Pokémon Mafia: Johto & the Legend of Ho-oh

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Magikarp has red scales, so it works with the other clues. Keep in mind that a scale can also mean a balance, or a symbol of justice, pointing at Lawman and Judgement. ;)

EDIT: Judges 2:3 has nothing relevant to say as far as I'm concerned, feel free to check it, and the book has no 23rd chapter.
Magikarp evolves into Gyarados, and a shiney (Shiney the user we are trying to incriminate with these hints) gyarados has red scales.

Of course, it might just be that we are reading way too much into this, and it's just referring to aamto, user 23 on the list. Whatever, we should get more clues tomorrow

We've got like 20 votes for zenigame I think, so three more will reach a majority
I already mentioned Shiney as a suspect..
yeah, I was just explaining why magikarp fit into that, since greenpikachu asked
but aamto sounds too obvious... Havak wouldnt make it that simple, would he?
I dunno, it's so obvious that everyone passed it off, maybe that made the clue that much harder to pick up, but you're still probably right, aamto isn't much of a suspect


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The Trainers turned to Zenigame, who had seemed suspicious from the beginning. Toothache sent out Vaporeon while Shiney & SePh held Zenigame down. There was no looking back now. Vaporeon used Hydro Pump towards Zenigames face, who was quickly drowned and suffered a horrific death. Upon further inspection, it was proved that Zenigame was a Team Rocket Grunt.

The Trainers had gotten rid of another Team Rocket Member, things were still looking up.

Day 2 Ends, Night 3 Begins.
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