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Pokemon of the Week #11: Grimer (See post #150)

Discussion in 'BW LC' started by Celestavian, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Shouting


    Apr 1, 2012
    Instead of ranting and typing I should probably just re post what I said on the creative moveset thread:
    Curse sets really aren't worth it, Grimer doesn't have good two move coverage to make it effective ( if you're using Pain Split of course ) If you want three move coverage Grimer won't be able to cover fighting types as well which is it's biggest pro.

    Payback also is inferior to Shadow Sneak because Posion Jab does more to Psychics on the switch, and Grimer will beat Misdreavus if it switches in on Poison Jab with shadow sneak anyway (if it doesn't carry / use Will-o-Wisp, but even with it Missy will take a lot of damage)
  2. Nebuchadnezzar


    Jul 11, 2012
    Shouting alluded to this, but one of Grimer's greatest assets is that few things can safely switch in on Grimer. Grimer has the coverage to take a large chunk out of most foes and then outspeed for the possible kill via Shadow Sneak (I still don't see how Grimer can be sneaky but whatever).

    The only noteworthy Psychic-type in my opinion is Abra, whom you can switch out of or break his Sash, allowing another mon the easy KO.

    Sand teams do wreck the little piece of sludge, so Snover or Choice Scarf Porygon make good teammates. Both of these mons actually have decent synergy with Grimer as he can tank the plethora of Fighting type attacks that Snover and Pory hate.
  3. dcae

    dcae naughty list

    Dec 9, 2011
    Yeah, Snover IMO is one of the best partners for this guy, because it lures out Fighting types like a dojo in Japan, while erasing Sand and smashing the Ground types plaguing Grimer. However, Grimer is actually a very solid pokemon, unfortunately very underrated, and can be hard to switch into. Abra is a good example, because it can't switch into a move without its Sash being broken, and then Shadow Sneak can pick it off. Drilbur and Hippopotas are probably the two biggest threat to this sludge pile's lack of popularity, but the recent rise in popularity of Scarf Snover as a partner provides a pretty solid core to use.

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