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Announcement Pokemon Showdown Premier League II (READ THE FULL POST!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Showdown!' started by scene, Aug 25, 2014.

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  1. scene

    scene reverie
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    Jul 6, 2013
    art by the supremely talented Blue Frog
    Hello and welcome to the second iteration of Showdown's biggest (and, well, only) team tournament! If you missed the last one, don't fret - this time we've completely revamped it. PSPL II will see rooms taking on rooms in a number of tiers, with teams being made up of ranked users and regulars from each room. If you're a little confused, here's a sample match with the finalised tiers:
    sample match (open)

    [​IMG]Tournaments (5) v (2) RarelyUsed[​IMG]

    XY Ubers: CP3MVP v Leer
    XY OU: Blitzamirin v galbia
    XY OU: Test2017 v Lyto
    XY UU: Kilan v barton
    XY RU: Jin of the Gale v Capteon
    XY NU: Antemortem v The leprechaun
    Randbats: Vacate v Shame That

    How do I sign up?

    This is the first public signups, although I've been getting signups in a thread in the staff forums so far, and most rooms have signed up. I'll list those that haven't here, and tag their owners. I'll need one owner to manage the room and a list of other roomowners who wish to be involved. If there are no active or interested owners, I will allow a roommod to manage the team if necessary - you'll need to pm me. ROOMOWNERS SHOULD TALK AMONGST THEMSELVES BEFORE SIGNING UP. BUT IF NECESSARY TAKE THE INITIATIVE AND SIGN YOUR ROOM UP.

    Private rooms cannot participate, sorry for all affected by this.

    Note: If your room can't field a team, you may combine with another room, and one owner can lead this "Room A + Room B" team.
    rooms which haven't signed up so far + owners (open)

    Chess - Reverb Timbuktu
    Dutch - Snaquaza bumbadadabum
    Espanol - Astyanax Daiquiri Iyarito
    Free Time - Pandon Skitty
    Game Corner - Astara sirDonovan Saverdien WintryCourtney
    Hindi - Aelita Crestfall Jin Of The Gale
    Little Cup - prem macle
    Survivor - Swirlyder Ninety_Nine
    TCG - Slarty + bumba
    Text Quest - Jayrodd + spyd
    The Happy Place - Kayo shaymin Desspy Saburo
    Video Games - BandannaWaddleDoo
    Writing - XTheElegantShadowX

    Who can play?

    Each room must play seven players each week, as there's seven slots. FIVE of those slots must be ROOM VOICES AND OVER, while the other TWO slots do not need to have a ranked user. Global staff count as a ranked user for any room, global voices do not. I have a list of the roomauth for every room, which is essentially the roster for each room for the "must be a ranked user" slots (thanks to my buddy Crestfall for doing the grunt work). If you're using someone not on your /roomauth list below as a ranked user, you as an owner will need to pm me and tell me why they earned rank in the room (the screenshots aren't 100% up to date). Do not try and game the system, or you will be laughed at and punished for being unable to compete in a fun community tournament without cheating... so yeah, don't do that (it's also super easy for any staff member to check stuff out if necessary).

    Unfortunately, you can't play for multiple rooms. This also applies to managers - pick your room and stick to it. I will allow you to be an "involved owner" in a different room though if you own a room you're not playing for or own multiple rooms, to keep things running smoothly.

    What do managers/involved owners do?

    Honestly, not too much. All I really look for from managers is that I get sent lineups each week (or "reuse last week's") and that you make sure your players are active, subbing out and in if necessary. You'll also need to pick a mascot Pokemon for your room. Managers don't have to play, don't worry, but like I said they should be roomowners. I'll accept lineups and subs from any roomowner, but I expect coordination between roomowners and would still like a "leader" for each room. Also, make sure that every player you plan on playing has a Smogon account, because I definitely want to tag them in posts.

    VERY IMPORTANT FOR MANAGERS: Managers, once you've signed up (by pming me) you need to pm me your lineup for Week 1 by this Sunday. If I don't get it by the time I want to put Week 1 up, you can't play. All I need is the starting 7 - substitutes can be done through your /roomauth list. You need to give me their Smogon accounts and say if they're one of the two who aren't room ranks.

    When will Round 1 start, and what's the format?

    The exact format of the tournament will depend on the number of signups, but it'll probably be a group stage followed by a knockout stage (like the soccer World Cup, for reference). It'll probably begin this weekend - this is really a "for your information" post, which is why the thread's locked.

    Do I need art for my room?

    No, just a mascot Pokemon. Art is unnecessary.

    So in summary:
    • If you are a roomowner and your room has already signed up: send me a Week 1 lineup via PM, including what tiers the seven users are playing, whether they're ranked in the room or not and their Smogon accounts.
    • If you are a roomowner and your room hasn't signed up yet: talk to other roomowners if necessary, PM me your signup (room name, manager, other involved owners and mascot pokemon) and then your Week 1 lineup.
    • If you wish to play for a room: talk to a roomowner and ask for a tryout or something, they're the guys who will be picking the team (particularly important for non-ranked users as there's only two slots for you).
    • If you have any questions which need to be answered: You should talk to a global staff member, they'll help you out. If that fails, PM me.
    • Everyone else: sit back for a while and wait until Week 1 is posted, likely this weekend. I hope you're looking forward to the tournament :toast:.
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