Pokemon Showdown! Random Battles [Mini-Tournament #1 Won By FLCL]

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Pokemon Showdown! Random Battles

What are Randbats and how are they different from PO's Challenge Cup?

In every Randbat battle, you and your opponent are both given a team of random Pokemon, from any tier. However their levels are dependent on their current tier, for example, an OU Pokemon's level would be 74, while an NU Pokemon's level would be 86. What seperates Pokemon Showdown!'s from Pokemon Online's Challenge Cup is the fact that, while Challenge Cup Pokemon are completely randomised, including their movesets and items, Pokemon Showdown!'s items and movesets are competitively viable. Meaning that there are no Yache Berries on your Pikachu, or your Banette doesn't pack fantastic Return / Frustration coverage.​

What strategies are there?

Honestly for me, I don't use much strategy when battling in a Randbat battle. Usually I try to send in my strongest Pokemon and try to smash everything. However if I have a Pokemon that can set-up entry hazards, I will usually send that Pokemon in first. I would love to hear your strategies however, as perhaps I could employ them in my battle.​

What Pokemon have consistently been effective in Random Battle in your experience?

Personally, I've had success with Houndour, Fire Blast coming a mediocre base 80 Special Attack is surprisingly strong. Additionally, Basculin has been surprisingly effective, as Adaptability gives its STABs surprising oomph, and it also recently received Superpower from BW2 tutors. What Pokemon have you had success with?​


Level 70 - Uber
Level 73 - CAP
Level 74 - OU
Level 76 - BL
Level 78 - UU
Level 80 - BL2
Level 82 - RU
Level 84 - BL3
Level 86 - NU
Level 90 - Viable NFE in NU
Level 95 - NFE

Mini-Tournament Database

Mini-Tournament #1

Won by: FLCL​
Shell Smash Clamperl is a big threat. It's coverage of Ice Beam / HP Elecric / Surf is great, and it's level gives it good bulk. Deep Sea Tooth helps as well.

Also, Focus Sashes on things with Sturdy is the best thing ever.
If you get rotom-S with air balloon, you've won.

In all seriousness, though, I've found that CAP pokemon are some of the biggest threats, since no one knows what they do.
One thing I've notice is how for just about every set up sweeper, the hold item is a life orb. It reduces the viability of them setting up, but balances the game in that one pokemon is not necessarily going to sweep your foes whole team. Still i would prefer that it wasn't there to begin with.
I've found that Venipede and Whirlipede work extremely well. You get atleast Spikes, and maybe also Toxic Spikes whenever you have one on your team. Plus it often comes with Eviolite or Black Sludge. It normally gets up 2-3 layers of Spikes before it goes down. Hazards are key.

I've found Sigilyph to sweep entire teams way too often. Cosmic Power, Roost, Stored Power.. Either Leftovers or Flame Orb. It's scary. Another pokemon is Miltank. I see it way too often with a few different sets that it's not een funny. I've been swept by one many times and have also pulled off a few sweeps with it.

I usually switch around a lot to resist attacks while keep my sweepers/stronger pokemons hidden for as long as possible. Then I can sweep when everything is weakened.. Or I just lose to a team with 4 Grass types while having 5 weak to grass moves and an Igglybuff, lol.
Pokemon Showdown! Random Battles
Mini-Tournament #1 (Sign-ups)

So I'll be trying to host mini-tournaments regularly from now on. Depending on how much interest this receives, the tournament will be either an 8-man or a 16-man tournament.

The games will be Best of 3, meaning that you and your opponent should play a total of 3 games, and whoever wins 2 progresses to the next round.

  • DTC
  • Raseri
  • Demist
  • EndQuote
  • The Reptile
  • Gerard
  • cjrocker
  • FLCL

#othermetas on synIRC


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ok count me in

hopefully my opponent doesn't have the ability to professionally dodge fire blasts this time
Pokemon Showdown! Random Battles
Mini-Tournament #1 (Round 1)

Raseri vs. The Reptile
DTC vs. EndQuote
Demist vs. FLCL
cjrocker vs. Gerard

#othermetas on synIRC

Please complete your battles quickly, I'll be ending this round in roughly 3/4 days time! Also, feel free to post predictions!
Pokemon Showdown! Random Battles
Mini-Tournament #1 (Round 2)

Gerard vs. FLCL
Raseri vs. EndQuote

Sorry Gerard, from what it seems no effort was made into contacting each other, so it was down to coin flip
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