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Pokemon Stadium 2, the N64 sequel to Pokemon Stadium features everything a trainer could want.

-Gym Leader Castle, allowing you to battle all 16 Gym Leaders, the Elite 4, and Red
-Stadium Mode for hardcore battlers looking to test their skills in different modes of play
-GB Tower which lets you play your handheld games on the TV at an increased game speed
-Minigames featuring Donphan's Rollout where you press A to dirt
-And last but not least Quiz to be a Champion, where you test how much you really know about magmar

Here is some video footage of Pokemon Stadium 2 Challenge Cup

Here is some video footage of Pokemon Stadium 2 Quiz to be a Champion

Information on Rental pokemon

Quick Guide to the Minigames

drcossack doing work on a YAMY​

the best minigame for trolling

press A to dirt

thats a tough one

So go ahead and post any kind of minigame strategies, strategies for beating Gym Leader Castle and Stadium Mode with Rental Pokemon, or anything else relating to Pokemon Stadium 2!
Trivia: It's always Magmar.

As far as plowing through the game, I really feel like this is a game where you need to bring in Pokemon from a cartridge to get through without pulling your hair out. Most of the rental sets in this game were pretty awful if I remember right.
i managed to get 100 eggs on egg emergency on the hardest level and i felt so fucking good about myself. man this game is just so many kinds of amazing, it's just a shame i could never import my own dudes to play with.
I didn't like the Eggs game. I was a fan of Delibird's and especially MrMime's and Hitmontop's games! Those were really funny games and I spent hours playing them. I also remember Golbat's and Donphan's as being kinda funny but not as much. I missed Rattata and Lickitung from 1 a lot...

On the most serious part, I actually found this Gym Leader Castle easier than the 1st one but I only played 2 a few years ago and 1 when I was a child. I never defeated all the Cups in 2 (only Prime iirc) but this one was also easier than 1.

Also, Stadium 1 was my first opportunity to face a Mew and then use it as a Rental, which was one of the best moments of the game. Can we face / use Celebi in Stadium 2? Because I didn't see it in Prime Cup's last match.

Finally, I'd be up to play using Rentals during the Summer with other people for the nostalgia.
Celebi was available for rental, but it was after beating Round 1. I always found rental Mew and Celebi to be excruciatingly painful to use due to awful stats and not great movesets.

Also Egg Emergency was amazing simply because I always got 100 and pissed off my ten year old friends. I'm pretty sure that game is the easiest minigame in the Stadium Series.
yeah dude egg emergency is noob stuff and so easy

best minigame is delibird, try getting one thing and then letting no one else pass the swinub swarm

also rental tournament at nats
wasn't a gift mon from this game EQ gligar? who couldn't get EQ any other way in gen 2?

i know stadium 1 had amnesia psyduck and surf pikachu for their gifts
Man it's not that tough to kill the Egg stage. Hell, I played the Minigames so damn much, I could kill it on most of them. Of course, it's been so many years I'm probably horrible at them again.

As for the actual gameplay, yeah, damn the rentals for being so horrible. I knew barely anything about how to build a decent poke set and even I knew they were horrible. I just brought in Articuno from Red and Ice Beamed everything.