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Pokemon Emerald Guide

Discussion in 'Trou Du Cul' started by MasterMilotic, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. MasterMilotic


    Oct 28, 2005
    Pokemon Guide to Emerald Version
    1. A: Starter Pokemon movesets
    1. B: How to obtain each individual move for the set

    2. Battle Frontier Guide
    3. Islands (ex: Navel Rock)
    4. Last notes

    Yes, here is your guide to Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. First off, your starter.
    It will be Torchic, Mudkip or Treekoo. They will all evolve into their last evolutions (unless you quit the evolution or have it hold Everstone), Sceptile, Swampert, or Blaziken. The movesets for these Pokemon (standard ones) are:


    Swords Dance / Focus punch
    Sky Uppercut
    Rock Slide


    Leech seed
    Hidden power grass / hidden power ice
    Leaf blade


    Ice beam / rock slide / surf
    How can I get these movesets for these Pokemon?

    Blaziken: Swords dance is found at the battle frontier, an old lady will teach it for 48 points, focus punch is found on the route above Rustboro. Sky uppercut is learned at level 59. Rock slide is also taught by an old lady. Flamethrower can be exchanged for coins at the game Corner.

    Hidden Power- old lady in a house in fortree city
    Leaf blade- learned at level 28
    Substitute: Lilycove Department store rooftop.
    Leech seed- you have to breed a female Sceptile with a male Meganium. If you are to lazy to do so, use this moveset:

    Leaf Blade
    Hidden power (ice)
    Focus punch

    Swampert: Ice Beam: Game Corner in Mauville city or Abandoned Ship.
    Surf: After you beat your Dad at the Petalburg gym, meet Wally’s parents next door to the gym.
    Curse: Breed a male Slowbro with a female Swampert. If you are incapable of breeding
    Or attaining this move, use this set:

    Hydro Pump / Surf
    Ice Beam
    Protect / Rest

    And, that is how you get these movesets, moving on.
    Battle Basics

    Super Effective: A move will do double the damage (ex: use a fire type move on a grass type, the damage will double).

    Not Very Effective: A move will do half the damage (ex: fire type on water type will do half the normal damage. On some occasions, a move will be used on a dual element Pokemon, and both types happen to be immune to the move; then that will do one quarter of the normal damage).

    Critical Hit: Sometimes, a move will hit a pokemon’s weak spot. It will do more damage than normal. Moves with high critical-hit ratios:
    Leaf blade
    Razor leaf
    Karate chop

    Moves that increase your chance of getting a critical hit:
    Focus Energy

    Items increasing your critical-hit chance:
    Dire hit
    Scope lens

    Battle Frontier
    A place where you test your Pokemon battling skills in challenges and tournaments that is unlocked after you defeat the Elite Four.

    Frontier Leader: A head of a facility, these guys actually switch in, so watch out.
    Symbol: Like a badge, you obtain them by defeating a Frontier leader. There are eight silver ones, and eight gold ones.


    Battle Dome: Battle registering three Pokemon, and choosing two Pokemon for battle. They must not be the same Pokemon, ubers or eggs. The frontier leader is:

    Dome Superstar tucker:
    Swampert, Salamence and Charizard

    To meet him, you must have gotten to the last round of your fifth tournament IN A ROW. He isn’t THAT hard, if you can guess what two Pokemon he will use.

    Battle Pike: A long, narrow tube shaped like a Seviper is the Battle pike. You will have to enter one of the three rooms, once you do, something / someone will meet you. If you complete 28 consecutive rooms to meet the frontier leader:

    Pike Queen Lucy:
    Milotic, Seviper, Shuckle

    Don’t give Milotic a status condition, substitute against Shuckle and psychic Seviper,
    You’ll be fine.

    Battle Factory: A tall building where you rent your Pokemon to battle, you can swap a Pokemon with your opponent if you win a battle. Finish 21 battles in the Battle Factory and battle:

    Factory Head Noland
    His Pokemon are completely random.

    Assemble the best team you can by swapping, etc.

    Battle Arena: There is a Referee, after a few turns of battling; he will decide the winner of the round (you can not switch in this contest) on three things:

    Mind: staying offensive during battle
    Body: How much damage was dealt
    Skill: amount of health remaining at the end
    Complete 27 battles in a row, and face:
    Arena Captain Greta:
    Heracross, Umbreon, Shedinga

    Medicham swamps this team so good it’s not funny. It psychics the Heracross, brick break / focus punches the Umbreon and Shadow Balls the Shedinga. Greta is doomed to this guy.

    Battle Palace: Where your Pokemon chooses what attack it uses.

    If you want the chart that tells you what the Pokemon will use depending on the nature, go to this website:


    When you complete 21 consecutive battles, you will meet:

    Palace Maven Spencer:
    Crobat, Slaking, Lapras
    Watch out for Lapras’ horn drill, Slaking can be very dangerous if it wanted to, and Crobat is no joke either. You’re just lucky it’s the battle Palace.

    Battle Pyramid: There are seven floors. You must get through the maze on each floor while avoiding / meeting trainers and wild Pokemon. Your real bag will be taken before the challenge, and replaced by a small sack. You will be able to pick up items on your journey. For every Pokemon or trainer you defeat, the floor will get lighter (like the Dewford Pokemon Gym). Complete 21 floors, and meet:

    Pyramid King Brandon
    Regirock, Regice, Registeel
    Fighting type moves are super-effective, but their high defenses can resist it. So stick to fire and water types.

    Battle Tower: A simple, tower where you are led to a room. There are seven rooms per challenge. Complete 35 rooms and face:

    Palace Maiden Anabel:
    Alakazam, Entei, Snorlax

    Counter with Medicham and anything that can defeat Entei.

    There you have it! The Battle Frontier explanation! Moving on…..

    The islands: Navel Rock, Southern Island, Faraway Island and Birth Island.

    NOTE: You MUST have gotten the required ticket from a Nintendo event, mixing records with a game that has the ticket, or using a cheat device. Once you have the ticket, go to the Harbor in Lilycove or Slateport.

    Navel Rock: This is where you find Lugia and Ho-oh. Lugia is on the bottom floor, and Ho-oh is on the top floor. You will need a Mystic Ticket.

    Southern Island: You find Latios (if you chose “red” when you spoke to your mom right after you beat the elite four), or Latias (if you chose blue). You will require an Eon ticket.

    Faraway Island: This Island is found outside of Hoenn. You will find Mew here. Try to corner it, and then press A when you meet it. You will require the old sea chart.

    Birth Island: You find Deoxys here. To find it, you have to solve the puzzle. You will require the Aurora ticket.

    This has been made by MasterMilotic of the Supercheats forums, Smogon forums, and MiloticPokezone forums. This is not to be posted anywhere else unless I have or I have given permission. Signed,

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