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Pokemon VGC Phoenix Story

Discussion in 'Warstory Archive' started by makiri, May 25, 2009.

  1. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    I apologize for this discussion here zerowing, but I have to answer once more

    you´re wrong in your assumption that at level 50, only 8 EVs raise a stat by one point, because this is simply not true (as shows the stat formula)

    I won´t comment on you using serebii´s calculator because I haven´t used it and don´t know if it works correctly, but your example doesn´t prove anything

    this is the simplest example that proves you´re wrong, again, in your assumption that there is a EVs/8 in the lv.50 formula:

    neutral nature 31 speed IV metagross at level 100 without any speed EVs = 176 speed
    neutral nature 31 speed IV metagross at level 100 with 4 speed EVs = 177 speed
    neutral nature 31 speed IV metagross at level 50 without any speed EVs = 90 speed
    neutral nature 31 speed IV metagross at level 50 with 4 speed EVs = 91 speed

    yes after that each 8 EVs raise the stat by one stat point but that´s just because of how the formula works (in this case, odd IV plus odd result of EVs/4 divided by two)

    simple neutral stat formula = (2 x A + B + C/4) x D/100 + 5
    A -> base stat
    B -> IV
    C -> EVs
    D -> current level

    metagross base speed is 70, so

    (2 x 70 + 31 + 0/4) x 100/100 + 5 = 176
    (2 x 70 + 31 + 4/4) x 100/100 + 5 = 177
    (2 x 70 + 31 + 0/4) x 50/100 + 5 = 90,5 = 90
    (2 x 70 + 31 + 4/4) x 50/100 + 5 = 91

    those are the calculations

    if meta´s speed IV was 30 he would need 8 EVs to have 91 speed at lv.50 (140 + 30 + 2) ...so basically at lv.50 it is important to have 31 IVs on the stats you want to max out and also if the EV-less stats are flawless they can be raised by one point with just 4 EVs (as did zerowing with his metagross´ def, sp.def and speed)...if you don´t want to raise those at all, having 30 IV is the same as 31 IV at lv.50 (metagross 31 def with 0 EVs = 150 = metagross 30 def with 0 EVs at lv.50)

    conclusion: yeah it seems that 8 EVs turn into 1 stat point at lv.50, but that is not always true

    zerowing didn´t waste EVs
  2. Professor Beef

    Professor Beef

    May 14, 2009
    'Grats zerowing. =D
  3. Magic Umbreon

    Magic Umbreon

    Aug 30, 2007
    Cheers Peterko, I understand now. I apologise, and my pokémon are grateful for their corrected stats. I would have been going in with speed 1 lower than it should have been on all my pokémon!
  4. massi4h


    Apr 20, 2006
    I stopped playing a year ago and I have exams starting next week. But now I feel the urge to start playing again. I might have to uninstall shoddy battle lol. Awesome read and watch zerowing.

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