Pokemon GSC In-Game Tiers

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Permission from Nexux

Credit to Mekkah for much of the Introduction.

The best possible Pokemon is one that is obtained at the start of the game, can OHKO enemies off the bat, and takes 1 HP damage from everything, while also learning every possible HM, heals itself automatically, and has some neat ability to top it off. Such a Pokemon doesn't exist, of course, but this means that Pokemon closer to this ideal are the best ones possible.

The goal of this in-game tier list is to recommend a select group of Pokemon for an efficient run through of the game. Those will be put in High tier. Very inefficient Pokemon will be put in Low. Things that are neither efficient nor inefficient, for example Pokemon that have some opportunity cost but end up as good as High ones, will be put in the Middle.

Resources are available, but come with the cost of not being able to give it to other Pokemon. Giving Super Potions is fine because you can buy them and you have almost infinite money in the game. Giving a Pokemon a TM like the Dig in RBY cannot simply be assumed as there is likely lots of competition for it. The less competition there is for a TM, the more likely it is that the Pokemon in question can get said TM. A buyable TM can always be assumed, of course.

Don't confuse an efficient run with a speed run. Speed runs are often segmented and recorded runs with luck manipulation through resets, and aim for the absolute fastest time, but the real time spent on them is usually much, much more. Just assume you want to play through in a relatively low time frame.

Team size is actually by far most efficient if you use one member, but I'm assuming something more like 3 members as otherwise you get extremely centralized lists with starters and early game Pokemon at the far top and everything else is pretty much too crappy to bother with.

The tiers for Pokemon Gold, Sliver, and Crystal are based on the following:

-Availability: Can you get them early on and are they easy to get?
-Stats: Do they have a usable stat distribution?
-Moves: Do they have a good movepool that needs little TM support? (By that I mean hard to replace TMs such as ones you get from gyms.)
-Power: Are they strong enough to sweep through enemies without taking too much damage in return?
-Type: Do they have useful STABs and resistances?
-Match-ups: Do they fare well in gym and/or boss battles?

The Pokemon are ranked in alphabetical particular order.

Pokemon GSC In-Game Tier List

Top Tier:

High Tier:

Mid Tier:

Low Tier:

Bottom Tier:

I will work on this over time, so don't worry about it!



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Just posting so anyone willing to help out on this knows: the actual discussion for this article is being held in OI, right here ^.^

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