Pokemon.com's Pokemon Power Bracket: Mew wins!

Rotom's not legendary though. It's like calling Porygon legendary. Except for the fact Rotom has extra forms. But they both can be obtained in-game AND can be bred with ditto.

Meanwhile Phione (although can also be bred for itself, I think?) has to be obtained through Manaphy (Event legendary only). That's probably their edge in choosing there.
Next stage of voting has started.
The only very surprising thing has been Latios beating Jirachi.
Somewhat interestingly, while all the other "trios" are losing hard to the event or big legend...Raikou is holding pretty strong against Arceus. You know, comparatively.


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How the how does Zapdos not look "epic" or "badass" or whatever? The entire pokemon is nothing but spikes. Wings? Spiky. Head? Spiky. Tail? Spiky. Beak? A big fucking spike. Talons? Spikes. Dis bitch is ALL spikes and everyone knows spikes are badass. Bonus points for flying (flying is awesome) and beating the shit out of the other birds (powerful), including Lugia in the second movie. Rigged bullshit. Entei looks like some sort of diseased dog with tumors all over its face. It looks stupid and it sucks.
Palkia is miles better than Dialga and has zero spikes.

Therefore, spikes suck.
looks like some people are trading
barbed comments

anyway, arceus is going to win again. no point in getting your hopes up, folks
Well Registeel is getting the poop from Dialga. But I am pleased to see that arceus is having fierce competition from Raikou. Pointless to bring up, but at the bottom of the page the 3 gen cover legendaries are all next to the Hot Topic promotion info.
The worst thing about Arceus is its form-changing. So even if it just won the Dream vote poll people still want more Arceus so they can have different formes of it :U
If Arceus wins again...

just because it's supposed to be god doesn't mean you have to vote for it
This. There was already a chance quite recently to get Arceus, we really don't need another. He doesn't even have a bloody DW ability! Put yesterday's vote in for him without thinking, doubt it matters. I want to see one of the dogs win, they have pretty neat DW abilities.
At least Raikou put up a strong fight. Had we been able to vote longer we may have been able to get him near 50%

edit: I still don't understand why people think that we're getting a dream world ability out of this thing


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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I honestly don't understand why people are assuming we get a Pokemon to download at ALL out of this.

When I read "special downloadable prize pack" I immediately assumed screensavers and pictures and shit. We'll wait and see though, and I find it doubtful we'll get any dream world abilities out of this.

As such, I voted for the ones I like the best non-competitively. Don't worry, I still voted against Arceus :P
As long as Arceus loses, I'm happy. I'd love to see Ho-oh or Lugia win it all though. The big surprise to me (besides Celebi beating Arceus) is how badly Giratina is beating Dialga. It's not even close.