Pokemon Stencils.


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Because the white empty space is bothering me...

Nice stuff, by the way.
I dont really get your question.
In order to convict the crime of defacement in style, Rocket Grunt wishes for a scan of the paper you used to stencil, with what space to cut out, and what space to leave in.
I keep them in my car and sometimes when im out skating well spray them near the bottom of fast food places and yeah ill post that up a little later.
Its a multi layered stencil because I use it on the black grip tape of my skateboard.

But you just really have to use the black. You might have to adjust it because i use the white background for the fingers on his hands.


Cool now we can mark Smogon territory all over our towns.

I really like stencils, and these are great! Are you going to be making any new ones?