Point Buy Tournament - Round 5

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Round 5 Pairings

Winner's Bracket

Gouki vs Justinawe
JabbaTheGriffin vs Frosty

Loser's Bracket

moi vs imperfectluck
Ripchord vs Bye
Cynthia vs LonelyNess
Ryo vs Bender
Ulquiorra vs IggyBot
Giga Punch vs Gorgmenghast
Maniaclyrasist vs Twist of Fate
Sonuis vs Mizuno

Here is a list of the current point totals as of the beginning of this round:

Winner's Bracket

Gouki 736
JabbaTheGriffin 344
Frosty 270
Justinawe 200
Loser's Bracket

IggyBot 1200
Imperfectluck 740
LonelyNess 520
Ulquiorra 414
Mizuno 241
Ryo 220
Giga Punch 218
Bender 209
Maniaclyrasist 200
Sonuis 200
Gormenghast 100
Moi 100
Ripchord 100
-Cynthia- 50
Twist of Fate 50
In addition to the original Pokemon that were available for purchase, the following Pokemon will be purchaseable from now on with the same per round costs as the other Pokemon (ie. 1 Round is 50% of the price, 2 Rounds is 80% of the price and 3 Rounds is full price):

Latias 750
Latios 750
Ho-oh 900
Darkrai 1000
Mew 1000

Soul Dew is banned on Latias and Latios.

You can battle now. Betting is over. The deadline for this round will be short since I want to get this Tournament done quickly and everyone remaining seems active. You have until the 21st of September.
Really sorry to everyone involved in this tournament that I left so suddenly, and without warning. Many thanks to Earthworm for keeping this alive.
The Losers bracket automatically bets everything remaining on themselves, the time to bet for the Losers bracket is basically just in case you want to bet on other matches. I will probably hold a poll to ask whether we should even have betting time in future since nobody seems to be interested in doing so.
Not open for further replies.