Pokémon Mafia: Johto & the Legend of Ho-oh

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Pfft, you could read anything into Havaks post if you're just going to bold out random words to spell names. Now if it was the last/first letter of every word that would be different.


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stop bashing me for playing awesome in a game and beating it. (well we both know its mostly because i caught on to you in that game :))

edit: fucking mekkah.
no...it's because you legitimately cheated. im not bitter about you "catching on to me". i'm bitter because it was an awesome concept and it was single-handedly ruined by you.


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this is going pretty off-topic but please tell me how i legitimately cheated? i didn't break any rules and it wasn't cheating in any sort. it just turned out to be that the strategy i used turned out to be too powerful for the game. nobody could have predicted its strength before the game so yeah i didn't do anything on purpose.

if i 'cheated' that game then mekkah did so the game before that.
well, you out'ed TheBM, which was pretty unfair. the whole "do you get the message lol" thing was cheating in my book. i guess i'm just a mafia purist. where none of this ridiculous talking happens. im allowed to think you cheated. just because it isn't "in the rules" doesn't mean it still isn't breaking some sacred mafia code that we all hold in our hearts. ;[


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The Pokémon Trainers awoke to 3 bodies laid on the ground...

The first was that of Isy, who looked battered and bruised... But hey, wait a minute! Isy isn't dead! Retro 0range quickly lifted Isy off the ground, but he seemed to be a little dizzy, unable to say what had happened. Isy had somehow survived an attack, from someone, or something.

The second body was CardsOfTheHeart, though it was a bit hard to tell at first, as the whole left side of their body was, missing? The only evidence left was a red-ish scale attatched to their coat... Upon further inspection, it was determined that CardsOfTheHeart was a Team Rocket Grunt.

The third body was that of Mekkah, he'd been severly beaten to a bloody pulp and had a small mark on his neck. There was also a number 23 scraped into the dirt, with a note that said "make the dictionary link." After much dilberation, and no objections, it was determined that Mekkah was a Team Galactic Grunt.

How did Isy survive? Another Rocket Grunt down, another Galactic Grunt down.. things were looking good for the trainers of Johto. What would they do next?

Night 2 Ends, Day 2 Begins.
Haha more mafia dying

About the red-ish scale... Obviously, I thought of shiny gyarados in GSC when I read it, but I can't seem to connect any of the members to gyarados.

As for Mekkah's killers clue... no idea =[

Edit: Oh my. Member list: 10. Shiney < look at my first point. Unless someone comes up with a better lead...

lynch Shiney
Mekkah....small bite mark perhaps, 23'rd pokémon in my Dex is....Ekans so that would make sense i guess.

And i agree with Dynamo probably something to do with a gyarados, the red scale points towards that and the fact theres only a few pokémon so big it could bite someone in half lol.
Pretty nifty so far: we've lynched only mafia guys so far (even if it was only one so far) and the two teams are killing off each other.

Looks like this will be an easy game for us.
€: Shiny and Venom seem suspicios, as dynamo and Retr0 have already pointed out.


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Ok, a couple thoughts:
First, it looks like Mekkah was a Team Rocket kill because Jesse/James use Ekans and Mekkah is Team Galactic.

Now, I am assuming TR and TG both get one kill per night, and there is either a vigilante or a wolf at work. CoTH was either a wolf/vigilante kill or a TG kill.
Well there is a member called Venom just by checking the list, if that helps the connection.

I thought more of Magikarp before I thought of Gyarados about the Red Scale.
Hmm, Kira made a good point.
Maybe Isy and Mekkah had gotten into a fight and Isy pulled a fast one using a pokémon to top Mekkah off that might explain why he was beaten up while also receiving a mark on his neck from an attacking pokémon such as Ekans for example.

But i don't know =(
Also if the red scale is a shiny gyarados scale then maybe that is relating to Shiney... Although General Tso's connection sounds better.

10. Shiney

I hope Isy reads more than his bolded name otherwise he will think he is dead.


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I think we're going on the wrong tangent with Mekkah's clue. It says 'makes the dictionary link', with the number 23. Now the 23rd letter is W, or it could be referring to the 23rd member, which happens to be aamto in that list.

Also W upsidedown is M, Mekkah's first initial, so that could be a clue. Working backwards the 23rd member is Mr378. (which also begins with M. Coincidence?)

It might be more prudent to search the dictionary meanings of some words in that clue, hence the dictionary link. But we've got quite a lot to go on, so we'll see.
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