
Aerodactyl: 65
Electivire: 60
Empoleon: 60
Weavile: 55
Dusknoir: 50
Ninjask: 50
Mamoswine: 50
Hippowdon: 50
Snorlax: 50
Umbreon: 40
Tentacruel: 40
Roserade: 40
Smeargle: 40
Porygonz 35
Heracross 30
Cresselia: 30
Abomasnow: 30
Crobat: 25
Gallade: 25
Froslass: 25
Yanmega: 25
Shaymin: 20
Honchkrow: 20
Raikou: 15
Staraptor: 10

Point Totals as of Round 5
San_Pellegrino 339
ENZ0 337
IronBullet93 314
Seafunks 271
Lady Bug 230
Justinawe 207
Master of the Six Kings 103
DarkLucario 100
If you believe we have made a mistake, please PM Earthworm IMMEDIATELY.

Surprisingly, Arin lost to Lady Bug last round, so the playing field has been evened out a lot. We are down to eight players going into Round 5, and despite the introduction of the suspects from this generation's suspect tests, nobody can afford any of them for a single round with their current point totals. With considerably fewer players, it seems likely that correct bets will consistently produce a 150% or 200% return, which could mean some players raising the point totals by a lot. Good luck everyone!

Pairings (Bracketmaker)

San_Pellegrino vs IronBullet93
ENZ0 vs DarkLucario
Seafunks vs Lady Bug
Master of the Six Kings vs Justinawe

This round's deadline is the 17th of September.


the eternal dreamer
is a Team Rater Alumnus
San_Pellegrino vs IronBullet93
ENZ0 vs DarkLucario
Seafunks vs Lady Bug
Master of the Six Kings vs Justinawe


will contact ironbullet
You should have spoilered that, that's humongous.
And also, hopefully the matches get done quicker now that there are fewer people left.
San_Pellegrino vs IronBullet93
ENZ0 vs DarkLucario
Seafunks vs Lady Bug
Master of the Six Kings vs Justinawe - Hope to have a good match with little hax!

I'll send in bets soon, GL everyone
Betting is over, here they are!

0	San_Pellegrino vs IronBullet93		1
1	ENZ0 vs DarkLucario			1
0	Seafunks vs Lady Bug			2
0	Master of the Six Kings vs Justinawe	1
Deadline for this round will be the 17th of September. Good luck everyone!
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