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Poisonous Tribute - A OU/Wi-Fi Mono Poison Team

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by Don Honchkrorleone, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Don Honchkrorleone

    Don Honchkrorleone

    Aug 8, 2010
    Hi, Smogon. This is your fourth favorite brazilian, Don Honchkrorleone posting a monotype team. Yes. It's mono Poison, the regleted type, but every pokémon here has a niche that makes the Poison-type unique in the OU metagame. Any suggestion will be accepted. And, for a quick note, this team wasn't made from nothing. It's quite old, however.

    At First Glance:

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    Crobat(Galeon)@Black Sludge
    Inner Focus
    240 Atk/16 Def/252 Spe
    -Brave Bird
    -Super Fang/Roost

    Crobat is a good but quite overlooked lead. Maybe because people are more interested is quick SR lay or Lead Destroying. You may be asking why not Roserade. Well, I've tested a Sashed T-Spikes, Scarfed Sleeper and a bulky Spiker, but I figured out that Crobat Flying-type is more important to synergy than Roserade Grass-type. Taunt is self-explanatory, to defeat slower leads that use more support options than damaging moves (Scarfless Smeargle, Ice Fangless Hippowdon, most Roserades). Brave Bird is a reliable STAB move to put a dent in some leads, specially Machamp, Roserade and some Infenape. U-Turn is for mere scouting and team revealing, with the bonus of being SE against Azelf, Uxie and Celebi. In the last slot, I generally use Super Fang to put some troublesome leads that I can't do much (Metagross, Heatran, Jirachi) in KO range for the other members of my team, but I'm considering Roost for more survivability.


    Psychic: Drapion
    Eletric: Nidoking
    Ice: Tentacruel
    Rock: Nidoking

    Gengar(Blaunstein)@Choice Scarf
    4 Def/252 SpA/252 Spe
    -Shadow Ball
    -Focus Blast
    -HP Ice

    The best Poison-type in game of course shoud be here. I've opted for a Choice Scarf variant for pure revenge killing, being able to kill most things that threaten my other members. Shadow Ball is obligatory STAB and to hit that darn Psychics without a secondary type that turns Ghost neutral and other Ghosts (Scarfless Azelf, Cresselia, Gallade, Rotom-A). Focus Blast covers perfectly Shadow Ball, by hitting the miserables that either resist or are immune to Shadow Ball (Heatran, Tyranitar, Lucario, Blissey, Snorlax). HP ice is mainly for the Dragons with the added bonus of being SE for Zapdos and Gliscor. Thunderbolt in the last slot is to kill most Waters that try to stop me (Tentacruel, Vaporeon, Suicune).


    Psychic: Drapion
    Dark: Drapion, Toxicroak
    Ghost: Drapion

    Tentacruel(Cacilda)@Black Sludge
    Liquid Ooze
    252 HP/120 Def/136 SpD
    -Rapid Spin
    -HP Grass
    -Ice Beam/Toxic Spikes
    Tentacruel was the latest addition to my team, and so far the most useful in terms of coverage. I've chosen a Bulky supporter because it fulfills my need of a bulky Water. Rapid Spin take away that darn Stealth Rock (even though only Crobat is weak, Toxicroak and Nidoking resists and the rest are neutral, it's still annoying) and Spikes. Surf is obligatory STAB that handicaps Heatran and a lot of others Grounds and Rocks. HP Grass may sound odd, but it's the only move I have to dent Swampert (well...the other is Surf, but won't do that). Lastly, I have the choice of attacking with Ice Beam or supporting my team more with T-Spikes.


    Ground: Crobat, Gengar
    Electric: Nidoking
    Psychic: Drapion

    Nidoking(Ptolomeu)@Focus Sash/Life Orb
    Poison Point
    252 Atk/16 SpA/240 Spe
    -Stealth Rock
    -Fire Punch/Fire Blast
    -Ice Beam/Megahorn

    Nidoking is so far the only pokémon that I'm considering to change for another Pokémon. In his case, I'm thinking for a Nidoqueen. But let's talk about his niche in my team. He and his female counterpart are the only Poison pokémon able to learn Stealth Rock, which is a shame. STAB Earthquake is nothing to laugh about, especially coming from a good 92 base Atk. His Fire move depends on how I want to burn Scizor, Forretress and Skarmory. I generally use Fire Punch because his Atk is higher than his SpA. The last move is also tricky. I often use Ice Beam for the Dragons and Zapdos, but recently I'm finding Megahorn is also useful for Celebi and other Psychics.


    Ground: Gengar, Crobat
    Psychic: Drapion
    Water: Tentacruel, Toxicroak
    Ice: Tentacruel

    Drapion(Dona Bela)@Lum Berry/Life Orb
    252 Atk/4 SpD/252 Spe
    -Fire Fang

    Drapion is a key member of this team because he’s the only one in the entire team that is immune to a type that is a issue for all pokémon in my team, in particular Toxicroak: Psychic. If it wasn’t from Drapion, this team would be Azelf, Alakazam another Psychics set-up bait. It would also be a pain if Gengar dies and there's no one thing to beat other Ghosts. This Drapion is a Psycho-Ghost Eliminator, using both Cruch and Pursuit to kill the most bothersome like Rotom-A, Dusknoir, opposite Gengar, Cresselia. Earthquake rounds the coverage, working well with the Dark STABs. Drapion is a good Scizor counter with Fire Fang, as well for hurting Skarmory and other Steels that lacks EQ and take more damage from Fire Fang. You may be thinking: "Don Honch, your stupid. Why Lum Berry as the item?" Well, he's a Ghost killer. Sice most of Ghosts tends to rely in Status moves like Will-O-Wisp, Lum became more attractive than ever.


    Ground: Crobat, Gengar

    Toxicroak(Baltazar)@Life Orb
    Dry Skin
    252 Atk/4 Def/252 Spe
    -Swords Dance
    -Low Kick
    -Sucker Punch
    -Stone Edge

    The best Poison sweeper in GenIV for the OU aside the Sub CM Gengar. This spot was going to be originally for a Mixed Grass-Poison like Victreebel or Venusaur (after I had given up about Roserade lead), but then my team suffered a lot for some boring pokémon: Blissey, CB Tyranitar, Vaporeon, Gyarados, ScarfStarmie and more. Originally a NP, I realized that the only advantage over the SD set is beating Adamant SD Lucario with Vacuum Wave (as long is Timid and Lucario Adamant). Low Kick is better than Cross Chop because a miss can prove fatal. Sucker Punch is for practically neutral coverage and is good for Starmie, ScarfAzelf and things like Jolteon and Aerodactyl. Stone Edge is here mainly for Zapdos and Gyarados. I'm considering ThunderPunch for a heavy hit in Waters.


    Psychic: Drapion
    Ground: Crobat, Gengar
    Flying: Fuck. There aren't any Poison pokémon that resists Flying. Oh well, Flying moves aren't common anyway...

    So what do you think? Is it worth to a RMT page? It's a complete gimmicky team? Does it have future? Am I bothering you with a lot of questions? I hope you've enjoyed reading.
  2. Sin


    Aug 22, 2010
    I think Weezing should be considered in this team, while he can't set up Stealth Rocks, he does burn lots of threatening pokes and has a bonus Levitate. On Tentacruel, go T-Spikes over Ice Beam (you won't be hitting much with it anyway). Other than that I can't really say much.
  3. Don Honchkrorleone

    Don Honchkrorleone

    Aug 8, 2010
    Threat list:

    Relative easy... Easy
    Watch out! Moderate
    Raped me... Difficult
    Show Hide

    Azelf: A lead doesn't bring me too much problems. I generally Taunt and then use U-Turn. TrickLeads neither. the NP variants are the real issue, but generally a good Sucker Punch can spell doom.

    Breloom: Crobat will come and eat him alive. Seriously, my team consists of pokémon that resists his both STABs. The only problem is Spore.

    Lucario: The reason I'm considering Nidoqueen. The bestI can do is to waste Nidoikng's Focus Sash and then retaliate with EQ. Specs can be handled by Tentacruel.

    Blissey: She may be light, but Low Kick does the job. Crobat can also Taunt.

    Metagross: See Lucario. Against leads, I use Super Fang and then die to revenge kill.

    Zapdos: 3-0 Nidoqueen X Nidoking. Often revenge killed by Gengar or Sucker Punch from Toxicroack.

    Jirachi: Paraflinch is annoying, but Tentacruel can take hits (the problem is retaliate). Lead: See Metagross. SubCM: Depending on the move and Nidoking's health, I have a chance.

    Heatran: Need to be careful against the Scarf Variants if locked in Earth Power and if Gengar is gone. Other than that, Gengar's Focus Blast, Nidoking and Tentacruel. Toxicroak beats the Specs in Speed.

    Gengar: Drapion comes to Crunch and Pursuit the standards. Sub+Pain Split is dealt by Tentacruel.

    Rotom-A: Drapion come and CRUNCH!!! If not, PURSUIT!!! Gengar and Toxicroak will work against offensive sets.

    Dusknoir: Again, Drapion and Gengar.

    Weavile: The standard Weavile use Ice Shard instead of Ice Punch, so Toxicroak won't be in serious problems.

    Mamoswine: Mind games are helpful when dealing with this thing. Focus Blast lucky is also needed. I generally force it to choice itself in eiher EQ or Ice Shard and then bring something that resists it.

    Machamp: Crobat is a nightmare for most leads. The other sets are somewhat manageable.

    Infernape: Leads (uncommon, but still exists) are handled by Crobat, MixApe are defeated by Tentacruel and SD are Revenge Killed by Gengar.

    Aerodactyl: Usually requires the sacrifice or the U-Turn from Crobat to then Gengar come and KO with Thunderbolt.

    Bronzong: Ironically, this thing is quite dangerous (other reason to use Nidoqueen). My best bets are Nidoking and Toxicroak after SD.

    Celebi: Crobat if it forgets Psychic, Gengar if forgets Psychic. Drapion needs to be wary of Earth Power.

    Cresselia: Drapion.

    Spiritomb: Never saw one, but maybe Taunt and then switch to Drapion... I don't know.

    Dragonite: Gengar can KO after SR. Nidoking too (Sash untouched).

    Flygon: Scarf Gengar outspeeds and KO with HP Ice. Depending on the move locked, other possibilities can be made.

    Gyarados: Gengar KOes with Thunderbolt. Toxicroak can KO too if has SD before.

    Electvire: Nidoking. Really, does someone still uses it?

    Empoleon: SubPetaya are easily handed by either Toxicroak or Tentacruel. Other thing are also easy to take care of.

    Gliscor: Scarf Gengar. Crobat can Taunt most leads and Baton Passers

    Hippowdon: Hard, but not uncounterable. My best bet is Taunt and then switch to Gengar, and attack until it dies. Only works if it's mono EQ.

    Heracross: Crobat. Even Scarfers, as it'll lock itself in something to kill Crobat (Stone Edge), so I use Nidoking.

    Jolteon: Thanks to Swampert, most of the Jolteons are using HP Grass instead of Ice, so Nidoking will be more than welcome. BPs can be defeated depending on the HP too.

    Honchkrow: My favorite pokémon can be a pain in the ass if played correctly. My best best bet is Crobat. Toxicroak can manage if is at full health andif enemy is locked in Sucker Punch.

    Smeargle: Taunt, Scarfgar, Lum Drapion...

    Roserade: Scarfed leads will often put Crobat to sleep. This is the chance that Drapion come and kill. All the other sets are easy to handle.

    Kingdra: If isn't raining I have a chance. Otherwise...

    Lanturn: Nidoking. He's faster and has EQ. Just like Drapion.

    Magnezone: See Lanturn. Focus Blast from Scarf Gengar and Low Kick also can win.

    Gallade: Crobat massacres it with Brave Bird, as do Gengar with Shadow Ball

    Suicune: CroCune is easy with Toxicroak, but the Offensive CM is a bit hard. My best bet is to keep attacking with something and then revenge kill when I die.

    Moltres: Not very difficult to kill, but prediction and lucky is needed.

    Ninjask: They Sub, I Taunt and Brave Bird.

    Porygon-Z: ScarfGar is faster than Scarfgon. The issue is Focus Blast accuracy. Toxicroack is somewhat faster than NP and can kill.

    Raikou: Swampert again made this thing use HP Grass. Good for Nidoking.

    Vaporeon: Toxicroak will set-up in his face and Tentacruel can counter somewhat. Gengar can also Thunderbolt.

    Abomasnow: All in my team bar Tentacruel have at least one move that's SE against this thing.

    StallRein: The main damaging move is Toxic. Sometimes is Blizzard. Good for Tentacruel.

    Tyranitar: Gengar if Focus Blast don't miss and Toxicroak if it isn't a Scarfed or DD

    Rhyperior: A special move not named Thunderbolt or Fire Blast.

    Shaymin: Since most uses HP Fire, Crobat can do well, as Nidoking in the absence of Earth Power. SubSeed is destroyed by Tentacruel if it has Ice Beam or even Sludge Bomb

    Scizor: Drapion can beat the CB if it's at full health, as does Nidoking if his Sash is untouched.

    Starmie: Sucker Punch from Toxicroak and Drapion. Gengar and Crobat also do well against Scarfless variants.

    Snornax: Quite heavy, isn't it? 460 Kg makes Low Kick absurde.

    Slowbro: Shadow Ball and Tentacruel HP Grass will own him. Unless it TR.

    Swampert: Cursed. The reason of HP Grass in Tentacruel (2HKO, however). Keep killing and let him die from T-Spikes. If there isn't T-Spikes, then...

    Weezing: See Rhyperior and ignores the warnings.

    Tentacruel: Drapion handicapes it and Nidoking if he's still with Focus Sash.

    Crobat: Gengar will own him with Thunderbolt, as Tentacruel if it have Ice Beam. Leads are often dealt by the use of consecutive Brave Bird.

    Forretress: Nidoking, Tentacruel, Drapion, Crobat can Taunt, Toxicroak will set-up in his face. Only Gengar has trouble since most Foretress are now carrying Payback.

    Skarmory: Thunderbolt, Crobat's Taunt, Fire Fang, Fire Punch or Blast, there are many options.

    Togekiss: Paraflinch is annoying as hell, but Nidoking can take care. Gengar can finish it with Thunderbolt.

    Umbreon: One word: Taunt.

    Rain Dance Teams: As long as kingdra is out, it's fine for me.

    Sand Stall Teams: The only real problem is Sand Veil. Aside that, not much.

    Sunny Day Teams: Although rare, they are mostly easy to beat. Exeggutor is an annoyance, though.

    Baton Pass Chain: Taunt the lead and kill the rest. This is the priority.

    Thanks for posting, Sin. About Weezing, I've thought about using him, but he would break th synergy between the other members of the team. Discounting Gengar and Drapion, who I won't replace by any reason, all other pokémon can be replaced, but holes will be open on my team. For example:

    -Crobat: Lack of a good lead, scouter and a way of dealing with Guts abusing fighters like Heracross, Hariyama and some Machamp. The lack of a Taunter would hurt too.

    -Nidoking: My team would be absurdely Electric weak and would lack a good way to deal with Steels.

    -Tentacruel: Lack of Rapid Spin, Ice weakness and lack of a good Infernape checker.

    -Toxicroak: Lack of a strong physical sweeper, only one dark resister and weaker to common pokémon such as Tyranitar, Heatran, Blissey, etc.

    Weezing has its selling points too, such as not being too much weak to Swampert and physical crippling. I'm going to test.

    About Tentacruel, I realized that. Ice Beam is not the primary option anymore.
  4. manav95


    Jun 25, 2010
    I would suggest putting a Scarf Rotom-H over Gengar. That way you aren't destroyed by Lucario, Metagross, and Jirachi. It outspeeds those 3 and Overheats them to death.
    252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
    Choice Scarf
    Shadow Ball
    HP Grass
    Trick is foregone to help you deal with Swampert. Hope this helps.
  5. Sin


    Aug 22, 2010
    Manav95, this is a monotype poison team, Rotom-H is Ghost/ Electric. But if you do get a wild card, Rotom is always a good choice
  6. Juice!


    Sep 25, 2010
    Focus Sash is pointless on your Nidoking, as it's not a lead Pokémon. If Tentacrual is unable to spin for whatever reason, Nidoking loses its Sash as soon as it switches in if your opponent manages to get rocks or spikes down. Why not try Black Sludge for recovery or Life Orb for some added power?

    I love monotype teams, so props on making a cool-looking one. =)
  7. Don Honchkrorleone

    Don Honchkrorleone

    Aug 8, 2010
    Thanks for posting. Focus Sash is here because Nidoking defenses are meh and to ensure that SR will be launched, but after some testing I concluded that Life Orb is actually a better item, because few people expect Nidoking and he can do a lot of damage.

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