Let's Play! Pokemon X: Blind Run

Come watch as Tortimer blindly stumbles through the Kalos region in the brand new, generation 6, Pokemon games. I will be playing Pokemon X Version so come enjoy this grand adventure and see if Tortimer's 15+ years of being a Pokemon Trainer has prepared him for what lies in store!

This Playthrough will be updating daily at the least.

  • Episode 01: Going on an ADVENTURE!!!
  • Episode 02: Brave New World

I would love feedback from you guys on this and if you are enjoying it please feel free to sub my channel for future updates!

(As a side note. Didn't this site used to let you change your Username? I have another account on here with over 600+ posts but it wouldn't let me update to my new branding *sigh*)


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TortimerTheGrey I am going to move this into the XY forum. It is much better placed there rather than here and I can throw a spoilers tag on it.

I hope you are enjoying the game! I know I have.