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Pokemon Special: Indigo Red.(Sun team)

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by PKMN Trainer Shadow, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. PKMN Trainer Shadow

    PKMN Trainer Shadow

    Nov 30, 2012
    Yo hello smogon peeps, I'm a bit new to competitive battling and I just decided to make a profile after reading the forums for a while. I wanted to try to use Red's Pokemon(Both from Manga and Game) Basically like a mix of Red's Pokemon. hopefully this can be a decent team. I am a major Trainer Red Fan so I'm a bit excited to make this here we go!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QZVAGOxWGM(
    Btw listen to the link above it adds the Trainer Red feel![​IMG]

    EVS:252 HP, 120 SPD, 136 SPE
    Lol yeah, I know Red never had a Ninetailes but! You know how Red sometimes changes his Pokemon for example is GSC he had espeon and in HGSS He changed it to Lapras. Well time to change Lapras for Ninetails.Anyway Ninetails is on the team for sun and to be a bit defensive. Will-O-Wisp to lower opponents physical power since Ninetails has crap defense. Substitute for free hits, Sun boosted Flamethrower for attacking power, and Solarbeam for water types.

    Ability:Solar Power!
    Move1:Fire Blast
    Move2:Dragon Pulse
    Move4:Focus Blast
    EVS: 252 SPA/ 252 SPE/ 4 DEF
    Item:Choice Scarf/Choice Specs

    Here we have the most powerful of the team Charizard! Used by Red to fly to Mt Silver. Alright Charizard is our main powerful sweeper here, with sun boosted, choice boosted(If you used specs) solar power(50% more SPA)
    and STAB. Charizard can wipe out anything. The main weakness I see here is something faster than Charizard taking him out. I can't decide to use Scarf or Specs, Scarf gurantees speed over lots of enemies, Specs gurantees KO over lots of enemies. Charizard is used here to spam Fire Blast, Dragon Pulse and those other moves may be useless especially if your using Scarf, so I reccomend just using Fire Blast. Ahh forgot another weakness is Fire Blast 85 Accuracy, you could miss and be KOED. If anyone here can think of a better move or better strategy to avoid this I'd be grateful. So basically trying to decide to use speedyzard or more offensivezard.

    Move1:Stealth Rock
    Move3:Stone Edge
    EVS: 80 Hp/ 252 Atk/ 176 SPE
    Item:Life Orb

    Alright here is Aero the Aerodactyl from the Pokemon Adventures Manga.
    Aero here is pretty useful and supports charizard. Taunt is to stop setups, Stealth Rock is to eliminate the focus sash effect which is a problem for Charizard's one hit KO Strategy. Roost to heal when they are under taunt effect. Stone Edge for strong STAB move.

    Ability:Chlorophyll(Copy and pasted because I didn't know how to spell it)
    Move2:Giga drain
    Move3:Sleep Powder
    Move4:Sludge Bomb
    EVS 4 Hp/ 252 SPA/ 252 SPE/
    Item: Life Orb

    Say hello to Saur! Red's starter Pokemon from Pokemon Adventures Manga.
    Sleep Powder to setup free growths which leads to sweep.
    Giga drain for health( May replace for solarbeam since they may not have a chance to attack due to the fact Venusaur will outspeed anything and will put Pokemon under sleep)
    Sludge Bomb for another strong STAB Move.
    Basically like Charizard, a very powerful sun sweeper.

    Move2:Rapid spin
    EVS: 252/ Hp/ 252 DEF/ 4 SPD
    Item: Leftovers

    Blasty! The supporting Pokemon. Given to by Green(Girl) From Pokemon Adventures Manga. Blastoise is here to Rapid spin off hazards like stealth rock which can wreck Charizard and Aero, Toxic and Protect Stall combination, and Scald in there for 30% Burns and STAB.

    Ability:Thick Fat
    Move2:Fire punch
    Move3:Body Slam
    EVS 188 Hp/ 104 DEF/ 216 SPD

    For our final Pokemon here we have Snore! Met by Red during a bicycle race.
    Snorlax here can be a big threat. Huge Hp good defense and amazing Special defense. Curse to up defense, and attack, Fire punch plus Sun boost plus attack boost should do good amounts of damage. Body Slam for strong STAB move, Seldestruct to KO a big threat or a fast way to finish off someones last Pokemon, or a last resort move.

    Alright I'm done here. Hope you guys enjoyed and give me some more ideas. I wanted to put Pikachu in but sadly the mascot is only epic in the anime and manga's.


    -PKMN Trainer Shadow
  2. PKMN Trainer Shadow

    PKMN Trainer Shadow

    Nov 30, 2012
    222 views still no replies? :/
  3. CedOmega


    Nov 15, 2011
    Hello and welcome to Smogon! I think the theme of your team is cool, although its balance is a bit off.

    My first, I'd suggest Scarfed Garchomp>Charizard, as your team is very much threatened by opposing weather and +1 Dragons like Salamence, Dnite and Haxorus.

    RoughSkin ability
    Jolly nature
    252 Atk/ 252 Spd/ 4 Hp
    Outrage, Earthquake, FireFang & StoneEdge

    Second is a mixed set for your Venusaur, as it is very easily walled by Heatran. A simple change in set would patch up that slight weakness. After a +2 from Growth, EQ can eliminate more than enough of its Fire type counters.

    Chlorophyll ability
    Naive/Hasty nature
    172 Sp.Atk/ 156 Atk/ 180 Spd
    GigaDrain, HP(Fire), EarthQuake & Growth

    Third, your Snorlax set is way off. Example: SelfDestruct?! Really? I'd go for a more standard Crunch over either FirePunch or SelfDestruct. It also needs Rest, to take on many more attacks after a few Curse(s). This helps your current set not be walled by Jellicent; who don't care much for FirePunch, can not be hit by SelfDestruct nor BodySlam and can burn you w/ Scald, thus lessening your physical attacking ability.

    ThickFat ability
    Careful nature
    208 Hp/ 124 Def/ 176 Sp.Def
    BodySlam, FirePunch/Crunch, Rest & Curse

    Lastly, you don't really need the DreamWorld tag, seeing as none of your Pokemon are of unreleased DW origin. At any rate, good luck w/ your team & I hope this helped! :)
  4. PKMN Trainer Shadow

    PKMN Trainer Shadow

    Nov 30, 2012
    Hmm I guess this will do better. Replacing Garchomp with Charizard? I'm not sure about that. I already replaced one Pokemon and If I replace another it may ruin the theme even more :/. Or I could just say Red caught a Garchomp? Idk I'll test out Charizard and Garchomp and see who I like better. Anyway the Venusaur was really helpful, I didn't release it was weak to Heatran. Lastly yeah I think this Snorlax is good. Thanks for the reply I'll test them out!
  5. Shiny Charizard

    Shiny Charizard

    Sep 19, 2012
    CedOmega is right about the weather issue, and how Garchomp is nice for solving it. They also nailed the changes I had in mind for Snorlax. I can understand that you would want to keep your Charizard, as he was certainly one of Red's biggest partners. Since you want to keep Charizard on the team very badly, I guess giving Garchomp Stealth Rock and replacing Charizard with Aerodactyl wouldn't be horrible. However, the problem is, you won't be able to keep Scarf on Garchomp, and without it, it is outsped and 0HKO'd by Starmie's Ice Beam. Sorry, but I feel as if though you can't afford Charizard on this team. I just wanted to give the previous suggestion in case. But CedOmega is correct in the fact that Garchomp can do a lot more than Charizard.
  6. PokeTroopa


    Oct 20, 2009
    I ran Red's manga team back in 4th gen and it worked wonders. I think Subpunch Poliwrath with water absorb would work well for your team. It can help take care of opposing weather setters, minus Hippowdon and Abomasnow if you dont have a sub up. Most Tyranitar can do close to nothing against it and it nullifies scald/hydropump from politoed and resists its ice beam. Red has an Espeon so you can use that too to block hazards and whatnot. Unfortunately, pokemon nowaday are too fast to even consider using Pikachu (yeah I used him in gen 4) :/
  7. CedOmega


    Nov 15, 2011
    You could also change Aerdactyl for Garchomp to keep Charizard as ShinyCharizard pointed out, as they hit just about the same things. If you do, you'd probrably want to use a strategy of leading w/ Garchomp to scare-force a switch while you set up SR.

    Though an interesting suggestion for your team, keep in mind that DW Politoed often carry HP(Grass), which, with the Bold defensive variant now becoming popular once again, can wall a FocusPunch or three and HP(Grass) it to death for a possible 2HKO/3HKO. Can wall even longer when running Protect. They, too, are walled by Jellicent, who are common on rain teams.

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